Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt did not get married in France this weekend, shock

Is it okay if I think the Brangelina-wedding speculation was kind of ridiculous this week? It’s not that I couldn’t see them doing a spur-of-the-moment elopement, and it’s not that I don’t believe that Brad is a groomzilla and that Angelina has very little to do with planning her wedding. I just never believed that Brad and Angelina would get married in the middle of August, on the same weekend as his parents’ anniversary, while both Brad and Angelina are working in England, etc. There was just too much going against it. And, as I said on Friday, it wasn’t going to happen and it did not happen:

Forget garden-variety buzz. The possibility that Brad Pitt is marrying Angelina Jolie this weekend in France is getting “real buzz.”

So says an excited but unnamed source to the U.K’s Sun, based on rumors that the couple are hosting some kind of event at their château with guests including Pitt’s parents and Jolie’s engagement-ring jeweler.

But multiple sources tell PEOPLE there is no wedding this weekend. (Reps did not respond for comment.) The local newspaper Var Matin also shot down a France 3 TV report of a Saturday wedding. And officials in the village say they don’t know anything about it and that it likely couldn’t happen anyway.

“Under French law couples have to get married at the town hall,” Patrick Mareschi, deputy culture secretary of the nearby village of Correns, tells Reuters. “Unlike with a religious wedding, there’s no way a couple can hold a civil ceremony at their own home.”

Which is pretty much what the photo agency X17 found out. It grumbled on its website:

“We sent an X17 photographer all the way down to the south of France – it’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere – to check out Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s chateau Miraval to see just what’s going on and … drumroll, please … there’s NOTHING going on!” the site says.

Not only did its photographer not find any signs the couple, engaged last spring, were tying the knot – no security guards, no party planners – it didn’t even see evidence of other rumors that Pitt was hosting a wedding anniversary party for his parents.

[From People]

My theory: it will happen in the autumn or winter. Angelina as a summer bride? Are you joking? Of course not. Angelina wants to wear leather. She wants to wear a voluminous wedding sack. She’ll probably go with sleeves too. So, autumn or winter wedding. Probably when she wraps Maleficent and Brad wraps the neverending production of World War Z. Brad’s parents will fly out. James Haven will fly out. Family members will be the priority, not George Clooney or Gwen Stefani. And who knows if it will even go down in France? I think France is the best option for them, but France isn’t the only option.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    Not to get stoned (the bad kind) first thing Sunday morning, but why are people so invested in them getting married?

    They’ve been together for years; they have a passel of kids; they appear to be doing just fine: LET IT GO.

    • truthSF says:

      …The End. Very well said Bellaluna.

    • lisa2 says:

      OK.. I’m a crazy fan. I don’t think I’m invested. It won’t change my life. I’m just romantic. I like so much as a couple and just that idea of them getting married makes me smile. Nothing more. Besides I think they are very committed to each other and their family. I also think they have proved so many people wrong that just discounted their love for each other and said it is all PR. not sure why? but hey whatever.

    • Turtle Dove says:


      If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, I say.

    • Genevieve says:

      I agree, O Bellaluna…

      We’ve never been able to predict their behaviour either individually or as a couple- why would we strt now?

      Even if they were locked, loaded and non-refundable for a wedding this weekend…the minute the first whisper hit the press, they would have shut it DOWN.

      It’ll happen when it happens. Why do we care so much? Now, in other news…this whole Robsten affair scandal was alleged by Twitards to be only a smoke screen to cover up the fact that Rob and Kristen were actually getting *gasp!* MARRIED on the Isle of Wight this weekend!!!

      I was shocked, horrified and DREADFULLY disappointed that Kaiser had no coverage of the wedding when I woke up this morning. *SOB*…such shoddy reporting….RobSten is unbroken!!

      *Hurls* >:P

    • diana says:

      Sometimes I really really pity this couple.
      They had never asked support of their fans during their public flogging. But the rabid haters bred rabid fans, which in turn led to derision from the neutral people and this vicious cycle is set into motion. Now a brangelina fan has come to be equated with a loon and the fans have learnt to distrust any and everyone who criticise the couple. The sad fact is that this couple wanted neither.
      And their philantropy has opened them up to further ridicule. So whenever they try to help, it is labelled a pr ploy and they are termed manipulators for trying to channel pr and public fascination into charity.
      Finally their engagement and wedding are also considered as attention seeking when actually they have tried to maintain their privacy most of the time.
      I wish the fans follow the way of the couple and stop responding to the trolls and the dissenters. This unwarranted defence of the couple only puts off rest of the people.
      Add to that the relentless media attention…

      I’m a fan btw and I dont know what you mean by ‘investment’. Because I consider coming to a gossip site and making a negative or positive comment on anyone to be ‘investment’.
      Disclaimer – I m a huge fan.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Don’t get me wrong, my statement said “people” – I never specifically stated those people were their fans. It just seems that even at the merest mouse-fart of a whisper, the media runs wild (and I’m not just talking gossip sites*, I’m talking mainstream). It’s ridiculous.

        Disclaimer: I’m not a fan, per se, but I appreciate their philanthropy and charitable work, and I think people need to get up off their ass about a wedding. Whatever they’re doing, their relationship is obviously working for them and their kids. Let them be.

        *CB, thank you for keeping your wits about you – unlike X17, for instance.

      • diana says:

        I agree. Atleast for my part, am not that interested in their personal stuff. Am too cynical abt HW relations. I agree media is the culprit, because the brange news sell internationally and they want a gossip staple to fall back on during lean times :)
        And many fans are also fatigued by this (proof: you were not stoned as much as you expected).
        So cheers and have a nice week :)

    • NM6804 says:

      They aren’t…anymore. It’s been dragged out too long. This couple is hardly new and fresh. People don’t particularly love them but don’t really hate them either which doesn’t give so much good gossip anymore. It’s like Jolie said, they’re “boring”.

      Of course tabloids will be on their toes when rumours arise (they sent reporters over there so there were reasons to believe it just might have gone down Saturday). But the public?

      Even here, one of the FEW places where there is Jolie-Pitt positivity (self-professed loon’s words not mine), there wasn’t that much interest. Would this have happened say three, four years ago: stampede. Now? Meh, lukewarm reactions.

      • diana says:

        Good for them seeing that this is what they had wanted always.
        And now atleast their movies and humanitarian efforts wont be filtered through the prism of gossip.

      • pamela says:

        Oh boy, you are so predictable. LOL.

      • NM6804 says:

        @Diana: Ok. Although I don’t get why films shouldn’t be filtered through the prism of gossip seeing 80% of the American entertainment business IS gossip (= PR = money = being a moviestar) but ok nonetheless.

        @pamela: Thank you. Thank you ever so much for your contribution. Very insightful.

      • diana says:

        I think a very very less fraction of general population are hardcore gossip followers. Rest of the audience only know vaguely about the movie stars. For eg, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp (atleast before this summer) Charlize etc., are hardly gossip favourites but they attract the movie goers. Whereas Brad and Angie being the better actors (excuse me, I m a fan) actually repel people like you (I don’t know you, but I m guessing you’re a non hater nonfan) because of their constant gossip presence and haters and loons etc..
        My theory is gossip may be good for short time pr but in the long run very detrimental – proof being Angie losing oscar for changeling and AMH.

      • NM6804 says:


        Mmm, I think there are small communities on online forums and blogs yes but readership of say People magazine is quite large (around 50 million). Now some headlines become newsworthy (like a big break-up or Sexiest Man Alive). Even as a child, regular news outlets would report on such events. Eventually, it does trickle down to those who don’t follow famous people.

        You don’t even have to follow gossip to see the impact of PR on people who don’t even care about celebrities. How many people still think Travolta is straight? Or have seen the couch jumping embarassement that was Cruise?

        In the digital age, everything trickles through and makes us form snap opinions about stars and most stick forever such as Jolie being the archetype of the homewrecking bombshell and Aniston the sunkissed blonde sweetheart next door. It can turn quickly in to something positive too though so for some (Cruise’s success now) snap judgement is good.

        Explaining why some films are a success and why some aren’t is difficult and not one answer completely suffices. Theron for instance is well liked by men, can act but hasn’t had much hits until this summer with two crap films *oink*?

        To end, there isn’t much of constant gossip around these two (legitimate gossip, not Star covers *eyeroll*) and their films are lost on me because I can’t lose myself in them. When I read interviews, it’s too personal (character descriptions of the children?). I found myself going to films and saw Jolie not Fox, Christine etc. Plus the Apologists are the worst with always hyping their projects (like Blood and Money) and then crickets when it didn’t turn out super duper fantastic just because they are the Jolie-Pitts. Just like Hiddlestonians or whatever turned me off on Hiddleston. Or Twihards on Pattinson. And I find them 7/10 in regards to acting (a Streep would be 10, a Julianne Moore 9). JP is mediocre in that field especially compared to marvellous English actors!

    • skuddles says:

      bella I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen you comment on a Brangelina story! You’re quite right by the way… doesn’t matter when this couple marries, pretty much a sure thing they WILL get married at some point. And most likely will stay married for a very long time. So sayeth skuddles and her crystal ball :D

    • corny says:

      Well, that’s all fine for you to say but poor Choupette is stuck with yet another bridesmaid dress…always the bridesmaid never the bride…!!

  2. Rita says:

    I hung a sign that read “Congrats Brad and Angelina” on the back of a car at a church wedding this week-end, just in case. The valet informed me the couple was named Steve and Amy so I used a magic marker to correct it. I’ll keep my eyes open.

  3. lisa2 says:

    France is not an easy option. French Law has a lot of requirements. Angelina is in the final weeks of filming. Then Brad will do reshoots. They have a break before she starts another film next year. Plus Brad has promotion for Killing Them Softly.

    I’m sure they will do it when they choose to do it. I love that they didn’t come out and make some statement, nor did they make sure they were seen somewhere to dis-spell the crazy rumors. They really didn’t have to say or do anything. At some point the public would see they didn’t get married. Just because the media ran rampant with a silly story. The media is the one that picked this particular date then they had to follow up. Once again showing that all those “insiders that have supposedly leaked thousands upon thousands of stories were no where to be seen or heard.. and ultimately WRONG.

    well Brad and Angie do things their way. And their marriage will not be any different. It will happen when they decide it will happen.

    As a fan.. I’m looking forward to it.

  4. Jackie O says:

    the speculation is tiresome. just do it already and give the public a rest.

    • pamela says:

      Why should Brad and Angie get married to appease the public. They are not contributing to the ridiculous speculations. Brad said at Cannes that they don’t have a date, and that is all the comment that has come from them. It has nothing to do with them if the media choose to go half cocked with speculations. What I find fascinating is that the news of their “impending wedding” took over the media for the past several days, but yet some on herejb – recently posted that they are no “longer popular”.

      • Jackie O says:

        they feed the media machine just like most actors/actresses. if they didn’t want the hype, they could have quietly gotten married anytime over the last number of years. they have made the decision not to.

        i am always surprised when i read such naive statements about fame and celebrity.

      • lisa2 says:


        I guess the same could be said of EVERY SINGLE COUPLE in this world that get engaged, and tell everyone about it, and then send out invitations. Then put announcements in their local paper, with a picture and an article talking about themselves and their upcoming wedding. Not to mention the bridal shower/ bachelor parties and other prewedding celebrations. Then of course these “regular” couples go and have this big ceremony inviting family, friends and they then have a party afterward.. With another write up in a paper announcing to the reading public that they just got married. And of course some of them get in a car that has been decorated full out to once again announce to anyone that sees it that they “Just Got Married”.

        and just think what they could do with a “media machine”

        SO I’m sure your comment on feeding the medial machine applies to everyone that gets married. They could go off and have a quiet ceremony.. OR they could do what other regular couples do in this world every single day. There are many celebs that have gotten married recently. Wonder do you feel the same about them? doubtful

        Like any couple they have the right to enjoy the whole celebration.

      • NM6804 says:

        Jackie, you’re just a jeluz hater ;) .

        Jolie-Pitt didn’t announce their engagement, the press accidentally discovered it when Jolie-Pitt invited a professional photographer up close in a private viewing where her ring was clearly to be seen. You see, they NEVER hyped it! As if they wanted attention :)

        Cruz and Bardem, Weisz and Craig, Kerr and Bloom, Roberts and Moder, Garner and Affleck. Those were people who actively denied, ignored, dogged engagement rumours (if there were any to begin with) and/or privately wed. It can be done, whether you’re A or Z list.

      • NM6804 says:

        @Lisa2: Your comment implies that everybody likes attention for their engagement and upcoming wedding. Sorry but obviously not true.

        Some people just marry for themselves, not to show the world how much they love each other and throw big expensive parties for it.

        Or some people don’t have the money and just sign the papers and be done with it.

        I for wouldn’t spend money or time on planning a wedding so I would opt for a week engagement and then go for a civil marriage. In my country, people opt for civil marriages more than for religious ones and in this economy (god I hate that sentence :) ) I find it a a waste of money to spend money on parties, decorations and things that can’t be used longterm (not that Jolie-Pitt can’t afford that, they’re lucky).

        For as many people who make a hoopla about a wedding, preparing months or even years and save money in the meantime there are plenty who just marry after a quick and short engagement in a small ceremony with a few friends or on a beach somewhere exotic in a simple froc.

        Besides, not all cultures do it the same way and marriage is a very cultural rite of passage. People can’t be shoved into the same box.

    • lisa2 says:


      Brad and Angie have not even gotten married. Have not spoken of a big wedding nor have they had a splashy engagement party.

      so your comment doesnt’ make a lot of sense regarding them. Just because the media is speculating on their wedding and what it will look like does not mean it is from them. You are commenting about them like they have shared what their wedding will be and they have not. They got engaged end of story. Everythig else has been gossip and speculation. You are treating it all as fact. And holding them responsible for others take on it. Like they have to have a secret wedding to prove what? And like I said they like everyone else can have the wedding they want. Why must the standard be different because you are Brad and Angie.

      • NM6804 says:

        Wasn’t the discussion about them choosing to toy with the media about the wedding?

        I didn’t say that they were going to go all out and I know there are a lot of unconfirmed rumours but your comment implied that the Jolie-Pitts can have a big wedding and the whole shebang because that’s the standard of weddings of which I replied to: no it’s not because…They could applied another standard but went for the public confirmation of being engaged so that the world would know and more questions could be asked. PR. Duh.

        So for the Apologists to claim that they are “private” and will probably not talk about the wedding after its done is bull. They did not keep the engagement private even though they could so after years of endless prodding questions, stupid covers about it which seemed to bore them and seemingly didn’t care for.

        They used it themselves when convenient (mostly Pitt) but then acted coy when directly asked (on the RC) and started talking about the children or the gays or whatever. It’s silly and if they would really find it annoying, just keep it quiet, get married and then come out with it. You do remember that the confirmation had three stages right? Photo, Procop (still talks), Pitt’s rep. We’ve heard about the ring’s design in detail yet “no date is set”. Oooh, they like to drag us along for the media ride, you best believe it ;) .

        We’ve also had photos of them on holiday too a week after the engagement new (after months of no sightings). You really think they are NOT going to use this to their advantage? Come on, you know better I’m sure.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Autumn or winter? You’re right Brad needs a lot of time to wash his dirty, greasy hair. And he must go to rehab before wedding. Definitely.

  6. Paloma says:

    Would not be surprised if they never make it down the aisle.

  7. jojo says:

    I say a wedding in each of the birth countries of their children!

  8. FLORETTA50 says:

    I think Brad and Angie have already tied the knot, at one point they relationsip was going rocky then they seem to have settled into a more respectful and relaxed type of thing! I think they are already married.

  9. MrsBPitt says:

    I wonder if Brad’s parents are the ones who kept bringing up marriage, so Brad got the engagement ring to shut them up…I know they said the kids kept bringing it up, and they may have, but I can’t see his ultra religious parents not pushing marriage. Brad and Angie never seemed to have a problem not being married. I hope they do get married though…I am a romantic…and I love Brad and Angie together…it would be heaven for the Brange fans!

    • pamela says:

      On the RC for Moneyball Brad said his parents never question them about getting married, because they know “we are married here” touching his chest. I think they both just think it’s time. And the kids want it too.

    • Kim says:

      I believe it was the kids if Brad cared about his parents beliefs he wouldnt be avid supporter of marriage equality.The lesson here never believe the Sun.Brad’s parents were never in France.Doug was in Colorado.Julie was at a wedding for her husbands niece.Also the liars at the Sun didn’t even mention AJ’s brother Jamie.Also there were tweets that Brad and Angie were in Greece.So noone in family was in France.I hope these media outlets and photo agencies wasted alot of money covering this nonsense.It serves them right listening to the Sun tabloid JMO

  10. diana says:

    Oh well. I still have a chance…………with Angelina. :)

    • Kim says:

      Well since there were thousands of stories on tv, newspapers, radio and online throughout the world about the rumored wedding many people care.Now back to the Olympics I hear my celeb crush from the 80′s George Michael will perform during closing ceremonies.

      • pwal says:

        Gimme a break…

        If Brad and Angelina show up with gold bands, plenty of people will care, especially the haters. If they don’t confirm or deny anything a la Beyonce and Jay Z, haters, bloggers, and media sources will fill in the blanks, complete with their biases. How do I know this? Because I’m conscious.

        Brad’s rep said that there was no wedding, and per usual, people opted to believe what they wanted to versus what was what, just like when the press believe that they broke up in 2010 (and all the other times), when Entertainment Tonight announced that Angelina gave birth to Isla and Amelie and refused to retract the story, instead opting to goad Angelina from prescribed bed rest in order to prove them wrong.

        This is the prime opportunity to close the book on these entertainment reporters who constantly get air time by referring to ‘their sources’ who obviously don’t know d!ck, but it won’t happen.

        JMO… given that the JPs are very good at keeping private things private i.e. where they sprinkled Marcheline’s ashes, where they go on holiday, and recently, when and how Brad proposed to Angelina, I think that they will succeed in having a private wedding. And personally, I hope that they don’t share pics of it, just because I’m fed up with the entitlement that the press and haters have toward this couple and how they go about their business.

  11. mln76 says:

    I’m a loonie loon and I did a little squee when I found out about the engagement-that being said I had very little interest in these rumours show me the pictures AFTER and any tidbits about the wedding. But as far as speculation beforehand it’s sort of silly. The tabs have proven over and over they know very little about what’s really going on in Brange-land.

    • diana says:

      Hi mln!!
      I LOVE reading your comments!!!
      I wish you had a blog or something, you seriously should have one. Please think about it.
      Hugs :)

    • Rena says:

      mln you are so astute! Tabs/gossip know so little about their private or public lives, never have and never will. Brad and Angelina manage to keep their private business to themselves for the most part for going on 8 years now and I luv that about them. They just seem to enjoy being together as a family and manage to arrange their schedules around careers and the other interests they have.

      They did not announce their engagement, they did not hire any private photog to take pics of them when Angelina first wore her ring out in public, in fact Angelina was seen wearing her beautiful ring at a private showing at a museum in LA by some media also in attandance and questions as to an engagement then arose. These are facts not nonsensical gossip.

      They will get married when they decide the time is right for them to do so. Just like every other couple does. And tabs and gossips will know after the fact when all know, not before.

  12. carrie says:

    because some people believed really they’re married this week-end????
    they probably just come back to their french home during their holiday (to see the new work)

  13. Lia says:

    They’ll never marry. I’m sure they get a good laugh out of all of the press their little ruse is getting.

  14. Amanda_M87 says:

    I honestly don’t think they will ever get married. Sorry to dissapoint you all.

  15. Sway says:

    Angelina’s earrings in the last photo reminded me what an awful taste in jewels she has.

  16. mimi says:

    Two or perhaps three years ago, people would care. But now?

    They are old news and nothing exciting much.

    Kid K’s wedding would draw more healines than them.

    Angelina’s films are usually boring of total fail, and Brad, while used to be a fine actor, is not so interesting these days.

    I’m not sure anyone is invested in this.

    • Kim says:

      Yeah that’s why Angie was just named the most valuable actress in Hollywood earning $20M a film.Brad nominated for two Oscars in the last 3 years.Personally I dont care if they marry and if they do I hope they dont release photos.

      • mimi says:

        I’ll be the first to admit that Brad is a very talented actor.

        Problem is that in the past couple of years, I can’t think of anything interesting he has done.

        As for Anegelina. Please name any film she was in that was good/ interesting in any sense other than Girl Interrupted which was like 20 years ago and she had a supporting role (though she did a great job and that was the only time I thought she actually was able to act vs. model facial expressions/ pout/ shout and over-acted.

        Angelina is not really an actress, she can’t really deliver and is hired because she is a celebrity and has a wonderful PR machine that some film projects would be interested in.
        If someone is silly enough to pay her million of dollars for anything other than PR (as a business decision) then good for her managers and for her bank account.

        Their romance is old news these days. Nobody cares really.
        Back in the old days, this post would have generated 200 comments easily.

        I do hope they do have a loving family for all those children who for sure would need a good, stable and loving home.
        Other than that, more people would be interested in KS and RB, Kim K, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Phelps, Tom and Katie and not some 2 people who got together 7-10 years ago.

      • EmmaV1 says:

        Lets see..Jolie got the best reviews of her career from esteemed critics who think she’s a terrific actress, for A Mighty Heart (2007), which she wasn’t even oscar nominated, and then got an oscar nomination in 2009 for Changeling.

        Clint Eastwood, Robert DeNiro, Roger Ebert have all raved about her acting abilities.

        Also, she’s the ONLY female actress at the moment (J. Roberts and S. Bullock still need the right circumstances) who can open a film….The Tourist got terrible reviews but was a 280 million international hit whereas Johnny Depp flopped before and after the Tourist, as did other A-Listers, Kidman, Craig, Witherspoon, Ford, Cage, Roberts, Hanks, etc…

        Seems like there’s a reason Jolie is still a star….

    • manly says:

      wtf! are u talking about? a failure?wonderbust…maybe.

  17. jk says:

    I think they will get married when they are ready to and not before. They will marry because of the kids and because they love each other. I think these 2 were meant to be together. I really don’t give a rats ass about the phoney pity party JA threw for 7 years because thats all it was a pity party made up of lies. Brad will not marry because of mom and dad, he will not turn against gays because of mom and he will live his life because he has Just ONE life and being with AJ makes him happy, his kids make him happy. He is a man that was searching for happiness and he found it, he got the kids he so wanted and a woman who shares his desires and dreams. Not a damn thing wrong with that and I believe that we were put here on earth to be with the right mate and to have our kids and if other people find fault with that who cares? They are not God and they cannot judge you, only the real God can judge someone so I am sure he will be patted on the head for giving love and homes to kids and for giving money to help those in need and homes for the homeless and AJ for fighting for women and children too. Bitch all day long about them but you show me that YOU have given more to charity, the homeless and adopted more kids and put up with one lie after another and people making fun of you for doing good ,I am sure you shall have a special spot in heaven lol People can feel sorry for JA but if she had really wanted that marriage to last she would have had the kids he begged for. I am sure that if she had wanted kids at all she would have had one by one of the many many men she has had relationships with or one night stands.People complain about AJ but JA is and was no better than AJ was. JA is still out sleeping around and the loonies for JA cannot get it thru their heads that she is no saint and has the morals of an alley cat . SHe was engaged and living with another man when she went after Brad. SHe was sleeping with Brad while engaged to that other guy. SHe was sleeping with another man before she left brad yet she put on a pity party. At least AJ didnt have pity parties and cut JA down and make shit up. JA is the liar here. I dont care if they ever get married unlike JA Angie is not marrying Brad to make her a star (it didnt work for JA she is and always will be a B actress) Jollie is not marrying him for his money lol It really bothers the haters that these 2 actually love one another lol That is the bottom line..eating their hearts out lol

  18. Emma says:

    I only want to see them marry to shut those crazy psycho haters up. The ones who think Brad refuses to marry Angelina because she’s not a “lady” and is pining his marriage with his ex lmao

    • Rena says:

      You are an optimist, and while I really wish those obsessive ranters would shut up and move on, I doubt after all this time that they ever will.

      Sadly there appear to be a few people who refuse to step out other people’s lives and live their own lives the best that they can. They will hold on to their ingrained delusional beliefs no matter what. Truth and rational thoughts and logic are not allowed to enter and dwell but are barred.

      They are what they are.

  19. Happymom says:

    But Jennifer is engaged-check out People magazine!

  20. MrsBPitt says: is saying that Jennifer Anniston and Justin whatshisname are engaged!!! YAY…ding dong the triangle is officially dead!!!

  21. lisa2 says:

    Congrats to Jen and Justin.. can’t wait o read NM6804 comment on keeping things quiet and private..

    but I won’t be holding my breath. LOL

    • pamela says:

      LOL, that’s the first thing I thought of when I read the news, especially after all her caterwauling today.

      • Janet says:

        ROFL… I love that word caterwauling. And in her case, it’s so deliciously apt.

        cat·er·waul vi \ˈka-tər-ˌwȯl\

        Definition of CATERWAUL

        : to make a harsh cry
        : to protest or complain noisily
        — caterwaul noun

        Origin of CATERWAUL

        Middle English caterwawen
        First Known Use: 14th century
        Related to CATERWAUL

        Synonyms: beef, bellyache, bitch, bleat, carp, complain, crab, croak, fuss, gripe, grizzle, grouch, grouse, growl, grumble, grump, holler, inveigh, keen, kick, kvetch, maunder [chiefly British], moan, murmur, mutter, nag, repine, scream, squawk, squeal, wail, whimper, whine, whinge [British], yammer, yawp (or yaup), yowl

  22. Meanwhile in another part of town.... says:

    Jamie, Angie’s brother, is apparently a Christian minister? And still gay?
    The question marks because I want someone to confirm these rumors are true (or not true).

  23. Dana M says:

    Whahhhh, Jen Aniston officially engaged to emo guy?

  24. samira25 says:

    You have to love the timing of Jennifer’s announcement. I’m sure the same people who were in such a rage that Angelina wore her engagement ring and called her a mediawhore won’t say a thing about Jennifer releasing a statement to the media.

  25. Dirtnap says:

    Two words: Double wedding.

    And I want to Ang in a high-slit dress with a leg sticking out and Jen in white satin boyfriend jeans.

  26. Seriously says:

    Jennifer Aniston really needs to stop…I get a mental picture of her internet stalking Brad and Angelina. “Ah, so they’re getting wed this week huh, not on my watch! JUSTIN!!! Get your ass over here, we’re getting married, quick give me the phone I need to inform”

  27. MrsBPitt says:

    Wouldn’t it have been something if Brad and Angie did get married this weekend…the same weekend Jen announces her engagement…tabloid heaven!!!!

  28. lira says:

    Apparently they let the taboids know before their families… way to be private. and… what about poor Heidi? I hope he at least told her about this, he surely is missing a sensitivity chip.

  29. Ranunculus says:

    I don’t know, but I always thought of him as being a bit dumb and her as being crazy. They are nothing but meh to me – famewhores extraordinaire.

  30. LucyOriginal says:

    The triangle will be over soon! yayy

    TMZ confirmed that Justin and Jen are engaged. Sorry Brangeloonies, I just didn’t know where to place this info.

  31. Sugar says:

    no matter if it’s a JA story or a AJ story it all quagmires together just like this threat started out about the non wedding of BP&AJ it ends with the rep confirmed engagement of JA&JT.
    I have to admit I will now believe that Justin must have truly found the worthy one for him
    to actually purpose & give the ok to his rep to
    confirm it. True love…

  32. molly says:

    It will probably be somewhere like the court house or on some island where they can control the waters around it and keep the photographers away. France is too obvious.

  33. Madhubala says:

    Hmmm. The weekend that there’s speculation over a Brangelina wedding is the weekend Jennifer and Justin decide to announce their engagement? Riiiight.

  34. animac says:

    european and greek newspapers are reporting that this weekend brangelina are holidaying in halkidiki peninsula in greece with their yacht together with john travolta and robert de niro’s yachts. after halkidiki they are heading to their santorini home.

  35. S says:

    This is a genuine question:

    Instead of getting together with Brad, if Angelina had coupled up with another hot leading man in Hollywood who hadn’t at the time been married or committed to another woman, would Jolie and her hypothetical significant other inspire the same, oftentimes die-hard degree of admiration or loathing as the Jolie-Pitt pair does? Or how about this? Just imagine, for example, that Jolie and BBT had stayed together and happily started a family …

    I only moderately follow celebrity news, so I’m no expert but … I don’t remember Jolie (or Pitt) enjoying nearly as much popularity/idolization or being the target(s) of as much controversy/hatred before the Jolie-Pitt union. (Yes, Jolie was blasted for her “edgy” behavior pre-Pitt, pre-UN work, and pre-motherhood, and Pitt received plenty of attention for his good looks back in the day, but I still don’t recall either of them being this much in the spotlight.)

    Would people still feel the need to defend or condemn Jolie if she were with someone else? Would people find her nearly as relevant, even if she did the same amount of humanitarian work and was mother to just as many kids? I imagine she’d probably still be making at least some headlines. But would people care?

    I’m focusing on Jolie because she seems to spark more debate than Pitt. (Perhaps because women, on the whole, seem more likely to take interest in and scrutinize female celebrities than men–I’m certainly guilty of it on occasion!)

    Again, I’m sincerely interested in getting people’s takes on this. No snark, please, as I’ve sincerely intended none in my comment.

    P.S. I’m neither a lover nor a hater of these two; I like their commitment to charity–and that’s where their relevance ends for me, personally.

    • Sakyiwaa says:

      Perfect analysis. You answered your conundrum yourself. The female fans of Pitt loved his wife too which was easy cos she was so relatable and likable. When they got divorced for Angie, a side by side analysis of the two women would show that the wife had more sympathy cos Angie has always had a controversial character. It is the stuff ideal soap operas are made of so of cousre, it entertained the masses and they were shot into SUPERSTARDOM. People are fascinated about their life narratives. Have been for over seven years….

  36. MrsBPitt says:

    Can’t you just picture JA and JT wedding. Probably in Mexico..the bride will be wearing a bikini and the groom will be wearing skinny jeans and a hat…Chelsea Handlers will be a drunken bridesmaid…and instead of a veil, the bride will just cover her face with her hair, as she has been doing for years…lol…

  37. Rose says:

    To get legally married in France one of the couple has to have been living there for 40 consecutive days, so once one of them stays put in France for over a month then we’ll know that it’s Go Time.

  38. Madpoe says:

    The wedding date is 12/12/12…at 12pm