Casper Smart holds autograph sessions now, because he’s so important

Casper Smart

I just had to laugh at these photos from yesterday of Casper Smart signing autographs before Jennifer Lopez’s Toronto concert. These aren’t merely pictures of some random passerby stopping Casper as he’s on the way to some important meeting (like when he told off the “American Idol” execs) or something. This is an actual, preconceived autograph session. Like, there’s a table and markers and everything, and those are authentically eager and boobtastic blondes who are snapping photos of Casper. The guy has actual fans. I just … don’t get it.

Casper Smart

Sure, Casper is Jennifer Lopez’s future fourth (ex-)husband, her knight in douchey armor, and her ill-advised business adviser. He’s also her lead choreographer and a reality show darling in the making. In the end though, he’s merely a 25-year-old young stud who is servicing a 42-year-old sugar momma before she grows tired of him and tosses him out like yesterday’s Marc Anthony-shaped laundry. Sure, she’ll marry Casper first, but he’ll still end up getting dumped eventually. And when he does, will all those fans still be fawning over him? Not bloody likely.

Casper Smart

Casper Smart

Photos courtesy of WENN

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  1. brin says:

    He’s really concentrating, isn’t he?

  2. Reece says:

    I had to click this just to see if you were serious.

  3. Katija says:

    God, he’s sooooo… not hot. Seriously, there must be a million crazy-hot potential dancer boy toys in LA. J-Lo settled on… this? Looks like she went to the Britney Spears school of downgrading.

  4. Bad Irene says:

    Aww, he can write his own name in crayon now, they grow up so fast.

  5. paola says:

    Nice dimples. that’s all i’ve got.

  6. Jayna says:

    Wow, I try not to rag on JLO too much. But this is so beyond pathetic. There are no words. I am truly shock, stunned. This is bizarre beyond words.

    It took Madonna’s boytoy two and a half years to be put in her show, and he is just one of many dancers, and not the main one, anyway. She gave him a brief cameo in her video, not one of the main players.

    Who in their right mind has a dancer cough cough, excuse me, choreographer have an autograph table like a star? JLO is beyond nuts. That’s all I have to say. And I now believe she will marry him fairly soon.

    P.S., I find him gross. Sometimes he’s okay, but most of the time it’s like he’s so smarmy.

  7. Johnny says:

    Something about him has GAY written all over it…

    • j says:

      Yes. Dude has a serious case of gayface.

      • Bitca says:

        Whew! Thought it was just me. There were nasty interviews & rumors floating around, but you don’t even need em to wake the gaydar.

        If he’s making her happy, tho; fine. Lopez is a grown-up. Wish she’d gone for a piece that looks a bit less fey, but guess he’s what she wants after years w/a cheating jerk on a power-control trip. Maybe she can’t stand to be alone.

        Frankly, BTW, I do think he’s passably cute (dimples are adorable) but too light-weight to carry off that Bald look, & it enhances that generic gay-bar-boy vibe. Kid needs hair!

        But arranged signings of autographs???? Not sure even K ‘Papazao’ Fed went that far, but mom must have given him permission.

  8. oh dear says:

    noooo, please not another kim kartrashian!

  9. irishserra says:

    Weird. It just makes me feel really, really sorry for JLo. I never paid much attention to her, so I never realized how sadly pathetic she can be. Is she desperate to feel loved? Or is this just a project to her? Is she bored?

  10. Relli says:

    Gross! I clicked on that link yesterday and watched him in the interview, UGH. But as far as fans? I didn’t realize that many people had seen Honey 2 (I know i keep bringing this up but really was the first Honey SO GOOD it needed a sequel).

    THE ONLY thing good out of this whole thing is Lainey’s imaginative posts on their conversations and the disgust all of her posts about Casper drip in. I had to stop reading them at work because I can hardly contain my laughter.

  11. jazzmin says:

    Casper Smart is going to enjoy and milk the cash cow known as JLo for as long as he can. More power to him, he is getting what he wants and so is JLo. Win/Win situation for both. Who cares if she does marry him? Is her choice.

  12. JB says:

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.
    I mean, if she wants to hit it- then fine. No problem there whatsoever. But he’s NOT a celebrity! I’m so embarrassed for them. It’s such a transparent, tool maneuver. They both look like morons at this point.

  13. Chattycat says:

    In all seriousness, anybody who is old enough to remember (yes you JLo) or go Google it, but this dude seriously looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoon character from the 60′s! I remember it well and the jingle…

    “Casper, the friendly ghost,
    The friendliest ghost you know.
    Though grown-ups might
    Look at him with fright,
    The children all love him so.
    He always says hello (Hello),
    and he’s really glad to meetcha.
    Wherever he may go,
    He’s kind to every living creature.
    Grown-ups don’t understand
    Why children love him the most.
    But kids all know
    That he loves them so,
    Casper the friendly ghost.” la la la la

    See he is living up to his maker and namesake is all!

  14. Birdie says:

    What a douchebag. It is so freaking obvious that he is playing her for money and fame. JLo is officialy the dumbest woman on the planet!

  15. spayneuterlady says:

    Did JLo buy him a chin????

  16. the original bellaluna says:

    Wow, Jell-O. Just. WOW. Gurl, get it together, STAT.

    You want to play with a boy-toy, knock yourself out. Play with a few, if you’d like. There’s gotta be one out there cuter, smarter, and just as well hung. (Unless dumb and oafy is your thing, in which case Kris Humphries is available.)

    But don’t hand him the keys to the kingdom you (and your handlers) built.

  17. Lucy2 says:

    This is kind of hilarious, but also sad, if there’s any truth to him being part of her no longer being on Idol. I know she’s low on talent, but has she no self worth or brains either?

  18. blonde on the dock says:

    He looks like a baby chimp.

  19. AnnieN says:

    @CB – My brother is like JLo but poorer, when he tells me about some random he’s been doing, the new LOVE of his life, I always say “aww the future ex-Mrs.” He loves the green card marriages the best, he meets all potential future ex-Mrs. online and he’s not a bad looking guy and never hurting for a pice in the States. Once they get here, it’s another story. They are in-love with love.

  20. Kimlee says:

    The funny thing is those people aren’t fans of Casper but fans of JLO who are getting his autograph becuase he dating JLO and no other reason.

    What’s really sad is that she really trying to make the Casper thing happen. Lol this woman is beyond pathetic.

  21. Helvetica says:

    Dear J. Lo,

    Stop. Just stop.

    You are embarassing yourself.

    You need an intervention.

    This is so awul.


    The Women of the World

  22. Helvetica says:

    He looks like a mouse. A mouse face with huge eyeballs. Ick.

  23. hoya_chick says:

    Hahaha, she is really trying to make him happen isn’t she? So fetch. Lol. For shame. I think she is trying to get him ‘known’ so that she doesn’t seem so pathetic. I also laughed at his interview yesterday. I mean since when do back up dancers err I mean ‘chief choreographers’ get interviewed on national tv? And he’s pathetic for signing autographs but what about the people who lined up for an autograph?

  24. Rux says:

    He makes me want to take a shower….with bleach.

  25. A Fan says:

    Any twerp can be a ‘celebrity’ these days…because there’s always someone willing to buy into it.

  26. nancy xl says:

    he knows what he’s doing..he’s no fool. husband-alimony…

  27. Dredz says:

    At least Cris Judd is keeping quiet… Or she did pay him enough.

  28. RHONYC says:

    ok, ok…O-FUGGIN-KAY!

    note to Jlo:

    we put up with Skeletor, those obnoxious baby photos, the Kohl’s AND Idol fiascos.

    this is a career-ender.

    no one cares about the dude you’re schtupping…let alone his signature!
    i mean really?

    get ur man in check, puh-leeze or we’re out. :twisted:

  29. mar says:

    It is amazing to me that J-lo does not see what an opportunist this guy is.

    she probably said

  30. Newtsgal says:

    Baby Casper signing autographs makes as much since as me setting up a table in front of my house so I too can sign autographs for doing nothing.

  31. velourazure says:

    rofl @ “Marc Anthony-shaped laundry”

  32. Chilly says:

    Actually if you followed his career before JLO, you will know this is not his first autograph session…..people need to do homework.

    It may be the ride of his life, but both of them are enjoying it and that’s all that matters. It’s THEIR life.

    • dallasite40 says:

      What career? Why would we do homework on this ugly, bug-eyed, loser who is so obviously gay? Notice how all of those stories about him being gay a few weeks ago disappeared so quickly? He’s just disgusting.

      But I will trash-talk on JLo. As the old saying goes, “You lie down with dogs, you’re going to get fleas.”

  33. jesstar says:

    I wonder how much this ex husband will end up costing J Lo when its all said & done? Oh well, how true it is that a fool and their money are soon parted.

    As Michael K would say, Getmoneybitch!

  34. dizzy says:

    How sad, embarrassing, and delusional.

  35. wilkiecollins says:

    Post before reading other posts: You have got to be F’in kidding me. (eye roll). If you have already seen this post 50 times please disregard. lol

  36. Mac says:

    Go for it Casper!!!

    Strike while the iron is hot and establish your brand.

  37. hoganbcmj says:

    Man, J-Lo really loves her some ugly-faced men. This one is almost as unattractive as Marc Anthony. You’d think if she wanted a young boy toy, she’d at least choose someone with a nice face. This guy looks like a gecko … shudder.

  38. only1shmoo says:

    As a Canadian, I am so embarrassed that he has fans in Toronto…we’re not ALL that stupid, really (God, I hope someone reads this since my country’s reputation may depend on it)!

  39. Jennifer12 says:

    JLo is a moron for “love”. Lainey wrote a great piece on this stupidity.

  40. Stonegoddess says:

    What makes me laugh the hardest at her is that she is apparently pushing Enrique Iglasias to marry Anna Kornikova and offering advice to him on marriage.

    Seriously? Someone who has been married 3 times thinks that she can give advice on marriage? Divorce maybe but marriage, give me a break.

    Enrique and Anna have been together a long time & seem to be doing ok. She needs to mind her business.

  41. Gigohead says:

    I also had to click open to this story because I could not believe stuff like this happens? are the one bedding JLo, can I get your autograph?

  42. Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

    And yet he still doesn’t know what to do with his hair.

  43. jess says:

    So hes a “celebrity” now? I think him and Justin Beiber should have a play date.

  44. skuddles says:

    Not to be a totally crude bitch, but basically this guy is “famous” now because of where he stuck his d-ck???

  45. Brianna says:

    He’s the boyfriend/dancer of a 40 year old hasbeen. Who wants his autograph? NEXT!

  46. Lisa says:

    Oh shit. Way to embarrass me, Toronto.

  47. Tanya says:

    she’s touring with Enrique right now, right?… now would you not all hit that????…why isn’t she with that hunky man..not this little boy troll who doesn’t even have a good face?… could you imagine how hot her and Enrique ‘could’ be?.. I know, I know, just because they both look great doesn’t mean they would have chemistry..but damn….

  48. JudyK says:

    Laughable is the key word. And this deserves a comment…NAH, so I won’t.

    My opinion of JLO has diminished considerably. No longer a fan. At.All.

  49. JRenee says:

    Fans, really? He’s living the dream and will walk away a millionaire!

  50. skuddles says:

    Yikes, just look at that beaming little face – he’s SOOOO delighted to be the center of attention. JLO, your troubles have only just begun babe.

  51. TG says:

    Well when JHO dumps him 9 months or so after the wedding he will probably be worth a few million. Don’t they always get that at least? Madona, JHo and demi moore are beyond pathetic.

  52. Krock says:

    Girlfriend better have an air tight pre-nup if she marries this guy.

    I can sort of picture her not forcing him to sign one because shes so in love and its the perfect union blah blah.

  53. Sarah says:

    He reminds me of a less attractive version of Steve-O from Jackass. Except I think Steve-O is kind of hot…this guy…not so much.

  54. Maritza says:

    I doubt Jlo will marry Casper, she’ll probably fall in love with her next co-star, which hopefully be close to her age.

  55. kjjkkkjkj says:

    Props to him for banging an old and rich past her prime broad.