Tom Cruise “is not ashamed of his beliefs & won’t hide them from his daughter”

Ooooh, this is interesting! Katie Holmes has covered the last People Magazine cover (“How Katie Took Control”) so now it’s Tom’s turn. I do feel bad for the tabloids – they were looking forward to months of TomKat covers as a potential divorce settlement turned ugly. But since Katie is ah-mazing and she got a favorable settlement in 11 DAYS, Team Cruise is still playing catch-up. But there is movement, for sure. Team Cruise got a royal reception from the paparazzi as Tom picked up Suri yesterday. And now Team Cruise is pushing back in none other than People Mag:

This was not how Tom Cruise expected his life to be. The 50-year-old megastar, who was blindsided when his wife of five years, Katie Holmes, filed for divorce on June 28, “was thinking, ‘What did I not see?’ ” a source who knows the former couple tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story.

Especially tough: His month-long separation from 6-year-old daughter Suri, which finally ended when the pair reunited on July 17 in New York City.

What took so long?

“He’s wanted to see her as fast as possible since this started,” a source, who cites Cruise’s obligation to his sci-fi thriller Oblivion as the main obstacle. “He couldn’t shut down production, cost people their jobs. People count on him.”

In agreeing to a divorce settlement in a mere 11 days, “Tom tried his best to do what’s right for Suri,” according to his longtime friend and lawyer Bert Fields, who says the star is “sad” but not “bitter” about the situation.

Cruise has been leaning on his older children, Connor, 17, and Isabella, 19, his three sisters and his mother – all of whom share his Scientology religion. Several members of his family joined him for support as he filmed his final scenes for Oblivion.

“Tom is not ashamed of his beliefs,” says the source, who knows the former couple, “and won’t hide them from his daughter.”

[From People Magazine]

This is just chock full of goodies. First of all: “Tom is not ashamed of his beliefs and won’t hide them from his daughter.” IS THAT A THREAT? Because Katie can easily begin to tell Suri that Xenu kills puppies. That Xenu is the reason that she can’t have a puppy. Two can play that game, Tommy. As for Tom being in a strange place and asking himself, “What did I not see?” – do you really think he’s asking himself that? Because even if you took Tom and Katie’s marriage at face value, they were barely spending any time together in the past six months. Tom didn’t know what was going on with Katie because he simply wasn’t around. And because Xenu kills puppies. See how that works?

Speaking of “what’s next for Tom,” the speculation has already begun for “Who Will Tom Date Next?” When you think about, he’s probably looking for a girlfriend and not a wife right now, so we don’t have to dust off our list of “Sweet, Innocent Actresses Who Would Be Down With Xenu” at the moment. For now, he can date someone who isn’t down with Xenu – in fact, I’m sure that’s what he’s being advised to do. I bet Tom is really upset that Julianne Hough is already “with” Ryan Seacrest, because Julianne would be PERFECT. LaineyGossip suggested Jessica Chastain, who… I don’t know. Jessica is a weird choice – she’s incredibly talented, she lies about her age, and she’s already really secretive about her personal life. I kind of think Jessica and Tom would be too alike in personality – tightly-wound, workaholic perfectionists.

Radar/The Enquirer also has a story about a potential love interest: “Latin beauty” Yolanda Pecoraro. She’s already a Scientologist…? The basics: she’s 27 years old and some describe her as a “Scientology princess”. Also, she and Tom briefly dated in 2004 (allegedly) which would have made her… 19 at the time…? YIKES.

In the wake of Katie Holmes’ split from hubby Tom Cruise, speculation is building as to who will be the next Mrs. Tom Cruise, and it just might be Yolanda Pecoraro. Experts predict the 27-year-old Latin beauty will be the perfect match for the Mission: Impossible star because she’s a devout Scientologist — and the two dated in the past!

“Tom’s next marriage will be inside the church,” Scientology expert Margery Wakefield told the National Enquirer. A former member of the church told the Enquirer that Yolanda is a “Scientology princess, perfect for Tom,” both her parents were members and that she’s been taking Scientology courses since she was just 13 years old.

Yolanda lives in a modest Silver Lake, Calif. apartment and told the Enquirer, “Yes, I knew and still know Tom Cruise. And no, I’m not married or engaged.”

Andrew Morton’s unauthorized Tom tell-all, Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography claims that Yolanda and Tom met at the opening of a new Scientology center opening in Spain in 2004 and that he fell head over heels for her. One source goes so far as to tell the Enquirer that Tom has paid for Yolanda to attend expensive Scientology courses at the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood! And even though Yolanda lives with a boyfriend, also a Scientologist, an insider claims the church will do whatever it takes to provide damage control to the very public divorce between Tom and Katie.

“With the embarrassment his divorce has caused the church, they want to stabilize the situation quickly,” the source said. “They also want to show that Tom has rebounded fast and that his new wife is beautiful and steeped in Scientology. If the church decides to make Yolanda Tom’s next wife, they’d certainly want her to have a child soon. So she could quickly be going from her modest apartment to a mansion in Beverly Hills with a baby on the way. And there’s little doubt she’d do what’s best for the church.”

[From Radar]

See, that might be what the Church of Scientology wants, but I have to wonder what Tom’s Hollywood advisors are saying. I doubt they believe Tom should jump into something “serious” with a 27-year-old Scientologist and immediately get her pregnant (cough). Plus, could Tom’s ego handle being with someone without her own profile as a celebrity? This is why Jennifer Love Hewitt needs to be in the mix. I still think she would be perfect.

I’m including a photo of Yolanda in 2004, and some photos of Tom on set with Olga Kurylenko, because Xenu was trying to make THAT happen only Olga’s people shut it down.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, People and WENN.

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  1. Amelia says:

    “experts predict….” who on earth is an expert in these matters?! I don’t know why, but the fact that there are *experts* predicting who on celebrity is going to date next makes me think they have a liiiitle bit too much time on there hands.
    For the record, I still think Julianne Hough might be the next *Mrs* cruise. TC is more powerful that Ryan, right? Failing that, Ashley Tisdale. Her career’s on the slide, isn’t it?
    So glad he didn’t get his mits on Olga Kurylenko, loved her in Quantum of Crap.

    • Mira says:

      Lol on “experts predict.” I don’t want to predict but can “experts want?”. I (ahem…expert) want Jolie and Cruise together but that won’t happen :-( So I’m planning to start ‘Another Anonymous’ group that focuses only on protesting against any more Tom Cruise weddings and Cruise babies!

    • erika says:

      julianna hough is mormon…very strict religion and in NO way would mormonism mix with scientology…

      plus? mormon girl must remain virgin until she’s married and NOT practice birth control….

  2. Sombrero says:

    This is so designed by his PR people, even the mag’s cover is photoshopped.

  3. Toot says:

    Well, Katie will be telling Suri about her beliefs so it’s fair that Tom should be able to also.

      • Genevieve says:


        WOW, seems like you’re always down with a bitch-slap at Katie.

        Was it Xenu’s idea that you hit up this site, or are you doing it all on your own just for sh*ts and giggles?

        Keep on posting, you’re so transparent. .

      • jazzmin says:

        Right on Islandgirl and Toot!!!! Tom should teach Suri about Scientology and L Ron etc…Scientology Rocks!!!

      • julie says:

        If Scientology rocks then why are there different rules for more or less famous people? Families have been torn apart when a member decides to leave, so how come Tom is allowed to see his daughter?

      • jazzmin says:

        Julie, the person who leaves scientology is the one who is not allowed to see other family members who are still in the religion. Tom did not leave scientology and Katie was never in to the religion. Plus, Katie is the one with primary custody, not Tom. In this case Katie has the upper hand. BTW, to those posting that I am a scientologist, if I were one I would never hide it (why should I?). My comment above to Toots and Islandgirl was all in fun. RME

    • Julie says:

      does suri get the Xenu story for free? i mean other people in scientology have to pay a fortune for that.

      • gg says:

        Yeah, so much so that we’re the only ones who’ve read the leaked material. The rest of em will never be able to afford it.

        If Tom the egotistical demigod was smart at ALL, he would SEE that the co$ is PLAYING HIM LIKE A DECK OF CARDS FOR THEIR OWN USE, and NOT HIS.

        But he’s too “aware” to see that.

    • wubbawubba says:

      Scientology Is secretive pay to play cult and Tom Is forbidden to share openly the OT Levels with his daughter,so no Xenu bed time stories.

      No honest disclosure that Auditing Is really just an exorcism of dead space alien parasites.

      NO discussion of the fact upper Level Scientologist’s OT’s must believe that All OTHER RELIGIONS are false implants,impregnated into the reactive mind by the evil Galactic Overload Xenu.

      theres the restrictions of Forbidden disclosure of all the Upper Levels and a gag on discussion and disclosure of Scientology’s real set of bizarre beliefs, ever!

      Mandatory shunning of Medical and Psychological care (the cult says it’s for your own good Suri)They are the authorities on the Modern Science of Mental Health! gosh darn it!
      with their cobbled together “antiquated” and “discarded” 1950′s “psychology” and “psychiatry” practices!

      No open/honest Father,Daughter “Xenu Talk” until your completely brainwashed.

      you’ll never know what your getting into until its too late…or you can simply “GOOGLE IT” and avoid the bankruptcy, and the destruction of your mind.

      P.S. Scientology’s ultimate goal is to replace ALL RULE of LAW with Scientology Totalitarian Doctrine and ultimately “rule the planet”…who wants that! Besides Tommy and a second rate Pulp Science fiction writer and Con-Artist.

      • RocketMerry says:

        That’s a a cohesive and complete response right there; thank you! I don’t think I would have had the energy to deal with the “Tommy has a right to talk to his daughter and slowly ‘teach’ her about his ‘religion’ ” thing.

        I think everyday those $ci crazies are on this site, refreshing the page every two seconds to see if they can get to Tommy and Katie stories first!

        But seriously, I hope Katie is as straightforward as they come with Suri and tells her flat out that the co$ starts with semi-innocuos teachings and then sucks you in and brainwashes you and swallows you whole. That way when Tommy tries to plant evil co$ seeds in her mind… sorry, Tommy! Place taken. :) That’s what I would do.

        Edit: sorry, I just saw this video on the net and LOLled until my abs hurt. Here it is:

      • aussie says:

        great comment wubbawubba..
        and love love love the wife audition clip..hilarious

    • Tiffin says:

      He should be ashamed, with all the stuff that’s come out about his cult over the last few days.

      He should keep his mouth shut and keep to the settlement agreement (if there is a ‘no co$’ clause)

    • Trillion says:

      I love that this situation is bringing comparison between B.S. belief systems- one is ancient and the other is new. Bottom line is that they are both total make-believe, illogical crap. Hopefully when Suri grows up she’ll have the tools to be able to think and decide for herself.

      • aussie says:

        I don’t think what they believe is the issue at all. I don’t think anyone really cares what others “believe”, it’s
        the actions and behaviour.
        It’s more that scientology is under investigation for some pretty serious crimes right now both in the US and O/S.
        There are also issues of people signing over guardianship of their children at very young ages, in some cases as young as 8-12years old. In the case of the International leaders son, who recently died, and whose death is being investigated, was taken into sea org at 8 and his mothe, and others alllege that there were several abuses. Karen’s comments, directly from the horses mouth so to speak, can be read at the village voice site. There are also allegations of human trafficking, [they charge a freeloader fee for people trying to leave sea org. it can be 100's of thousands of dollars. They have been investigated for, and are still alleged to use slave labour. They are also in court for not paying minimum wage,forced abortions, are insolvent in Norwa., Germany and France consider them a cult, and they have had their tax status challenged in goes on and on.
        the church has been found guilty of several frauds overseas [and this organisation is one entity], and have had to pay out 8million USD to one person in damages in the U.S.
        Operation Clambake site has a list of crimes, current legal issues, transcripts etc, for anyone to peruse.
        Accept sc. members aren’t allowed to read the negative stuff.

    • Bec says:


      That link that Rocketmerry just posted is Hilarious.
      Everyone should see it.

      It’s the Tom Cruise’s Future Wife Auditions on youtube. OUCH.

    • Emily says:

      @Toot — I’m calling you out.

      Scientology is a cult. It is pure abuse. Anyone who gives one single solitary damn about children should be scared every time a child is introduced to it.

      I don’t believe in any religion, and I do have a dog in this fight. What have you read about Scientology?

      • Genevieve says:

        Emily…toot actually IS a CO$-bot. As well as islandgirl and jazzmin.

        Hard to believe they think they can “pass” on this site.

        Please go back to Clearwater, sea org, or whatever backwater hellhole you came from. Your CO$ rhetoric doesn’t fly here.

        Sorry! :D

      • Emily says:

        Actually, don’t go back to Clearwater. First, Florida has enough problems, we don’t need Scientologists adding to them more than they already are. Second, get out of the cult! You will find so much support out here in the real world if you do.

      • jazzmin says:

        Genevieve I am not a Scientologist I was poking fun at toots because I know he/she is one. If I were a Scientologist I would post it here and not hide it. Last time I checked this is America where all can practice any religion they see fit! Get a sense of humor will ya?!

      • Genevieve says:

        @ jazzmin:

        You’re right, and I apologize. I’ve been so fed up w/ toot and island girl and their CO$ rhetoric, I think you got caught up in the drive-by because I did not read your post as carefully as I should have.

        SORRY, the SciFreaks just make me see red!! >-(

    • Vesper says:

      @ Toot
      @ islandgirl

      The conditions as set out in the divorce settlement stipulate that Tom cannot discuss the cult, and cannot bring Suri to cult related activities/functions. From what I remember reading, there will be somebody monitoring his visits to ensure he does abide by the conditions, that he himself agreed upon.

      Besides the fact that he is a member of a so-called “religion” that is considered a cult by many countries, he has a history of parental alienation, and the courts do not look on that lightly. Not adhering to the agreed upon conditions could result in his visitation rights being severely limited.

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    Tom will forever be “in a strange place.” (CO$ anyone?)

    His “beliefs” are SUPPOSED to be hidden from Suri (read your divorce settlement, you idiot).

    He is incapable of introspection, and therefore is NOT asking what he did wrong.

    Just some random thoughts from my been-up-since-4 and now-ready-to-go-back-to-bed brain.

    • Toot says:

      Who says that part about not telling Suri about Scientology is even really in the divorce settlement. The tabs posted it, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

      • marie says:

        it doesn’t mean it isn’t true either.. go tell your leader than no one believes this fluff, PR crap, nice try though..

      • wubbawubba says:

        She left the Scientology Shark Pool.

        Katie Has Committed Crimes Against Scientology!
        She hired Non_Scientology approved Lawyers *BIG CRIME!

        She confided with WOGS* Ethics Violation!

        She consulted her WOG parents *CRIME!

        Hired Bodyguards not controlled by Scientology *OMG!

        She Left HIM *OMG!

        She publicly fell into the Arms of a Catholic Church! *OMG! *CRIME!

        Took Suri with Her OMG!

        Enrolled Suri In a Catholic school! *Report to Ethics*

        Got Her Own Apartment “NO surveillance cameras! *OMG!

        possibly consulted the Suppressive Person known as Nicole Kidman! *EEK!

        Ditched His Scientology family! *EEK
        the most ethical people on the planet got dissed!

        disposable cellphones *using unapproved communication sources! *ARGH!

        She didn’t submit to a Marriage Counseling “SECURITY CHECK INTERROGATION”and admit her CRIMES against TOMMY to salvage her marriage!!
        *(never the big OT’s fault)
        Big Ethics Violation
        issued special one time only a double secret probation “Suppressive Persons” declare

        as I type this some Sea Org employee of Tom’s is getting grilled and punished for letting this happen! (WILL absolutely HAPPEN)

        quick get a Gag order/No disclosure agreement in place for the sake of Xenu!

        don’t think so, JOIN the CULT and find out.

      • Smurfette says:

        Hey “Toot” and “Islandgirl” and the rest of the scibot-trolls, I would like to know do you have children of your own?? I cannot understand how someone would willingly expose their child to this crazy cult and their abuses. Would you have your child scrubbing toilets in the hole?? And how is the sea org workin’ for you? Still think it’s a religion?? Has nothing to do with religion and all about making money and denying human rights. It’s a cult. LRH even said back in the 1940′s if you want to make a million start a religion. Duh.

    • gg says:

      I don’t believe TC has any intention of not indoctrinating Suri into the cult – its entire platform is one of collosal lies in the first place, and he feels it’s his duty to brainwash everybody. So if he agreed to it, I’m sure he was lying. He thinks he’s saving the planet so he’s not going off course.

      • holly hobby says:

        He already started. His loony sister Cass, the one who homeschooled and most likely had a role in alienating Nicole’s kids from Nicole, tagged along yesterday.

        I hope Katie’s people were following them and will report back.

        Go find your self another baby mommy in the “church” Tommy. Have a “church” approved alien baby and leave Suri alone.

      • Bernie says:

        Unfortunately, I think you’re probably right. I think there is 0% chance that Tom will back down from exposing Suri to COS. The only way Katie will really be able to prevent that from happening is by slowly decreasing Suri’s time with daddy over the long run, which is sad but I believe could be a real possibility – especially given Tom’s constant traveling and being on set. Time will tell, I suppose.

      • operagirl says:

        Katie seriously needs to put a digital voice recorder inside those stuffed animals of Suri’s before she heads off with Tom…

      • Floridaseaturtle says:

        Oh, Bella. I am very sincerely sorry. Heartbreaking. love.
        (wrong post position, meant to post two spots down).

    • Izzy says:

      Oh, thank goodness you’re here! I’m having such a craptastic day, I need my drinking buddies for sure. Cracktinis now, and later at home, I’m making a You’re-Screwed-Driver.

      Instructions to make this drink:
      Three parts orange juice
      Two parts vodka
      One and a half parts amaretto

      Drink. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat…

  5. NYC_girl says:

    I saw a pic of him yesterday carrying her (into the hotel?) and he was wearing regular reading eyeglasses. Call me crazy, but I found him attractive, and kind of sad at the same time. I know he’s brainwashed and possibly insane, but I’d still make out with him.

  6. Jacq says:

    Finding him an immediate replacement is a terrible PR strategy. If he really was “blindsided” or whatever descriptor they want to use, he would be nursing a broken heart ALONE, not out trying to snag a new piece.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Do you believe in love after love…?

  8. Sue says:

    It always amazes me how fast hollywood people bounce back after breakups. Out here in the “real” world we get broken hearts that don’t heal overnight…..

    Gee could it be because most hollywood relationships are shams???? Just my opinion…..

  9. Mia 4S says:

    So creepy. So insanely creepy. I can’t even look at pictures of him anymore.

  10. Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

    You can forget about Jennifer Love Hewitt getting with Tom. She has an allergy to nuts.

  11. islandgirl says:

    Good to see Tom spending time with his daughter. It is obvious that they love each other.

    Btw this site has become real hateful and not just from the posters. I probably will get ban for saying that

    • diana says:

      I m with you, islandgirl. I was bullied badly too.
      What I find intriguing is how they have made Tom’s life all about scientology as if he’s a robot without any emotions or feelings.
      Now waiting for the backlash…

      • gg says:

        Hey, if the bootie fits …

        You saw the leaked indoctrination tape on youtube, right? He made it pretty clear his life IS all about the co$. Very clear.

        And a disclaimer – if you’re reading this as bullying, it’s not, it’s just a question.

      • diana says:

        Thanks for posting without calling me a troll. I did nt see the tape, but I dont think any father would ever say that he loves his ‘cult’ more than his daughter.
        Over the years from the photos and news, I thought of Tom as a good father, his kids were never any trouble and out of public eye. And for a man of his level of success, to still keep his family together, I thought was interesting. Yes, you may credit all these things to his narcissm or weird cult, but I felt he was a harmless person.
        The problem is people are treating him as if he’s son of Xenu and venting all hate onto him. I feel these two issues should be looked at seperately, the discussion abt scientology should take place, but the manner in which his divorce is proceeding is altogether a different and more personal thing.
        I also feel the way he handled the divorce is very respectful and the fact that he’s behaving rationally in the light of all the public mudslinging is admirable.
        And I m NOT a sciento or Tom’s publicist.
        With respect to you, this is just my opinion and noone actually knows inside anybody’s marriage. So its incomprehensible how many posters are labelled as ‘trolls’. Scroll down and see.

      • gg says:

        ALL of the $cienoshills say that though, so I can’t really believe anybody saying that anymore.

        diana, look at the tape on YouTube. You need to if you’re going to try and keep up with the comments on here. Because we’ve all seen it and freaked out, and that explains the reactions you’re talking about. Seriously, if your browser isn’t hijacked, check it out, it shows he is insane.

        Starting at 6:20:

    • Lindy says:

      But the thing is, there are plenty of people in the history of cults who DO choose their cults over their children and other family members. And the cult forces them to choose. And makes the stakes seem really high–eternal damnation if you don’t cut off ties with non-believers. Even Jesus back in the day before the institutional processes of church-formation tamed his message basically said that his religion requires you to hate your mother and brothers, to distance yourself, to live only for the message. “I come not to bring peace but to bring a sword” or “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.”

      Plenty of fathers and mothers in Jonestown not only drank the poisoned Koolaid themselves, but force-fed it to their own children.

      That is the problem with giving TC a free pass on “educating” his daughter about his beliefs. These are not non-violent or harmless wacky beliefs. Sure they moght not be Jonestown level yet, but they are tied up with oppression, injury, imprisonment, and abuse.

      • Autumnleaves says:

        D Lindy, please don’t compare Jesus, his message and mission, and the Holy scriptures to the false prophets and other cults. I strongly disagree with your literally misinterpreted what his teachings were and meant, and this isn’t the forum for me to correct your distortions.

        Any group that threatens violence, death, smears campaigns, loss of family, and all forms of abuse is a cult.

      • Autumnleaves says:

        D Lindy, please don’t compare Jesus, his message and mission, and the Holy scriptures to the false prophets and other cults. I strongly disagree with your literally misinterpreted what his teachings were and meant, and this isn’t the forum for me to correct your distortions.

        Any group practicing all forms abuse is a cult.

      • Autumnleaves says:

        D Lindy, please don’t compare Jesus, his message and mission, and the Holy scriptures to the false prophets and other cults. I strongly disagree with your literal misinterpretation of exactly what his teachings were and meant, and this isn’t the forum for me to correct your distortions.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        You are exactly right Lindy. Early Christians were required to have complete devotion to the cause–at the risk of their own lives and the lives of their families.
        To this day, cults like Amish and Islam still shun family members who leave the fold. It’s so wrong.

      • Emily says:

        @Marie Antoinette — *Extreme fundamentalist* Muslims do that. Extreme fundamentalist Christians and fringe sects of Christians do that too. Most Muslims absolutely do not practice shunning any more than most Christians do.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        I know, Emily. I was just trying to make the point that it wasn’t just Christians. Hasidic Jews practice shunning as well.

    • Bec says:


      Wow. Thanks for the link you posted. The scariest to me: “We ARE the authority on everything”. Wow. To me any religion or person that thinks they have The Answer is frightening.

      His arrogance is so stomach wrenching that I can
      barely watch him talk. In my experience when a person has true humility they seem genuinely in tune with some sort of higher power. He is on the other end of genuine anything, but especially humility. And his *crazy eyes* are on full display.

      The only way he can salvage his career is to leave CO$. I wish for his sake he would have a breakdown and realize that he is a brainwashed pawn and leave.

      • gg says:

        Also, and I’m paraphrasing a little here, he says something like: if there is an accident and people are hurt, I know that a $cientologist is the only one who can help them.

        I’d check his exact wording but I’m working at the moment (lol).

        So, the EMTs in their ambulance, with all their equipment and oxygen, and the hospital, and all the other skilled medical personnel, can’t “help” somebody who’s been injured in a car accident, but the Almighty Dum Cruise CAN?? Huh?? This makes zero sense, no matter how you slice it. And it’s only ONE of the MANY things he says in this nutzo interview that piss me off.

        The mere way he describes his unfailing commitment to it alone scares me. He totally looks like he is in a manic phase here. Just like when he got so mad on-air with Matt Lauer. He could’ve stayed calm (if he was a normal person) while he was doing a simple tv interview where it counts, but even when being taped, he can’t remain calm. He’s compelled to act like a knowitall git and can’t contain the fact that he’s furious.

        Maybe at least he didn’t throw chairs at windows, but you can easily see how angry he got on the Today Show with Lauer. He’s supposed to be an actor, ffs.

  12. Jacqueline K. says:

    “Tom is not ashamed
    of his beliefs and won’t hide
    them from his daughter.”….And he shouldn’t be. As much as their beliefs are weird and stupid, Tom has a right to educate Suri about scientology if he wants to.

  13. Kyle says:

    Yolanda comes with perfect short form nickname, “Yola”. That’s probably all Tom needs to make it work.

  14. kct says:

    I’ll just bet he was not as blindsided as the media is making him out to be. Most people know when their marriage isn’t going well, especially when you’ve been married before, but he chose to live in his little Co$ bubble and not face reality because he thought she’d never leave. If anything, it’s the sting of regret and from being one upped that’s got him reeling.

    • Jackson says:

      I totally agree on this “blindsided” BS. He knew his marriage was in the crapper and his wife was miserable. The only part that was a “blindside” was that Katie actually went and did the filing. I think TC thought he had her under better control.

  15. aussie says:

    he needs an intervention, how can he claim to not know what went wrong… that’s ridiculous.

  16. lolita says:

    now i know tommy is batshit insane and scientology is three hundred and fifty seven kinds of creepy but id be totally up for being tommys rebound.
    *jumps up and down waving* “pick me! pick me!! im perfect. 4’11 so no need for lifts around me, im not famous so no competition for you.and i have nice boobs. pick me pick me”

  17. DanaG says:

    It depends on how Tom talks about his cult that has some worried I think. If it’s let’s play a fun game called audit because that is part of what we do at my “church”. Then no. Suri is six why even bring it up yet she already would know anyhow. Problem with Tom and his family and that cult is they think they are smarter and above everyone else. I think Katie will cut off any access the minute she finds out Tom isn’t playing fair with Suri. By that I mean auditing her on the sly or trying to turn her against her mother. This isn’t over yet by a long shot. Tom’s next victim will probably be his girlfriend for awhile until they find the next wife. They need to take the time and find the right little robot girl who will go along with Tom and won’t mind her entire life and career being managed by him.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      This is more or less what I was going to say, DanaG. I kind of agree with Toot that if Katie can teach/inform Suri about Catholicism, then Tom should have the right to discuss Scientology (although SHEESH, this poor girl will be confused) but the scary thing is the auditing practices right? I think that kind of intense “mind work” (brainwashing???) is what really concerns everyone.

      Personally, I wish they would not discuss ANY religion (yes I know Scio is a CULT but Scios see it as a RELIGION) with her and just give her a break for a little while, maybe just give her the freedom to chose what she wants to believe in without the forced indoctrination?

      *sigh* Regardless, the auditing sh*t REALLY needs to be off the table. I hope Katie and her team can successfuly prevent that.

  18. Dani says:

    Uhhhhh Yolanda is not a beauty. I’m not seeing it.

  19. Chattycat says:

    “The 50-year-old megastar, who was blindsided when his wife of five years, Katie Holmes, filed for divorce on June 28, “was thinking, ‘What did I not see?’ ” How about not being able to see over the hood of a car you smug little POS.

    I get that TommyGirl believes he can spew his side of things (tall tales) because he lives in the fantasy of his own making that is a narcissist, but are all his PR folks really that bad that they think the rest of us will believe his BS? If so they should be fired immediately and maybe even tarred and feathered!

    • Liz Simpson says:

      The trouble is that most of the world has no clue about this sub-text to his life. I had friends around at the weekend and in talking to them it was clear they had no clue that he was a Scientologist, may be of a different persuasion or indeed any of the back story to this divorce. They were totally gobsmacked by the stuffvI tried to fill them in on. Those are the people who will keep his career alive and sympathise with him..that video of him has to go viral so this demographic sees the crazy and is made aware of what goes on behind the outward good looks and totally fabricated persona! Cults like to operate in secrecy…let’s hope this gets blown wide open!

  20. Talie says:

    We know for sure that Scientology can’t be in her life, so this is just his PR trying to act like it’s all good…when it’s clearly not.

  21. Launicaangelina says:

    Poor Jennifer Love Hewitt; leave her out of this insanity! She has her quirks but doesn’t deserve to be sacrificed to a cult. I hope they don’t take advantage of her vulnerability due to her mom’s death. Ugh!

  22. hmmmm..... says:

    Tom’s ONLY problem with the divorce is HOW the hell did she beat me to the punch? The rest of this broken hearted routine is just window dressing. Actually he probably thinks this looks better from a PR standpoint. Now he can “play” the poor dejected husband/father who was merrily going along in life thinking everything was swell and this divabitch wife just blindsided him.

    Poor pathetic Tommy girl!

  23. olcranky says:

    hmmm she’s 27 now and, if they get married when she’s 28 another 5-yr contract has them filing when she’s 33?

  24. dorothy says:

    What a crazy little man he is. Doesn’t he see that because of his beliefs most of the world is laughing at him.

  25. Sirsnarksalot says:

    No way. Tom has to stay single for a while to play the sympathy card and be photographed going overboard trying to see his daughter as much as possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if down the road he goes to court to revisit the custody agreement and ask for joint custody. But he has to establish himself as a devoted father first. Romantic partner replacement will come later and it will be from Hollywood not the church. He is a major recruiting tool for CoS so they won’t waste it. Plus it makes him look less wacko if he can date outside the church. Look out Katie, the war ain’t over yet.

  26. carlino altoviti says:

    Pecoraro means shepherd and the flock of CO needs her (poor sheeps).

  27. gigi says:

    Wow, will you look at that? With the phrase “not ashamed…” they’re trying to turn Tom and CoS into the persecuted — as in, poor us, we just want to believe what we want to believe like our constitution says but bad people like Katie and the public won’t let us. So of course, as you can see right here on this thread, people are starting to stand up for him and say, no, of course it’s your law-given right to believe in whatever and don’t let anyone tell you different. LOL Slowly, but surely, that’s how you turn the tide in a war.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      +1. Good eye. Obvious trolls are obvious, but looks like they managed to play on sympathies of real people who want to be open minded as well.

      TMZ has seemed like the main TC mouthpiece in all of this. People seems to be waffling. Perhaps next week we will see a Katie cover as they attempt to play both sides against the middle!

  28. sapphire says:

    Pure PR bullcrap. “Shattered”. Not hardly when they spent months apart throughout the marriage. Just my opinion, but he can certainly be open about his beliefs-as long as he doesn’t hold out the Xenu candy.

    This looks way more like a rather inept attempt to phrase a celeb break-up in terms of what the PR peons think People’s audience will understand. It’s awkward and patronizing.

  29. Dibba says:

    Will be great for Katie and Suri when he moves on to his next victim.

  30. diana says:

    Aaaand I see unoriginal posters making unfounded accusations at others who dare to think for themselves, not giving in to the mass hysteria.
    Do you really think katie’s religion is all white and Tom’s black? Really? Religions or cults or whatever are the rootcause of divisiveness. And in this case breaking up of a family.Attack Cos how much ever you want, not other posters.

    • AnnieN says:

      diana – give us examples of families broken up by Catholicism – then compare that number to families broken up by $cientrollogy. The end.

      • AnnieN says:

        @TheOriginalKitten – I never stated my religion is better than yours or anything like that as I do not practice any religion. As I stated many times before, I am a lapsed Catholic, meaning I no longer practice or attend mass. I was born in a Catholic country so it is part of my cultural identity.

        I am well aware that religions have killed many. I have read the Bible, Jewish bible (Torah, Nevi’im, Kethuvim), Kabbalah, Quran as well as many other theological texts as I was interested in religion since I was a child. My family has been on both sides of the fence in religious conflicts. Part of our family was Sephardim during the Inquisition and also made some fascinating cameos in the Vatican library for murders committed in the name of Catholicism. I can trace my family pretty far back and these atrocities were committed at a different time when people simply didn’t question the church like they do now.

        My response was to statements made by Diana about Katie’s religion being white while Tom’s was black, and her points about religion being the root cause of divisiveness and breaking up this family. In this case, the Catholics didn’t do it, Katie’s family never labeled her an SP and turned against her. The same cannot be said about the CO$. You must be able to admit that to have a frank discussion about this topic.

        For your final point, I will continue to refer to $cientrollogy as a cult as long as it not recognized as a religion worldwide. Most media outlets, some governments, and many legal decisions state that $cientrollogy is a business that sometimes masqueraded as a religion. I could also add that I was born in a county that still considers it a cult. I simply refuse to legitimize these people that are willing to do whatever it takes to keep the money machine going, no matter how many people die, how many families are destroyed and worse.

    • olcranky says:

      diana – what “unfounded accusations at others”?

      • Toot says:

        She’s probably referring to posters being called COS trolls because they have a different opinion.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Why does this discussion always have to devolve into “my religion is better than your religion”?

        @ AnnieM-Religious wars have killed millions, so have so-called “secular” wars.

        People are people. No matter what segment of society you look at, you’ll find good people and you’ll find bad people. The line between good and evil cuts through every human heart and it is impervious to religion. So please people, stop with the “MY religion never does this but YOURS does.” It’s really divisive and unproductive.

        And don’t come at me with “but Scientology is a cult!”. They identify themselves as a religion, so for the purposes of this discussion, it’s only fair to classify them as such.

        Please, let’s just hug it out!

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        Yes, and Jim Jones identified himself as a messiah. It still didn’t change the fact that he was a cult leader and a murderer.
        Scientology can call itself whatever it wants; doesn’t change the fact that it’s a cult.

    • Lindy says:

      Diana, for what it’s worth–putting on my philosophy of religion hat now–I agree that religion in itself has played a huge role in creating division, conflict, strife, violence, and oppression during the course of human history. There are countless episodes in history to demonstrate that point–and it would be true of nearly all major religions, and minor religious movements and cults, too.

      Moreover, aside from anecdotal history, sociologists and anthropologists who study religion have been able to trace patterns of group behavior that arise whenever religious movements come on to the scene. And again, most of these patterns show similar things–perhaps most notably a tendency to define the religious group over and against outsiders (who get categorized as dangerous and often are targeted for violent or discriminatory acts).

      In any case, yes, I think you’re right that all religions have certain unsavory traits. But it’s quite possible to choose a lesser evil, and to point the finger at an obvious and well-documented problem.

      Now, for me, I wouldn’t let my child darken the doors of a CO$ or a Catholic school/church. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to see CO$ as the genuine horror show that it really is.

  31. barb says:

    If Yolanda was free in 2004, when Tom was interviewing brides to be, and she didn’t want him then, then why would it work now?

  32. Jayna says:

    Cute photo. I’m happy for Suri. I’m sure she’s confused by the divorce and loves both parents very much. Tom may be a Scientology nut, but I have no doubt he adores his daughter. Divorces are so hard with children involved. It may not happen, but I hope he and Katie can be friendly to one another one day, as it only benefits Suri.

  33. serena says:

    “Tom is not ashamed of his beliefs,“and won’t hide them from his daughter.”

    Well, he should. The mag’s story is totally hideous, they should stop because I think this is only hurting them.

    And seriously? They really want him to marry fast and have a child (LOL) again within the cult? Sure, so people will just have pity on the next victim.
    Scientology should hire better PR, cause they sucks at it.

    Also, leave J Love alone.. she doesn’t need THAT.

  34. AnnieN says:

    IMHO I don’t think Tom loves her as much as he says, he has way more $$ and connections than the average person does and he had not seen Suri in over a month!

    When he flew in from Iceland, he went to CA and not NY, when he could have EASILY met his CA lawyers in NY. Even before this all happened, how much time did Tom really spend with his family? He went on and on about how they live in CA but when was the last time the family was seen together in CA? How many photos have we seen in the past months of Katie and Suri alone in NYC? Where was Tom? Why was he only available when one of his flops was coming out?

    And for those bashing Catholics, how many countries have labeled and banned Catholicism as a cult? When I was a practicing Catholic, I was never changed by my priest before confession. Not one nun has come to my house trying to chipmunk bust me for reading the bible on my own (I used chipmunk because squirrel was taken). Do they ask for donations? Sure, but those donations run the food pantry, soup kitchen and the clothing hand out program they run on weekends. What does the CO$ church do to improve their community? Nothing. I have a large family and even though my grandparents were very Catholic, no one in the family that has left the church or converted to another religion has ever been disowned. No one has been encouraged to divorce, to have an abortion or any of the other awful things that have been proven about $cientrollogy.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      This. He could have seen her anytime he so chose. He waited until he was sure the paps were nicely gathered in Manhattan (by Katie & Suri’s presence), and then decided to put in an appearance for a photo op.

    • Jane says:

      As a Catholic, I agree that the church is certainly no cult. People can choose to stay or leave the religion with no consequences. If someone is excommunicated, which is very rare, the impact is minimal if they are determined to continue being a practicing Catholic regardless of official status. No one keeps tabs on you the way Scientology does, so that person could continue going to Mass and even receive communion because the priest probably would have no clue about the excommunication. There is no requirement to register with any parish if you are simply attending mass or even going to confession.

      I don’t agree with all the teachings of the church and I certainly am disgusted with the coverup of priests who have abused children. But, I don’t think the Catholic Church is the only organized religion with problems and secrets.

      • AnnieN says:

        Jane, I was married by an excommunicated priest. The worst thing the church could come up with was that my marriage was not registered with some entity. I think the archdiocese? I would not have made the cut in a church anyway because I married a Jewish man and I never did my Confirmation. Even without doing my Confirmation I was allowed to join a church group, attend church etc. except that I didn’t receive communion but that is MY choice. Most religions have that option as G*d gave us free will.

        When you state that you don’t agree with all the teachings of the church but you are a Catholic, that is one of the big differences between $cientrollogy and most mainstream religions. We can cherry pick what we want to believe and still be OK! No calls from the Pope, no killer nuns, no solitary confinement, spankings, whatever :)

        I totally agree about the sex abuse scandal too. I am familiar with the Jewish religion, having grown up with many Jewish friends and being married to one, they too have had their share of scandals. Yet no one can say either is a cult or been labeled as such by any governing body. So all those posters comparing all religions to the CO$ cult are pretty transparent.

      • fancyamazon says:

        As far as the sex scandals go, those people who were acting in the name of the church to perpetrate horrible acts on people were (and are – there are roots of evil here and there still I am sure) terrible. The things they did were awful. There is no excuse for them.

        There have been many terrible abuses of people by humans in other religions and other parts of Christianity and sports organizations, and scouting and big brother/big sister and schools (and more organizations, I’m sure). Yet Catholic priests are the only group continuously pointed out and lumped all together as being evil and the matter of hate and jokes. My opinion on this is that the clerical collar makes them identifiable in an international way and so the mass public perception is able to focus on them in a way that is not possible with other organizations.

        I remember when the Antigonish scandal broke a few years ago. The priest of my parish at the time had gone through the process of becoming a priest with the man and he told us about it as it was breaking. He was shattered temporarily, and you could see that terrible feeling of “I trusted this person completely and look what they have done to my church that I love” in his eyes. He was truly hurt and wanted to be completely open with his congregation about what was happening.

    • fancyamazon says:

      I’m a Catholic, and I get so tired of trying to educate people about this stuff. I have been a Christian, sometimes lapsed, my whole adult life. I was brought up Baptist, and I can tell you that fundamentalist Bapstists (not all Baptists, I’m sure) are much more judgemental and sectarian than Catholics. I joined the Catholic church a few years ago because I met someone who is a Catholic, and I saw a welcoming place to bring my beliefs home to. Catholics are strong in their beliefs, for sure, but they are all about forgiveness and tolerance of others. Jesus’ two commandments: love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. And love thy neighbour as thyself. It really is that simple.

      • gg says:

        I agree – I’m not Catholic or fully any “organized” religion myself, I just believe what I believe and it works for me. But Catholics I know and their churches seem to be the most laidback out there when it comes to the human element. Catholic churches were the ones having all the dances in my community and allowing bands to practice in their halls. They had the most missions for the poor. They are all well aware that their origins were archaic, and so they have reformed to fit modern lives. And I never had any nuns hit me with a ruler in private school.

  35. Birdie says:

    Yolanda is not pretty, eh. I think Tom will date a tv actress next. Someone known, but not too famous and I think she will be blonde. Don’t know why though.

  36. Minime says:

    On a interesting note:

    Yes, I do hope Tom Cruise will be kept away from indoctrinating his child.

  37. erika says:

    —-–Omg! A HUFFINGTON POST commenter who says she knows TOM CRUISE PERSONALLY referred to DAVID MISCAVIGE as TOM’S LOVER———————

    omg…here is the huffington post blog i was reading about tom visiting suri-

    -here is a comment from someone who claims to know tom personally….wtf?

    ****As a parent, I would like to see Suri having a great and close relationship with her parents. But since I know Tom Cruise personally and witness his verbal and physical abuses and know that he is only visiting Suire for PR purposes, I also know Tom Cruise is plotting a way to start brainwashing Suri. I hate to se Suri hurt in a long run, because I know Tom Cruise’s nasty intentions. Tom’s man-wife David Miscavige would do anything to keep Tom Cruise “devoted to himself. It is because of David Miscavige (leader of the church of scientology) that Tom Cruise lost 3 marriages and several girlfriends. I have first hand information on how David Miscavige ordered his right hand man, Greg Wilhere and Tommy Davis (Ann Archer’s son) and Tommy’s wife Jessica Feschback (now dying of Leukemia) to audition girls 20-25 years old in 2004-2005 and once approved by David Miscavige then pass her on to Tom Cruise. Tom tried several girls who blindly walked in to a “Special project” and then when they couldn’t control those girls, they would be disappeared, till Katie Holmes came along. They thought Katie would be stupid and nahieve for them to control, but Katie proved them wrong and freed herself and Suri.

    I wish them best and hope Tom Cruise and his lover David Miscavige get the justice they through deserve for their crimes.

  38. Robyn Hall says:

    Kaiser, since you recently mentioned you have been following Scientology for years maybe you will be interested in following up on this?

    David Miscavige has been declared a Suppressive Person by his own organization TWICE. This is a link to his second “Declare”.

  39. Marianne says:

    In all of the recent pics I’ve seen of him with Suri, he’s always carrying her….like she’s a baby. She is 5. She can walk.

  40. Olive says:

    They are going to turn Suri into an atheist. Mommy talks about Jesus and Daddy talks abou Xenu. Too much pressure and too confusing…

  41. john c says:

    Woohoo go Tom, definitely should hide nothing

  42. foozy says:

    PEOPLE: katie isn’t some sort of victim who didn’t know what she was getting into! if she didn’t like his beliefs then she should’ve said so from the beginning instead of marrying the guy. all she’s done these past few years is to bring tom bad luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. foozy says:

    oh for goodness sake!!!! ofcourse he’s going to get paped as much as possible. he was just declared the highest paid actor and his career seems to have picked up. why shouldn’t he get a few pics with his daughter….and as for suri being carried around everywhere, well that’s just the child being lazy. she does it with katie just as much as with tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Francesca says:

    He should just become the president of COS and get it over with. The guy is nuts and he should be the head of Nutville.

  45. RHONYC says:

    LMMAOH @ ‘Katie can easily begin to tell Suri that Xenu kills puppies’


    you’re an evil genius, K. lol :twisted:

  46. Maxxhotness says:

    What ever the case may be Katie is having the last laugh… I seriously thought she was having an affair before all this was announced… Now I see see she’s happy she has her life back- go Katie buck the system * I love it*

  47. Anne de Vries says:


    Seriously, please read up, it makes you look uninformed. Xenu is closer to the devil than to god in their mythology. They don’t have a god, the closest they come to worshipping anybody is Hubbard – and money.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Exactly. In Scio there is no God and they don’t worship Xenu. And the money-worshipping only occurs in the upper echelons of COS. For instance, the poor Sea Org slaves don’t even have enough time between swabbing the decks and custom-painting TC’s new motorcycle to worship money ;)

    • Emily says:

      Thank you!

      This stuff plays right into Scientology’s hands. There is no god in Scientology. Xenu is part of their origin myth, but he is completely evil in that myth — they do NOT worship him.

      By the way, to everyone saying, “it’s all ridiculous nonsense, no difference between it and any other religion,” in case you are serious:

      First, learn about what Scientology actually believes and does please.

      Second, it is very different from any religion. All religions have good stories. You don’t have to believe in the stories to find a point to them. A man berating the rich and healing the poor. A woman murdering a tyrant in the middle of the night. A mystical being duplicating himself enough times to make love to many maidservants. A rich man being introduced to suffering in the world. Name me a religion, and I’ll find a good story in it.

      The Xenu story is barely even a coherent story, and it’s certainly a pointless one. Its evil beings are psychiatrists, and only psychiatrists — bwuh? It tells us nothing about the human condition. There is no joy or redemption or comeuppance or sorrow. It’s a shitty excuse for a story invented by a shitty excuse for a human being.

      • AnnieN says:

        @Emily – oooh, can you tell the one about Lilith? Not the TB one, the first wife of Adam one. That really gets the bible people going :P

      • Emily says:

        @AnnieN — Sure, if you want. Caveat: I’m not a total expert on every single mythology in the world :P . I’m pretty good at finding stuff out though.

        The most popular current story of Lilith is that she was Adam’s first wife, created at the same time as him. Some people think this story was created to explain why there seem to be two different creation stories in the Bible: one that says “man and woman, God created them” and one that says woman was created from Adam’s rib. Maybe, maybe not. The Bible is OLD, much has been lost and added, and it’s been translated and re-translated many, many times.

        Anyhoodles, Lilith has been mentioned in many different stories and different versions of the same story, first recognizably in the Babylonian Talmud. She’s more a folkloric figure than a religious figure, if those distinctions are meaningful. In current popular folklore, she rebelled against serving Adam and was either cast out as a demon or ran off and founded her own group of humans or human-hybrids.

      • gg says:

        Not to oversimplify, the way I see it, actual “religious orders” were invented by man as a place to put their spiritual beliefs, and as a moral code, before there were very many laws, to teach people that stealing is bad, screwing your neighbor’s wife is not to be tolerated, and mean people suck.

        Can anybody tell me, what is the moral code for the co$? Because from the $cilon I know personally, there is none. They teach their followers in classes, for example, that cost $3,000 to take, where they show you how to ramp up the limit on all your credit lines, to get more credit, just so you can pay several thou to take more of their “classes” where you stare at a chair for hours, or spill all your dirty secrets, and hold tin cans connected to some utter QUACKERY device (“e-meter”). How is this teaching anything good? How is this helping their fellow man? It’s just robbery, plain and simple.

        And the $cilon guy I know, I have never seen him smile or laugh, even when I had him and his g/f over for Thanksgiving dinner and we were playing pictionary. He was a robot. And thank GOD, she broke up with his robot ass because all he ever talked about was $cientology. Why? Because his head was filled to the brim with their BS and they do not encourage independent thought. This guy was 32, and he was already in debt for the rest of his life, owing some $260,000 in credit to take their idiot classes. So then they taught him how to open yet another business so he could funnel yet more money into the co$. He’s screwed for life, even if he quits the co$. He will never pay off all his debt.

        How can any organization encourage extending credit? Everybody knows that’s nothing but wrong.

      • Emily says:

        The moral code of Scientology is “KSW”, keep Scientology working. That means disseminating Scientology and giving money to Scientology. Scientology is the most important thing in Scientology, as Tony Ortega wrote in one of his articles. Next to the importance of the Co$, everything else is supposed to pale in comparison to a Scientologist. Protect and grow Scientology at ALL costs, and that’s it.

  48. Izzy says:

    I’m just taking a break from my craptastic day to chill out on this board. And I’m just wondering… HOW IN THE H-E-LL did he NOT see this coming? How did he not see how miserable his wife was? I doubt very much that he was blindsided, but if he was, then he needs to STOP getting married, because he SUCKS at being a supportive partner. When your wife (or husband) looks like a depressed bag lady day in and day out, it’s something you should notice. Even if he was away, it’s not like there weren’t a gazillion pictures of it!

    Whew. OK, now, where the hell did I put my blender? I need a Karmakaze, stat!

    • the original bellaluna says:

      *joins Izzy for Karmakazis* Such a valid point – how could he (or any of his “handlers”) NOT have seen at least a couple pix of Katie over the last year?

      I gotta go take my older kitteh to the vet. I think she’s winding down. (She is 20, after all). I’ll check back when I return.

      • Izzy says:

        I’ll have a drink waiting for you upon your return. Hope the cat is OK, tell her your CB pals say ‘meow.’

      • AnnieN says:

        @the original bellaluna – oh no! sorry to hear about kitteh :(

        20? HOLY $HIT!

        +1 on the meow and “may the paw be with you” (that was a Star Wars reference, not a religious reference before anyone freaks out).

      • gg says:

        I hope your kitty’s okay. Sick kitties make me sad.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        She’s gone, ladies. :( She was “in the act of dying” (don’t you just love vet-speak) and severely dehydrated, so I had to let her go.

        I think I’d like that drink now. Thanks for making me smile – I really like “May the Paw be with you.”

      • Erinn says:

        :( Sorry to hear about the kitty. My grandma’s lived to 19 before they had to let him go… he had such bad arthritis he could barely move.

        At least 20 years was a nice, long happy life for her.

      • skuddles says:

        bella, so sorry about your kitty! Good for you for knowing when it was time. And 20 is a wonderful, ripe old age for a cat to live to – you’ve obviously taken great care of her. I just lost my old boy a few months back too – he was nearly 18. I miss him every day :(

        Time for a good stiff Schmeer…

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Thank you, everyone, here & up-thread. She did have a good long life, and she survived three toddlers during that life. She was a good mama kitty to them. :) I’ll miss her terribly. She was the first hairy kid I had as an adult.

        I wish I could explain to Toddles that she’s gone – he thinks I left her at the store! :(

        Sorry, skuddles, for your loss – it’s amazing how they become such an integral part of our lives, isn’t it? I mean, when your survival kit contains pet food and water rations for them too, you KNOW they’re family!

      • Liberty says:

        Don’t know if this will help, but when my dear old tomcat went the same way, his kind vet in Germany patted my hand and said this to me: a cat lives ten years for its life, then every extra year for yours, because love is that strong. And finally when your little friend thinks you are strong enough and its job is done, it can rest and fly back to the birds and stars.

        My heart was still broken (he was my first furry kid too) but that was him for sure. Maybe that was your cat too. Mine was my little copilot through a lot in life, and lives in my heart, giant paws and big-ass attitude (he was the Jason Statham of cats) and all.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Liberty, that’s lovely, and it does help. (But you made me cry again, dammit!)

      • skuddles says:

        Liberty, you made me cry too…. such beautiful sentiments. I too view my beloved kitties as my kids and it tears my heart apart to lose one. But it doesn’t change the fact I am eternally grateful for having had the chance to know them and love them, and be loved by them in return…. damn these sniffles!

        bella, I know it must have been so heartbreaking to do what you had to do for your girl, the last ultimate act of love. I send you a great big hug.

      • Emily says:

        @bellaluna — So sorry about your kitty.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Thanks Izzy. A toast, to my beloved hairy kid, who has ventured on to all the salmon and tuna she can eat, and all the babies and toddlers she can sleep on! *raises glass* CHEERS! I’ll miss you, my friend.

      • Sugar says:

        Bella I know this will post late & you may not see it but I’m sorry to hear about you losing your kitty today. When we had to put our Felix down a few years ago I was inconsolable. I picked out one of my favorite photos of him and wrote a tear filled obituary & sent it to friends and family. our pets are a part of our family and those who know us know our pets. I wish I could get another cat but I still mourn my buddy. I know your kitty had a wonderful family. Bless you

  49. Emily says:

    Jessica Chastain is a terrible choice, she would never go for it. She has her own, very successful career, and I don’t see her falling for the cult’s and Cruise’s lovebombing. Lainey’s been really weird about this whole thing, imo.

  50. dizzy says:

    Oh, no. Jessica Chastain is too good for for him.

  51. Maritza says:

    Jennifer Love Hewitt would not put up with Tom Cruise’s crap, she may be needy but not stupid. She is pretty independent, Scientology would cramp her style.

  52. julie says:

    I have only two questions after reading that crap:
    1. Why is he allowed to see his daughter when every other member of Scientology has to DISCONNECT?????
    2. Why can’t the guy just stay single? That being said he would not have to hide his homosexuality from his wife. Then he could also have a whole slew of people he could control, not just a wife!

  53. skuddles says:

    Just a little (and quite possibly irrelevant) observation… Anyone notice that Katie dressed Suri in exact same outfit she wore just a few days ago when she was out with Mommy? Katie knew this visit with Daddy was a great big deal to the world, and of course, a HUGE deal to Tommy, yet she puts her in the same outfit everyone has already seen. Katie’s way, perhaps, of saying “meh, ain’t no big thing”?

  54. Amanda_M87 says:

    I read the title as “Tom Cruise is not ashamed of his BRIEFS”. Now that would be a MUCh different story.

  55. LucyOriginal says:

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for, the single dad, Tom? Please…

  56. LucyOriginal says:

    Katie’s replacement should be young. The age range should be from 23 (for an allegedly 10-year-contract) to 28 (for an allegedly 5-year-contract).

    1- Blake Lively (out- apparently tmz found that she may be RR’s wife);

    2- Elisabeth Olsen- She is 23, right?

    3- Mila Kunis (please Noooooooooo, but we all know she has bad taste);

    4- Nina Dobrev (She is 23 years old);

    5- Emma Stone (NOoooooooooooooooooo, but she is 23 years old. Thank God she has spider man by her side!);

    6- Amber Heard (just because…she is young, pretty and not very talented-allegedly);

    7- Hayden Panettiere (she is 22 years old and what has she done lately?);

    8- Ellen Page: noooooooo, you are talented!;

    9- (Insert a name) woman who likes to be a contracted girlfriend – allegedly. Some reality stars who go to Cannes festival in hopes to find a rich men allegedly, you know?

    10- For the sake of gossip…What about Elisabetta Canalis? hahaha

    • Marianne says:

      Nina Dobrev is with Ian Somerhalder.

      Tommy’s new Gf/wife wouldnt just be young. She would have to be a B-list actress as well. If Jessica Biel was a little younger and not with Justin Timberlake, she would be perfect.

    • skuddles says:

      Elisabetta…hmmmm, not a bad suggestion. Although I think Tommy would frown on the nose candy thing. And she’s a bit unruly at times… might make Tommy look bad (ha ha ha, okay he’s totally capable of doing that to himself!).

      Mila, never happen. Much as she has bad taste in men, she also has her own mind and wouldn’t be one to get sucked in by the CO$ shtick. At least I hope not!

      And Hayden, by most accounts, is a girl for rent. She’d likely only go for it if she stood to gain a LOT of money on a very short-term contact. And babies would probably be out of the question.

      There’s my three cents :D

  57. Shoe_lover says:

    i didn’t read all the comments so someone else may have thrown her name out there but when i read “his next wife will already be involved with the CO$” i though of Elizabeth Moss. but god i hope not

  58. eric says:

    Who cares if he is not ashamed of Scientology, his career is already over from Jumping on Oprah’s couch, and Suri will be raised a Catholic.
    If you listen to him for more than 5 min it becomes painfully obvious that he is a seriously mentally ill, brainwashed man who does not understand or comprehend reality, because he was brainwashed to believe he can move (time, space, yawn… whatever) That marriage was a sham contract anyway, but given Scientologists frown on all Religions in General, looks like Holmes reneged on her contract and had the last laugh.

    • Smurfette says:

      +1 I agree his career was over years ago with the ridiculous couch jumping and then the interview in which he states “if you pass by an accident you know you have to stop because you’re the only one who can help”. WTF?? Paramedics can’t? Oh is he God now?? Old Tommygirl has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and only believes his own reality – not the real world. I don’t think the majority of movie-goers take him seriously anymore. He’s washed up and his stupid lifts don’t help. After the way he’s acted with this divorce he’s lost all credibility in my opinion.

  59. Amy says:

    I’d love to see more Olga Kurylenko around here. She’s the prettiest thing!

  60. Elj says:

    Xenu does indeed kill puppies. Oh, and Tom Cruise’s credibility.

  61. Catherine says:

    Xenu kills puppies? What??

  62. Anne de Vries says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny that half the world is assuming TC will be trying to get Suri into the cult no matter what, and they feel the need to _reinforce_ that? Talk about tone deaf with the media.