Tom Cruise visits Suri in NYC & he can’t stop smiling at the paps

Tom Cruise Suri Cruise

Here are some photos of Tom Cruise and Suri yesterday as they ventured out to Suri’s gymnastic class in New York City. People has a photo of them a bit earlier in the day when Tom was wearing a dress shirt, but you’ll notice that Tom changed into a short-sleeved, royal blue shirt that allowed him to show off his guns while he carried Suri throughout the throngs of paps. He’s totally carrying her everywhere, right? This is a distinct difference from how Katie’s been allowing Suri to walk on her own since the divorce was announced. As we discussed yesterday, Katie is now all about making Suri’s life as normal as possible, but Tom just can’t do “normal” to save his life. It’s a good thing he believes that his inner Thetan will live on forever, right?

As a quick side note, many people have noticed that Suri has started wearing flip-flops (instead of kitten heels) around town since Katie made a break for it. Supposedly, this is a planned move by Katie to have Suri “start dressing more appropriately for her age,” and that it was always Tom’s idea to allow Suri to wear the heels, lipstick and basically anything she wanted. So Suri is at least wearing flats in these photos (while Tom’s still got those lifts glued to his feet), and she is reportedly staying with Tom at the Greenwich Hotel (where he also stayed last time he visited NYC) instead of at the family’s old apartment. TMZ reports that Tom picked Suri up at Katie’s new place in Chelsea but that he and Katie had no contact whatsoever. Here’s People’s story:

Tom Cruise Suri Cruise

Tom Cruise is finally getting quality time with his daughter Suri.

Two weeks after Katie Holmes filed for divorce, the 50-year-old star arrived in New York City on Tuesday and was photographed carrying his daughter into a hotel. It is his first visit since he and Holmes, 33, reached a divorce settlement on July 7.

“Tom looked really happy,” an observer in New York tells PEOPLE.

“He’s been dying to see her,” says a source of Cruise, who finished shooting his latest movie, Oblivion, on Sunday in California. Cruise learned of Holmes’s divorce filing while shooting the same film on location in Iceland. And although he and Suri have spoken frequently since the split, he has not seen her in person since mid-June.

Holmes and Cruise have agreed that Suri will live in New York with her mother, but the actor will see her often. “He’ll be with her whenever he can,” says a source.

Currently, the pair plan to spend several days together in the city, where Suri is expected to attend a local private school this fall.

Sources close to Cruise and Holmes say the former couple will work together to make sure that hand-offs are as pleasant as possible. “They both know they are going to have to make decisions together regarding Suri for many, many years,” says the source. “And they know she loves both her parents.”

Here’s a look at all the paps who were waiting outside for Tom and Suri.

Tom Cruise Suri Cruise

Obviously, the paparazzi (for better or worse) are pretty unavoidable when it comes to Suri Cruise and both her parents, so perhaps Tom should realize that Katie is also merely going about her daily business when she is photographed with Suri as well. Remember how Tom’s lawyer, Burt Fields, accused Katie of “play[ing] the media” merely because she had the audacity to go grocery shopping and visit museums with Suri? Quite hilariously, a Cruise source also insisted that when Tom paid his first post-split visit to Suri, “There will be no photo op.” Of course, you’ll notice that Tom (unlike Katie) always makes direct eye contact (even through sunglasses) with the cameras and smiles directly at the paps. He just can’t help himself.

Tom Cruise Suri Cruise

Oh look, Scientobodyguard is back! He’s the one that Katie always used in NYC until she fled the scene, and I guess Tom rehired him.

Tom Cruise Suri Cruise

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News

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  1. Hautie says:

    Things are starting to look odd… since Suri’s legs are as long as Tom’s.

    And of course he was going to do a couple of photo op’s for the paps!

    He isn’t about to let Katie get all the magazine covers! Tom is looking to be on the cover of “People” next week!

    And they are going to need some fresh photo’s…

  2. Bobsta says:

    *The X files theme music slowly fades*

  3. Tillie says:

    I think it’s nice Suri got to see her daddy. Even though Tom Cruise is a douche, he is still her father and it is important that they spend time together. I think Suri is way better off living primarily with Katie though!

  4. MK yarwood says:

    Did his people advise him to ‘do what that Chris Hemsworth’ is doing and carry his female progeny about using his arms as bodyguards? I am certain Suri didn’t want to face the cameras, but it still looks try hard.

  5. Little Darling says:

    Poor Suri, grasping at her dad because all of the paps are around.

    As I see it, I will take her papped to death and scared with Tom for everyone to see rather than have her with Tom behind closed doors with a bunch of humans who think nothing of banishing their employees, physically tormenting them and don’t seem to have gotten the memo on child labor laws.

    Just sayin….

    • Emily says:

      They haven’t gotten the memo regarding sexual abuse, illegal imprisonment, and slavery, either.

      I am scared for that little girl. I only hope Katie was able to get a clause insisting Suri’s nanny and/or bodyguards be present at all times when she’s with Tom.

  6. carlino altoviti says:

    Put that girl on the ground, stupid!
    Do not you see that she is not good and hides her face? Take she home right away!

    • Genevieve says:

      SERIOUSLY. “No photo-ops”, huh Tom?!

      As Eleonor already said, it’ll be interesting to see how much longer Suri remains shorter than her “daddy” (I’m still not convinced he is, still think Tommy Davis provided DNA).

      I give it about another 6 mos. Tommygirl will have to find a new cobbler to design 7″ high, undetectable shoe lifts. Yeah, RIGHT ;)

  7. Aria says:

    I feel uncomfortable looking at those pics. Suri is not a baby anymore. She should be walking instead of being carried around.

    Tom ‘s a creep. He’s playing the loving father role for the media. If he really wanted to visit her, he would have done it privately.

    • Scout says:

      ITA! They both carry her like she is still a toddler. It’s nauseating because, as you point out, it appears to be for show!

    • Amelia says:

      Call me a cynical bitch, but I’ve always wondered if TC doesn’t care that much about his daughter. Looking at some of the posts near the beginning of the thread, ‘let’s not cut Tom out her life, at least he loves her’…. I’ve always wondered if he genuinely does. He always seems to use her as a media tool rather than a child. Yes, he’s cuddling her, but he’s an actor, remember? I find it very difficult to trust any pap pictures or even cadids. If he really desperately wanted to see her and spend time with her, he would’ve done it in private.

      • Scout says:

        From what I can tell over the years and all his relationships, Tom is a narcissist. He is the center of his own universe and everyone else – wives, kids, friends, are an extension of himself and must at all times appear to be perfect – as he is! Not knowing him, of course, I could be wrong. But I have experience galore with this personality disorder and all the signs are there. The jury is out on my opinion of Katie. Now that she is out from under, she may emerge in a very different light. I am just sick of them papping that kid on every move!

      • constance says:

        After all these years the girl still looks terrified by the paps. I think he uses that in a See How Daddy Saves You From the bad men way. Only she doesn’t understand that he is provoking the whole situation. In that sense Ive also wondered where his heart is with his children. I don’t recall seeing Conner and Isabelle (even now as adults) paraded around like he does with Suri. More odd is how it seems that the children are rarely seen together even when Katie was on the They Call Me Mother bull train. As much heartbreak can be found in examples of the church using children against defectors I hate to think that’s all they are to him based on how the church manipulates his view of humanity. However it is usually the truth that is more hurtful than the lie. I’m leaning towards the belief that these children are just pawns in his controlling game of universe chess.

      • Eve says:

        @ Amelia:

        Totally agree with you! I’ve always had that impression too.

  8. rachel says:

    Eh.. Believe it or not, I am not going to bag on him for carrying her. I am sure the pap circus is even more intense than usual. I think Suri’s default pap reaction is to get scared and to ask to be carried. Katie is clearly exploring with the normal healthy parent role of limit setting with Suri, on this issue and also generally. I suspect Katie has been specifically encouraging her to walk more and ignore them, and Tom is giving into her because that is who he is– and he is not going to have Suri looking miserable on his first reunion photo op if he can help it. that being said- team Katie, for eva, and please keep the Katie, Suri(scout?), Tom and scientology expose coverage coming CB- you guys rock and this has been so much fun. I am not even a little bit tired of it.

    • beyonce's bump says:

      EXACTLY! Like it is TC, I bet cha the Paps are Three times more intense than with KH. Moreover, we get to see only snippets of their whole time there, maybe she WAS walking and things got too intense and rather than he pull her along as he hastily walked away, he chose to carry her.

      Pulease of all the things I can accuse tom of being, carrying Suri who has still not warmed up to the invasive paps in her face and space, won’t be one of the things I rag him for. smh

    • Kolby says:

      But is there a reason why Suri seems MORE fearful of the paps in these pictures with Tom? This is obviously a giant guess, but what if he tells her things to make her more scared of them, instead of just putting on a brave face and dealing with it, like Katie? Again, just a guess, but there is an obvious difference between Suri’s body language in these pics and the ones we’ve seen with Katie lately.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Agree with Rachel and Beyonce’s Bump.
        *sigh* We can all agree this man has major major issues but demonizing him for carrying his child….smh… Like eveyone else, I’m Team Katie, but I just don’t subscribe to the idea that this man is Lucifer and that he uses his child as a pawn.

      • Mira says:

        @Kolby – Suri is not being more fearful or perhaps yes. But it’s got nothing to do with Tom telling her something or such, imo. You’ll get an idea if you see the video of this on TMZ’s website. The paps gave a resounding welcome to Tom. They were waiting for him and it would scare any child.

      • Emily says:

        Scientology, like any cult, inculcates fear of the outside world in its victims. Tom Cruise believes passionately in Scientology. One of Scientology’s beliefs is that children are little adults, able to handle anything emotionally adults can handle. So, yeah.

      • Kolby says:

        Oh! I wasn’t trying to demonize him, I was just guessing. Some parents are more protective and it sometimes is reflected in their kids. I wasn’t thinking of Scientology or really singling him out. I was just wondering at the possibility that maybe he said something to her before they left.

  9. marie says:

    Well of course he’s smiling at the paps, he called them..

  10. samira677 says:

    I’m not a Tom Cruise fan but this story seems really anti Tom. There are plenty of photos of Katie carrying Suri. She’s not walking everywhere. Every move that Katie and Suri make has been photographed. Even if Katie is trying to give Suri a normal life, she’s doing very little to avoid the paps. Tom has always been smiley to the paps so I don’t see why that would change now. But Katie has also been smiling and waving to them and received no criticism. I just find the whole tone of this article biased which I guess is fine since it’s just a gossip not news site.

  11. sister says:

    Both parents need to give Suri a vacation from the paps.

  12. Jackie O says:

    i guess he couldn’t go quietly out the back door of the hotel and slip into a service car.

    both parents are using this kid for spin.


  13. birdy says:

    The paps are being incredibly well behaved there. All lined up, no one stepping out of line and no security holding/restraining them. Guess the paps shots with Tom looking straight down the lens whilst with Suri (which is the money shot) was promised and delivered.

  14. the original bellaluna says:

    Bedhead – Thanks for addressing that RIDICULOUS claim about there being “no photo ops” by Tom when he visited Suri. What a crock of shit that was!

    Suri looks uncomfortable. The why or how I won’t debate, but HER needs should be met FIRST.

    • CC says:

      I bet when he looks in the mirror he says, in a Caesar-like way… “no one one-ups Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise will show them how it’s done”

    • sapphire says:

      Word, Bellaluna-this is a totally created scene where noe was required. Sure, both parents are celebs, there are going to be paps whenever they are in public. That’s not this situation.

      And not to be rude, but why all the negativity about Katie taking her kid to do normal kid stuff? If I was representing her, that’s exactly what I would tell her-go about your normal business.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        sapphire, I agree. Katie should be attempting to establish a new routine with Suri. And that means doing “normal people” things, like taking your kid to gymnastics (though I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking mine to a venue that open to voyeurism); taking her to the museum with friends; going to the store; keeping them safe from trash trucks driven by $ci-CO$; etc…

  15. DanaG says:

    Suri had started walking with Katie the last few times she has been out with her. Tom carrying her will send her confused messages. It’s one of the problems of all children in split households. I do understand why he carried her because the paps came out in huge numbers to get the first pictures of Tom reuniting with Suri. I guess they forgot to let his Lawyer know there would be pap ops and plenty of them is my guess. I she staying overnight with Tom he just get’s her for the day? Cause that would be interesting. Nice to see Suri with her hair back as well I think Katie is trying to give her a routine and structure something all children need Tom on the other hand seems more like fun dad so I can see Suri getting even more spoiled with him then she already is. I wonder if he will buy her the puppy she wants?

  16. lisa2 says:

    I don’t think there is anything odd about him carrying her. I know Tom is on the shit list for everyone. And I am not a fan of his. But the child has not seen her father in weeks. Her parents are divorcing and her life is completely different. I don’t understand how people can’t see that. This child’s world is torn apart. She is clinging to her mother and father because she is a child that has lost her family. and yes Katie has been playing to the media. And yes so is Tom.

    I get Katie trying to get back in the “real world” but it would have benefited her child more if she had taken her away for a bit and given her time to adjust. Adjust outside the eyes of the public. I know that everyone is all YOU GO KATIE.. stick it to COS and Tom.. but I just feel for this little girl. Heck I have grown ass friends that go through an emotional adjustment when they moved to a new city or got a new job. And everyone is screaming that this child should suck it all up and walk because she is “not a baby” anymore.

    I’m just floored over that. How would any of you react to a bunch of grown men screaming at you when you come out your front door. We see adult celebs loose it when being stalked. Hello Alec. and yet a 6 year old is expected to be OK with it, not to mention what she must be feeling seeing her daddy in all this time up close. You know when we see kids who are reunited with a parent that is away overseas or something. NO Tom was not in war, but children miss their parents, and him holding her must feel like something real when everything around her is so different.

    I think everyone is going over the top about this all. Everything is not a conspiracy.

  17. JenD says:

    This is probably irrelevant, but why is he staying at a hotel with her, instead of them staying at his apartment (that he lived in with Katie before the split)? Wouldn’t they be more comfortable there? Or does the apartment not give the paps enough access?

    • Toot says:

      Maybe he thinks the other place may be bugged since Katie had access to it and we all now know she can be sneaky.

      • bluhare says:

        He’s had plenty of time to send someone over there and sweep the place or whatever he’d want done to the place. I wondered why he didn’t go to that apartment too. It might provide some consistensy for Suri, going to somewhere she’s familiar with.

      • Emily says:

        How very amusing, when we know that Scientology, Tom Cruise’s cult, does stalk people, go through their trash, keep constant tabs on them, use their confessions against them…

        But KATIE’S the one who might have TOM CRUISE bugged, hm?

    • The Original Mia says:

      Bingo! This is a man who comes in and out of NYC without being seen, but the day he comes to pick up his daughter, he doesn’t stay in his super-secret apartment with the underground garage. No. He stays in a hotel with a convenient back entrance for the paps to take pictures of him and Suri.

      • Kimlee says:

        Now let’s be far Katie appartment has a back entrance and a underground garage and yet she uses neither. Instead she goes for the front entrance were the paparazzi are.

        They are both paying the media but people are just giving Katie a pass.

    • Playlist says:

      Many times in divorce cases, especially in the beginning, it’s easier not to take the child to a home where she was used to living before, but isn’t any longer. It makes it a little easier when she has to go back to her new place.

      I’m on team Katie, but Tom is still her dad. If he wasn’t carrying her, and Suri then looked upset with the paps, then people would be saying she was upset with being with her dad. If Tom hid from the paps, everyone would make a big deal of that as well. Sure he’s making the most of it for PR, but I think right now he’s just a dad wanting some time with his daughter.

  18. CC says:

    Everyone go look at People’s cover story…it’s…quite different from the original take they had on this story..

  19. lucy2 says:

    This sadly was probably more about him doing some damage control and trying to make himself look better than spending time with her.

    That line of paparazzi is just horrible. This is a little kid they’re focusing on. I can’t imagine growing up with that kind of scrutiny.

  20. ernie says:

    Well, at least this crowd isn’t paid to be there.

    Tom is looking good, though. Lifts really work wonders.

  21. casey says:

    Aww, it is so wonderful to see Suri with Tom for a change.Heart melts.

  22. Bec says:

    Omigod he sets off my CREEP METER!

    He has to be one of the only famous actors who loves the paparazzi. I bet he was thrilled to see that disgusting pack of photogs. He is so obsessed with his career and fame. He’s such a NORMA DESMOND.

  23. wilkiecollins says:

    I’m glad for Suri but other than that Tom is creepy and weird and I can’t help starring at his shoes. Will he disown her when she is taller than him. He was never my favorite movie star and now I find him downright insane.

  24. casey says:

    Tom Cruise – Superstar
    Katie Holmes – Superstarlet

  25. says:

    He must have a good 2 inches of platform on those boots. At this point, he should just go all out and rock some cuban heels like Prince.

  26. Bite me aka aniston says:

    According to people. Com Tom is not ashame about his religious beliefs and won’t hide Suri from it… Sounds about right

  27. casey says:

    Tom really looks so hot these days. Hope he can find a woman that can match his looks and superstar status.He used to have stunning, talented and classy women like Nicole and Penelope.I hope his next woman can match those two.

  28. spugzbunny says:

    Tom completely creeps me out and I totes believe he is megalomaniac crazy bean but ….

    I think he looks genuinely happy here and like he cares a lot for Suri. It’s the only time I’ve seen him look normal for a long time.

  29. StephanieMarie2685 says:

    Maybe he’s just carrying her because it’s been so long since he’s seen her and he wants to be close?
    Not the biggest fan of Tom BUT I hate to see him get it for carrying his daughter and looking all cuddly..

  30. chloe says:

    If they cared for this child they would take her out of New York and the spotlight until the divorce news get old, I feel so sorry for Suri, I think both parents are using her. There are so many places in the world they could go where they wouldn’t be constantly photographed and hounded by the press, It’s not like they don’t have the means or $$$. BTW when I first saw these pictures yesterday I was thinking let the brainwashing begin, poor kid. Team Suri.

  31. Ravensdaughter says:

    Oh, co-parenting, very tough. My ex and I have been doing this for 5 years now and the kids seem to be doing very well. I’m not so sure the same can be said about me and the ex. However, Tom and Katie have what could be called “buffer people”. I see my ex 2-3 times a week; I’d be happier, even now, if I didn’t.

  32. Blue says:

    This kid is going to need therapy. Lots of it. All this crap is way to much for a 6 year old.
    I worry about Tom being the “fun” parent and never telling the kid “no”. With Katie being the “mean” parent, Suri just might end up in COS anyway. Smh.

  33. Dewey says:

    Ah yes, no photo op my ass!

    I really feel for the kid, but the whole carrying her was more for his benefit of acting the big protector dad than for her.

    Every time I see that kid I just want to tie her hair away from her eyes.

  34. francesca1 says:

    This is such a complicated situation and to say that Katie is the saint and Tom is the devil is just not accurate. I think everyone can agree that Suri is suffering through this. And even katie’s attempts at “normalcy” seem sudden and forced. I wonder what Suri is going to grow up to feel and remember about this time. And what it will be like for her to see all the intrusive pictures of her taken in her childhood. The way her hands are clutched around her father’s neck are so telling. My heart goes out to that poor thing.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Suri is going to need YEARS of therapy.
      If she were my child, I’d have to forbid her from owning a computer/having web access because the vitriol towards her father alone is going to do a number on her. I think rather than focusing on Catholic school enrollment, Katie should opt for therapy/counseling for Suri (maybe she is, who knows). Now that she is not CO$-bound, hopefully that’s an option.

      • francesca1 says:

        Everything with her just feels very rushed. I get that she needs (eventually) to be in school and to have friends and, sure, a puppy. This just seems kind of frantic and I hope Katie isn’t going to let her own fears/hangups drown out the fact that Suri is a very little girl and needs a lot of time to adjust.

    • Mira says:

      @francesca1 – I wish they would take Suri out of New York till their marriage drama settles down and also keep her away from paps for a few years. They will not, however. As for Suri, she’ll be fine. Both Connor and Belle seem fine irrespective of their faith. This is not to support Tom, but I think Suri will be fine. Katie’s family will be a great support system and so will Tom as a father.

  35. MK yarwood says:

    I would agree the two parents should give Suri a paparazzi vacation, but then there’s that whole ‘they might be kidnapped’ thing…

  36. Pat Dorty says:

    Tom carries her everywhere because he doesn’t want the public to realize she’s already as tall as him!

  37. Pat Dorty says:

    Where’s his lover David Miscavige? Is he lurking in NYC anywhere?

  38. Megan says:

    Im more creeped out by the photos of Cass Mapother with all the toys in her hands. Isn’t she a big part of CO$ too?
    This story just feels far from over to me, I worry for this little girl’s future, especially when we know how manipulative, cruel and unrelenting this cult is

    • Happymom says:

      I thought the same thing! Just what Suri needs: more stuff to try and buy her affection! And yes-both sisters and their mom are COS-shudder, shudder. It’s going to take a lot more than just Katie being the primary parent to keep Suri out of that cult.

  39. Zvonk says:

    Tom is acting like he’s relieved that his separation from Suri has ended, and the reason for his absence from her life was due to the divorce. But we know that he’s regularly away for months filming. As it stands, he wasn’t due to see Suri until he completed filming anyway. So the divorce didn’t actually affect him seeing Suri, his job did.

    I have no doubt Tom is a loving father, and that he wants the best for Suri, but my personal belief is that Tom’s definition of “the best” isn’t conducive to a healthy upbringing.

    I also think that is playing up to the cameras, trying to convey a “loving and maligned father” image. He’s very skilled at playing the media. I just find it amusing that he’s doing what his lawyers were accusing Katie of. Hypicrit!

    • Jayna says:

      Sure, it does. As a married man, he wasn’t away from Suri for months and months. He filmed for months, but his wife and child would either visit for periods of time troughout or rent a home wih him while he filmed. All actors and actresses are gone for months (Meryl Streep throughout her career). That doesn’t mean they aren’t with their families or have extended visits from their families and days off during shooting to go see their families every few weeks depending where they are filming.

  40. Boo says:

    Did anone see the earlier pictures, when they first arrived back at his hotel? She was wearing flip flops and he looks FURIOUS. By the time he made her change her shoes, he had pulled himself together (for the pictures above), but there were no smileys earlier in the day. My guess is that Tom is pissed that A) he has to come see her instead of shipping her in to see him. In the course of their marriage, Katie and Suri would always go visit him wherever he wanted or needed to be, and now–gasp!–he has to take time out of his busy schedule to come to her. Must piss him off like crazy, especially since the NYC paps are harder for him to control. B) He had to take Suri to gymnastics, which she seems to do every day now. As part of their agreement, I’ll bet it is stated that Tom must keep up with her regularly-schedule activities…and Katie signed her up for gymnastics, making him obligated, on his first photo ops with her, to drag his ass down to Chelsea Piers and pretend to be happy about it. And C) she was wearing flip flops! Like a peasant!

    Someone on another forum suggested that Tom actually feeds Suri’s fears of the paps, which is why she looks panicked when she is with Tom but not as much with Katie. Wouldn’t surprise me. He seems like a horrible, horrible little man.

    • Tiffin says:


      I have to say I agree with you. It looks to me as if he’s smiling through gritted teeth – he’s seething inside. I bet it’s killing him that everyone is watching him like a hawk, just waiting for him to mess up. This ‘battle’ is definitely not over. I just hope and pray that Suri will remain free of ANY CO$ influence.

      And yes, this is totally staged. When he stays at this hotel, apparently he uses the underground car park so he can remain unseen.

    • Genevieve says:

      I think you TOTALLY nailed it. Good catch on Suri in flip-flops earlier in Tom’s pappfest.

      Tommygirl, with his God complex, could not HELP but be infuriated at having to adhere to Suri’s new schedule. The thought of him being required to schlep it down to Chelsea with the “common folk” makes me snicker uncontrollably, lol.

      I am getting SO tired of CO$ infiltrators slamming Katie (with their opening gambits of, ” I’m not religious, BUT…” or “I’ve never really liked Tom Cruise, HOWEVER”) and trying to appear objective about it. HA. Try harder.

      Let me break it down for y’all…

      Katie = concerned mother who puts her child first.
      Tom = narcissistic megalomaniac who uses his kid for press and photo-ops.

  41. Jaime says:

    I just feel sorry for the little girl caught in the middle of all of this. Poor baby. I just want to take her to my hometown and put her in some Osh Kosh B’Gosh and let her play with my neices and nephews in the backyard for a few days. Her childhood is so cold.

  42. pintaLOL says:

    He really creeps me out.

    How long is he going to carry her for? Until what age is this acceptable?!

  43. Celebasshat says:

    I have restrained myself 4rm commenting on TomKat divorce. Jeez! Y can’t Tom visit suri and have a lone time with her without all this photo op, i bet a luxurious hotel as dat have a back door and service car if he requestd it. Tom encourage helplessness in all female so that he could feel good about himself instead of encouraging independence and fearlessness in Suri. Mind u im not against him carrying suri but Tom is to vain to do it out of deep love or affection,he is in love with himself too much to do otherwise. Some pple on this thread thinks Katie is using suri for photo op instead of taking her out of the public or out of the country, remember C0S high rate of disappearance and suspicious dead members. You wouldnt want that for Katie,lets keep seeing them and be guaranteed of their safety.¤end of rant¤

  44. Jaded says:

    Tom Cruise doesn’t do anything spontaneous or real, especially in front of the camera. He controls his life and movements fanatically. He has the money and power to be able to slip in and out of town without anyone knowing so this was a highly orchestrated move on his part. He’s a classic egomaniac and can’t live his life without being constantly pandered to and adored. I’m sure he loves Suri in his own weird, self-focused way but I’m still glad she’s primarily with Katie.

  45. Moi says:

    Poor Suri, this entire situation has to be very difficult for her. :(

  46. Mira says:

    I saw the video on TMZ last night and there’s no way I would let my kid walk in such a situation. The paps were screaming and literally falling over Tom. They were also waiting near the gymnastics class where Tom took Suri for her class.

    On another note, he still has it going. Damn he’s fifty! Don’t hate on me people, I’d totally hit it but I’ll take MK’s advice of wearing a tin oil bonnet so Tommy’s Thetan whispers don’t penetrate into my brain ;)

    • LAK says:

      @Mira – i had a discussion with another poster @mich several posts ago about how those paps were too close to the target.

      I am so glad to see that these bodyguards created a clear path from building door to car. And a clear space and boundary so that Suri and Tom aren’t jostled. It upsets me so much when i see how closely Katie & Suri are jostled. It makes me wonder why she has bodyguards if the paps can be that close to her. It doesn’t take much to harm her if they don’t create a safety zone for her & Suri to walk through.

      • Mira says:

        @LAK – Ideally they should have taken Suri out of NY/LA. It’s not like they don’t have that option or that they can not in any way escape the paps. Both of them are playing the media and harassing the poor child in the process. Get an injunction. No pictures of Suri. Sorry, but Katie and Tom are being a-holes in this matter.

  47. serena says:

    I hope nothing strage goes on while Katie’s not there.

  48. Observer says:

    hey CB,

    While Tom is holding Suri…
    The adorable harper Beckham is walking!

  49. Boo says:

    I was also thinking that he’s pissed because Katie has probably put Suri into some kind of therapy. It is not unusual for kids to go into therapy when parents divorce, and the courts seem to be VERY supportive of healthy decisions like that. Well, we all know that Tom and CO$ thinks about therapy, and so it must make him LIVID that he cannot control her (her being either Suri or Katie…take your pick) and that they are doing things that run so counter to everything he has always taught them was right.

  50. Nilber says:

    I honestly think the paps while completely intrusive will keep CoS in check. As long as the public is watching any real manipulation will be noticed. I can’t speak about the photo op of Tom and Suri. I am a super protective Mom and I would probably hold my child in a situation like that. I think that Katie knows her daughter better than Tom. I will not speak to how he feels about her but it bothers me the way he treats his other daughter. I used to be a huge Tom Cruise fan (childhood celebrity crush) but then I grew up and realized crazy for crazy.

    • Nilber says:

      Not CoS with the bad grammer… just lack of sleep and coffee while having a migraine hangover.

    • Emily says:

      Bad grammar’s not enough for a CoS troll. (Your grammar wasn’t bad anyway.) Some of them even have good grammar. But they have a certain style that gets very noticeable after a while. And, of course, they always say the same things, over and over and over.

      The only new thing this time are the anti-Suri attacks. Well, they do believe children are little adults, after all.

  51. Yuk says:

    I’d appreciate him carrying her like that more if he took his freaking hand out of her butt! He’s giving her a wedgie here and it looks pretty uncomfortable.

  52. Amanda G says:

    If he’s going to carry her around like that at least giver her a pair of pants or a longer dress.

    I know it’s cool to be on the “Tom is evil” bandwagon, but I think it’s nice that she saw her daddy. And I’m not saying I’m a fan of his, but that girl needs her dad too.

  53. Izzy says:

    If $cientology basically says that children should be treated like small adults, then how is carrying her everywhere in line with that belief? Just wondering.

  54. foozy says:

    i’m glad tom gets to spend time with his daughter. she’s always been a carry around child. why should that change? i never liked katie. i think she’s too common for him and she has droopy eyes!

  55. foozy says:

    i bet you suri doesn’t even want to stay with her mom. dad looks way cooler….

  56. Anoni Mus says:

    God, can’t he think of his little girl first? If he did, he would do the utmost effort to NOT alert the paps to his prescence, by using a back door, exiting in a car, hell, even using a helicopter or something. Money is no issue with these people.

    Why does he have to put Suri through this? They are too famous, and the situation too juicy for him even to consider a “normal” outing with his child. His priority shold be Suri’s well being, and I for one, would fight to protect her privacy. He can spend time with her out of the public eye if he really wanted to.

    Katie is only a little less guilty of this and I give her a pass for now, because of the situation. But, really, celebrities of this caliber know that they have no privacy. For a while, they should concentrate on not exposing their kids to the possible scenarios where paparazzis will be hounding them.

    Narcissists, all of them. And Suri? Poor kid, she’ll grow up with such a warped reality.

    Sorry for the rant. Just seeing that little girl clinging on for dear life makes me sick.

  57. SuBHon says:

    If I were Tom Cruise, if I hadn’t seen my daughter in about one month, the last thing I would do is take her out in public! I would stay home and just talk and play with her, bring her some toys she likes and just spend time with her. He should take her to lunch/dinner in places there could be some quiet father/daughter time, no photo ops. Besides, Katie probably took her to every child-friendly amusement in the last month or more!! I wonder how long he is in town for?

  58. lbeees says:

    Contrast this to how the Garner kids (Dimple parade!) act/are treated in public.

    Totally, 100% different.

    The way Suri acts demonstrates how totally effed up & destructive her family’s interpersonal relationships are.

  59. DEB says:

    He is a smarmy, lift-wearing midget. I can see him “eyeing” the paps behind the sunglasses. This is all about good publicity for Tom. I don’t want to buy People anymore. He turns my stomach and that grin makes me ill.

  60. Cameron says:

    ugh~ shoddy, controlling, wanna-be “know-it-all”~ gahh! he’s repulsive! short stacked, f*ck scio nut! anyone remember some site called “run, katie, run” or something so~ {he’s superior why? to keep in contact with suri?} ~ “special powers” aka sharing the same ‘pipe’ as miscavige!!

  61. skuddles says:

    I can’t help but wish Suri was a bit more covered up, especially when she’s being carried around and her dress is hiked up like that. I doubt the paps would think twice about posting pics of her undies…

  62. buckley says:

    Is there not a back entrance or some sort of alternative to leave from that is not swarming with paps??
    Suri obviously dislikes it. But Tommy girl loves it.
    What an a-hole.

  63. TG says:

    I know I am getting to this site late tonight but doesn’t anyone else find it super creapy that tom thumb’s mom and his 3 sisters have all joined the cult bandwagon? I mean your own mother converting to your cult? WTF. His mom and sisters must have been sheep their entire lives. If any of my siblings tried to get me to join their shi* I would laugh in their face. One brother tried to get me to join his amway pyramid scheme once and I told him to get lost. These women must be so desperate for his money that they would give up their own minds for this short lift wearing creap.

    • skuddles says:

      It’s not super late where I am TG :)

      From what I know, his family joined the cult a long time ago, back when he first got involved, or somewhere in that time frame anyway. I have even read reports that they are so deeply immersed that they report on Tom to CO$ higher ups, if you can freaking imagine…

      I recall a story fairly early on in the marriage where Katie put her foot down and said uh uh, your family can’t live with us anymore. That’s right, Tom had them all there under one roof. Can you picture it? Katie, this is my sister, and my other sister, and my other other sister, and my Momma, and our many CO$ staff members/spies, and they’re ALL going to live here with us. Comfy darling?

  64. Shannon says:

    The way he’s holding her in that 2nd pic is so weird. He’s supporting her head and neck like she’s a newborn who can’t hold her head up :/ It’s strange enough to carry a 4 year old around as if she can’t walk, infantilizing her further is simply alarming. I wonder how he interacts with her. Everyone says $ci kids are treated like “little adults” but everything I’ve seen of Tom interacting with Suri makes me think he talks to her in a stupid baby voice or something, like she’s a pet dog or a halfwit.

  65. lettylynton says:

    Put some shorts on the kid before you carry her around like that while she’s in a dress.

  66. Dee says:

    I don’t want those Scientology people in NY. I think Katie moved to NY to get away from Los Angeles because it is flooded with them. People need to quit making negative comments about T Cruise. He is her father. None of us know him only his public image. I wonder if Katie will move to California when the divorce is final or plans to make New York home for both herself and Suri. Tom Cruise probably won’t see much of Suri if she stays here. What is he going to keep flying into New York. He will be busy making movies and recruiting for Scientology. I don’t think it is popular in NY.