Did Katie Holmes have a “sexy, supersecret rendezvous” with her ex, Chris Klein?

Earlier today, we covered some of the possibilities for Tom Cruise’s next girlfriend/wife, so we should be fair and discuss the possibility that Katie Holmes is considering a new lover. Or an old lover? Or perhaps she had a lover this whole time? When I read the excerpts from Katie’s Elle cover story, I was struck by how much she was talking about feeling sexy – she told the mag, “I always felt like a little girl before . . . I didn’t even know what sexy was. Anytime you feel good about yourself, you embody sexiness. It’s almost like a power or a confidence or a secret.” A SECRET you say? As you know, I’m wholeheartedly pro-Katie, but I wouldn’t be surprised, nor would I hate the idea of Katie possibly having a lover. I wouldn’t be upset if I found out there was some overlap between the last months of her marriage and a new relationship. There are different rules when you’re rolling with Xenu, in my opinion. And I’m just happy thinking about Katie getting some.

But I may have to rethink that. Star Mag (via HL) claims that Katie might be “rekindling” something with her ex-boyfriend Chris Klein. NOOOooo.

Now that Katie’s a free woman, she and Chris are reportedly rekindling their old flame — and one source says their vibe together is ‘electric!’

There’s a reason Katie Holmes has been looking so happy lately! Following her divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie has reportedly been meeting up with ex-fiancé Chris Klein in New York City — Katie and Chris ended their engagement one month before she began seeing Tom — and it sounds like things are getting serious. “She is so thankful to have some lust and passion back in her life,” a source tells Star magazine.

According to the report, Chris’s contact with Katie began earlier this year, and the two engaged in “heated texting” once news broke of Katie and Tom’s divorce.

“There was definitely flirty communication between the two,” the source adds.

Chris even reportedly arrived in NYC on July 6 to comfort Katie in person, as the American Pie star was spotted sneaking into Katie’s Chelsea apartment!

“It was a sexy, supersecret rendezvous,” the source reveals. The vibe was electric.”

Despite their reported closeness, however, Katie is “not ready to introduce Chris” to daughter Suri Cruise.

[From Hollywood Life]

IF this is true (eh), then I hope it’s just Katie getting laid and not about her seeking a real relationship. I will accept this only if it’s a sex-fueled rebound thing. And even then… I kind of think she could do WAY better. Chris has been to rehab and he’s with the program now and everything, so that’s not my issue. I believe he’s sober, I believe that he’s on a new path. But I just want Katie to find someone really awesome. Someone like her ex-boyfriend Joshua Jackson. I’m fine with Joshua and Diane Kruger being together, but I was just using Joshua as an example. THAT is the kind of guy Katie should go for next.

Also (whispering)… I’ve always thought it was a decent possibility that Chris was Suri’s biological father. Which adds another layer to the “WTF?” of this situation.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Esmom says:

    I used to think he was so cute back in the day. Now, not so much. Katie needs to move forward, not back.

    • zinjojo says:

      Yep, I completely agree, Katie needs to move forward and I also agree with Kaiser that Katie can do much better.

      In the interviews that I’ve read over the years with Chris Klein, he always comes across as kind of a sexist douche.

      • Tillie says:

        It would make GREAT gossip. However, I think Katie can do much, much better for herself than her ex.. And I think it would be way too soon for little Suri, even though she is little ‘adult’.. 😛 Katie should enjoy her single life though!

    • gg says:

      Ich. This guy has mannikin-face.

  2. paola says:

    Oh please! Let this be true!!!

  3. brin says:

    It’s Star so I doubt this.

  4. Talie says:

    I’m pretty sure desperate Chris’s PR people put this out the same way Nicole’s people did to US Weekly about them being “friends.” Everyone wants a piece of Katie’s goodwill.

    • Esmom says:


    • cmc says:

      Yup, this. Katie can do so much better, plus she would lose some of the “single super-mom in the city” goodwill if she not only started dating weeks after her divorce but on top of that was dating a former lover.

      • Obvious says:

        Can you really call him a former lover when they were in a committed relationship and engaged? I feel like former lover should be relegated to short term boyfriends and flings. i know i know i’m just nitpicking.

        Team Katie/Suri

    • Kimlee says:

      O please this has Katie PR team writen all over just like the story with Tom’s PR story.

      They are both trying to compete with each other with these sad little stories.

      • Bobby sue says:

        Why in the world would Katie’s team, including her CATHOLIC father/advisor, leak a story that makes her look like she’s “cheating” before she’s even officially divorced?? That makes no sense. This story is BS. Her image is best protected right now by showing that her ONLY priority is her daughter and moving back toward her faith; a faith that does not condone affairs.

  5. Fatkid says:


  6. RocketMerry says:

    Yep, can do better. Or at least, can do something more appropriate. I don’t know, I’m sure this Kris guy is great and all, but they seem like a strange couple. Almost as strange as Tommy and Katie.

  7. ramona says:

    I doubt she’d risk this whilst taking such care to present herself publicly as uber-mom.

    • John Wayne Lives says:

      For sure. Don’t ruin it Katie! We’re all behind you and applaud the awesomeness of your cult escape!! It’s “focus on your kiddo and build a stable life” time

  8. Miss T says:

    I don’t believe this story for a second. Even before Katie and Chris broke, I get the sense that they had grown apart. The fact that they were engaged for over a year w/out even setting a wedding date suggests that they were over each other. I honestly don’t think Katie will date anyone any time soon. I’m sure she’s just focusing on her daughter and herself.

  9. littlestar says:

    I don’t really know much about Chris Klein, either than the fact that he was in the American Pie movies, so I think I am okay right now with them possibly dating/hooking up again. They must have obviously loved each other a lot at one point, as they were engaged. If she hadn’t met Tom right after they broke off their engagement, would they have possibly gotten together again?

    Does anyone have any kind of info on CK that would make me change my opinion? I’m find that he’s been to rehab – at least he got himself some help.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      You’re right to acknowledge the fact that he went to rehab. That’s a good move. Still, this guy got 2 DUIs in 6 years and was 3 times over the legal limit, driving with his dog in the car. There was also always gossip that he treated Katie like sh*t, could have been exacerbated by alcholism but who knows for sure.

      I believe in forgiveness and all, but really, Katie should start with a clean slate, she needs a guy sans baggage.

      • littlestar says:

        2 DUI’s is BAD. And with his dog in the car!!! Now I’m hoping that if this story has any merit to it, that he has grown as a person since then and has changed his ways.

    • danielle says:

      I believe he said some douchy stuff about how he’d dump a girl if she gained a few pounds. Maybe someone else has a link?

  10. I.want.shoes says:

    Seriously doubt it.

    And no way Chris is Suri’s bio father. That would be Tommy Davis.

    • Jaded says:

      I really think it’s Tommy Davis too – the resemblance is uncanny. Plus he’s been sent to RPF to clean floors with a toothbrush, plus Katie totally has something on Tom Cruise that enabled them to divorce without months of legal tug of war – conspiracy? I don’t think so….

    • Aria says:

      So Katie was inseminated by Tommy Davis sperm…but why?

      • Jaded says:

        Apparently Tom Cruise shoots blanks (that’s what his first wife Mimi Rogers said), and although Nicole Kidman said she had a miscarriage around the time he dumped her, it could have been a sperm donor as well. Tom Cruise and Tommy Davis have enough of a resemblance that he could conceivably have fathered Suri, she sure looks like him.

      • LAK says:

        HIs first wife did NOT say that.

        She said that ‘he preferred celibacy and was seriously considering becoming a monk whilst her instrument needed tuning’.

        That has been interpreted to mean that he is sterile when he apparently just didn’t/doesn’t like to have sex.

        Further, Nicole Kidman had 3 miscarriages, that we know of, when she was married to him. That doesn’t happen if a person is shooting blanks.

        Finally, 90% of infertility in men is due to low sperm count. The other 10% sperm defects. That means if we rule out defective sperm, so-called infertile men can use IVF to make babies.

        As for this urban legend of Suri looking like other people, why oh why do you keep comparing his current plastic face?????

        This is his natural unplastic face.


        Also look at the profile/head shape of Tom Cruise’s sister Cass.


        Suri is a mixture of Tom and Katie.

        Logically, based upon what we know about genetics, unless Tom Davis, LRH or Chris Klein are genetically connected to Tom Cruise, there is no way other that their Cruise/Holmes baby can end up with their features.

        This is simply a malicious lie just like the Prince Harry lie.

      • Mira says:

        @LAK – The pictures of Tom in 1984, yes! No way Suri is anyone but Katie/Tom’s child. Suri’s resemblance to 1984-Tom is obvious.

        You’re right about the celibate/sterile debate. There’s a difference but the sterile-theory is better for tabloids. It fuels at least two Tom theories – he’s gay and that Suri is not his child.

        Happened to read this interesting bit on VV.


      • LAK says:

        @Mira – that link is funny. That is so wierd that Mimi should have similar concerns about Tom vis a vis sex or appearance of sex scenes.

        i remember reading that he had a veryy hard time with EYES WIDE SHUT because he was so sexually jealous of nicole, and that he went to see every performance of THE BLUE ROOM but with a visibly clenched/tense face. Of course at that time, we didn’t know that the marriage was imploding, so it just seemed like Kubrick was pushing his sexual buttons.

        re: tom/suri debate, i keep posting it in every debate it pops up, and will continue to do so until people stop stating tom-isn’t-Suri-dad as fact.

        You are so right about the tabloid sell of it. People so believe it that a sex tape with magnified sperm fertilising an egg from Tm will still be met with disbelief.

      • Mira says:

        @LAK – Kubrick most definitely pushed the buttons. He wasn’t responsible for their break-up; just the last nail on the coffin.

    • k says:

      At first, I thought so too. But Suri’s mouth is just like Tommy boy’s. I’m still on the fence about who the real father is.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes! I just looked him up and he has to be Suri’s father- they look very much alike. Good sleuthing!

    • Bobby sue says:

      Look closer. The bio father is William Mapother. Guaranteed. Not only is she a dead ringer but that means they share DNA.

  11. Tiffin says:

    Another strike-back attempt by the cult against Katie.

    ‘Katie’s more concerned about her love-life than her daughter.’

    Nope, not falling for it.

  12. Chicagogurl17 says:

    I think they are just friends and she’s rekindling the friendship with many she cut off from her life. They have a long history together but I doubt there’s any hanky panky or flirting.

  13. Samantha says:

    There were rumors, back when they were together, that he was emotionally…unpleasant to her. Hopefully she’s learned to avoid the controlling dick type.

  14. RobN says:

    Never get involved with anybody who’s been out of rehab for 90 minutes. Good advice for Katie, good advice for everyone.

  15. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Um, no. This is wishful thinking on Chris and his PR people’s part. This guy always seemed like such a douche. I think (HOPE) Katie’s learned her lesson with controlling men.

  16. L says:

    Um..Joshua Jackson has also been in rehab (back in 03) Being on Fringe and with Diane really turned him around.

    But overall yes, I agree. Katie can do better.

  17. CC says:

    Yea, it would be like being a full-time “watcher”. She needs a stable guy, not one that might go off the deep end.

  18. serena says:

    How can you say that? I mean Suri has Tom face! They are totally alike!

    No doubt about it. I don’t know if they did it the normal way or in lab, but she’s Tom’s daughter for sure.

    Oh and I kind of hate Chris..I don’t know something seems off about him.
    I’d really like too if her next lover was someone like Joshua, a stable good man.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I think Suri looks EXACTLY half Tom/half Katie. So even is there was never any actual “knocking of the boots” I still believe she’s rightfully the spawn of TomKat.

      • LAK says:

        Thank you! People really want to believe that Suri isn’t tom Cruise’s kid when it is so obvious from the photos that she a blend of Katie and Tom.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ LAK-Honestly some of the conspiracy theories coming out of this thing just make me laugh. Or roll my eyes.

    • Onyx XV says:

      ITA! Since they released their very first publicity shots of baby Suri, I have always thought she looks like 50/50 Tom & Katie. Whatever one thinks of Tommyboy (& I do think he’s a total wackjob) it’s plainly obvious that he is her father.

    • deehunny says:

      Everytime I see the pics of Suri I always think she looks more Tom than Kate

  19. ladybert62 says:

    I dont recall ever seeing a picture of Suri smiling! Has anyone seen such a picture?

  20. Shoes says:

    Yeah, I’m sure he was seen sneaking into her building while managing to avoid being photographed. Pics or it didn’t happen, Star.

  21. Billy says:

    He is a lot hotter now, and I thought he was cute back then. Saw him in American Reunion and did a double-take. Nice body, that one.

  22. valleymiss says:

    I don’t buy this story at ALL, first and foremost because after all the trouble Katie’s dad’s team went through to extricate her from this Xenu mess of a marriage, she wouldn’t risk screwing it up to communicate with an ex while she was still with Tom. There was just too much at stake and it could have screwed up everything, most importantly the Suri custody/religious negotiations. I’m callin’ bs.

  23. heidi says:

    Katie, aim higher.

  24. Paloma says:

    I vote a big no on the rendezvous.

  25. jess says:

    I wanna see her with Bradly Cooper and I wanna see Tom with Ashley Greene. Bradly seems like he would be kinda fun for her, someone who isnt so serious and creepy. As for Ashley, well…Twilight is over this year and needs something to keep her in the spotlight and if she ever wants to get out of Kristen Stewarts shadow then this would be it.

    • Aria says:

      My only question is if Cooper is tall enough for her. She needs someone tall who protect her.

      Crazy Tom should marry some CO$ chick.

      • LAK says:

        he already tried. Hello mimi rogers. it didn’t work. He should just give up on marriage.

  26. Sarah says:

    I don’t buy it. I’d bet Chris’s rep put this story out to get him some attention. I also used to think he was so cute but not so much now.

  27. jc126 says:

    I don’t believe it, but I hope it’s true.

  28. Aria says:

    I don’t buy this story. Katie is not looking for a love life right now. She’s looking for freedom.

  29. oxa says:

    I would rather be the pizza delivery guy than leftovers.

    Oh and Radar says the cops issued warrants and are investigating the death of the son of the #2 Co$guy.

  30. Ri says:

    Chris is looking for publicity

  31. Tilly says:

    Just for fun, how about Henry Cavill, Chris Evans or even Alex Skarsgard (’cause he’s tall)?

  32. bobo says:

    You know he was quoted as saying he only dates 10s!!!! Kate Holmes is a 10???????

  33. hestia says:

    I know you all say no, but I’ve thought Suri was Chris’ from the moment they announced she was preggers.

    • Relli says:

      Totally agree, she has his half-moon shaped eyes. CB had a picture up of Suri in hat and she looked just like him.

  34. Apsutter says:

    As much as I love all this wonderful gossip I feel like a new a Xenu break. I’ve been watching Nip/tuck on Netflix this past week & I totally forgot that 2 of the characters become Scientologists!! And last night I has the scariest Scientology dream. Those people really freak me out!

  35. Thea says:

    Lies. She has went thru too much to jeopardize her daughter and her leaving Tom and COS..and she knows they are still on her tail, digging for dirt. Also, she was really down and depressed looking there and I dont think she was remotely interested in relationships. I think she will be cool for a while and then maybe few dates…..

  36. mewmow says:

    So he was seen “sneaking” into her apartment and NO ONE snapped a picrure? Bullsh!t! Someone had to of had a camera phone at the least. That would of been a great shot. Not buying it.

  37. Violet says:

    I highly doubt she’s rekindling anything. My guess is that Chris Klein is Suri’s biological father and they’re discussing whether the divorce changes anything in terms of his role in Suri’s life.

  38. Andrea says:

    This story is so stupid. Suri looks just like Tom!

  39. LAK says:

    To everyone saying that Suri doesn’t look like Tom, you are all comparing his plastic face rather than his pre-surgery face. Here are pictures from then. Suri is a blend of Tom Cruise and Katie.


    Also look at the profile/head shape of Tom Cruise’s sister Cass.


    Then tell me that is Tom Davis/Chris Klein/ L.Ron Hubbard’s kid.

    While we are here, Mimi Rogers did not say that Tom was sterile, she sid he prefered Celibacy.

    Sexless marriage = childless marriage.

  40. blonde on the dock says:

    Katie Holmes and “sexy” do not go together.

  41. DeltaJuliet says:

    There is nothing sexy about that dude.

  42. Cait says:

    He is so weird looking.

  43. Kimlee says:

    Yes Tommy boy is crazy and his cult is scary and I’am glad Katie and Suri are out of the cult but some people are so gullible. Lol

    Katie PR team has been hard at work for the last two weeks pimping out story after story and you people are eating. Katie has a movie coming out that’s what all these Pro Katie stories are about to get good publicity for it.

  44. Ally says:

    It was all downhill after Joshua Jackson for Katie. Time to raise her standards in the men department.

  45. Olive says:

    Oh man can’t the girl just get laid?! She probably hasn’t gotten any since she conceived Suri. You know Tommy Girl wasn’t putting out, so she’s dipping in an old well it’s easier! Let her be…

  46. TXCinderella says:

    Ewwwww…I hope she doesn’t rekindle anything with Chris. He is such a douche! He reminds me of Pee Wee Herman.

  47. Soncee says:

    I’m probably going to get some flack for this BUT, IMO,there is something just plain ‘ol weird, angry, and creepy about Suri Cruise. Not sure if it’s the Scientology upbringing, or perhaps she has simply been over-indulged, but I am sick and tired of her with the freakin stuffed animal one minute, and wearing lipstick & kitten heels–like a bad reality tv star. Hopefully, she’ll get the opportunity she needs to just be a child. And for the sake of all that is good in the world, let the girl wear a pair of jeans,sneakers, and a t-shirt!

  48. Lia says:

    Suri looks just like him. My money would be on Chris as Suri’s biological father. Maybe that’s one of the boulders she was holding over Tom’s head in the divorce proceedings….
    PS….. it looks like Katie parked her front loader at the curb and was running in for a bite to eat with Suri.

  49. sadie says:

    Chris always has this “duh” look to him…like he’s confused about life.

  50. Stephanie says:

    “sexy, supersecret rendezvous” sounds like it was written by a ninth grader. Or EL James. Lol.

  51. mimi says:

    If they did actually meet, maybe it has nothing to do with sex or a romance, and everything to do with finally introducing him to Suri and finally having them meet and bond.

    That would be wonderful.

  52. Maritza says:

    If Klein were the real father then it would be great for Katie and him to rekindle their relationship. Tom would go really crazy if those two get back together.

  53. Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

    Is there any danger of these Holywood types staying single for longer than two seconds?

  54. Miss S Ippi says:

    No way the kid is Tom’s. Things happened too fast back in the day. Remember all the wonky pregnancy pictures? I don’t see resemblance to Tom at.all. She looks like a clone of Katie’s. He is G-A-Y.

  55. Sasha says:

    Hello? Chris is Suri’s real father… Look at the timeline. Tom needed a wife and Katie needed … Look at Suri. Tom isn’t Suri’s biological father, Chris is.

  56. Playlist says:

    Maybe Katie wants another child that’s a continuation of Suri’s gene pool. She probably had good reason for splitting up with Chris before, but if he is Suri’s biological father he may want in Suri’s life now that Tom is no longer in control. Katie might want him getting to know Suri. It doesn’t mean she has to date or marry him. Being friends with Katie again would be a good way to see Suri, whether in public or in private. I second the Joshua Jackson type of guy for her. After living a celebate life with Tom, I think I’d jump any guy that said he hated CO$.

    Katie’s father would not quietly sit by after finding out his daughter was impregnated by Tommy Davis or any other kind of CO$ covert op. Even if her religious background prevented an abortion, there would be hell to pay to anyone who would be a part of it. The story is too absurd.

    Suri has a generic looking face right now that could look like anyone. Hell, she looks like me when I was 6. Tom Cruise is gay and he isn’t the father. Katie got pregnant before Tom stepped in to claim his stake. It’s as secret in Hollywood as John Travolta and Kelly (which means it’s not a secret) You will never hear who the real father is because of the divorce contract. Anyone wondering how they settled so quickly and quietly should understand that by now.

  57. DanaG says:

    If Katie did that then everyone would know for sure Suri isn’t Toms. I think Suri is Tom’s but how she got pregnant is a little more unclear. I think they had help and it wasn’t just some happy little accident. Not after being married for 10 years with Nicole who really wanted a baby. To hookup with Chris Klein now would be stupid and I don’t see Katie risking all she has done just for some hot sex. Which I’m sure she has been missing for some time. Give Katie some time and she will find someone else I doubt with all her history with Chris and coming out of this marriage with Tom she wants a guy with issues. Chris may off gone to rehab but Katie would still remember who badly he treated her. I would think if there is anything Katie has learned out of all of this is to find someone who treats her right!

  58. kibbles says:

    She looked so cute back in the day! I know we all get old and can’t stay fresh faced forever, but she would probably look a lot better with 5-10 extra pounds. She was much cuter with the chubby cheeks she had when she was with Klein.

  59. taxi says:

    I always heard that Tom has an extra X chromosome with the Y. If true, he’s sterile. Men with that XXY chromosomal abnormality are sterile & most also have boobs, which Tom got removed many, many years ago.

  60. Jill says:

    Well we know Chris is not the biological father of this kid. She does look like Cruise. It doesnt really matter. Cruise loves her so I suppose that is all that matters…as long as he brings her nowhere near the COS.

  61. carlino altoviti says:

    I’m afraid Tom is the biological father of Suri.
    Gay can have child, especially if science help them.
    CO knew that this could happen and would not risk losing the child in any way.
    The birth of Suri was carefully planned, for some reason, probably advertising, the child is very important for them.

  62. Dee Cee says:

    She is not going to let Suri go to COS control.. Tom is going to regret treating Suri and Katie like swept under the carpet dirt and he did..