Kirstie Alley sued for her “Organic Liason” Cos-front weight loss scheme

In 2010, Kirstie Alley came out with an expensive “diet” scheme and subscription-based online weight loss community, Organic Liason. Cos-watchers pointed out that Kirstie’s diet supplements and “certified organic” juices bore a striking resemblance to vitamins and supplements used as part of cleansing rituals in the Scientology cult, of which she is a defensive member. Kirstie’s response to this criticism was to call anyone who noted the similarities a “bigot,” the go-to defense of Cos members who feel threatened by questions about their “religion.”

More than that, Kirstie’s diet was of questionable effectiveness given her own inability to keep the weight off. Organic Liason, and Kirstie, are now being sued for fraud by a woman who claims that the diet is a scam and that Kirstie is not being honest about how she lost the weight. (This news came out earlier, but it’s the summer. Sometimes we’ve got to cover stuff we initially passed on.)

Kirstie Alley might have lost 100 pounds, but at the moment she has a bit less to be cheering about. The 61-year-old actress is being sued for reportedly lying about how she shed the weight.

Alley credits her weight loss to Organic Liaison, a weight loss program she helped develop, founded on the basis of “liaising” dieters from their daily eating habits to a healthier organic diet. The plan includes organic weight loss products, natural dietary supplements, and access to online diet and exercise tools.

Kirstie Alley might have lost 100 pounds, but at the moment she has a bit less to be cheering about. The 61-year-old actress is being sued for reportedly lying about how she shed the weight.

Alley has been touting the product everywhere, from her official website to her personal blog to the television home shopping network QVC.

“I can assure you that if you follow this program, you’ll get healthier, lose weight, and not be ‘annoyingly’ hungry,” Alley claims in her QVC promotion.

But at least one California native isn’t buying it.

TMZ first reported that plaintiff Marina Abramyan has filed a class action lawsuit against Alley, Organic Liaison LLC and Organic Liaison Management, alleging that Alley did not lose 100 pounds by using Organic Liaison but rather by dancing the weight off during “Dancing With The Stars” Season 12 — which started in March, same month she decided to create the Organic Liaison program — and by following a strict low-calorie diet.

Abramyan tried the weight loss plan and claims the products “are nothing more than run-of-the-mill fiber and calcium supplements,” according to Courthouse News Service, which reported on the lawsuit text. Abramyan did not lose any weight while using the products.

The plaintiff also alleges that Organic Liaison used false advertising, including allegedly deceptive photos of Alley, to promote the weight loss plan.

“In peddling the Organic Liaison Program, Ms. Alley attributes her weight loss to the program, but in reality, Ms. Alley’s weight loss is due to nothing more than the tried and true concept of diet and exercise,” the complaint states, according to Courthouse News Service. “It is commonly known, and indeed a scientific fact, that if you are increasing exercise while decreasing caloric intake, you will lose weight. There is no magic pill or supplement that causes weight loss.”

Weight loss has been an uphill battle for the actress, who weighed 230 pounds in 2009. But in March 2011 she claimed to have found the solution in Organic Liaison. In September 2011, Alley announced that she had lost 100 pounds with the product.

“When I hit that mark, I went, ‘That’s it!’ ” Alley, who is now reportedly a size 6, told People magazine last September. “I have more energy than I’ve ever had in my whole life.”

“I feel back to normal. I have my game again,” she added.

While Alley has not publicly responded to the lawsuit, she did post the following comment Monday on Twitter:
“Lol…noise noise.. lots of noise….One sure sign of success is noise…even Heroes have lice…;)”

Abramyan is seeking unspecified damages.

[From Huffington Post]

I googled “even heroes have lice” thinking that it was a weird Scientology phrase, and of course it is. I found a Scientology site (I’m not going to link it) which claimed that L. Ron Hubbard wrote in 1958, “There’s nothing personal in having squirrels*. Even heroes can have lice.”

So in her mind Kirstie is a “hero” for developing this useless juice and vitamin diet she basically copied from Scientology’s “Purification Rundown.” Because Kristie is the only one who can help people lose weight, since she’s done it so effectively long term. In her mind, Kristie also lost 100 pounds to get down to a 22 inch waist and a size 4. It’s about time she got back to reality, not that a lawsuit is going to do it for her.

*’Squirrel’ is a Scientology term for people who practice their “religion” outside their mafia-like organization. See this post for more information.

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  1. says:

    This woman is completely delusional, from her size 4 a$$, to her magic diet pill and her heroic status.

    Hope she loses in court.

  2. Hautie says:

    Is it part of the Cult for all of their members, be delusional as hell?

    I am surprise that Kirstie just didn’t get a lap-band to lose the weight. And then swear she did it with her vitamins.

    Yet, I don’t know who is crazier. Her or Jenna Elfman. But they both can truly bring the crazy on… in a moments notice.

    So I fully expect to see some “Squirrel Busters” out in front of this persons home… who filed this lawsuit…

    • Deb says:

      Let’s face it, CO$ is perfect for delusional celeb-types, because for a few hundred thousand bucks, they get a bunch of CO$ drones treating them like royalty and telling them how awesome they are all the time.

  3. brin says:

    I don’t know who is more delusional…Kirstie or the woman who bought her weight loss crap.

  4. Jacq says:

    Size 6? Someone’s swapping tags…

  5. Masque says:

    Can’t stand this delusional idiot but I love her aqua nail polish and shoes. Maybe she should give up the diet biz and go into the fashion biz. Crazy though she is, I really like her styling (for the most part) over the past year.

  6. Holl says:

    I used to love the movie “it takes two” and now i cant watch it without thinking how creepy Kirstie Alley is now with her culty ways.

  7. Tanya says:

    a strong jawline as a woman ages makes or breaks the face. Here is an example of minimal jawline and chin. Now, in her favour?.. that hair has always been so incredible..I would kill for hair like that…just not the jawline . 😉

  8. DEB says:

    Yay, more negative publicity for the cult, yay. Did I say yay? 😀

  9. wilkiecollins says:

    The Cult of Cos really needs to get themselves some new famous faces these ones are all freaks. Oh right people are on to them now and you have to either be desperate or crazy to be a part of that organization. The more we see of this cult the worse they look. Shout out to the village voice just to rile up the scibots lol

  10. Paula says:

    He is so ugly. Probablly had lap-band. So fake. She use to be a he!

  11. jwoolman says:

    Is this odd use of liaising and liaison also a Hubbard thing? I would expect to see “transitioning” and “transition” in this context, unless the idea is to link your old crappy diet and your new allegedly less crappy diet so they can co-exist and work happily together…

  12. jferber says:

    She sure is crazy. Can’t believe Jenny Craig org. willingly worked with her. I sympathize with anyone with ongoing weight issues (me, too), but Kirstie destroys that with all her inherent dishonesty. Sure do wonder how her two kids are really doing.

  13. Francesca says:

    It’s so easy to make fun of her, that’s why we do….

  14. celineisme says:

    If Kirstie is a size 6 then I must be a size zero and I know for certain I am not. Have you seen her on this season of DWTS? I don’t think she has lost over 25 pounds total. She is delusional.