Ryan Lochte scores a gig on ‘90210’, wants to be on DWTS & ‘The Bachelor’

Here are some new photos of Ryan Lochte arriving in Los Angeles, where I expect him to take Hollywood by storm! That seems to be his new goal – I guess he’s not interested in going to Rio in 2016, which is fine by me. Ryan is determined to go all “Hollywood” now, as he spent his last week in London doing interviews and shilling for work on reality shows. You know what? I have to give him props for one thing – he knows his limits. Some would argue that he knows his own intellectual limitations too. I like that Lochte didn’t come out and claim “I want to be in movies with Denzel, JEAH!” His aim is just to be on The Bachelor, or Dancing With the Stars. Or both. Well, his first gig is going to be on 90210… he will be playing himself.

Here’s some news that’ll make you say “jeah”! Ryan Lochte, Olympic gold medalist and Internet sensation, is set to make his acting debut with a guest-starring role on the CW’s 90210, CBS Television Studios confirms. Looks like that move to L.A. is already paying off! So who is the swimmer playing? Himself!

Playing himself, the aquatic superstar will turn up as a guest at a resort where the recently-reunited Naomi and Max are staying in an attempt to strengthen their relationship.

Yes, Lochte will cross paths with recently reunited couple Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) and Max (Josh Zuckerman) at a resort, where they are attempting to strengthen their relationship. Maybe Lochte could offer up some pointers?

“When we found out Ryan Lochte was going to be in town and might appear on 90210, we felt like we’d won a gold medal! Team USA are all-stars in our book, and we’re so excited he’s making an appearance on the show,” executive producers Patti Carr and Lara Olsen said in a statement. “We only wish the episode was a surf event so we could have gotten him in the water, but he deserves a little rest on dry land.”

Lochte’s episode is set to air on Oct. 29, while the show’s fifth season premieres Monday, Oct. 8. TVLine first reported the news of Lochte’s casting.

The 28-year-old recently expressed his interest in TV…reality TV, that is. “I’m definitely looking towards Dancing With the Stars and The Bachelor, so we’ll see what happens,” Lochte said during his appearance on Today.

While 90210 is Lochte’s first role on the small screen, he recently poked fun at himself in a Funny or Die video with Simon Pegg and Sir Patrick Stewart.

[From E! News]

I don’t hate this. If he ends up on both Dancing with the Stars AND The Bachelor, I wouldn’t hate that either. I actually think he might be aiming a bit too low, right? He has lots of medals, he’s already making lots of money from endorsements and commercial work, he could actually afford to be choosier with his “JEAH” brand. Still… this is Lochte. I doubt he’s really thinking that hard about any of it. JEAH!!!

By the way, Ryan already has the “Hollywood d-bag” costume down, doesn’t he? I swear, Ashton Kutcher will be wearing this whole look next week.

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  1. texbrook says:


  2. LB says:

    This season of the Bachelorette dragged me back in (I loved Emily and Jef! And her adorable daughter Ricki!) so I am game for future seasons of viewing pleasure. But with Lochte in the main role, it would become appointment television. I think his inability to speak coherently would make it amusing at the very least.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      I think they should get a bunch of gorgeous girls on there (typical), but have them be the very intelligent-CEO types…then they will prob all reject his dumb d-bagness. Is that mean? Hey, it would make for great TV!

  3. GoodCapon says:

    Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no…

  4. Kolby says:

    Dear lord. Just stop, Ryan. For the love of all that’s even remotely holy.

  5. ZigZagZoey says:

    Because obviously he really REALLY wants people to know just exactly how dumb he really is.
    Has he not read anything about himself online?
    Does he realize that people think he is a dim~witted douchebag?

    • Liv says:

      That’s what I thought! Is he not reading stuff online? His image went from top to flop…

      • jaye says:

        I saw a clip of his Today interview and he is the epitome of the dumb jock characterization. Totally ruined his sexy for me.

  6. Naye in VA says:

    It takes a certain kind of man to wear a NY fitted w/o looking like a douche…and he isnt one of them.

    (sexy just slammed the door on the way out)

  7. hoya_chick says:


  8. Reece says:

    SMH Not. Good.

  9. Azurea says:

    What a shallow dope. Maybe he can get together with Bristol Palin.

  10. Feebee says:

    Well he rates himself. He forgot about Bachelor Pad after his Bachelor relationship goes south. Love how he tells NBC he wants to be on 2 ABC shows.

    • stinky says:

      dip-tastic! he’s got ‘the Bachelor’ written all over him, does he not? well then he deserves to be tormented by dem hos. wow.

  11. Birdie says:

    I find it fascinating that you can be an Olympic swimmer in America and then the next natural step is a reality show? How odd. Why can’t he stay a swimmer? That would be a ridiculous transformation in Germany.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Right..or be a coach/trainer/motivational speaker…any career path would be more respectable than DWTS..hey wait, arent they making a Magic Mike 2? Now there we go..

      • jaye says:

        He can’t even string simple sentences together, can you imagine what a motivational speech from him would sound like? :::shudder:::

    • Liv says:

      Magic Mike 2? 😉 What a great idea.

      I agree with both of you…he should just be quiet and do some commercials. He could write a book…or better let it write 😉

  12. Diva says:

    That’s the Hollywood d bag look? I’m not in Hollywood but I must be surrounded by dbags c/ that’s how a lot of guys I know dress.

  13. Lizzie says:

    He is so talented in the pool that his douchyness was hidden away from me. Now that he’s not near a pool and talking with his idiot mouth my lady boner for him is gone. It was a fun two weeks Ryan….jeah :'(

  14. Lina says:

    I think those clothes make him look old. Like an old man trying to cling to his youth by dressing himself like a teenager.

  15. Jessie says:

    Eh, he wanted to go to the Olympics, he trained and did it. He wants to go to Hollywood, he’s going after it. Call him what you want but he’s just a guy who chases his dreams, I give him credit for that.

    • gigi says:

      Yeah, but it’s unfortunate that his dreams are so shallow. He’s an Olympic gold medalist and a world champion swimmer. But despite being that, and having all the respect that commands, he still just wants to be a C-list Hollywood celebrity. Hollywood and PR firms can manufacture a C-lister in weeks, but athletes like him are rare. He’s just too dumb to realize that he’s totally downgrading himself, all because he wants to be famous.

      • Helen says:

        It’s really too bad, he is wicked talented, I think that’a why I have such a desire to make fun of him.

  16. katie says:

    And the douche canoe returns to the States! That didn’t take long. Maybe he should call up Jersey Shore; he’d fit right in with them. Suddenly his mother’s comments about his one night stands seem to have a bit more veracity.

  17. Hécate says:

    He`s so dumb, maybe he could do some work in reality but when he open that mouth it’s like a contest with Kris Humphries for who is the dumbest of them all.

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      Hey now! I smell a new reality show! 🙂

      • iseepinkelefants says:

        If Johnny Weir can have a reality show and translate into reality tv I don’t see why Lochte can’t. Although he’s made more for MTV than Sundance. At least Lochte did something to make himself famous. You can’t say the same about the Jersey Shore kids.

      • jaye says:

        Can you imagine that cro-magnon grunt fest?

  18. JustBored says:

    Jeez what a harsh crowd! He still looks great to me, glad to see he’s being himself. He dressed like that before the gold medals, so it would be strange to see him dressing in suits now.

    The Olympics are barely over, the next one is in 4 years. Let him train and “do him”. Michael Phelps “did him” and now he’s the most decorated swimmer ever.

    • andrea says:

      See that’s the thing. He’s not Michael Phelps, he’s not capable of doing what Phelps did. And this guy thought he was better than Phelps. Told the world “it’s my time” and pretty much put that to Michael’s face. Any other guy and his medal count would be impressive, but this is the d-bag who said he was gonna win it all. FAIL. Lochte’s lack of self-awareness is ridiculous, and now the public is going to have to put up with it like we do with the freakin Kardashians and Lohans of the world.

  19. Sachi says:

    Lochte is Moose from the Archie comics come to life.

    Many people seem to find him endearing. I find his antics annoying and really cringe-worthy, especially for someone his age to be acting and speaking the way he does. He seems to be so sold on himself and his ideas of “coolness” that he doesn’t realize how ridiculous and idiotic he comes across.

    ‘Douchebag’ really is the word to describe him.

    But I can see him on DWTS. He has a good work ethic when it comes to swimming, so he may be able to channel that into dancing.

    I still think he’s better off just being seen and not heard, though, because his stock value may go down the more people catch on to his ‘words of wisdom’, “The world according to Ryan Lochte” musings, and awful interviews.

  20. Lacie says:



    On another note, why do Douchey McDouche and all the other dbags that douche around Hollywood do the slightly elevated ball cap thing? The obvious answer is more room for their giant heads but I’m thinking that it’s because dbags everywhere have run out of douchey ways to wear ball caps. It’s a faux trucker hat. Gross.

  21. Nina says:

    fame wh-re

  22. iseepinkelefants says:

    Anyone have a link to the Funny or Die video? I LOOOVE Simon Pegg.

    I can’t help but laugh at how big of a douche Ryan is. It should be a total turn off, and it is, but I don’t hate him like I would say Ashton Kutcher. It’s just too funny to be hate worthy. Especially since he seems to play into it.

  23. Stacia says:

    I noticed soon as he got out of the pool @ the Olympics, he was trying to parlay his wins into HOLLYWOOD GOLD(reality shows acting ands modeling). He seems kinda NARCISSITIC and FULL OF HIMSELF.

  24. Nicole says:

    Why does everyone hate him so much? He may not be that smart, but he doesn’t come across as a douche.

    • jaye says:

      I, for one, don’t hate him. I think he’s an airhead and has all the maturity of a 16 year old, but I don’t think he’s a douche.

  25. kitty-bye says:

    What is up with bugly big ball caps ?

  26. molly says:

    I just watched him on Leno and he actually seems like a nice guy and he seems a bit shy. Fortunately he said that in order to do the Bachelor his family would have to approve, and Granny Lochte already said that she doesnt want him to do that show so I think thats out (thank you God). Anyways, he really doesnt seem like a douche to me. He dresses like one but it doesnt match his personality. I stand by the fact that hes a nice guy who is just looking to take a break from the pool. At least he isnt going to pull a Phelps and sit on his ass all day and gain 20lbs. before Rio.