Kristen Stewart, victim: “She was lured into a brief situation that she never wanted”

I’m getting the feeling that almost all other gossip and celebrity stories are being held today as the gossip world braced itself for an onslaught of Twihard Meltdown stories… that just isn’t coming. It’s actually kind of dead today. Even the Twihard Meltdown stories don’t seem like anything earth-shattering. Us Weekly – the leader on Twihard Meltdown 2012 – reports in their cover story that Rob has been hiding out on Reese Witherspoon’s Ojai ranch/farm. LaineyGossip has some additional details from the Us Weekly cover story – Kristen Stewart is staying at her parents’ house. Kristen confessed her affair to Rob last Monday. Rob isn’t drowning his sorrows in booze, but he is smoking a lot. Rob is thinking back, trying to figure out what signs he missed. And sources tell Us Weekly that Kristen and Rupert Sanders’ affair likely began during the promotional push for SWATH, NOT when they filmed SWATH. Oh, and Rob has been reading stuff online! HEY SPARKLES!! Keep your chin up, kiddo. You’ll be okay. You need to dump her, though.

People Magazine put Rob and Kristen on their cover this week too – the headline is “Inside Her Betrayal”. EPIC. Some highlights from People’s version… they confirm that Rob is staying at Reese’s property. Rob was “blindsided”. A source says, “There was no sign that either of them was unhappy. He would have done anything for her.” The source also says: “This has been such a low blow to Rob. Talk about having your heart ripped out.” As for Kristen’s confession to Rob, “Telling Robert was the worst thing she’s ever had to do.” Kristen has also been calling and texting him constantly (“tearfully”), trying to get him to forgive her. Also: Rob is reportedly really, really upset that Kristen issued such a public apology – “It’s heart-wrenching for such a private person.”

Most of People and Us Weekly’s sources seem to be indicating that Kristen’s infidelity is a dealbreaker for Rob, but many sources claim Kristen is trying to win him back: “Rob is all that matters to Kristen right now. She loves him so much. She’d do anything to be able to get through this and be together. Kristen’s sad and upset. She desperately wishes she could turn back the clock.”

Here’s something very, very interesting – the original source is People Mag, excerpted by Hollywood Life – according to sources, Rupert Sanders was “infatuated” with Kristen. A source told People, “Rupert had been infatuated with [Kristen] since the production [of SWATH], but she always kept it professional because she loved [Robert Pattinson]. She still does. It only became a flirtation recently, and she was lured into a brief situation that she never wanted.” That’s very interesting, isn’t it? “She was lured into a brief situation that she never wanted…” Comes close to saying that Rupert somehow forced her into it, or that she’s a meek and vulnerable girl who was taken advantage of by an older, powerful man’s manipulations…? The problem is that it didn’t seem like that at all if you look at the photos. It looks like Rupert is a love-sick puppy and Kristen is enjoying his attention. The problem continues to be that NO ONE is buying Kristen Stewart as a victim of anything, yet that’s how Team Kristen is trying to play it – like we shouldn’t blame her for anything because she’s now joined The Cult of Perpetual Victims, because she was LURED, y’all. She didn’t want this! Except that she parked in an isolated parking lot to pick up Rupert, he did some biscuit-diving in the front seat and then they drove around looking for places to hookup and makeout. She didn’t WANT that. She was LURED.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. bns says:

    Celebrities always want people to feel sorry for them instead of just taking responsibility for their f*ck ups.

    And they were way too intimate in those pictures for me to believe that it was a brief, one-time thing.

  2. Jane1 says:

    Shes 22….not 16. She very well knew what she was doing. Time to man up and take the blame because you cant blame anyone but yourself for this one.

  3. Liv says:

    I must laugh – she loves him more than anything, but betrayed him publicly (how stupid can one be) and made a public apology without his permission? OH MY GOD.

    • Care says:

      Oh shut up. What she did was wrong. Granted. She apologised publicly. In my books Rupert was more culpable.
      The fact that she made 1 mistake does not rub out all the good things she has done. At her age, it is hard to be in a long term relationship which she had managed fine.
      With it being Hollywood, it is bobbly worse, being a high profile couple, worse still, been threatened, paps in your face all the time, he goes out with anyone, speculations that he is cheating.
      I can’t imaging living like that. Cut her some slack. She made one mistake. More fool him if he does not take her back. She is sorry and if she is still upset, she is truely sorry. Going back to the last few months, it showed she truely loves him. Its worth giving her a second chance. All these people saying dump her, would you have dated him when he was nothing? She took a chance on him. What you are all hankering after now, is the finished product, her finished product.
      Let the person without sin cast the 1st stone.
      Been in test situation. We got back after a month and we have been ogether since then. Our relationship got stronger. It add us confront issues we have been avoiding. It will irk out. Hang in there Rob, let the anger go and talk to your woman. Ignore the creeps out there with the bad and self serving advice.

      • Erinn says:

        Sorry, but I’m 22, and have been with the same guy since we were 14. Seven years. No infidelities, no breakups, nothing major in the fight department.

        How do we know she is actually sorry? Her whole career is in turmoil, there’s a very good chance she is trying to save face here. She obviously didn’t love him enough to not run around with a married man. Rupert is not more culpable in the case of Robert- as a lot of people posted that KStew is not the main one to blame in the case of Liberty. She had a relationship with Robert. She could not remain faithful to him, she is the responsible party.

        I can’t imagine how heart-wrenching it must be to be on Rob and Liberty’s end of things. It’s hard to trust a cheater. It happens sometimes, but it can seriously damage a relationship beyond repair. Just because you are trying to mend yours does mean it works for everyone.

        Saying someone is a creep by telling him to cut ties with someone who had no consideration of his feelings, or the feelings of the family she helped break up, and only came clean after she was caught sounds like she and Rupert are the self-serving people here; not the ones telling him it’s a bad idea to jump back in the relationship.

        The Twihards rooting for Bella and Edward to get married for realz are self-serving, as well.

      • anon33 says:

        There’s no need to say shut up to people who don’t agree with you.

      • Layale says:

        I completely disagree. Not everyone can (or wants to) rebuild trust after infidelity. I certainly could not. And I’m so much happier now with a guy who doesn’t cheat. I have never regretted not getting back with the cheater. To each his/her own, I guess. But there’s no need to be so snarky about it.

      • Care says:

        Oh please I work in entertainment. Her career will flourish. They are not choosy. I am also not a twilight fan.
        I worked at Cannes and crossed both of them. The way, she looked it him embarrassed even me and I am jaded. People make mistakes. She made one. Is it worth receiving death threats over? Calling her tramp, slut etc is also unacceptable. Honestly the ony person she owes an apology o s Rob and she as Ivan it. Are they being left lone to decide their fate? No. The writer of this blog’s moments are also uncalled for. I understand bitchy but this is something else.

      • Crystal says:

        Your comments on this topic have been beyond embarrassing. First you diss Liberty and now this.

        ‘More fool him if he does not take her back’

        Um. No. He treated her like she hung the moon and she repayed him by getting her minge eaten out in broad daylight. She doesn’t deserve to be taken back.

        ‘At her age, it is hard to be in a long term relationship…’

        Then she shouldn’t have been in one. Seriously. Logic, what is it ??

        ‘The fact that she made 1 mistake does not rub out all the good things she has done. ‘

        Um. What good would that be ??

        ‘Going back to the last few months, it showed she truely loves him. ‘

        WTF are you on about?? Do you live with them ?? How has K-bitch shown her love for Rob in the last few months? I’d love to see some receipts.

        ‘All these people saying dump her, would you have dated him when he was nothing? She took a chance on him. What you are all hankering after now, is the finished product, her finished product.’

        Oh. Puh-lease. They were both nobodies when they met so no, she did not take a chance on him. You’re acting as if he was so beneath her when they got together. Who the f*ck was she before she played Bella ‘Mary-Sue’ Swan in Twilight?? She was the little boy from ‘Panic Room’ that noone gave a f*ck about.

        This comment is all types of fail and should be on Tumblr or twilighted or some shit. I’m not here for all this bullsh*t victim blaming. She opened her legs to a married man but Rob is the fool if he doesn’t take her back ??? Do you think before you type ??? Have you finished high school??

        Take a motherf*cking seat, sis.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        If I remember correctly, he was hardly “nothing” before Twilight. Anyone remember a small movie called “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”? Perhaps a few people have seen it?
        You should use some manners, Care. You’re free to voice your opinion, but we don’t tell each other to shut up here.

      • Brown says:


        Let’s not make this into something it’s not. She did not make a mistake, she made a bad decision. People make bad decisions every single day. It probably isn’t her first and it probably won’t be her last. But it was not a mistake, and it was not an accident. It was a choice.

        Now let’s think about it: if she was lured into an uncomfortable situation by Sanders, she still had the CHOICE to say no. She had the choice to get out. But she made the decision not to. That is something she needs to own up to. We have all made decisions that we wish we hadn’t, and if you are a mature person, you accept the consequences of those decisions and do not look to cast blame elsewhere.

        Those that want to continue being her fan should feel free to do so. Those who want to boycott her movies should feel free to do so. I personally would not want to have my entire life judged by my single worst decision, but then again, I have never ruined a marriage and I do not live my life in the public eye. She has preached for years that she is the anti-hollywood, and she has not been practicing what she’s preached. She needs to live with the consequences, accept the responsibility for her actions, and try to continue working.

        Personally I hope her career is over, but not because of this. Because she is just an absolutely terrible actress. Completely unrelated. Just my opinion.

      • Liv says:

        What can I say to someone who knows morally so much more than I do and who manages to stay classy and polite when expressing opinions ;-)

      • Minime says:

        @ care: aren’t you self-projecting too much? They are indeed very young. What harm can it make if they just split and see what happens? It’s not only that she cheated on him, is that she embarrassed him publicly. She knew that she was always being followed by paparazzi and she couldn’t find a better way than that? It’s not that makes the cheating better to have a bit of discretion but the opposite certainly makes it worse. Specially considering that they are famous and their life is analyzed under a microscope. Second, she cheated with a man that is her boss and married with one of her co-works, father of children she knows…Maybe that does say a bit about her character…And well, if she did it probably she wasn’t happy anymore, why to be so eager to return to an unhappy relationship? Sometimes people cling to relationships for the habit and not really because of feelings.

        People are different and what doesn’t work for someone might work for someone else, but in my opinion, to forgive a cheater (specially in a case like this) it’s to give a free pass since the main message is that the person loves the cheater so much that they can even forgive that. But each case is different and it doesn’t mean that in some situations it might work as a mind opener for both parts.

        In this case I think it would be certainly good for both to split and have their time by themselves. But see, this is only an opinion, that is what we do in this website. It’s not like I’m trying to mind communicate with any of them.

      • diana says:

        Care, shut up.
        This is a gossip blog and you come to bully a harmless poster who did not even foul mouth your precious KStew.
        Pls tell KStew that she is a hypocrite. Doing a studio teen franchise like Twilight, she has sold herself to the teen fans and public.
        Add to that, she gave a public apology inviting any and every person to take a shot at her.
        No one here wished death on her ever.
        Working in the entertainment industry or not, you have had the same amount of access to them as the rest of us, if not, get out of a gossip site and work constructively for your heroine. How dare you try to seek attention by jumping on one of the first posters who made an innocous statement.
        I don’t care if Kstew cheated or not, the way her pr (assuming you) and her fans are acting is ridiculous. Trying to jump on others, making the actual victims villains etc..
        Btw I dont think this affair would affect professional career of Ksyew and I dont have the right to wish her any harm as she personally did nt harm me.

      • The Original Original says:

        I dont agree with you at all. How can you give the advice to take back a cheater? The trust will never be there again, period. Even if she does close her legs after this, which I doubt.

      • MerryHappy says:

        Some relationships don’t last.
        Some cheaters are not sorry.
        Some would do it again, even if they say otherwise.
        Some people don’t want to fight to make it better with the person who cheated, but will accept they grew apart, or whatever reason for the infidelity was, and move on.
        It’s great you and your mister/misses worked it out. They are not you.

      • CC says:

        I would REFUSE to build it again after truast is broken. No one has to forgive being betrayed. That’s an individual choice.

        Rupert may be the biggest asshole since he actually took LEGAL vows with someone but Kristen was supposed to be in a monogamous relationship. She’s no prize either, just a lesser asshole. And her name is too huge to be “seduced” by a (comparative) nobody. This wasn’t some big, hot-shot HWood man, FFS. So, playing the victim doesn’t stick, she wasn’t being physically assaulted either.

        She has to own it, and as for the Robsten or Rob, or her own rabid fans? They have a lot of growing up to do.

      • BeccaZ says:

        I like Brown’s distinction between “bad decision” and “mistake.” Perhaps its merely semantics but “decision” implies more personal responsibility (to me, anyway).

        I do think the coverage is overblown, but that’s what happens when your biggest hits are a tween’s wet dream.

        Added to this, she’s been so unlikable. So ungrateful. So above-it-all. Well, this is what happens when you have that attitude. She’s made it really easy for people to push her off that pedestal. This may be the biggest lesson she has to learn for her future career.

        Honestly, I don’t get the hoopla about this girl. Her best role was in The Panic Room. She must ooze charisma in person. She seems so blank.

      • Kate says:

        “All these people saying dump her, would you have dated him when he was nothing? She took a chance on him. What you are all hankering after now, is the finished product, her finished product.”

        He was nothing unless he was hugely famous? And that’s “taking a chance on him”? And he is now “her finished product?” You can’t seriously type that and mean it, can you? That nobody has an identity or worth unless they are famous? That only the magical kiss of another famous person can bring them to worthwhile life? And as for hankering after him… erm, I’m afraid I never really saw the appeal. He’s very sweet looking, and bless him I hope he’s not too unhappy for too long, but – just no.

        “She made one mistake. More fool him if he does not take her back. She is sorry and if she is still upset, she is truely sorry. Going back to the last few months, it showed she truely loves him. ”

        So anyone who won’t take a cheater back because they’ve been sorry a whole week is a fool, and their being sorry a whole week proves that they really did love them? As opposed to, oh, I don’t know – not cheating to begin with? That’s the kind of proof I prefer in my relationships. Personally.

        Are you serious, or is this a parody of those weird Tumblr sites people are linking to?

      • akku says:

        You are one stupid person. Rupert is not MORE CULPABLE ? He was having an affair with a 22 year old adult who everybody thinks has a steady boyfriend and also someone who was having live in relationship with boys since she was 15 yrs.She very well knew what she was doing and is only sorry because she is caught with the guy between her legs. She was herself a nobody when she got TWILIGHT,
        Her then boyfriend Angarano introduced her to Catherine and recommended her for the movie. She was not grateful to him. She dumped him when she got Rob.I am sick of her PR team trying to make her a victim.Who knows Kristen might be the one who was seducing her director for future projects and also Rob never acknowledged her in public as his girlfriend. May be they were only casually dating.

      • gg says:

        She’s hurt him too badly. He now sees he can’t trust her. He’s not a fool and if they mistakenly try again it won’t last a week.

        Also: 1 mistake? bahahahahahah, which one time are you counting as the mistake? The first time or one of the other times; the minge-munch or the first kiss? I’m confused.

      • jaye says:

        Did you say “bobbly worse”??

      • sunnee says:

        Those who hope that this is the end for Kristen Stewart are in for a big disappointment. The girl is easily the most polarizing young actress out there. People either love her or love to hate her, she always draws the most emotion (and the most comments on every site) and that will translate into a long and lustrous career in Hollywood. Liz Taylor was as polarizing and she rode it out to become an icon. ET was a child actress like KS, and she was scandalous and didn’t give a hoot. After her husband died and she stole Fisher from Reynolds, her FU statement to the press was “Do they expect me to sleep alone?”. Then she quickly ditched him for Burton. Many will say ET was more talented than Stewart, but she was a middling actress at best. Virginia Woolf was her best performance, she never did better. Cat.. Roof was okay and even she agreed Butterfield 8 did not deserve the Oscar she got. Hollywood loves women like this, they need the “bad girl” to counteract the multitude of simpering “good girl” actresses out there. We like our bad girls strong, we secretly despise weak ones like LiLo. She need not be a good actress to continue in HW; but I believe she has potential to be very good if not great. Twilight was embarassing, I’ve never been able to sit through any of the flicks my girls have on video. Horribly written, horribly directed and bad acting. I’ve seen her do good work. I think since Twi and Patz, she’s lost the edge, I hope this brings her back. Love this chick.

      • Anna says:

        Care, did you really work on movies? Did you take your pills or something? Because I don’t understand how you do these kind of comments. First calling Liberty Rose a famewhore and Atticus Ross a nobody and then this… Sorry girl, but this sounds a lame excuse for a K-Stew PR team. If I’ll be famous, I have confidence for not hiring you.

        First, she didn’t make a mistake, because a mistake is WAY different than take a BAD DECISION. K-Stew must take a responsability for her actions. Not only she didn’t care for her co-star and director’s woman, even she didn’t care for her children. That’s means a lot for qualified a person for the empathy to others. Stewart didn’t show it and the photos are proof of that.

      • flan says:


        Elizabeth Taylor had lots of things that this trainwreck does not have:

        -Absolutely stunning beauty (yeah, Kristen is okay, but nowhere near Liz).

        -Not awkward

        -Genuine niceness to lots of people. She was the one who demanded from Hollywood and politicians that AIDS would be treated as a horrible disease we should all fight against. This at a time when almost everyone else shunned the subject. Kristen? Never hear anything nice about her, just whining.

        -She never looked like she did not wash.

      • ORLY says:

        I don’t know why people keep comparing this chick to Elizabeth Taylor. This is the age of social media, where opinions are shared instantly and worldwide.
        How can anyone think Kristen will come out of this with her career in better shape, is beyond me.
        There is no way BD2 and OTR won’t lose money because of this scandal. How can that be good for her?

      • Vesper says:

        “You should use some manners, Care. You’re free to voice your opinion, but we don’t tell each other to shut up here.”

        Thank you @ Shannon1972.


    • KatJo says:

      Seriously, without his permission? I don’t even know how to respond to a comment that stupid. I understand how hard it would be to be cheated on but most of the people on this board are way to invested in this relationship that they know nothing about and half of the “leaked info” turns out to be false or madeup. Lets just put it this way, Hope none of you ever, ever find yourselves needing to be forgiven and have a whole host of people calling you the most horrific shit imaginable. Sounds like there is way to many “perfect saintly people” residing on this board.

      • Liv says:

        Sorry, KatJo, english is not my first language – so what I meant was that it’s pretty egoistical that she forced an apology on him publicly – when everybody knows how both of them were eager to keep their whole life private. She should at least have informed him before – not to mention asking him beforehand!!

      • Erinn says:

        I can see the comment about ‘without his permission’ being over the top, but I see nothing wrong with people stating that they can manage to keep it in their own pants, so why couldn’t she? It’s not about being a saint, it’s about respecting the feeling of other people in a relationship. She clearly had none. Treating the people you love with respect isn’t acting like a saint, it’s having basic human compassion.

      • diana says:

        @ Liv
        You should n’t have apologised. I’m sick of the way these fans are targetting you.


        Who are you to pass moral judgement? You want to preach forgiveness, why are you on a website which is named celebitchy?
        Many of the posters who are commenting on K stew ‘s actions do not hold a personal grudge or something against her. Maybe she has to work on the public’s forgiveness as she is the one who admitted to her sin publicly.

      • Liv says:

        Thanks for the back up, diana ;-)

        Always nice to see that Celebitchy readers are in general kind and reasonable!

      • Kate says:

        Refusing to acknowledge a relationship, and then using it as a way to try to deflect public criticism when you’ve betrayed the other party, is not acceptable behaviour. It’s adding insult to severe injury. Of course she should have talked through her PR strategy with him – it was the absolute least she owed him. By all accounts she didn’t, she just let them swing into action to try to cover her backside without consideration for the effect that might have on the person she claims to love most. Claims that her cheating already render somewhat unlikely.

        And the only people here throwing unfounded and vindictive accusations about are Kristen Stewart’s fans. Seriously, who are you to attack people who have an opinion different to yours? Unless you are actually a friend of KS in real life, you’re just one of the people she goes to some lengths to avoid running into: an obsessed fan.

        For the record, I’ve posted that I feel sorry for her and that the reaction is disproportionate. She did something horrible, but if her boyfriend and she didn’t star in a huge romantic saga, and a lot of naive women didn’t project that saga onto their real lives, she’d not be getting anything like this degree of venom.

        That doesn’t make her a victim. She made a very bad choice and the consequences are severe. But she is also the highest paid woman in Hollywood without actually having done much for that status.

      • flan says:

        “you’re just one of the people she goes to some lengths to avoid running into: an obsessed fan.”

        Good one. Time some of them realized that.

    • MerryHappy says:

      Don’t apologize, liv! I agree with Diana.
      She knows he doesn’t want publicity, especially about something like this. But she did it anyway. Your intent, to me, was clear. I agree. She knows the lifestyle he wants–keeping under the radar–and she threw a basket of dirty laundry into the radar. I get why she released a statement. She basically was strong armed into one given the situation, but it didn’t need to include him.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I get Liv’s point. A private person would be very embarassed by the other person’s public apology. I had someone do a big public apology to me once (not a boyfriend) and it seemed like it was all about people looking at him and saying “Oh, he’s sooo sorry, poor thing! Look how bad HE feels!” He used his “apology” to put the spotlight on himself and make HIM the victim. Not very impressive.

      • Diana says:

        I would just like to point out that diana is not Diana. Having that cleared up, I’m 100% with Crystal, diana, Kate and Liv. Kristen was the cheater. Sure, you can use the whole, ‘she’s too young to be in a relationship’ (althought I think that’s crap!) but that does not excuse her behavior. If you don’t want to be in a relationship, then don’t, end it, but that does not give you permision to piss all over the relationship you did have and be a jerk about it. What ever Rob chooses to do, will be his prerogative, but don’t judge him if he’s trying to protect his heart after this entire mess. If he doesn’t take her back it’s her fault and hers only. He doesn’t owe her anything much less the little respect she has shown him.

    • KatJo says:

      Seriously, Who am I to pass moral judgement? When that is exactly what you are doing. Only you are being a horrible person about it. And I understand I am on a website that talks trash about people, but as much as a right that you have to come on here and b**** and be nasty, I have the right to come on here and pass judgement on you for being this way. So back at ya.

      • diana says:

        I did nt pass any judgement on you. I did nt term you ‘horrible’ as you did to me. I did not call other poster’s opinion as ‘stupid’ as you did. I did not try to act moral by degrading posters on a gossip blog.
        But, honey, whatever makes you happy.

      • Minimi says:

        “Seriously, Who am I to pass moral judgment?”

        hmm…so why did you do it in the first place? Your all comment was a moral judgment. From calling Liv’s comment stupid to ironically desire that people would have some kind of experience in their life that would make them agree with you, what was the part were you weren’t being nasty? You could have said exactly the same thing without the false moral on it. And jeez why answer to a sarcastic comment like the one from Liv in that way? Talk about investment in a relationship that is not yours…

      • Elizabeth says:

        Seriously, I think we’re all passing moral judgment. Personally that’s why I come here :) I judge people who cut me off in traffic, who take my parking spot at the mall. It’s a natural reaction. We look at a situation (cheating girlfrinend) and we judge. Hard not to.

      • flan says:

        Nobody said you did not have the right to do that.

        You do.

        Just as we have the right to find you silly for spending time on a website you dislike.

  4. two_seconds_ago says:

    If she’s actually thinking about playing the victim card in this whole scenario, she is an even worse human being than I imagined.

  5. abby says:

    There’s a gif going around of rupert and Kristen on the SWATH London red carpet, were she makes a “Stop” motion with her hands. Most of the media have made light of the gif, saying that it’s proof of the affiar but to me it looks like a young women who knows that her superior’s advances are inappropriate and unwanted.
    I really do believe that she was lured in by the 41 year director.

  6. Skins says:

    This is the story that just keeps on giving. Can’t wait to they have to appear together to promote the next lame movie

  7. menlisa says:

    Stewart a victim?!


  8. Sillyone says:

    In all fairness what woman couldn’t be lured in with some relaxing biscuit diving on the receiving end of course, sounds plausible I think. I jest I wouldn’t let this creeper near my biscuit with….well with anything.

  9. Chatcat says:

    Oh Kaiser…you know what’s coming here on the heels of that headline!

    Poor Rob, as if she didn’t kick him in the nuts hard enough with the deed(s) themselves, now she is going to say that she was lured into him going down on her and all the other shit they did together? She is a nasty piece for allowing her PR team to say this, besides being stupid, because she has the WORLDS WORST PR team! But really, she doesn’t deserve better, homewreakers rarely do!

    Disclosure: None of the above opinion absolves the dirtbag, scum, adulterous POS from HIS 50% blame in this epic summer saga.

  10. Blue says:

    Who didn’t see this excuse coming. There are too many gullible, naive people willing to believe that if this affair did happen, it was because their poor, innocent little rebel got taken advantage of by the big bad man.

  11. phlyfiremama says:

    “Biscuit diving in the front seat” LOL, I just spit on my screen~I have to say that I have always been a big fan of KStew, and because of that I have given her a lot more maturity (in my mind) than what she obviously has. She is, after all, only 22. I shudder to remember my mistakes at that age, and am eternally thankful that there was no social media tracking MY every move. Everyone makes mistakes, especially shy awkward young women trying to figure themselves out~who they are, what they want, and curious about what they might be missing. So, she gets a pass on this one in my book (barely). The whole married man thing leaves a REALLY bad taste in my mouth, though~but HE is the one who is married, and him betraying HIS family like that is truly the greater evil. Obviously there were troubles in that marriage, and who knows what was said to whom at what point about those troubles. I have had more than 1 man try to weasel his way into my pants by playing the “woe is me” card. Just sayin’. Like the old saying goes, a stiff d-ck has no conscience.

    • zinjojo says:

      Yes to everything you just said! Well stated.

    • Adeli says:

      The “shy and unsure” tag attached to Kristen Stewart is such BS. And it’s been disputed by people who know her.

      Rob: “People are always saying she’s shy. She’s not shy at all. She’s insanely confident.”

      Charlize Theron (talking to and about KStew in an MTV interview): “You’re very sure of who you are.”

      Yeah, the whole shy, reluctant little girl defense aint gonna fly.

      She comes across as awkward because most times she can’t articulate her thoughts very well.

  12. mia girl says:

    I remember seeing something about Stewart having a shoot for Vogue UK during the same week the cheating photos were taken. I wonder what will happen with that…

    • Lotta says:

      Agree 100%. My oldest son is 22, and while he is very adult in some ways, he is still so young in others.

      I remember myself at that age, and I treated some boyfriends so badly that I am ashamed to think about. Luckily, most of us mature into responsible adults, and we learn from our mistakes and bad choices.

  13. nunya beeswax says:

    There should be a class for meek (supposed wall flowers) women.. “How not to sling the pu$$y” and if they graduate from it then take part deux class “How to sling the pu$$y and reel it back in (with dignity)”.

    *rolls eyes*

  14. Brown says:

    She knew what she was doing. Cheaters always do. It’s not that they don’t know the difference between right and wrong, it’s that they just don’t care. And the thing about cheaters: it’s never enough. That kind of person, the kind to step out on someone that genuinely cares about you for everything you are and everything you’re not, and then lie to their face, that kind of person does not ever feel fulfilled. They are searching for something that no one can give them, and the excitement and desire and momentary rush of cheating gives them the illusion of satisfaction, but in the end they are always left wanting more. That’s why cheaters do not change.

  15. hoya_chick says:

    In the grand scheme of Hollywood, Kristen is (was?) more powerful than Rupert. I mean she was the highest paid actress last year, star of a blockbuster franchise and am sure was the first choice on a lot of scripts out there for young actresses (despite the fact that she cannot act to save her life). He was an unknown commercial director (no disrespect to commercial directors) & SWATH was his only movie to date. So I am not buying the naive ingenue getting manipulated into the arms of a powerful Hollywood director. More like they both wanted to bone and are only sorry cause they got caught.

    I am not a twilight fan, I don’t think she can act or is particularly beautiful. I never got what all the fuss was about. I think that Rob deserves better though (not to mention Liberty and her kids). If she loved him so much and is so remorseful why was she driving around LA looking to get her biscuits munched? For shame. I hope he doesn’t take her back. But I think her will. He seems completely in love with her. She seems like an a-hole. And Sanders seems like an oily douche.

    She is always saying in interviews how she is a rebel and isn’t your typical hollywood starlet, guess what KStew you are…..and it’s oh so cliche. I don’t think anyone is going to buy what she is selling about being lured, it contradicts her whole image up to this point.

    • normades says:

      ITA. I just said pretty much the same thing below (but you said it better!).

    • Tiffany27 says:

      THANK YOU!
      So you love to drop f bombs in interviews, wear sneakers on the red carpet and be so hardcore and edgy, but you were “lured” in by a 41 year old dude no one has ever heard of who looks like my 6 year old niece could take down? You cheated on your boyfriend. You hooked up with a married man. You messed up. OWN IT.

    • Julie says:

      i agree. if that was michael bay and soem desperate, starving newcomer i could see the power difference. but here its completly on kristens side. she was just establishing her second big franchise. as you said she cant act but she brings in money for the studios, she was their darling, he was a guy that just shot his first movie. there are dozens of other directors who can come in for him.
      kristen could have squashed him, one bad word about him in a meeting and he would be out of SWATH 2. moreover kristen does this basically her whole life, she knows hollywood.
      i mean a girl that still brings in big bucks or some no name director? seriously.

    • Disbelieving says:

      Thoughtful post, thanks. My thought to add was that if this is her PR team with these stories than his future in the directing world is dim because they just threw him under the bus, big time. Unless, they have made a twisted closed door deal with him to take the brunt of the sh**t in exchange for a brighter career future?

    • K says:

      “looking to get her biscuits munched?” <–LOL

  16. Julie says:

    i was just waiting for reports trying to paint her as the victim, they also try to blame it on robert, im sure that will come.

    its funny she was a strong, independent woman and now when things get difficult she is just a victim.

    see if we want true equality we also need to accept that not only some men think with their penis but that also some women only think with their vaginas.

    • Rory says:

      Julie, the Rob blaming has already started. :( Read the People article. It quotes someone as saying that it was stifling for Kristin to be Rob’s be-all and end-all. That is was very hard for her because she is so independent.

      • RuddyZooKeeper says:

        Not blaming Rob here, but if he was as mad for her as we’ve been led to believe, then I can see how someone as emotionally stunted and generally immature as KS may have been repulsed. It’s been my experience that if a love inequity exists in a relationship (one partner loves, needs, etc, the other way more intensely than is reciprocated), a rift will form. The less intense partner may start to feel resentment, disgust, lose respect, etc for what they may now view as a weak and dependent partner. Still no excuse for this kind of behavior. Just an observation.

  17. Debra says:

    Yes, I could tell she didn’t want it by the way she was trying to push him away with her a## in those pics in the park

  18. Jezi says:

    Big mistake playing the victim. If her PR was smart they would just be quiet now. She issued the apology and that was enough. Having it seem as if she was taken advantage of is just going to irriate people even further. If she would just say “Yes, I f–ked up, I am responsible for hurting many people and I’m sorry.” and stfu now, people will move on. Playing it out over and over again is just going to keep this in the media. People need to learn to take accountability for their actions.

  19. Aiobhan says:

    Should anyone really be surprised that she is not taking full responsibility for her actions? I can list several things that she has done that back me up but we all know her history and I am too lazy to type it all. This is just to funny.

    What I cannot figure out is how he was able to “biscuit dive” in the front seat of that car. What kind of car was it? It takes someone especially in love to do it in the front seat instead of the backseat like normal creepers.

    • Dirtnap says:

      @Aiobhan, I have been waiting for a tabloid article titled “The Logistics: How Rupert Managed Biscuit-Munching in a Mini” complete with illustrations, diagrams and testimonials from others who have found success with “The Rupsten Method.” And, I’ll admit to you, that’s a piece of Rupsten news I would actually read! Then, I would wait for Rupsten look-alikes to “re-enact” said munching scenario and post it on YouTube so that the masses could be educated. Not that, even in the face of such proof, the Twihards would believe it was possible, even if their beloved K-Stew herself played herself in the video, looked over her shoulder and right at the camera and smirked.

  20. normades says:

    He may be 20 years older, but kStew has been in an industry full of sharks for the last 10 years. She’s the high profile top paid person here. He was a first time director. If she was some up and coming starlet and him a big time director maybe….but that’s not the case. As far as power goes, kstew had more than equal footing in this relationship.

    I can believe Rup was infatuated by her, but she let herself be “lured” in by his advances. Everything we hear about kStew is that she’s not the weak Bella character in real life. Now she’s a victim? Puleaze!

  21. Billy says:

    That’s comedy. Poor, poor girl.

    Please. She made her bed, she’s lying in it.

    In six months no one will care.

  22. Dany says:

    Awww… poor little girl.
    Those pictures in her car sure make her look like a victim. ;)

  23. Bad Irene says:

    She needs new pr people and quick, this tactic ain’t working.

    And to people who say she is young and everyone makes mistakes, at what age do you begin to take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming others for a mess of your own making.

  24. Jenny says:

    Well, if she didn’t “want to” then why was she the driver of the car. If you don’t want to be with a person, then just keep on driving and leave him on the corner. Don’t cuddle, giggle and make out in plain sight, in PUBLIC, and be “kissed” in more places than one.

    Her PR people just need to shut up as the more they talk, the worse and dumber she looks.

  25. Aria says:

    Again, she’s 22. A grown ass woman. Stop victimizing her. She has a fair share of guilty in this mess like that Rupert guy, who reminds me of Hugh Laurie.

  26. Mia 4S says:

    I don’t but the victim act AT ALL and it is a dumb PR strategy. Push that too hard and if I am on Rupert’s team I would put out evidence and stories to counter that pretty quickly. Sure it sucks to be known as a disgusting cheater and rat…but better more of that than being thought of as a predator!

  27. blondie10101 says:

    Bull! Her actions are inexcusable regardless of her age! He is married and has young children! Rob should dump her.

  28. Koko says:

    Well that didn’t take long. I was waiting for them to pull the “she is just a young girl and doesn’t know what she is doing” victim card. Puh-lease!As the other posters said, takes two to Tango.

  29. PleaseICU says:

    I figured sh’d try and play the victim card. She’s always a victim somehow. Nothing that happens is ever because of her own dumbass, selfish decisions or words because she’s a privileged, spoiled cliched brat who believes she’s immune to the consequences of her words and actions. It’s the paps’ fault they forced her to flip them off, the reporters’ faults for twisting her words in every single interview she’s ever done, now it’s Rupert’s fault for taking advantage of poor, poor naive, sheltered victim Kristen and forcing her into something she never wanted, even though they were hooking up in HER car, she took his calls, picked him up and is the more powerful of the two in HW (she was a willing, equal participant IMO). If that doesn’t work, I suspect Rob himself will be the next one to go under the bus.

    This all seems to be some desperate attempt to keep the Twihards happy or at least invested, many of them seem to be searching for any and every excuse they can come up with to deny that Kristen was part of this or a willing participant in it. And her PR team is all too willing to keep providing them with those excuses. Heck, her PR team almost seems to be taking a lot of their PR cues to whitewash what she did from the excuses some of the Robsten fans are coming up with on Tumblr. First it was photoshop. Then it was Liberty not Kristen and it was a mistake. Then it was it was a PR set up and all four adults were in on it. Then late last week it was she was drugged, forced, taken advantage of. The latest has these die hard fans blaming Rob and turning on him, saying he never loved her if he’s not fighting for her. So, yeah, I suspect that’s up next if this victim thing doesn’t work for her.

    • Blue says:

      Exactly. Her PR team isn’t catering to the people who can barely stand her. They are catering to the people who use their parents money or grown folks who use their rent money to keep this girl living the good life. Regulars folks aren’t buying this crap but die hard fans need to hear something, anything that doesn’t make this Kristen’s fault. In that sense it’s excellent PR strategy. They don’t care if this guy goes down in flames or if people think he’s a predator. So he screwed his marriage and his career by getting with this chick.

  30. G says:

    In the real world it’s called cheating Kristen. Shut up and cut your losses.

  31. Krock says:

    Ugh how irritating. Just like Janet Jackson with the “poor me I’m the victim” crap. When will they learn, to STFU when they screw up? Whatever I dont feel bad for her one bit. In fact I feel less sorry than before now that she’s playing the victim.

  32. Eve says:

    By the way, they are REALLY hiding US Weekly magazines — posting pictures of themselves and bragging about it.

    At first I laughed at this (when someone posted the link to that tumblr page) but then I realized they’re just making hard working people — who are paid shit money to work in these places — work even more searching for the hidden issues.

    • Mia 4S says:

      As someone who used to work retail (and got paid shit, as you say) that tumblr link really pissed me off. Books and madazines were the worst to keep tidy! However…what I do find hilarious is that they are drawing more attention to it by trying to hide it. I find it easy to ignore the tabloid rack, but you can damn sure bet I will notice the magazine sitting under the shirt I just picked up. So dumb.

      • Eve says:

        And I believe you. A friend of mine owns a newstand. Keeping magazines tidy, checking which ones he sold and which ones he’d have to return to distributors was his job. If that was hard for him…let alone for someone whose primary work isn’t looking for magazines in places where they shouldn’t be!

        It’s infuriating.

    • Janet says:

      Are they planning on hiding all the tabloids this week?

      They will stop this nonsense when one of them is very publicly busted for shoplifting.

      Honestly, if this is the caliber of fans KStew is attracting, it says all I need to know about her.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Eve-EXACTLY. Unintelligent, selfish Stans that don’t think of anything beyond their obsession.

        I have to say that I’m equally apalled by the delusional behavior of the rabid K-Stew fans AND the people who are sending Stewart death threats (I assume mostly from R-Patz fans?)-on both sides.
        Even reading some of the comments on these posts-people are acting mighty cray. I think the story is really not that unusual, in fact it’s pretty cliche (director has affair with actress he cast in a movie) and the overreaction speaks so much about the Twilight fanbase. These kids scare me. I’ve always kind of ignored the Twilight stuff so I guess I had no idea how big this thing (the romance/fauxmance?) really is for them.

    • Keats says:

      ya, their excuse is ‘PEOPLE ARE HIDING THEM ANYWAY, WE’RE JUST POSTING PICS.’ I think I’ll buy some US Weeklys and hand them out at work tomorrow.

  33. Ravensdaughter says:

    He did seem like the predator while she was the prey. I don’t think it started out for her as a sexual thing-she was just getting all this attention from her director and he probably made her feel like the budding great actress. Note Rupert’s ahem-adjustment-at a cast party in London (it’s on super zoom lens film). He was seated next to Charlize, not Kristen. He could have been aroused by either of them. But, Kristen was the easy target, he broke down her defenses and she finally caved.
    While Kristen gets bashed for eternity, Rupert goes on with his life. Younger naive woman (arguably NOT grown), vs. older and more clever man. She is learning her lesson publicly and bitterly; he will squeak through this & likely cheat again.

    • heatheradair says:

      Yep, this is mostly what I’ve been thinking, but no one seems patient with any of us who see things this way.

      I was in an…”affair” with a college professor who was twice my age when I was 21. I was also in a long-term relationship with someone else.

      What started as my request for some attention, some curiosity on my behalf as to whether I could pique the interest of “older, smart man in position of authority” quickly became a mess I didn’t really have the tools to un-entangle myself from.

      It started “innocently” enough (honestly).

      I had a sort of naive idea that I could get better grades in my class if the prof showed some personal interest in me (which sounds like a recipe for disaster in hindsight, but: I WAS 21. I thought I knew everything, I thought I was in control).

      Yep, it escalated to a sexual relationship, I didn’t mean for that to happen, I became the cheater, and by the time my “real” relationship with the “guy my age” imploded, I wasn’t sure why I allowed myself to let things get so far.

      Now, 12 years later, I can look back and say, “He had no business messing around with me, he was my teacher, he was in a position of authority, he was abusing that authority, he took advantage of my naivete.”

      That’s sort of how I see this going down with K-Stew.

      Now she gets to wear the scarlet letter. Sure, she’s as guilty as he is, but he was absolutely in the position to know better, do better, and walk away. She’s YOUNG. And only *thinks* she can control the situation.

      • Hootenany says:

        I was in a similar position. Age is a number and doesn’t equate to maturity. Not that it excuses anything, but it makes you understand. Cheating isn’t as black and white as people think sometimes. While I think she was at fault, so was he. Although, looking at the pictures of Kristen and Rob, it always seemed to me like he had more interest in her than she in him judging purely on body language of course.

      • jenna says:

        I’ve been in a similar situation to what you describe, which is probably why I do feel some sympathy for Kristen. And like Kristen, I am and always have been a very confident, self-assured person…and then somehow I got into a mess with an older guy who seemed to have some authority (and in retrospect, really, he did NOT…even less than Rupert conceivably had here), and that all crumbled and it took me forever to get myself out and tell him where to get off. It seems totally impossible until it happens to you. This guy clearly has a thing for younger women (look at the age difference with his wife). He’s probably cheated before in the same way. So yeah, I do, a bit, buy the potential for the “Kristen as victim” scenario to be true or at least partially true.

      • Ravensdaughter says:

        I applaud all you ladies for describing your situations. I never went through anything quite like the college prof/director scenario, but I had a couple near misses that were eye-opening.
        That was another thing I noted. He does like women of a certain age and appearance. He met Liberty when she was 16 or 17 and waited for her to get older-what, 7 or 8 years? She’s 33 and he’s 41, so that means he was 24 or 25 when he met her.
        Both women have dark hair and very blue eyes. He definitely has a “type”, although I suspect he would pursue whoever is the most vulnerable. And yes, he will strike again.

      • ORLY says:

        No disrespect, but Every time I see a bunch of new posters, posting the way you guys do. I have to wonder how many people from Kristen’s PR team troll the blogs.
        We know Tom Cruise’s people and Scientologist posts here on the TomKat post, so…Just saying.

        Kristen Stewart was no victim. Y’all will never convince the masses of that. The only people buying that shit are the people who already thought the pics were photoshopped, she never had sex with Rupert and it was a one time hookup, she was drugged, etc. etc.

        Give it up, already.

      • jaye says:

        I hear what you’re saying…I do…but the balance of power works out the same in the KS/RS situation. She’s not some wide eyed ingenue new to the scene. She knows the game. I just think she got caught playing it.

    • G says:

      Of course it “happens.” And later on people realize the consequence of their actions and hopefully learn something from it. That’s understandable.

      That doesn’t make it right or make me sympathetic or undo the damage. A cheater is always in the position to know better. They just choose not to do better.

      • Elizabeth says:

        ITA. People say “it’s hard to know the right thing to do!” No, it’s not. It’s easy to know – but it’s hard to do it (i.e. resist the easy way out, take responsibilty, etc.). It’s easier to rationalize it all away.

    • Jezi says:

      Rupert is getting less heat because he’s being quiet. Whereas her PR people keep putting things out there that are making her look worse. That’s the big difference.

      • Crystal says:

        Queen ORLY has spoken !!!

        As usual I detect no lies in your comment. I’m sure most of these stranger b*tches have come from E online where twihards and twimoms congregate to salivate over these two hobos.

        The day I believe K-bitch is a victim is the day I star believe that Taylor Lautner likes pussy.

        Translation: That shit aint gonna happen.

      • ORLY says:

        HAHAHA! Crystal, poor little TayTay.

        I just don’t know who these posters think they’re convincing with their stories. We know the score around here. We lived through the scientology influx, FFS. We can sniff out a media blitz when we see one.
        Either they are from the sites you mentioned or they’re on KS’s image rehabilitation team.

        Celebitches are not buying what they’re selling.

  34. Little Darling says:

    Everyone needs to be quiet about this on her end and just let the dead dog lie. For a loooong time.

  35. T.C. says:

    Lured? I just looked at the pictures again. Looks very intimate and loving. He is kissing her shoulders, hugging her while she has a huge smile on her face. I have never seen Kscrew look that happy before. Sparkles don’t fall for her lies. Stay strong pal.

  36. The Original Denise says:

    Whatever helps her fans sleep at night. However, she STILL is a cheating skank.

  37. lucy2 says:

    Nice try, PR monkeys. But everyone except for a few crazed fans can see that she made a willing decision to get involved with him, trying to play the victim card in any way is just going to backfire.

  38. GiGi says:

    Kristen’s PR has had one objective only since this broke – make Rob take her back.

    No one believes any of her team’s bs, but if Rob believes it, they’re golden.

  39. ladybert62 says:

    Her body language has always screamed “independent and I will do what I want regardless of the consequences”; thus, I do not for one second believe she was lured into something beyond her control.

    Sorry Kristen I dont buy that at all.

    • Angie says:

      Oh, boy, I just had to read the comments! But, see, this is why I can never take seriously or understand Kristen Stewart ‘haters’.

      “Her body language screams smug! Independent! I do what I want!”

      And in the very same breath, “Oh, she is so awkward! Oh, she is so shy and uncomfortable, like a little girl; grow up, Kristen!” (until she is conveniently a grown ass woman). “Oh, this pained introvert act is so old!”

      People just see what they want to see when they want to see it, they never look for the truth of a thing.

      And another thing. It baffles me how people always think they’ve figured out some ruse (especially with the ‘showmance’ spin) . Hollywood wants you to see things that way! It was Hollywood who invented tabloids and celebrity gossip. They WANT us to think of the lives of celebrities as an extension of their movies. It’s part of the appeal. But it’s really just as dull and droll and as without flair as it is for the rest of us. Sometimes, two kids dating and working on a movie together, is just two kids dating and working on a movie together. We aren’t getting a one up on Hollywood with these outlandish speculations, but playing right into the game.

      Perhaps that is fun, I don’t know. I’m personally more interested in knowing the actual truth about a person. And there’s just no way Kristen can be ALL of the things she’s accused of being from one day to the next.

      All that being said, my very first comment on celebitchy was about Kristen Stewart, roughly 3 years ago, and I was saying pretty much the same thing I’m saying now. The more things change … the more they stay the same.

      • Crystal says:

        But no. If anything it’s Kristen’s fans who have as much of a victim complex as their idol. They’re the ones who will never be taken seriously. They’re the ones who defend her as being ‘awkward’ and ‘shy’ and ‘authentic’ and ‘uncomfortable in Hollywood’. She’s the one that’s so ‘headstrong’ and a ‘rebel’ but suddenly she’s caught with her director’s mouth on her titty and we’re supposed to believe that it’s because she’s so young and she was lured in by him. Puh-lease. Her fans act as if she’s so above it all and diss Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Blake Lively and the like when in reality Kristen is just like the rest of young Hollywood. A shitty actress who makes shitty decisions and is basically the walking definition of #firstworldproblems.

        People see what’s presented to them. If we’re presented with the truth then that’s what we’ll see. How do you expect people to see truth if we’re presented with a bunch of bullshit? Kristen hasn’t given anyone a reason to think she’s anything other than an entitled, pretentious mouthbreather.

        PR relationships exist. Hollywood doesn’t give a damn about what we think unless we’re part of their demographic. There’s a reason why Lily Collins has dated all of her co-stars. If you think it’s because she genuinely likes them then I have a bridge to sell you love. Tweens love a good romance and seeing Lily Collins with Taylor Lautner whilst they film a movie is like a fairytale to them. Why do you think these fools on tumblr would rather believe that K-Stew has a brain tumour than believe that she cheated on Rob?? Because they live through these two hobo looking actors. The studios know that too. You don’t think that it’s a bit suspect that Taylor Lautner and T-Swift dated during ‘Valentine’s Day’ and then suddenly broke up?? Or that he dated Lily Collins during ‘Abduction’ and they suddenly broke up. Please. There’s nothing outlandish about it. We just have eyes and brains.

        It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in knowing the truth if all you’re presented with is bullshit and lies. Kristen CAN be all the things she’s accused of actually. I totally believe that she’s awkward and shy and uncomfortable in the spotlight at times. On top of this she’s an immature little shit who thinks that she’s a rebel for flipping off the paps on the red carpet when in reality she’s no better than the famewhores that her fans look down on. As for her being smug…I haven’t seen it myself but if I was her I’d be smug too if I knew that I was seen as authentic and had critics kissing my ass even though in reality I’m playing the game like everyone else. Too bad she got caught, she could have carried on fooling people to believe that she gives a f*ck.

        3 years ago Kristen was a shitty actress with a stank attitude and delusional 12 year old fans who wouldn’t know good acting and an authentic personality if it came deep fried in a twinkie.

        You’re right, things have stayed the same.

      • Angie says:


        okie dokie, Crystal. Hate away!

  40. Rachel says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she couldn’t care less about her relationship, but with the release of BD2 quickly approaching, she knows she better get that train back on the tracks???

    I mean, she’s 22. And I get the impression that she wants to be that unattached, doing whatever she wants 22 year old. I feel like she doesn’t want to be tied down in a relationship at this point in her life, but because of the circumstances, rather than just let it go and move on, she has to try to salvage what she can.

    • carrie says:

      I agree and disagree. I don’t think she cares that much about her relationship with Rob. The affair makes THAT obvious. But I think she’s one of those girls that HAS to have a boyfriend. She wants to screw around and do what she wants, but she also wants the security and ego boost of having a guy at home that she can count on being there. I think she genuinely IS scared of being without Rob. But that has more to do with security and familiarity than with love.

  41. Janet says:

    Oh she wanted it, all right.

    She just doesn’t want to deal with the fallout — especially since her co-cheater has made it evident that he has no intention of leaving his wife and family for her.

  42. fabgrrl says:

    Give it up K.Stew! You are only making things a LOT worse with this cr*p. Just keep quiet and out of sight and it will blow over. You are only 22 years old! You aren’t married, you don’t have any kids. Everyone is going to forget about this if you let them. Most of your fans are very young. When they are adults in a few years they will likely not remember this, or not care if they do. Five years from now, this will be a “youthful indiscretion” on your record.

  43. LoLa says:

    I think her fans came up with that angle. Some of them are even blaming Charlize Theron lol

  44. Crystal says:

    Her PR team is seriously just grasping at anything remotely resembling a straw at this point. It’s pathetic tbh.

    I think her sanctimonious attitude is part of why the backlash against her has been so strong. It’s like she’s been daring people to prove her wrong for years and now we finally did. People are glad there’s finally proof that she’s pretty much a fraud.

    She has a very much holier than thou personality and yet her fans never want to admit it to themselves that she plays the hollywood game just as much as any of the other starlets out there. Why does Blake Lively get so much shit for ~playing the game, but K-Stew never did? Her whole anti-hollywood, ‘I hate the media’ attitude is so put on, she plays the game more than anyone else in the business.

    This broad had another man eating her box her mom’s mini-cooper whilst she wore her boyfriend’s hat and now we’re supposed to believe she’s a victim?? Sorry, I’m all out of f*cks to give to Kristen…

    OT: She’s beautiful and I swear her make-up is always on point. How can a smoker have such great skin?? Lucky !!

  45. Shannon1972 says:

    I have come to the conclusion that these PR tactics are not geared towards us (i.e. grown women with a brain). That’s why we don’t understand them and can immediately see how ridiculous they are.
    It is geared towards young teenagers and Tweens, who don’t have enough life experience to know better. And what is really sad is that they are learning and drawing conclusions about life from these absurd maneuverings. It’s a lesson in dodging responsibility in life. Victims 101.
    One poster above mentioned that they are turning on Rob for not fighting for Kristen? Good grief…that is a competely juvenile reaction. Do I even have to point out here the difference between fairy tales, movies, and real life? Sheesh. It’s a sad day when children are driving the news.

    • Chatcat says:

      I totally agree with you that it is geared at the tweeny twihard’s. HOWEVER as parents, or the adult in one of their lives, it is the adults’ moral responsibility to take the opportunity to have a conversation with said tweeny twihard about morals and personal responsibility for one’s own actions.

      In this case – it goes like this:
      Honey…Twighlight is make believe and what KStew did in the non-make believe world was wrong. You don’t have sexual relations with married men. You own your mistakes, apologize, don’t deny the deed and don’t make the same mistake twice. Here, let me give you a big hug and the go forth and find a much better role model for yourself.

      Oh and honey, if ever a married man comes on to you and you may feel pressured, kick him in the balls and tell the creep you’re too good for the likes of him! Humph. Then you walk away with your pride, dignity and reputation in tact. :)

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Chat-you took the words right out of my mouth!
        Exactly-everything you said.

        I agree with Shannon-it IS a sad day when young people are so easily manipulated but as Chat said, the morals and values need to be instilled by the parents, period. I spent all of my childhood (and most of my adulthood now that I think of it) being PETRIFIED that I would disappoint my parents-amazing what that fear does to keep a girl in line :)
        That, and healthy, open dialogue with the ‘rents helped me to understand that things aren’t always going to be easy-life isn’t a fairy tale like Twilight and most of all, that the media is MANIPULATIVE. These kids need to learn to not believe everything they read. Always take things with a grain of salt, ask questions, and do your research. Don’t rely on fan websites or Tabs to be the harbinger of truth, kids.

      • Mr. Smurf says:

        I am seventeen years old and I never would act this way, even if I was a fan. I liked only the first movie, and will want to see the last one just to see all the different vampires. But, good Lord Ashley Greene was absolutely horrible. I am more and more convinced that the only good actors on there is the girl who plays as Jessica and Elizabeth Reaser (Esme). She seriously was the only good thing in BD1.
        Back to Kristen, she’s dumb and thinks she is invinceable. She honestly must not know that in this day that wwe live in, how hard it is to find a guy that completely adores you and is willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy. If she was unhappy and wanted out, then she should have said so. The more I read about Rob, the more I think that he is a nice guy and faithful (a rarity in Hollywood, I’m sure). I’m young and have never had a boyfriend (not really interested at this point), but I know enough not to cheat especially in public.
        I’m glad this site is up, it’s a good warning of what not to do.

      • Chatcat says:

        KITTTEEEENNNNN. I have spent way too much time on this mess, but hey it’s been a bit slow here, what with it being vacation time etc, so I have entertained myself with this nonsense.

        However, there is a seriously good lesson opportunity here that can be applied.

        My biggest fear and/or regret was disappointing my parents…pissing them off held no candle to any disappointment I might have caused. I tell my kids that all the time. Fine you piss me off, but don’t you dare disappoint me…you figure out the difference. Luckily I have been pissed off way more then disappointed so far! :)

      • Izzy says:

        You guys crack me up! You’re so right on the money too. Also, did we not predict this PR tactic would come? Lame, isn’t it. KStew engaged in adult behavior, now she should behave like an actual adult and take responsibility for her actions.

        On another note, I guess we need a drink for this too. Cracktini for The Cracken, Karmakaze for the Unhinged Lift-Wearing Midget… so what for all this? A Crazymaker? (In honor of the nutso Twihards?)

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Thanks ladies…I agree with you all 100%. I have three boys, and I take my job as a mother very seriously. I monitor their Internet use and approve the movies and tv they watch. I can’t control what happens on the schoolbus or playground, but all I can do is hope I am raising them right and that they can handle themselves appropriately. I am proud of them…they seem to be turning into fine young men. :)

        Unfortunately, it seems that this type of parenting is not the norm these days. Too many gen X’ers seem hellbent on being friends with their kids. That’s a recipe for disaster. Kids need parents…they have plenty of friends of their own. Mothers crying along with their daughters over Robsten is disappointing. They should be having just the conversation that Chatcat laid out so well.

        I give you all big kudos for taking this situation as an opportunity for a dialog with your children. I may not have girls (and I am thanking god for that right now!), but my husband and I realize that they are learning to be men by how he acts, and how to treat women by how I do. My greatest triumph as a mother is going to be when I see my boys treat their wives and children with respect and love.

        And for Mr. Smurf…I really admire you. It isn’t easy to be 17 these days (it seems to get harder every generation somehow), and you seem to have a great head on your shoulders. Great comment. :)

  46. lisa2 says:

    The twilight fans are not melting down the way people think. They don’t believe any of the stories and they are organizing their attack. They are actively hiding all and any tabloid that has negative stories and pictures. US weekly was the main target but now they are branching out. I saw a post on thumblr where they are taking pictures of themselves hiding the magazines all over stores. Which must really suck for employees and not to mention unsuspecting customers that buy something and find a magazine hidden then that censors go off. I can see lots of people being accused of shoplifting. Because they are hiding these magazines in some funny places.

    awww Children

    @eve #32..
    I missed your comment. but yeah it is a bit crazy. All those store employees. finding stuff in freezers, school supplies, stock rooms, towels, garbage cans.. I was laughing at their hiding places. But it really is not funny.

    • Eileen says:

      And this is exactly why my child will not watch Twilight for as long as I can hold off from her. She’s 9 and started to read the book with out asking me and I said “Nah, it has some scary parts you might not like” and she immediately gave it to me because she does NOT like to be scared. I knew if I said its not appropriate she’s be all over it!
      This craze for these two characters/actors is insane. I want my children to be independent, have something for themself and not depend on a man to live. Twilight goes against all of that. And these girls are eating it up with a spoon.

    • Ann says:

      The loons hiding the magazines are a pretty small percentage of Twilight fans. Most Twilight fans are accepting that it really happened. They’re sad about it, but not delusional. Like anything, the crazies get all the attention.

      And if you’ve ever taken a look at a crowd of Twilight fans, they’re not all teens. Not at all. There are a LOT of adults there. So a PR strategy focused on teens isn’t the best idea.

      Remember, Kristen’s PR team would (should?) be focused on much more than her Twilight fans. Twilight is over shortly, and she is trying to build an adult career. Or was.

      IMO (and I’m in marketing) she should have apologized for the hurt she caused but left Rob out of it. Then, she and her team should have shut up.

  47. NeNe says:

    “she was lured into a brief…”

    Oh, please. Is this the new line that cheaters use?????

  48. Dawning Red says:

    Clearly, K-Screw needs move on to another dupe, I mean boyfriend. But who to choose?

    I’m thinking John Edwards would be a good fit. Too old? Maybe Tiger Woods instead, or Ashton Kutcher?

  49. jess says:

    I kinda believe that Rupert was “infatuated” with her. Their was an interview they did together and interviewer asked Rupert what he thought of Kristen being named the highest paid actress and he said that “she is worth every penny” then it was said that Rupert then smiled at Kristen (I think it made the interviewer uncomfortable). Kristen DOES look like a younger version of Liberty. Kristen clearly isnt innocent here but I do think he pursued her.

    So there is this crazy Krisbian who claims to have friended Kristens brother Taylor on Facebook and says that Kristen is going through a bunch of family drama (she claimed this months ago,btw). She said that Kristens parents are seperated and that Kristen mom and Taylor are no longer speaking and kicked him out of the house and taylor had to move in with Rob and Kristen. I dont know if thats true or not but this is what was goin around the awful truth boards a while back.

    I also dont buy the whole “rebel” act that shes got going on. I think shes very insecure and vulnerable.

  50. sallyreo says:

    How was the married man hurt? He was showing off his wedding band with a big a smile on his face! He is home with his wife and family, which is where he should have been all along.

    • PleaseICU says:

      According to People, he’s not home and Liberty isn’t speaking to him and hasn’t since the story broke. She’s all about protecting their kids right now.

      It’s just that, because Sanders and Ross aren’t well known, that angle of the story doesn’t sell as well as the KStew self-pityfest and isn’t getting much coverage.

  51. Olivia says:

    Dear Kristen Stewart’s PR Team,

    Your client is not 12. Her director did not drive by her house in a white windowless van. She didn’t just follow a trail of candy into Rupert Sanders’ pants. Seriously, just lie low for two weeks, because this is not your A-game.


  52. Incredulous says:

    His penis fell in my vagina because he was wearing sex panther.

  53. Reece says:

    Her pr team really needs to let that angle go.

  54. anne says:

    all men cheat – emotional infidelity or physically – either one. I am so done with men.

    • polk8dot says:

      I’m sorry to tell you that apparently you’ve had a very shitty experience with men in your life.
      This is the most irresponsible, generalizing, dumb and ridiculous comment on this board, and that is saying something given some of the comments up top.
      Take care dear, you attitude towards men and life is bound to extend your hurt and lead to a bitter, lonely existence.

  55. Jenna says:

    Can we all stop it with the “She’s only 22″ b.s.? In how many other situations would we be saying, ‘She’s 22 and an adult’. Now she cheats (both parties are guilty here, don’t make one a lesser and greater evil) and all of a sudden it’s ‘Oh, she’s only 22′? It can’t go both ways.

  56. Carpe Diem says:

    They should have gone with “depression”: it covers a multitude of sins, and explains “affair” vs one-night-stand. So many people self-identify with ‘depressed’ that she’d be able to milk sympathy from more people, and if RP wanted to patch things up, he could do so without taking such a punch to his ego. (Ie, “She wasn’t attracted to someone else, ha ha ha. She suffered severe depression.”)

    Plus anyway, she surely must be depressed with all this bad publicity.

  57. Shelly says:

    I’m not even reading this article, because I’m tired of all the coverage of this. But the headline cracks me up. While I’ve said and think that Kristen is just young and foolish and does not deserve the majority of the blame here, her being lured and a victim is laughable. She obviously wanted it. You can tell by her body language with him in those photos that she was there by her own choice and totally in to it. She’s a victim of her own youth and stupidity, but not a victim in the way those stupid sources are trying to imply.

  58. lola says:

    meh, 22 isn’t super young, but it’s still young and dumb. I fell for an (unmarried) manager at that age who was a total ahole but who knew how to smarm his way into my pants.

    she needs to take ownership for what she’s done, she needs to stop acting like this only happened once – but at the same time I’m not gonna act like I don’t remember what an idiot you can be at that age either.

    • chalkdustgirl says:

      lola, I can certainly appreciate what you’re saying about 22 still being quite young. However, I can remember a good 10 years ago when I was even a few years younger than Kristen and was approached by a few pro-ball players at a bar. All of my friends threw caution to the wind and ended up hooking up with them for the night. Of course, the *married* one was left for me and, even though I was very young and on a daily basis did pretty dopey things…I knew enough to stay away from someone who was married. This girl is a few years older than I was, and FAR more experienced in the ways of the world because she’s worked in an industry where she’s basically been forced to grow up pretty quickly. I can buy the cheating thing, but NOT fuc*ing a married man with children thing. She is more than old enough to know better.

  59. Joanna says:

    oh, c’mon, ya’ll, you never fell for an older guys’ b.s. lines when you were young? but no, she’s not a victim. she might have been fooled by his lies but she’s not a victim unless he forced her, which he didn’t.

    • ORLY says:

      What lies would he have told her, exactly? I mean, most married cheaters lie about being married. She knew he was married with children. What lie could he possibly have used to “lure” her?
      She didn’t need gifts, she didn’t need a job, she knew his wife and took his kid/s out for ice cream.
      What could he have said? Do you think he promise to leave his wife?
      I don’t get it.

  60. Li says:

    Hahahahahahaha…this scandal has got to be the best celebrity smut that I have read in forever…and it keeps on giving, almost by the hour (if not sooner).

    I cant wait for the next idiotic story to unfold!.

    Seriously, come on….we all saw the pics, and read the idiotic apology that not for one moment sounded like a KStew…nuf said.

  61. Lulu says:

    I buy that she succommed to the lure of a lusty flirtation and is now panicking about loosing Rob over it. Hence the gushing public apology – very unlike her. He has always been about pda and she has always kept him at arms length in the public eye. Remember when he stole a kiss in the back of a limo while cameras where on them just to make her blush and get a laugh from the fans? 22 is not too old to have made a childishly selfish mistake. But it may have cost her far more than she ever thought possible. If she ever thought at all, which is doubtful.

  62. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I’ve lost a lot of respect for and I used to actually like her before all of this mess. I’m always disgusted by cheating.

    I hate any excuse cheaters make. “I wasn’t looking to cheat”. “It just happened”. You know what just happens? Tripping. Breathing. Accidently farting in public. All happen. I’ve never accidently had someone go down on me. It always seemed planned to me but who knows. I could be wrong.

  63. lisa2 says:

    Commercial break:

    I had forgotten how great she looked in that red dress.

    OK.. back to the program

  64. Vanessa says:

    I don’t believe for a sec that Kristen stewart is this innocent victim her past behavior proves that. I think kristen Stewart knew what she was doing was wrong and she just didn’t care she probably thought since her fan base and rob were wrap around her finger she could do whatever she wanted without any sort of conquest . Kristen stewart people need to stop this whole Kristen is a victim and Rupert is the big bad wolf No one is buying what her pr team is trying to sell .

  65. so says:

    (Except that she parked in an isolated parking lot to pick up Rupert, he did some biscuit-diving in the front seat and then they drove around looking for places to hookup and makeout).EXCUSE ME have you ever see the 49 pics there are not proof that they drove around LA to makeout just paparazzi talk or private detective it s always the same seven pics of them kissing in the frony car as for the “he go down on her” well there’s the pics only one and we don’t know if he drop his phone or anything else
    i don’t defend her i pity her but telling lies without proof this is what i hate the most about this story

  66. jess says:

    OT kinda, Star mag is now saying that Kristen might be pregnant. Kristen told a “friend” that shes missed her period and fears she could be pregnant but doesnt know if its Robs or Rupert.

    I dont thinks she is but I think if she got back with Rob she will get pregnant.

  67. sallyreo says:

    IMO, if Sparkles forgives her, it’s because he feels sorry for her. I am sure he knows she is taking a lot of heat and if he loves her as much as they say he does, he will forgive her.

    He may also be aware tht she was not satisfied with their sex life. Perhaps,
    he was playing a lot of video games, talking to guy friends and being a guy’s guy.

    Deep inside, he may feel that he is partly to blame.

    Only those who stir the pot,know what is in the pot.

  68. renata says:

    Such a sad spin by Stewart’s PR team.


    Go watch a film from about 3-4 yeas ago called “Adventureland” that Stewart starred in (actually, one of her better films and she’s good in it). Her character has a loving sweet boyfriend (Jesse Eisenberg) but on the side she’s having a concealed affair with a married older guy (Ryan Reynolds)! Not only is she not innocent and inexperienced, she’s already played this part!!!

    This “lured” business is a classic example of why People Mag has become a complete dishrag. They consistently offer a star’s PR people a positive spin in exchange for first dibs on a story. In this instance, US Weekly had them (and everyone else) beat by a country mile last week on this Stewart affair, so People turns around and makes deals with Stewart’s PR people so they can play catch-up and (hopefully) remain competitive. This “assistance” with a continuing effort at finding anyone else to blame other than Stewart (after Stewart’s team put out an initial story last week that ‘there was no one else to blame but herself’, no less) is a classic example of a People Mag deal. ‘Give us a story — we’ll present your star in the most favorable light’. Sad, really. The last installment, if nothing else is working, will be the stories in another week about how it was all R-Patz’s fault — he made her feel insecure or some other rubbish.

    I think what you can reasonably conclude from all of this is that Stewart’s people are scared, V-E-R-Y scared about the impact of all of this on her career. The spin is getting more desperate on a daily basis. Also, there may be some things going on here that aren’t general public knowledge. For example, she probably has a variety of “morals” clauses in her film contracts; in turn, a movie studio may sue her under the claim that her moral turpitude cost them money in ticket sales. There’s a decent argument for that when a star that has a young audience turns around and gets caught fiddling with a married guy twice her age.

    Finally, I keep reading about Stewart’s ‘amateurish’ PR team, and all the supposed mistakes they’ve made. Just based on a hunch, I still disagree. I think there was more to this story, and perhaps more to what US Weekly had on them, then what was made public. I still think a deal was made, where Stewart and the director would have to admit the affair (which then certified US Weekly’s story beyond any possible denial) in exchange for holding back on releasing some additional (and perhaps more damaging) material. I’ve been saying that for awhile… now, just yesterday I was reading something about how apparently US Weekly was on to this story for awhile and following them for some time. That further suggests they may have had more on these two, and a deal was made to soften the blow while certifying US Weekly’s story. I think that’s why Stewart’s PR team put out these unprecedented apologies — my guess is they had a choice of doing that or enduring material that may have been far more embarassing. I reach that conclusion because I don’t think PR people at this level of the game make these type of mistakes unless they are not mistakes at all, just choices when the situation is bad and the choices that are available aren’t great.

  69. foozy says:

    he’s a brit. he’s not going to love anyone else for the rest of his life. he should forgive her and they both should start from scratch

    • jess says:

      Can you explain what you meant by hes a “hes a brit?” Are british men only aloud to fall in love once?

      Just read you newest comment about Rob “banging” Reese. I knew you Kristen fans would start with that. Thanks for being so predictable.

  70. Chatcat says:

    Salley…OMG, OMG, OMG…now all I can do after reading this post is hum Kumbaya. DISTRESSING!

  71. foozy says:

    ……bet you anything, he’s banging Reese !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. DumpHimFirstNextTime says:

    He isn’t man enough for her. She was immature not to dump him and find a new man of her own. Still, she was tempted by another because Sparkles isn’t the right one. She probably needs to steer clear of industry types all together and find herself a real man once she grows up a little. I have a feeling embarrassing herself in front of the entire world will help with that maturation process… learning about the whole actions and consequences thing is better late than never.

    • sallyreo says:


      Now, I am going to get a sht load of “hate mail”. ha, ha, ha…..

    • Chatcat says:

      Huh, here I was thinking she wasn’t woman enough for him so she had to do the whole homewrecking slut thing to make herself feel woman enough. And of course, that whole consequence thing of doing a married man with kids, and hanging out with the wife and the kids of the set of the movie while you were doing it and him is so conducive to adding to one’s maturity, because hell she should be mature if not moral.

      Jeez I got to stop getting these things backward.

      • mia girl says:

        Silly Chatcat… its “Poor Kristen” no matter what:

        Robert wasn’t man enough and pushed her into something she didn’t want.

        Rupert was too much of a man and lured her into something she didn’t want.

        Maybe one day Goldilocks, I mean Kristen, will find a “real man” who is just right.

    • Crystal says:

      ‘Still, she was tempted by another because Sparkles isn’t the right one.’

      Congratulations. This is officially the dumbest thing I’ve read on Celebitchy. It was pretty close between you, sallyreo and Care but you came out on top.

      Between you saying that Robert isn’t ‘man enough’ and the loonies on tumblr claiming that he has a small d*ck, I’m convinced that most Kristen fans haven’t even started their periods.

  73. sallyreo says:


    Like I have said before, I am entitled to my opinion, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    I am a happy, positive person and intend to stay that way!

  74. Sloane Wyatt says:

    I believe Robsten was a showmance; one or both Rob and Kristen play for the other team. Kristen did make Rob the ‘cuckhold’ though, so I’m sure Sparkles is furious being emasculated in a screamingly public way.

    I like ‘em both, but I’m an unrepentant K Stew fan. She has an undeniable presence in all her films, a Star Quality if you will, although I could never bring myself to watch the crappy Twilight movies.

    OK, the girl’s rambling with her rose and needs to put it back in her pants, but that won’t stop me from watching her in her future movies. I truly hope Kristen gets forgiven like Miss Elizabeth Taylor did when she stole Eddie Fisher from Debbie Reynolds and then cheated on him with Richard Burton!

    • Mr. Smurf says:

      The difference is Elizabeth Taylor didn’t try to play a victim. She knew exactly what she was getting into and accepted the consequences. Plus she was a very nice and gracious woman with a big heart, who went through a lot before the age of twenty-two. At eighteen,she already had a very abusive husband.
      Kristen on the other hand has a nasty attitude, and thinks she is the coolest person in the world. She’s young,yes, but seems unconcerned with anyone but herself. If you’re going to publicly apologize, do it right. She didn’t even admit to sleeping with him or having an affair. From what she said, she made it seem like they were at a party, she was drunk and horny and started kissing and grinding on a random because in her mind, he looked like Rob.
      She takes no responsibility for her actions That is the difference between Kristen and Elizabeth.

  75. Memphis says:

    He is not a victim.
    She is not a victim.

    They are both adults who TOGETHER made a terrible and selfish decision. They both hurt people they claim to love and now it is up to the people who have been hurt to decide how to move forward.

    Stop with all the “she is only 22 Bullsh*t.” She is a veteran actress.. the highest paid actress in HW right now and by all accounts from the people who know her best she is a very strong, capable woman..not a meek, docile little girl.

    She made a choice, a very bad choice and now she needs to grow up, accept responsibility and privately fix whatever she can fix and move on.

    As for Rupert, I’m sure this wasn’t his first ‘indiscretion’. Liberty is better off without him but again, that is her choice to make.

    And for what it’s worth I’m not a K-stew fan or hater and I liked both SWATH and Twilight..

    Make of that what you will. :)

  76. DumpHimFirstNextTime says:

    I knew that would touch a nerve. But that’s okay. They obviously aren’t right for each other. If they were this wouldn’t have happened. Infidelity is typically indicative of shortcomings in the relationship that are not only the responsibility of the one “at fault.” Something was lacking in this long term relationship. She sought comfort and attention elsewhere.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    • Crystal says:

      You know what THIS I can kind of agree with.

      I don’t understand how/why she wants to work things out with Rob so badly. I get why people cheat sometimes. It’s disgusting, I don’t condone it and I wouldn’t do it, but I kind of get it. It’s super easy to fall for someone, especially an authority figure (like a director). But this wasn’t just a one-time fuck, this was a prolonged affair. You cannot have a prolonged affair like that without investing some amount of emotion or feeling. She was spending every day with this guy, working together, knowing his family, going out for dinners with the crew, fucking. This was like an entire second RELATIONSHIP. For both of them. If she could go through all of that, how could she even care about losing her relationship with Rob? If she loves him enough to fear disconnection with him, she wouldn’t have been able to disconnect all that time she was with this other guy.

  77. Jaks says:

    Even if Rob goes back to her….once the trust in a relationship is gone…it is hard to maintain any sense of “healthy” relationship.

    Every time her phone goes off, every time she is 5 mins late or doesn’t call or even when she works with another male director, he is going to wonder and check her phone and just constantly worry.

  78. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Rob is reading stuffs online? OMG! HEY ROB! Don’t be a pussy, just dump her. You deserve someone much better than her. She took you for granted. Period.

    Well, Kristen wants him back because, looking at what she did, no sane guy would ever date her…for atleast a year.

  79. Angie says:

    I always try to bear in mind that things are always so, so different than how they’re portrayed, and things are never, ever as they immediately seem.

    I can’t help but shake the feeling, with everything coming out, that I’ve read/assumed a lot of things incorrectly concerning their relationship.

    Like most, I’d always assumed it was Kristen who was extremely private about their relationship. I’m definitely getting the impression now that it was indeed Rob. With every tidbit that comes out, the emphasis is on how embarrassed he is by all this attention, how devastated he is about her public apology, how pissed he is because they had an agreement to take their relationship more public when the time was right. And the fact that he has no PR, that he has issued no statement, hasn’t really been seen, and well …. the blatant proof that Kristen isn’t so great at keeping things on the DL after all. Everyone is so perplexed that ‘she’ managed to never have one photo of them kissing for years but one brief affair and we have hundreds of photos’. Well … maybe it was never her. That puts a lot of other things into new perspective, too.

    Firstly, it seems somewhat controlling. I mean. I have always felt Kristen began to really get her bad rep because she was being perceived as this cold-hearted, calculated bitch, who refused Rob the freedom to show his love/affection/feelings for her to the world. It came off like he was way, way into her, but she didn’t want to make it some big thing. It came off like she was only in half way, and he was being forced to play by her rules, and did so, because of his massive love for her. It seemed like things were on her terms, and she was in control. Frankly, it looked pretty bad.

    If the roles were actually reversed, the same ought to be said for him. What if all this time, it was actually Rob forcing this extreme amount of privacy onto their relationship? When I assumed it was her, I thought, ‘that isn’t healthy for them, but I hope he is okay with it and doesnt rebel’. Now that Im getting the impression it was him, same thing goes. Only now, obviously, it’s a bit too late for that.

    Another thing: Rob was blindsided, They were so, so happy. Well … no. Happy people don’t cheat. So what was making Kristen unhappy? What if she cheated for the same reason I always assumed Rob might? I mean, it’s all just speculation. But, this Rupert guy was clearly infatuated with her. He was reckless, passionate, married with kids and utterly unavailable yet foolishly daring with his feelings for her. Unlike Rob, who had no such excuse, yet wouldn’t even kiss her in public. The void Rupert would have filled, the insecurities he played on, the thing that would have made giving in so tempting, is pretty obvious.

    The public apology even makes sense in that perspective. Perhaps she’s been dying to just … tell the world how she feels about him. Now she has nothing to lose, and she’s desperate and confused. I’d have been pretty tired of it myself, tired of hiding away in the shadows with him … for friggin’ years, even though everyone KNEW so what the hell was the big deal? (this makes it worse, because she even got the backlash). So many insecurities can come out of that situation. Why is he ashamed to admit to the world he loves me? Why must this be SUCH a secret? Am I a dirty little secret? Is he not proud of me? Doesn’t he want everyone to know I’m the one for him? And the pressure and feeling of being controlled to never spill the beans. It’s not healthy. It’s not happy. I didnt think so when I assumed it was her, and I dont think it is now that I assume it was him. And it was definitely, definitely one of them. At this point, there is too much proof (rather than speculation and assumptions) it was him all along.

    Not only that, but she was taking all the hits by the Twilight fans, by the media, and if it wasn’t even her, that is pretty shitty that Rob let her take complete responsibility for it, all this time. Rob says plenty of nice things about Kristen. But he never alluded to a relationship. Only toyed with the media from time to time (and perhaps, also, her). Why should she have had to live in fear of ‘exposing them’ etc while he holds all the cards? That seems like a bit of a power play, and you know, sure, the guy is private, all right, but talk about extremes. The pressure of that is insane, and when I thought it was kristen making Rob live that way, It was really the only thing I truly side-eyed her for. Now that I am almost entirely convinced it was Rob, this whole thing is just starting to make a lot more sense to me.

    I do think Kristen loved/loves him. But she’s a young girl with all the usual insecurities, and I can really see, in this scenario, how a man like Rupert could have taken advantage of her insecurities. If I put myself in that situation, I could not honestly say I’d be above it. He was like the ultimate temptation to her, if my instincts are right. He was offering everything Rob didn’t. I think it’s selfish, of course, but I also think it’s understandable, and that Rob isn’t innocent either. She loves him a lot. But if she wasn’t secure he loved her back, well, there’s your motive.

    A wretched, wretched mistake, but ultimately for the better, at least for her. She is so desperate now to win him back. It’s quite sad. If she wasn’t happy and he wasn’t as committed as she needed him to be, living under that strain for years for the person you love and respect most, while also taking all the blame and it affecting your reputation and career … could drive a person crazy. We all know Kristen isn’t the most confident and together individual as it is. And now on top of that, feeling like the end was all her fault … I feel for Kristen, even acknowledging how silly and selfish her actions were. We’re all human. We’re all selfish. And if this WERE the case, I am willing to bet not a bit of it was calculated but, subconscious. This is how we function on a fundamental level. We work to fill the vacuums. I doubt Kristen even understands now why she did it. IDK. It’s ALL just speculation. Just a different way of assuming things I suppose.

    • sallyreo says:

      I absolutely agree with you. But, on this board if you are pro-kristen, it is assumed that you are 13 years old.

      Thank God, your writing style is eloquent, which should prove to some of these comentator that you are not a pre-teen defending Kristen.

    • LIttleDeadGirl says:

      All you are saying is plausible but ultimately we don’t know what happened in their relationship and it honestly doesn’t matter.

      What does matter was she had icecream with some kid and then decided to sleep with that kid’s father and break up a marriage. That’s a shitty thing to do no matter what. I’m not saying Rupert isn’t at fault. I blame him a lot more because he was in the marriage but she has equal responsibility. So her insecurities mean nothing to me. They would if she had cheated with someone who wasn’t married or didn’t have kids.

      • Angie says:

        I will only say that I believe that both should have left their relationships, because both obviously weren’t happy within them and for it to be where it is now, I think they may have simply been beyond repair. They were broken to begin with, clearly.

        I am not interested in judgment without facts, though. I speculate to form an opinion, but I also acknowledge my opinion means very little, and my judgment would mean even less.

    • Brown says:


      That is quite a post. The only snag: the entire thing hangs on the idea that she was being dominated in a controlling relationship by Rob which, when looking at all the evidence leading up to this, doesn’t really jive.

      What about the video of him trying to kiss her, but her pulling away?

      Countless pictures of them where he is clearly trying to demonstrate affection whereas she is acting indifferent and stoic?

      To be honest, I think they both valued their privacy and neither really wanted it to be a public spectacle, but I personally think that Rob was the one more interested in showing a little PDA.

      I don’t doubt that the reason she cheated was to “fill a vacuum” as you put it… if you read my previous post you’ll see I talked about cheaters trying to find something that no one can provide them, which is why they will not stop. It is a personal hole and seeking the approval/satisfaction from others will fill it temporarily, but not permanently. They will always be left wanting more.

      You are probably right in that the reason she cheated is because she was not satisfied by something in her relationship with Rob and was looking elsewhere to find it, but that does not justify her actions or excuse them.

      Of course, you could also be wrong. People cheat even when they are totally happy and fulfilled in their relationship. Sometimes, they just want to have their cake and eat it, too. Some people really are just bad, with the mindset of “if I want it, I can have it.” Since we don’t know her personally, there’s no way to tell. Either way, it’s inexcusable, and it is definitely inexcusable to blame the victim as though their shortcomings are to blame.

      • jess says:

        Im glad you mentioned that video from the WFE premiere where he went in for the kiss and she turned her head away. I always thought that she was the one who didnt want to show PDA, which I can understand because a pic of her and Rob is worth alot of money and it sucks to know that people are making money off of a private moment.

      • Angie says:

        Like I said — not everything is always what it looks like/seems, and like you said, we dont know the full story. That ‘kiss’ could have been anything. Maybe she was annoyed, maybe they were fighting and he was trying to put on a show for the audience and she wasn’t. Maybe it didn’t mean anything and looked worse than it was. Or, maybe she was being the cold hard bitch everyone wants to believe she is.

        Either way, (reiterating) this is just another way to assume. And I guess it just doesn’t mean that much to me to assume the worst about this girl without the facts, never has. I like looking at things from all sides, particularly when I’m not that invested in any particular outcome. When it comes to this, I have no reason to be. And yeah. I do not have the full story, and neither does anyone. My ‘theory’ is just as plausible as any other here. That’s just something to think about.

      • Liv says:

        This so much:

        “…cheaters trying to find something that no one can provide them, which is why they will not stop. It is a personal hole and seeking the approval/satisfaction from others will fill it temporarily, but not permanently. They will always be left wanting more.”

    • pafakell says:

      Congratulations! You have just become Exhibit A in the art of projection. Every time these two are out together in public Kristen is either aloof towards Pattinson or outright rejecting of him. Regarding her private life with Robert she has said in interviews that there are some things YOU DO NOT TOUCH!, and she was obviously speaking of her relationship with Pattinson while aiming the statement at all of the twihard ‘fans’ in all of their many incarnations. Now we have some Kristen fanatic trying to tell us that the control-freak is Pattinson because of his desire to deal in a private way with his utter humiliation at the hands of someone he so blatantly loved beyond anything most of us will ever experience. He has said that he is the type of person who would shout it from the rooftops if he ever fell in love but apparently that is not how Kristen wanted things done. Now you are saying that he is the one who wanted a ‘secret’ relationship because he’s not shouting from the rooftops that he fell in love with a woman who betrayed him.

  80. so says:

    whaou so much expert on rob and kristen story unless you are a member of their team like NICK STEPHANIE RUTH JOHN HGB

  81. so says:


    “If I were in a room with Kristen Stewart, Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and a gun with two bullets…I’d shoot Kristen Stewart twice.”


  82. Julie says:

    the funniest thing i read on tumblr was that some girls are saying kristen is a feminist hero. she openly lives her sexuality and isnt dependent on one men.

  83. aquarius64 says:

    Check out this except from a certain on-line publication:

    “Stewart officially acknowledged her relationship with Pattinson for the first time in July 2012, when Us Weekly published photos of Stewart caught cheating on Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.[47] The day the photos were released, Stewart issued a public apology to Pattinson, stating, “This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.”[48]”

    This except is from WIKIPEDIA, in Stewart’s listing under “Personal Life”.

    Congratulations K-Stew. Your foul-up is now official.

  84. Jennifer12 says:

    I think Kristen is trying to set herself up as Rob’s victim as well: “I tried so hard! I apologized over and over but he wouldn’t accept!”

  85. Ceilidh says:

    To quote Annie (Susan Sarandon)in Bull Durham:”You didn’t get “lured”. Women never get lured. They’re too strong and powerful for that. Now say it — “I didn’t get lured and I will take responsibility for my actions”

  86. Becks11980 says:

    Although I’ve lurked for a while now, this is the first time I have ever posted a comment and it will probably be the last.

    During the last 18 months or so I feel like I have gotten to know the regulars here and they have always come across a bit like a family. They disagree, argue, go batsh*t crazy at times but they never attack each other in the manner I have seen over the last few days (albeit from user names I am unfamiliar with).

    I have very little interest in the people being reported on. I have no emotional attachment to them, have never read any of the books and watched maybe 45 minutes of the first film before I was removed from the room due to almost losing my mind over continuity issues. That said, due to the downright antagonistic approaches of some posters, I feel the urge to weigh in, just because I adore these guys so much.

    1 – This is a gossip site. If you don’t like or appreciate the gossip being reported/discussed then you should leave. You shouldn’t attack someone just because they happen to hold a different point of view than you do. And the regular posters should not apologise. It is human nature to disagree. The world would be a very boring place if we all agreed on everything, right?

    2 – Regarding KS: she messed up, big time, and got caught. Yes she is 22 but, just my opinion here, she has probably been used to being given whatever she wants, when she wants it so, to me, she comes across as very immature (this is only based on what I have read over the last few days, I cannot state that this is a definite truth as I know next to nothing about her). I am in no way saying that this is an excuse for her behavior (married man and all that) but it may explain a few things. Calling her reprehenisble names really is not helping anyone. Oh and KS, if you’re reading, sack your PR dept. They are clearly inept.

    3 – Re RP: He is probably feeling beyond mortified right now and has hidden away just to come to terms with what is happening. This is a huge thing to process and, given the time that has elapsed, he probably does still love her. I would imagine there will be lots of retrospection such as “what did I do wrong, how many people knew” etc. Honestly, it doesn’t help. In fact it makes it worse, but you end with what I call a “Kamikaze” mentality, that you just NEED to know and knowing will make everything better. It is not like that, it will make you crazy, truthfully. Give him that space (and if you are reading then I give you a jazz-hand wave).

    4 – Yes I do feel like I have the right to comment. I have lived through something similar (though thankfully not as public) and, truthfully, the questioning is part of the healing process but it can turn you into someone you eventually loathe if you let it. My opinion is to move on and let what happens, happen, although that is not particuarly easy.

    5 – Yes I do write like this on a regular basis, I apologise and blame my silly job :o )

    6 – I can see that many people want them to get back together. Honestly, while RP is in such a low place, would you really want that???? If they genuinely love each other then they will eventually end up together but, again just my opinion, this will take time and effort. On both sides.

    7 – Re RS: Personally, he is a piece of cr*p and I despise having to share a hemisphere with him. That said, if his wife wishes to try to work things out then she should and we should allow her to do so. It is her choice and more power to her. She is a beautiful woman and, again my opinion, RS should be on his knees, thanking whatever it is he believes in, for having her in his life.

    8 – there are some big words, yes. Some of that is intentional in order to bypass the crazies though I don’t think that will happen, especially based on #10 :o )

    9 – Forgive the rambling. I’m on my 2nd bottle of wine (you may have noticed lol) and feel the need to say that the posters on here are usually the best ever and I felt an overwhelming urge to jump in and show them some love. Love you guys xxx

    10 – Twiharders: please feel free to hate on me and leave the other, regular, posters alone.

    Kthanxbai xxx

    • LIttleDeadGirl says:

      You can post any time you want :) Also share the vino! Wine for everyone (ahem everyone legal of course)!

    • Izzy says:

      Welcome!! We’re happy to have you in the family. And you’re right, it’s not usually this vitriolic. People seem to be a bit nuts when it comes to Twilight. Not sure why, but then I’ve not read the books or seen the movies.

      I hope you’re not on your THIRD bottle of wine by now, but if you are, I’m sure you’ve more than earned it, and may I say I’m impressed. Two glasses would do me in (I’m kind of a lightweight). We also occasionally indulge in cyber-drinks here, such as the Cracktini (during Lindsay Lohan posts) and the Karmakaze (see: Tom Cruise; also: Rupert Sanders).

      Bottoms up!

    • Chatcat says:

      Welcome Becks! You should come and play and not just sit on the park bench and watch. Some of us more satirical folks get a little full of ourselves once in awhile, but hey if your gonna do it CB is the place! :)

      • Becks11980 says:

        Thank you all for such a warm welcome, it makes me feel proud to become part of Celebitchy and, I hope, reiterates what I stated earlier. You are all such a nice group of guys,I would have hated to abandon the site because I have really enjoyed the camaradarie here, even though I didn’t participate. I have noticed that the attacks seem to have died off a bit in the last few hours so that’s a good thing :o )

        @ Izzy: Halfway down the second bottle lol :o ) and I really wish the internet had proper tubes so I could indulge you all, when will that happen?? (you probably really don’t want to know. Vodka, JD and Red Bull should be a secret, last person I went out drinking with and he drank that, he thought he was the Cookie Monster and tried to dive in a bin, I stood holding his drink, it as very funny at the time)????

        I will definitely be posting again at some point, although probably not a KS/RB article, I came in to defend the regular posters. And I really don’t want a voodoo doll made out of my hair (lol that’s a joke, please don’t do it).

        Anywhoo’s it’s up the apple n pears I go (OMG!!) I have to deal with a psychotic kitten and deranged sales people in the morning.

        Goodnight to all my fellow CB’er’s, posters and lurkers alike :o )

    • mia girl says:

      What a wonderful post and glad you poked your head out for us to welcome you (or did Rupert Sanders “lure” you into posting?).

      I too feel like we have a great community (lead by the great CB, Kaiser and Bedhead) whose intellect, sense of humor and POVs are always interesting. I don’t always agree – but I always respect and enjoy.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to start my first bottle!

    • marie says:

      Becks, you had me at jazz-hand wave. Wonderful post and welcome, most of the posters here really are awesome..

    • ORLY says:

      Beck – Welcome. I hope you stick around for a while.

  87. The Original Mia says:

    Kristen is no victim. If anything, this is par for the course. She supposedly cheated with Sparkles on her boyfriend. Everyone dismissed the cheating then because she was young and their chemistry was undeniable and blah blah blah. Now that it’s happening to Sparkles, the Twihards want to make excuses for why she did what she did.

    She’s just an unpleasant little troll who saw something she wanted and went out and got it. Repeatedly.

  88. serena says:

    “Rob is all that matters to Kristen right now”. RIGHT NOW. LOL.

    Sure Kristen, like we’d buy that.

    God lord, she never really smiled when she was on a red carpet with Sparkles or in candids..but with the Rupert, that lured her sure, she was all smiles.
    And never wanted my ass.

  89. Julianthe says:

    “Lured into a brief situation” my arse. In past interviews, she was hoping stuff like this would happen to her “boring” life. She’s not the innocent victim that she’s claiming to be.

  90. MaxxHotness says:

    When I saw the title I knew there was gonna b a ton of comments. Cheaters always do….

    But this whole situation just doesn’t play out right and stinks with media to high heaven.

    First if you look at the situation, who benefits the most?
    First and foremost, SWATH because now everyone is really gonna wanna watch it to see Kristen and the jilted wife face off as mother daughter
    Next Rupert and his family because now they have their name on the map and I’m sure his wife is benefitting immensely right now
    Then there’s twilight… Oh no our major stars that we set up together are broken up wouldn’t a reconciliation be fantastic for the last movie?
    Rob seems to b getting a lot of positive press…
    And as for Kristen personally I think she cut the noose in all this and at the end of the day a lot better off

  91. Bess says:

    I am not a Twilight fan, but this stuff is interesting from a crisis management standpoint.

    If I were on KStew’s pr team now, I’d advise her to stay under the radar & I’d refuse to leak any more information to any gossip / celeb site.

  92. original kate says:

    i can understand if someone is in an unhappy relationship and they develop strong feelings for someone else; it happens. i can even understand sleeping with that person once. but to then go home to your partner, lie to them and then do it again? no. that is just immoral.

    my ex-boyfriend and i lived together for about 4 years and the last year was very unhappy. then i discovered he had been sleeping with a mutual acquaintance, including in our bed when i was out of state for my father’s funeral. even worse, the woman was married with 2 little girls. when i found out i was so, so hurt – not so much because he slept with another woman (although that sucked) but because he kept it going and lied to me all the while. when the person you are supposed to be able to trust above all others lies to you it is a very damaging event and takes a long time to get past.

    needless to say we are no longer together and i met a wonderful man who i have been with for 10 years.

    the woman ended up getting divorced and the last i heard my ex is still trying to have a stable relationship. heh.

  93. aquarius64 says:

    Stewart’s the victim? Please. Methinks she may have violated a “morals clause” in one of her contracts (or endangered a future one)and she’s about to hemorrhage money! What other reason is there for her idiotic team would take this “wide-eyed innocent” tactic?

  94. Carolyn says:

    Robsten were a PR couple. Sure, they had a bond but not in THAT way. They were always going to break up at some point. It’s bad timing they chose to do it just before BD2. How is Summit going to spin “Bella & Edward Forever” now?? Are they going to reconcile just before the movie comes out and then be left to their own devices once it’s out on DVD?

  95. kay says:

    You know what, I don’t care. I don’t care that Kristen broke Rob’s heart. I am sure Rob has broken many hearts. The only reason I was interested in this story is because I was so shocked. I thought they had a good relationship. But I should have known it was not going to work. Rob and Kristen were separated by work too much.

    Rupert Sanders is 100% responsible for the breakup of his marriage. I am sick of people always blaming the other woman. There will always be some tight young ass tempting your husband. If he is committed to you he will resist.

    I find it funny that people think Kristen is such a bad person. Let me describe a bad person to you. A bad person is someone that who goes to a movie theatre and shoots up the place. If I didn’t see someones movies because they were stupid or selfish. I wouldn’t see anyones movies.

    • Crystal says:

      ‘I don’t care that Kristen broke Rob’s heart. I am sure Rob has broken many hearts.’

      So that somehow makes it better ??? Because Rob may have broken some hearts in the past (there are no receipts so it doesn’t matter) it’s ok that Kristen cheated?
      Kristen fans…God made you guys special. That’s all I’ma say. Y’all are a special bunch of people. For real.

      ‘But I should have known it was not going to work. ‘

      Oh word ?? You know them?? Cool.

      ‘Rupert Sanders is 100% responsible for the breakup of his marriaige’

      No argument there. You’re right. Rupert is scum and if it wasn’t Kristen it would have been something else.

      ‘I find it funny that people think Kristen is such a bad person.’

      She’s not a bad person. She an ok person who made a shitty decision and has a stank attitude.

      ‘Let me describe a bad person to you.’

      No thanks.

      ‘If I didn’t see someones movies because they were stupid or selfish. I wouldn’t see anyones movies.’

      Fair enough. I don’t see anyone telling you to boycott her movies because she cheated. Her bad acting is poison enough tbh. My favourite actors/singers could probably be terrible people but at least they keep shit under wraps.

      Next time, tell your girl K-Stew to use some of that $34 million to get a hotel room. The head can’t be so good that she has to have it in a car in broad daylight.

    • Shannon1972 says:

      That’s very true, Kay. It’s never fun to be on the receiving end of a breakup, and it’s without a doubt painful. But wouldn’t you agree that there are different degrees of pain? I don’t think this mess is even remotely comparable to a breakup.

      I can’t help it…I have sons. Maybe that is why I feel so sorry for Rob. To me, he is still Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter. I haven’t seen Twilight, so I am kind of mystified by the hoopla around these two. I don’t think Kristen is the Antichrist, and I don’t think she meant for any of this to happen. I dont think she thought any of it through. If she did, then she calculated wrong. But I am just not buying the age argument. That’s insulting to 22 yr olds…most of whom know better than this. I did, and I still do. It’s not ok to even flirt with another woman’s man. Not if you want to have friends.

      All that said, i have nothing against this girl personally. I don’t know her or much about her, which may have made me less sympathetic towards her. Take her actions alone, and she seems very selfish. She did a bad thing, in a very public way, and seems to be twisting in circles to avoid any responsibility. I dont respect that. But I do wish her people would shut up already. They are not helping her. And all i keep thinking is, “Where the hell is her mother??? ” And she gets the most flack simply because she is rich, famous, and the face of a movie juggernaut. There are riders on that deal, and she signed up for them.

      The director…I have no words for him. He is beyond repugnant. The only thing he has done right is put out a statement and shut up. Hopefully, we never hear from him again. Beyond that, I hope his penis shrivels up and falls off.

  96. Sway says:

    I’ve come to think she just wanted to play around a little and was not at all into the older dude. Doesn’t make what she did any less gross or wrong though.

  97. Mooshi says:

    I’m still seeing the whole thing as staged.

    If those photos were real and in anyway had undesired results for the people involved & products they represent, the photos would have never made it to a magazine. They would have been shredded.

    True or not, I am enjoying watching everyone freak out over it. Very amusing.

  98. Cirque28 says:

    Cheaters possess an unfortunate combination of entitlement, insecurity, and neediness. They can occasionally become non-cheaters, but only with sincere, sustained effort. I know this, because I was one (never with any married men though) when I was The Demoness’s* age, but I didn’t like the way it made me feel, so I stopped being such an ass.

    *Ha ha! Merely a jokey nickname. We are all saints as well as sinners. Vampires ahoy!

  99. why says:

    we need to Step back and think about what we are saying.
    Step back and realize that 99.9% of what we are reading is complete and utter bullshit.
    Step back and realize that although we all have emotions
    wrapped up in this relationship
    Some of the feelings… aren’t ours to feel.

    • ORLY says:

      What in the world?
      We aren’t emotional about Kristen/Rupert/Liberty/Robert as much as cheating in general.
      We are laughing at the twihard meltdown. We feel bad for sparkles and Liberty+kids. Rupert is just…ugh. We are ‘bashing’ Kristen because of the persona she presented for the last 4-5 years; that of an entitled, spoiled, extremely rude prat. And she slept with a married man.
      Again I say, we will not be shamed into shutting up or about participating in an entertainment story or an entertainment gossip blog.

  100. Syko says:

    Oh, cry me a river. I heard she was boinking him through the entire filming of SNATH.

  101. jilly says:

    A 41 YO director in a position of power seduces a 22 YO woman and somehow it is all her fault? Yes it is quite possible that there is an element of victimhood in this scenario. I’m not entirely letting her off the hook but it is important to acknowledge that the 41 YO man was in a position of power and trust that he violated. Don’t put all the blame and hate on the 22 YO chick. At 22 I was way foolish. I hope Rob forgives her for allowing her 22 YO narcissism to ruin a good relationship.

  102. pringles says:

    you know what, im completely over this story if not for the highly infuriatinh TWIHARDS. Come on kids, grow up.time to accep that kstew is not bella, but kscrew!!!

  103. Diana says:

    She should just own the damn mess. This whole victim angule it’s so pathetic. She was allways selling this ‘I’m so hardcore, I’m diferent than the HW average’ and now has become the ultmate cliche. Do something right and stop trying to get a free pass out of the problem.

  104. Kosmos says:

    Excuse me, but during all of her public displays and interviews prior to this, our little Kristen comes across like she’s already a jaded adult, and saying f*** to everything. I hugely doubt that she was lured into anything. She has a mouth on her and she knows how to use it verbally to certainly voice her opinion on everything she doesn’t like or care about. I would never once doubt she is in total control of her little self. Rob…you need to dump her.

  105. chalkdustgirl says:

    Ummm…I may be mistaken, but it looked as though she wanted *it* pretty badly!!

  106. ZenB!tch says:

    Lured? that implies a one time secret thing and under duress. Not meeting in public for a make out session. Not meeting in public at all. If someone date rapes me (as per the word “lured”) I’m not going to meet him in some random place.

  107. Jilly Bean says:

    wow… this director dude must have been shot down by charlize theron if he took up with stewart…

  108. mls8662 says:

    The most judgmental people are usually the ones with the most to hide.

  109. Ann says:

    Oh, big deal. She craved some non-boyfriend dick. We’ve all been there, girls.

  110. DanaG says:

    If she is adult enough to commit adultry with a married man she should be woman enough to own it. This went on for months it wasn’t justa one of thing they had things too well planned out for that. So for the few months some say she showed her love for Rob she was in fact cheating on him. Yep that just screams love to me. Kirsten should have talked to Rob and kept it private first instead she does a stupid public apology. Being that they have tried to keep their relationship private she is giving mixed signals and clearly showing more disrespect for Rob. I’m glad they are over and if he is smart he won’t take back the girl who was happy to share a bed with him then lie and go have a shag in a car with her last director. How exactly is Rob supposed to trust her again? She comes across as a little diva who thinks she is the be all and end all. Umm nope way better actresses then you and ones who don’t cheat on their partner. I hope this does affect her career cause for her it is the only way she will learn. I feel sorry for the next guy who get’s her now everyone on the planet nows she is happy to have an affair with a married man….until she get’s caught.

  111. oivey says:

    So which is it? She’s young, naive and apparently can be lured easily or she’s a bad ass bitch who doesn’t take shit from anyone? I get whiplash trying to keep up with how she’s presented by her people.

    She needs to put her big girl knickers on, she did a shitty thing (as did the director) and it wasn’t a mistake, it was a decision. Mistake is buying the wrong shade of lipstick or the wrong size top.

    I’ve been watching the fall out on tumblr with great amusement. Some of the comments and reactions. Her fans never cease to amuse me. The whole magazine hiding thing? Weird.

  112. mimi says:

    Excuse me, but Kristen is not married with children.

    Rupert Sanders is.

    They have a major gap between them: she is in her 20s, he is in his 40s, he is her boss, a man who control her professional work and the damends from her for a couple of months and in a powerful position over her.

    She can legitimately claim that she was under the influence and manipulation of a powerful man.

    I am not sure why women who are perceived to be successful such as Demi Mor and KS get this trearment from other women.

    I am not a fan of hers but that’s irrelevant to the point.

    Demi acts heartbroken and is being blamed for being a “bad mother”.

    KS is caught having an affair with an older married boss of hers and she gets all the blame.

    Soryy. He gets the blame, then she gets some of it, with a legitimate claim to tell her story if this is what happened, because he had power over her period.
    She should have said no, but is not as responsible as he is, as Sanders should not have put her in that position in the first place.

  113. Divorcee says:

    That picture there says a thousand words. So what did Robert miss? Kristen and the director dressing like a couple. Now I just got one question. Did she get a boob job done to please the new boyfriend?

  114. shannon says:

    She’s not a ‘jerk’ and he shouldn’t necessarily dump her. They’re both very young, she’s 22 years old, jeezy petes. He does need to give her a good, long freeze-out to think about her actions. But if they have something, this isn’t the end of the world.

    So tired of seeing men getting the clear on cheating (Jon Hamm? Jumping to his defense but Kristin Stewart’s a jerk?) while women generally take the fall. Taking her back immediately would be a mistake, taking her back after having a good, long think about how you feel about her and how you feel about her actions, is a mature thing to do.

    Also, don’t forget, we don’t know anything about their relationship. There’s certainly a chance he’s confessed to some cheating for which he just wasn’t publicly caught. I wish everyone would get off this girl’s back already.

    I would say, cheating on a boyfriend, with a single guy is one thing. She should have found a single guy, not a married guy with children. Still, from a site that loves Angelina Jolie so much, it’s a bit hypocritical …

  115. anneesezz says:

    Every time I see her face I want to punch it. She always looks so smug.

  116. evon says:

    as eminem said in guilty conscience lyrics some time ago “what she do, slip, fall and land on his d***”. girl please own up to your mistakes.

  117. Brat says:

    She comes across as a bitch in interviews. I’m sure she could have gone bitch on him and told him to f*ck off, if it was something she really didn’t want to do. Victim… I’m not buying it.
    Most people don’t like being seen as victims. Celebs love it.