More photos from Angelina Jolie’s Vogue spread

Some more photos from Angelina’s spread in Vogue have come out. She looks damn good to me.

One of the revelations in Angelina’s interview with People is that she’s the disciplinarian, and the Brad often gives in to the kids. She said the Maddox is a calm kid and that Zahara is “dramatic and creative and loud and charming.” Aww.

Thanks to Faded Youth for these pictures.

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  1. kellie says:

    wow. she is unbelievably beautiful. kids and a partner she loves looks good on her!

  2. Bex says:

    A little scrawny, I think. She was so much sexier with the curves, but gosh.. she’s a breathtaking woman.

  3. Adam says:

    she looks like an amputee in the second photo

  4. Solitaire says:

    stunning and i am so pleased they are a great family – guys who have commented so far – so refreshing to not have to read all the haters comments! i am jealous she is perfect too but i am pleased for her! why are so many people anti her?? she cant help being gorgeous!

  5. Kolby says:

    I admit I am rooting for her and Brad & the kids to do well and be happy. I do think she’s been looking a tad gaunt these days, but beautiful as always. Don’t they say that having a baby sometimes has that effect on women..they weigh less after than they did before?

  6. Carson says:

    Honestly have you ever met Jolina in person?

    I have, SHE IS A VERY NICE LADY but breathtaking? pretty? beautiful? no no..

    big NO NO…she looks like a transexual, really.

    Or maybe she is one of those women that look GREAT only if they have a paper bag covering their face…YEAH that’s it!

    Also see:

    Sara “Witch” Jessica Parker
    Teri “Botox” Hatcher
    Fergie “I just woke up look 24/7”

    You want pretty? true beauty?
    Ok ok, NO MAKE UP on…

    Halle Berry
    My Wife

    I can’t think of anyone else…so maybe that’s it.

  7. Domidroid says:

    Hello, to all of AJ’s publicists. I was curious as to why it’s considered “hateful” to think someone did something wrong? And trust me, I have no reason to be jealous of anyone, I’m gorgeous, and I’ve never been cheated on.
    I’m no moralist, I’m just trying to stick up for that thing in us that’s supposed to distinguish us from animals. I see that thing dying every day, being killed by a society that considers values freakish.
    Well, I don’t care if I’m the only one who thinks so, there’s nothing wrong with being a civilized human being, and I’ll never apologize for it! Why is it that if someone has morals, they’re expected to act ashamed of it, and pretend they don’t, to go along with the stupid, “evildoing” herd?

  8. Bitch Please says:

    Domidroid, nobody mentioned you by name. I think you’re overreacting a bit. You’re entitled to whatever you like about Angelina, but if you voice them publicly, be prepared to have people disagree with you, and take it like a woman! It’s called a discussion. And no, I don’t think you’re a hater, but I think you’re overdramatic. By insinuation, you’ve called anyone who has empathy with AJ as immoral, and that comment about “what separates us from animals” is really insulting. Your jumping in like that makes me think you’re taking it all too personally. They’re just celebrities! Relax!

  9. Mr. T says:

    I agree, while I do not think AJ is ugly, I fail to find her “breath-takingly beautiful!” I think she’s relatively young, slender and with the help of cosmetic surgery, has a fine nose.

  10. Domidroid says:

    Juicy…but you’re not the one I want.
    I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the saying about “insinuation”, but apply it here. Stick to what I actually say, not with your best understanding of what you think I’m “insinuating”. If you’re “insulted” by humanity’s ability to be more than what it is, maybe YOU’RE the one “taking it all too personally”.
    If you don’t get it, or don’t really know what’s going on, butt out! This isn’t about you, go back to “relaxing”.

  11. julie says:

    I’m confused. What’s Domidroid arguing about? Is this a carry over argument from another post?

  12. Domidroid says:

    I’m sorry, Julie, Domidroid’s got someone who’s been riding her arse since she began posting on this site. She’s sick of ignoring it, and being nice about it. She’s being confrontational.

  13. Jess says:

    I think that AJ is a witch or something because her very presence on a site like this makes people go INSANE.

    I really do think that she has gotten to the waaaay too skinny point. These pictures are gorgeous and hide it, but in candids she looks like skeletor.

    I also agree that the “breath taking beauty” should be credited in part to a great plastic surgeon.

  14. Domidroid says:

    Whassup? This is not Domidroid, this is Tina, her neighbor. She stepped out, ans she is going to kill me when she gets back. But I’ve known Alael (her real name) for 5 years now, and she rocks!! Holy shit, you should see this girl, she is HOT! But she is not all stuck up about it, and she’s super nice. You couldn’t ask for a better friend, she will stand by you when everyone else turns their backs. I think she’s prettier than Angelina Jolie, and she doesn’t look like a man. So stop hatin’ on my girl, Leos are just like that. She’s just trying to keep it real yo, she’s on a different level like that. But everyone here loves her to death.

  15. Domidroid says:

    Unlike Mangelina Jolie, my homegirl is beautiful inside and out, so stop trippin!!!!!!!

  16. Kelly says:

    Nice pictures! I love them

  17. kailie2 says:

    I’m really starting to enjoy this blog.. it’s getting more and more bipolar here. I love when people refer to themselves in third person. “George is getting angry!” And a little self-obsessed.

  18. frewtloop says:

    Domidroid needs a good dose of humility. If you really are beautiful and intelligent as she asserts regularly, you don’t need to shout it from the rooftops. And really, to say that AJ is not beautiful just comes across as petty sour grapes.

  19. Anastasia says:

    Ah, God, Angelina is beautiful inside and out. She and Brad are among the very few celebrities I can tolerate. They have a beautiful family.

  20. Domidroid says:

    kailie2, you sound so stupid and trite.
    I very obviously have NO trouble saying anything I want to say, why would I have someone else say it? Enjoy my brief descent to your level, because that’s all I’m ever saying to you again. You officially no longer exist. *poof* Everyone else, sorry you had to witness that.

  21. Domidroid says:

    P.S. It’s better to be obsessed with yourself, than with some celebrity who doesn’t know you, doesn’t care about you, and doesn’t give a sh*t if you live or die.

  22. Bipolar or Delusional? says:

    I’d rather be Bipolar then delusional like some who talk like they sleep in the bed with celebrities with all their imaginary insider information based on half assed assumptions *cough*kailie2*cough*

  23. Domidroid says:

    Nice to see a comment from the real world. All this “If you don’t think she’s beautiful, you’re a horrible person” crap is wierd, and smacks of Communism. BTW, if anyone can find a post where I’ve commented on anyone’s looks, show me. Just because I say I’m beautiful, doesn’t mean no one else is,
    don’t project your low self-esteem onto me, there’s nothing wrong with liking yourself. And I have every right to like myself, I do awesome things, and help lots of people realise their dreams. If anyone here wants to do something productive and creative, I run a website called, where they can publish and sell their art, writing, poetry, music, etc. It also has live chat. That’s what I do. I stay up all night, hacking lines and lines of code so that poeple don’t have to watch others live the life of their dreams. I think that entitles me to a bit of self-obsession, and fun.

  24. LEE says:

    O.k Kailie 2 and Domidroid, stop it it is not about you.

    I noticed that Angelina fans are always quick to post for every new thread about her, I say brace yourself for her down fall because it is inevitable. I think she is a hurting woman from her article in vogue, she has no friends, trusts no one, not her mom, not even Brad,cannot hug people!!! What kind of life is that???? I now feel sorry for her a little, I had even forgiven her past indiscretions, but rubbing in hurt on an innocent person who has never done anything to you is the lowest you can go, I am not a fan of Aniston but I can’t help feeling that Angelina was jelous of her (Brad’s best friend and Americas sweetheart)and set out to destroy her life, she is a saddist as we know and is getting pleasure from it all.

    All her good acts are because she hates herself and feels she is a bad person who has to atone her badness by being obsessively good, it will not get her anywhere, she will forever be unhappy and a miserable person. Hurting-people will always hurt others, this woman is hurting and needs help before she destroys the life of another person with her sickness.

    That article gave me goose bumps, it made me pity her but am not more scared of her and what she will do next.

    She looks more and more unhappy and gaunt everyday, she is going to break soon when she realises after all her good acts she is still a horrible person! SAD!

  25. Angie is woman, hear her roar. says:

    The fact that you await the downfall of someone you don’t knows shows you to be a troubled person. You do not know Jennifer, Angelina nor Brad and yet you make assumptions and pray for the downfall of a person because you make assunptions based on false moral platform.

    I am proud to say that I am an Angelina fan. Why? Because she is imperfect and acknowledges that. You people project a false perfection on Jennifer Aniston that even the poor woman could not live up to it. Look at what happens when you get real honesty – e.g. Angelina. You get castrated by your fellow women. Jennifer on the other hand is idealised as the good virtuous woman. Her faults, those she admits to and most of what she does not admit to are excused. I have found in life it is often the person most idealised is the one most corrupt and vulgar and the one demonised to be the one who is good and true. But go ahead satisfy yourself that you are better and more moral. You are not living in the real world.

    Let me explain to you why I like Angelina. She reminds me of myself. I grew up like her with a father who while not physically absent was emotionally absent and who showed from a very early age that he despised me. What had I done, nothing but to be born a girl and was the image of my mother. Nothing I did was ever right. My brothers were openly preferred over me. Long story short – this behavior led down a very destructive path because I could not understand why I was so unlovable. Like Angie, I shunned hugging. I am similarly a singular and very tough person. When people call me beautiful, I have no idea what to say because I did not/still do not believe it myself.
    I am not saying that Angie’s father was like mine in every way but I am trying to show you there are reasons for Angie being the way she is. It takes a special person, yes like Brad, to make her trust and be vulnerable. I, for one, am glad to see her growth
    throughout these years.

    That’s all for now- but since you started on a moral pulpit here are a few pearls of wisdom from the source of all morality. The Bible
    Judge not lest ye be judged.

  26. Domidroid says:

    If the Bible is your source of “wisdom and morality”, you need better pearls.

  27. Caz says:

    You people need to stop smoking crack

  28. kailie2 says:

    “I have found in life it is often the person most idealised is the one most corrupt and vulgar and the one demonised to be the one who is good and true.” So true, thanks for an eloquent post and for sharing your story. I agree with every word.

  29. luigi says:

    Geez some people here need to lighten up.

    Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of Angelina, but I don’t agree with the “man-eater” label that’s been pasted on her. Why is it always “the other woman’s” fault? Wasn’t it Brad Pitt who decided he didn’t want to be married to his wife anymore?

  30. girlneedscrack says:

    hey guys, what kind of crack joint do u have.. ? the affect looks amazing.. i would love to snort some.. LOOOOLL

  31. man 7 says:

    Damn, what is it with you people? Females are just CRAZY!!! For real, I went to Domidroids website she keeps talkin about, and the girl’s got it right. She really is the shit. Pardon me but I don’t think Angelina Jolie can do that. Neither can any of you other stupid, ordinaty bitches who are just jealous. Intelligent women rock my world, not man-stealin hoes who can’t do nothing but buy kids.

  32. An Intelligent Woman says:

    Man 7:

    For someone who admires intelligent women, you sure have not learned anything from them. Spellcheck is your friend, my girl.

  33. cha says: