“LeAnn Rimes’s face is numb, and she won’t stop tweeting about her teeth” links

LeAnn Rimes keeps tweeting about her teeth. Her face is numb, apparently. [Hollywood Rag]
Us Weekly is super-proud of themselves for the Twihard Meltdown. [Wonderwall]
Emma Stone + Cameron Crowe = Too much cuteness? [ICYDK]
Fiona Apple’s Hollywood show as awesome, apparently. [PopBytes]
Sarah Palin talks about motherhood and it’s not awful. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Review of Celeste & Jesse Forever (that Andy Samberg movie). [Moe Jackson]
BABY GOAT!! I repeat, BABY GOAT! [CityRag]
Amber Heard is a Guess Girl. [IDLYITW]
Miley Cyrus keeps tweeting photos of herself. [Amy Grindhouse]
Dear Jay-Z: pull up your pants. Or just buy new pants. [INFDaily]
This post is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. [Gawker]
David Arquette is bringing the hotness lately. [Celebs]
Fast food chains are targeting pot smokers. Obviously. [Limelife]
Bret Michaels is no longer engaged to that chick no one cared about. [Life & Style]
Bravo is trying to shut down Alex McCord. [Reality Tea]
Rosanne Barr is going to be roasted. [Seriously OMG WTF]
Oprah’s OWN is getting better ratings. [Bitten & Bound]
Katy Perry’s dress looks like a 4-year-old’s craft project. [Starpulse]

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  1. marie says:

    and so is her brain..

  2. Macey says:

    If LR didnt constantly do her hyena pose for her paid paps with her mouth open all the time maybe she wouldnt get all these infections. Srsly, what is up with all her dental work? and asking fans to pray for her b/c of a root canal? what a freaking pathetic, attention starved nut job she is.

  3. Johanna says:

    I think it’s time your links open new windows vs leaving your site.

    Anyways, really enjoyed that Fiona Apple link 🙂

  4. Hotpockets says:

    Despite all the obnoxious things Leanne Rimes is capable of..her smile and facial expressions are the worst things about her.

    I hate the ones with her mouth dropped open like she is beyond happy, all I can think is, “NEAHHHHHHHH”

  5. Jayna says:

    Who would purposely pose with such a bizarre head-back, wide-open-mouthed pose? It’s so unattractive and just weird that she released her vow renewal photo to the mags like that.

    • Samantha says:

      I hate to criticize people’s looks and have tried really hard to abstain with Ms. Rimes but I agree, it is such an unflattering way to pose for anyone. Especially when she is dissemination the photos to every news source that she can. I think that she believes that it makes her look happy, but really it just makes her look like she is laughing maniacally and trying really hard to appear happy.

    • Marianne says:

      That first pic looks like she has plans to take over the world, and Eddie is going “Yeah…she’s crazy”.

  6. Europe/ Amsterdam says:

    *sight* insecurities…why not deal with them..just tweet about it..maybe it helps,hearing others talk about theirs..
    (feeling better dear? offers an apple, hiiiiiiiiiihii,and a deep grrrr 😉

  7. brin says:

    Who tweets immediately after an “eight hour surgery”…something stinks (besides her nasty mouth).

    • Agnes says:

      something in her mouth ain’t clean indeed. and root canals take like max a couple of hours, divided into two visits. i’ve had several root canals, you’re perfectly fine, although in some pain and discomfort, after them. there is no going under for it (or, at least, it’s not necessary). she’s an attention-starved ass.

  8. Erinn says:

    Oh for cripes sake. I had a root canal a couple months ago, and had a post added. I was eating(carefully) and basically functioning like a normal person within a few hours. Heck I think I got hungry and just ate on the other side of my mouth in under two hours.

    It took like 2 hours to get done, but it wasn’t one of the bigger teeth… I don’t see why it took 8 hours… I suppose she has to go back to get either a post like I did in a week, or to get the permanent filling thing. 8 hours still sounds like a ridiculous amount of time, even if there are like 3 roots to deal with.

    Numb yes, but I took an advil before going in. It was slightly tender from the post being put in for a day or so… but I only popped that one advil.

    • sarahtonin says:

      ^This. I had both front teeth done when I was only 14 following a car accident. I used to take the train into the city alone every week after school and have work done. At least an hour of pain each session for several weeks, (but not as much as breaking bones in the accident). Then I’d train home alone and eat a normal dinner a couple of hours later. It hurt at the time, but no bitching, no complaining, no writing and telling everyone about it, and certainly no limo service to pick me up and several thousand insane fans to pander to my sh-t while I whinged incessantly. Bitch really needs to cop the f-ck on. If children can smile through it, this self-indulgent slag can take an advil and stfu like I did.

  9. madpoe says:

    god what a horse mouth on that woman! or is it just ironic LeAnn is swallowing the universe in both pix?

  10. Kaboom says:

    Roasting Roseanne requires a full scale Hawai’ian luau.

  11. lori says:

    Let’s make bets about what she really had done. I think she is getting a face lift or nose job (she really needs a nostril reduction!) But then she also desperately needs to get her bad side boobs refitted and pulled around so they stay on her chest. She could also work on her wonky feet and ankles. Hmmm, so many weird body parts and so little time.

  12. Snowangel says:

    Mark my words. Trouble in paradise.

    • lola says:

      think you are right. she had some other kind of surgery such as a nuch needed NOSTRIL job.As eddie is rumored to have said, YOU CAN SEE CLEAR TO ALASKA UP THOSE NOSTRILS

      • Esmom says:

        If Eddie really did say that then she’s not the only one with issues. What a dick.

    • Eileen says:


  13. claire says:

    I go back and forth thinking:

    A) she makes up all these health crises to have excuses to stay home and babysit her douchebag husband, because, quite frankly, her stories rarely make sense. (case in point: she is going on and on about this surgery, having to eat soup, etc., then posts a pic of the chewy mac and cheese she’s eating, and that’s just one example of her contradictions)


    B) She’s really having procedures, there’s just not medical, they’re plastic.

    Occasionally, I wonder whether she is self-harming to create these illnesses, to further the agenda of staying home.

    Either way, I couldn’t imagine having to actually know and be around this nutjob. How draining she must be to those around her. I hope their paychecks make it worth it.

    • Annie B says:

      Erm, what time does the sun go down in LA? There is BRIGHT sunshine coming in through the window. And she’s chowing down on mac & cheese after her dramatic 8 hour “mouth, tooth, bone, jaw surgery”? The “surgery” that she was wide awake for, all 8 hours of it? How many Novacaine shots did she get for 8 hours of “mouth surgery”?

      Then she immediately starts tweeting, while still at the doctor’s office, tweets for a few hours straight, eats macaroni and cheese in bed while it is still the middle of the day?

      So.many.lies. What a psycho.

      • claire says:

        good eye, Annie!

        Yeah, going by her timeline on twitter, she started tweeting out of surgery around 7pm and said her whole face was numb. But then went home with a numb mouth and made mac and cheese? And it had to have been immediately, for any sun to still be out “yesterday evening” as she says when she was eating that.

        Dang. That girl is dumb. At least be a good liar. LOL.

      • brin says:


      • um...no says:

        She started tweeting around 3 or 4pm LA time, not 7pm. It gets dark around 8:30 in L.A. I can’t believe you people are comparing her saying she is eating mac and cheese and then soup and calling her a liar because she is doing either one. maybe she tried both. You are reaching far and wide. And no, this is not LeAnn, so don’t even comment. I’m just a person who can see things for what they are. LeAnn is annoying but you are insane.

      • XOxoXO says:

        The Mac and cheese pic twitter time stamp reads 1:01 pm

      • XOxoXO says:

        She tweeted she was out of surgery at 6: 44 pm on July 30. The Mac and cheese pic tweet time stamp says 1:01 pm today.

      • um...no says:

        I figured out the confusion. You guys must see an East Coast twitter time stamp & I see a West coast time stamp which is 3 hours earlier than yours. I’m in LeAnn’s time zone and she posted around 2:40 yesterday afternoon out of surgery and around 10am this morning for the mac and cheese. So now it makes sense and I’m totally embarrassed I took the time to figure this out.

  14. Rita says:

    I understand Rimes cancelled 3 out-of-town performances to have her teeth worked on for the fifth time this year. Other than the 300 or so people who had to refund their tickets, Eddie was the most disappointed in that his week-end at home and alone with his children was ruined.

    • Eileen says:

      Au contraire Rita. He STILL went out with his friends while Leann was in bed the whole weekend. lol
      I think he is over having to be by her side every time she gets a new ailment. I mean lets think about it:
      Severe “Flu”
      Kidney Stones
      Rotting Teeth-in just the past 6 months!

      • Rita says:

        Yeah, I think Ediot has had enough of her crap even though he was the one instigating much of the taunting. He’s finally realized that every comment and lie from the black-hearted biatch he’s married to is a reflection on his gold medal performance in the Ediathon

        (That’s not a real olympic event but I wanted to pay tribute to all the athletes with a mention).

      • brin says:

        The ultimate poetic justice would be if US Weekly came out with pics of Eddie and his new sidepiece. Burn!

    • Jezi says:

      According to some, Eddie wasn’t home. Looks like his plans stuck regardless of whether or not Leann was home.

      • brin says:

        You mean all is not perfect in the Rimes-Cibrian union?!

      • Macey says:

        I hope he was out with that chick from the show he was on…now that would be juicy!

      • um...no says:

        I read those claims that he was at some sports bar, but I don’t believe any of it. If it came from you Jezi, I would believe it, you seem like a sane, intelligent woman who wouldn’t make up something to start a rumor. The two tweeters who were going back and forth about this are obviously, to anyone that follows them, mentally ill and will say anything evil they can come up with about LeAnn. One just “happens” to have a friend who is “studying screenwriting” in Los Angeles (LOL HOW convenient!) and HAPPENED to see Eddie over the weekend. If anyone else was telling that story, I would believe it, but not coming from either one of these spiteful, deranged Rimes stalkers.

      • Eileen says:

        um…no: oh come one girlfriend! You know this is true! What difference does it make where the info comes from? 🙂

      • Jezi says:

        Thank you for the compliment. I know Annie and Tia very well and neither are insane. In fact both are very smart and astute and can pick up on severe bullshit. However, no it wasn’t from them that I heard that rumor. In fact, I heard it from someone else and when Tia let me know that she heard it from her friend then I knew something was up.

      • brin says:

        This is getting good.

      • claire says:

        I’ll believe Annie, Tia, Eileen and Jezi before I’ll believe Leann Rimes. She’s been caught in too many lies.

      • brin says:

        Me too. You gals are awesome! *bows*

      • um...no says:

        Jezi: Hmmm. Interesting! Ok, well if you say you heard it too, I will believe it more. Very interesting and I am looking forward to hearing more evidence. Those other two have just a bit too much LeAnn crazy for me, it’s so vicious. I like your style more.

        Eileen: I know, I know, just trying to keep things in perspective. 🙂

      • Annie B says:

        AHEM, speaking of stalkers… 😉 I kid, it cracks me up that we have an “audience”. And the reason we are “vicious” is because the UNWARRANTED bragging is out of control and honestly obnoxious. Leann has her hangers on to keep praising and encouraging her delusions. And she’s not a little girl. She needs a big fat reality check already.

        There are sources out there who have zero reason to lie. That’s as much as I can say. And we have heard things straight from the horse’s mouth. Literally.

      • EbonyS says:

        “There are sources out there who have zero reason to lie.”

        Exactly, Annie.

        I LovE our audiences. 😉

        I’ll take being “vicious” over being a sycophantic fan sending Lele ~*~*bLEssings*~*~ for her “8 Hr” surgery. Swallowing her every lie hook, line, and sinker.

        Leann is a creature of habit. Her Twitter is like a invitation into her deluded mind.

        When she’s mad at “haterz” she re-tweets quotes about “evil, jealous UNHAPPY people who JUST WON’T GET THE HINT!!!!”.

        When she’s pissed at Brandi, she responds to dear, sweet fanz calling her “classless, bitchy, drug-using, careless Mom”. On and on.

        Even if you don’t believe me, check out her tweets from Friday and Saturday night. Tweeting emo lyrics about broken hearts and being left by herself. Nothing about the kids, NOTHING about Ed being a caring hubs.

        FACT: Even though poor Leann was in “unbearable pain” from her surgeries, Ed left her to hang with his boys this weekend. He pulled the SAME shit with Scheana Marie when Brandi was at home taking care of their first son and pregnant with their second.

        I hope my timeline’s been entertaining! Keep reading! Things are about to get interesting.

      • Linda says:

        Hey LeAnn, so much for your “Trust” tattoo. You know, the one you got to remind Eddie to be faithful to “the only one that matters”.

        You asinine idiot.

      • Ming Lee says:

        i must admit, i’ve followed this site for awhile, but never felt the urge to comment on anything ever.. until i started reading about leann and her craziness here on CB, and seeing the amazing posts by real people who speak honestly, see through the bs that is leann, and spill that gossip! jezi, tia, eileen, annie, ebony.. i’m in your ‘audience’.. and i as well bow down.
        i just wish the time difference was different, i live in australia and wake up when LA is ending its day, so i usually miss out when big news breaks.
        leann isn’t big news, but eddie being out and about with lady friends while leann has to microwave her own mac and cheese does put a smirk on my face.

    • Zelda says:

      I’ll give her the benefit if the doubt on the tooth complaints. There is no way dental work as ill-fitting as that does not cause problems.

  15. hoya_chick says:

    Lol, People Mag actually did a whole story on this. Any publicity is good publicity right Leann? And if she was in such excruciating pain how did she find it in her to give a play by play on twitter? So gross. Oh and CB please make it so that the links open in another window it’s annoying to have to come back here after each link since it opens in the same window.

  16. Thea says:

    It probably took 8 hours because the dentist fell inside her big ass horse mouth and they had to retrieve him.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      HAHAHAHAHA! 🙂 I just scared our new kittehs!

      • Thea says:

        Poor kittens….lol..extra kitty noms to soothe their little fur..

      • skuddles says:

        New kittehs?? As in cute little kittens? Congrats on your new “kids”! 😀

      • brin says:


      • Sugar says:

        original bellaluna-congrats on the new kitty-sorry i did’t comment back to you on sunday about the “MeAnn mouth mess” i was busy doing that single woman stuff (mowing the lawn etc…)& kinda figured the story would find its way to Celebitchy.
        I think she just needs to be honest with herself and just say shes over her career.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Yes ladies, two kittehs! An adorable little tortie girl and her adorable little blue brother. We adopted them from the vet (they get lots of litters and strays brought in, and they care for them and adopt them out) – I picked them up three days ago. (God rest our 20-year-old great lady kitteh, who died almost two weeks ago.)

      • skuddles says:

        Aw so nice that you took in those kittens bella, what lucky little tykes. I know they’ll have a fabulous life with you! And nothing heals the heart like having new babies to love… and run after 🙂

  17. Violet says:

    If you look at old pics of LeAnn, her teeth looked totally different — i.e., they looked nice and normal, instead of like piano keys. Whatever dental pain she’s suffering, I’m sure she brought it on herself.

    Some of the others have mentioned that they suspect this is just a cover for more cosmetic work and I think that’s entirely possible. She can’t seem to leave well enough alone, and doesn’t seem to realize all these so-called improvements just make her look worse.

    • lola says:

      if you look at pictures of her as a teen-ager, she had really nasty, crooked looking teeth, so she needed something done but five dental procedures in just a few months—yea right, who does she think she is fooling

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Only herself, lola. Only herself.

        Am I incorrect in thinking that oral surgeons wouldn’t want to cram that many procedures into just a couple of months? (Especially summer months, when they vacation.) It’s not like she’s filming and is on a deadline to be “camera ready” (because when is she not?) or something.

      • Erinn says:

        I had three procedures between march and may this year, though none were 8 hour ones.

      • Violet says:


        I personally think her teeth looked fine when she was a teen (http://tinyurl.com/boa84m2). They weren’t perfect, but she wasn’t a snaggletooth by any stretch of the imagination and actually had quite a nice smile.

        It seems to me that Hollywood crushes the uniqueness out of a person, so that most celebs feel pressured to conform to cookie-cutter standards of beauty even when it means undergoing cosmetic surgery and starving themselves.

    • Theskinny says:

      And notice how she never cancels a vacation for the surgery. No….THOUSANDS of people have to be inconvenienced for her drama. This chick spends every day creating bad feelings and bad karma. Sooner or later that is going to make a u-turn and bite her on the ass.

    • claire says:

      It’s all just too totally suspicious. These medical dramas always seem to land on the weekends Eddie has to stay in LA with the kids, so then, she cancels shows because she’s “sick.”

      Heck, people were last month predicting she would cancel these shows, once Brandi announced she would be out of town, so it was known that it was Eddie’s custody weekend. And then sure enough, once it got closer to these shows, she started dropping hints about being sick.

      The timing is just too coincidental. It’s all very weird!

      • Theskinny says:

        People called the cancellation of last weekend’s shows MONTHS ago. Your right. Too bad the venue, the replacement act, his band scattered through out the country that had to assemble, the fans who bought tickets, and her manager can’t look at his custody schedule and come to the same conclusions. Pretty crappy career move for someone who is now without a record deal. Meanwhile someone on Twitter happens to know he went out with the guys to a bar two of the day’s she was in pain and has pics of him with another woman. Guess that explains her tweeting the sad song lyrics and no mention of Eddie taking care of her or the kids. My guess is they went to the grandparents house like they did when dad was cheating on mom.

      • Macey says:

        @The Skinny

        Gawd, I would love to see those pics. Are they posted on Twitter?

    • skuddles says:

      Maybe girlfriend has a painkiller problem? That’s a whole lot of dental surgery, which means, a whole lot of drugs…

      Either that or she gets off on the sympathy factor, plus it gets her out of work. Unless you count “making sure Eddy doesn’t slip and fall into the wrong coochie” as a job?

      • the original bellaluna says:

        skuddles – Girl, I bet keeping Eddiot from falling and landing in strange cooch is a full-time job! 😀

      • skuddles says:

        Yup, I’m sure just sniffing his clothes for perfume and inspecting his gotch for lipstick keeps her busy half the day. Okay is that gross? ha ha 😀

  18. Linda says:

    Funny thing is she constantly cancels concerts but has never, ever cancelled a vacation. Hmmm.

    • claire says:

      I’m sure the plastic surgery unveiling, if that’s what it was, will happen with all the paid pap pics she’ll put out when she’s on that month-long birthday celebration she said she’s doing in August. Oh joy.

  19. the original bellaluna says:

    Yes, ME!Ann, that’s what happens when you mix pain meds and booze: your face gets numb.

    I highly doubt this is anything but a cover for more plastic surgery. It provides a convenient excuse for being “out of circulation” (and, is she EVER?); it excuses any facial/jaw/chin swelling and bruising; and it allows for use of RX pain meds.

    • Chatcat says:

      This couple really really really annoys me to the point where it isn’t fun to gossip about them. Really MeAnn, your insistent chitterchatter on twitter makes you such an easy target for insults … your face might be numb, but also words I think of that associate to you are dumb, scum, HO!(hum). This is one of those couples that you don’t want to fade away into obscurity…you wish that with a blink of an eye they would be gone! Poof!

  20. SmokeyBlues says:

    I mentioned in another Leanne post yesterday that I recently had a tonsillectomy. If anyone had ever had an adult tonsillectomy they can tell you it’s… Yeah. Pain. In true pain the last thing you want to do is share, type, even think! I did not update my Facebook for a week, and when I did I certainly did not complain about pain. Does she realize that there are people dying of cancer? Pain is just such a weird thing is publucly conpain about, for attention i guess. lt’s just so odd, she is so strange.
    I’ll also add that I think observing her odd behavior is one thing, and criticizing her looks another. You just KNOW she has google alerts, and sees these blogs. I’m not laying blame, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s a vicious cycle – celebrities being criticized for their looks online and then getting plastic surgery.
    OK over and out on my Leanne thoughts of the day !

    • Erinn says:

      I saw that post yesterday. I don’t envy you. I had one at 10, and almost died because my throat hemorrhaged a few weeks later and I was losing a lot of blood. I had to be rushed to the ER and they had to coterize it.

      I was more of a champ at ten, having almost died (still talked everyone’s ear off because I was so stoned from pain meds)than Leanne is over dental surgery as an adult.

  21. Euphorima says:

    Golly, her left foot in that last pic!!! wats up with that??

  22. Sarah says:

    OK, I’m a specialist dental nurse. I work with an endodontist and a prosthodontist. There is NO WAY in hell that any treatment/surgery for toothache would take 8 hours, it’d be four at the most. Bullshitter.

    • Macey says:


      Since you are in the field, what procedure would an endodontist do for her jaw? she is claiming that it has to do with her jaw and teeth hurting after she sings. Ive had plenty of Root Canals by Endodontist and that was all they did..root canals, not jaw work. Im really curious what procedure she would be going thru.

      I also saw someone asked her if she would be cancelling an upcoming show and she said no but I dont believe it.

      I wonder who Ediot went out with on his weekend away, if in fact he really was able to get away.

      • claire says:

        Well, she won’t come out and say what’s wrong. Every time someone asks her, she gives some vague answer and says it’s such a long story. Wouldn’t a dentist, etc., give her a name for whatever issue she’s having? Why’s it so hard to say what that is, if it’s true?

      • brin says:

        It’s called lying.

      • Bina says:

        I had an apicoectomy in March this year. It’s what they do when the root canal doesn’t work; it’s gum surgery basically. It took about forty minutes and I went home and was in pain for a few days, couldn’t eat properly just for one day and got a black eye for about a week.

      • Macey says:

        Hi Bina

        Ive had an apico before as well (unfortunately) but that still doesnt have anything to do with her jaw or the effect on her ‘singing’, thats what Im confused about.
        Im pretty sure Endodontist only do Root Canals and Apicos (both having to do with the root of the tooth) nothing with the jaw. maybe she got her Dr. mixed up with an oral surgeon or like someone above said, maybe she’s having her nostrils narrowed a bit..lol

      • Bina says:

        They probably unhooked her jaw so she can now swallow rats and mice and rabbits whole, like a python.

    • um...no says:

      well, if you saw last weeks Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s, Lamar Odom went through 7 hours of dental work, so she probably did get her mouth fixed.

      • Linda says:

        Indeed, it was 7 hours for Lamar. But he had 8 cavities, 1 root canal, 1 extraction, and teeth whitening done to him.

        LeAnn did NOT have that much work done to her in her so called 8 hours. And everyone knows that she is a natural born liar.

      • Bobby sue says:

        Gosh, you are really committed to defending her lunacy.

  23. alison8701 says:

    EVERYONE needs to watch that goat video. The little brown goat, buttercup, is having so much fun, and he keeps jumping into the black goat knocking him over, and jumps away gleefully, while the black goat just takes it. It’s so funny. Seriously the best thing you will see all day.

    • Amelia says:

      ohhhhhh my goodness, that just made my entire day! 🙂

    • brin says:

      You’re right….very sweet!

    • lucy2 says:

      That was so cute! I just clicked and saw the photo at first, so I’m so glad you said to watch the video! I loved how he kept drop kicking the one.

    • Jezi says:

      OMG!!! I was cracking up. That goat is so bouncy and the others are looking at it like it’s insane. It keeps knocking over the other goats. It doesn’t look easy for them to get up afterwards either.

    • Violet says:

      Word! And the other video links off that page are equally adorable.

    • Eileen says:

      TEAM BUTTERMILK!!! 😛 That was hilarious!

    • SleepyJane says:

      I must have a baby goat.

  24. lucy2 says:

    I had dental work and a numb face yesterday too. Didn’t know I was supposed to turn it into a spectacle and post horse face photos online. Darn.

    We should really refer to Celeste & Jesse as (that Rashida Jones movie) since she not only co-stars but co-wrote it.

  25. I.want.shoes says:

    Let me fix that post title for you:

    “Leann’s face is dumb, and she won’t stop tweeting about her teeth”

    Maybe she’s getting her wonky bolt-ons fix?

  26. horizonte says:

    i hate myself for even noticing, but did leann get a tattoo in her arm? a bit like the position of the arabic writing on angelina jolie’s arm. looks like that from those photos…

  27. chalkdustgirl says:

    Will someone please throw her a carrot or an apple so she shuts her danm mouth.

  28. Ramona Q. says:

    I like Fiona Apple, but WOW speaking of bangs trauma … !

  29. Turtle Dove says:

    OMG…… thank you for the goat video link. That made my day.

    That little guy has goat ADHD for sure.

  30. beclove says:

    Leann Rimes- career destruction via Twitter … example 1000.

  31. DANDILION says:

    Eat! Lay off the booze or whatever

  32. Nev says:

    love love LOVE Roseanne!!!!!

  33. why? says:

    Of course Leann is tweeting and tweeting and tweeting about her “root canal”, she can’t stand the fact that SHE isn’t the center of the media’s attention. What better way to get the media’s attention, than to pull out the “Woe is me…” card and pay People magazine to kick it off(Since all the other stunts she pulled failed to get the media’s attention). The sad part is that the media actually buys into Leann’s lies. Her husband is a cheater and her “ailments” only happen when he won’t go on tour with her. Where is Eddie when she is tweeting and tweeting? He can’t possibly be home with her like she claims. And yet the media will continue to tell us that all is well in their marriage.

    Leann is also using the “Woe is me” card to soften up the public because she is going on The Talk yet again to co-host this week, seeing as how she and The Talk received a lot of backlash the first time she was on the show. Leann just has to have the last word. Because when you are as disliked as Leann and Eddie, the best thing to do is to bombard the media and internet with everything that is Leann and Eddie.

    • thetruthhurts says:

      Why would The Talk have her on again? Did they tape two shows in one day (my guess) and it was too late to see how horrible she was co-hosting the first time around?

      • brin says:

        I know, I thought that too. Will they just ignore her again for an hour?

      • why? says:

        This is what Leann tweeted about The Talk:”Oh yeah, someone just reminded me I am co-hosting @TheTalk_CBS again this Friday. It was quite a fun show lol….you’ll see, funny topics. OH, and yes….obviously pre filmed :)”

  34. MK yarwood says:

    @Miley Cyrus. You are who you are, hunh? That whole braless thing willl go out the window after one too many In n’ Outs after 25. Good luck to you, braless!

  35. Chordy says:

    David Arquette appears to be morphing into Chris Evans. Good move, David Arquette.

  36. dorothy says:

    Too bad her fingers aren’t numb. That would stop the constant tweets.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I know, right? I keep thinking “Why couldn’t it be hand/finger surgery? At least that would slow down her tweeting.”

      But knowing her, she’d be giving tweet dictation to one of her (paid) friends.

    • lori says:

      I said this on another site last year! And recently said it again when I saw the midnight mouth surgery news. This woman would do anything to get noticed, and it is always the medical excuses, the last two years, she has used so many emergency medical excuses and had to rush to a hospital or a doctor just before canceling a concert. I agree that she has Munchausen’s Syndrome (along with a string of other personality disorders) and it comes up when she is especially threatened. No one, including Eddie, really cares to hear about her anymore or from her and her ego is melting down. So she has to up the ante for sympathy. Celebitchy called it with the last post on Leann, “Desperate”

    • Bobby sue says:

      One condition does not usually exist without a cluster. She most likely has Munchausen, body dysmorphia (which lends to the anorexia an procedures), borderline personality disorder, narcissism and maybe even bi-polar? She’s a mess. Her money-grubbing parents did a number on her :-/

  37. Lisa says:

    LeAnn Rimes is a great example of someone who has too much time on her hands.

  38. why? says:

    It posted twice, so I deleted this comment.

  39. why? says:

    Leann is really milking the “Woe is me” angle. Since People magazine’s fluffpiece resulted in massive backlash, she has now given The Dailymail(Yeap the very same Dailymail that has been bombarding the internet with negative stories about Brandi) the task of fixing this. So if The Dailymail says that Leann was in pain and that she had a “root canal” then it must be true, right? The Dailymail would never post things just to promote a celebs agenda, right? It’s always interesting to see just how far Leann goes to manipulate the public into believing her lies. She should just come out and admit that she had plastic surgery instead of paying out all this money to maintain and protect her lie.

    Leann posted a photo of herself kissing a glass of milk while wearing a bikini and cowboy hat(Yeap, another single white female moment of Brandi, please see Celebuzz’s photos of Brandi in the blue monokini!She is trying hard to look like Brandi in those photos) because now she is exploiting the “GotMilk” campaign to promote her album. Her album must be really bad because I notice that they are trying to make it a success by attaching as many different names and organizations to Leann as possible. You know that things are bad for Leann when she has to rely on who she is associating with to sell her albums, rather than her talent.

    NoH8 and Got Milk are allowing Leann to use them as a platform to single white female Brandi! I wish the media and organizations like this would stop enabling Leann and her bad behaviors because when they publicly support her, Leann then takes it as a sign to encourage her fans and her mouthpiecse to attack Brandi.

  40. why? says:

    Why does the media always fall for Leann’s lies? She has been tweeting up a storm and setting up staged photo-ops like crazy, only to be ignored by the media. So it shouldn’t come as surprise to the media that the next step in her plan is playing the sympathy card while she takes down Brandi using ROL and The Dailymail. For once I would just like the media to be responsible and stop helping Leann facilitate these lies. It’s obvious she didn’t have mouth surgery and that all her tweeting and fluffpieces is all just an attempt to keep her name in the press since all her other attempts backfired and she was tired of the negative attention that was resulting from the media posting “Top 10 cheaters in HW” stories in response to Kristen’s affair.

    Now she is making tweets about how Eddie has been a godsend(Didn’t she say the same thing about GR who attacked the mother of her stepkids on public tv?). If her marriage to Eddie is solid, why is she taking cues from what people are posting on a these blogs? She was so consumed about convincing people that she really did have a “root canal” that she forgot to include Eddie in her tweets. No one believes that Eddie is being a godsend to Leann because he wouldn’t even protect his own child when a grown man was hovering over his 5 yo son.

    Come on Leann, if you are going to lie, than at least make it realistic. No one is going buy that Eddie is helping you or is home helping you recover, when he won’t even protect his own flesh and blood from being exploited by you and DB!

    • Cam S says:

      @ why:
      Honey I NEVER want to piss you off. You scare the bejezus outta me.

      Someone said this trick is taking off for her “birthday month”? Wtf??? Grown people that make a huge deal about their own birthdays should be punched in the throat. No, really

      • why? says:

        No worries, sometimes your posts scare the bejezus outta me too!

        You don’t take an entire month off for your birthday, call up your local media station so that they get daily shots of you celebrating your birthday at Nobu and various other restaurants around LA, and call up several tabloids just so that they can get photos of you modeling 3 different bikinis throughout your birthday party? (Sarcasm)

        It is very weird how she makes such a big deal about her birthday, but then again she thinks that she is “America’s Sweetheart” so in her mind the day that she was born is such a “perfect” day because without her presence this world would be such a terrible place. She probably thinks that her birthday should be a national holiday.

    • lori says:

      I agree that the media is a willing accomplice to Leann’s crappy behavior. That’s why I think that each site that promotes her lies needs to be bombarded with the full Leann Psycho Stalking Saga, from the first stalking of the family to the current activities. With links to the photos and stories about what really happened, along with her exploitation of Eddie’s boys. Just making a negative comment on a site is not enough, it has to be backed up each time with the full evidence of Leann’s insanity (like Leann “accidentally” almost running over Brandi while stalking her, and Eddie’s birthday sex cake.) The more people at these media sites see the real crazy and what she is continuing to do to the children, the less will give her media attention.

    • Juliette says:

      The rumor going on Twitter, & apparently there’s pictures, is that Eddie out with his buddies while she was at home “recovering”.

      Apparently also he was spotted hanging with this girl, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1789306/

      Not sure if it’s true, just what I read.

      • Linda says:

        Wouldn’t be surprised if it was her, she kinda looks like Brandi.

      • Eileen says:

        Um yes I can confirm this DID happen and much more… this guy is a total manwhore. She isn’t interested in him-she blew him off after a while. No Mas. And by “she” I mean Divini.

      • Theskinny says:

        Can we all just pause and think about her having her world blown open by pics of him cheating on her and then having to go on the road and sing “Borrowed” every night. It just doesn’t get any better than that. She thought the song made her cry BEFORE? ROFLMAO

      • why? says:

        Well if Leann sets up a “Eddie loves me because he holds my hand as we walk through a parking lot” staged photo-op or tweets a photo of her and Eddie engaging in some type of pda then that would be a major indication that it’s true.

      • Macey says:

        That chick is totally his type. She looks just like Brandi. LR could not even come close to that even with all her surgeries.
        Im a little disappointed she blew him off. Not that I condone cheating or anything, its just with LR. I just want karma to hit LR in the face so bad.

      • lori says:

        I hope the next few nights Eddie is out (tonight?) the ladies he hits on, get a few good cell phone pictures of themselves cuddling with him. And post them to twitter or sell them to x17 the next morning!!

  41. Memphis says:

    Another ‘surgery’? Does she have Meth mouth or what!? Damn!

    • HoneyB says:

      I got a boob job and a lift done in a hour and half and felt well three days later!!!! Horsey is cra cra !!! She needs to get some work done on that mug of hers.

      • Memphis says:

        It’s funny that when she got her wandering balls of horror inplanted we didn’t hear a word..not a whisper..not a single tweet or twitpic announcing their arrival.

        But if she gets a toothache we hear about it for days and days and see tweets of soup.

  42. El Kiddo says:


  43. ria says:

    When are the press going to take a stand against wewe and expose her as a pathological liar? These medical emergencies always seem to coincide with the dates that Eddie can’t accompany her due to custody engagements. Plastic surgery or faking illness because Eddie can’t travel alongside her. If she is having cosmetic surgery, then how selfish is she to book surgery on the days she is scheduled to perform? Very selfish I’d say.

  44. ria says:

    When are the press going to take a stand against wewe and expose her as a pathological liar? These medical emergencies always seem to coincide with the dates that Eddie can’t accompany her due to custody engagements. Plastic surgery or faking illness because Eddie can’t travel alongside her. If she is having cosmetic surgery, then how selfish is she to book surgery on the days she is scheduled to perform?

  45. Gesenia says:

    If you had the audacity to chase a married man down, then have the audacity to shut the hell up about your tooth pain.

    NO ONE wants to hear it!

    • Juliette says:

      Can you just imagine the tweets if she had to go through child birth? A root canal is nothing compared to that.

  46. thinlizzy says:

    quit blowin’ eddie already. herpes?

  47. Jayna says:

    My ex-boyfriend once jumped on me about talking about my ailments. He said, when people ask, how are you, or how are you doing, that people aren’t asking that to hear about your horrible sinus headache, etc. I was 22 at the time, but even though at the time I thought he was being insensitive, I later realized he was right. Even years later when I injured my back playing a sport and had severe back problems for a year. Past initially being supportive, no one really wanted to hear if I was in terrible pain. You deal with your pain and don’t carry on ad nauseum to people who either don’t care, are tired of hearing about it, or can’t relate to your pain, like just go take an aspirin, or think you’re
    exaggerating. From my year with terribke back pain, i developed an empathy i never had and an understanding of chronic pain sufferers. But i don’t like hearing someone continually whining about their illness with every little detail on and on and I don’t carry on to others about me. Men are not patient. After a while if you talk about every little illness you have like LeAnn does, Eddie will
    L be so sick of it.

    • Yiya says:

      He’s BEEN sick of it, he wants out already. He should have to live and be certifiably miserable with her forever, it’s called KARMA!! But in the end, he will leave, indeed he will. Time, that’s all, time.

  48. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    My dentist would be so hurt and angry with me if I spread this kind of negative advertising about his practice.

  49. why? says:

    Leann’s “sister”(Courtney S) is shooting a reality tv show. I am amazed at how much Leann and Courtney have in common. Both of them set up staged photo-ops wearing ridiculous clothing to get attention from the media. And both of them engage in the most ridiculous acts of pda with their creepy husbands. Remember when Leann went to the grocery store dressed in a bikini and high heels? Well guess who pulled that very same stunt. The photos of Leann and Eddie in Cabo for their 2nd honeymoon mimic the photos that Courtney and Doug took for Halloween. Either Leann’s mother lied and she isn’t an only child or Leann and Courtney have the very same pr agent.

  50. why? says:

    I just realized, with as many problems that Leann has with her mouth and teeth and the recent fluffpieces about her “root canal”, does Got Milk realize how hypocritial it is to associate Leann’s name and face to their program? Maybe they are using Leann for a posterchild of what not to do. Drink milk kids so that you don’t turn out like Leann, having multiple “root canals” at the age of 29!

    I thought that Got Milk had lost their mind by associating with Leann, but now that I think about it they were really dissing her.

    You know that things are bad for Leann when Got Milk thinks that Leann is a joke, so much so that they use Leann’s teeth problems to scare kids into drinking milk!

    No wonder Leann is single white femaling Brandi, it’s because she doesn’t drink enough milk!

    • Annie says:

      Only 29 and she has soooo many problems with her teeth it seems. Maybe she’s pulling a Lohan and letting her teeth rot out a bit so she can get her hands on a big supply of painkillers.

  51. anonymous says:

    LEann, your LifE is a LiE.

  52. Linda says:

    You see LeAnn, when a man wants to cheat, he will…whether your at home or not.

    You are NOT the love of his life and you never will be. You married a serial cheater. It begins there and ends there. You thought you married a HOT man, but what you married was a HOT serial cheater–deservedly so. It is what happens when you chase down a man to the ground when you know full well he is married with two very young sons.

    KARMA has been at your house for awhile now. If you think this is bad, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  53. Ofelia says:

    who in there right mind does an album about homewrecking and stalking a married man and then wants people to buy the cd? she even let the 2 boys listen to it. i cannot get past her evil, just can’t.

    • Michelle says:

      She’s even tweeted about how much the boys supposedly love the songs. Imagine when they are old enough to grasp the fact that the songs they “love” are about how she cheated with their Father, stalked him and contributed to the demise of their family unit and are filled with low blows directed toward their Mother. I don’t think they will be impressed. The thing I find with LeAnn is that she has obvious entitlement issues and only views the world from one side, hers and therefore doesn’t get that the concept behind the album is repellant to the majority of the music buying public.

      • Theskinny says:

        Well the joke will soon be on her once her husbands infidelity is finally made public. Then she will have to tour that album and sing all those songs about behavior she is now a victim of. I hope Eddies new girlfriend is going to buy a copy and sing the loudest. lol

  54. Prinny says:

    Hmm! Took her three days bed rest to recover from a root canal but only a day and a half to recover from an 8 hour surgery and she’s aleeady out to breakfast celebrating someone’s bday. Shouldn’t these be the other way around? How does she not see how this calls attention to her lies!?!?

    • why? says:

      So Leann did indeed set up a “Eddie isn’t cheating on me because we walk through a parking lot holding hands” staged photo-op? She is so predictable. People say that her hubby is cheating on her and because she “doesn’t” read what is being posted, she tries to fix it by setting up lovey dovey staged photo-ops.

      So which one of her mouthpieces will write the first “Leann Rimes recovers from root canal and has a make out session with her hubby over breakfast?” fluffpiece. The Dailymail, GG, JJ, or x17. Or will she just skip them and go straight to People magazine?

      • claire says:

        go to celebrity-gossip(dot)net. they’re already up. click on her name, then, under the profile pic, click photos. He’s just ignoring her though, as usual, and she looks like crap and not happy – so not likely the paid pap pics. 😉

      • Theskinny says:

        Geez, she looks like a bulldog in glasses in those photos. And how about the kids having to trail behind her on a busy street. Turds, both of them.

      • Prinny says:

        Something is definitely different about her mouth. Maybe she had her veneers re-done. I don’t think they last forever and she’s had hers a good 10 years, right? If she did then she’s an even bigger a$$hole than I thought. Getting all this sympathy for elective surgery.

      • why? says:

        These are definately staged.

        Leann tweeted about going out to breakfast and 9/10 times if she tweets it, then expect the internet to be bombarded with photos of her exactly where she said she would be for the day. Plus with all the talk about how Eddie was out with other women while Leann was “recovering” it is obvious that this staged photo-op was coming. I expected in the photos from GG and DM that she would make Eddie hold her hand. But maybe once again she only paid x17 to take the photos of her and Eddie holding hands like she did in those photos of them last week.

        As usual The Dailymail and GG are the first to get the photos, the same The Dailymail who has been posting fluff about Leann and bashing Brandi all week long. Notice how GG and The Dailymail didn’t post the same title or run the same opening line as The Dailymail. That is a first. Someone has been taking cues. I like how she went out of her way to use a different pap agency, since everyone is on high alert with GSI and Fame/Flynet.

        Eddie is ignoring her, but she made up for it in other ways. One of Leann’s fans was bragging on another site the other day that Eddie’s favorite number was 69, so what is the number on her shirt? 68

        SMJ was on a show called Femme Fatales and what is on Leann’s shirt? If she didn’t know that the paps would be there, why would she purposely put on that shirt?

      • brin says:

        Karma faces. Two miserable people who are stuck with each other. What a life.

  55. natalina says:

    I want Ed to cheat on Leann more than I wanna go home and go to sleep right now

  56. why? says:

    Leann is beyond pathetic. I checked the tv guide to see what the topics were going to be for Friday’s The Talk because I was wondering why they would put Leann on again. Guess what one of the topics will be? School supplies. So this was set up just so that Leann could talk about Brandi’s kids. It’s not enough that she tweets nonstop about the boys, now she wants everyone to think of her face and name everytime they see the boys or see their names. I thought that Eddie said that he didn’t want his kids to be exposed to ANY TYPE of public exposure, yet his wife is planning on using his kid’s names and faces to validate herself as she uses The Talk as a platform to fuel her agenda. Eddie is such a jerk. He uses those kids as weapons against Brandi. Why would he need to do that if he doesn’t have any feelings for Brandi? Seriously, maybe if they had dollar signs on their foreheads Eddie would make more of an effort to sheild them from Leann’s need to be the center of attention by any means necessary.

    • lori says:

      Eddie does have feelings for Brandi, I’m sure of it. If you look at the photos of he and Brandi at the soccer games he is nervous and yet very focused on her. There is a lot of tension there, I think he misses her wants her attention, forgiveness and her adoration of him. That’s why, in the same photos, Leann’s body language is so angry and jealous and awkward. She knows there is still sexual tension and obsession on Eddie’s part towards his ex-wife. Eddie is a full partner in Leann’s swf-ing of Brandi, he wants Brandi’s attention, and he can’t have it, she’s moved on, so he wants Brandi’s negative attention, jealousy, anger. He wants to hurt Brandi for rejecting him. Noone leaves the great Eddie Cibrian! He will use Leann and his own kids to do it. He doesn’t mind parading his kids all day for Leann’s phony photo shoots, letting the paps push right into their faces or Leann’s weird sexual posing with them. Anything that will hurt Brandi is fine with him. You never see him actually interact with his kids in the photo shoots. It’s all fake, they are props to him, in a campaign of hate and revenge. That’s why the NoH8 ads with Eddie and Leann are so hypocritical. Their full time career, as a couple, is the shove hate and revenge at Brandi every day in the media.

      • why? says:

        Well after seeing the video of Eddie not even being phased by the fact that a grown man was hovering over his 5 yo child and the photos of Eddie and Lizzy on the dock from Fame/Flynet, I now believe that Eddie plays a major role in setting up these staged photo-ops, more than anyone orginally thought. He is just as guilty as Leann in setting up these staged photo-ops. For some of these staged photo-ops, I won’t even be surprised if he was the one who actually called the paps.

      • lori says:

        Yeah, if you go back and look at his expression in many of the photos, he is either angry and glaring, or smiling smugly, at the camera. Now these photo shoots were very deliberate. He and Leann planned the dates and times and brought the kids and dressed up for the paps. So he knew what he was doing, he was acting out his anger in the press. These looks are very personal and meant for Brandi. They are the big F.U. to Brandi for daring to leave him. Eddie is a case of the husband from Sleeping with the Enemy. He thought he could do whatever he wanted in that relationship and the sweet little wife would take it because he was a “star.” Brandi was lucky to get away from Eddie. He is pretty sick and twisted. Unfortunately, Eddie will be seeking revenge on Brandi for years. It’s clear he just married Leann for the money and the way he can use her to get at Brandi. Leann is a doormat for Eddie. That’s why he is already cheating on Leann, because he can. And because he needs the ego fix to counter the constant publicity of a strong and successful Brandi.

  57. why? says:

    The winner is…The Dailymail with “Femme Fatale! LeAnn Rimes soldiers on with statement T-shirt after surgery on teeth”

    Since Leann is so desperate for attention, it won’t be long before GG, ROL, JJ, x17, CBS, and People mag follow DM lead.

    Why is Leann Rimes SO predictable?

    Poor Leann, there was no handholding in these staged photo-ops because Eddie was too busy on his phone, but she did make sure that her pals over at The Dailymail got very good shots of the boys. And do you know how I made pointed out how Eddie didn’t even bother to protect his kids from the pap on x17 who was hovering over the 5 yo? Well in these staged photo-ops Eddie can be seen “protecting” the boys from the paps, they even made the boys walk behind them in some of the shots. Seriously, how about not inviting the paps in the first place.

    So prior to setting up a staged photo-op with Brandi’s kids because Eddie would’t allow Fame/Flynet to exploit them at the lake, Leann bombards the internet with negative stories about Brandi via ROL and DM! This is why Leann and Eddie need real consequences for when they pap out the kids. We have CBS, The Talk, and Sharon O to thank for the faces of Brandi’s kids being plastered all over the internet because Leann needs to prove that her hubby isn’t cheating on her. She is going to exploit the boys on The Talk on Friday, so was even necessary to set up the staged photo-op with them today?

    And that isn’t even the worst of it. Remember when Wetpaint did that interview with Scheana Marie and they said that she was going to be on a show called Femme Fatale? So why in the staged photo-ops that Leann set up today with Eddie and the boys is she wearing a shirt with Femme Fatale on it? This is what the media needs to be calling Leann out on. Her marriage to Eddie is solid, yet once again she is single white femaling Eddie’s mistress. Who does things like this? So Eddie was watching Schana when she was on that show Femme Fatale!

  58. why? says:

    The REAL reason Leann wore the Femme Fatale shirt in the staged photo-op she set with Eddie and “her sons” today:

    Exclusive: SUR Waitress Scheana Marie Talks Spinoff, Lisa Vanderpump, and Her New Single! (May 2012)

    “And while the cast of SUR — Bravo’s spinoff about the sexy 20- and 30-somethings working at Lisa’s latest hotspot — hasn’t been announced yet, we think they’d be crazy NOT to include her. She dished to Wetpaint Entertainment about her music, what it’s like working for Lisa, and why SUR is the perfect setting for some serious drama!”

    “…and catch her on the season premiere of Femme Fatales on May 25 at 11 pm on Cinemax.”


    So is anyone going to finally address why Leann has an overwhelming urge to single white female any woman her husband is lusting over? Leann has taken up an interest in horses because of Josie Davis.In her NoH8 and Got Milk photos she is copying Brandi’s photos from Celebuzz. And now we have her going afer SMJ again(she copied “the only one that matters” tattoo from SMJ 2009 interview with AH).

  59. brin says:

    Wowzer! There’s a blind item on CDAN that absolutely is Leann & Eddie. It’s about an actor cheating on his “stalker” wife!

    • Theskinny says:

      Yep!!! Eddie, Leann, and Divini Rae for playboy model is my guess. I hope Dlisted does the “I guess you guess” for this one. http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2012/08/todays-blind-items-hardest-working.html

    • Macey says:

      I just saw that too and posted it in todays link. I feel like a nut b/c it actually made me giddy, like really giddy. Only b/c its LR and she’s just evil. I really hope this blows up so she looks like the evil fool she is.

      • Theskinny says:

        Yes, well the second you feel bad, remember her running B off the road and showing up to her kids school because she wanted B’s husband and she wasn’t giving him up fast enough. Think about the children who had to have that explained to them one day. Think about Dean who she made out to be gay so people would not mind her cheating on him. And think about ALL THE FLIPPING people she has hurt and inconvenienced through this affair either directly or indirectly through cancelled concerts. Yeah.

      • brin says:

        That’s right! And you are not alone…I was so happy, just hope it’s revealed!

      • Ming Lee says:

        @macey– its not just you! i jumped off the couch, clapped and did jazz hands. no joke. it made my day to see such a big dose of karma handed out to someone who so blatantly thinks they are above everything and everyone. ahem leann.

    • Eileen says:

      Hey Brin! Yes this is LR/EC. I talked to Enty before he posted it and he told me what he was posting and who it was about. Coming full circle!

      • brin says:

        Yay!!!!Girl you are awesome!!! I’m not on twitter but I follow everyone (darn, you are protected!)so I have been getting a taste of what’s going on! Love it! You were right about all good things come to those who wait!!! This is a long time coming!

      • Macey says:

        I wonder how long until she has her lawyers sending out Cease & Desist letters to CDAN and any others that pick up this story?
        The pics she paid JJ to post are funny, Ediot is on the phone and she looks like she’s trying to see who it is. The kid looked miserable too.
        who the hell calls a tab site to post about their dental issues? I dont know any other celeb that does that crap.

    • why? says:

      You know what this means? Leann is going to go on a mega, mega, mega media “Eddie isn’t cheating on me…” media blitz. She already tweeted a bikini company about how she couldn’t wait to wear the bikini’s she received from them, so we know that she had already planned to set up at least 2-3 bikini/beach photo-ops every week of this month. But now it’s going to be 10X worse. I won’t be surprised if she sets up another staged photo-op with Eddie and boys today.

  60. why? says:

    The day after Leann gets slammed for setting up a staged photo-op with Brandi’s kids and the day before she is scheduled to talk about those very same kids on a episode of The Talk, the internet and blogs are slammed with yet another negative story about Brandi!

  61. why? says:

    Those poor boys. So as more and more people draw attention to the talk about how Eddie was out with another woman during Leann’s “recovery” from her “root canal”, Leann attempts to fix it by bombarding the internet with articlews about how she is a “devoted” bonus mom because she took her bonus sons out to breakfast even though she was in SO much pain. What type of person uses two little kids to validate herself and her marriage? She continues to manipulate the media with these bogus stories about her caring for Brandi and Eddie’s kids and rather than call her out on it, the media goes right along with it.

    I won’t be surprised if Leann’s next attempt to fix this thing is a “Surprise, Eddie and I are pregnant” media blitz. She is desperate. Well at least it proves that she set up the staged photo-op yesterday because now she is having mouthpieces talk about her “devotion” to her bonus sons. As if that proves that Eddie is and has been faithful to her.

    Notice how tabliods(US Weekly, Life and & Style,In Touch, Star, OK) don’t write negative stories about Eddie and Leann anymore, like they have a gag order from Leann? That’s odd. Tabloids write negative stories about EVERY couple in HW, including AJ and BP and Tori and Dean. How many times does Star have AJ and BP fighting or breaking up? The only negative thing the tabloids say about Leann these days is when they put Leann on those worst body lists and talk about how her implants look messed up.

  62. lori says:

    I really wish someone would be smart enough to get photos of him cheating. Photos or videos and post it online and in the tabloids. It would be such a great story.

    • lori says:

      On second thought, those pics wouldn’t see the press because Leann would pay a fortune to keep them private. Some lucky mistress will be well paid to ‘Borrow’ Eddie again.

  63. lori says:

    Also could Brandi sing a song the next time she hosts a party? Someone could write a country song for her to sing like “Karma is a Bitch” or “When you Borrow something that’s not yours and never give it back, that’s Only Stolen.” or “Homewrecker got Wrecked”

    • Theskinny says:

      “Homewrecker got Wrecked” spitting my tea. snort/giggle

      • lori says:

        Hahaha, I prefer the next mistress to sing “From Borrowed to Stolen” song with the lyric:
        And I don’t want to give ya back
        Unless there’s a big fat check attached

    • Theskinny says:

      Ohhh Lori!! Don’t you KNOW??!! You can’t STEAL ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. (Quoting Leann Rimes). Their marriage was already broken (Quoting Leann Rimes). It takes TWO.

      • Linda says:

        And according to her philosophy, if a married man cheats on his wife that means the wife is a bad wife.

        Eddie cheated, so LeAnn, you are a bad WIFE, soon to be EX-WIFE and EX-BONUS MOM.

  64. Esther says:

    LeAnn, why so extremely quiet on Twitter today? So tell me, how’s that amazing, wonderful, thoughtful, loving, godsend of a husband doing?? Is he telling you sweet lies in your ear like ‘you’re the only one that matters’?

    • Macey says:

      I just checked and its been 15 hrs since her last tweet and even that was just a horoscope, could be auto posted if they have that. Has she ever gone that long without tweeting? I dont think she ever has.

    • Theskinny says:

      Yeah Leann…just a month ago you were tweeting that you two were “Solid”. Turns out he has been banging a playboy model (Doh! THAT had to hurt) for a SOLID year and a half. Last I checked…you’ve only been married for a year. Playas play little girl.

      • Linda says:

        Wow, so for their ENTIRE relationship he’s played her. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

        We win, we win, we win. 🙂

      • Ming Lee says:

        haha ‘playas play’.. and with a Playboy model to top it off too. wow.
        karma! karma! karma!

      • brin says:

        Love it! She will be fat from eating all that humble pie.

  65. vicky says:

    let me get this straight. so all those times she was heehawing, holding hands, vacationing, and RENEWING HER VOWS with eddie, he was boning someone else???? that is KARMA at its best! i can’t wait to see what else it delivers.

  66. why? says:

    Keep in mind that The Talk is airing a prefilmed episode of Leann cohosting on Friday, so The Talk and CBS probably put Leann on a twitter time today because of the backlash they are getting and will get for having her co-hosting again. They put her on a staged photo-op timeout when she co-hosted the first time. The Talk and CBS could have just told Sharon no when she demanded that Leann be on the show again. But then again, Leann has something to prove and she is going to do it by any means necessary. Leann wants us all to believe that she is “America’s Sweetheart” and that there are only a “few” people who dislike her. It’s funny that she is trying to make this point by being on The Talk a second time within weeks of one another. She is also trying to upstage Brandi too. Brandi was just a guest on The Talk, but Leann got to co-host TWICE on The Talk, so in Leann’s mind she “won” yet again. She can’t make Eddie stop lusting over Brandi, so this is what she is reduced to doing, talking about Brandi’s kids with her fellow cheaters Sharon and Julie.

    So will Leann pay x17 to write another fluffpiece about her appearance on The Talk like she did the last time because the media was too focused on Katie to pay attention to Leann “bonding” with Sharon?

    Leann’s denial will consist of bombarding the internet with photos of her and Eddie engaging heavily in pda or with staged photo-ops or articles depicting herself as a “devoted” bonus mother to her kids. Or maybe she will invite ROL to get “candid” photos of her getting another tattoo in honor of Eddie.

    Why do I get the feeling that Leann is going to release another staged photo-op either today or on Friday?

  67. why? says:

    Now Leann has paid Perez Hilton to post the “Leann is a devoted bonus mom because she is very involved in the lives of her bonus sons, so much so that she takes her bonus sons out to breakfast even tough she is in SO much pain from having a ‘root canal'” fluffpiece. Didn’t PH post a negative article about Brandi on Thursday? Leann wants Brandi to know that she is the one responsible for these negative stories. That’s two “Eddie isn’t cheating on Leann because she is a devoted bonus mom…” stories. The first came from Yahoo and now from PH. Throw Brandi under the bus and then exploit her kids via The Talk, Yahoo, PH, JJ, DM, GG, and CBS! Great plan Leann!

    Is it too late for Brandi to contact The Talk/CBS to complain about how they allowed Leann to use their show as a platform to exploit her kids? Eddie had had no problem calling into Bravo to complain about is kids being on RHOBH. So who wants to bet that the school supply segment on The Talk was Leann’s idea?

  68. why? says:

    This is what PH(the same media outlet who has been posting negative articles about Brandi all week long) posted about the staged photo-op that Leann set up with Brandi and Eddie’s kids on Wed: “If they seem like the perfect family, that’s because they totally are!!!”

    Yeap, it’s true. Eddie was out with that other woman while Leann was recovering from her “root canal” surgery.

    If Leann and Eddie and “Leann’s sons” are such a perfect family why is Leann single white femaling Scheana Jancun by wearing the Femme Fatale shirt? So then shouldn’t it be that Eddie and Scheana make the perfect family because obviously Leann is striving to be more like her? And what about the Got Milk and NoH8 photos that Leann straight up copied from those photos of Brandi from Celebuzz in the blue monokini? And by PH logic Eddie and Lizzy make a perfect family right? Because Eddie was totally into Lizzy in those photos of them on the dock!

  69. Jillian says:

    Just imagine LeAnn singing her cheaters anthem “Borrowed” when she has to promote her album and tour for it. I am really curious as to how this will play out. She has repeatedly said that you can’t steal a person from another, that men cheat to be with a better woman and she expected the ex to remain silent while she hijacked her family. To be a fly on the wall of that house right now. No matter what, the public all think he has cheated on her and she looks like a complete idiot. Knowing LeAnn she will race out and get yet another tattoo to show how much Eddie LovEs her. What a fool.

    • brin says:

      Exactly! She is in a lose-lose situation and it’s all her own doing. If she stays with him she’s a fool but she won’t leave him so she has to put up with the cheating. Well played, Eddie.

      • Linda says:

        She will stay with him at all costs. She paid too high a price for him (literally), although I am sure she is feeling buyer’s remorse at this point.

        She will NEVER leave him. This doesn’t end well.

  70. Linda says:

    Eddie told Brandi that he had cheated from the very beginning of their relationship. He’s done the same thing to LeAnn now–excellent; it’s his M.O. (mode of operation).

    Still feel BLESSED LeAnn??

  71. Linda says:

    Oh LeeeeeeeeeLeeeeeeeeee, where are youuuuuuuuuu???

    You’ve been invisible on Twitter, only 2 horoscope autoposts–posts that have been automatically posted to your Twitter account.

    Are you hurt, devastated that your fairy-tale, ‘God’s will’ relationship has been a sham all this time?? You have brought this ALL on yourself.

    Walking around feeling self-entitled has blown up in your face. There is SO much more to come.

    • Theskinny says:

      Yes I see that she could not be bothered to update her twitter to remind everyone of her appearance on The Talk today yet she could tweet a bazillion times earlier this week to remind us all she had “dental” surgery. What’s the matter wee? Screaming and crying at Eddiot taking up all your time? Happy Birthday loser.

      • Jillian says:

        It is extremely unusual for me to feel pleased when someone has something bad happen to them, even if I don’t particularly like the person. In her case, I make an exception. Her smug, gloating attitude about her supposedly blissful life with her husband is a great big joke and after the way she treated the ex, I’m laughing at her, not with her. I wonder what Eddie is going to give her for her birthday if she cuts off his allowance? Maybe a handmade card and an STD.

      • brin says:

        I caught her for two seconds on “The Talk” and she has zero self-awareness. She actually had to make a point that she has two stepsons and was “thrown into the situation with no preparation”.
        I almost threw a chair at the tv.

  72. NT says:

    When are these women going to learn? Once you move up from mistress to wife, the spot for mistress is now open!!!

  73. why? says:

    Leann said that she was thrown into the situation without any preparation?

    First of all she was “thrown” into the situation because SHE had an affair with a married man who called her a speedbump and she wouldn’t stop pursuing him even after he called her a stalker. Secondly she is such a liar, remember how she paid OK magazine and In Touch to write articles about how she wanted to meet Brandi and Eddie’s kids and was looking for house so the boys could have a big place to play? So we know that there was a long period of time where Eddie wouldn’t allow Leann to be near those kids. Eddie even attended one of the kid’s soccer games without Leann and since she wasn’t allowed to be at the kid’s games, Leann wouldn’t even allow Eddie to attend them. So she wasn’t just thrown into the situation. Third she makes Eddie into a liar. In the court petition where he says that he didn’t want his kids to be exploited by the press and their mother, he also claimed that Brandi was a bad person because she told his sons that he was dating Leann. He whined and boo hooed because Brandi told his kids that he was dating the woman with whom he had an affair with. So she wasn’t thrown into the situation.

    Leann once again makes it look like those kids don’t have a mother or that Brandi isn’t an active part of the kids lives. Why does she always make everything all about herself?

    This time she made sure that the media jumped on her co-hosting right away.

    And on another note, ROL has made Leann’s Got Milk(in which she copies the poses that Brandi did for Celebuzz) photo their photo of the week. What a great job at telling everyone that it’s been her the whole time who has been feeding information to ROL about Brandi because she is viewing the footage!

  74. why? says:

    Leann is at it again. She tweeted that she was on a beach, so you know how this works. 9/10 times if she tweets it, expect the internet to be bombared with photos of Leann exactly where she said she would be.

    Why is Leann so predictable? I figured that with all the talk about Eddie cheating and hanging out with other women while she was “recovering”, that she would attempt to fix it with a staged bikini/beach photo-op of her and Eddie with “their kids” and the over the top Courtney-Doug acts of pda.

    How disappointed will Leann be when she learns that this staged bikini/beach photo-op of her at the beach with “her family” won’t make her “chronic pain” better? So what aspect of Brandi, SMJ, or Josie’s life will she single white female in the staged photo-ops she set up for today at the beach?

    Note to Leann: If you want to make your “chronic pain” better, then just divorce your cheating husband instead of spending all this time and money manipulating DM, JJ, x17, People mag, ROL, CBS, GG, and Eonline.

  75. why? says:

    On The Talk someone said that Leann said that she and Eddie don’t fight on vacation. Of course Eddie and Leann don’t fight on vacation, Eddie is too busy having sexy times with Lizzy to talk to Leann. And why didn’t The Talk use this as an opportunity to ask Leann why Lizzy is always on vacation with her and Eddie? Before the photos even hit the net, I knew that Lizzy was at the lake with Eddie and Leann because Leann kept tweeting over and over how everyone was at peace and happy. Which means that she and Eddie had a huge fight or she was upset because Eddie was spending time with Lizzy while she was left to babysit his kids.

    They also said that Leann said she has to schedule time to have sex with Eddie. Really? Now isn’t this a major contradiction from what Leann tells her fans and posts on twitter?Based on her twitter posts and the fluffpieces she has x17/JJ/GG/DM/ROL/People mag to write, she makes it sound like she and Eddie have sex everyday. So just as we expected, Leann uses these tweets and her mouthpieces to fill in what her marriage to Eddie lacks.

  76. why? says:

    Leann kicks off the “Eddie isn’t cheating on me because…” mega, mega, mega, mega media blitz by posting a twitpic of Eddie “playing” vollyball. So it won’t be too long before DM, GG, x17, JJ, CBS, ROL, PH, Eonline, and People mag are writing their fluffpieces all about it.

    And guess who is in the background? Lizzy! Poor Leann. Eddie couldn’t even go to the beach today with his wife without dragging Lizzy with them. Once again she proves that she and Eddie don’t argue when they are on vacation because her “hot” husband insists on taking his mistress along with them.

    UPDATE: Leann is tweeting about the paps so she did indeed call them. So who did she invite? GSI. Fame/Flynet(did you know that US Weekly uses this pap agency?), or PacificCoast?

    Why is Leann SO predictable? The media can’t keep feeding into her lies because it’s obvious what her next steps are going to be.

  77. why? says:

    Poor Leann, since her Got Milk photos(in which she copies Brandi’s photos from Celebuzz) failed to grasp the media’s attention even after Leann paid Yahoo to mention it in their “Leann is a great bonus mom” fluffpiece, she did what she does best. Pays x17 to write a fluffpiece about it. If they are going to write these ridiculous fluffpieces, shouldn’t they at least make it something that people would believe? Got Milk didn’t have an interest in Leann before, so the fact that their interest in her comes after she bombarded the internet with tweets and paid fluffpieces about her “root canal” should have been a major clue to x17 that Got Milk isn’t interested in Leann for her “great body”. They always go overboard in the compliments making it obvious that she has a deal with them. It’s funny how she runs to x17 every time her plan backfires.

    Leann’s Got Milk photo reminds me of Courtney Stodden doing a PSA for Peta. both of them made sure to show some major cleavage. Leann’s mother must have lied, Courtney and Leann have got to be sisters because they pull the very same pr stunts. They are both married to creepy men who lust after young girls(Leann said that Eddie had a crush on her when she was 13 years old). Actually Doug might be more financially independant than Eddie. It’s eerie how much these two are so much alike.

    Leann should follow her sister’s lead. Courtney got a reality tv show. But it’s for couples therapy! A 50 yo man marries a 17yo child who dresses in ridiculous clothing just to buy groceries and he can’t understand why their marriage has problems?

  78. anonymous says:

    LEann your LifE is a LiE.

  79. lori says:

    Eddie should just come out and start dating different girls every week. He knows Leann wouldn’t do a thing to stop it.

    • brin says:

      He probably is. Can’t wait til this hits the tabs!

    • Linda says:

      Eddie KNOWS she would NEVER leave him–that’s why he does what he does and gets away with it.

      She has no self-respect.

    • why? says:

      Based on Leann’s tweets and staged photo-ops, Eddie is dating a different woman each week. It explains why x17 and DM write those ridiculous fluffpieces about how “hot” and “sexy” Leann is to make us believe that Eddie isn’t cheating on her.

      There is a reason why we rarely see Eddie out and about LA by himself. Which is odd because if the paps are always following Leann and Eddie like Leann claim or they sit outside Leann and Eddie’s how, then we would see Eddie just as much as we see Leann. The only time we ever see Eddie out and about LA by himself or all alone is when we point it out. Hi Leann!

  80. why? says:

    Poor Leann. Leann attempted to kick off the “Eddie isn’t cheating on me because…” mega, mega, mega, mega media blitz on Friday by posting a photo of the man who called her a speedbump “playing” volleyball. You how the story goes. Media ignores Leann. So she does something completely outrageous to get their attention. She posted a photo of herself in bikini today, of course doing the same pose that Brandi did in the photos on Celebuzz. And then she paid The Dailymail and x17 to write a “sob” story about how she wasn’t allowing the pain to win by frolicking on a beach with her dog and her “hot,sexy, incredible” man who isn’t cheating on her at all.

    The major problem with DM and x17 story? Leann tweeted that Eddie was playing volleyball. WHO is Eddie playing volleyball with? It can’t be Leann because she is in SOOOOO much pain. If x17 and DM are going to post these lies, then shouldn’t they at least make it believeable? How can she be on the beach playing volleyball and posing if she is in as much pain as she claims? So who else was on that beach with Leann and Eddie? The boys? DB? We know that Eddie isn’t playing volleyball with Dave or Lizzy because you see them standing behind him. So was Eddie’s other mistress at the beach with them?

    Both x17 and DM are saying that it was just Leann, Eddie, and their dog on the beach. But in the photo that Leann tweeted, you can see Lizzy and Dave in the background. So Leann thinks that she can erase the talk about how Eddie is cheating with Lizzy by not acknowleding Lizzy’s presence?

  81. why? says:

    Note to Leann: Eddie isn’t in pain from playing volleyball(unless of course volleyball is another code word for Eddie’s affair with Lizzy), he just told you that because he doesn’t want to “struggle” or “snuggle” with you. He is using volleyball to patrol for women. Which is why you are posting the “Eddie isn’t cheating on me because I am sexy” bikini twitpic!

    Beach hood? Does this have something to do RumerFix’s ariticle in which Brandi tells them that she likes gangster rap? Why is Leann’s identity so wrapped up in Brandi’s indentity?

  82. Lily says:

    I wouldn’t want to be this woman for love nor money. People really hate her. I always liked her music but been reading about her all day today. Now I know why she is so hated. She is a poor excuse for a step mother to those boys and they will hate her for what she has done one of these days.