Scout Willis sentenced for underage drinking, using a fake ID: no jail!

Back in June, Scout Willis was arrested in New York City. Scout is the middle daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore – Scout is currently 21 years old, but at the time of her arrest, she was 20 years old. The basic story is that Scout was out partying with some friends, and a cop witnessed her having a Pakistani beer. When the cop asked to see Scout’s ID, she identified herself as Katherine Kelly and provided a fake ID. She later told the truth and properly identified herself. So she faced two charges – underage drinking and possessing a fake ID. Obviously, having a drink at the age of 20 is no big deal. What I found outrageous was that Scout had a fake ID and that she was dumb enough to use her false identity when caught by the po-po.

Scout’s big-time lawyer disagreed, of course. Her lawyer played to the media, telling People Magazine, “It would be outrageous to mar a person that’s clearly going places – clearly seeking to have a career … with a criminal record. The goal is clearly a non-criminal offer.” The lawyer also made the case that Scout is “clearly intelligent” and “devoted to her studies” (Scout goes to Brown, where she gets course credit for tweeting, no joke). I found the lawyer’s argument offensive – for one, it’s pretty dumb to give a cop your fake ID, so I reject the whole “she’s smart, she shouldn’t be charged” argument. Secondly, you shouldn’t get extra credit with the legal system just because you MIGHT “go places” someday. Maybe you could make that argument if she was in medical school or something. But she’s a trust-fund undergraduate at Brown who, post-graduation, will likely end up a “video music director/artist/celebrity”.

Anyway, the legal system has spoken. And once again, the legal system crumbled in the iron-chinned face of “celebrity”. According to TMZ, Scout “worked out a deal with prosecutors in which they agreed to dismiss the case entirely if she completes 2 days of community service and stays out of trouble for 6 months.” Lindsay Lohan just looked up from her mirror full of blow and said, “Wait, you mean the prosecutor didn’t just hand down a sentence of ‘a friendly pat on the firecrotch’?” TMZ also says that the prosecutors did take Scout’s grades and clean record into account, and they didn’t believe she should go to jail either. I wonder what the sentence would have been if a Pakistani-American student had handed a fake ID to a cop? Gitmo. Don’t even joke about it. He would have been sent to Gitmo.

Photos courtesy of PCN.

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  1. says:

    Plenty of people that don’t do to university “go places” and are not stupid enough to show a cop a fake id. Her lawyer is an idiot.

    Not surprised at the outcome of this.

  2. Birdie says:

    Her background and grades shouldn’t count at all! What about equality.. Oh yeah, Hollywood laws don’t really count for celebs and their foul kids.

  3. cmc says:

    I really don’t think this is unfair or anything. I got in trouble in college too (harmless, underage drinking) and didn’t get in trouble either. For a first offense, this is pretty standard, no?

    • Holl says:

      agreed. This is a pretty standard punishment on college campuses. Underage Drinking at my school was like a 3 strikes thing where the first two times you get alcohol education and community service and your parents are notified and the 3rd time you are suspended for a semester.

    • mata says:

      Also agree. I don’t like the Willis girls for a variety of reasons, but this is a pretty standard punishment for something like this.

    • L says:

      Yup, same thing happened to my cousin in college and he got pretty much the same fine. Although I think his probation was for a year, but otherwise the class and stay out of trouble.

      And he’s not a trust fund baby by any means, and the judge also took his good grades into consideration.

    • Kimlee says:

      It was never about the under age drinking but the fake ID she gave the police.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yeah I got caught with a fake ID and they just confiscated it and told me to GTFO.
      One friend spent the night in jail-jut one night and then was released but no, this is not unusual at all and def. not a form of “special celeb treatment” imo.
      Really unfair to compare it to LiLo’s numerous “get out of jail free” cards.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      2 days of service for stupid – sounds about right.

  4. Kute Kim K. says:

    Just look at her. No wander she’s drinking hard.

  5. Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

    So you want someone to go to gaol for drinking a beer and showing a cop a fake ID?

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      That’s kind of what I took away from the article too. We have enough issues with overcrowded jails-we don’t need people thrown in the slammer for silly things like this.

  6. MarenGermany says:

    first picture.
    imagining the photographer saying: ok, now do something to hide your chin.

    • Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

      To which she replies “How? By docking the Queen Mary in front of it?”

      • Katyusha says:

        OMG, I laughed at this. Now I feel bad.

      • GoGoGrammy says:

        Now that’s very cruel..but also very funny. Poor girl…It’s hard to believe she is a product of two very attractive people…I’m sure she has other very attractive qualities…since we all know…looks aren’t everything…especially in Hollywood! (eye roll)

      • Jacq says:


  7. Holl says:

    I wish Rumer would go to college…she will never make it in hollywood. Scout needs to stop taking lessons from Demi in party lifestyle choices. Fake IDs are pointless these days as many states have the new barcode scan/holograms. But community service is more meanigful punishment for a Fake ID/ Underage drinking violation than jail. Less costs to the city and more benefits to the city as long as they pick up trash/clean public park toilets/scrub graffiti. Seriously, forget these reading to the kids community service crap and get to work delinquents!

  8. marie says:

    if Scout were intelligent then she would have known not to show a fake ID.. She’s a spoiled idiot..

  9. Jackie O says:

    showing a cop a fake id…what a tool.

    i really dislike the ‘hippy bohemian’ style of these girls. someone needs to tell them they can’t pull it off.

  10. Naye in VA says:

    My friend spent a week in jail for just telling a cop a fake name. but oh yea, he wasn’t “going places” -_-

  11. The Original Original says:

    Im sorry I know this is mean but her face reminds me of Rocky Dennis in the movie Mask.

  12. dorothy says:

    There are laws for regular people and then there are law’s for celebs and thier maturity stunted offspring. Obviously that system is working well….just look at Lohan and Amanda Byrne.

  13. jk says:

    She should have been sentanced to go to a plastic surgeon and see if they can do something to fix her bad genetics. Then been treated like every other kid that got busted for illegal drinking, a false ID card . It is really disgusting that she got a slap on the wrist like this while other students would have gotten a lot worse.

  14. epiphany says:

    It always astounds me how two such beautiful people can produce such…unfortunate looking children.

    • Cleveland Girl says:

      I know. I feel racked with guilt for saying this, but the first picture (of the two of them) looks like one of those reflections in a fun house mirror, doesn’t it??? Weird.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        When I saw the top one – the one where you can’t see the giant “Rocky Dennis” chin – I thought she looked like my friend C after some drunk playing with a warping photo app. The eyes are pretty but the rest is warped.

  15. lala says:

    i had a sorority sister busted for the same thing last year and she got the same sentence. this isn’t special star treatment, its just a college student being a college student and the courts realized it. i know so many people with fake ids and lets be honest, all students underage drink, so i think its pretty outrageous that you guys expected her to be thrown in jail. it would cost the state too much.

  16. Vee says:

    My gosh these girls are unfortunate looking! Bless their hearts!

  17. mewmow says:

    That first picture looks like Lohan….Yikes! 🙁

  18. juju says:

    Wow these two chicks are so ugly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Ravensdaughter says:

    Wow, Scout got hit with the ugly stick in the headline pic! Makeup and better clothes do help…

  20. CT says:

    lol, just how long of a stint in jail did you want her to do for a minor offense like this? Silly things young people do in college should not ruin their lives. Celebrity or not.

  21. mt says:

    Wait a second. Getting caught drinking underage is one thing but getting caught with a fake is considered a felony often identity theft. My sister went to jail for a nite after getting caught withb a fake id and had to ppay serious legal consequences

  22. Bobby says:

    More crazy antics from the tater sisters.

  23. Izzy says:

    Huh. We could be witnessing the birth of The Cracken 2.0.

  24. ZenB!tch says:

    I don’t mean to be mean but they kind of bring it out…. can anyone be more hideous (without being the victim of an accident or some horrid disease).

    This one’s chin is not only HUGE but I think it’s askew. What does the 3rd one look like. Is she even worse? I didn’t think they could get worse than “Rumor”.

    • Onyx XV says:

      LOL, I know what you mean. It’s impossible not to notice, and extremely difficult not to comment on, how ugly these poor chicks are. And they don’t seem to realize that no amount of hair dye is going to fix their fug…

      The youngest one is the prettiest actually – or the least ugly, however you want to put it.

  25. Chris says:

    If Seth Macfarlane ever makes an American Dad live-action feature she could play Stan Smith.