Angelina Jolie’s interview requirements: don’t bring up Jennifer Aniston

Many celebrities have stipulations of taboo topics they won’t talk about in interviews. It’s understandable that there would be things that they would prefer not to get rehashed in the press, especially considering the ridiculous stories that get spread about them. Angelina Jolie has been doing the press circuit in the UK for Changeling, and among her interview requirements is the stipulation that journalists not bring up her partner’s ex wife, Jennifer Aniston. It’s usually media courtesy not to reveal the things interview subjects prefer not to talk about, but Grazia Magazine was all too happy to drop this tidbit. Grazia is a bit skeptical of Angelina, and the tone comes through clearly in their write up of this exclusive interview. Maybe they realized that she only gave them quotes she already told Hello, which were published by the competition over two weeks before they spoke to the actress.

Grazia translates some of Angelina’s words to Brit-speak, as is common with UK publications, but they definitely bill this as a one-on-one interview and say they met her at a “suite at Claridge’s.”

Grazia says they have been told not to ask about Jennifer Aniston
[Angelina Jolie] has recently spoken of wanting to retire from acting altogether, a job she has referred to as ‘therapy’ in the past. ‘I’m balanced, I’m alright now,’ she smiles, when the subject of her ‘retirement’ comes up. ‘I needed acting to help me express things, but now I’m learning a lot from being a mum. I need film less.’ She certainly seems ‘alright’ during our interview. Perhaps that’s because she knows we have been specifically asked not to ask any Jen-based questions. Hmmm. While the thorny subject goes untouched, Angelina relaxes into being interviewed and her barriers appear to come down. When asked who she draws on for the character of Christine Collins, Angelina immediately cerdits her mother, Marcheline, who passed away last year. Almost as soon as she mentions her name, telling an anecdote about how sweet and gentle her mother was, Angelina wells up. She pauses, trying to gather herself together, but it is clearly an emotional subject for her, and the tears are quick to flow. It is strange to see a public figure suddenly so vulnerable, and yet at the same time, almost a releief to know that Angelina Jolie is human. ‘I live at home with six kids, and I’m a mum,’ she tells me, when later I ask her about living her life so publicly. ‘That’s what I live with every day. But my job is to be here. It’s a strange thing. When I was pregnant at Cannes this year, everyone there was asking what the babies were going to be called. But I was like every mum, just sitting there hoping that they would be healthy and, being twins, that they wouldn’t be born prematurely. It’s odd.’

[From Grazia, print edition, December 1, 2008, subheaders added]

As a person who can’t help but get teary eyed at certain subjects, I completely understand how Angelina would cry every time she talks about her mom. Ceilidh covered this earlier today, and I agree with her that it’s too cynical to criticize Jolie for crying over her mother every time she brings her up. She’s mentioned her mother and has cried in several interviews. That doesn’t mean she’s any less sincere. She definitely has her talking points, though, and while Grazia has some sort-of unique quotes from Jolie they’re not all that different from what she’s said in other interviews.

Tells a cute story about getting all the kids up to watch TV
‘We’re having a lot of fun with the kids,’ she smiles. ‘I am very, very lucky. I have healthy children and a great partner and we are having such a wonderful time raising our kids together. There is a lot of love in our home. The other day, we all had terrible jet lag and we put the kids to bed, but then one woke up, and then another, so we got them all up, turned on the TV, made snacks and we were all up ’til 4am, laughing our heads off.

The boys play with the twins and the girls dress them up
‘I don’t know how we’ve managed to do it, but there’s the right balance. They’ve all got each other an [sic], because of that, they’re not really jealous. The girls dress the babies up and the boys want to play with them. They’re lovely.’

Maddox is learning karate
‘They’re like every kid; they think their parents are OK, not too cool. Mad saw me do a carwheel the other day and went, “Mum!” I was like, “I’m pretty capable man, I can do some things!” He’s learning how to do karate, and he’s trying to teach Me how to punch,’ she laughs.

On feeding the twins
‘Every child is unique, and to have two at the same time has been hard, but it is twice as much fun, especially as we’re both there. We’ll hold one each, doing bottles at the same time.’

On being known as ‘Brangelina’
Does it ever feel like her life as ‘Brangelina’ gets in the way of being taken seriously? ‘I suppose I have felt like that,’ she admits. ‘But you can’t focus on it. I have to believe that if I do my work and get into character enough, then people will watch the story. And I don’t really have a thought either way on being known as “Brangelina”.’

[From Grazia, print edition, December 1, 2008, subheaders added]

Angelina is really promoting her film overseas, and there are only so many things she can talk about, so she’s bound to repeat stories and talk about the same subjects. I’m kind of surprised that Grazia would reveal her pre-interview requirements as it seems a little rude and could jeopardize their ability to get celebrity interviews in the future. It make sense that Jolie wouldn’t want to talk about Aniston because that subject is brought up enough without either of them mentioning it – which one of them recently did.

Thanks to my husband for bringing Grazia back from his business trip.

Angelina Jolie is shown out in London with Brad Pitt on 11/17/08 and at the Kung Fu Panda Premiere on 11/9/08. Credit: Bauergriffin and PRPhotos

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  1. Cheyenne says:

    A-effing-men! Now if only Aniston makes the same requirement for her interviews, i.e. nobody brings up Angelina or Jolie or Brad Pitt, we can finally lay this damn triangle to rest once and for all. Shit gets OLD, yanno?

  2. Mairead says:

    Hardly a shock that.

    They REEEEALLY don’t like her though do they? 😆

    Maybe someone else can clear this up for me, but hasn’t JA appeared in Grazia a good few times, like, even as their very first cover?

    But hey, there’s another cute story about the kids, so I’m happy enough. (as someone who isn’t mad about kids – they’re alright, but I couldn’t eat a whole one – I just love these guy’s antics!)

  3. Annie says:

    Not at all sure Grazia is quite truthful, as all other interviews she did in the UK in support of Changeling have said Angelina has no publicist and imposed no restrictions on the questions to be asked. Grazia is a tabloid. No reputable reliable media would want to ask her about JA as she has no connection to JA. Only tabloids want to keep the totally irrevalent media created false triangle tale of woe alive. The quotes in Grazia have all appeared in other media, so my take on this is that Grazia just copied interview quotes from other media. Grazia has done this before.

  4. Celebitchy says:

    Annie they say several times it’s an exclusive interview, that they met her at a suite, and they refer to what she was wearing, how she behaved, etc. It’s possible the whole thing is fabricated, of course, but they have enough detail to back it up. I’ve read plenty of those articles where they weasel around lifting quotes and it’s pretty obvious. In this case if they’re doing it they outright lied in several cases, and made up supporting details, which I doubt.

  5. HallieB says:

    Hum, I don’t believe the “Grazia no questions re JA”. I think it is just Grazia lately jumping on the bandwagon of “Angelina controls the press/media” which was put forth by disgruntled media who don’t like people who take charge of their own lives. Neither Angelina nor Brad have publicists and are probably happier people as they decide for themselves what they want to discuss and save the 15-20% fees paid by others to their publicists.

  6. Baholicious says:

    To her request about not being asked about Aniston I say ‘who cares’? Celebrities often kibosh questions that would be personally uncomfortable for them. She’s well within her right to set terms of the interview since that stuff is going to be published and once it’s out there in the ether, it can’t be taken back. She’s being smart. For the magazine to leak that is disrespectful and bad journalism ( I use that term loosely here). To do so after the interview had been given is just greasy but of course I’m sure they knew she would’ve canceled if the JA term was leaked before.

  7. Annie says:

    Well CB, Angelina did many interviews the one day she and Brad and the twins were in London for the Changling event, and in all the videos I’ve seen (BBC and others), she met all in the same suite, was dressed in the same (gray sweater and pants, black high heeled boots) outfit for all, and said much the same in all the media events. It would be very easy for Grazia to note the details of an interview just as I just did. Now I don’t know if she gave an exclusive one on one interview to Grazia, but it would be very easy to say one happened when in fact it did not. I am a skeptic as to much of what is supposely said unless I see the video or hear or see it in person, too many lies are told these days. JMO

  8. Shar says:

    I agree with that interview requirements, and I think Jen Aniston should’ve done the same thing to Vogue when they tried to ask her about her “100 year old” past.

  9. Kristen says:

    IF this is true and that’s a big if. I agree with Baho.

    It is not uncommon for celebrities to ask that certain questions not be asked. Many of Heath Ledger’s friends have given that statement before interviews. As well as Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal, just to name a few.

    Can’t the media find anything else to dredge up about Angelina. Now they are criticizing her for things that almost every celebrity has done at one point or anothe in their career.

    Sounds the tabloids (sorry I cannot use the term journalists) are just scrambling for more negative things to write about her while the ‘feud’ is heated up again!

  10. pattyanne says:

    I firmly believe that if Angelina Jolie would quit bringing up things that occured between her and Brad while he was a year away from a separation with his then wife, it would make most of the insanity surrounding the trio go away. Sounds as if Angelina Jolie is a Passive/Agressive personality…she jabs at the ex-wife, but claims to be mearly stating an emotion she has had in the past. I wish those six or soon to be seven children good luck in growing up in that disfunctional family atmosphere. Clearly Mz Jolie is still not “well”

  11. HallieB says:

    Baholicious, I so agree with you. Terrible journalist behavior, and just contributes to the lack of respect of socalled journalists these days. If this restriction was imposed, then why mention it? It adds nothing to the interview, but just appeals to certain people who may then buy an issue of the mag. Sensationalism not journalism rules these days. And since when can a person say what they will or will not discuss if this indeed was said by Angelina? After all the interview was to be about her movie and life, no one else’s.

  12. RAN says:

    Yep, if she did this… good for her.

  13. ff says:

    This the same Grazia that’s always all over Sienna Miller; the same Grazia the got sued by Kate Winslet; and the same Grazia that spins the same stories about the same couples over and over again – a large part of that Brangelina led.

    They’re trying to stir up s***, as usual.

    They’re full of crap, as usual.

    And I’m glad someone didn’t want to drag that dead horse back into the limelight.

  14. HallieB says:

    pattyanne, I am puzzled, what has Angelina brought up recently that she has not said before? And the whole uncool statement referred to something said by Angelina in Vogue in December 2006, not anything recent. It does not seem that you have read the JA Vogue article. Angelina has made no jabs at JA as far as I can see. She describes her life with Brad, the father of her 6 kids, and she has the right to do so. If people would stop obsessing over other people’s lives then the world would be a far happier and more peaceful place.

  15. RAN says:

    CB reported that AJ made the ‘falling in love’ comments during her promo tour for the Changeling… it may have come up in 2006, but it also came up in 2008. JA had very good reason to mention ‘uncool’ recently, because AJ mentioned the details recently. However, I have no interest in sparring over JA or AJ tonight. Just thought I’d clear up a potentially incorrect perception.

  16. HallieB says:

    RAN, Jen’s “uncool” remark referred to the Vogue 2006 article in which Angelina said she looked forward to going to work everyday with Brad while making MAMS. The “looked forward to kids seeing MAMS as it is not everyday kids get to see the film where their parents fell in love” was made while promoting Changeling. Angelina was just saying the truth, they worked together and they fell in love while doing so, Jen said the same thing in VF in 2005 that Brad was honest and told her and CCox that he had feelings for Angelina. Falling in love, having feelings for each other does not equate to acting on those feelings while working together. But what is extremely sad to me is that here it is almost 2009, 6 kids later for Angelina and Brad, 3-4 significant relationships later for Jen, and here we are still talking about other people’s decisions as to their own lives. It is so long past time for all to move on.

  17. Cheyenne says:

    I firmly believe that if Ms It’s-All-About-Me Aniston had refrained from coat-tailing the Jolie-Pitts’ every move, and hadn’t made snarky comments about “missing sensitivity chips” and acting “uncool”, not to mention getting her friends to badmouth her ex for her, the insanity surrounding the trio would never have started, let alone persisted four years after the event. Talk about passive-aggressive…

  18. RAN says:


    **Edit… my “yup” was for HallieB and her last comment – not for the comment above, which I completely disagree with.

  19. Granger says:

    I say “Yup” to both HallieB and Cheyenne. And if AJ tells reporters she doesn’t want questions about JA, then she’s just being smart. It’s high time JA took the same stance.

  20. Susan says:

    Angie was actually the first one to bring up Jennifer in her vogue article. That was very poor of her. I am sure that Angie does not want to talk about Jennifer now. Jen has shown that she won’t lie down and take it anymore. I think that most people agree with Jen that talking about falling in love with someone when they were married so “uncool” there is no way to defend herself without looking bad so now she won’t talk about it. Wonder if she still wants that sit down that she wanted with Jen in Vogue? And by the way Jennifer has never said anything about Angie for four years. It was about time she did. Obviously saying something wasn’t working or she tried the opposite and good for her. Perhaps now Angie will learn what is appropriate to talk about and what isn’t. She has always had a probelm with this from talking about having sex in the backseat of a car to having an affair and bragging about it. It was great that Jen called her on something and now she is to chicken to respond.

  21. Susan says:

    HalleB – It’s called an affair. Whether or not it was physical we will never know. However it was an emotional affair. The same could be said about Sienna perhaps they fell in love but she waited until he left his wife? Both Angie and Sienna are the same they had an affair with a married man – it is wrong. And Angie is bragging about it. Pretty sad that she feels she has to do this. I think now that Jennifer has called her on her behavior she won’t be mentioning Jen’s name anymore. It is about time. I never liked it when Jen just took what was being dished to her by these two. Good for her. Angie will watch her tongue from now on. She knows that she was out of line but never expected Jen to say anything. Surprise.

  22. Cheyenne says:

    Susan, are you sure you read that Vogue article? The interviewer asked her about how she and Brad had met and what brought them together. She told the interviewer they started as co-stars, became friends, and she realized it was more than that when she couldn’t wait to get to work. She never mentioned Aniston’s name until the interviewer brought it up and asked her if she would be open to a sit-down with Aniston. Jolie’s response was, “That would be her decision, and I would welcome it.”

    You may think that Aniston coming out now and calling Angelina on her behavior is “empowering” or something, but it’s backfiring on her badly. The time for her to do it was at the time the behavior occurred. They should have had that sit-down at the beginning. But after waiting for two years after the interview to call Angelina on it, now she’s being derided in the media as a whiny, grudge-carrying loser who refuses to let go. (Her copy-catting Angelina by wearing a long red dress for her cover, and not looking nearly as good in it, didn’t help her much either.)

    For the record, I think Angelina will continue to say whatever she wants, when she wants, without being specially concerned with Aniston or anyone else calling her on it. And it’s past time for Aniston to get over it. I can picture her tombstone reading “Here lies the former Mrs. Brad Pitt.”

  23. daisy424 says:

    Could it be Angie doesn’t want to talk of JA due the the simple fact that she has nothing to do with her relationships/happiness/children/career?
    Just a thought.

  24. RAN says:

    “Could it be Angie doesn’t want to talk of JA due the the simple fact that she has nothing to do with her relationships/happiness/children/career?
    Just a thought.”

    For whatever reason it is (and really… who cares?), all I can say is good for her. Now they ALL need to stfu and enjoy their relationships/happiness/children (or lack thereof)/and careers.

  25. Susan says:

    Daisy: if she has nothing to do with Jennifer why did she bring her up in her Vogue interview? Obviously she feels that Jennifer does have something to do with her or she never would have mentioned it.

  26. what says:

    Grazia is a tabloid. she is asked the same questions over and over afain… It’s good to see she answers them pretty much the same way… I guess she’s not lying, eh? Lmao

    The only reason she gets so much crap is because she doesn’t have a pr monsters. Brad does… his PR manipulators have his back and cover up all of his crap and probably even use the fact that Angelina doesn’t have pr to their advantage.

  27. what says:

    Susan, her vogue Interview was the first interview she did after Brad. To me it seems like she did that interview to give her side of the story after being dragged through the mud for brad pitt. She never came out to defend herself against JENNIFE ANISTONS Vanity Fair interview where Angelina and her children were trashed.

    The only thing she said about Aniston (after the interview asked her the question) was that she would be willing to talk to her. Big deal.

  28. Cheyenne says:

    The only thing she said about Aniston (after the interviewer asked her the question) was that she would be willing to talk to her. Big deal.

    Thank you. She never mentioned Aniston’s name before or since that question was asked. Even the most pushy interviewer could probably sense that Angelina has nothing to say about Aniston because Aniston has nothing to do with her, with Brad or with their children.

  29. debra77 says:

    I agree with so many of the comments. Angie does not need to talk about her partners ex-wife. Brad and Jen have no ties at all anymore. Angie has every right to talk about the man she lives with and their life together. If Jen still needs protecting from being hurt 5 years later, every time Angie says something, then she has a problem. Why do people persist in saying that Brad/Angie had and affair. Where isthe proof. Jen was with Vince before the divorce was final. How is it different. Brad and Jen were together after the film wrapped. Jen is a fool if that is true and she went to his Troy premier, and she spoke so well of Brad on Oprah. If he cheated, she sure is forgiving of him; yet not Angie. Angie’s choice not speak of Jen is because she is not an issue in their lives. That is also why Brad does not speak of her. She should follow suit. As far as I know Brad does not have his PR team anymore. He ended that a while back. You never see that blond lady around anymore. They really don’t need one. The lies run themselves out in the end.

  30. Rosanna says:

    If I were AJ I would tell JA: “Look, you obviously are still hurt by something that either happened or you think has happened. Let’s sit down and solve the issue or shut the eff up for good, and try to move on”. There are no alternatives to that… JA can’t go on not solving the issue and yet whining about it.

  31. Cheyenne says:

    For the record, and hopefully to put all this triangle stuff to rest on this forum, I’d like to quote what Brad said about Angelina on Oprah’s show on 11/17:

    “When Angie is usually shot she’s seen as a femme fatale, she does that very well, but also she has the biggest heart and inexhaustible spirit and sweetness and goodness, and she’s the real glue of the family.”

    As far as Brad is concerned, Aniston doesn’t exist any more. RIP triangle. Can we all finally move on now?

  32. Deb says:

    I saw Jennifer on Oprah and when Oprah asked her about Angelie, Jennifer just answered in a calm manner. It is obvious people want to get her emotional or to react, but she is very good at not playing into this manipulation.

  33. HallieB says:

    There is no triangle and never was. It is obvious to almost all that tabloids blew this false nonissue up and keep it going for sales. Just as the tabloids lie on Angelina saying anything about having sex with BBT her husband in a car, BBT said that, not Angelina, she stood silently by his side and looked unhappy with his bragging, and lie about her wearing a vial of his blood when she showed a little locket on TV with a a drop of bloood like a pressed flower. Tabloids main trade is lying. If the separation and divorce of 2 celebs in 2005 had been as acrimonious as the tabloids lied and continue to lie about then the 2 people involved would have spoken out long before now.

    Brad has no publicist at this time just like Angelina, he parted ways with his long time publicist early this year, he represents himself just as Angelina does. This lack of PR representation by both Brad and Angelina has angered some in the media as they represent a threat to the status quo. I firmly believe that both ex’s have long since moved on with their lives. If anyone is angry because they believed the false PR of a golden couple, those never exist as we all are just imperfect people, be angry with yourself and resolve never to believe in PR spin as to any perfect lives and people. No one exists with any golden fairy tale perfect life.

  34. cee says:

    Can’t we just let it be. Wow Brad and Angie have six kids and appear to be a happy family . Why keep bringing up Jennifer. I don’t blame Angie. Talking or not talking about Jen gets her a bad headline from the tabloids.

  35. Anne says:

    I’ve also heard she doesn’t have a publicist? Is this true Celebitchy? If it’s true it’s admirable. I don’t blame her for not wanting to talk about Aniston, a person she doesn’t even know.

  36. Cheyenne says:

    Just as the tabloids lie on Angelina saying anything about having sex with BBT her husband in a car

    Whoa. Hold up.

    He was her husband, wasn’t he?

    So as long as nobody is looking, what’s so bad about a husband a wife having sex in a car or anywhere else?


  37. jennifer says:

    I don’t see the “uncool” thing as Jennifer verbally bitch slapping Angelina, or getting one up on her, or however you want to put it, at ALL. Quite the opposite in fact. To me, JUST TO ME, MY OPINION, it was the equivalent of screaming to your friends “Hold me back! Hold me back!” when you really have no intention of fighting the other person at all (and your friends aren’t even TOUCHING you :lol:) Now, if she had said this to Angelina’s FACE, well, I’d kinda respect that. 😆 But saying it in a magazine – well, she’s has the right to say whatever she wants. But equating it with some sort of “victory” – silly. SO silly and stupid. 🙄

    Hmm, another analogy that springs to mind – writing something nasty anonymously on someone’s locker. Perhaps it’s the juvenile aspect of the whole thing that brings that one to mind… 😛

  38. jennifer says:

    I forgot to mention – I agree with those who said that ALL PARTIES should have this clause in their interviews. Then maybe we can all move on (to trashing other people… 😆 )

  39. HallieB says:

    I certainly am no one who passes judgement on what a husband says (though BBT is always tacky in my book) on a red carpet. I was just attempting to set the truth out for someone who commented that Angelina “has always had a probelm with this from talking about having sex in the backseat of a car to having an affair and bragging about it.” #1 Angelina did not say word one but BBT certainly did, and #2 Angelina did not bragg on or admitt to any affair as she just said how she felt, and everyone has the right to do that. Anyone with an ounce of common sense is aware that Brad and Angelina fell in love at some point in time and that time had to have its genesis while they were working together. Having feelings for someone does not automatically equal an affair. Repeating lies endlessly do not make them true. This particular subject is long past overdue for the rubbish pile. Some here are so invested in the lives of others that I pity them, and it is so time for all to live your own lives and let others live their lives as they best see fit. This casting and assigning blame when no one knows any real facts is sad.

  40. Fiona says:

    Please let this negative carping and sniping back and forth about people none of us knows stop. Commenting is usually fun, but this four years overlong battle generated by Hollywoood PR and tabloids is over, done, finished. There is nothing here to keep debating. These people have great lives, while some here seem to be in constant misery. Enough already.

  41. Julie says:

    Not that I’m saying that there’s anything wrong with it, but Angelina did NOT stand there looking uncomfortable when BBT talked about them having sex in the car – she was giggling and looked extremely happy.

    There was an interesting article recently about the way that Angelina controls the press written about her. If you google New York Times + Angelina Jolie’s Carefully Orchestrated Image, you’ll find it easily. Mind you, I think it could just have easily been written about half the stars in Hollywood.

  42. IMO says:

    Angelina also refuses to speak about her plastic surgeries (among them- 2 nose jobs and countless upper lip injections, Botox etc….)

    She also refuses to speak about BBT cheatings on her and how she actually used her father and had a nice relationship with him when she NEEDED him for her Oscar campaign, and how she turned on him, once she didn’t need him any more, to establish herself as an actress.

    She stipulates the subjects that she wants to talk about – according to the image she wants to project at the time.

  43. Cheyenne says:

    IMO, I don’t blame her. If it was you, you’d do the same.

    She doesn’t have to talk about anything she doesn’t want to talk about. People seem to forget they do not own celebrities. Angelina is free to set her own terms about what she won’t talk about. Do you discuss every detail of yourself to all and sundry? Of course not. Neither does Angie.

    Even celebrities have a right to decide which areas of their lives will remain private.

  44. Katya says:

    Grazia makes up stuff al the time. Angelina did mob press calls at a suite at Claridge’s in London but she didn’t sit for a 1:1 interview with Grazia.

    Didn’t Victoria Beckham sue Grazia — and win?

    Why would Universal want Angelina asked about Jennifer Aniston in a press conference for their film?

  45. Katya says:

    Daisy: if she has nothing to do with Jennifer why did she bring her up in her Vogue interview? Obviously she feels that Jennifer does have something to do with her or she never would have mentioned it.
    Angelina didn’t bring JA up in the Vogue interview, she did the interview to promote “The Good Shepherd” and it was two years ago!

    Angelina does not have publicist, never has had, but the studios do and very likely could have made a blanket announcement to the press. ALL stars have done this from time to time. I heard Viggo Mortensen has asked the press to stop questioning him about LOTR.

  46. joe says:

    “As far as Brad is concerned, Aniston doesn’t exist any more” And you know this because you talk with him everyday. Obviously Brad and Jen have very little to do with each other and they shouldn’t. However anytime you are with someone for 7 years that person always exists to you. But the fact that Angie even mentions that no one can ask asbout Jen means that Jen is on her mind. Why would she even think about Jen or mention her? The fans here feel that Angie is above all this but the fact that she even mentioned shows that she is not.

    What I find interesting is that Brad uses Angie to sell his movie. Notice so far no magazine cover for Brad, only the Oprah interview and that was edited once his “team” new that the whole Pax and peeing on a chair thing was not good. Brad says very little about anything while Angie poses for W and does interview after interview stating how wonderful he is. Brad on the other hand says a few kind words about Angie like she is militant and is the glue and is sweet and that is it. I think Brad will never come out and talk about her the way he talked about Gwen. Really sad. She goes on and on about how happy they are, what they do, etc and he says “dare I say”. Pretty sad.

  47. Kari says:

    I am so sick of the triangle garbage and wish is would stop. Angelina has showed class about it by not wanting to use it to help her career. It should die if others let it die.

  48. nina says:

    Lots of people do not like AJ for many reasons. To me she is mediocre actress, with clear “father” issues and way too much plastic surgery.
    Ever wondered why nobody else ever had to make the request of not having their boyfriend’s ex being brought up? That’s because they do not live in her shadow.

  49. so what says:

    Im not a fan of AJ, never was, never will be..but I watched the interview recently where AJ said that its not often that kids can watch a movie where thier parents fell in love..meaning MAMS..if thats not a slap in Jennifers face, well then, what is????That movie was filmed in 2004, before Jen and Brad split. So, Angelina may not have said Jens name, but she definitly brought her into the the conversation..very uncool IMO…At the time of the split, Jen said she chose to believe her husband that he didn’t cheat “physically” with AJ while they were still together..I think that comment proves him a liar…I don’t believe they “fell in love” but didn’t touch each other…hes a cheat, and shes a ho..i don’t care how much money she claims to give to charity, or how many kids she has/adopts..she is what she always has been IMO..she hasn’t changed.

  50. geronimo says:

    Jesus wept. Too boring to comment. Saw a great interview with her on The Culture Show (BBC2, Thur, an AJ special.) No babies, no JA, no Pitt, just her and her film career and choices. It was excellent and good to see her interviewed by an actual film critic (Mark Kermode) who didn’t like some of her choices but accurately pointed to the Brangelina fever at times preventing people from seeing the very good actress underneath all the media hype. Praised her, as did Clint and Michael Winterbottom, across the board for the ‘difficult’ roles she’s done – Girl Interrupted, Gia, Mighty heart and Changeling.

    For anyone interested in her as an actress, it’s well worth a look and may still be up on the BBC website. It covered her film career from Hackers onwards and was one of the more interesting pieces I’ve seen on her.

  51. Jackie says:

    She has every right to do that. Brad and Jen divorced years ago, we all know that. They keep beating a dead horse with the Angelina/Brad/Jen saga. Everybody’s moved on and asking about Jen would be completely irrelevant and rude to ask about her partner’s ex-wife.

  52. Randi says:

    Brad does not have a publicist or a team of publicists. In both Venice and Toronto he used the studio provided publicists for his BAR promotions and premieres. For the upcoming CCBB, Brad will begin his publicity soon as the movie does not open until 12/25. Brad will be on the Today Show on 12/2 and premieres are scheduled for LA and NOLA. Oprah decides the content of her show, doubt that Brad would have said anything he did not want to say about any of his kids. The alleged Pax quote from some who said they were there for the taping that was not in the show broadcast was that when they were in the process of teaching Pax English after he first came home they sent him to the time out chair and he urinated on it was part of how his kids are funny when they do not mean to be so, not anything mean about Pax who is 5 years old today. There does not appear to be any conflict between Brad and Angelina as to any publicity, they support each other’s projects. Some persist in seeing things that do not exist.

  53. debra77 says:

    Just a comment about Angie using her Father to promote her Oscar bid. That is a joke. If anything he used her. She said in an interview that during the time when thet were promoting Tomb Raider, her father was saying nice things to and about her during their interviews. Then when the PR was over, he wrote her a note and said things to her that were mean and did not mirror what he was saying in front of the camera. He hurt her greatly, and she decided that she did not want to leave herself open to further notes. He went on TV and told the world she was crazy. This could have interfered with her adoption of Madd. She could have lost her son because of the things he said in the media.And because of the haters bring it up to this day. As far as BBT is concerned she speaks of and to him. She is an adult who understood that a marriage ends and people move on. She has never said anything negative about BBT. She did say that he enjoyed her showing lots of PDA and she did so because she loved him and wanted to make him happy. They are friends, and he supports her, and speaks so highly of the kind of person she is. She is an honest woman. I think that is why she gets so much criticism. She shows the world the truth and that is hard for some people to take and accept.

  54. Randi says:

    Thanks debra77, I have always been critical of JonV as he never comes to the defense of his daughter when his “friends” say negative things about her, but will always comment to paps and others how he wants to see only some of his grandkids(the bio ones). I have read accounts of how difficult he was to work with and how he was so selective about projects that he went years without films when he was younger. It is sometimes very hard for a parent who is outshown by a child to cope well when they are in the same extremely competitive business. Sadly some parents are toxic in their behavior toward their children and maybe JonV fits into this category. As one who has only interacted with one of my parents a few times over the last couple of years, I can understand Angelina’s situation. I am torn between trying to keep some type of relationship going but am tired of being made miserable by a critical and controlling parent.

  55. Shane says:

    In that first pic of Angelina, those 2 little bumps on her top lip look like fangs.

    Guess there is such thing as having too much of a pouty lip.

  56. nina says:

    Honest woman? Please…How about constant oversharing as a result of bad upbringing? This woman is like a Mawgli or something – no idea of what is appropriate and what is not and in which circumstances. She just says whatever comes to her mind. Maybe when she was 5 years old, when these concepts are normally taught to a child her parents were splitting up or something and nobody had the time to tell her? This in combination with her not being too bright create an enormous appeal for some people.

  57. Kaiser says:

    Woohoo! Agree with Daisy, Hallie, etc. I think I might have a theory about the “exclusive” nature too – perhaps Grazia was one of many on the press call, and when the hack asked about Aniston, Angie replied with something like “No comment.”

    Geronimo – What did she say about Hackers? That’s one of my cult favorites!

    😆 “father issues” – Who amongst us doesn’t have father issues? It’s called “being a woman”.

  58. Levi says:

    I’m with Cheyenne!

  59. geronimo says:

    Kaiser – Just had a look, the full 1/2 hour’s on the site. Link to follow – I’m trying to outwit the spambots as they swallowed it on an earlier thread –

    Loved Hackers too, and it’s also a fav of Kermode’s.

  60. Mairead says:

    geronimo – isn’t there a problem with viewing BBC content on the web outside of the UK because of TV licencing?

  61. lanette says:

    i can’t believe people still ask either one of them about the other…what is this high school??

  62. kate says:

    angie needs to get over herself.

  63. Jay says:

    I don’t blame her who would want Jennifer brought up when all Angelina has done since she cheated.. Jennifer and Laura is tried to change her image. I think she is trying to change her Karma. It takes the truth and owning what you’ve done and also to ask for forgiveness to un-do Karma if it even can be undone.

  64. Payton says:

    I am exasperated by all the whining from Jen! Affairs happen all the time, and women have to get over it. Often there are children involved, and the single mother struggles financially, and emotionally in isolation. Jen screws around, goes on luxurious vacations, eats healthy food, has a personal trainer, a therapist, and pathetically whines! Thank god she didn’t have any children with Brad, because her kids would suffer greatly from her bitterness. Jen also hates her mom too, and has held that grudge forever!

  65. Strawberry says:

    I agree with Angelina and I dont believe her bringing up how her relationship started with Brad is an underhanded jab at Jennifer Aniston. Its been some time since the relationship between JA and BP ended so why cant Angelina talk about wanting her children to know how her and Brad fell in love. Jennifer Aniston may still be a little bitter from everything that happened so maybe thats why she felt that it was “uncool”…and understandibly so, but I dont think AJ was saying anything to purposely hurt JA.

  66. mollination says:

    If brad and angie’s house is dysfunctional (btw, what is dysfunctional? It’s 2008 and we still think there has to be one specific brady-bunch way of living and having a family!?!?) as someone said above, then SIGN ME UP!

    That house is so full of love, and their priorities and hearts are in the right place. I think those kids will grow into lovely, thoughtful humans.

    People really don’t get it. It scares me that people eat up the stories and personas fed to them by the media and the government. Get the facts and digest them. Then, form your own opinion. It’s okay. You can do it, I’m sure it’s in you.

  67. mollination says:

    Payton, PLEASE come back and check in with all of us and let us know how bitter YOU’RE feeling when your husband leaves you for Angelina Jolie. I’m sure it will roll right off your back like water on a duck’s since it happens ALL THE TIME to people, but I’d love if you could come let us know.

  68. Yourself says:

    If Jolie stopped being passive aggressive towards every one including her father and Aniston, maybe people would be more understanding and let it rest. Jolie is a nasty piece of trash. She clealry manipulates the media more than any other celebrity. Why hire PR when she would make an excellent PR shark.

    She has gained most out of this PR love triangle. Among the three involved, her profile was the lowest. Now is the highest. Still ill begotten profits never last. Hers are almost up.

  69. geronimo says:

    Mairead – damn, forgot completely about that. I’m so used to using the listen/watch again facility, I forgot it wasn’t available elsewhere.

  70. Yourself says:

    If Jolie stopped being passive aggressive towards every one including her father and Aniston, maybe people would be more understanding and let it rest. Jolie is a nasty piece of trash. She clealry manipulates the media more than any other celebrity. Why hire PR when she would make an excellent PR shark.

  71. Mairead says:

    Still ill begotten profits never last.
    😆 jaysis – where’s me crystal ball and incense for that bit of mystical doom-mongering? 😆

    Ill-begotten gains? Well, FINALLY, somebody willing to speak up about this spate of Jolie-press-gangs and catwoman-burglaries where AJ lurks around multiplexes and POUNCES on unsuspecting people, stealing their dough and tethering them to cinema seats like Malcom McDowell in A Clockwork Orange to force them to watch Changeling!

    Or the even more insidious crimewave of legions of Jolie-Pitt children break into houses at night and steal all the silverware and just leave DVDs of Mir & Mrs. Smith or Tomb Raider as calling cards!

    The Government should do something about this sort of thing!!!!

    @geronimo – woo your link has been restored! I’ll have a go at watching it later, but my connection is not great (3G modem) and couldn’t even watch the Late Late clips on it (I missed the lads from Top Gear the other night… waaah).
    I’d just heard that watching BBC programmes outside of the UK is problematic as its wholly funded by the licence and wouldn’t be in the interests of fairness.

  72. DD says:

    I hope AJ did say that. These gossip rags are just trying to instigate crap between them that is long over. AJ should avoid talking publicly about that period in their life when Brad and JA were still married cause that doesn’t help the matter.

  73. marina says:

    we can say lots of things about Angie …
    but one thing is sure … she is dishonest and manipulative … she stole a man who was married … and this is not good …
    she does humanitarian actions, adopts kids for improving her image …
    she uses her mother died last year for promoting his latest film … or when his mother was taking to fight against the disease, Angie was with Brad in New Orleans …
    this woman is using the media and his family for contituing to exist…
    poor girl …

  74. geronimo says:

    Brilliant review of Changeling by Philip French (highly respected film critic, for the doubters’ benefit) in today’s Observer. Reckons it’s Oscar-worthy and AJ’s performance astonishing -“played with an extraordinary range and depth of emotion by AJ.”

  75. Kaiser says:

    @Mairead – I could totally see Princess Z on a jewel heist. She’ll probably build her empire with all of the stolen diamonds, like a Bond villian. 😆

  76. xiaoecho says:

    “Thanks to my husband for bringing Grazia back from his business trip.”

    Aww – too cute

  77. Cheyenne says:


    Four years later and a few people are still whining about “Angie stole Jen’s husband” — conveniently forgetting two facts: 1) nobody can steal anyone who doesn’t want to be stolen, and 2) before Brad even met Angie, his marriage was on life support.

    Some of you guys really need to go find an ocean to scream at.

  78. Lore says:

    One day off from the computer and this happens. Too late to say anything someone else has’nt already said. Damn, I missed it, woe is me!!!

  79. raven says:

    IMO, she has never had lip injections and, frankly, anyone who would say that has no business on this thread. Look at her brother, her mother, her kids–THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME LIPS! And I’ll give you one rhinoplasty. No boob jobs, no anything else but the tummy tuck after her delivery. The woman is gorgeous naturally. Get over it.

  80. raven says:

    And, actually, after looking at the closeup on this thread, I’m taking back that rhinoplasty.

  81. Denise says:

    Well, Jen has gotta be a strong girl to be able to hold back all these years, and when she finally does admit her pain, it’s not about Angie stealing her husband, it’s about Angie “gloating” about how they fell in love. Ya gotta wonder how Angie would handle it if some Hollywood beauty came and swooped up Brad from her. I really feel for Jen. Angie should just SHUT UP about her fairy tale life with Brad, and be more sensitive to the one she stole him from. I think Jen’s failed romances are because she hasn’t found anyone who she’s loved more than Brad. Ya gotta feel for the poor girl!

  82. nina says:

    BTW, another AJ exaggeration – her French heritage – one of her grandfathers (i.e. 1/4) has ancestors who immigrated from France in the 1600s. The French don’t even consider the French Canadians really French…..We may as well all declare ourselves African, since according to one of the leading theories, that’s where the humans originate from…

  83. Kim says:

    Angelina plays the French connection like she plays everything in her life. LIE ABOUT IT. She is now playing the ‘ my mother died card’. When that wears out, she will get another card. There is no honest vein in that skinny body.

    She is not naturally gorgeous, she always thought she was ugly that is why she self mutilated when she was younger. I guess the mirror does not lie. She knows that the image we see is plastic surgery plus five hours of make up. When all washes away, she sees the ugliness that is underneath all that. That is why she has a very low self esteem and resorted to stealing men.

    How many men have left her so far? Why is she the one who runs after all the men she has had? Men don’t run after her, she runs after them. Billy Bob even said sleeping with her was like sleeping with a chair. I am not sure of the exact quote. Angelina is not beautiful inside or out. She knows it. That is why she manipulates the media. Without her scheming and conniving, her true ugliness would be open for all to see.

    Her upper lip has collagen. It is much thiner than that naturally. Her lips her big but she adds collagen to make them bigger.

  84. bwoz says:

    OK – here are my random thoughts:

    Brad went from JA to AJ. Hmmmm?

    AJ is a freak. A hilarious comment on that is (should be) on a photoshop contest re: “If tattoos said what they really meant” or something like that and someone photoshopped AJ’s back tattoos to read “I am really afraid people will find out I am quite boring.” BWAH HA HA. Too true and too funny. Used to use the freak to justify herself (Pathetic. Tattoos, bloood vials, kissing the brother), now is using the children (sad.)

    If I had to say so, BRAD is the jackass that broke his marital vows. AJ didn’t make any promises to JA, but Brad did – what a slimy, backsliding, amoral, loser jerk a$$hole! HE is the one that really sinned. AJ didn’t help, I think, but I’m just saying Brad is the jerk that broke vows.

  85. janiG says:

    Jolie started all this mess by dissing Jen every chance she got to blab tp the press to keep the story going, and her latest comments re: how and when she got “together” with Brad and how proud she will be to tell her children she and Brad fell in love during the filming of their film Mr. and Mrs. Smith – another slap in the face for Jennifer == Jen has been a gracious lady and until Angie, once again, opened up her big mough again this would have gone away. I applaud Jen for finally speaking out — it is very healing and she was not mean spirited. Jolie is a WHOR_ call it what you want!

  86. Sue says:

    Thank you Kim, bwoz, and janiG! AJ is a freak and a ‘ho. Let’s face it, all of these “humanitarian” acts are just that: ACTS. Someone should remind her that she can’t buy her way into heaven. Those poor children are in such a mess. What was Brad thinking? AJ has always been crazy and from the looks of things, still is. I agree that Brad was the offender where JA is concerned, but a “real” woman would not have done what AJ did (and as a reminder, figure out when Shiloh was born…do the math). It’s a shame that JA was “forced” to make a comment after all this time. It has been sad to watch her act the lady while the ‘ho was flaunting her life with Brad. Of course, we know JA is so much better off without Brad and will someday find someone worthy of her love; I wish her the best. Hope AJ and Brad put some of their money away for the kids’ therapy. 😥

  87. Abby says:

    Angeline has never know a husband she did not like. Poor things they are all looney’s.

  88. terri says:

    if brad is such a great partner then why not marry him??????

  89. Tink says:

    Every time Angelina leaks a story there is a comment in it about Jennifer. Jen and Brad were only married for 3 years. That’s all! Just 3 years. I’m sure she’s over him by now. Now, if the media would just “let it go”…

  90. Lin says:

    IMO, have you EVER seen a picture of Angelina Jolie when she was THREE?! Have you EVER seen a picture of her when she was TWELVE at the Oscars with her father?! She HAD THE SAME FACE THEN as she does NOW! She has NOT had numerous plastic surgeries or anything done to her lips. Aniston, on the other hand, HAS had surgery. Both she and Cox admitted it recently. Jolie doesn’t HAVE to admit to any surgeries because she HAS NOT HAD ANY!! Got that now?! Go LOOK at the pictures of her and you will see that your post won’t hold water!

  91. Lin says:

    Wow, Sue, I think you must be Jennifer Aniston on here in disguise, or one of her brain-washed friends! Angelina’s humanitarian deeds are NOT “acts.” Just what do YOU do for people!? Not much most likely! There is nothing wrong with Angelina’s children. They all are healthy looking and CLEAN and they are not a mess! You don’t know Angelina. Pitt was on Oprah recently, and what he had to say about her is the truth! What you said is garbage and is NOT true! She is not crazy, and I can only think that people like you are jealous and hateful! Shame on you!

  92. Julie says:

    Seems like everybody would like to forget that Angelina had an affair with Brad when he was married to Jen. People just say move on. Well, have it happen to you and then say that.Angelina would like the world to foget it so she can seem like such a do gooder in the world. How hypocritical for Angelina that she wants everybody to forget she had an affair with a married man, ruined his marriage, hurt his wife, hurt Brad and Jen’s mutual friends, and yet she won’t forgive her own father for having an affair and leaving her mother just like Brad did to Jen. She will to me always be a person who is running her life based on fulfilling some unrecognized need of hers to rescue every orphan and creating so much chaos in her immediate family due to it. Six kids already, two of them twins and she isn’t done yet? Poor Brad, he got what he deserved. Tons of stress, a bitchy, self serving wife and no sex.

  93. Julie says:

    In response to a previous post, “Nobody can steal somebody who doesn’t want to be stolen”, yes you can. In the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, AJ went naked in a love scene filmed at the end of the movie. Not a lot of normal guys wouldn’t be getting a hard one due to that OK. Secondly, he wasn’t seeing Jen everyday, he was seeing AJ who spent hours in his trailor and held hands with him on the set while filming the movie. She slutted her way into stealing him. Most men cheat because basically “it” was there for the cheap taking. That’s it. Plain and simple.

  94. nina says:

    “Cheap taking” – couldn’t have said it better myself.

  95. Mairead says:

    Jaysis, was there a mass breakout at Female First or dlisted or something?

    There was one supposed insider story about AJ doing a nude scene, well, nude on MMS and plenty of other alleged insider stories which clearly said that while they were close on set there was definitely no bonking.

    Guess which one the dirty-minded, grubby (and if they weren’t the most pro-women people on the planet, misogynistic) Antilinas always go for?

    Says more about their nasty personalities than Angelina’s morals if you ask me.

  96. aleach says:

    she looks like an alien.

  97. whatevs says:

    Can’t she just NOT answer if JA is brought up? Seems to me by putting rules and stipulations out there, it’s drawing more attention to it. And yes, I understand that a lot of celebs do this, I just don’t see what’s so hard in saying “I’m not gonna answer that” every once in awhile.

  98. Jaynie says:

    I have absolutely no respect for any woman who has an affair with a married man.
    Nor do I respect a married man who cheats on his wife.
    So why does everyone think they’re so special personally I’ve met brad pitt (when he was filming in Edmonton) Brad Pitt was a prima-donna and a loser

  99. Cheyenne says:

    Jaysis, was there a mass breakout at Female First or dlisted or something?

    Or something.

    “Slutted her way into stealing him.” Just when you thought you’d heard it all…

  100. Marla says:

    OH MY!! AJ- Yes You can steal someone’s husband, considering you couldn’t make it work with the one’s you had!!Why is that by the way? She let the affair happen, what a cold, heartless Bi a tch.
    Grass is always greener hey Brad? You left a beautiful, talented, smart, woman for the sex appealing, manipulative, controlling AJ_ENJOY!! ALL respect and dignity for both is completely lost in my eye’s. Will not even watch any of their movies, or allow my kids too. They are awful role models for my kids and there own. How is there really any trust there when they went into the relationship dishonestly?? It will never be a forever romance. Brad is an unworthy of any tears that were cried for him by JA. AJ and Brad can have as many children to try and make it work, or to proove they love eachother, all the humanitarian efforts, yes there may be a little good in her or what she portrays BUT we need to look upto to couples that actually have self dignity in their actions and relationships. Behind every great man is a great woman, Neither of them fit into this catagory, EVER. THE WORLDS UGLIEST COUPLE “BRAGELINA”

  101. Giggles says:

    Divorces are painful and require time to heal. Can you imagine going thru one as public as JA and BP? I think at the very least – a woman should be able to trust her husband to go to work, do his job and KEEP IT IN HIS PANTS … IF BP & AJ fell in love during the filming of M&MS as Angelina broadcasted – then an affair, whether physical or emotional, appears to have taken place … and sorry Hollywood – some things are just WRONG. Nothing justifies adultery. NOTHING. If you’re not happy at home, step up, deal with it – and not by cheating on our spouse.

    And just because they choose to have children out of wedlock – it does not make that RIGHT either …

    Dysfunctional to say the least.

    Physically I think they are both gorgeous, but that’s just good genes.

  102. It is about time Angelina got questioned. This one is all smoke & mirrors. She would rather avoid the questions about Jennifer because it would ruin her image. Which she used the media to build up. The reason she is thinking about not doing any other movies, it is how she gets her men.

    She denied the affair when questioned while Brad was married. (check he out in the interview with Brad about the Movie all coy it was going on than) In other words she lied to save face because it would paint her in a bad light. Truth be it told if she owned up to the fact she was having an affair with a married man no one would care. She has done that before survived the media bliss. But this time she lied about it. She is a LIAR:evil: . So boo hoo she does not want questions about how she got her husband. Had not trouble auctioning off her baby pictures for charity. One way to legitimatize a child conceived out of wedlock.

    So she may be a good actress:roll: , a good mother, wife. The wife part is based on a lie. What comes around goes around. Brad is still doing movies after all that is how he worked his way out of last marriage.

    Most of us do not care about the private lives of actors and actresses but when you plaster yourself onto every media outlet force your line of thinking on us using diversion distractions. Yes you will be questioned. So Angelina be a woman buck up, deal with it answer the hard questions with truth. So everyone can move on. This game your playing with the media & do not ask me certain questions will backfire. They built you they can bring you down. You owe them the truth after you used them as a PR Machine!!! This is one of the rare few times I will stand up for the media. Kicker if she told one outlet the truth they would put a spin on it to keep her image intact. The longer she waits the more hungery they will get they will devour her.:lol:

  103. Make money says:

    She is entitled not to discuss anything she is not comfortable discussing with the public. The media loves controversies.

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