Of course Rosie is apologizing “for real” now

After Rosie and her hack’s haughty refusal to admit that it was mean to mock asians in sing-song gibberish, her inevitable “oh yeah, I was wrong” apology seems fake and forced. She said that she asked her asian hair and makeup person, who obviously cannot work miracles, if it was wrong to use that “Ching Chong” crap, and the woman said that it’s the oldest trick in the book and she heard it when she was a kid.

After running a clip of the offending segment, which originally ran Dec. 5, she said, “This apparently was very offensive to a lot of Asian people. So I asked Judy, who’s Asian and works here in our hair and makeup department. I said, ‘Was it offensive to you?’ And she said, ‘Well, kinda. When I was a kid people did tease me by saying ching-chong.’

“So apparently ‘ching-chong,’ unbeknownst to me, is a very offensive way to make fun, quote-unquote, or mock, Asian accents. Some people have told me it’s as bad as the n-word. I was like, really? I didn’t know that.”

O’Donnell said that her joke was “never intended to hurt anyone, and I’m sorry for those people who felt hurt or were teased on the playground,” but added that in the future, “there’s a good chance that I’ll do something like that again … Not on purpose.”

If someone were to mock gay people with a limp wrist and lisp, would it be ok if they said they had no clue, and that uh, apparently, it’s offensive? No, Rosie should have fessed up right away and not had her rep initially that say no one got her dumbass humor. At least she’s apologizing now, but it seems less than sincere.

Here’s what asian activist Angry Asian Man says about Rosie’s apology:

It’s a joke. The entire thing is played for laughs, like it was no big deal—a case of some offended people overreacting. Elisabeth Hasselback leads in with this bit about what sounds like acupuncture, and they give some background about what happened (replaying the original clip). Rosie does this whole, “Oh, I had no idea about your pain” thing. Listen as the audience is completely incredulous when they find out that saying “ching chong” is apparently offensive to some Asian people out there. Sorry to burst your bubble. Though you had it all in check, huh? Of course, this whole apology is completely negated by the fact that O’Donnell goes on to say, “Hey, I still think it was funny!” and encourages everyone to still laugh along with her about the whole thing. But the part that infuriates me the most is when Joy points to two Asian women in the audience who are nodding in agreement. I guess if these two women say it’s okay, it must be cool! Oh, it hurts. Betrayed by two of our own, on national television. What a pathetic excuse for an apology.

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16 Responses to “Of course Rosie is apologizing “for real” now”

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  1. Mary Mack says:

    They (i.e. ugly bitches) must be testing the waters. At first, I thought she was baiting the Asians out of support for Michael Richards obviously racist use of the N word. With her nonapology, she’s pretty much showing that she doesn’t think Asians are due equal courtesy hence she had no idea that racist slurs were wrong in any way with regard to being used against Asians. How awesome, me gonna hate Rosie loooong time for this.

  2. Mr. T says:

    Rosie’s apology is too late and too limp. She’s ready to jump down the throat of anyone doing any gay bashing or purse stealing. Rosie’s got a big fat mouth and a teeny tiny brain to match. Me thinky Rosie stinky!

  3. phin says:

    Wait the limp wrist and lisp bit ain’t cool?

    I guess I’d best start writing letters of appology. I’ll be back about this time next year.

    Who knew?

    Damn you Rosie O’Donnell and your homophobic baiting ways.

  4. Wendy says:

    What a truly lame and thoughtless apology/excuse. Rosie, you’re a jerk.

  5. Someone says:

    You know, people make stupid mistakes like that all the time, but I totally agree that her “apology” wasn’t what it should have been. She barely squeezed in the “I’m sorry” in there!

  6. Viv says:

    I love Angry Asian Man. =)

  7. Carson says:

    If K-Fed-ex appeared on The View and farted on national television it would be more sincere than ROSA O.D.’s “apology”

    Honestly Rosa, why don’t you just quit TV!!!

    The left side of my monitor doesn’t work because my pixels refuse to show the image of Rosa O.D.

    If the devil had a fat hated kid, Rosa would be it.

    If Osama Bin Laden didn’t exist Rosa would be the most hated person in the planet.

    I am willing to pay out of my own pocket a full paid vacation for Rosa to the country of her choice.

    a) North Korea (with a sign that says “Kim sux”
    b) Iran (with a sign that says “I love America”)
    c) Iraq (without U.S. protection)

    Sorry people I had to vent out.

  8. Gigohead says:

    Rosie needs to apoligize for just appearing on TV early day. IN FACT: There should be a “black box” warning at the start of each show.

  9. kailie2 says:

    It’s amazing that someone who claims to be so progressive and tolerant can do something so lame. The worst part is that she still doesn’t see why it was wrong in the first place. Karmic payback for the Ripa comment?

  10. JL says:

    I’m Chinese American, and you know what? *Yawn* Many people say “ching chong” under their breaths, many people have the most oh-so-wonderful thoughts for me, a handful of people may even want to kill me for being who I am. But they don’t need to apologize — anything less than jumping off a cliff is cheap. I already know, and I don’t give a shit.

    An apology isn’t gonna change a damn thing. Like Michael Richards, she showed her true colors, which is really preferrable to me anyway. Let her be ignorant, let her be arrogant, just let her be. The whole world will leave her behind.

  11. Viv says:

    If Asians were to let it roll off their back, what’s to keep her and everyone else from pushing even further? She needs to know that what she said is untolerable and it’s unfortunate her inflated ego cannot comprehend that. Sure, it may have been a false apology, but it was a necessary one.

  12. kids says:

    kids are going to say this without expecting any American adult to intervene against them


    kids are going to have this said to them without the expectation that any American adult will intervene on their behalf and that they DESERVE it for being Chinese and that this is NATURAL

    ODonnell is dead meat for this

  13. Brett says:

    God this bitch needs a serious PR makeover. How many “apologies” have been issued this year that aren’t actually apologies? “I’m sorry if you were offended” is NOT a fucking apology. It’s like saying “I’m sorry if you didn’t want me to punch you in the face”. Which is what someone should do to this bitch. And Mel Gibson. And that guy from Seinfeld.

    Sorry for the rant, but I used to kinda like Rosie. No more: she’s a cow.

  14. Randi says:

    I hate Rosie but I’m getting more than a little sick of people acting as though these tasteless comments are such a huge deal. When did what you say become more important than what you do? And when did we lose freedom of speech?

  15. Whatever says:

    So when she likens Christians to murderous terrorists, there’s nothing to apologize for, and anyone who was offended is overreacting, but this gets an immediate apology?

    Typical left-wing hypocrisy.
    Rosie is an unfunny, bitter suckbag.

  16. Toubrouk says:

    I would had more respect for Rosie if she just had said: “I am a bitch, just sue me”.