Fred Willard, 72 (!!), arrested for being pantsless & lewd in an adult theater

OK, it may be totally gross, but I felt a wave of sympathy for Fred Willard with this story. You may recognize Willard as one the dudes in all of those comedy films, or as “Ty Burrell’s dad on Modern Family” or as one of many talented comedic actors who consistently show up in Christopher Guest’s films. Here’s Fred Willard’s IMDB page – he’s a beloved character actor who shows up in tons of films and television shows. He’s also 72 YEARS OLD. So, with all of that in mind, don’t you think the dude should be able to jerk it in a p0rn0 theater without being hassled by the fuzz? (Note: TMZ originally identified Fred as “78″ years old, but he’s really 72.)

Fred Willard was arrested for lewd conduct last night in Hollywood when police allegedly caught him with his pants down in an adult movie theater … TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement sources, LAPD undercover vice officers went into the Tiki Theater in Hollywood and found the 72 [sic]-year-old “Anchorman” star watching last night’s feature … with his penis exposed and in his hand — aka, pulling a Pee-wee Herman.

We’re told Willard was arrested around 8:45PM and booked for lewd conduct.

It was a quick release — we’re told he was out of police custody a short while later.

Willard is best known for his memorable roles in “Best in Show”, “For Your Consideration”, “American Wedding” and “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

According to IMDB, Fred is “rumored” to be in pre-production for a movie entitled … “The Yank.”

[From TMZ]

“It was a quick release” – GROSS. Seriously, though – it’s not like this guy was exposing himself to children or something. He was in an adult-movie theater – I didn’t even know those things still exist. CB wondered why Fred doesn’t just watch p0rn at home, on the computer, like everyone else. I don’t have an answer… maybe he doesn’t know how to watch p0rn on the internet? Or maybe this is all some kind of misunderstanding and he really was doing research for a film? Whatever it was, I feel bad for the old guy. He should be able to yank it in peace. Oh, and I doubt this will be a PeeWee Herman situation, where Willard’s career will be damaged by this incident. For one thing, everyone loves Fred Willard and if Christopher Guest will still work him, so will everyone else. Plus… he’s 72 YEARS OLD.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. mln76 says:

    This makes me really sad I’ve loved his wacky characters from SCTV,Best and Show and FYC….maybe he’s going senile?

  2. XiuFetish says:

    * He wasn’t hurting anyone.
    * He’s an hilarious character actor.
    * He’s 72 freakin’ years old.

    Complete pass from me.

  3. atlantapug says:


    They still have adult theaters?

    Dude, that’s what the computer is for. Stay home next time.

    Love you long time, Fred!

    • DSS says:

      I was thinking the same thing, why bother going to an adult theater. Maybe the thought of getting caught in a public place is what the draw is.

    • WillyNilly says:

      WHY would you ever go to an ‘adult theater’ as a celebrity!?! Stay home. I mean, this actually baffles me, Peewee.

    • jojo says:

      Eh, maybe he likes the rush of doing it in public – thinking that he could get caught, even though no would likely see him. It could be a bit of a kink he has, not a strong kink but a kink nonetheless.

  4. constance says:

    Someone needs to get him a laptop and show him that pornography streams free on the Internet; no downloading no admission price no police arrests.

  5. sanna says:

    Why are men always arrested for masturbating in public? Like why can’t you do that crap in your own privacy? You rarely ever hear of women doing it, and it’s usually because they were pissed drunk.

    • Julie says:

      i dont know about the usa but in many countries exposing yourself is only an offence when you are male. its even in the law in those countries. for example in germany its only considered exhibitionism when its a man.

  6. really says:

    i wish i hadn’t read this or even heard about it. this man has made me laugh so much in the christopher guest movies, and now it will be tainted with perviness.

  7. Gia says:

    Don’t think any less of him because he has an actual sex drive and enjoys a wank or two. At 72, I think he deserves a kudos for still being able to get it up. Leave the man alone.

  8. Krock says:

    I feel bad for the guy. What do people think happens in a porno theater? I say let em all have at it while IN the theater.

    • Kim says:

      What guy doesnt masturbate while watching porn? Do guys at these places get aroused and then go home? Just asking

      • gg says:

        I’m pretty sure porn theatres are kinda supposed to be for that purpose. The burning question for me here, and also in PeeWee Herman’s case, is: Why are cops going in the theatres trying to bust people for doing what it’s meant for? I get that they don’t want anything dangerous going on including people shooting up drugs, so they have to run a cursory check from time to time, but if sex is the thing, why not leave them alone to do their thing? They’re not hurting anybody.

  9. Masque says:

    Publicity stunt to make him look cool to the 18-35 male demographic so his upcoming movie will get more attention.

    • Kim says:

      Yeah right get arrested and humiliated for a movie you are not even starring in GMAB

      • BW says:

        It worked for Pee Wee Herman when he was trying to change his image as a vampire in Buffy The Vampire Slayer (original movie).

        Actually, I find it funny that the movie is called “The Yank.”

      • Masque says:

        If you think he’s going to suffer humiliation then you haven’t read the large amount of support and high fives he’s getting on the Internet.

  10. Aubra says:

    I wanna know what movie he was watching…

  11. Julie says:

    we shouldnt just teach our grandparents how to use twitter but how to download p0rn for free.

    for me there is nothing wrong if you are masturbating in an adult movie theatre i mean for what other reason would you go there?
    well ok i dont know why people would do it when they can watch flicks at home because chances are you will run in someone who gets a little too close and i dont want to think about the seats you are sitting in…

    fun fact: vhs and then to a lesser degree dvds were so succesful mainly because of adult movies.

    • Lantana says:

      Your “fun fact” reminds me of a recent story on NBC. Apparently, bc of the popularity of tablets, “mommy porn” is all the rage. A book called 50 Shades of Grey has been #1 on Amazon for weeks and weeks. So I thought, wtf, I’ll see what all this is about (bc I’ve heard that book mentioned multiple places). The first part of the book I thought “what’s the big deal?”. Then the S&M part started kicking in. I don’t find it appealing or even interesting so I probably won’t finish the book. The whole point I’m making is that anonymity can be a cover (e.g., you can sit at LAX and read anything you want on your tablet, not true if you’re reading hard copy), so if you’re a celebrity, why go to a public theater?

  12. lucy2 says:

    OMG how embarrassing!
    He is such a funny guy, but now I will probably always think of this when seeing him in a show or movie.

  13. marie says:

    Maybe he’s too old to remember what happened to Pee Wee, doesn’t bother me though, at least he wasn’t walkin n’ wankin..

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      I know you are, but what am I? ☻

    • DreamyK says:

      PeeWee was a kid’s show celeb, BIG difference. Masturbation and kid shows do not mix.

      Let Fred wank if he wants. Cheeses. It’s a porn theater for crying out loud. Why in hell do the creepy police go there anyway? Don’t they have anything better to do? Ridiculous.

  14. Kaboom says:

    There goes any hope for him to get an endorsement deal for erectile dysfunction medication. Apparently he still can get it up all by himself.

  15. diana says:

    True story, my friend and I were watching a movie in a similar theatre :) (don’t judge us) So an old guy sits next to us and around midway starts yanking it away to glory. We were absolutely disgusted and changed our seats.
    Looking back it seems like such a ‘stand up’ comedy act, a ‘messy’ affair which cannot be forgotten, sticking in our memories and dicking with us for the rest of our existence

    My condolensces for those guys who discovered the actor in his process, and hopefully they ll get over their dejection and trauma

    • bobo says:

      A restarant I worked in Ft.Lauderdale had a nuthouse across the street and every once in a while some of them would come into the place. A crazy guy came in wearing grey sweat pants with the biggest boner I have ever seen and he started to chant some babble voo doo stuff at the customers and started wanking his junk in the process! Lucky me i got to be in charge of getting him out! I will never forget that!

  16. birdie says:

    Just one big EWW.

  17. Cathy says:

    Poor Fred, can’t even pull on his peepee in peace. Time to go to the local Community college and take some computer courses so he can yank his peepee to his hearts delight in the privacy of his own home.

  18. Sean says:

    I just assumed that was what one did at porno theaters. I am a bit surprised they still exist. He probably was getting a little something something while there.

  19. Jayna says:

    This makes me sad. I’ve always liked that he was able to pop up in movies and shows and have a career as he is older. Hopefully, this won’t hurt his career. I don’t think it will. It will be swept under the rug. It isn’t like it was child porn or anything which would destroy his career.

  20. judyjudy says:

    What kind of lame-o cops stakes out the adult theater looking for wankers? Aren’t there more pressing issues that need policing?

  21. Maria_Spain says:

    The man is 72 years old!! he has the right to do what he pleases as long as he doesnt harm others.

  22. Shankat says:

    Thanks, LAPD/Sheriff’s officer who decided to book the old guy, and not just let him off with a warning. I hope it was because he didn’t recognize him, and not because F.Will was doing something perv-tastic. And even then…ugh baboo. Let the old guy go home and tell his wife and let that punishment stand!

  23. Jackson says:

    Whew! Thank heavens the LAPD has cleaned up LA so much so that they have the time and manpower to be trolling adult theaters for a dude with his dick in his hand. How incredibly wasteful.
    I don’t think this will hurt his career at all. I kind of expect him to do a spoof of it at some point or at least poke fun at himself in some way about it. I still love the guy.

  24. Ming says:

    “He should be able to yank it in peace.”

    Me too and all of us.



  25. Ming says:

    “He should be able to yank it in peace.”

    Me too and all of us.



  26. bea says:

    I can’t believe they even bother to arrest someone for this (in an x-rated film). Does that mean they have cops checking for fappers in theatres?! If sl, it’s a total waste of tax money.

  27. oxa says:

    So what is the big deal, he was in an Adult Theater not Chick-Fil-A!

  28. Malificent says:

    I just don’t get the issue. Isn’t the whole point of adult theaters for people to get off (whether they are actually whacking off or not). This shouldn’t affect Fred’s career, just like it *shouldn’t* have affected PeeWee’s career.

    If they’re going at it on a playground — that’s a problem. This is NOT a danger to society — only maybe a nuisance to the people who are smart enough to masturbate more discreetly in the back of the theater.

  29. Kim says:

    I t almost ended PeeWee’s career because he had a kids show.Fred will be fine

  30. F5 says:

    Wow 0__o
    Wish him well, I like the guy.

  31. LakeMom says:

    As long as he doesn’t eat at a Chik-Fil-A, he’ll be ok career-wise.

  32. Lisa says:


  33. Janet says:

    Wow, I want to move to any city that’s so crime-free that the cops can spend all their time (not to mention the taxpayer’s money) trolling the adult theaters to catch jerk-offs in the act. Sheesh.

  34. Ron says:

    This is why Jesus made the internets porn.

  35. Lisa Marconi says:

    This just makes me love Fred Willard even more! HIGH FIVE! Keep yankin’ it old dude!

  36. anon says:

    Yup, there are still porn theaters, there is one in the next neighborhood over from me.

    Sooo, let me get this straight…Lindsay Lohan can willfully hit cars and not get charged with anything, but this porn (typo but it stays!!! LOL) man gets busted for this????


  37. Anonymei says:

    I had not idea there still were p0rno theaters. I most want to know what movie he was watching. I hope he is just not up on technology and not suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. Inappropriate sexual behavior is common.

  38. Katija says:

    This is disgusting and vile, and I cannot contain my moral outrage. What if I wanted to take my CHILDREN to that theater? Is nowhere safe from perversion in this sick world anymore?

    Next thing, you’ll tell me that someone violated the “no touching” rule in a strip club for an extra fifty, making it yet another place where Hollywood liberal PERVERTS have ruined the experience for the American family.

    We need to protest.

    ((And in case the sarcasm doesn’t come through…. why. the. HELL. do police do these busts? Are they afraid that it’s going to offend the delicate sensibilities of the OTHER men in the adult theater?))

  39. Joh says:

    Oh ladies,
    A few things you need to know about guys:
    We start doing this really young.
    We stop doing this when we die.
    We have no shame.

    I still love Fred

  40. Stacia says:

    On the one HAND it’s kinda gross i.e. think of a grandpa type dude doing this..eww

    On the other HAND he’s not perving on someone but himself. They should have let him go with a citation/warning and sent him home. I’ll give him a pass.

  41. jlo1982 says:

    72?! Go Fred!

  42. wobble says:

    I ain’t even mad at him. Leave him alone and let him pleasure himself…geez. He gets a pass from me.

  43. mewmow says:

    PBS just fired him! Boycott PBS! They don’t support people that jack off in Porn Theaters!! ;-) But seriously, I’ll boycott a company for that!

  44. Gigohead says:

    Hey! He was doing what Ernest Borgnine did to stay young and live til 91- Masturbate (google Fox news clip if you don’t get this)!!

    Shame on the cops for messing with him. Down right stupid!

  45. Shemp says:

    JEEZ, Fred, you sure pulled a bo…uh, never mind.

    Seriously tho, shouldn’t the police be working on investigating/preventing robberies, rapes, and murders?

  46. Adrien says:

    Hmm, Fred’s gonna escape this. He was in a porn theater. I’ve seen people do it in a regular theater. People sympathize with him.

  47. Anguishedcorn says:

    Men. God, they never stop, even when they’re 72.

  48. skuddles says:

    Well uhhhh…. congrats he can still get it up at his age? Poor old codger getting busted for whacking the Willard… kind of a sad way to be remembered.

  49. Rumorhasit says:

    “It was a quick release?” If it had been any faster, he never would have been in police custody.

  50. Mrs.Darcy says:

    Aw, poor Fred. Arresting an old dude (and seriously, looks amazing for 72!) for wanking in a porno house should be illegal. Sad pathetic cops. Of course all I can think about is the scene in Guffman when he talks about his penis reduction surgery! Free Fred!