Has Jason Segel already proposed to Michelle Williams after 5 months of dating?

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel might be engaged. Probably. Maybe. Soon? Hopefully. Something like that! The Enquirer and Star Magazine are both running pieces about a possible/probable engagement and an end-of-the-year wedding. Personally, I’m kind of expecting this. They’ve been together five months, and they seemed to go from “first date” to “super-serious family unit” in about two seconds. Apparently, Jason and Matilda have become very close, and Matilda is all for it too!

Michelle Williams started dating Jason Segel just five months ago, but an inexorable force keeps pushing her toward the altar – her 6-year-old daughter Matilda, who’s totally smitten with fun-loving, affable Segel and wants him to the daddy she hasn’t had since real father Heath Ledger died.

Said a friend: “You should hear Matilda talk – she wants to be a flower girl, and she tells her mom she wants a little sister. She knows that won’t happen if Momma doesn’t marry Jason – she she’s pushing for it.”

Michelle’s clearly caving to her daughter’s pressure, and to the charms of Segel, who’s lifted the dark cloud that’s hovered over her since baby-daddy Ledger’s 2008 death by overdose.

Said the friend: “Heath was 24/7 intensity, but Jason lives to make Michelle laugh, and that’s pretty hard for a gal to resist. Plus, he’s shown he’d make a great daddy. Bet on a marriage by the end of the year.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

Star Magazine goes harder with the “confirmation” (not really) of the engagement. Star sets the scene by claiming that when Michelle went to San Diego for Comic-Con, she left Jason in charge of Matilda in Brooklyn, and Jason decided to “surprise” Michelle by flying himself and Matilda out to meet her. When Michelle came back to her hotel suite in San Diego, Michelle was thrilled to see Jason and Matilda – and that’s when Jason proposed. A “close friend” says: “Jason had been playfully telling Michelle almost from the time they first started dating that he was going to marry her one day. So when he was ready to make his move, Jason knew it had to be totally unexpected, which this was.”

Details about the proposal from the close friend (Busy?): “Jason arranged to have Michelle’s hotel suite covered in purple flowers – her favorite color. He also had Matilda sitting on Michelle’s bed, holding a lavender bouquet for her mom. When Michelle came in and picked up Matilda to give her a kiss, she saw a little note from Jason attached to the bouquet. It simply said, ‘Will you marry me?’ And that was that! Pure and simple, just the way they like it.” As for future wedding plans, “it’s an easy-going arrangement” and “it won’t be anything splashy.”

Not-so-fun fact: Star Mag claims Michelle still has the heirloom band that belonged to Heath’s mom, which Heath gave her (obviously). The source doesn’t know “if Michelle is ready to wear another yet.” I kind of want Michelle and Jason to last, so I’m not going to make this too big of a deal, but Michelle needs to finally bury Heath’s ghost if she wants this thing with Jason to work, you know?

Photos courtesy of WENN, PCN.

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  1. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I’d agree about “burying Heath’s ghost” if Heath wasn’t Matilda’s dad. She’s going to be tied to Heath forever through her little girl and I think it’s natural that she’d want to keep her memories of him alive for Matilda’s sake.
    I hope they get married-he’s not who I would have chosen for her but she seems so happy. She deserves if after what she’s been through.

  2. Silk Spectre says:

    A happy (ish?) celebrity story? Who cares!! More cheating!

    I’m kidding. Mostly. I did go trough an intense period of some 48 hours of cheating story addiction. But I’m working on that.

    The pics of Segal with Matilda are too precious for words.

  3. brin says:

    I hope this works out.

    • corny says:

      I always secretly hope they ALL will work out but then i think, are you kidding? Then i stop talking to myself, it gets me depressed.

  4. Launicaangelina says:

    I love Jason Segal and think he’s cute and charming. Michelle seems intense sometimes so I think they balance each other out. I hoe this works out for them.

  5. kityafey says:

    I loved Heath. Michelle is sweet but I never really followed her career. I love Matilda. Every time I see her I tear up. I hope this story is true. I can tell Jason dotes on her and he will be a good Father to any children that comes into his life.

  6. Dash says:

    Wow Matilda sure is her fathers daughter. She looks just like him!

  7. nunya beeswax says:

    Matilda she looks so much like her pops Michelle didnt stand a chance. Shes making the same face Heath made in the Four Feathers when he found out his best friend is piping his wife. But ya know they all thought he was dead but his friend admired Heaths character wife even when he was alive but yeah…. *walks off*

  8. lassie says:

    Too soon, waaaay too soon. Slow down.

  9. lamamu says:

    I love that Matilda Ledger looks like such a normal kid with a normal kid life. Well, except for the paps who follow her around…that’s got to be weird for a kid having these strange men randomly popping up and snapping pics of her. I wonder if celeb kids think life is a spy thriller…

  10. DB says:

    It would be so nice to have a GOOD and HAPPY story to hear about in these days. He seems like he’s a good bloke, and she seems, finally, to be able to be happy and smiling effortlessly once again.

    Hope it works out, for all 3 of them.

  11. Aqua says:

    I hope it’s true, they are a very cute couple and together, they would be a very nice family.

  12. another nina says:

    As a contemporary, I feel sort of robbed because Heath died so early. He could have done so much, and instead he just idiotically overdosed. I’m really angry at him.
    …and he was not intense 24/7, mind you. He was perennially high and very sweet and entertaining quite often.

  13. HappyJoyJoy says:

    Lucky girls. He seems like a genuinely nice nice guy.

  14. the original bellaluna says:

    I just love Jason Segel! He seems like such a good, goofy guy.

    Yes, they’ve only been dating (that we know of) for 5 months, but they’ve been friends for YEARS.

  15. Ally says:

    I love how Jason involved Matilda in the proposal, if that story is true of course.

  16. midnightmoon says:

    That dress Matilda is wearing is just so exquisite-dainty w/beautiful colors & perfect for her age. An elegant little girl dress. That, folks, is what good taste looks like (to me). It is worrisome if JS has already proposed but I moved in w/my now-hubby after only 3 months. We got engaged after 5 months & married on the 1 year anniversary that we met (July 4). Just celebrated 13th anniversary. Ain’t been easy lemme tell ya but when you know you know. I do think it’s a good match. Only concern-his career is not gonna continue on an upwards swing & hers will last. Good luck to them both…

  17. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    Of course she kept the ring–her daughter may indeed cherish it one day! It seems it is an heirloom from Heath’s family, right? Why is that an issue?

  18. Sean says:

    Wouldn’t you if you were him?

  19. RTR_Girl says:

    Wishing them lots of happiness, if for nothing other than Matilda’s sake. It breaks my heart to think of her growing up without knowing her daddy, and I hope that whatever stepfather she ends up with loves her as his own.

  20. Cazzee says:

    She looks radiant in these photos – happy and in love and in a good space….I hope they get married. He is total husband material!

  21. Onyx XV says:

    I hope this is true. Then she can quit with the whole sickening Noble Widow Ledger schtick. It’s past time to move on, and Jason Segel seems like a great guy to do that with.