Lindsay Lohan asked the ‘Canyons’ crew to strip before she filmed a sex scene

Before I get into this Cracken story, I’d just like to go back and discuss something weird on that Ali Lohan post yesterday. When I first read the TMZ story – about Ali’s plans to spend a month in South Korea to try to book modeling gigs – my initial thought was “prostitution.” And I discussed those thoughts in the post. But several other sites, and some commenters all discussed the rumors that Ali Lohan might already have her own addiction issues, and might already be in and out of rehab, and this “South Korea” thing is the cover story for another rehab stint. I just wanted to say… that’s an interesting theory. As a Lohan conspiracy theorist, I applaud you. I was wondering why Ali had “disappeared” for a while, and that theory does explain some things.

Anyway, on to the other Lohan. Lindsay is filming/finished filming her micro-budget softcore p0rn movie, The Canyons. And TMZ got a “tip” about how Lindsay “performed” during a sex scene. No, not that kind of performance! Crackie asked the movie crew to strip down to their boxers before she got down and dirty on film:

Lindsay Lohan was EXTREMELY hesitant to shoot a steamy sex scene for her new movie “The Canyons” last week — but we’re told, she quickly changed her mind … after the crew fulfilled an extremely unusual request.

Sources connected with production tell TMZ, the scene required Lindsay to go topless — but she was so uncomfortable with the idea of baring her bosom in front of the set’s 10-man crew, she asked them to strip down with her … to their boxers.

The crew was hesitant at first — but according to sources, they eventually obliged, stripping down and shooting the entire scene in their skivvies … and it all went off without a hitch.

You’d think Lindsay would be used to the idea of baring her lady bits — she posed nude in one of the most widely-viewed Playboy issues of all time — but who are we to judge?

As for her porn star cast mate James Deen — nine inches.

[From TMZ]

That’s not an original request from an actress, you know. There’s a famous story about Julia Roberts doing something similar when she was filming the “coming out of the ocean in her underwear” scene in Sleeping With the Enemy – I believe all the crew members stripped down to their underwear (at night, in the cold) too. There are other stories, of course. Some directors even let their actors have a stiff drink before filming sex scenes. I’m sure that didn’t also happen with Crackie, right? It’s not like the whole cast and crew and director are doing shots and blow in between set-ups. Why, if that was happening, wouldn’t you expect the director to sound as delusional as the Cracken? OH WAIT.

Oh, and I love how delicate and innocent Lindsay pretends to be. Like she hasn’t been publicly flashing her crack muffin since 2006. Like she didn’t JUST pose for Playboy.

Photos courtesy of Fame and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Jules says:

    If her girls sag any worse, they will be on the ground running from her. Yuk.

  2. brin says:

    She looks like “Baby Jane” in the top pic.

    • Relli says:

      HA! For the last few years of her crack shenanigans, even when everyone else still believed she could pull through, I believed that Baby Jane is where she was headed. In fact I want to Ali to become some sort of success so i can see that whole movie play out in real life… right down too seeing her have her outfits from every teen movie she ever starred in remade to fit a 40 year old and driving around in the Herbie.

    • Molly says:

      ITA! She’s so scary and creepy now. Ugh, if she’d only come from a decent family and hadn’t abused drugs and alcohol, she wouldn’t look old and could actually have a decent career.

    • erika says:

      “You wouldn’t be able to do these awful things to me if I weren’t still in this chair!”

      “Aah, but you are Blance, you are in a wheelchair”

      LOVE that movie! Then WHY can’t see she how crack-scrappy she looks? Just like Jane! She doesn’t see her crack-slag, she still thinks she’s Mean Girls Hot!

      -the oily hair pulled back (hasn’t been washed)

      -roots way overdue (can’t afford salon)
      -the mismatched, scrappy lookin’ jewelry..? what is that black bracelet bead thing??
      -the crack-epidermis…face issues
      -the makeup job! Whoa! it’s like she picked up some tricks from the artist on the liz bio, cat eyes?
      -i thought she had designer garb? the mismatched Ross Dress for Less black purse with…

      i give up, you all get it…WHY??? why can’t she see!!!

  3. imabrat says:

    What a mottled mess.

  4. Dawning Red says:

    Looks like the number of chins and freckles on Lindsay is about the same now!

  5. Byte Me says:

    Girl is getting fat.

  6. someone says:

    is it terrible to say that her body gives me the heebie jeebies (sp?)… when i see her body i just get terrible chills, like there is seriously something wrong with her. ugh god i need to cleanse my brain. this is what the cracken does to you before noon. AAAHHH

  7. Mia 4S says:

    Well I’m in a good mood so I’ll say something nice; thank you Lilo, I am a number of years older than you, but I look younger than you and have a better body. This helps my self-esteem. Cheers.

    • Intercontinental says:

      Oh, wow, mind reading!! We were all just saying exactly the samething! Don’t know how old you are but we are all between mid thirties to early fifties.. And each one of us looks better than she does, including the guys!! Considering its only Tuesday, very happy days!! 😁

    • Eileen says:

      I’ll second that thank you! I’ll be 38 this year and found my first gray hair a few weeks back so this is a year for me to see that I’m aging-Booooo.
      But damn, I look younger than her by a LONG shot! lol

    • erika says:

      (Ho for hooker, Lo for Lohan= HoLo!)

      if we CB gals were in a beauty pageant with HoLO, us 30-50s gals, any of us would outwin HoLo any ole day!

      How’s that for self esteem!

  8. hunter says:

    The top pic actually made me guffaw. All posts should be headlined with that pic.

  9. mila says:

    She looks horrible. What happend to her? Can’t believe that she is same age as me.

  10. KaitX says:

    She looks like she’s wearing modified scrubs in the bottom pictures

  11. Boo says:

    Kaiser, I was hoping you’d have the cowboy-hat-and-lace-dress cracktastic photos from X17. Those are priceless.

    This story about asking the crew to strip, because she is such a demure, shy little flower, crack me up (see what i did there?). It’s like that Rosie O’Donnell line to Madonna in A League of Their Own: “You think there’s someone out there who ain’t seen your bosoms?”

    • Bess says:

      Exactly. She’s posed topless a number of times and flashed her lady parts accidentally on more than one occasion.

  12. Esmom says:

    Why Why Why is she still getting work (questionable as it may be)? And press? I’m sure because there’s money to be made from her notoriety. Sick.

  13. Newtsgal says:

    If I worked on that set, I would have demanded some form of eye protection…like some blinders or a bag to go over my head.

  14. Chatcat says:

    Following anything Lohan is like following the Mayan Calendar…doomsday is coming (with a margin of error of +/- 60 days).

  15. Izzy says:

    Wow. I’m a lawyer, so my kneejerk reaction was “that is SO not legal in the workplace.” Then I remembered that Hollywood is… different.

    Anyhoo, ladies, let’s toast with our lunchtime Cracktinis!

  16. the original bellaluna says:

    From all the pix of her panty-less in cars and bars to all the pix of her nip-slips to the pix of her on her knees outside bars and snorting white powder, who EVER would have suspected she was such a delicate demure little flower?

    Bitch, please. She probably just thought a couple of the crew were doable and wanted to check ’em out!

    Cracktinis all around, with some vodka melon balls, in an attempt to bleach the Blohan from our brains. 😀

    • Eileen says:

      I think in the spirit of it all I shall have 3 cracktinis! Hey-its been a rough month! 😉

    • MrsBPitt says:

      My God…did you see her role in Machete…she was naked most of her time on screen…bbbrrrr…can’t…unsee…ugh!

      • erika says:

        ohhh i wanna see it! i wanna see machete! i want to see HoLo nekkid! she just FASCINATES me!!!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        MrsB – No, but it’s taken quite an effort on my part. HBO has had it running for the last month, and every time I see the word “machete” I run screaming (after changing the channel and/or turning off the TV).

    • sarahtonin says:

      Inorite? Seen it all before, when it fell out all over the pavement as she got out of the car, when she posed nude, when she whored herself to Terry. Blah blah blah. I’d pay her to put it away actually.

  17. Katy says:

    scank….that’s all I can say about her

  18. Nicolette says:

    Please! My eyes, my eyes!!!!!!!

  19. bettyrose says:

    I’m glad this coverage pointed out that the request itself is not absurd just the context of it.

    Poor Ali.

  20. Kiyoshigirl says:

    This type of request is as old as the hills. You hear about it every time an actress who wants to try and come off shy has to do a nude scene. Of course I shouldn’t expect anything original to come from The Cracken. Is this movie going straight to video?

    • swack says:

      Yes, I believe it is going straight to NetFlix – or that was the original story I read.

  21. Incredulous says:

    I saw those photos and want a full CDC decontamination protocol.

  22. skuddles says:

    I hope Lilo also gave the crew a ton of booze so they could cope with having to look at her flaccid nekkid nethers.

    Geez her clothes are looking really budget these days. When did Lilo start shopping at Walmart??

  23. TheOneAndOnly says:

    Great comments all I just want to know who or what is the target audience for this shakespearan masterpiece; on second thought, maybe I don’t want to know.

  24. cannonball says:

    Everyone in Hollywood does some sort of drug. Leave her alone. She looks great to me. Still working and memorizing her lines. Someone BIG thinks she’s talented.

    • Beatrix says:

      hmmmkay, Dina – go do another line.

    • Soxfan says:

      Talented at what, Dina????

    • erika says:

      LOHAN ALERT: “Everyone in Hollywood does some type of drug.”

      HI YA DINA!!! You must have been lurking a while here at CB, yes, everyone is welcome to their opinion, but your statement above is clearly ludicrous! NOT everyone in Hwood takes a drug! you can’t make a blanket assumption like that and just walk away! So, if ‘everybody’s doing it’ that means that it’s OK for HoLo to do as well?

      HoLo failed puberty as well if that was your (DINA LOHAN) excuse! “Everybody else is jumping off a cliff so should I”

      I accept there may be HoLo supporters, (apart from her family=enablers) but a statement like that only REINFORCES the problem.

      When will the Lohan clan accept the fact that their daughter is in trouble? When someone dies? When a Lohan dies?

      Time’s a tickin”

    • bettyrose says:

      Yep, everyone does some type of drug, but for most that drug isn’t crack and the frequency isn’t every.possible.moment.

    • sarahtonin says:

      Yep everyone is on drugs in Hweird, but most seem to do it in moderation and not affect their livelihood.

      It’s because people think she’s talented that’s she’s been given chance after chance after chance and she keeps screwing it up. Now she can’t get insurance it doesn’t matter how good she was when she was 12, no one will risk signing her until she does a few more indies and proves herself again .. and by that, we mean not staying at Marmont and not stacking her Panamera rental, because obvious crack ho is obvious.

  25. BELLE EPOCH says:

    White Oprah is here everybody.

    Can someone tell me the difference between what she is doing and porn?

  26. pink giraffe says:

    Not a Lohan fan, but…I kind of agree with her. She’s got to get naked for the camera, and the crew is all male? Ehh. I don’t think she should get naked for the camera in the first place, but…I don’t know. I get the reasoning behind asking the male crew to strip also.

    ^ Sorry it’s so convoluted. I don’t agree with Lindsay about getting naked, but I also don’t agree that she should have to in front of lots of guys. I guess that doesn’t make sense, esp. considering she’s Lindsay Lohan and a.) she does stuff like strip down for the camera all the time, b.) she signed up for it.

    • Sugar says:

      you reasoned with yourself very well & came to the popular conclusion that she signed up for it;) she has no business to go all sweet & shy she signed up for it

    • jwoolman says:

      Uh, so what if the crew is all male? It will probably mostly be men viewing the finished film. And I think it’s safe to say that mostly men buy Playboy… Besides, unless the camera crew job description included “must be ready to strip down to underwear on demand” – isn’t that leaving the producer open to lawsuits for creating a hostile work environment? What if some of the crew had been female?

  27. hello says:

    OMG I can’t believe how she looks. It seems she is getting worse by the day…

  28. moo says:

    She looks SO horrible!!! Really! Why would anyone pay money to see this crap??? Disgusting…….

  29. moo says:

    Horrible thought…sorry, but… OCTOMOM LOOKS BETTER!!!


  30. Krock says:

    That outfit. Its so bizarre and strange looking. If you look at the waist area you can see where the elastic is all cinched up. And theres no shape to it. Awful outfit yuck

  31. e.non says:

    damn .. that top photo – she looks like hell. well, actually all of them; but that top one – oy.

    i really expected her to be dead by now; that would be an easy out considering her options. what is she going to do in the future to support herself. maybe ‘yacht girl’ for a couple of years. hollywood has just about had its fill of her.

  32. IzzyB says:

    Oh honey, you ain’t no Dorian Gray.
    Quit the drugs, your body is suffering.

  33. yawnie says:

    Honig needs to give it up and exit stage left out of town. No one is buying his PR crap for BlowHan or KarTRASHian anymore. It’s non-believable and worse yet, continuously recycled. There HAS TO be more talented, more beautiful, less self entitle actors out there.

  34. erika says:

    I’d willingly strip for Lilo…strip my EYEBALLS so i don’t have the punishment of having to look at her crack scarred body!

    FYI- I’m holding to my idea of creating an online PETITION to the CA police dept/judge saunders to get it together and PROSECUTE Ms HoLo! Seriously!

    • NerdMomma says:

      I love that idea.

      Unrelated, I clicked the link on your name thinking it may be a blog or something…and that was the cutest video ever!!! Is that you and your little pug? Adorable!!

  35. yawnie says:

    I am starting to believe no one cares about her anymore because she is probably press wise, worth more dead than alive. White Oprah has nothing in Pimp Momma Kar-Trash.

  36. Jilly Bean says:

    just so sad!

  37. Carol says:

    Yes, try and ask any of us over-worked, under-paid union crew to get naked so your over-privileged crackie self can feign shyness. I don’t believe for a second any of the crew did that. I have heard this same story attributed to several different actresses over the years but have yet to see a professional member of the crew do such an unprofessional thing.

  38. Carol says:

    Yes, try and ask any of us over-worked, under-paid union crew to get naked so your over-privileged self can feign shyness. I don’t believe for a second any of the crew did that. I have heard this same story attributed to several different actresses over the years but have yet to see a professional member of the crew do such an unprofessional thing.

  39. Francesca says:

    That first pic has to be the worst picture of her ever! It looks like a glimpse of her scary future…eww

  40. Sammi says:

    Uncle Terry taught her well ;o)~””’

  41. jwoolman says:

    Now we’re supposed to believe that someone who posed for a ten page spread in Playboy and has gotten most of her work for the past few years due to her willingness to take off her top and has provided tabloids with plenty of oops pictures – she is suddenly shy in front of a camera? Most likely this is one of Dina’s attempts to convince us that Lindsay isn’t doing porn.

  42. sarahtonin says:

    The difference is that the crew don’t get paid millions of dollars to look good, she does, but she spent it on crack and snack instead. Granted she’s getting f-ckall for this film in comparison to mainstream movies but still, she should be in shape ready for those parts anyway.

    Asking the grip and assistants and the craft services lady to stand around in their jocks is like asking me to do the same at my work- because we are in the real world and get paid realistic wages for a real job, and not a cent more to look pretty. Crew have grounds to complain to their unions.

    Then again, thinking about it, I bet the lunch lady has better tits than this trick.

  43. MarenGermany says:


  44. Newtsgal says:

    I read that “The Canyons”,
    which we are now calling “The Clamyons” that they are planing to show it at Sundance Film Festival…..Wonder what Robert Redford thinks about that?