Tim Tebow shirtless in GQ: would you hit it? Do you care?

Tim Tebow appears shirtless inside GQ, in a kind of artsy black and white Jesus-y pose in some football pants that probably look better from behind. On the cover, he stares into your soul while showing you his armpit hair. This September both Tebow and another quarterback named Cam Newton have GQ covers. I guess Newton plays for the Carolina Panthers while Tim plays for the NY Jets – he was just traded to the Jets and it’s a big deal given his celebrity status.

Prior to this I had no idea who Cam Newton is, I’m sorry but sports are not my thing, but I googled him and he’s way hotter with less hair. Plus he’s 6’5″! I love tall guys. Last fall Cam was dating Ciara, but he’s been linked to other women this year. Anyway I’m focusing on Cam because Tim is not doing it for me, he never really has.

Tebow is a 25 year-old virgin and he’s not my type at all, not that a 25 year-old virgin could ever be my type regardless of how hot he is. Some of you like him so we thought we’d run these pics. (This goes out to a friend of mine who asks about Tim, I know she’ll enjoy these! I tell her we don’t have any gossip about him basically ever, except when Swifty allegedly hit on him.)

The article in GQ is very football-centric, and Kaiser and I both tried to read it and didn’t get/weren’t interested in most of it. For those of you who are into football, you can read it here. It’s primarily about how the cult and hype around Tebow, a devout Evangelical Christian, does not necessarily live up to his performance. They’re kind of mocking that with the shirtless pose. The author attends training camp for The Jets and asks Tebow a question during a press conference and that’s it. Cam Newton’s interview is more personal and one-on-one, and it’s at this link. It was also written for football fans, which is understandable. I’m just here for the beefcake. Why can’t we see Cam shirtless too damnit?!

This photo is pretty good, even if Cam’s shirt is still on.

He’s so cute!

I have to admit Tim has really nice eyes.

Photos courtesy of GQ, where there are more.
Tim Tebow’s slideshow.
Cam Newton’s slideshow.

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    • DreamyK says:

      Cam Newton is a thief and a liar. He was found in possession of a stolen laptop, when the police arrived at his room, he sailed that laptop out the window. He was charged with theft but the charges were dropped after he completed a court ordered program.

      Cam is also a cheater. He cheated not once, but THREE times. The University of Florida found proof that he was cheating and before he could be kicked out of school, he transferred to another college.

      Even the transfer to another college was the subject of an NCAA investigation: Cam and his dad were the focus of a 13 month NCAA investigation about Pay-for-Play allegations. No “major” violations were found but that ambiguous statement leaves room for “minor” violations that weren’t covered in the media.

      Cam now charges money for his autographs. He’s all about money, all the time.

      I wouldn’t hit it at all. Ever.

      • nofkksgiven says:

        was all that really necessary? it’s a post on a gossip site about a GQ article…he looks good and is playing well…

      • DreamyK says:

        @nofkksgiven Yes. It was. Part of a person’s sex appeal is their character. Lying, cheating and stealing is not sexy. Or at least to a majority of women it isn’t.

        To each his own though.

      • Jeanine says:

        The NCAA investigated and he was totally absolved from wrongdoing. And MOST pro athletes charge for autographs and do card shows for $$ You sound like a pure hater and why I don’t know with most of the things you mentioned about Cam were from his freshman year. And no, I’m not an Auburn fan

      • DreamyK says:

        @Jeanine Cam’s father admitted to Pay for Play and the NCAA has since instituted new rules specifically because of Cam and his dad.

        The NCAA couldn’t find enough evidence linking Cam to his fathers shady deals, but that doesn’t mean that they believe Cam didn’t know about it.

        Since when is stating facts about hate? He did steal. He did cheat. He was under investigation for 13 months by the NCAA. He does charge for his autograph.

        Also? People in Atlanta are protesting having a street named after him.

        The question was: is he sexier than Tebow. I thoroughly explained why I would never hit it. Not even with Cam’s stolen laptop.

      • Amanda Hugginkiss says:

        Character required for attraction!? … +1

      • THall628 says:

        @DreamyK, you must be an Alabama fan. NCAA found no wrongdoing on Cam’s part. His father on the other hand, is a different story.

    • yo momma says:

      great, more for me then. UNF!!!

    • Zanne says:

      I agree that character adds to sex appeal. Where I guess we differ is that some of you are saying Cam Newton ain’t worth it because he is a lying, thieving cheat. Others are saying that Tim Tebow is arrogant and rude. Both examples are from years ago – and I do believe people change, #1. #2 – If personality is an issue in the present, I would still take Tebow. I enjoy the man he has become versus the person he maybe used to be. Confidence can be confused with arrogance and I would never judge someone by someone else’s opinion. I just don’t know enough about Cam Newton to care.

  1. Yep says:

    If I were even 10 years older I SOOOO would! Love the way that boy looks! And it doesn’t hurt my feelings in the least that he’s Christian. Just adds to the appeal. Hot AND good!

    • corny says:

      Can’t we all just get along and vacuously share salicious gossip? sigh

    • deehunny says:

      Tim Tebow was my age and went to UF with me (we graduated the same year). At all the pool parties I attended where he was there, he was rude, not down to earth at all, and thought he was super hot sh*t. I never said anything to him but I saw others try to say something nice to him and he would simply not acknowledge his fans.

      Very different from Jarvis Moss, any and all the basketball players (like Joakim Noah, etc.)who always said hello to their fans and fellow peers. I don’t dislike him because he’s a Christian or pro-choice or any of that, I dislike him because he is not only over-hyped but stuck up.

  2. sanna says:

    I hate him and his gross pro-life agenda family.

    • roxy750 says:

      You know how stupid that sounds. You hate someone for being PRO LIFE? HA HA. Aren’t you the pleasant and friendly one.

      To answer the question: no. I would not–as big and muscle bound as he is he doesn’t do it for me. Weird.

      • beyonce's bump says:

        Well I am all for everyone having the choice to do what they want with their bod, so very much PRO-CHOICE but lol ya “I hate pro-life” does not translate when written and read in the same way but I get what she was trying to say.

      • mimi says:

        Pro life = anti-choice, if that makes it any clearer. And it’s totally fair to dislike someone for opposing women’s right to make their own reproductive decisions–especially if that person is a man whose bodily autonomy will never be as highly politicized and subject to social and religious judgment as that of a woman.

      • Tiffany says:

        “especially if that person is a man whose bodily autonomy will never be as highly politicized and subject to social and religious judgment as that of a woman.”

        Great point.

    • RTR_Girl says:

      He’s a decent, moral guy who thinks having values and family are important, and that’s gross? Even if you don’t subscribe to his religious beliefs or his pro-life stance, how is anything that Tim Tebow stands for even remotely gross? How is his family gross, pray tell? Good grief…

    • Rin says:


      +10 for tolerance.

    • Garrish Utley says:

      Why does this site attract so many hateful atheists? Because movies are produced by that type?

      • sanna says:

        Well I come from a country where the majority of the population is aware that religion is stupid (and that evolution is a real thing GASP!). I can’t say anything about Celebitchy in particular.

      • Karen says:

        Yes, exactly, we are all atheists promoting a godless agenda who are here to gossip about atheist celebrities and all their intolerant hate-filled atheist movies made by more atheists. But since you obviously found us out, the better question is why are YOU here in our den of athiest hate?

      • roxy750 says:

        sanna do me a favor and watch or either HAVE an abortion procedure and tell me about a women’s right to choose. Unless you have been there, watched it, researched it, know what goes on your comments mean nothing. Sad SH*% is what it is, Sad SH&*%

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Karen: LMFAO!!!

        Guys guys guys, have we still not learned that not all atheists are hateful and intolerant and not all religious peeps are bible-thumping anti-abortionists?

        In light of the above comments I’m using this opportunity to emphasize the importance of decriminalizing marijuana. Seriously, I think Church people and atheists could really chill the eff out over a nice doob. I’m inviting Tebow as well.

      • sara says:

        Guess what roxy750, my mother had to have a third trimester abortion because the fetus had a birth defect and had almost zero percent of surviving. She had an abortion to spare both the child, and keep herself safe. If it was up to Tebow an other anti-choice freaks, she would never have been able to make the choice that was best for herself and her family. So you can just STFU right now.

      • mimi says:

        “Hateful atheists” are a decent balance for judgmental, preachy religious people like Tebow, IMO.

      • Hairball says:

        Because someone doesn’t believe in someone’s specific religious beliefs does not make them an atheist.

        I believe in God and doing onto others as you would have done to you. But I have a HUGE problem with people announcing to everyone what a ‘Christian’ they are. Jesus said that people should worship in private and if fasting to clean up before going in public so people wouldn’t know. He was disgusted by the pharohs disgusting show of being with God when they were all fake.

        I have a problem with Christians who spend their time discriminating against and judging others. They say they read the Bible and follow Jesus’ teachings? I don’t think so.

      • marie says:

        right on Hairball, completely agree

      • LOTRdork says:

        @Hairball I completely agree with you, hit the nail right on the head. I consider myself a christian but I do not believe in judging other people and using small minded holier than thou logic, and nothing pisses me off more than presumptuous judgmental hypocrites who claim to be Christian. When it comes to abortion I have to say that FOR ME PERAONALLY I wouldn’t have one unless my life was in danger. But that’s just for me personally. You can’t expect everyone to live up to your own personal moral code, so I’m pro-choice. I can’t and won’t judge anyone else for getting an abortion for whatever reason because their vaginas and uterus’ are none of my business, and I just want to apologize for all of the “Christians” out there who have the need to force their own opinions on other people.

    • Leticia says:

      Do you have any idea how intolerant you sound? And are you sure that you want to use the word “gross” to describe being against the abortion procedure?

      • sanna says:

        I didn’t claim that I was tolerant. I am most definitely NOT tolerant of ANTI-CHOICE bible thumping a-holes who want to take rights away from women.

        I find men who are in that movement especially icky. Therefore “gross” describes Tebow perfectly.

      • Lamb says:

        Any man who promotes hate and intolerance towards gays and women is disgusting. I too am an atheist and I know I have much higher morals than Tim “bible thumping” Tebow.

    • Zanne says:

      I think it absolutely sounds stupid. To be clear up front – I am a woman and I am PRO-LIFE. There are a million things wrong with this world today and this is one of them. I am in a minority of people who feel that the father should have rights other than paying child support when he impregnates some overzealous women’s libber who only wants the donation and not the man who made it. And you might think that sounds stupid too – but like you, I don’t care what people think about my opinion.

  3. Samantha says:

    Cam is cute but kind of an egotistical a-hole, if his behavior on the Panthers so far is any indication.

    Tim does it for me in every way, every time. But the armpit…no. Just no.

    • Kolby says:

      Cam Newton is, apparently, an epic douche of legendary proportions. He was kicked off the Florida football team for purchasing stolen merchandise (yep, he was Tebow’s backup at one point). Good kid. /sarcasm

  4. hoya_chick says:

    No to the Tebow thing. But most definitely to the Cam thing. Gosh, his smile is adorable. And look at those arms! Points off for dating Ciara though. I’m a basketball junkie. I don’t watch football. I hate on Sundays when it runs almost all the way through 60 minutes!

  5. The Original Original says:

    No and No

  6. Nina says:

    Hmmm… Tebow looks much better on the cover than he does in the Jesus pose, where the pants make him look gay and the 3/4-shot doesn’t do his chin and neck any favors. Plus, I’m not into bible thumpers. That fact alone can quash any stirrings in my loins. Newton, however, is adorable. He looks great in the henley and did you see his hands? They’re HUGE… my imagination is practically working in overdrive right now!

  7. BW says:

    Nope, doesn’t do it for me. There’s something to be said for experience. Just not toooo much experience.

  8. Corrine says:

    Yes and yes. There is nothing like the weight of a hot athletic body pressing down on you. Ahhh, college…..

  9. Chatcat says:

    Neither meets my 15 year rule so it’s a disqualification.

    Oh, I don’t mind armpit hair on men. Now women is another matter altogether.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Seriously Chat. Are men supposed to shave their armpits or something? Because I’m not so sure I’d like that 🙁

      • Chatcat says:

        Oh God Kitten I have had the shit day from hell here in the office! YIKES. At this point I’d hit anything with 3 legs just to forget … that or Kaiser needs to give us a Fassy fix. As far as shaving armpits, I think we’ve all been watching too much Olympic men swimmers over the past few weeks to realize that arm pit hair is a natural thing…well that and the happy trail!

        @Jane. I like hair, just not hairy, you know what I mean?

        Happy trails to you, keep smilin’ until then…going off whistling 🙂

    • Jane says:

      Do not like it when a guy manscapes, so no problem with the arm pits. Give me some nice chest hair and I am even happier.

  10. RobN says:

    Love the Tebow look; never noticed before that Cam has got a Leno jaw going on. Kind of kills it for me.

  11. Memphis says:

    No, I wouldn’t hit it (he’s about my sons age!) He has nice eyes though 🙂

  12. lori says:

    ummm…..no thanks. Maybe someone can Fix Tim up with one of the Duggar girls or something

  13. Hubbahun says:

    Jeez yes. 😛

  14. Relli says:

    I grew up with a lot of Evangelical boys, and the have never done it for me. But maybe its because they were always trying to save me from Catholicism.

    But this Cam fellow, just made my Sundays a whole more interesting. The husband gets a Husband/Daddy-Pass on Sunday during Football season which, mean we all watch a lot of football.

  15. kpist says:

    Yes to Tebow

  16. lbeees says:

    Wouldn’t hit it. Don’t care.

  17. TheOriginalKitten says:

    There is nothing even remotely sexy about this guy to me. I’m not saying he’s ugly-just that he’s not sexy at all.

  18. gee says:

    As much as I hate the weird press he is bringing to my beloved Jets, I would definitely hit it.

  19. erica says:

    Um, he’s a HOTTIE. Plus I love that he says he’s a virgin, makes me want to defile him, lol. I hope he really is one, but how could he be, he’s so sexy!

  20. Maya says:

    No for Tebow, yes please for Cam Newton. I love his dimples!

  21. judyjudy says:

    Would NOT hit.

  22. Jennifer says:

    No I would not. No I don’t. He annoys me.

    Cam? Oh yes…DAMN.

  23. Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

    Tim Tebow seems especially stupid. Doesn’t matter how good looking he is, Jesus freaks and dummies (one and the same?) gross me out.

    • Leticia says:

      You say: “Jesus freaks and dummies (one and the same?) gross me out.”

      Wow, that makes you sound very tolerant and intelligent.

    • Elizabeth says:

      That’s not fair to aetheists. Not allowing them to be stupid too 🙂

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        You don’t have to an atheist to realize Tim Tebow is an idiot.
        Intelligent Christians understand that thanking God for a touchdown is pretty much the opposite of what Jesus was trying to teach.
        Tim is grossly stupid.

  24. Jess says:

    His “Jesus on the cross” pose is all kinds of wrong…

    • Stubbylove says:

      Totally agree with you Jess. I could really care less about the guy – yes, he’s cute and seems like a nice/decent kid regardless of if you agree w/his religious views. That being said I don’t care how “artsy” GQ is attempting to be – the Jesus on the cross pose is in really bad taste.

  25. littlemissnaughty says:

    Tebow looks so unbelievably boring, there is no charisma, no personality in these photos. Newton on the other hand? Yeah, he’s kinda hot. Never heard of him before but since I’m not American and (probably because of that fact) not into football, I couldn’t name 5 players.

    They do have a bit of douche-face going on, both of them.

  26. Julie says:

    He is supposed to be christian. And doesnt it say in the bible keep yourself above the appearance of evil? Or out of situations that could lead to something ungodly? Isn’t his pictures asking women to lust after him? Seems wrong to me if that’s what hes all about. Not preaching at all just noticing things.

  27. Sports Gal says:

    I’ll pass. I find Tim Tebow’s Muscular Christianity pandering and borderline offensive.

    Plus, his talent is far lacking to that of any other NFL starting-caliber quarterback.

    Scam Newton > Tim Tebow

  28. Holl says:

    If you guys ever saw the way Cam Newton interacts with people vs Tim Tebow, you would chose Tebow in a heartbeat. I am forced to watch ESPN by my husband during breakfast every morning and Cam Newton is an arrogant prick, rudely interrupting reporters and telling his (current) team they need to “get on his level” if they want to win. Tebow, by contrast, is just a nice guy from Florida who happens to be very religious in a non-hateful way and thats the most you can ask for in a world with many opinions in it. He has his beliefs, as do we all, and the cult around him is not his fault as he is pretty bashful about it. So Tim Tebow all the way. I’d rather a nice cute country boy than a loud arrogant hot guy any day.

  29. trillian says:

    No way. Those Christian nutter creep the hell out of me.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      OT but didn’t you used to have an Avatar or is this a different Trillian?

      I hate when people change/lose their avatars-it confuses me! 🙂

  30. Kate (from Canada) says:

    i think they’re both hot but i don’t really care beyond that point

    lol sorry not a football fan.

  31. Reece says:

    Uhh he’s a virgin isn’t he? HELL NO! Edit: I probably shouldn’t use such language around him. It may hurt his ears. *smacks own hand* Bad sinner Bad!

    Cam, maybe, one-nighter, maybe, I have to consider this.

  32. marie says:

    uhhh NO, I’ve watched them since they first stepped onto the field and it would make me feel creepy. Both are cute though

  33. Skins says:

    Teabag should just come out of the closet now

  34. DD says:

    No. I am assuming he’s some sports guy. I hate sports. If he ends up on my McDonalds coffee cup I will demand my money back.

  35. lucy2 says:

    I remember seeing Tim on the Daily Show a while back, before all the hype, and he seemed like a nice guy. Cute, but not really sexy IMO.
    Cam has a very cute smile, but sounds like the attitude is over the top.

  36. Darlene says:


  37. L says:

    Neither. Neither has a personality that I find attractive.

  38. RN says:

    No. Do not care.

    The Christian thing in particular is a huge turn off.

  39. MommaK18 says:

    Wow on the Tim Tebow hate. Id rather have Tim Tebow with his morals and values than 99% of the athletes and celebrities we are exposed to daily. Also, not to mention the thousands of nut jobs and killers that are paraded in the news.

    Theres nothing gross about his beliefs….
    Some people reaaaallly should take a step back and re-evaluate the world. He’s not Jesus but the man has morals. Leave him be. He’s not a preacher, hes a quarterback!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yeah he seems like a harmless and decent human being. I’m surprised by the comments as well-I’m atheist and even I wouldn’t have the balls to say some of the sh*t people are saying. lol!

      But I do have to say: he’s made his religious stance a big part of his public persona so much like Tom Cruise who has put his Scientology beliefs front-and-center, people are going to have their opinions.

      PS Are you a Jets fan? Cuz I’m a Pats fan so I’m very familiar with QB hate 😉

    • Evita says:

      Not a preacher? He literally *preached* in the Philippines during high school. Every time he scores he kneels down on the field and makes a spectacle of himself and his faith. He mentions his religion literally every chance he gets in interviews. He and his mother appeared in a “Focus on the Family” ad during the Superbowl 2 years ago?

      I don’t dislike him for his beliefs, I dislike him specifically because of his preachiness.

  40. vic says:

    No. In most pictures his middle is too thick and his head is tiny compared to his body. And he’s boring, dumb and annoying. Cam looks pretty hot though.

    • shewolf says:

      I like that thick middle on guys for some reason. I didnt realise that until you mentioned how you didnt like it!

  41. Karen says:

    I don’t know why we have to accuse each other of hate and intolerance just because some of us don’t dig Tebow. Stronger things are said on this site about Angelina, Lohan, etc, so chill out people. Not everyone equates christianity with morality so claiming that Tebow is some moral scion just because he says he’s a christian is a bit much. Frankly, I think the hate and intolerance and particularly the subjugation of women promoted by the christian right is far more immoral than anything most celebrities get up to. Except Lohan…she’s going to hell.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      “Not everyone equates christianity with morality so claiming that Tebow is some moral scion just because he says he’s a christian is a bit much”

      I agree 100% with this statement and I’m no Tebow fan (specifically because I hate the Jets) but I will say that so far Tebow has been a pretty harmless guy that has stayed out of trouble (which unfortunately isn’t always easy for an athlete). Presumably, fear of living his afterlife being barbecued in the fiery pits of hell has kept him on the straight and narrow.

      So, aside from being overtly religious he hasn’t done anything particularly polarizing and definitely hasn’t engaged in any “typical athlete behavior”. Based on this, I can’t hate. Might disagree with his personal politics and the fact that he wears a Jets uniform, but he seems like a decent person.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        I think what people are responding to is the question of: is he hot? And for me personally, displaying his religion like he does is definitely a turn off. It’s not whether he is a good person or not—it’s the idea that his public displays of piousness are the height of bad taste and self indulgence. Publicly thanking God for touchdowns is contradictory to what Christianity is supposed to be about.

        …which makes him look stupid, which makes him unattractive,imo.

      • Tiffany says:

        Well said, Marie.

      • sarah says:

        Marie, Tebow has said before he doesnt thank God for touchdowns, he thanks God for the blessings in his life and giving him the ability to play football. Also he doesnt preach in the Phillipines, he has a charity there helping people. What a jerk for giving his time and money to that. Tell people youre a Christian and watch the hate roll…

      • Zanne says:

        Well said Sarah. As a Christian myself and someone who actually reads the Bible and not just assumes what it says or only gets bits and pieces from wherever to form my opinion on it – I find it laughable when people who really have no clue what real Christianity is, yet judge people for it. Tebow telling people he praises God for his blessings does not mean he thinks you all are going to hell. Sadly there are so many phonies out there that real Christians get the bad breaks.

  42. shewolf says:

    I would… if it tried hard enough.

  43. Janet says:

    No, and no.

  44. CocoBelly says:

    I think he’d shoot better for Louis Vuitton than Phelpsy anyday! =)

  45. shaboo says:

    so gross. I find his jaw so unattractive

  46. The Original Mia says:

    No to Tebow. No to Cam. Both are overrated twats.

  47. Anne de Vries says:

    He could maybe have been kind of attractive if he wasn’t a bible-thumping forced-birther. That makes him gross to me. Keep religion private, yo, don’t shove it in my face.

    No idea who the other guy is but he has a cute smile.

  48. e.non says:

    he’s so friggin lame.

  49. shannon says:

    Tebow? I’d hit it, and promptly quit it. I do find him incredibly hot, but the whole virgin, holier-than-thou thing wouldn’t work for me. Also, he’s 11 years younger than I am, so there’s that.

    The other dude, Cam, know nothing about him but he’s hot too. Both are definitely hit-able in my book.

  50. crazycatlady says:

    Hit it? No. Christians are a turn-off.

    Seriously, anyone in the public eye who (whether intentionally or inadvertanly) shoves religion in my face is an annoying twit in my book.

    And I agree with others here – this is a fun fluffy gossip site. We don’t need no stinkin’ religious crap interfering with our entertainment. God dammit.

  51. Jeanine says:

    Team Sanchez all the way!

  52. Issa says:

    Wouldn’t touch Tbow with a 10 foot cross.

    • truthSF says:

      I was thumping through the comments while sipping an ice cold beverage when I got to yours…needless to say, I still have liquid coming out of my nose since my unexpected outburst of laughter at your post.

    • Alvin says:

      I choke on my juice…. damn you issa 🙂

  53. Tiffany says:

    Do you think Tebow would cry on tv if we labeled him the Anna Kornikova of football? Pretty without the skills to back it up?

    I would never get with that guy. He is too bulky for my taste, and his being a 25 year old virgin suggests that he believes in fairy tales more than nature. Not my thing at all.

    • marie says:

      Actually Tebow did cry on national tv after losing to Alabama, it was pretty pathetic.. He’s not a horrible player, he’d actually do pretty well if he change positions to tight-end.. sorry, I’m a huge football nerd..

  54. e.non says:

    and he’ll remain a virgin — he’s too in love with himself to share…

  55. Me Too says:

    After reading the majority of comments on this article, I have to say, you all (most of you anyway!) have given me hope. I only hope that all of you in the US vote in this year’s presidential election. Vote for candidates who will not continue the onslaught against women’s choice–every state in this country who elected Republicans to their state legislatures and as their governors have tried to make Planned Parenthood illegal and have created laws making it impossible for women to make their own choices about their bodies. In Virginia, if you want to have an abortion you have to pay for an ultrasound yourself–and, had there not been an uproar, you were going to have to endure and intrauterine ultrasound.

    So heads up ladies. Voting might not be sexy but it matters. And not just the presidency. Choose wisely this year if you care about keeping control over your own body.

    • Chatcat says:

      “In Virginia, if you want to have an abortion you have to pay for an ultrasound yourself” What is wrong with paying for it yourself? I don’t understand your point. I am pro choice, and as a woman I want to make choices about my body, but I don’t expect anybody else to pay for those choices. Why would I expect my next door neighbor or the lady down the road to pay for my ultra sound and abortion if that is what I choose to do? What did they have to do with my choices?

      • e.non says:

        because it’s an unnecessary medical procedure forced on women by the state. let the taxpayers pick up the tab. they elected these sexually repressed, misogynistic a..holes.

      • Chatcat says:

        Well e.non…who is paying for the abortion? Is that the person or the taxpayer? If your gonna play then you gotta pay is my motto, I don’t expect you or anybody else to pay for my choice with with my body. Again, I am pro choice but don’t expect anybody but me and mine to foot the bill.

      • Me Too says:

        The reason it’s a problem is that women who want to have an abortion either for their own personal reasons or for medical reasons ARE BEING FORCED TO HAVE AN UNNECESSARY ULTRASOUND. The ultrasound was forced on them by the state gov’t in Virginia. This is not a case of a woman wanting an ultrasound and then not wanting to pay for it. She’s being forced, by law, to have an ultrasound for no medical reason. And, at first, it was going to be an intrauterine ultrasound. And, she was going to be forced into seeing the ultrasound. Excuse me, but that sounds like something they’d do in China. Not i America. If you have no problem with that, you’re not Pro Choice. And this is happening all over the US in differing forms. If you don’t want to have an abortion. Don’t. But don’t tell someone else what they can do with their bodies. And, if you really don’t want women to have abortions, don’t try to make birth control illegal and don’t close down Planned Parenthood clinics all over the country when that’s where most poor women get birth control and where they get regular medical care. That’s why I think making someone pay for an ultrasound is wrong!

      • Zanne says:

        What this sounds like to me – Both Chatcat and Me Too is that the thought of having to see the ultrasound bothers you more than having to pay for it. You don’t want to pay for it because you don’t want the procedure, you don’t want the procedure because you’d be forced into seeing the life you are about to take. You would see, hands, head, heartbeat and realize you were killing a person. I am pro-life, but I agree with the ultrasound because if a woman is going to have an abortion there are plenty of health risks and the ultrasound assessment helps make sure the mother can survive the actual abortion procedure. If seeing the baby on the screen makes the mother change her mind and find an alternative (like adoption) then even better.

    • sarah says:

      Seriously? the economy is going in the crapper, unemployment is going higher, we are going to be insolvent on Medicare, Medicaid, welfare and the only thing you care about is the right to continue to kill babies? Interesting.

      • lapet says:

        Sarah, if you are going to make a comment, at least be truthfull. Unemployment is going down, not up (as well as the economy). As far as Tebow goes, any hot blooded American man that is twenty five and still a virgin definitely has some issues. Sorry, but even the biggest hetero bible thumpers popped thier cherries way before that age. Either this guy is Asexual or gay.

      • Alexis says:

        It’s not just abortion. Reasonable minds can differ on that. Leading Republicans want to take away birth control and a couple’s right to choose in vitro fertilization. If you care about a family’s right to privacy or women’s rights at all, you’re playing with fire with the Republican party as it currently is. They don’t have boundaries.

        And the Romney ticket doesn’t have a credible plan for cutting debt or getting jobs or saving Medicare. The numbers don’t add up. All their plans are guaranteed to do is redistribute wealth to the wealthiest.

  56. Carolyn says:

    Other ladies can have my place. Not my type of man. I don’t care about him either.

  57. ZenB!tch says:

    He looks kind of femme in that photo… and I don’t need to see virgins trying to sex it up. It’s weird. Still not as bad as Lolo Jones.

  58. anon33 says:

    God, all I could think of when looking at the photo on the main page was “gee, that smoke behind him looks like he let out a giant smoky fart.”


  59. Agnes says:

    no, no way. not to mention i don’t agree with his “politics”. so, no way in hell on every level.

  60. erika says:

    If I’ve never met you in my life before?

    than I DON’T need to know the status of your virginity.

    It’s wierd/annoying that TT professes his devotion to purity until marriage. Is that not personal/confidential? IDC how ‘famous’ you are, I personally would not want to reveal to the WORLD whether or not I’ve had a man’s penis inside my vagina. Sorry, TMI. But that’s what it comes down to. Nature.

    Q: “Tim Tebow, have you or have you not, placed your erect penis into the vagina of another willing, legal, heterosexual, woman? Please answer. Thank you.”

  61. Boxy Lady says:

    I can’t stand the whole “Tebowing” craze. But in the interviews I’ve seen of him, he seems rather bemused by the whole thing. And from I can tell, he’s not chasing people down and preaching to them; he’s preaching to people who either already share his values or make themselves available to it.
    As for the virginity thing, I think a reporter asked him when he was in college if his strong Christian beliefs meant that he was a virgin. He answered yes and that he wanted to wait for marriage. Watching his later interviews where it is clear that he doesn’t want to talk about his sex life (or lack thereof) leads me to believe that he honestly did not realize how big of a deal that Q & A would become in the media.
    As for the pro- life stance, I am going to give him a pass (no pun intended) because of his specific story: his mother was advised by doctors to abort him because she had a tumor that they wanted to remove and she refused. He said that growing up his older siblings called him “Timmy the Tumor.”
    So there’s my 2 cents. Full disclosure: I am pro choice, a non practicing Catholic and a Jets fan. And yes, I would hit that. I like big beefy muscular guys with chest hair!

  62. Jill says:

    Tim Tebow’s voice is too high for me. Turns me off.

  63. lulu says:

    No def. Not hit it, but the cover is pretty good lots of photoshop maybe? in the inside pic is a turn off

  64. Fjohns says:

    Tim Tebow is a self-centered, grandstanding d-bag. Full of himself and so ugly on the inside that it oozes from his pores. I’d rather get it cut off than let that loser near it.

    Would I hit that? Yes. With my car.

  65. Julie Jones says:

    Tim looks good plays hard and works hard. Wish we had more players like him. Nothing wrong with Tim. Something wrong with all the jealous players who don’t get all the attention he generates.

  66. Zanne says:

    I love football. I watch both college and pro. Rarely have I ever found a player attractive because I just do not pay that much attention. I think maybe a young Favre may have done it for me years ago. I liked Tebow when he played for Denver. I thought he did good last season, considering and I was thoroughly shocked when they let him go. But to this point I couldn’t tell you anything else about him and I would not have been able to pick him out in a crowd. But when i saw this picture on a news report – I gasped! I think he is just beautiful. I can’t get the image out of my head and I am 10 years older and far more experienced.

  67. Jordan says:

    I wouldn’t hit it with a professional athlete, period. But Cam is cuter.

  68. tom says:

    Those pits look tasty!