Anderson Cooper was on a yacht with his boyfriend when the cheating photos came out

Yesterday we saw photos of Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend making out with another guy. There was no mistaking what was going on, and it wasn’t a too-friendly moment between friends taken out of context. The photos were so close up and explicit that they were compared to the pictures of Kristen Stewart grinding on her director. Some people even thought that they were staged.

I wrote that I was hoping Anderson and his boyfriend had quietly broken up and we just didn’t know about it because he’s so secretive with his private life. According to Life & Style, not so much. Their sources claim that Anderson and his live-in longterm boyfriend, Ben Maisani, were on vacation on a yacht off the coast of Croatia when Anderson found out. What’s more is that they don’t have an open relationship, and apparently that was the first Anderson was hearing about his boyfriend stepping out on him. Cold! Here’s more:

“Anderson was with Ben in Croatia when he was told about the photos,” a source tells Life & Style. “They were on a yacht. They flew to Croatia on Aug. 11, one day after the photos were taken. Anderson’s upset — who wouldn’t be?”

Anderson, 45, and Ben, 39, who have been together for more than three years, do not have an open relationship, a source close to Ben insists, so the betrayal has hit Anderson hard.

Last month, Anderson, 45, publicly admitted he was gay and happier than ever.

[From Life & Style]

Well I hope Anderson dumps that douche and finds someone worthy. What kind of excuses can you give for getting so thoroughly busted cheating like that? “It was just a one-time thing?,” “We only kissed,” or “It wasn’t serious?” Plus, they were stuck on vacation together! I guess with their kind of money one of them could have changed plans and left on their own afterwards, but I’m envisioning a miserable few days left on vacation after finding out that a partner is cheating on you. It actually happened to a friend of mine, who was on vacation with her girlfriend on a cruise. I’m not kidding! Her girlfriend broke the news to her on the cruise that she’d found someone else, and then proceeded to spend hundreds of dollars calling the other woman. They were stuck in the same room together and it was awful. (I try not to tell stories about my friends, or at least be vague enough that they can’t figure out who I’m talking about, but that was over 10 years ago and I’m pretty sure she won’t mind me gossiping about it.) What a crappy thing for Anderson to have to deal with right after he came out.

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  1. SallyBee says:

    Men are such pigs.

    • Julie says:

      the bitterness. the sexism.

    • Katren says:

      Yep! Every man on earth is a lying, cheating scumbag. How lucky that we can judge an entire gender based on the actions of a few, it really saves us from wasting time on any of them!!!

      • Erinn says:


        I hate when women automatically jump on the ‘men are dogs’ ‘men are pigs’ ‘all men are heartless’ bandwagon of thinking. It’s disgusting, especially because they’d GUARANTEED jump on a man for saying anything against women.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Come on ladies, lol! This is a common commiseration when the guy in a friend’s life screws up. “Ugh, he cheated on you?! Men are such pigs, girlfriend!!” You have never said this?

        I am reasonably sure she wasn’t actually passing judgement on an entire gender. Maybe the more correct comment would have been: “Certain men can act really badly, sometimes resembling a certain type of swine. Specifically, domesticated swine. Not to say that women aren’t capable of the same type of behavior, but some men sometimes do. And by the way, this guy Ben, boyfriend of Anderson Cooper, is definitely, in my opinion, a domesticated type of swine.”

        Is that better? ;)

      • PrincessMe says:

        LOL, Shannon, that cracked me up to no end. Thank you for the laugh and I agree with your assessment.

        Tee hee

      • Anne says:

        Hey Erinn, ever heard of sarcasm?

      • Rachel says:

        Oh please. Girls can be pretty awful too. My friend flies home every summer and sleeps with her hometown friend and never tells her husband about it. She’s been whining about getting married and having kids for years and everyone thinks she is an absolute angel.

      • Catlady says:

        Haha this reminds me of a joke:

        A man is driving up a steep, narrow mountain road. A woman is driving down the same road. As they pass each other, the woman leans out of the window and yells “PIG!”

        The man immediately leans out of his window and replies, “BITCH!”

        They each continue on their way, and as the man rounds the next corner, he crashes into a pig in the middle of the road and dies.

        If only men would listen.

    • Mia 4S says:



      - signed Kristen Stewart

      • Beth says:

        BAHAHA I was thinking the same thing. SallyBee hasn’t been reading the same news the rest of us have for two weeks.

    • Rin says:

      According to Dan Savage gay men don’t care about infidelity and that is is a useless religious taboo.

      • olcranky says:

        Savage may not care about it but every gay man I know would care if he were in a committed relationship (unless they had specifically agreed to an open relationship). It seems as though Savage is playing into the old moral majority’s claims that gay men are just about sexual hedonism and don’t care about committed relationships.

        Just because Savage thinks a desire for monogamy and commitment in a relationship is due to religious taboo, doesn’t make it so.

      • Andria says:

        Nonsense. Savage says (correctly) that gay in men *in general* care less about monogamy. He’s also married (in Canada, “partnered” in America) and is raising a child with his husband. To call him anti-commitment is ridiculous.

      • olcranky says:

        So it’s true because Savage says it’s true? A desire for monogamy is not based on religious taboo, if that were the case wouldn’t people who reject religion also reject that taboo? People (gay and straight) who want to be (and think they are) in a mutually exclusive monogamous relationship are hurt when their partner strays. I’d like to see Savage’s data to support his assertion that gay men in general don’t really care about monogamy – has he cited some sort of scientific poll to back that assertion up? In other words, I reiterate my previous reference to the moral majority’s claims about gays (funny how back in the 80s they were saying gay men are all hedonists and reject monogamy and now Dan Savage is pretty much saying something similar)

      • WillyNilly says:

        @ Rin, I am ahuge fan of Savage, but even *I* know he doesn’t speak for ALL gay men out there. He is just one person who happens to write for a paper on sexuality…and has podcasts…and a couple of books. But STILL, he only speaks for himself.

    • Anguishedcorn says:

      I read this as not only sarcasm, but hilariously (intentionally) ironic because it’s usually directed toward hetero men.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      IMHO: most men are pigs BUT when a woman is a sow she does it so much better (or worse) – yes I mean YOU Trampire. At least Ben and Anderson don’t have kids. I hope the other guy doesn’t.

    • Ac/DC says:

      So true unfortunately.

  2. WaywardGirl says:

    This may actually be true, because Anderson did tweet that he was going on vacation. Sadness….

    • Kim says:

      He usually sends a tweet or twitpic when he is on vacation.Since AC came out there has been more gossip, tabloid BS Labor Day marriage rumors.I wonder if the scrutiny and pressure spooked Ben into sabatoging the relationship. Not an excuse of course

  3. dorothy says:

    Bet that was an awkward vacation.

    • smith says:

      I’m sorry this all seems very calculated. Did his bf WANT to hurt him publically as well as cheat on him? He could have carried on cheating without anyone knowing – it’s just so Lohan the way he outed himself (no pun)on camera and on cue.

      Something else is going on here. Maybe he was mad at Anderson for keeping things on the DL for so long? Like before he came out who would have even known about this guy much less follow him around with a camera (except us in NY who have seen them together for ages).

      The cheating is bad enough, the way he chose to let him know is awful. No one deserves that.

      • Veruca says:

        Maybe the Fox has been in denial, & someone’s trying to make the point?

        Hey, has anyone’s been to Maisani’s website?


      • ZenB!tch says:

        Which is why I’m comparing Ben to the Trampire. The Trampire knows how often she is papped and Ben knew he was now fair game for the paps.

    • deehunny says:

      Yes, very. I knew someone when I was in undergrad where that happened, too. He took his girlfriend on vacation and a bunch of *their* friends went too. He actually walked in on her having sex with his best friend. Apparently it had been going on for months. Worse, she ended up giving him herpes (from the best friend part is still unknown). We were very young at the time (18-20) and it messed him up as you can imagine.

  4. NYC_girl says:

    I went to 2 tapings of his show and at one point he was standing right next to me in the audience. He was so stunningly handsome I couldn’t stand it. He was wearing a blue sweater and his eyes were so amazing, I wanted to throw myself at his feet and beg him to love me.

    • Rice says:

      Before I heard he was gay, I thought he and Isha (?) Sesay would have made a great couple. Alas, that will never be.

    • WaywardGirl says:

      I’ve been to his show, too. He’s just so gorgeous and silver! He radiates!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ NYC Girl-
        You were that close and you didn’t try to touch him?!?! Alas, you are a better woman than I…..

      • NYC_girl says:

        I really REALLY wanted to touch him – he was so beautiful. Or at least smell him. Ha!

    • Kim says:

      I just read the show is going to be live this season.Hope this scandal will be over in a month b4 premiere

    • Eileen says:

      OMG I am SOOOO jelly of u beyatches! I wouldn’t have been able to contain myself!!

  5. Blue says:

    :( that sucks.

  6. Rice says:

    It doesn’t matter the gender. There are cheaters everywhere. From slutty Kristen to slutty Ben. I am as repulsed by Stewart as I am by this no-name.

    • ORLY says:

      Hey Rice!

      Anderson should know that you never trust a man wearing cut-off jorts. ;)

    • Anna says:

      +1, I hope the silver fox kick off Ben’s ass and find another man. Oh, god! Poor Anderson, maybe he, Rob, Liberty and Vanessa need to reunite and create a group and having fun.

  7. Eleonor says:

    The summer of cheating.

  8. Lily says:

    I hope they are not far away from shore. I don’t want to any “Dead Calm” mess.

  9. Ranunculus says:

    Sad story – poor Anderson!

  10. Rux says:

    I am so heartbroken for him. I think it’s time for Michael K to step in to Anderson’s life. That would be epic.

  11. Julie says:

    being in a closed space like a yacht makes it even worse, even an open space can feel very narrow when you just want to get away, dont want to know how it feels there.
    what does his bf do? does anderson pay the bills?

    at least his boyfriend showered before cheating, take note kristen.

    • Toot says:

      I think Ben owns a club or clubs.

      Anyway, I feel bad for Anderson.

    • Liza Jane says:

      Apparently Andy Cohen is on board that boat as he and Anderson both tweeted the self same sunset view about 1 min apart ( maybe last night, not sure) and tweeters picked up on it!!! Rather Weird dontcha think??

  12. Genevieve says:

    OMFG…Poor, poor Anderson.

    There is NOTHING as awful as being cheated upon. I really hope that in this case, the tabs just let this go. Anderson has always been an intensely private man. His breeding and natural instincts will keep from handling this poorly in public. I hope the media will do the same.

    My heart simply BLEEDS for him. :(

    • Chatcat says:

      Gen…I feel sorry for Andy as well. I think he should have a round table with him, Rob, Liberty, Vanessa and Jenny Garth and do a complete and utter bitch fest on being betrayed! 1 hour of commercial free, no holds barred, have at it against the cheaters! Now that would be must see TV!

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @chat, that would be amazing. For some reason Jenny pulls at my heart strings most. She’s now raising those three little girls alone and she seems to be much more vulnerable than Vanessa and Liberty. Anderson and Rob can make a clean break because there are no kids involved, so there’s no reason for them to have contact (after any joint property is divided).

    • ZenB!tch says:

      There is something worse than being cheated on… being cheated on in public for all the world to see. I feel horrible for him. His BF is the new Kristen Stewart. He is the new Liberty.

      I’m not comparing Andy to Rob because I don’t think that was a real or at least serious relationship. She was 22. I am not comparing Ben to Rupert because Ben is the one who was being papped like the Trampire. The other guy is Rupert. The no name pig.

  13. the original bellaluna says:

    Oh, this makes me sad. What a shitty thing to deal with, after taking such great care with his privacy and coming out with such dignity and honesty. And his own SO couldn’t do the same?

    WTF is going on with people this summer? Is the heat melting their brain cells?

    • NYC_girl says:

      I can only speak for my city, but I think the heat is making people insane. Over the weekend a crazy guy was running through Times Square swinging a huge chef’s knife and the police shot him.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I don’t know how hot it’s been in your city, but where I live, we’ve seen highs of 105+ for a week now (with no end in sight this week); the humidity is hovering around 50 percent; and the county is literally on fire.

        (Maybe I’m missing out on the “outdoor crazy” because of the weather and the poor air quality? That guy didn’t hurt anyone else, did he?)

      • NYC_girl says:

        It’s been in the upper 80s for weeks, but the humidity is high, and the air quality is awful and there are days when the sidewalks really start to stink. I’ve been staying inside. The guy didn’t hurt anyone – the police trailed him for several blocks and tried to get him to drop the knife, but he wouldn’t listen. What amazed me was that people were following the cops, taking pictures and videos. I would have been running in the opposite direction! There have been so many instances of gun violence over the past few months, young kids being shot in drive-bys … very scary.

    • T.C. says:

      That’s the really sad part. Just after Anderson comes out this beetch makes him look like a fool. Poor guy.

    • Genevieve says:

      @ chatchat…I don’t know when “Cheater Fever” caught on, but it seems particularly virulent in Hollywood this summer.

      @ O Bella… Maybe it IS the heat. But I have always believed cheaters were born, not made, with the exception of a few stupid people. But strangely enough, it’s topped 111 here in Texas, and I haven’t felt the urge to rip off my panties, throw down an attractive male friend and proceed to cheat on my hubby. EVEN when I’m so p*ssed at him I cannot be in the same room with him.

      I’m pretty sure you haven’t done that, either ;)

      • Chatcat says:

        “I haven’t felt the urge to rip off my panties, throw down an attractive male friend and proceed to cheat on my hubby. EVEN when I’m so p*ssed at him I cannot be in the same room with him.”
        OMG how effin’ true is that statement. In this heat all summer, I haven’t gone into heat at all! Not even with an attractive male stranger! But I was trying to watch Colin Farrell in Ondine last night…the movie sucked but he had his long hair and was able to use the full Irish lilt and there was a scene or two of him being shirtless….ahhh. Hubby started to snore and I almost snapped and played whack-a-mole with the remote and his head! And yet, I remained in control. It can be done.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Gen – Yeah, I’ve not done that either. YET. ;) But if this heat doesn’t let up soon, I just might! (No, I really won’t.)

        I’m a firm believer that extreme temperatures (heat or cold) tend to make people a little nuts. Just like full moons.

        You can’t escape a full moon, but I prefer the cold to melting. It’s much easier to get warm than to try to stay cool. I’m relatively certain most of my neighbours wouldn’t like it if I was naked in Toddles’ pool with a cooler full of icy beverages and a fan. (Although there is no accounting for some of them and their…proclivities.)

        ETA: Chat, I feel you on the snoring thing. Hubs has had a summer cold, and I have been REALLY TRYING not to suffocate him with a pillow. And if he’s not snoring, he’s grinding his teeth. FML right now. :)

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Chat-I once dumped a guy because he snored :(
        I know that sounds shallow but this dude sounded like a fire-breathing dragon and it was NOT intermittent snoring either, it was FULL-ON, consistent through the night. He tried those nose strip-things but I finally had to stick a fork in it.

        @ OBells-I live in a city and I completely agree with you that the freaks come out of the woodwork in the summertime. People act much much crazier when the mercury rises.
        As far as city smells go, nothing is worse than 100 degrees and oppresively humid. Smells like piss/ammonia, garbage, rotting corpses, mold/mustiness, and body odor everywhere. So gross. There are summer days when I just CRAVE being anywhere but the city.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        OKitt – The heat DEF makes people nuts. We live by the largest natural lake in Cali, which grows algae every late spring/early summer. When it starts dying off (like early Aug), it smells like roadkill. Added to the heat and humidity, I DREAD going outside, even from the house to the car or trash can. It’s AWFUL.

        ps – Mort & OTiff have found me on FB; they can give you my info if you want.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Definitely, Bella! Do you want to give me initials and I can find you? Or you can just check who they just became friends with and send me a request…?

      • the original bellaluna says:

        OKitt, my initials are LE. (The “largest natural lake in CA” is also a hint.) ;)

      • Genevieve says:

        OMFG…you ladies are ABSOLUTELY KILLING ME here!!

        I’m going on week two of bed rest after surgery, but I think y’all have thrown me into remission. I LITERALLY just felt a stitch blow, rofl!

        The whole litany…smelly sidewalks, snoring husbands, stinking algae-laden lakes, the supernova burning HELL that is this summer….your last few posts have totally set me off. I’m laughing like a hyena-or Tom Cruise, depending on your viewpoint- I even woke up my aged Corgi, slumbering under a chair in the bedroom.


        Thanks, girls…I guess I REALLY needed that, LOL! :p

  14. Jacq says:

    It seems even more hurtful because of the fact that Anderson had waited so long to reveal that aspect of his personal life & probably believed that they were solid by going public. It makes me wonder if he wishes he had waited a little longer – like he would have been in a different relationship with someone better down the road. But, seriously, who cheats on Anderson Cooper?! And that giggle?! JERK!

    • Rumorhasit says:

      Anderson’s own mom was pushing for them to adopt togather (cringing), thankfully this happened before they could.

      I hope Anderson can derive some comfort after coming out, that he has so much overwhelming support, and care from his fans, who are undoubtably, staunchly in his corner. Maybe that can take some of the sting out of this betrayal.

      Wouldn’t that roundtable show with Liberty Ross, Rob Pattinson, and he be the best episode ever?

    • mayamae says:

      I agree Jacq. Since privately it’s been known he’s gay for a long time, this is probably exactly what he tried to avoid by being so private.

      Way to deter other celebrities from coming out. Who wants the added heat?

  15. Riana says:

    That sucks so much.

    …argh. Why???

    I can semi understand two young adults (one very stupid) like Kristen and Rob. But why???

    I would LOVE to have someone come out in a magazine and declare their love for me and how I’m a fundamental part of their life. Add someone as handsome and intelligent as Anderson and I’m hooked for life.

    Some people are so freaking ungrateful. Anderson would have gotten a pass if he dumped he douche overboard.

  16. Katie Too says:

    I know it’s a bit stereotypical, but it seems that a majority of male couples I know, even if they’re very committed and loving, have an understanding about other men. Anecdotal at best, but I hope the ‘source’ is wrong about the openness of their relationship. After the hard part-coming out-it’s likely my friends are just more open to exposing details of their relationship terms. Open relationships happen all the time with committed heteros too, but IME, they’re less likely to be open about it.

  17. Stacie says:

    I’m so sad for Anderson . He is far to good for this jerk !

  18. Isa says:

    If I was your friend that girl would’ve been overboard. Lol!

  19. Talie says:

    This is Andy Cohen’s moment…

    • Liza Jane says:

      Seemingly Andy Cohen IS on the boat too.he tweeted the self same sunset view as Anderson, 1 minute apart…smart tweeters saw the pics…what is going on????

  20. TheOriginalKitten says:

    This is the excuse I’ve been waiting for to hold him and make him feel better.

    Plus, I won’t seem predatory/transparent like Swifty because I’m not his *type*. Win!

    • EscapedConvent says:

      Me too. I want to comfort him. I have ice cream. But I’m worried that Kathy Griffin will swoop in with the same idea & I think that harpy could kick my ass.

  21. really says:

    He should wear a bike helmet. It would be a real shame if anything were to happen to that head.

  22. GrandPoobah says:

    But for why?

    What is with the public celebrity cheating? They seem to want to get caught. Talk about a cowardly way to break up with someone.

  23. bagladey says:

    I luv Anderson and I feel sad and bad for him.

  24. Lady Lupton says:

    How awful, being cheated on and finding out on a boat. And after coming out. I hope he doesn’t regret that last bit because coming out the way he did was cool.

    What is wrong with people like Kstew and Ben?!

  25. garvels says:

    I agree, Anderson needs to dump the douche. He is a nice guy and he deserves better.

  26. tru tru says:

    its always seemed to me in pics that Anderson was more into him than he into him.

    he owns a gay club for heaven’s sake, that is the equivalent to a straight man owning a club w/a bunch of fleshy young things around 24/7–I would not give him the time of day…

    Anderson can do sooo much better and I’m sure he will.

  27. Jennifer12 says:

    God, I hate cheaters. What is wrong with people? Poor Anderson; trapped on what was supposed to be a romantic vacation with the guy who stabbed him in the back.

  28. eska says:

    Hey Anderson, you want to talk about this over Ben & Jerry ice cream?

  29. Lem says:


  30. J says:

    It’s seriously entirely possible that they have an open relationship or are monogamish. We don’t know everything. Not to stereotype but a LOT of gay male couples I know are okay with keeping things polyamorous.

    • judyjudy says:

      Maybe it was an old boyfriend and they were reunited for an afternoon and shared a kiss. It happens. I don’t know why everything has to be interpreted as malicious deal-breakers.

  31. Maritza says:

    I bet they had a threesome.

  32. judyjudy says:

    I hate the trend of publishing cheating pictures. As if the act weren’t hurtful enough, the broken hearted are further humiliated by having the pictures broadcast to the whole world. So sad and wrong.

  33. Nev says:


    if he did indeed cheat…awful.

    don’t cheat guys.

  34. lucy2 says:

    How awful, and to find out while stuck on a boat with the person!

  35. lower-case deb says:

    to find out about this sordid thing on the yacht? to be in such a small space with that person?
    since we haven’t heard any bad news befalling whatshisname, Anderson Cooper must be a bigger person than me, cuz I’d totally push that cheater ass into the sea and leave him for the fishes.

  36. janet says:

    With gay men I can imagine there would be more cheating than if a guy were with a woman. I mean, come on, men are such pigs .

  37. Tansey says:

    Poor Anderson :( I can’t imagine what it feels like to be cheated on, but I’m sure it’s sick and heartbreaking. Anderson is a really good looking guy and seems like a real sweetheart, so if he decides to end this relationship, I’m sure he’ll have no problem finding someone who deserves him and won’t hurt him.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Tansey – It feels like shit. It feels like “Why wasn’t I enough?” and “What didn’t I do for you?” and “Why couldn’t you have just told me how you felt, instead of doing this to me?” and “How could you betray me like that?” and “Holy f*ck, please tell me you didn’t touch me in that way after you touched him/her that way” and, of course, “WTF do I do now? I don’t think I can get past this, and I’m not sure I want to.”

      And then, you get to the “Well, I hope he/she was worth it, f*cker” stage. Which is, imo, the healthiest stage.

  38. Reece says:

    Aww I was hoping that wasn’t true. Poor Silver Fox. Dump his ass!

    WTF is going on this summer?

  39. Janet says:

    He should have tossed the SOB overboard without a life jacket.

  40. Jess says:

    I hate cheaters. This reminded me of someone I used to know who went to the Bahamas with her then husband for their wedding anniversary and on their second day there, he proceeded to tell her that he found someone else, demanded a divorce and that he bought her a return ticket back to the US.
    He thought it would be less of a blow if he told her in a very nice location. What a pig.

  41. Janet says:

    Okay I’m going to throw a question out here: Are men in general, gay and/or straight, less committed to monogamy than women?

    I strongly believe so. I’ve read articles discussing sex outside of marriage which said a lot of men would go for an open marriage in a New York minute, but they don’t do it because they know their wives wouldn’t stand for it.

    • Christine says:

      There’s all types of theories on the subject.
      I do believe men, regardless of sexual orientation, in general, are more likely to cheat than women. Men are wired much differently ie- spreading of seed, propagation of species.

    • anon33 says:

      I’m sure this “research” conveniently left out how these men that they are speaking of most likely wold not want their WIVES to be banging other men…they just want to bang other women! First problem.

      Second problem, I am legitimately sad for all of you who have commented that you haven’t had positive experiences with men :( . I am friends with mostly guys, and I guess they tend more toward the “nerdy/independent” side of life, but ALL of them want committed monogamous relationships, most are in them, and none have cheated. In fact, now that I am thinking about this, my girlfriends have ALL cheated at some point in one relationship or another, and NONE of my guy friends have.

      My husband used to proudly discuss how he didn’t want to lose his virginity to someone he didn’t love, and yes, the more douchey end of the spectrum guys made fun of him. But in my experience, only certain types of men are consistently piggish…it’s not all of them ladies! I promise.

      ETA-I have, of course, had my own experiences with pigs and assholes. My ex was both, cheated, abused, etc. I guess I am lucky that I met a great group of people that changed my mind about men, because I used to feel the same way that you all do.

  42. Helvetica says:


    Dump that fool. There are plenty of men that would treat you way better.

  43. mia girl says:

    Maybe Jon Stewart has a pint of Ben and Jerry’s for Anderson too. I wish I could sooth Anderson in special ways, but since I’m not his flavor of choice (tear, tear), I’ll just hand him a spoon and say “kick him to the curb”!

  44. Bina says:

    Anderson and Andy Cohen are actually on vacation together right now in Croatia. Check their instagram accounts! I’m sure their just friends, but interesting nonetheless.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      Now that you mention it, Andy has seemed more giddy than usual lately on WWHL.

  45. Kim says:

    Some Gay sites are claiming Anderson and Ben are no longer boyfriends.They maintained their friendship.They are on vacation as friends with a few friends.Who knows.I was suspicious of Lies & Style having exclusive info.I hope they had already broken up

  46. mooshi says:

    Oddly enough, this is one of those stories I just dont want to comment on.

    I feel like its an insanely private issue. I hope the best for both of them.

    (yes I am actually going to shut my fat yap on this one)

  47. Agnes says:

    sads. poor anderson. he needs to ship this guy off back home and stay on the yacht for the rest of the vacation alone.

  48. Kiyoshigirl says:

    The BF seems like a player and this probably isn’t his first dalliance with cheating. Look, managing a popular gay bar with a plethora of attractive men cruising for action has got to be one hell of a temptation. I don’t feel one bit bad for the guy because he got caught. Obviously he and Cooper
    talked about Cooper coming out and that fact that it would put a spotlight on their relationship. He had to know what he was risking. Lousy louse.

  49. EscapedConvent says:

    This is all kinds of !@#$-ed up. What exquisite timing this Ben guy has. He’s with Anderson for three years, is living with him; Anderson comes out & adds that he couldn’t be happier. Things should be lovely for them. Instead, Ben takes this opportunity to be seen publicly with someone else, embarrassing & heartbreaking Andy. And then it hits when they’re on vacation! I’ve been in a similar situation (the vacation part) & I remember it as a nightmare.

    Whatever else it says about Ben, it says he shows no respect for his partner. And what’s all this public skullduggery lately? Doesn’t anyone stay in the house anymore?

  50. bgirl says:


  51. efwcheryl says:

    All I know is that AC is so very handsome, intelligent and big-hearted that this seems like such a wretched way for his partner to have treated him and my heart goes out to him. No one should have to go through such a thing publicly. It makes my heart hurt for him.

  52. Mandy says:

    First Sparkles, then poor Andy Coop. They both deserve much better!!!