Zooey Deschanel in Lhuillier at the Teen Choice Awards: busted & bangsy?

Y’all know I love The New Girl. I like that there’s a weird sitcom with a female lead – surrounded by funky boys – on network television. It shouldn’t be groundbreaking in today’s world, but it kind of is, probably because it’s a unexpected throwback to another era of television. And yes, I’m sort of comparing The New Girl to Mary Tyler Moore. Go ahead and yell. Anyway, the two actresses of The New Girl were at last night’s Teen Choice Awards, which makes sense because the awards were on Fox and The New Girl is one of Fox’s newest, biggest hits of the year. And I guess teenagers watch The New Girl? Sure.

So here’s Zooey Deschanel in a Monique Lhuillier cocktail dress, in a silhouette that we’ve seen on her a million times before. I’ve gotten to the point where I accept Zooey’s bangs as part of her shtick, and I will accept (and enjoy) her girly-ness and general hipster/manic-panic-dream-girl-ness on the show. But the trade-off is that I want Zooey to experiment with a more “adult” look. And I want her to stop posing like a 4-year-old who just wandered on to the red carpet.

As for Hannah Simone (who is getting a ton of press from the show because she’s so pretty and funny) – she wore this weird Mary Katrounzou dress that is to multicolored and frenetic, it’s blending into the multicolored “Teen Choice” backing. This girl has a great figure and a beautiful face – perhaps it’s time to invest in a better stylist? Oh, and there’s only room for Zooey’s bangs on the show. Why is The New Girl so bangsy?!?! Fun sidenote: Hannah is half-Indian like me, and this is exactly what my hair looked like when I was 10. Giant, thick bangs and really long, straight hair. It was fine when I was 10… but I dislike when I see my 10-year-old hair on an adult woman.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. CTgirl says:

    Did she do something to her face??? She is starting to look like those awful Rimmel London ads that airbrushed her into someone else. Very strange.

    • k says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Or, maybe she’s sick?

    • v says:

      Yeaah…something’s wrong with her face…fuller lips,botox maybe?Why?!

    • Rachel says:

      I can’t really tell what’s off. But something is definitely off. I can however state with certainty that she needs to lay off the heavy black eyeliner. It makes her eyes look very small and close set. Maybe just bad makeup and a little bloat?

    • Jill says:

      She looks a lot like Alexis Bleidel (sp?) in that pic. Her face is definitely different somehow.

      • bettyrose says:

        Honestly, I thought the caption was mistaken and it was Alexis Bledel. On closer inspection, it’s Zooey, but they could definitely stand in for one another.

    • eileen says:

      Right? I LOVE Zooey (bangs and all) but I literally said “WHOA” when I saw that pic. Her face looks worked over in a bad way…or her make-artist really hates her.

    • imqrious2 says:

      I think it’s her eyes. Seems like she’s leaving off those clown-like false lashes she usually wears.

  2. marie says:

    Either Zooey did something to her face or that’s just really bad make up.. And Hannah Simone looks lovely.

  3. paola says:

    what’s wrong with her face?! she looks so different and waxy!

  4. JessSaysNo says:

    So harsh! They both look beautiful and I love their outfits! It’s also just called ‘New Girl’…

  5. Lucy says:

    Whoa…I REALLY hope it’s just a bad makeup job because she’s way too young to be jacking with her face!!

    **edit** the more I look at it, I think it’s a nasty eyeliner job at least I hope that’s all it is.

    • Kelbees says:

      Agreed. The way she has them lined makes them look smaller, and something is really off with her mascara.

  6. brin says:

    Don’t care for either dress but Hannah is very pretty.

  7. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Ugh. I wish this chick would stop shopping at Mod Cloth and try something different.
    The rampant resurgence of bangs kind of makes me nervous. I hope this isn’t a trend that’s going to stay….

    • PortionsForFoxes says:

      Yeah- wouldn’t that just be the worst! Bangs are so unsexy! DEFinately should be nerve wracked. Watch out for my Betty Bangs in your nightmares..

  8. Samantha says:

    Her face is definitely off. I thought that was Emilie De Ravin at first. Nose job, maybe? Even a slight one can drastically change your looks.

    Hannah Simone’s dress could be really cute and interesting. The background is what’s killing it.

  9. Glimmer Bunny says:

    I love Hannah Simone’s dress, but the hair has got to go.

  10. RHONYC says:

    she’s giving her best ‘Alexis Bledel’ impression. lol :lol:

  11. someone says:

    love hannah simone! she used to be a part-time muchmusic vj a couple years ago, and i really liked her then too :D and she really rocks in new girl. also zooey deschanel does not look like herself? she’s usually much prettier??

  12. Kristin says:

    What the hell did Zooey Deschanel do to her face. I barely recognized her.

    • Rose says:

      She’s finally stopped wearing those bug-lashes. Now her eyes look like beady little beetles.

  13. Jess says:

    I don’t like the heavy liner around Zooey’s eyes. She has mammoth big eyes and they somehow look small. That could also be the result of botox in the forhead.

  14. gee says:

    They look bad and they should feel bad. They’re both so pretty.. what what’s with the horrible styling?

  15. Maritza says:

    They look beautiful. I think bangs are acceptable if you have a large forehead otherwise their is no reason for them.

  16. ramona says:

    I love Zooey’s dress, but the shoes don’t work.

    And I have bangs, so I’m sticking up for my fringey sisters! Some of us just don’t look right without ‘em.

  17. AnnieN says:

    Pic 2 you can see she did something to her lips, her upper lip looks unnaturally plump. Also, she usually wears false eyelashes and is wearing tons of eyeliner instead, which makes her eyes look tiny and disproportionate to her face.

    • claire says:

      Is that what it is? Geez, I wouldn’t have realized that was her without being told the name. She looks that different.

  18. rachel says:

    What in the Sharon Doherty Hell? I think she is definitely Jacked. I don’t know what the surgery is but the skin under her eyes, towards the middle, now has a tighter, higher, jacked Winslet-esque look. I remember Kates eyes going from big and borderline bulbous to smaller and more almond like as she got addicted to jacking, and now Zoey’s eyes look smaller too. Not a good move when a key part of your schtick is doll-like wide eyed eyes that really pop. Sad. I don’t blame her– I know the pressure on them all is great and some people jack their way to uber babe– so the temptation must be irresistible to many in that world. It just seems that one never knows what the result will be until the deed is done.

  19. Ramie says:

    looks like she got an eye reduction.

  20. Aubra says:

    she looks alot like Alexis Bledel (sp) in that first picture…

  21. sup says:

    both women look off in some way but i can’t put my finger on it

  22. MissDK says:

    I do love Zooey, I really do, but I don’t get this I-have-to-look-and-act-like-a-little-girl trend. It’s absolutely ridiculous and so out of place. (see Madonna) why can’t those ladies just be… ladies and act their age?

  23. Lindy says:

    Yes to what everyone else is saying–something looks off about her face. I truly hope it’s just bad makeup (the eyeliner is ick for sure).

  24. mytbean says:

    woah… Zooey! What th… ?

    You know, after comparing other photos, I agree that she’s had lip fillers but I think she’s had something done to her chin too. Her jaw-line is more refined… and her nose does kind of seem smaller but maybe that’s just because it’s so close to her massive lips? Her eyes look the same to me – just the lighting and eye make-up is different. But her chin? Maybe? gosh she looks SO different!


    Oh – and I found a picture of her online without bangs and that woman needs bangs. I’m a five-head, so I feel confident in saying don’t talk her into getting rid of them or people will offer her money to post billboards on it.


    • MerryHappy says:

      Its the squinting, eyeliner, and mascara or lack of false lashes and eyebrows. They’re usually covered by her bangs.

  25. Isabel says:

    Eye makeup is different (thick line under the eyes make them look smaller, and she doesn’t wear those freaky doll-lashes) and she was fuller lips.

  26. Isabel says:

    What she really looks like (no makeup):

    I was shocked when I saw this, didn’t recognize her:O

  27. divax says:

    chin implant, lip filler and really bad eye makeup

  28. Lulu says:

    You all notice she doesn’t have any pupils, right? I’ve been watching her for awhile, and I have to say I think she has a serious opiate problem.

    • Sub2theUtex says:

      I just saw her in a commercial and her pupils were so constricted… looked like she did some serious dope before the shampoo commerical :o

  29. erica says:

    Unfortunately Hannah has an extremely tiny forehead, so she really needs those bangs. She also looks a solid 15 years older without her bangs, so in Hannah’s case it’s really her best option. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Zooey has a huge forehead so she also needs the bangs, but for the opposite reason. And also it’s been said several times before and is still true: the show is called “New Girl,” not “The New Girl.” Just sayin’! :)

  30. TXCinderella says:

    I looked at some older pictures of Zooey, and it is definitely her lips. They are more plump than they used to be. It also looks like she may have had some botox. She doesn’t seem to be able to make expressions very easily.

    • Cazzee says:

      This! It is the expressionless aspect of her that makes her look so weird. In some of the photos it almost seems like she is fighting with her own face.

      Very sad that she felt the need to botox/filler up her face.

      It is also a bad career move – a big part of ZD’s appeal is her quickness and expressiveness…I’m with the other commenters here: I hardly recognized her.

  31. pau says:

    Terrible hair on both of them AND Those dresses are so boring.

  32. d b says:

    WTH-Zooey’s face is totally jacked – her eyes look smaller and her nose seems different, maybe thinner. Awful. She’s ruining her Zooey-ness

  33. New girl says:

    It’s ‘New Girl’ not ‘The New Girl’, just saying…

  34. normades says:

    Whatever she did to her face, it looks painful :-(

  35. NeoCleo says:

    Zooey is either oblivious to the aging process or she has been trapped by her agents and the industry into becoming an emblem rather than an actual actress. To have one’s identity be associated in large part to a hair style, especially a recycled 1960s look (Jean Shrimpton was there first) and then to have one’s acting style boxed into a little corner entitled “manic pixie dream girl” essentially translates to: an attractive girl with marketing appeal NOW with limited future opportunity. Quit humping that one-note song Zooey–you’re over the 30 hump and it will just get harder to pull off the cutesy school girl schtick until one day you turn a corner and plow straight into the wall of desperation. Start expanding your roles or else you’d better be making some very smart investment choices while you are at your earnings peak.

  36. Hannah says:

    Lip injections. Fo’ real.

  37. Katie says:

    Her nose is the same, her eyes are the same, the lips might have had something done to them.

    People, the reason her eyes look smaller? She’s not wearing any fake lashes.