Stacy Keibler thinks George Clooney is going to propose to her any minute now

I think I should begin this post by sucking it up and admitting I was wrong. I truly did not see Stacy Keibler hanging around this long. I thought Stacy would have only had a few months left after her fug fashion parade during George Clooney’s promotional duties last year, and then I was surprised when she managed to make it through the awards season. After the Oscars, again, I thought for sure that Stacy would be done. But Stacy has made me BELIEVE! I believe in the power of love now. If “love” means “contracts”. No, no – there is no contract for this. I think George actually enjoys her company. I think Stacy must be pretty low-maintenance and bubbly, and she’s athletic enough for the kinds of kinky sex George loves (allegedly). Stacy is still around – and not only that, she and George seem pretty stable. Stable enough to make it another year? Perhaps. Stable enough that George wants to marry her? Oh, Stacy. Don’t get your hopes up, girl.

George Clooney has reputation for being Hollywood’s ultimate ladies’ man. But sources close to the 51-year-old playboy say that after a recent family vacation in Europe went off without a hitch, his mom wants him to get hitched to model girlfriend Stacy Keibler, 32. George also seems to be pretty into the idea of making her his wife.

Earlier this month, George and Stacy chilled with all four parents at George’s Lake Como compound, in Italy.

“That’s where George and Stacy first fell in love, so having their parents there was important to them,” an insider says. The Clooney and Keibler clan got along so well that the friend is calling the trip “the final step before George and Stacy get married. Now everyone believes a wedding is in the works!”

George’s parents “adore” Stacy. “She’s the first girlfriend George has had in decades that his parents will spend time with,” the friend dishes. George’s mother, Nina, “is definitely pushing him to marry Stacy – and have babies!”

If George popped the question, Stacy would “say yes, without a doubt,” another friend says. But Stacy, who’s nothing like his high-maintenance ex, Elisabetta Canalis, would never pressure him.

“Stacy isn’t just George Clooney’s professional girlfriend,” the insider says. “She has her own career.” [Note by Kaiser: I LOVE THAT WHOLE QUOTE.]

George has shied away from the topic of marriage in the past, but it seems he’s rethinking his stance. The source says, “He’s looking to settle down, and he wants to marry Stacy.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Do you really think Elisabetta “pressured” George into making some kind of commitment? Eh. I do remember that George spent time with Elisabetta’s family too – and just a few months later, he and Eli were over. Of course, Eli was giving interviews about wanting to be married too. In retrospect, I think Eli was probably much more vapid than we originally assumed. But “vapid” is what George likes. Maybe Stacy is playing a brilliant game – a bit vapid, very sweet, and a bit pushy (but not too much). All I know is that if Stacy ends up Mrs. George Clooney, I’m not sure Clooney’s fan-girls will think she’s “worthy” of him, and “The Clooney Fantasy” will be irreparably damaged. That’s George’s Catch-22 – everyone wants him to get married and have babies, but no one thinks his “girls” are good enough to be his wife and mother of his children.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Clooney is a dirty old man
    Edit: Clooney have a starter marriage under his belt

  2. paola says:

    She’s been saying this for ages now.. maybe in her head any minute means ‘bitches-i-can-wait-forever-i’m-in-no-rush’.
    I still think he’s gay.. but why people have to be so under pressure about getting married?? Sometimes you can be happy even with no marriage but with an equal commitment of resepct, loyalty and trust. Getting married doesn’t mean gaining all that by default..

    • Vesper says:

      An interesting blind “attributed” to George, Stacy, Cindy Crawford and her hubby titled, Celeb Couples Have An Arrangement.

      Single Guy and Married Couple have been friends for a long time. You will often catch pretty photos of them hanging out together every couple of months. No, this isn’t going where you think it’s going. They are not a threes*me. Nor is Single Guy romantically involved with Married Girl. However, they do have a very interesting arrangement.

      Single Guy is quite the package, so it’s not exactly hard for him to land an attractive woman. In fact, he always seems to have a new Single Girl on his arm. However, he is not the only one doing the selecting. Married Girl has a big say in Single Buy’s choice of mates. That’s because the bottom line is that the Single Girl is really for her. That’s right. The real couples here are: Single Guy + Married Guy and Single Girl + Married Girl.

      So, now you know that whenever Single Guy breaks up with his Single-Girl-of-the-Month, it’s really because Married Girl has decided that it’s time. Married Girl is the selector of Single Girl, ergo the decision maker in Single Girl’s termination.

      It doesn’t always go smoothly, though. Once the Single Girl is part of this lifestyle, the fame-by-association and the lifestyle can make it very difficult to leave. However, they always do go, thanks to a binding contract and a nice payoff.”

  3. Samanthalous says:

    That man will die without getting married.

  4. Wizza says:

    She’s lasted longer than expected so fair enough. But if it ain’t at least in People/US Weekly I tend to call BS.

  5. Cherry says:

    1. Clooney usually stays with his girls for 2-3 years. At first, everybody’s like ‘I give them 3 months.’ Then it’s ‘That’s STILL going on?’ Then ‘Wow, that lasted longer than I thought.’ And finally, ‘Oh, I saw that break-up coming ages ago.’ Clooney and Stacey are currently in phase 3.
    2. LMAO @“Stacy isn’t just George Clooney’s professional girlfriend,” the insider says. “She has her own career.”’ Seriously, I’m still laughing. WHAT CAREER? Seriously, what is it that she does?
    3. Her legs are insane. Look at that bottom pic. So toned and muscular and yet, long and slim like a gazelle’s. Barf.

    EDIT: I love that photo of the two of them on the motorbike. It looks like grandpa took his little girl for a ride. Come to think of it: ew.

  6. Mia 4S says:

    Oy Stacey. You were doing so well!

  7. marie says:

    She’s a pretty woman, great legs but I don’t believe it…

    I think the reason she’s lasted longer is because George has taken a lot of flack for the contracts comments. I think he’s hoping if they stick it out just a bit longer all that talk will stop.

  8. mandy says:

    it is a joke! lol every year he presents a new girlfriend! these parents need a good laugh! let us not forget that there too a year he was on vacation in Mexico with the parents of Eli! ridiculous! it will fall and it’s going to do very badly!aie !!

  9. Raven says:

    If he wants kids, he’ll have to get that vasectomy reversed. I don’t think he’ll marry for 20 years.

  10. Joanna says:

    thanks for the good laugh!

  11. DD says:

    Kiss of death. She’s history, you watch.

  12. QQ says:

    1- He Is NOT Marrying anything so Bwaaahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Good Try Tho, Stacy Keibler Publicist

    2- “Not Just His Professional Girlfriend” THIS just tells you clearly what we’ve come to expect from Clooney and his Low Classy picks

    3- Bwaaahahahhahahahahahhahaahaha

    4- That Floozie Redhead in the third pic will be his next Professional Girlfriend, Mark My Words!, how old is she anyway? 5?!?

  13. Blue says:

    Don’t most of George’s girls last about 2 years? She still has some time, but if she keeps leaking these stories she may be out the door sooner.

  14. Susan says:

    One way ticket from Lake Como to Never Land please.

  15. paola says:

    Not only that, he went to their home in Sardinia (Eli. Canalis lived in Milan) and stayed there for few days.

  16. Cody says:

    Actually ,I find them quite a boring couple they seem to lack any sexual chemistry. I think she will move on when she realizes she can’t get anything out of the relationship. As for the marriage thing, he isn’t getting married not this stage in his life and if they did it would last few years and then divorce.

  17. Dani says:

    I love George Clooney, but she’s too good for him. Like look at her! And also, if I’m not wrong, she was a professional wrestler of sorts and did a bunch of like tv/small acting roles, so she does have some form of a career (more than most of his exs). But she’s just so young and so…alive? I feel like being with George is just about publicity since I really doubt he can get it up without some help from a little pill.

  18. carlino altoviti says:

    Eh eh…SuperStacy is a strong fighter!

  19. Intercontinental says:

    Err… *sucks through teeth whilst makes O with lips*… oh dear…mmm…oookkkaaayyy…

  20. DanaG says:

    Once the wedding rumors start swirling then it’s pretty much over. As for Stacy and her career LOL that is the funniest thing ever. Stacy has made being George Clooney’s arm candy a job, something she get’s paid well for too. George most likely already has the next girl in the wings and Stacy can dance of into the sunset. Going by one of her interviews even she knows she won’t be around by next awards season. I think George needs someone shorter Stacy makes him look like a grandpa. I do hope she got to keep all those fab clothes she got to wear.

  21. Black Pearl says:

    Say what you will about Stacy but homegirl’s got game.. She knows Georgie is not gonna marry and from what I’v heard, she’s making the most of her time with him by using their relationship to further her career and she’s going to continue to enjoy those benefits long after George has dumped her…

  22. The Original Mia says:

    What makes the tabs think she wants to get married? There are women out there who aren’t desperate for a ring. Stacy could possibly be one of them. Whatever the case may be with them, they seem happy. They are enjoying themselves in Italy.

  23. IrishEyes says:

    IS it sad that my first thought was, “Bless her heart…”?

  24. MK yarwood says:

    Why bother? Just stay together forever and say nevermind to the certificate. Just have a big party every single year on your anniversary of whatever (kiss, date, booty call)

  25. RHONYC says:

    now collectively y’all, let’s say together:



  26. Lucy2 says:

    This happens every time, after a little while the marriage and babies talk starts, followed by the relationship ending. These women and the tabloids need to give it up, it is NOT happening!

  27. Madpoe says:

    He’ll propose that she hits the curb!

  28. vic says:

    Don’t know. People get older, change their minds. He can’t be a player forever and still get respect.

    • RHONYC says:

      yeah, tell that to Jack Nicholson. he’s a p-i-m-p! lol :-D

    • Cherry says:

      If that were true, he´d lost all ´respect´ ages ago! Girl, you´re dreamin´. Men like him can date girls that are old enough to be their granddaugthers and still be well-respected. He can be a player until his death bed. Even when his looks will be gone, he´ll still have his name, money, connections, a villa at Lake Como… the works.

      • GoGoGrammy says:

        I like George..and I’m hoping he settles down one day…but not to this giant gold-digger. They don’t even “fit” together…At least Eli and he had a spark between them…this one just smiles that pasted smile in every photo op…like she’s being paid to look happy! Most men his age..eventually settle down when they realize they’ve lost their ability to attract 20 yr olds…and NO amount of money will provide her contentment as he ages…and starts drooling in his oatmeal. Been there..done that. Trust me…money can’t buy happiness.

  29. Melissa says:

    He looks like such an old man in the photos on the moped. He has “denture mouth”.

  30. hoya_chick says:

    I wonder what they talk about? There were some photos of that tatum dude and his wife (what’s her name?) with Stacy and George in Italy. Who knew they were all friends. And it must be great to be on a 3 month vacation! Damn, that’s the life. Oh they won’t get married.

  31. Holden says:

    So did the last one and the one before that and the one before that honey. Also, once you say it, you’re done.

  32. Dredz says:

    Wow Clooney is aging really badly. Look at the neck… They’re like father and daughter

  33. Aqua says:

    “Nina is definitely pushing him to marry Stacy— and have babies.”His mother couldn’t care less if he get married and has babies,She has already said that she doesn’t involve herself in Georges love live and that she is very happy with the grandchildren she already has.

    • Cherry says:

      Duh! Imagine a mother pushing her 51-year-old son to get married and have babies! Come on, that would be beyond pathetic- not to mention irresponsible, since men who have children at that age risk a lot (Down´s syndrome etc.) I´m pretty sure she´s already given up hope long ago. You know, if she even cares about such things in general.

  34. Mooshi says:

    I can understand his interest in tall, muscular women with long legs.

    Not only are they pretty, but he has a bad back and would need a strong woman with long legs to…..well, you know.

  35. johnnybadboytapia says:

    this man is not a GOD he is a old man who likes younger women. nothing special to see

  36. LeeLoo says:

    I like Stacy. Always have. I think Stacy has got game and she’s playing that game well. I think George and Stacy genuinely care for one another. But I’m not sure she’ll be around next awards season. But she will fare better. Stacy isn’t stupid and is socking away all of that money she’s been making since seeing becoming George’s side piece. She knows they can break up at any time and she doesn’t want to wind up poor like the rest of Clooney’s exes in the poor house. However, if they were to get married great! But I doubt she’s expecting it and she will play it cool and milk this relationship for all that it’s worth. I do think George has been snipped so kids are out of the question but maybe he just wants some stable companionship and maybe he is ready to either engage in a long term relationship or just get married again. I doubt it but who knows?

    • A Girl Named Mikki says:

      …”but maybe he just wants some stable companionship and maybe he is ready to either engage in a long term relationship or just get married again.”

      That’s what I was thinking. I mean after all, the guy is 51! Even another major Hollywood heart throb in his 40′s mentioned that after a while that way of life begins to feel “cheap”…

  37. KellyinSeattle says:

    I wish they would get married and be done with it.

  38. RTR_Girl says:

    Sure, he’ll marry her. Right after my lazy-ass Labrador Retriever wins a Nobel prize for physics.

  39. tru tru says:

    UHHHH, he is not going to marry any woman.

    I think he gives them a bundle of money NOT to talk, after its over…she’ll be fine.

    its business, I’m sooo tired of all of his chicks thinking they are the one and going to the media…

    ewww, look at his neck in the first photo, GC is not marrying anyone.

  40. BoBo says:

    I am not quite sure what the fascination is with getting him married. They will make a great couple,he probably is a control freak and she will make a great sock puppet.

  41. LucyOriginal says:

    “Stacy isn’t just George Clooney’s professional girlfriend,” the insider says. “She has her own career.”

    uh? career? is walking down the red carpet, partying and traveling a career?
    Oh, right! The mixology gig, the cleanses, the “modeling” in Cannes last year, the video games gig and the “contract”. I wonder if her parents believe that she has a career…

    Do you think she can “Katie Holmes” George?

    ps: There is nothing to add to this story. George’s rep denied the minute it started. I think we should give George the privacy he “always” wanted. Let’s leave these two alone!

  42. Marie says:

    They are both grown mature adults and therefore can do as they please. They aren’t hurting anyone. I’ve always respected him for at least not being like so many of his peers and bringing innocent children into the picture for image and profit a well as the good work that he does for his charities. His life, his business.

  43. palermo says:

    He’s had a vasectomy, he’s said he will never marry again and he’s gay, gay and more gay.

  44. Haggie says:

    I would like to have her thighs married to my ears…

  45. erika says:

    somehow that last line bothered me “…good enough to be his wife and mother’

    I get it, we all want the person we love and think of as the best- but it comes across to me like george clooney is God and only the MOST beautiful/perfect woman on god’s planet is suitable for george.

    maybe stacey is contemplating “is george good enough for ME”

    i know….yeah right…

  46. guest says:

    All summer long we have seen staged photos of them coming out of Como. Stacy and George on a boat ride, on a motorcycle and out to dinner and of course, all with friends and family. I can’t wait to see the staged wedding photos and the front cover of People or US Magazine on how much they are in love and George finally finds love at last.

  47. Anguishedcorn says:

    Those pics really stand out as him starting to look like an old man. I can see his neck is starting to get that turkey neck that old men get, and his chest seems a bit sunken.

  48. eri says:

    clooney looks so bitter and already done. is it possible, that he since this accident in 2005, is´nt actually able to have an erection anymore? and from year to year, could´nt care less about the beard on his side? because the keibler-elf is very, very low-level, very cheap – but (as an all-american-girl) obedient, shallow and (maybe) desperate enough to play the game. eurotrash-eli was at least someone, who you could´ve imagine to having fun with. while the keibler-elf cultivates an attitude of a blatant brainless bimbo. (wrestling, really?!)

    • LucyOriginal says:

      When I was studying for my comps, I read an abstract about male sexual dysfunction (impotence) and one of the 3 major reasons for that is spinal cord injury (didn’t read the whole paper, I will try to find it to read it). But I don’t know what he had exactly.

      ps: A quick way to find scientific articles about the topic (other than pubmed and journals) is just to google spinal cord injury and male dysfunction.

  49. bear daddy says:

    this is why he needs a big hairy topman daddy bear to tap that azz on a regular basis. i volunteer.

  50. larry says:

    I gotta agree with those who have said maybe she isn’t in such a hurry to marry Georgey boy. Unless she is itching to have children and I think that is George’s sticking point why bother.

  51. Lorenzo says:

    She is not the first one in a row who thinks he will marry her, because she’s sooo special.
    I wonder what he might be telling them behind closed doors, if only words became actions, LOL.

  52. mcmiller says:

    he needs to gain some weight