Britney’s flash-in-the-pan JR Rotem doesn’t need to be such a poser

Poor Britney has no continuity in her life apart from late nights and public foibles. She recently dumped Paris as her new BFF, or maybe Paris did the dumping after Britney failed to learn the art of subtle vag exposure. Page Six reported that their friendship is over, and it seems to be true as they haven’t been photographed together in some time.

Britney was photographed earlier in the week making out with music producer JR Rotem who quickly made the rounds of Hollywood hotspots like Hyde (where he was denied) and high profile lunch spot The Ivy. He hasn’t been seen out with Britney again since, but he may be playing it cool and waiting to see her until a week or so passes. Everyone rolls their eyes when they see Rotem’s picture or check out his myspace because he looks like a complete wannabe.

Despite looking like a tool, Rotem is actually quite accomplished. I looked him up back when people were confusing him with the then-unknown manny Perry, and he really is as successful as he tries to make it seem. He produced hit tracks for Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, and 50 Cent, and has a great reputation in the business.

Having earned enough success to make posing unnecessary and kind of self-defeating, Rotem does it anyway. He went to Koi last night with young blondes Ashley Tisdale and Hayden Panettiere and was quick to tell waiting paparazzi about their upcoming albums.

K-Fed knows about Britney’s new relationship with Rotem as he promptly removed him from his top 20 friends on myspace once the news broke.

Britney is still partying up a storm. She was seen out in a see-through top and ripped little skirt with crap spilled on it this week. Her hair looks better after she dyed her extensions back to a caramel blonde color.

Britney went to a burlesque club on Wednesday night. She’s wearing underwear again but couldn’t stand all the clothing and had to take off a weird half-shirt with feathers she was wearing to sit around in her bra. Maybe her shirt was itchy, just like her pants that first time she hung out with Paris in Vegas.

Last night she couldn’t even start her car after hitting the clubs.

Well, if she does get back with Rotem it seems like they’re well suited for each other. They both have a lot of success at a young age and seem lack the practical sense to carry it off with any kind of dignity.

Here’s Britney out on Wednesday night. Pictures from Breathe Heavy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is that a bra with feathers on it??


  2. Toubrouk says:

    I couldn’t care less about what moron Britney date or marry; I just hope I will not hear him singing!

  3. RaeJillian says:

    Actually, that in ‘sitting around in her bra’ pic she still has the feathers, that is the back of that awful feather shirt. Oh, and she has worn it before I am almost 100% sure, working my ass off to find a pic of the last time.

  4. lyric says:

    This guy may have a job but his attitude appears to be like K-Fed’s.