Enquirer: Leo DiCaprio is bored with Erin Heatherton, pines away for Bar Refaeli

This is one of oddest pieces of pro-Bar Refaeli propaganda ever. The Enquirer did some pro-Bar pieces when Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar were doing their break-up-and-make-up cycle early last year, but it’s never been like this. Once Bar and Leo were finally done, both of them seemed to “move on” quickly – Leo to Blake Lively, and Bar to a series of bikini-clad photo-ops (to show Leo what he was missing, presumably). I always got the impression that Leo screwed around on Bar all the time and she just turned a blind eye because she liked the career boost of being “Leo’s girlfriend” and she hoped to become the next Gisele Bundchen. I also felt like Leo dumped Bar – I think he was screwing around with Blake on and off for a few months, and then he decided to make it official with Blake, so he dumped Bar. So… all of that colored my opinion on this story about Leo secretly pining away for Bar while he’s with poor Erin Heatherton.

Leonardo DiCaprio might look like a man in lust with Erin Heatherton, but insiders say he’s still hung up on his ex, supermodel Bar Refaeli.

“Leo is using Erin,” said a close pal of DiCaprio. “She’s nice and all, but she’ll never win his heart. He hasn’t gotten over Bar, and in many ways he never will. She’ll always be the one who got away.”

Leo and Erin cozied up in Hawaii recently, and while she’s reportedly madly in love with him, DiCaprio’s pals say she’s headed for heartache.

“Erin’s playing the perfect low-maintenance girlfriend, but Leo’s going to get bored with that fast,” predicted another source. “He loved Bar’s feistiness and her ability to stand up to him. She was the only girl who was able to drag him home to play dutiful boyfriend. He wanted to marry her and even considered converting to Judaism for her.”

Bar finally called it quits with Leo in May 2011, and “Leo didn’t quite realize it was for good because they’d split so many times… and when he heard she’d started seeing other men, he reacted by going on a womanizing rampage.”

“Unfortunately for Leo, Bar wouldn’t touch him again with a 10-foot pole… she’s moved on after making the mistake of thinking she could change him. But Leo will always have his ego and his roving eye. Don’t feel sorry for him, though. He brought it on himself. The one who deserves sympathy is Erin. She’s a really sweet and genuine girl, but she’s just another notch on his bedpost.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

“Bar wouldn’t touch him again with a 10-foot pole”? Again, is he begging her to come back? Although it grosses me out, I have to admit that Leo has his pick of whatever Victoria’s Secret model he wants. If he does break up with Erin (which will probably happen), he’ll just move on to yet another 22-year-old with no cellulite and a great rack. Easy.

Also: In a weird piece of gossip counter-programming, In Touch claims that Leo and Erin might be headed for some baby-making. Erin told In Touch (at a charity event) that “having children makes more sense than what I do now. My mom was a preschool teacher, so I’ve been around kids. I’ve always loved them.” Maybe that’s not so much “counter-programming” as “the reason why Leo is going to dump her.” Even though Leo is on the record as saying he wants a wife and babies, do you think he’ll actually marry this girl and knock her up? No. I do not.

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  1. Cherry says:

    The two of them look interchangeable to me. Maybe Bar’s a few years older? Is that what’s going on here, he dates them for a few years and then picks out a new one? A perpetuum mobile succession of Victoria’s Secret models who get to become Leo’s Next Girlfriend?

    • Wizza says:

      He and Adam Levine are shareholders with the VS agency. I understand they might be expanding to the European markets- La Senza and Ultimo

  2. ohhh says:

    The only thing I believe from this story is that Leo is bored with Erin. That screams from their photos. Erin is boring and even though I don`t give much credit to anything coming from National Enquirer I also think Leo will get bored with her very soon. Looking at their photos he already looks bored…

    • BB says:

      +1.. if he doesn’t want to be bored he must try different women…

      • Beta says:

        +1 id love to see Leo with somebody completely different to his type, like an asian, latin or african woman for example, not a model, maybe a bit older. someone different.
        if he’s tried the same type of women forever and it doesnt work why not change??

      • gigi says:

        @Beta: Actually, there are rumors that he’s had brief flings with women very different from his usual type. I think the tall, blonde model for a steady girlfriend has a lot to do with an image he’s trying to project.

      • A Girl Named Mikki says:

        @gigi: Yep! There are even photos of him with a few women of color on the internet and I also co-sign your statement about sticking to blondes to project an image…

      • ALLY says:

        Remember that photo of him out on a date with Demi Moore, before she snagged Ashton Kutcher?

        It reminds me of Tom Cruise’s young flesh shortlist.

  3. Eleonor says:

    Kudos to Blake, she is the only one, of these girls who has understood Leo, and moved towards something better.

  4. Krock says:

    She has really white teeth.
    That’s all the input I have unfortunately lol

  5. Lady_Luck says:

    I don’t think for one second he is pining after Bar, I think Bar was very similar to Erin: boring and putting up with his womanising/roaming eye for the sake of being with a high profile persona. Bar is vanilla and endured so much cheating. Erin is a plain jane (facially and personality-wise) and it’s easy to see how Leonardo would be bored. 1+ to the Blake comment: she deserves credit for that, and I think she was the brainiest of his vanillery blonde trail of conquests.

    • Wizza says:

      Spot on Girl! See my comments below

    • ohhh says:

      I agree but I think Bar is just a little more interesting and less boring than the new one. I also think Erin is trying very hard to please him and that won`t end well…

  6. cupidityrox! says:

    They’re both boring so they’re perfect for each other.

  7. serena says:

    He’ll become the next George Clooney.

    • MerryHappy says:

      Yeah. The only woman i see him pining for is his mother.
      Not in like an Oedipus-Rex type way, but in a ‘mommas boy who will never have any woman in his life too long’ way.

  8. beyonce's bump says:

    and I am bored with Leo…and Clooney…with all their predictable dating BS they constantly do. When one of them starts dating someone completely different from the routine mold or *gasps* proposes to one of these ladies, color me interested. Until then….meh

  9. I.want.shoes says:

    For Leo, none of these blond models will ever live up to Lukas Haas.

  10. Wizza says:

    Wow Kaiser. U must have ESP.

    You are spot on about the dynamics of Leo/Bar relationship.
    Everyone in NY knew (its prob the same with Erin)
    Peep for these 2008 blinds/comments what went down
    I can also tell you FOR A FACT. That while Leo was with Bar he also banged SI models Anna V and Julie Henderson it caused a helluva thing. There was joke that Brooklyn Decker, that year’s model was the only one not on Leo’s rota.

    Also Gossip Cop has already debunked it as BS (with funny comments too)

    Interestingly the Star also has a Leo/Erin moving in together story this week as well!! So much info yet contradictions – marriage/pining/breaking up/ moving in
    just after the false Blake/Ryan marriage stories this week hmmmmmmm

  11. Nessa says:

    As far as I am concerned, you can’t take anything from Leo’s personal life seriously. For as hard a he works to keep his professional life above and beyond, his personal life is a joke. He is a piece of $hit. Sorry, just calling it like I see it…

  12. Anna says:

    “He loved Bar’s feistiness and her ability to stand up to him. She was the only girl who was able to drag him home to play dutiful boyfriend. He wanted to marry her and even considered converting to Judaism for her.”

    Wow, when did Bar start ghost writing for the Enquirer?

  13. ohhh says:

    Is he ever going to marry this girl? NO. That`s obvious. She already started hinting her plans in the media and I think she is on the fast track to being dumped. She is boring, very low key, does everything the way he likes it… there is an obvious ending coming.

  14. Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

    Are you guys trying to imply that Leo is shallow and not the man of substance his choice in movie roles would suggest he is?

    • yeah says:

      Professionally he couldn`t be more different. Based on his work you would assume he seeks substance in his private life as well. He puts all his personality into his work. Sorry but in his private life you don`t see the trace of that! He wants to be taken very seriously as an actor but his private life is a joke.

      • Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

        I don’t think his private life is that bad. The main criticism seems to be that he has a lot of short term relationships with beautiful young women instead of settling down into a long term, monogamous, shared routine with someone. I don’t see a problem.

    • yeah says:

      He is a manchild who is dating interchangeable girl until they turn 25. Then onto the next one.

    • BB says:

      I agree, if I was rich I would do the same : young and sexy men, a different every night.;; menwho necesseraly find me pretty, funny, sexy (even if it’s the contrary :)) but I would never said in interviews that I want a family in order to satisfy my fans… it’s stupid live your life and don’t care about others think or said

      • ???? says:

        You have a point but if you are rich and you can have a young girl / guy by your side I assume you would enjoy it. Does he look like he is happy around them? I think when he was younger he really enjoyed his womanizing but by now it seems more like a routine. It`s fun for a while but for his whole life? Maybe it`s time for something or someone different like it was said earlier ( Beta reply to #2 )…

      • BB says:

        @???? : of course I would be happy :), but it’s strange that he looks so bored, he needs something/someone different it’s obvious but apparently not for him..
        I want to know what his entourage really want for him, they all seem to take advantage of his money, a serious relation could be fatal for their lifestyle….

      • ???? says:

        I agree with everything you said. If you have the chance to date beautiful young models why not? But even that gets boring after a while and I just don`t thing it satisfies him anymore. It`s more like a routine / image thing. I guess he feels safe in his comfort zone, he knows what he can expect from these young things ( fun, no commitment, his freedom ) and he doesn`t want to make an effort? I also wonder how come he doesn`t feel the need for something different? What you said about his entourage… Spot on!

    • Chris says:

      “He is a manchild who is dating interchangeable girl until they turn 25. Then onto the next one.”

      I’m still not seeing the problem here.

  15. normades says:

    Bar is still trying to milk the Leo train even after the break up. She has nothing else to offer.

    That “feistiness” line cracked me up. In interviews she comes off as shallow and dumb. And she was a total door mat. Leo cheated on her constantly. That’s been well documented.

    Leo is a cheater. He cheated on Bar and he’ll cheat on Erin.

    I think that’s how it went down with Blake. She probably made him wait and break up with Bar before giving it up…then she goes to Australia for her birthday and sees he’s been stepping out on her with randoms. She knows he won’t change so she bails straight to Ryan. Well, that’s my theory!

    • Turtle Dove says:

      Exactly. I think the same thing. I think it was good to give him a taste of his own medicine. It’s got to sting to have a TV girl dump you. Eventually the girls aren’t going to want him and then where will he be? Alone. It’ll happen- eventually.

  16. Turtle Dove says:

    Bar’s PR is working overtime. Why does she feel the need to continually attach herself to Leo? Oh right. She’s a nobody in the modelling world and Leo was her meal ticket.

    I find it laughable that SHE dumped Leo. It’s the other way around. The fact that he had her replaced so quickly suggests that Blake was waiting for that seat to be vacant. Has Bar been linked to anyone new? I think we have the reason why this non-story is a story.

    • 2000 says:

      Why is it necessarily her PR team? It’s National Enquirer so they just simply make up stories. Going to NE for PR? Some people really hate Bar based on claims like that.

    • normades says:

      +1 to Turtle Dove (hi!). No way Bar did the dumping. She was cligning on to him for dear life and he looked miserable. Probably kept her on because he could do whatever he wanted on the side.

      Bar has been attached to some rich dude types. Types that would get off on dating Leo’s sloppy seconds.

      • 2000 says:

        ‘She was clinging onto him for dear life and he looked miserable. Probably kept her on because he could do whatever he wanted on the side.’ I agroo but honestly does it seem any different with Erin? Not to me.

      • Turtle Dove says:

        It’s really pathetic on both sides really. If Leo is cheating then it’s sh*tty of him, but just as (or more) pathetic that the gal puts up with it.

        It’s like Lady_Luck says, run from it and don’t take it. I’m not a fan of Blake’s, but if he was trolling for some and she left (which I suspect) good on her for leaving his skinny butt.

  17. Lady_Luck says:

    If you look at Bar these days, she seems depressed, out of her depth and a little bit desperate. I saw her in that perfume ad and her eyes are sad, tired and there is no life in them. I imagine that is what happens when one knowingly puts up with years of cheating and eventually it all being for nothing. She is looking WAY older than 26 too. There’s a lesson in here for all of us: if a man cheats, RUN as far away from him as you can – the FIRST time. Instead of acting like a clingy doormat a.k.a Bar Rafaeli and Erin Heatherton. These women are pathetic.

  18. NYCGAL says:

    Wow! I don’t get all the Bar- hate. She seems like a nice girl who is never tabloid fodder. He cheated on HER. How does that make her this terrible person?

    • Turtle Dove says:

      Notice how now that Leo isn’t dating her, he’s rarely papped. When he was with Bar it was much more frequent, and she was there smiling for the cameras.

      • hm says:

        Like Erin is not smiling on their paparazzi photos not to mention how many and how good photos those paps could take in NYC or in Hawaii. I don`t doubt Bar called the paps but I don`t think it`s only her who does that around Leo. Remember the Leo+Lively overload as well?

      • NYCGAL says:

        Ok, I don’t see your point. There is around 3 photos I have ever seen of Leo and Bar together in the 6 or 7 years they were dating and I don’t see Bar smiling in any of them. Leo is a world famous celeb who always gets photographed with every girlfriend he has had since Titanic. I don’t think Bar was the one who calls the shots of when paparazzi come.

        I’m not saying Bar is amazing, as I don’t know her. I just don’t understand why she is so hated on this site?

  19. Sasha says:

    Anyone who saw the latest pictures of Leo with Erin in Hawaii could very well perceive how Leo looked bored next to her.

  20. milyene says:

    To answer the question, YES, he could want a wife and babies. But certainly not with Erin Bubley. That is for sure.

  21. Mrs Jones says:

    why so much hate for both of them? sad, boring, pathetic, clingy doormat, depressed..
    Bar started a business and has her line of underwear, did the perfume ad, so she’s not so ‘nobody’ in the fashion world.
    reading comments about Erin I have impression all of you know her really well, but is that a case?

  22. Relli says:

    I think the only woman he still “pines” for Gizzy B. As annoying and sanctimonious as i find her to be, they were truly happy and in love they had many, many great photo ops and candids. I think she was the one for him and he played it for too long because he thought she would wait around for him while he got strange. BUT she held her ground and met Tom her trophy husband. Leo has been trying to replace her with one leggy blonde after another ever since. He has never looked as happy with anyone as he did with Giz.

  23. A Girl Named Mikki says:

    So help me to understand!!

    Leo is newsworthy these days simply for the women he sleeps with?!

  24. Mira says:

    “He loved Bar’s feistiness and her ability to stand up to him.”

    Wonder how women put up with these big movie star types for more than a week. It’s all about them. They are the centre of their universe. Stand up for him, walk the red carpet with him, make babies for him etc. None of these big movie stars – male and female – should ever marry. It’s better Leo goes the Clooney way than marry and divorce. Even with Clooney, all his women accompany him wherever he goes like that’s their number one duty. Be with him 24/7 as his arm-piece. Well, Clooney at least looks like fun to be with, but Leo is a man-child and a momma’s boy. Glad Blake dumped his sorry ass. Give her an Oscar!

  25. mercy says:

    It’s the Enquirer. It has already been denied by a DiCaprio source. Someone said The Star has a story about Erin moving in with him, and Kaiser said another has an Erin wants to be a mum story. The Enquirer and Star are owned by the same company and they often have opposing slants. I think all of them are probably fiction, though of course there is always the possibility of flacks trying to manipulate the message, especially if they’ve been tipped off in advance about a negative story running in another publication.

    Based on his behaviour and a report on their last reunion in the normally DiCaprio friendly Us Weekly, I believe he and Bar had an open relationship. When they got back together for the last time, Us quoted a DiCaprio friend who said they were back together but it wasn’t exclusive.

    He was probably looking at Blake as another fling while he was with Bar, but she wasn’t down with it so he broke up with Bar. Maybe he thought he could groom Blake into another Bar, but she wasn’t down with that either so they called it off.

    Erin seems eager to move on from modelling so maybe she will be more amenable to an open relationship. He seems like a restless guy who gets bored easily, has very close relationships with his parents and buddies, and has a lot of models willing to entertain him so maybe that’s all he wants.

  26. iseepinkelefants says:

    That’s funny because there was only once or twice that I ever heard of Leo getting serious with Bar (they were the convert to judaism rumors). Every other story has been about how bored he was with her. And the numerous ones about her going all stage 5 clinger/stalker on him.

    Wasn’t there once a story about him being in a bar or club and he was on the phone having a screaming match with her? Stories started coming out (read from his boys) saying he was fed up with her clinging and jealousy. That pretty much summed up their relationship to me.

    And LOL at ‘the one that got away’. Funny for 5 years during his relationship with Bar, Giselle was “the one that got away”.

  27. sue says:

    Leo is content the way his private life is. If he doesn’t want the wife and babies then why treat him like a freak? Not every1 in this world are meant to have families some are content to be in a noncommitted relationship!! They have other goals in life. I also don’t believe “any1 go away” if he wanted them bad enought he would’ve gotten them back!C’mon does any1 doubt that it’s almost laughable if you do. If anything every1 of them ladies left becuz Leo didn’t give them what they wanted. Plus his comments even say so “I would be married by now if I had found my true love” does say a lot about his relationship with these women. I love him as an actor and a person and he is happy that way then let it be.