Blake Shelton “jokes” about deliberately running over a box turtle: cruel or get over it?

Blake Shelton has a long, well documented drinking and tweeting problem, to the point where his wife Miranda Lambert has called herself a “twittow,” or Twitter widow. (I know, it’s stupid.) Blake’s latest Twitter controversy involves him bragging about running over a box turtle in Oklahoma and wondering aloud if they’re endangered in that state. (From what I could find, they’re not, they’re just threatened depending on the species.) When people tried to call Blake out for harming wildlife he got all defensive and angry, and ultimately tried to claim that he wasn’t even in Oklahoma and was making a joke. Weak. Put down the Barcadi and step away from the Blackberry.

On July 27, Shelton made the odd choice to boast about how he deliberately ran over a turtle with his car:

Does anyone know if the Eastern Box turtle is protected in Oklahoma? If so I didn’t just swerve to the shoulder of the road to smash one…

Not surprisingly, the Twittersphere responded with concern and anger. NPR blogger Barbara J. King replied to Shelton’s tweet, asking if it was a bad joke:

That turtle’s life meant something- was your tweet a bad joke? Why would you be so cruel to a living being?

Shelton, in return, told her to “Shut up...”

After that remark, Shelton was inundated with angry tweets, most of which he flippantly responded to, but later he responded with increasing hostility to a user named @turtlefeed, who was repeatedly tweeting about Shelton’s perceived apathy toward animal life. Sheton wrote:

Hey @turtlefeed. Before u make an even bigger dipshit of urself you should research on how much money I have raised to feed homeless animals,” adding, “Hey @turtlefeed.. I solely have raised over a million dollars in animal rescue/conservation alone… How much have you raised? Oh. Ok. Next!

Watching a Twitter fight between a celebrity and their followers is always simultaneously amusing and depressing, but in a series of tweets, Shelton finally broke down and said he was joking about killing the turtle:

The best part of all of this is that the dumb asses didn’t even look to see that I’m not even in Oklahoma today!! I’m in North Dakota!! Do they even have turtles in North Dakota?!!! God almighty!!! What’s wrong with people?! Get a life!! Get a job!! Get laid!! For once!!!” He later added, “For the last time I didn’t hit a turtle! I haven’t seen a turtle! So please all you turtle freaks go back to eating your boogers!! It’s ok.

Shelton got so much flak, both for his joke and for the way that he responded to critics, that he was finally forced to apologize for having a poor sense of humor:

Ok.. Now that “Turtle-Gate” is over I want to apologize for my ignorant joke.. I never ran over a turtle. It wasn’t even possible.

[From Huffington Post]

I don’t get it. If he didn’t kill a turtle why was he acting like he did until people responded negatively? Sure he likes to hunt, but in my mind that’s different, that’s killing an animal for meat, not just because you can. Although a lot of people do it for sport of course. I never really hunted or understood the appeal of hunting, but I’m a meat eater and am not against it as long as the animal is used for meat.

I live in the country in Virginia, and I’ve “saved” a few box turtles who have wandered onto the road. If you’re driving and there aren’t any other cars around, it’s just the right thing to do to move them to the side. Box turtles don’t hurt anyone, and they’re actually kind of cute. Plus they move slow so it’s easy to rescue them. (I once even “saved” a snapping turtle, although all I really did was stop. The next dude who stopped had big protective gloves and a box and stuff. He was the one who moved it to the other side of the road. There’s no way I would have done that on my own.) I’ve never personally seen anyone swerve to deliberately hit a turtle, although a friend of mine claims to have seen people do it. It just seems like such a stupid, redneck thing to do, nonetheless brag about as if it were funny.

My dad saved this little guy below a couple of years ago, and I took these photos. My son loved this turtle and called him “boxy.” He hung out at my parents’ pond for a little while before he decided to head off into the woods nearby.

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  1. brin says:

    Cruel! Good for you,CB…we do the same. Hubs and I stop the car when we see a turtle in the road and put it safely on the side.

    • corny says:

      He tweets as though he is astute on the level of dipshits…that figures and btw, karma’s a bitch

    • Agnes says:

      cruel! what a douche.

    • Katren says:

      Some people are such dipshits! I just can’t imagine why anyone would do such a stupid thing – like the guy that swerved on the hwy to kill ducklings or the maniac that ran over a swan on his jetski. Its effed up and good on people like you and CB for helping these animals!

      Blake Shelton is an asswipe!

    • Shaz says:

      what a nasty thing to do, and immature as he11

    • Jinx says:

      let me run over that shitty shelton with my truck and tweet the “incident” afterwards.

    • BubbaAng says:

      I live in northern Alberta, Canada and I totally slow down for animals. I have twice seen small beavers (I kid you not), walking/shuffling down our side road. Both times I have never EVER even considered running over these creatures. I cannot agree with anyone who would blatantly kill undefensive animals, especially using a motor vehicle.

  2. marie says:

    To me the bigger question is why is he tweeting and driving, that’s extremely dangerous..

    I personally try to dodge every animal while driving, even squirrels-who at times refuse to move. Blake’s already proved more than once that he’s an idiot and an ass on twitter and needs to leave it alone..

  3. Feebee says:

    Wow, sounds like a whole lot of (twitter) over-reaction from everyone. But my overall impression is Blake Shelton sounds like a dick. I think I’ll leave it at that.

    • carrie says:


    • Tapioca says:

      Was it the “Get a life! Get a job! Get laid!” that gave it away?

      Surely if people weren’t already having rampant sex with their first cousins he wouldn’t have any fans in the first place?

      And his face is too small for his head…

    • Amy says:

      This. “This guy is a dick,” is all I got out of this article.

  4. Riana says:

    I don’t think there’s anything funny about killing any animal period. Seriously, yes people need to hunt. Yes, people will accidentally run over animals. But where’s the humor in known you in your car killed a creature who was just trying to cross the road for kicks? What an ass.

    I’m the kind of person who says a little prayer for any animal I see run over because I know in the end…it hurt them and they likely suffered in great pain before they died. He’s a moron and I’m guessing soon The Voice will tell him to get the hell off Twitter.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      +1 Yesterday at my lunchtime walk, I saw a squirrel who had been run over by a car right by the park. It gave me the sads!
      I’m surprised at all this because I just saw on the Boston Animal Rescue League website that they were auctioning off a guitar signed by Shelton.
      Anyway, only assholes deliberately hurt animals.

      • clumsyme says:

        +2 I was once in car that ran a possum over, my bro-inlaw was driving n he couldn’t swerve cause there was a car on the other side and a car behind him. It was horrible we were so upset. We went back later and burried the possum. He’s an idiot asshole for doing that to such a defenseless animal. Also I’ve always heard that when you run a turtle over they’re shells tear up the tires.

      • iheartjacksparrow says:

        I see a lot of dead opossums in the streets around where I live. I always go back with a plastic bag to get them and take them home and bury them. I have a corner of my back yard where I bury the poor things. I have to pile tons of rocks on the graves or the raccoons will dig up the remains. One time I picked up a baby opossum and carried it home in my hand. Big mistake. My hand smelled like a dead animal for the next couple of days.

      • MB says:

        Iheartjacksparrow: You are an amazing credit to society. What a lovely thing to do. I tip my hat to you!

  5. Guesto says:

    Love the turtle pics! 🙂

    I have no idea who this guy is or if he’s a ‘comedian’ (and too lazy to google) but that he even thinks an admission, even as a joke, of deliberately running over ANY creature speaks volumes about his assholeness.

  6. Snarky says:

    What an ass.

  7. loma says:

    Never liked this guy.

    • Johanna says:

      Neither have I and that goes for his wife too. They act like they’re such tough rednecks with a traumatic past. I saw their behind the music and in fact, she has a close knit family and other than alcohol (she actually takes pride in drinking) she didn’t have any vices to make her so ”hard”.

  8. beyonce's bump says:

    This might be the most ass-enile thing I will read all week. Seriously WTF is wrong with you??? This is no different than some psychotic serial kid in training that burns cats alive for “pleasure”. Why will you deliberately kill another animal for pleasure? SICK!

  9. Bad Irene says:

    Boxy the turtle is super cute! No comment on Blake Shelton, don’t know how or why anyone would hurt an animal just for fun, I am a sap for all things critter. A story on the Daily Mail about a baby gorilla accidentally hanging itself had me in floods of tears yesterday 🙁

  10. Jag says:

    The more he talks, the more I dislike him.

  11. lucy2 says:

    Pretty clear this guy is an a-hole.
    He can brag about raising money all he wants, but I don’t know a single person who truly cares about animal welfare who would joke about INTENTIONALLY running over a turtle, true or not.

  12. Ming says:

    Oh dude. Of all things, he had to come up with “the murder” of a small defenseless cute cute cute cute animal. Publicly.

    Aren’t we all glad the internet justice police busted his ass ?

    *cries forever, face-deskface-deskface-deskface-deskface-desk-twitter-hate, oh why god, oh why, my life, face-desk-face-desk-face-desk*

  13. Naye in VA says:

    It really is a shame that twitter has given celebrities a forum to show how stupid they are.
    Turtles are awesome. I think i would barf if i ever accidentally ran a turtle over. I dont even hit squirrels, which is a real effort out here because…they seem dumber than they used to be.

    • jc126 says:

      I agree. I love turtles. I’ve only ever seen one on the road; we got out and moved him across the street in the direction he was going.
      I hate squirrels, still wouldn’t want to run one over.

      WRT Blake Shelton – weird, unfunny “joke”.

    • Eve says:

      It really is a shame that twitter has given celebrities a forum to show how stupid they are.

      In a way, I see it as a positive thing. Now we know how stupid some of these people are.

      They give us validation to boycott them.

  14. cupidityrox! says:

    What an idiot. I pray you come back as a box turtle in your next life Blake Shelton!

  15. busy ramone says:

    Wow. This makes me sad. I hope he really was just “joking” and still if that is the case he obviously has a pretty shitty personality when he’s drinking.

    I dated a country redneck a few years back and he deliberately swerved to run over a raccoon when I was in the truck with him. I was so upset and he just laughed and laughed and was so friggin proud of himself. There is something very psychologically wrong with someone who behaves that way. WTF Blake, seriously? Do better.

  16. Jayna says:

    It’s obvious this man drinks quite heavily when tweeting; hence, his over-the-top arguing. You can’t argue with a drunk. Case closed.

  17. JudyK says:

    What an A$$wipe! I liked Blake Shelton a lot…now I think he’s an ignorant, arrogant, cruel idiot.

    Lay off the booze, Blake, and off of Twitter (which IMO is just an avenue for narcissistic people to talk about themselves).

  18. flan says:

    Just look at all those exclamation marks. He sounds like a 15 year old internet troll.

    What a dumb idiot. His mother should have gone mommy dearest on his bratty, immature ass a few times, bet he wouldn’t have grown to be such a douche then.

  19. Cathy says:

    That man is a useless piece of trash. Where the hell did he get the idea that it was funny. I see no humor in his “joke” at all.

    Those pictures of Boxy are cute.

    • flan says:

      A typical bully: they enjoy the pain of others, but see how nuts (and self-pitying) he goes when called out.

  20. Cam S says:

    I get the feeling this dude is a prick. Ever since he cheated on his wife, I Just peg him for a douche. I think Miranda caught herself a real good man (sarcasm)
    Why joke about killing a cute little animal? Bet he did smash it

  21. busy ramone says:

    Wow. OK, I was willing to give Miranda a pass on the hunting because she claims to eat what she kills and it’s how she was raised, but this video of her and Blake murdering a baby alligator is inexcusable. I think I’m going to have to pawn her CDs now. :/

    • Katia says:

      Gross! Just the rodeo is sick . I couldnt go further. Is this what rednecks do for fun?

      • busy ramone says:

        You have to watch the whole thing to truly appreciate how evil Blake and Miranda actually are…at one point she giddily exclaims “Blake I got alligator blood on my engagement ring!”

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I’ve never liked either one of them, and I didn’t know about this until now. I now actively dislike them both. (I will not watch the video, but thank you for the link.)

      I’ll add them to my “change the station” list, right up there with ME!Ann.

    • Maggs says:

      omg, I was a Miranda fan until that video! WTF, douche and a lowlife, what a pair

      • flan says:

        Did not know about that either.

        Will never listen to the Douche Pair again.

        That’s the problem when you allow hunting. Some people just hunt for meat, but others use it to make their most sadistic fantasies come true.

    • Katinka says:

      I feel sick now. They’re both disgusting. And she’s so proud of herself? Pure Evil. I kind of bought her image as a sassy-but-nice, one-of-the-guys kind of girl, but THIS! It’s just cruel. and dumb. Exactly like what Blake did. They seem to be a good match. Two ignorant imbeciles having fun killing innocent animals.

  22. chalkdustgirl says:

    There’s just something about a guy who would be deliberately cruel to a living creature minding its own business, um…what’s the word? Loser? Creep? Piece of shti? Hmmm…

  23. Turtle Dove says:

    Cruel and a**hole-ish thing to do. Killing an animal deliberately for fun is the lowest of the low.

    I am not against hunting as long as the animal is going to be consumed and it isn’t for sport. Killing for trophy and amusement is beyond cruel.

    “Put down the Bacardi” is right.

  24. shannon says:

    I grew up in Southeast GA, in the middle of nowhere, and come from full-on redneck roots; I have no problems with hunting (although I don’t indulge). I’m not even a huge animal lover (my cat adopted US lol, not the other way around). Once, when my mom’s car was totaled when a deer ran in front of her tiny car, some dudes in a truck stopped to help. They immediately asked if they could keep the deer, and if she wanted any of the meat from it.

    That being said, my dad still reminds me of the time when I was first driving and came by a turtle that had been hit by a car. I put it in the passenger seat, drove it back home and asked my dad if we could help him or if I should take him to the vet. Of course, he died, but I’ll never forget how horrible I felt seeing him still alive with his broken, bloody shell. Bad joke, man.

    • Isa says:

      We have had a few deer that have been hit by a car. that’s lots of free meat.

      • shannon says:

        LMAO!!! I know, those guys were stoked! My mom told ’em to take it all for helping her, but they brought some of it over later 😀

  25. normades says:

    I love turtles, so harmless and cute. What an ass this man is. He looks so dumb and mean in that first pic with his little beady too closely set together eyes.

    Question: If a turtle’s shell is broken, is there anything you can do to save it’s life?

    • shannon says:

      🙁 the vet told me no, of course this was 20 years ago? I don’t know if that’s changed, but my guess would be no. I don’t swerve not to hit animals (too dangerous, as a police reporter I read of too many people who were seriously injured or killed doing that). But keep an eye out, break, and if I see a turtle trying to make it across the road, I always pull over and carry him (or her) to the other side.

      • Kath says:

        Yes you can save a turtle with a broken shell (depending on where the break is). It was covered in a few animal rescue programs I saw (Australia/UK).

        The answer is fibreglass, apparently, which is used to bond to the shell. Obviously, only a knowledgeable and experienced vet would know how to do it.

        Oh, and there is nothing more disgusting than cruelty to animals. I thought Miranda what’s-her-face was an animal lover, but she and her thick-necked, piggy-eyed husband sound like a pair of dipshit hillbillies. Ugh.

        I can’t seem to go a day without reading some horror story about psychos torturing kittens or shooting puppies.

        Who ARE these people and how do we rid our planet of them???

        Oh, and the rhino population is on the verge of extinction thanks to the morons in Asia who fuel the illegal trade in rhino horn. Thanks assholes. I guess we can wave goodbye to orangutans and lemurs too… Different species, different parts of the world, different causes, same result. Grrr.

    • Katren says:

      I don’t think so because the shell is attached to their spines. So they get to probably slowly die because of a loser like this guy having a laugh 🙁

    • eb says:

      I once picked up a little fellow that had been hit on a hwy in TN. A half and hours drive further down that hwy was the state vet school. They take in any wildlife free! I asked the girl in the ER if he would survive. And she seemed to think so. That they would have to pull his shell back together. Of course his shell wasn’t in a lot of pieces. This was in 06.

    • Katherine says:

      If you find an injured turtle with a cracked shell, look for a wildlife rehabilitator (google “licensed wildlife rehabilitator” and your state). Box turtles are actually pretty resilient creatures and can often recover from seemingly traumatic injuries. They are susceptible to dehydration, though, so if you find one that is injured, get it to a vet or rehabilitator ASAP!

      Also, if you see a box turtle in the road, move it to safety in the direction it was heading, staying safe yourself! They are not aquatic, so don’t put them in the water. And don’t take them home with you or move them too far from where you found them – they live their whole lives in an area about the size of five football fields. 🙂

      Also, one last thing – they will not bite you. They sometimes hiss, but they’re really pretty nice little animals who need our help from time to time.

      Sorry for being a colossal nerd.

      • Jen d. says:

        You’re not a colossal nerd at all. Thanks for putting this useful information out there!

      • Catlady says:

        I rescued a snapper with a broken shell that had been hit by a car and was baking in the hot sun on the shoulder of a highway with his head hanging down out of his shell. I thought he was dead but I turned around and went to check anyway and found he was still alive! I carry a folding carrier in my car and heavy gloves and was able to gently get him in it with no problem. We have a great wildlife rehab where I live and they were able to fix him and eventually release him. I think it is a good idea to have always have a leash, a folding carrier, and welding gloves in your trunk just in case. They come in handy and you may be able to save a life!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        As upsetting as this article is, it’s so reassuring to see how many people have rescued injured animals! It’s heart-warming 🙂

      • Sandy Pandy says:

        I think it’s wonderful how many stop to help animals/turtles too. But Blake – giant dick! Why would he think that was cute/funny to tweet? Why would you do something deliberate like that? And then smash down others about how much $$ you’ve earned for animal rescue? Ew. Asswipe.

      • normades says:

        @ Katherine: That is wonderful information. Nice to know they can be injured and still survive!

  26. “Get over it”??? It’s called animal torture, someone should run over one of his pets and see if he’s still laughing

    • the original bellaluna says:

      How about run over his foot instead? Let’s not punish one of his pets because their person is an idiot.

  27. hoya_chick says:

    The level of celeb journalism on this site is unmatched bar none! I’m not even being sarcastic. Lol love the addition of the picture boxy the turtle. Blake looks like a douche and acts like one too. I don’t know what normal person goes out of their way to run over a poor defenseless animal and then brags about it! Gross. I don’t watch the voice and I defininitely don’t listen to any of his music. The only thing I knew about him was that he is a cheater and now a turtle murderer like someoelse upthread said. Loser.

  28. Katyusha says:

    AH! So that’s what they are!!!

    I was driving down a gravel road a few months ago and saw on of these guys in the the road; I stopped the car and picked him up and put him in the woods. But I didn’t know they were box turtles!

    Unfortunately, I saw the turtle a few days later crushed on the side of the road 🙁

    I’m a turtle saver failure 🙁

    *Celebitchy – I live in the Virginia country too 🙂 which is where I saw this turtle.

  29. Rosie says:

    Thanks for this turtle-friendly post! My god, his sense of humor is appalling. What a jerk. I have a little box turtle living in my yard and I just spotted it yesterday. I feel so lucky it chose my yard to hang out. 🙂 Anyway, no more Blake Shelton for me. In future I will switch stations when he comes on. Which is tough b/c I live in Nth FL where every second radio station is country!

  30. flutters says:

    I don’t think Blake actually ran over a turtle. I think he reacted defensively because there he was thinking he’d made such a funny joke.

    I have more of a problem with the way he handled himself after making the dumb joke. The way he goes after his targets and encourages his fans to do the same seems to me like it’s on the level of cyber bullying.

  31. kitty bye says:

    I love turtles & always try to move a creature out of the road be it a turtle, preying mantis, bird, ray on the beach etc.

  32. TG says:

    He is a bit dipsh*t loser. I always thought he and Miranda were cute together but now I will never like him again and if my man did something like that his a** would be out the door. She is a very weak woman for putting up with that. I won’t tolerate living with a murderer. I hate people who harm animals in such a cruel way. I also hate how people deliberately run over snakes. Bunch of lowlife uneducated idiots. I just think this incident and his subsequent douchey responses shows his character 100%. He is a loser of the first order and deserves his career to be taken from him. And who would joke about such a thing? This idiot did exactly what he said he did.

  33. the original bellaluna says:

    The more he opens his trap, the less I like him. Considering I’ve never particularly cared for him, I can now say I actively dislike him.

    I grew up on a military base (federal land) and EVERYTHING was treated as an endangered species. It only became legal to kill a rattlesnake IF it was threatening you, your family, or your pet when I was a teenager. And you had to call the Game Warden and report it.

    Flash forward to adulthood: I swerve to avoid hitting roadkill! And now that we live in the sticks, I’m swerving to avoid live possums, skunks, feral cats, wild turkeys (who are both DUMB and UGLY – they fly right at your windshield!), and deer (who flit across the highway – it’s like a freakin’ deer crosswalk; oftentimes traffic is completely stopped until they decide which way to go).

    This guy’s an asshole of biblical proportions.

  34. busy ramone says:

    I wonder when he’ll be playing “Snapperfest” in Indiana? It’s sponsored in part by Budweiser, which incidentally is a Bacardi brand.

    The Bacardi habit and his apparent hate for turtles makes him the perfect candidate.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      OhmyGod, busy, that’s actually a thing? Please, no more links! It’s not even 7:30 here yet, and I think breakfast is out of the question today.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ busy- That vid is so upsetting… just SO disgusting. Just another reason to hate Budweiser–I mean beyond their quest to stomp out craft breweries and peddle the worst-tasting *beer* (if you want to call it that) to unassuming consumers. The fact that they advocate torturing animals for fun-shouldn’t surprise me I guess.

    • flan says:

      Thank you, Celebitchy, for having this website, where I can always find more information about what to boycott.

      And thank you, Busy Ramone.

      Will never EVER buy Budweiser again. Don’t know why I did before, as German beer is MUCH better. Will be sure to vilify this brand with my friends. The turtle story for those who care about it, the taste story for the sorry asses who do not. No more Budweiser in my circle.

      And yes, I might be an idiot in many things, but I know how to turn people off from something. Game on.

      • busy ramone says:

        Yeah I’ve been boycotting all Budweiser-owned products since I heard about that a couple of months ago. I posted my intentions on Budweiser’s facebook page and the link explaining why. They of course immediately took it down.

        I would advise going to their website, because there are a few brands they own. Beck’s and Bacardi are owned by them. But there’s better German beer and rum than those two.

        Happy drinking! 🙂

      • flan says:

        Yeah, they might have convinced a bunch of rednecks to drink another beer with their ad there, but was that really worth it?

        Lots of them already drank it, I assume or would not have influenced by those ads at all.

        Yet, I’m sure there will be lots more boycotting for this reason.

  35. TG says:

    Oh and talk about living up to the stereotype. Douche. Murderer.

  36. rosmarina says:

    Blake sounds like exactly the kind of person I don’t want to know.

    What kind of vehicle does,he drive? (read the link…)

  37. Lee says:

    Well, he looks cruel and stupid in those pictures. He seems like just another juvenile, mindless, Nashville product. People should really avoid tweeting unless they are very thoughtful and wise.

  38. annaloo. says:

    A good hunter kills his quarry with a sense of dignity and skill. If you’re killing something to just kill it – not for food, not out of fear/protection but for amusement – then that says something pretty depraved about one’s respect for life.

    Blake Shelton also snuck around on his current wife to get with Miranda. It may be a box turtle, but this is the thinking of someone stuck at 6 years old. His moral character is questionable to say the least.

    • flan says:

      “A good hunter kills his quarry with a sense of dignity and skill. If you’re killing something to just kill it – not for food, not out of fear/protection but for amusement – then that says something pretty depraved about one’s respect for life. ”

      Well said. That’s also why I hate Donald Trump Junior, the smug elephant killer. Especially sad since that skinny loser would not even win a fair fight against any normal man, let alone against an elephant.

      They’re only ‘tough’ when they have a car or gun, those disgusting men.

      No, not men. Weak little boys.

  39. MsLib says:

    Major A-hole!
    Love the pics of Boxy.

    You should NEVER swerve your car to miss an animal. Break if there is no one behind you and slow down as much as you can to give the animal a chance.

    Sometimes it just isn’t possible to avoid the animal say a prayer for the critter’s soul.

  40. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    I’m deleting his music from my collection – funny how his initials are BS.. seems fitting.

  41. Dragonlady sakura says:

    Stupid joke. I accidentally ran over a turtle once and I felt so bad the entire day. Then I hoped it went to turtle heaven. All creatures are here for a reason.

  42. Carrie says:

    Blake Shelton is an ignorant piece of shit. He finds joking about killing and/or torturing animals funny. Im sure the thought of that turtle lying there slowly dying put a big smile on his dumb face. He’s a sadastic narcissist. He didn’t kill the animal for food, he killed it just because it was there. Cruel.

    • Jaxx says:

      I’ve heard of rednecks say you are supposed to scream ten points when you hit something. Nice, huh?

  43. Jordan says:

    He is a douche. I don’t see where the joke is in his first tweet and his explanation makes even less sense. They say a sign of alcoholism is when it starts affecting your work. Given the number of people saying they will not support him anymore, I’d say his drinking has taken a turn towards alcohol abuse. I see him in rehab and/or on TMZ for a DUI/DWI in the future, hopefully he won’t destroy any other being’s (human or otherwise) life on the way.

  44. dlc says:

    there is something wrong with that man.

  45. Turd Fergussen says:

    Unconscionable. Because of my work with animal shelters and rescues, I (unfortunately) read every single day about animal abuse, and it never fails to break my heart. I don’t understand people. If I were the last living person on earth, but could be surrounded by some dogs and cats, a few horses, and hell, a turtle, I’d be just fine.

    And I hope a turtle bites Blake Shelton in his hillbilly dick one day.

  46. eric says:

    I had a box turtle as a pet long time ego, best pet I ever had. I hope Karma is as kind to this redneck as he was to the turtle.

  47. Sabrine says:

    He’s a cruel, sadistic and obviously very immature human being. So his wife is happy being married to someone who is abusive and cruel to animals? I’m not a fan of this POS but I know people who are and loving animals as much as I do, they won’t be for long.

  48. mayamae says:

    I read an article about an experiment on this subject on MSN/MSNBC the other day. A surprisingly large amount of people deliberately run over animals. The experiment was conducted with fake animals and I don’t remember the statistics but I was appalled.

    I’m one of those fools who will be killed avoiding an animal. I actually scream and cover my eyes – it’s a reflex that I haven’t been able to stop.

    I’m from the midwest originally and unfortunately I’ve run over every smaller animal except a dog (thank God). I cried for a couple of hours after I killed a cat – a reason why my cats will always be inside cats. I’ve been in the Atlanta area for 5 years and there is a generalized lack of respect for animals that is very sad. On the other hand, the bastard known as Michael Vick was pretty much run out of town. Like one newscaster said, “You can beat your wife in the U.S. but not your dog”. An exaggeration of course but you get the point.

    • Isa says:

      You have to stop doing that! Very dangerous. I was driving my car with my two month old baby and dear mother when I spotted a deer on the side of the road. I slowed down as much as I could. There was an 18 wheeler coming from the other direction. If I reacted like you did things wouldn’t have turned out the way it did.
      The stupid deer (yea they’re pretty but they’re still stupid) ran into the side of my car. It bounced off, put a dent in my door, but no one got hit by the 18 wheeler.
      Staying calm is the best thing you can do. I hope youre able to stop that reflex soon!

      • mayamae says:

        I’ve really tried. I’m not this way in any other situation. I’m a nurse and pretty calm in most situations.

        The only time I didn’t freak out actually turned out to be a miracle. I was driving to work in the middle of the night on a winding road, it was snowing and I had rear wheel drive at the time (sounds fake I know). I had finally built up speed and when I reached the top of the hill there were 2 adult deer running towards me in my lane. I froze but honked my horn hard. Amazingly the two deer split up and ran in opposite directions. I think we all would have died and if I’d slammed on my brakes I would have ended up totalled in a ditch. I guess it proved to me that God does look out for fools.

  49. Billy says:

    He’s a hick.

  50. Memphis says:

    Well we can now add turtles to the growing list of ‘things that hate Blake Shelton.’

  51. grayze says:

    It’s kind of fascinating to me to read these comments. I grew up in boondock-Appalachia, and my father was the same way growing up – it was literally a point of pride to swerve to hit a small animal in the road, or to throw your trash out the window of a car, and if you didn’t do those things you were treated like you were “weak” or “effeminate” or “softhearted” (see those connotations there?). There’s an insularity in some areas where no one could ever conceive of something like this as “wrong,” which is sad, and it always made me just as sick as this does.

    • mayamae says:

      It’s unfortunate that country music fans probably don’t give a shit and I’m sure his career will go on as usual.

      Of course – criticize George W. Bush and you get death threats and deliberate attempts to ruin your career.

      Strange people. I live amongst them but will never understand. I think you have to be “born country” to have that mindset.

      • Jules says:

        And why exactly do you have to be ‘born country’ to have that mindset? I would say there is clearly no shortage of bigotry against southerners. When Michael Vick got in trouble for abusing dogs, would you have said ‘well I guess you have to be born black to have that mindset’? Somehow I doubt it…or maybe you would considering your comments about southerners…I’ve lived in the south for decades and have never seen a single person harm an animal for fun. Just because one person commented that they grew up with a trashy father that likes to hurt animals and litter does not mean that is the experience of the rest of us. I’m sure there are no cruel people in New York City that litter, right? Sorry I had to respond because I just can’t take the hypocrisy any more.

  52. Samigirl says:

    I hope he really was joking. There is nothing funny about running over a defenseless creature. The damn turtle isn’t even fast enough to move out of the way. My husband gets sooooo irritated with me because I make him stop to move turtles out of the road. I can’t help it though! They’re so cute! We had one that tried to escape his cage allllll the time. My sister painted his shell with nail polish, so I think that’s why he always wanted to leave. We were kids…didn’t really know better. The day we came home from school and discovered he finally escaped his cage was a very sad day for us. I miss that thing 🙂

  53. TG says:

    I grew up in Appalachia where people would deliberately run over snakes and god knows what other animals. Once I was walking on the road and a big rattle snake was crossing and the neighbors saw it and deliberately ran over it. I was so appalled and still am to this day 20 some years later. That is why I live in the DC area now can’t stand to live near people who think tying up a dog in the yard is okay. I also once saw the most goregeous rattle snake that had been run over near my house. I have never seen one that big and fat in the wild. It was beautiful. I am not afraid of snakes but have a healthy respect for them and would never harm them let a lone a turtle. God I hate losers. Blake Shelton is a loser. Can’t believe there are people out there like that. Hope one day we can move out of the dark ages.

    • grayze says:

      Yep, I commented on this just a bit upthread. Glad to know I’m not alone!

      • TG says:

        Yes, your comment made me think of my own experiences. I wasn’t trying to steal a march on you. I almost always acknowledge a previous commenter, but forgot in this case. As you probably know this issue is a hot button one for me and I am enraged that this man is getting away with this. I just don’t understand the underlying meanness of some people and how that is accepted in our society. People like Blake are one reason I don’t listen to country music anymore. And as you are probably very aware there is some backwards thinking in that area. Not everyone of course, but my experiences with how animals are treated took me years and years to recover from and one reason I rarely ever go back for a visit.

  54. Metry says:

    Years ago on vacation, some friends and I were playing mini golf. There was an adorable baby frog right next to the hole. I went to pick it up and put it into the swampy area by the water feature, but my friend grabbed me and said it would pee on me. I said I would wash my hands, no big deal. Before I could bend down again, one of the boys hauled off with his club like we were at a real golf course and hit the poor little thing with all his might. Then he laughed and high-fived some of the other boys. I was livid. I started raging and crying, and finally walked back to the hotel. It was disgusting. I still get sick thinking about it. And I snuggle my two rescue chihuahuas a little tighter when I read about people like that.

    • TG says:

      Your story is so sad and that is one reason I don’t like boys very much. They get encouraged to chase after the ducks and geese and raise sticks at animals. I know not all boys/men are bad but I don’t like how that is encouraged. The thing people don’t think about is energy is a very important thing in nature. We don’t have to think twice about conserving energy if we get hungry we just walk to the fridge or pick up the phone to order a pizza. But for animals every ounce of energy is important for survival so when you chase them you cause them to waste valuable energy that is needed for survival whether it be to outrun a predator or chasing down their next meal even for the vegetarian animals. I hate Blake Shelton and his wife for marrying such a loser. He is scum of the earth. And as people said I don’t care if he was in China when he made the “joke” just the thought that he thinks that is funny is equal to actually doing it. I believe 100% that he did it, has done it in the past and will do it again.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Metry-Oh man..that is such a disturbing story. I grew up by the ocean and kids used to feed alka seltzer pills to segulls which made their stomachs burst 🙁
        Here in the city, people torture, maim and generally mistreat pigeons.
        It’s very upsetting to see how some people disregard certain animals. An animal is an animal, whether it’s your dog or a sewer rat, it’s still a living thing that should be respected.

        @TG- “But for animals every ounce of energy is important for survival so when you chase them you cause them to waste valuable energy that is needed for survival.”
        SUCH a good point-never really thought about that. I do get mad at the kids that chase pigeons in the city mainly because it just seems cruel and disruptive to the poor little things.

      • flan says:

        I also don’t like the way some boys love to to hurt animals.

        Let them bash each other with clubs, see how they like it.

    • Metry says:

      To this day, I still want to throw up when I think about it. It turned out to be one of those pivotal life moments where I realized that I didn’t have to be friends with them, just because our parents were friends. I don’t see them except the occasional, accidental run-in. From what I’ve heard, the boy (now man) is addicted to painkillers and was arrested for DWI while his infant son was in the car with him. That’s not meant to be a “So, there!” statement, because it’s awful, but it’s just facts. I didn’t believe it until I read it in the paper. Sometimes I think some people have a selfish/cruelty “thing” that drives them. Animals and children make easy targets, I guess.

      • TG says:

        @Metry – I understand you completely. I went to South America (Peru and Chile, Argentina) 15 years ago and the things I saw were so devasting that it took me at least 10 years to get over it. I basically spent my entire 3 months buying dog food and running around neighborhoods trying to feed as many dogs as I could. I still will never visit a 3rd world areas because I know they have no regard for animal welfare. That’s why I don’t like going to any 3rd world areas in the US either. I have to live in progressive areas where people treat their dogs like family. Even to this day I sometimes remember the atrocities I witnessed as a kid in appalachia. But for my mental health I try not to think too much about it, other than to remember I never want to go back.

      • Metry says:

        TG, I don’t think I’ve ever really considered how animals are treated in third world countries. I shudder to think of what you’ve seen and can only imagine how it haunts you.

      • Kath says:

        I’ve always wanted to see the Chinese countryside, but I know I will never go, simply because I cannot deal with the way animals are treated. The horror stories I’ve heard… (dog meat, bear bile farms, live monkeys etc.) Ditto in Vietnam.

        Even in Hong King you have to avoid the ‘wet’ markets (shudder).

        I hoped that Chinese development would change the attitude towards animals, and in the biggest cities that may be starting to happen, but it’s actually made the illegal trade in endangered animals WORSE because more people can afford to buy it for ‘medicinal’ reasons. ARRRGH!

        And yes, before anyone comments about the way animals are treated in the west, I agree. Hence, I’ve been a veggo for 20 years…

  55. Cheryl says:

    What an ass! I rescued a dying hatchling a year ago. She is an Eastern Box Turtle and I named her Roxy. I still have her and treat her like a princess. I live in NC and we have EBT’s all over the place. I’ve rescued probably 2 dozen in the roads. It isn’t even funny to joke about killing these beautiful creatures.

  56. DD says:

    If he’d said snapping turtle I would have clapped for him. If you’ve ever seen baby ducks with no feet, you’d know what I mean. But, a box turtle is the sweetest thing ever.

  57. JFS61 says:

    Anytime you pick up a turtle trying to cross the road, make sure you take it over to the side of the road it was trying to cross to. Turtles have a strong sense of direction, and once started, will continue to keep going in that direction regardless. So if you pick it up and put it back on the side of the road it came from, it will simply turn around and try to go back across the road in the direction it was heading.

  58. paranormalgirl says:

    “The best part of all of this is that the dumb asses didn’t even look to see that I’m not even in Oklahoma today!!”

    * * * *

    Why should they look to see where his pathetic ass is? He SAID he did it, so why would people question it or assume such a horrible thing would be a joke? He’s the dumbass.

  59. JudyK says:

    Actually, I first realized Blake Shelton was a moron when he couldn’t even get the lyrics right to the first verse of “America the Beautiful.” I find that inexcusable at a public event.

    It’s “above the fruited plain”…NOT “plains.” Eight little lines…pathetic.

    By the way, I stop for turtles, squirrels, and any other kind of animal in the road instead of attempting to make them a target. It speaks volumes about the kind of person he is that (1) he would do it; and/or (2) find it humorous.

  60. Deven says:

    This SOB should be treated exactly the same way as he treats everything that isn’t him. I’ll be the first to volunteer to crush the life out of him.

  61. Thea says:

    Is Blake and Miranda not the ones that hunt deer and etc? And put the deer heads in their cabin in Oaklahoma? Someone should take his Twitter away. In fact 90 percent of these celebrities because they actually end up showing their ignorance, get in flame wars, and end up eating humble pie.

  62. Catlady says:

    Donating to the cause of homeless animals does not justify the intentional killing of an innocent creature. He’s an asshole and no animal organization should allow him within miles of them after this debacle. What’s next from Mr. Shelton? He’ll probably use the N word and then justify it by saying “I have lots of black friends…”

  63. Karen says:

    I guess Mr. Shelton is a part of the six percent…
    Roadkill Experiment Shows That Six Percent of Drivers Are Sadistic Animal Killers

  64. Palefire says:

    F this guy. Creep. I HATE people that hurt or pick on animals!

  65. JudyK says:

    Just watched part of that video about Miranda Lambert supporting and attending rodeos that kill, wound, and maim young calves and horses and part of her joy-killing baby alligator video. I’m now sick to my stomach.

    Stupidity obviously seeks its own level: Miranda and Blake deserve each other. They are both a couple of cruel, redneck hicks…oh, and I’m from Oklahoma.

  66. Kelly says:

    I have always found both him and his wife to be quite repulsive. This does not surprise me. They’re both gross and it’s a shame they are held in such high esteem in country music. They’re both trash in my opinion.

  67. Crystal says:

    He’s an ass.

  68. Dahlia1947 says:

    He can joke about it, thinking he’s being funny, but no, he’s still an a*shole. A cheater and an animal abuser. Miranda’s got a winner.

  69. e.non says:

    he ran over that turtle — and prolly a few more.
    it’s such an odd topic, that there’s no way he was joking.

  70. Onyx XV says:

    No idea who he is, but what a freaking moron.

  71. Amy says:

    I never really liked Blake Shelton, he always seemed like a creep to me. I don’t even know any of his songs (but then I don’t listen to much country music, since I’m a NYC metropolitan area suburbanite). This gives me an excuse to not like him officially!

    We once found a turtle in my backyard! Or rather, my dog found it and was terrifying the poor thing. The dog would not let us near it, because he thought it was “his.” We saw it once more after that–my guess was it had wandered over from the nearby pond behind my house.

    As for killing animals–my father once accidentally killed a rabbit in our backyard. You have to know my dad takes gardening very seriously and every summer animals just love to feast on his herbs/flowers/tomatoes which we finally gave up on. So it frustrates him to no end since we have an overabundance of wildlife. One day a rabbit was hanging out and my dad wanted to scare it so he threw a rock at it, hoping it would hop away. Instead, the rock landed right on the rabbit, instantly killing it. My dad felt HORRIBLE about it and learned his lesson–no more rock throwing at animals!

  72. TTT says:

    Blake Shelton looks like white trash, so this is not too surprising.

  73. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Wow, I feel bad for his fans. This guy is not only a complete dick but he himself has no sense of humor. Impressive how defensive right away. Shows you what kind of bubble celebrities live in everyday. I bet if he told this to his in crowd they would have laughed and told him how smart and witty he was.

  74. faye says:

    Idk who this guy is.

  75. Diana says:

    I liked Shelton on “The Voice” last season…he seemed really laid-back and good-humored. Apparently he’s also a dick.

  76. Jennifer12 says:

    I always thought Blake Shelton was really sexy….. until he opened his mouth. Joking or not, he’s weird as hell and does NOT come off well. Wish he’d shut up and stay pretty.

  77. Anon says:

    Oh hell, don’t be running over any Box Turtles now–if you see one crossing somewhere–sign it is going to rain. And Lord knows, we could use the rain just about anywhere in the country.
    Nothing funner as a kid than having Box Turtle races at the fair. Poor Blake must have missed that in his younger years. 😉

  78. apsutter says:

    This information is all you need to decipher that he is not a good man. I would never be friends or have anything to do with someone who deliberately hurts animals. Can’t wait till this drunken assholes career is over.

  79. CT says:

    I’m pretty sure you don’t have to be a drunk to be a redneck Republican douche nozzle. This is why Cons are such natural racists and war mongers. They’re so in love with cruelty and violence.

  80. MB says:

    This so-called “man” and his equally disgusting wife deserve each other. He definitely killed that turtle (its too random a comment to have been a joke) and he isnt genuinely sorry about it at all. My conclusion is that he has a miniscule penis.

  81. fancyamazon says:

    This guy is obviously a complete jerk…worse, actually. Running over an animal is sometimes unavoidable, but should never be the subject of jokes. Why would running over something with your car that can seriously not make any attempt to get away be funny, real incident or not. I think I may go look him up on twitter just to tell him so.

    I have heard of people running over boxes of kittens and puppies, which breaks my heart, but the most cruel thing I have ever been close to witnessing happened while I was in junior high.

    there was a seasonal soft-serve ice cream bar (also hot dogs and such, still a great place, btw) close to my house. I used to walk there sometimes with friends or alone. There was a house that the people had gone away on vacation and a bird had set up nest in the mailbox, and the eggs had hatched. I used to hear them when I walked by, and sometimes saw the mama bird, none too happy with how close I got just walking by the mailbox on the road. One day when I walked by the baby birds had all been smashed to bits underneath the mailbox. No matter what the breed of birds, all the stupid people had to do was call wildlife control and they would have done something to help them get their mail AND save the little birdies. People (as a species, not individually) are stupid and cruel and selfish. Sometimes we make me cry.

    • Jaxx says:

      I don’t know whether this will make you feel better or worse. I once had a bird house where I used to peek in on the babies after they hatched. One day I went out there and the babies were all smashed practically flat. I was irate wondering what could have happened. We figured out a snake hat gotten into the box. But why I wailed would it just smash the babies instead of eating them? My husband said, “Ahem, honey, it ate the mama. Oh, how I cried over thinking of that brave mama defending her babies to the very end.

      Your mailbox babies may have gone the same way. My box had a hole for the snake to crawl out. I am assuming the mailbox was open at one end and the snake probably scattered the babies as it was slithering it’s mean bird eating self out.

      So, it may not have been human beings at all. Nature is not always kind either.

  82. mandalala says:

    I once stopped on a parkway (speed limit was 45 but people always did 60 or so on it), and a cop pulled over. I asked him if it was illegal to stop and he said no, just wanted to make sure I was safe, and then pulled out into the road to block anyone coming so I could get the turtle to the safe side of the road. I thought that was really cool. And I needed it, I was wearing my 4 inch heels, so I probably moved just a bit faster than the turtle!

  83. Ginevra123 says:

    Senseless cruelty to animals is a sign of a deeply disturbed person. this is about more than some drunk redneck acting like a d*ck. I mean this is a trait that is common among people who turn out to be psychopaths, serial killers, or who have severely traumatic childhoods — people who have no understanding or respect for life at all. The fact that he was supposedly joking about it does not matter to me. There is something not quite right about someone who would run over a turtle for fun.

  84. crtb says:

    Wont be watching his show ever again!

  85. Kate says:

    KARMA will visit you MORON!

  86. Tvcon says:

    Someone needs to tell him to kill his twitter feed. He’s no longer funny and one day he’s going to mouth off and get what’s coming to him.

  87. What a jagoff. He should be put in prison.

  88. Bodhi says:

    I found (Ok, my big dog found) a HUGE box turtle in our yard. My dad come over to help move it over to the river by the house. Annnd my dad fell down the bank & bashed his head on some rocks. George was ok though

  89. Denise says:

    It’s official, Cele|bitchy has the coolest readers ever. I thought I’d see a bunch of posts defending this turd, but nope. Not a single one. I always thought I was uncommon in my sensitivity and kindness towards animals, but I am so glad to see that pretty much everyone here feels the same way. What a great way to start the day. Faith in humanity restored!

    • Kath says:

      At the risk of making a massive over-generalisation… I would hazard a guess that 99% of the people commenting here are female.

      OF COURSE lots of males love animals as much as anyone (my dad included), but I have known a disturbing number of young boys who do the ‘pull wings off flies’ or ‘burn ants with a magnifying glass’ thing. Can’t say I’ve ever met a girl who did that.

      And I’ve met far too many grown men who pride themselves on their hatred of cats and love joking about shooting them.

      Most big game hunters are also men (no doubt with tiny penises – ala Donald Trump’s repulsive sons).

      You get the idea… My #1 criterion for choosing a ‘male companion’ is kindness to animals. That to me is the indicator of a so-called ‘real man’.

      Anyway, sorry for all the long posts!

  90. Jaxx says:

    I have never hit anything on the road in my life and would feel awful if I did. Many times though I have slowed down to let a squirrel and dog or cat make up his mind to get across the road. It has always been incredibly easy to avoid hitting something in the road.

    So when I see many animals in the middle of the road I can only assume there are many people who hit them on purpose. Especially when it is on a residential street where you are already going slow. This just makes me sick. But yes, there are people who not only would not swerve out of the way to avoid hitting something–they actually swerve so they CAN hit something. Very bad karma is all I can say. And sick in the soul.

  91. mmhmm says:

    EW. He’s a creep to do something like that. And then he BRAGS about it? Then he goes and insults anyone who challenges him- because of course anyone who criticizes him MUST be a jobless, life-less, booger-eating, lonely loser right? Your true colors are showing, Blake, and they’re ugly.

    CB- kudos to you for rescuing those turtles! <3 It restores my faith in humanity to know that there are people like you to cancel out some of the bad *COUGH* like Blake Shelton types *COUGH*. Cute pics! 🙂

  92. Ella says:

    Whether he killed a turtle or just publicly joked about killing a turtle he’s equally lame. And then boasting about raising a million dollars and telling his fans to “get laid for once?” What a loser.

  93. Sara says:

    What an ass.

    People who kill defenseless animals are the biggest jerks. Why not punch a baby while you’re at it?

    I used to live in Kansas and sometimes we’d find box turtles and keep them as temporary pets. My Mom always made us let them go after a couple of days but they are really cute and harmless. It was always fun to watch them eat. They’d try to take these really big bites of vegetables. It was adorable.

  94. may says:

    Animal abuse is no joke at all.

  95. LeslieM says:

    Come on! He was just kidding! I live in Florida and I pull over with my children to get turtles out of the road. He was just making a redneck comment. I think his “Get laid, get a job,” comment is hilarious when you read it in it’s entirety. I can hear him saying that with that country voice of his!

  96. John says:

    All you guys just leave Blake alone!!!!!!!!