Chris Brown feels “horrible” about Rihanna’s Oprah interview, doesn’t get it

Chris Brown

These are some photos of Chris Brown performing in Cannes on 7/25 in a very packed club atmosphere; so it seems that Team Breezy is still enjoying a very successful career in spite of the fact that he feels like the whole world piled on him when he just happened to beat the crap out of Rihanna three years ago. Might I add that Chris is still a violent a-hole who continues to spread his mayhem. Most recently, he nearly started a fight at a club the night before the Billboard Music Awards, and then in June, he and Drake got into a huge fistfight at the Greenhouse club in NYC.

In an interesting development, both Chris and Drake have been sued for $16 million by the company that owns the club trademark for “glass-flinging, broken-bottle-swinging free-for-all in a crowded club,” which make sense since publicity from the fight resulted in the loss of a licensing deal, the temporary shuttering of the club, and the ongoing threat of a lost liquor license. NBA star Tony Parker, who was injured in the fight, has sued the club for $20 million dollars as well. Meanwhile, Chris continues his tour of terror unabated. Maybe it’s a bit unfair for me to speak of him with those words, but it’s clear that he hasn’t learned his lesson, and it’s only a matter of time before his violent ways erupt again (and again).

At the moment, however, Chris is still upset that he’s still known as the guy who beat up Rihanna. He’s reportedly aghast at the fact that Rihanna has spoken to Oprah about it during the interview that will air August 19, and he just doesn’t understand why things are being rehashed three years after the fact:

Rihanna Oprah

Chris Brown has seen the preview video of Rihanna’s upcoming interview with Oprah, Aug. 19, and he “feels horrible” because he and Rihanna are currently “more cool than anyone will know,” but he’s discouraged by his past mistake being rehashed over and over again, a source tells exclusively!

Chris Brown’s assault on Rihanna back in 2009 will once again be front and center in the media when Rihanna’s interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter airs this Sunday August 19.

During the interview, Rihanna confesses and cries to Oprah: “I lost my best friend. Everything I knew switched, switched in a night. And I couldn’t control that. It’s not easy to interpret on camera, not with the world watching.”

A source close to Chris tells exclusively, “Chris saw the video clip. Of course he saw it, how do you think he feels? He feels horrible he did that.”

The source continues, “Watching [Rihanna's interview with Oprah] made him realize he made a big mistake and he’s been paying for it ever since. He’s working hard, in the studio, dancing, doing everything he can to rebuild his name and career and I think he been successful in doing all that. Y’all should be talking about his road to recovery and how he’s been a man and made s-t right. He and Ri are cool, more cool than anyone will know. She forgave the [boy] the minute that s-t went down, so what that say about their relationship?”

[From Hollywood Life]

Yeah, Rihanna probably did forgive Chris for what he did, but she’s obviously very conflicted about what happened and could use some really good, extensive therapy. As for Chris, I don’t buy for a second that his reaction to the interview clip was to feel “horrible” about what he did. Rather, his reaction was probably to feel glass-smashingly angry about the fact that she would dare to talk about it in a public venue. As for the fact that we should respect his alleged “road to recovery” and how he’s “been a man” about it all? Bitch, please.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and OWN

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  1. Bite me aka aniston says:

    According to rumours Riri is still messing around with mr. Brown

    Just sad… Once the spotlight fade Riri will still have her daddy and self- worth issues

  2. hoya_chick says:

    I don’t plan on watching the interview. I think Ri should get therapy and really deal with her issues instead of giving interviews about them. Also, I don’t think I have the Oprah station on my cable.

  3. atorontogal says:

    The fact that this punk continues on the road to success fame and wealth makes me sick. How dare society hold such a thug up as someone to idolize. I simply don’t understand how the music industry props up men like him and lil wayne or anyone else who has done jail time and then gets rewarded for it. What has happened to society’s standards?

    • Babette says:

      ITA, torontogal. It’s disheartening. I really wish more young women would have enough self-esteem to throw these users/abuses to the curb rather than pine for them like helpless Victorian-era maidens who had no other options.

      In the story photo, he looks like he’s about to pass a painful kidney stone. Ugh.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      What pisses me off to no end is those idiot women in the background, acting like he’s something special.


      • Genevieve says:

        Exactly. I think I’ve made 20 responses to this post, CB and his pity party makes me so effing mad, lol.

        Re: FB-nope, not a little wizard :(

        Scroll to the last Cumby post on CB/ FB page. You should hit the jackpot, should you care to send friend request. Also @ OKitten, OTiff, gg and chatchat :)

      • Miz Misanthrope says:

        Its disgusting on multiple levels too-not only because as a society now everyone is chasing their 15mins by any means necessary, but because we’ve brainwashed women into thinking they’re nothing without a man. Even if that ‘man’ is a disgusting, misogynistic piece of shit. Which is why women are still sleeping with Mel Gibson, Sean Penn, Charlie Sheen ect. It satisfies both that ‘need’ to feel superior because they ‘can get a man’ and also feeds their desire for infamy.

        All in all we need to teach our girls how to have some self respect. I’m tired of seeing 12 year olds dressed up at little prostitots and it being encouraged. Throwing themselves at DipShit Brown and his ilk is just a symptom not the disease.

      • Havik says:

        This times a thousand. I didn’t think that anybody had forgiven him after what he’d done, but a girl I went to school with would, when the subject came up, seriously parrot on about being “Team Chris”.
        When I asked her, and in a non-snarky way I might add, why she thought so, she just rolled her eyes, shrugged, and refused to give a straight answer.

      • Tansey says:

        Yup. It’s like they couldn’t care less that their screaming for and supporting a violent woman beater. I’m of the opinion that if a man hits a woman once, he’ll do it again. And again and again and again. I’ve been with my husband for 11 years, 9 of those years married, and not ONCE has he EVER hit me. He’s never even raised a hand to me and trust me, we’ve had some pretty nasty arguments before. But no matter how many buttons I’ve pushed, I’ve never been hit. I watched my mother live in a verbally and physically abusive relationship. It took her almost 15 years to get out (it wasn’t with my father. He’s never hit a woman and never will). I feel for Rhianna. If it makes her feel better to talk about it publicly, then she should do it. To hell with what “poor wittle Chris Brown” feels. He should’ve been ostracized from the music industry the night this ll happened. But he wasn’t. To hell with the music industry too.

      • Moore says:

        Blaming women is pointless. The men are always absolved of responsibility. I believe that is why they can get away with it so often because people place half the blame on the women and just go “they are both scum” despite the fact that it is the men throwing punches. Regardless of what women wear and say men are free entities that do what they choose to.

    • girl says:

      Amen to that. Rapists, batterers, etc., do not need to be idolized. If he had any class at all, he’d fade from the limelight and if he wanted to work in this industry, he’d be strictly behind the scenes. He’s made virtually no effort to be on “the road to recovery” except to do what he was court ordered to do. I find myself without a fuck to give that he cried while performing a tribute to MJ at some awards show. I was pretty aghast that people saw that as a sign that he was trying to change. Um, no. He was milking people for sympathy. Bastard.

    • bluechip says:

      The man paid for his actions, Leave him—— alone!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Respectfully, no he didn’t. He barely completed his court-ordered “re-education” and continues to behave as if he doesn’t understand why people can’t just “let it go.”

        I’m sorry, but he doesn’t get a “pass” from me for DV just because he’s famous and/or some people like him or think he’s hot.

        That’s just not how it works in my world.

        Have a lovely day.

      • Tiffany says:

        He obviously didn’t LEARN from his actions, did he? Throwing chairs through windows on Good Morning America,etc. clearly shows that he STILL uses violence instead of reason when he dislikes something.

        I have yet to see exactly HOW he has paid for his actions. He got a slap on the wrist for nearly killing a woman.

      • Emily says:

        He nearly killed someone three years ago in a fit of rage. Only 3 years ago. He should be in jail now, but he never spent a day there, because it’s apparently more important to imprison people who smoke pot than to imprison a man who beats a woman nearly to death.

  4. gg says:

    Why does this young man always have to pee, and why does he advertize his prison bitch status to the world still? Has he not got enough givers?

  5. RHONYC says:


  6. stefni says:

    I really get the feeling that things aren’t as simple as people make them out to be … I think Rihanna was so young when this happened and she’s still processing – we sometimes forget she’s still only 24! Who knows what’s going on in her mind.

    That being said, I feel like it’s become a common and well-loved narrative to paint Chris Brown as this monster when I think a huge part of what Rihanna was trying to say was that he was all a child when it happened and needed help – still does judging by his antics.

    I can’t help but have sympathy for both of them. I almost wish they’d both disappear and get serious serious therapy.

    • Genevieve says:

      OK, I respect everyone’s opinion, even if I don’t actually agree with it. However…

      I have ZERO sympathy for that violent, illiterate, Cro Magnon Chris Brown. NONE. Zip, zero, nada.

      While I realize that Rihanna comes with her own set of highly developed neuroses, beating the ever-living SH*T out of any woman, particularly someone you love is NOT OK. Throwing chairs through windows, starting fights and breathing misplaced aggression is not acceptable at all.

      If I were to drum up even the *teensiest sliver* of sympathy or empathy for CB, he would have to actively pursue therapy and behaviour modification on his own, not simply because he’s served with a court order. He would have to not only demonstrate sorrow for wheat he’s done (words are cheap, especially from a violent psychopath), but start making the right moves. Swear off of any communication with Rihanna, whether she initiates it or not. You are poison to her, stop it in its tracks. When you feel the urge to punch someone in a club, call your therapist instead. Stop being a douche.

      There are people out there I’d LOVE to actively beat the crap out of, lol. But a normal person in control of their emotions simply does NOT go there. :(

      • gg says:

        G – You and I are of the same mind. Violence like this makes me so angry I have nowhere to put it inside me because I am a complete pacifist. I can only think he deserves the same as he gave.

      • Genevieve says:

        gg- me, too.

        In fact, I’m relatively pissed off that CB still HAS a somewhat viable career. I think Bedhead put it beautifully in summation of this post:

        “Bitch, please”. :)

      • a says:

        Totally agree. So tired of everyone saying CB deserves a second chance because he paid his debt.Perhaps for the first time he got caught but violent temper seems to be his pattern. Pisses me off that people still cow-tow to him simply because he thinks he is a “celebrity”. Young rappers are a dime-a-dozen and this kid is really nothing special and if he was some nobody, he’d be doing jail time. The people around him are to blame as well for propping him up. and Ri should grow up too. So don’t give CB anymore publicity and let’s start the boycott.

    • Sarah says:

      Sympathy? So him beating a woman’s face to a pulp was just a cry for help?

      Understanding abuse is very simple. Abusers don’t deserve pity or sympathy. They chose to deal with their issues by hurting someone else. And for that, they deserve to be labeled an abuser for the rest of their life. If Chris Brown ACTUALLY wanted to heal from this, he would have no problem with the abuser label, because it would help remind him to never cross that line again.

    • Diana says:

      Stefni, I completely agree with you and have a lot of respect for your balanced, empathetic point of view. I think people tend to make habit of seeing things in black and white. Both of them need an enormous amount of therapy, time to heal and should get out of the spotlight for a while to do so.

    • Emily says:

      People do dumb shit when they’re young. Like tattoos, piercings, drug experimentation, even cheating on their boyfriends and girlfriends. I can chalk up all of that to “dumb shit you do when you’re young.”

      Beating someone — someone you claim to love, someone who is significantly physically weaker than you — in a rage? Oh hell no. That is not dumb shit you do when you’re young. That is evil shit you do because you’re filth.

  7. marky mark says:

    There have been some recent articles (especially in blogs & mags geared toward the black community) discussing the recent unsettling trend of disrespect by black men towards women. Chris was not seriously taken to task for what he did and he is “back on top” so to speak so why would he even begin to understand the consequences of his actions if he didn’t pay more dearly for his actions?

  8. TheOriginalKitten says:

    “She forgave the [boy] the minute that s-t went down, so what that say about their relationship?”

    I don’t know what that says about their “relationship” but I do know what it says about Rihanna-it says that she’s someone that has likely experienced abuse before and she doesn’t fully understand how morally reprehensible it is to beat a woman. It says that she likely doesn’t recognize her self-worth. Sad…

    • gg says:

      woo, that is one screwed up sentiment, isn’t it?? So what does that say about their relationship? Says these two are severely in need of some therapy to balance out what is acceptable and what is NOT and should be avoided. She immediately forgave somebody trying to kill her and running off leaving her for dead?? Really? The girl needs to learn what a woman’s respect for herself actually means. She’s never been taught, and I find that very sad. And it’s not her fault. But she needs to listen to her betters and elders about this instead of blowing everybody off to be her own badass. Pretending to be tough does not make you tough or resilient, it’s just a game to her.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Exactly, GG.

        @ Liv-ITA This man has NEVER shown any genuine contrition, nor has he improved his behavior. A rage monster like him need SERIOUS intensive therapy. So no, Chris, you won’t get props from anyone for acting like a a-hole.

    • Liv says:


      And he still doesn’t get what he has done wrong! Unbelievable! Instead, he wants us to applaude him because he’s on his way becoming a better man – destroying a dressing room, picking up a fight at a club….yeah.

      I’m so sick of him, he is just complaining how everyone is mistreating him…excuse me a minute, I’m going to throw up.

  9. carolyn says:

    grow up, become a man, and pull up your f–king pants while you’re at it.

  10. Jordan says:

    Does he have to grab his crotch like that to hit the high notes?

  11. Mauibound says:

    Simply put, I just can’t stand the guy

  12. Anne de Vries says:

    So… everything he’s done since has been all about HIM, recovering his career etc, and we should praise him for that?

    If he’d done serious anger management therapy and volunteered or at least donated to Women’s Crisis help organisations, maybe I’d feel a little less inclined to assume that every damn thing he does is only about his own benefit.

  13. Lem says:

    Nothing will change for him until he does ‘get it’. Which I don’t honestly ever see happening.
    Nothing will change for Rihana either.
    Both are emotionally stuck

  14. Mimi says:

    It wasn’t a one time event, that piece of sh-t beat on her before so a) Bedhead you are totally allowed to write that he is a violent a-hole, b) RiRi needs to get her head checked, and c) Chris Brownhole needs to stfu and start donating all of his free time and money volunteering at safe houses if he truly wants to make amends. And I have no disgusted myself for even caring enough to read/write about this sick situation.

  15. marie says:

    hey d-bag brown, you don’t want to be known as a rage filled, abusing a-hole then uhh stop being one.

    what has he done to show his remorse, oh that’s right-nothing. he’s a punk and will always be a punk cause he refuses to take responsibility for what he did. he wants to sit around and whine that he’s treated unfairly, oh what the f-ck ever-people are still buying his music and he’s still winning awards when he deserves jack-sh!t. well maybe a full on a$$ whoopin is what he really deserves..

  16. Jacq says:

    Just because victims forgive their abusers, it doesn’t mean that they deserve to be forgiven. It’s part of the pattern of abuse, to forgive them the second they do it; that’s what that says. Excuse the rest of the general public for having their heads on straight.

  17. capepopsie says:

    I don´t know what it says about their relationship, that they´re cool. But if she doesn´t learn her lesson now with this jerk, she will have to later, and it might not end so good(ugh)then. If he really want´s to rebuild his career he should find his own thing and not go IMITATING MJ. That´s just pathetic, it doesn´t work for him anyway.Whish he, and all the other imitators would realize that. Just saying. .

  18. some bitch says:

    Ew. Chris always looks like he’s having a temper tantrum.

  19. mewmow says:

    He is a loser. The story I came to read about was Al calling Matt out on Today Show this morning! I don’t watch it and bummed cuz I would of loved to see it. HAHA. TMZ has it. Come on CB. I know what you have to say will be sooo much better……..;-)

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    Captain Underpants here is NEVER going get it. He lacks both the capacity to understand what he did, and the decency to feel sincerely bad about it.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    Bitch, please indeed. I don’t see any road to recovery at least not one with him on it. Has he spoken out against domestic violence? Donated money to groups that help victims of domestic violence? NO. He has bitched on the internet about what a victim he is and parked in handicapped parking spots. The little troll can keep grabbing his crotch on stage all he wants. I still won’t care about his not-really-very-sorry ass!

  22. bubbles says:

    these two really deserve each other. dumb and dumber. the deaf leading the blind.

  23. ReignbowGirl says:

    Douchebag needs to pull up his pants. It looks … douchey.

  24. LondonLou81 says:

    She’s a vulnerable child-star on the precipice of a nasty breakdown style situation and he’s a violent, childish tosser. It all reeks of ‘poor me, poor me’ and always has done, which is the opposite of taking responsibility. Grim.

  25. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    In my opinion both are narcissistic douches with little discernable talent and talking about this incident is the only thing keeping both of them in the spotlight.

  26. Miss Piggy says:

    Why does Chad Johnson/Ochochino get crucified and fired when this Asshat gets a free pass and awards? What a f’d up society. Both are vile.

  27. void says:

    He’s been a man about it? Like in the sense that he remained the same gender even after the scandal? I’d say at best he’s been a eukaryotic organism about it, or a biped about it, perhaps even a primate about it. He’s just continued to exist, he’s shown no good character or remorse. He does still have male secondary sex characteristics though, if that’s what he means?

    Why can’t people just get up on Lloyd if they want r&b? Why line this paramecium-brained domestic abuser’s coffers?

  28. Anna says:

    The guy is a textbook sociopath. It’s disgusting how legions of women still afford him a career.

    • void says:

      I think his sociopathy is what has her so desperately snowed. If he’s a sociopath, he likely knows how to push the right buttons. I just broke up with a sociopath, so handsome, so keen on what I needed to hear and how he needed to behave to snag me, until he had no use for me and sloughed off that skin to reveal the reptile underneath. If I were enough of an idiot to look past his crimes against human decency, his cheating, and the crap I later found out about his past [child porn collection, yen for young girls, financial bilking of women, beating ex girlfriends, pattern of cheating--which he continued with me] I might be like Rihanna–fixated on whatever charisma or superficial charm he had, victim to his ability to push my buttons, his thrall.
      But mine was a genuinely brilliant sociopath [29, I dunno how old Chris is but maybe by 29 he'll have honed his skills], incredibly clever. Chris seems like an idiot mostly, no refined instinct for charming the public. So Rihanna must be pretty simple minded.

  29. Bluejeans says:

    Good old Oprah. Trolling through the dumpsters as usual, trying to revitalize her career.

  30. lucy2 says:

    So what’s the time limit on talking about violent abusers who show no remorse, make no amends, and instead whine about everything? 2 years? 6 months? Because apparently this d-bag thinks 3 years is too long.

    His “friend” trying to help him about by talking about his “road to recovery” and being a man isn’t helping him much, if as he said, watching THIS interview made him realize he made a mistake. Seriously? He didn’t know that before?

    I don’t want to wish harm on someone, but let’s just say I won’t be crying for him if karma kicks his ass one day.

  31. Maritza says:

    It’s a pity that such a talented young man has such anger management issues, he hasn’t changed and I bet we will hear about him getting in much more legal trouble in the near future as they all do.

  32. Katija says:

    I hope I don’t get in trouble for this, but could this website amend their commenting rules to say, “…or wish death on anyone (except for woman beaters) you will be banned.”

    Please? So sick of biting my tongue on my elaborate fantasy where we use Chris Brown to see what would happen if a human being took all known illegal drugs on the planet simultaneously. It would be for the good of medical research, of course. It’s for science.

    (Urgh, but knowing him, he’d probably survive and just send a bunch of Twats about how “NOTING CAN TAKE DOWN BREEZY HOMIES!!!” Urgh….)

  33. Ella says:

    “She forgave the [boy] the minute that s-t went down, so what that say about their relationship?”

    It says their relationship is MESSED UP.

  34. babythastarsshinebrite says:

    I think both of them need help. They were probably in a relationship where they beat up on EACH OTHER all the time. I have never seen Rhianna as a victim and that’s not because I like Chris Brown, cause I don’t.

    • Ella says:

      That’s such a cop-out. Firstly, Rihanna isn’t known for violent outbursts in other circumstances – Chris Brown is. Secondly, there are no photos of ugly physical damage done to Chris Brown by Rihanna – there is photographic evidence that he beat her up. This isn’t just a couple of people slapping one another, it’s a man punching a woman in the face until she is swollen, black and blue, and bloodied. It is so not okay to justify that on the basis that you think she probably hits him too.

  35. Grace says:

    Every time I look at this boy I think: “Special needs teenager is a millionaire.” That forehead, dull eyes set too close, and fang teeth. Ugh.
    Rihanna is a moron. Her money could have paid for all kind of therapy by now. But as she was introduced to drugs, sex, and violence by her own father and spineless mother she thinks this is normal.
    She physically started the fight with Chris, so she truly believes that she needed to get beaten.
    Chris is exactly the same way. He and his mom were sexually, emotinally, and physically abused by his father (and various other men) so he thinks that everything he is doing is perfectly fine.
    Expect several scenes from Fatal Attraction when Chris’ real girlfriend gets pregnant-or AIDS. I’m sure these kids don’t use condoms at all.

  36. Kosmos says:

    Honestly, I feel that Rihanna and Chris are both fairly messed up. Both have issues that require professional help. Both are wayward and rebellish to extreme in one way or another. I’m not suprised they were a couple, and I’m not surprised about the violence either. It happens when like individuals are drawn to one another. But why the press is spending so much time on it is beyond me. This happens to many other kids in the U.S., but with no mention, but Rihanna and Chris are newsworthy because they are ‘celebrities!!’ They are both lost in their own way. Personally, Chris is kind of ugly to me as a person, but Rihanna seems equally dysfunctional.

  37. phoenix says:

    At the risk of no one agreeing with me, I think Oprah has a problem with men. She does not like them. The tone of her show in the last few years became increasingly sexist and I watched her pull answers from her guests that painted them as the victim while at the same time telling people they had no excuses if they didn’t succeed in life because she came from nothing and prospered. The simple fact is celebrities are not treated equally. There are other people who have domestically abused their partners that have not recieved them same level of hate that Chris Brown has recieved, i.e. Sean Penn. Since he first came out, I though Chris Brown was one of the best young singers in R&B and I still do. He has a great voice, has great songs, can dance very well, and in my opinion is extremely hot. In no way am I excusing his actions, but artists are not perfect, and although there were reports that Rihanna hit him as well, it is still socially acceptable for a woman to hit a man, but not the other way around. Chris grew up in an abusive household and at the time of the incident he was 20 years old. Similarly to Jodie Foster’s statements about Kristen Stewart, I don’t think in America, kids are not really mature until they are 22, 23. The maturation for most people is later than in other places. If people don’t like Chris Brown, don’t listen to his music.

    • Jen says:

      I used to see things only in black and white until experience has taught me that it isn’t always as easy as that. The thing with blogs/social media stories are always one-sided, people make their assumptions they get emotional and can be brutally rude and downright scary of what they wish upon a person. But whether we see a horrific picture or not it all boils down to we don’t know the whole story no matter how much we try to make sense or piece things together. While no one should condone violence of any kind we should also be careful of our own thoughts and be responsible of how we respond to these stories. You have to admit that there are theories out there that are taken to be the truth when in fact it’s just another person’s take on things. While it is easier to be informed nowadays it is also very easy to be cyberbullies.. just because we feel we are on the right side of the law or the story we suddenly have this power to say harsh and demeaning things to people who we think have wronged someone. It’s easy to break a person’s life by stories we tell but after everybody have gone back to their usual life and all the news have died down whether we were correct in blaming or destroying someone through words.. should the slim chance that it wasn’t as bad as we all thought he/she was.. it will take a lifetime for them to restore their lives and get the “normal” that they like everybody else deserves.

    • Ella says:

      It’s not socially acceptable for a woman to hit a man. It’s always assault and it’s always actionable. However, men are often physically stronger, and in this case, Chris Brown hit Rihanna. There is no evidence that she hit him, and I think society is really messed up if every time a battered woman goes to the police we say “I bet she hits him too, though.”

  38. Nanz says:

    “…working hard, in the studio, dancing, doing everything he can to rebuild his name and career.”

    Here is the crux of the problem. Chris Brown is traveling the wrong road to recovery. Recovering from being an abusive sh*thead has nothing to do with dancing, being in the studio, or rebuilding one’s name via career choices. Abusers can’t lip sync and dance their way out of being abusive. Contrition, therapy, anger management, and a host of other coping mechanisms are more likely tools used on the road to recovery from abusive behavior.

  39. Bankie says:

    Whatever. Rihanna’s only moaning about Chris Brown because her fifteen were up when all her fans graduated in June.

    Brown may be a douche but he’s not Hollywood’s first and denying him the opportunity to grow and put his past behind him is lame.

    I don’t envy either one of them.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I think people would let him put his “past” behind him if it was truly in the “past”. Dude is still getting in fights, still throwing cell phones and sh*t. He hasn’t learned and still appears to be very volatile so no, his violent behavior is still very much in the present, not in the past at all.

  40. Esther says:

    I don’t think it’s fair for some people in here to trash Rihanna when it’s very obvious she is emotionally and mentally broken, it’s clear she hasn’t gotten help. It’s easy to call her dumb and stupid when your look on the outside in. It’s obvious she still conflicted yeah he beat her but she loved/loves him and those feelings just don’t go away especially when you don’t actually face it and try and move on. She was and still is trying to rationalize her relationship with Chris it’s easy to do when you love someone so much and your rational mind is clouded. She been around abuse since she was a child it’s something she knows very well and she probably feels as though it’s normal. It can’t really be easy to deal with any of this when her life is constantly up for public scrutiny or when people are over analyzing things you says do. She needs help and a strong support system because far to vulnerable and can easily get caught up in this mess again.

  41. Amanda Hugginkiss says:

    “Maybe it’s a bit unfair for me to speak of him with those words, but it’s clear that he hasn’t learned his lesson.”

    I think you measured your words admirably and I tend to agree that his seemingly over-rated sense of self-styled public behavior supports your assessment. He should receive a well-deserved smack down, whether he benefts from it or not.

  42. Kay says:

    Is it just me or is he reaaaaaaally unattractive? His fans are hilariously illiterate too… A bunch of misogynistic self hating women. It’s really sad. I can’t believe this guy still has a career.

    And no “team Breezey” I won’t let his assault go. He is a piece of absolute crap. And his music is generic dance club garbage. What has he offered to the entertainment industry? I mean despite showing that any guy can beat his girlfriend and still win a Grammy…

  43. skuddles says:

    His road to recovery? What a crock of sh*t!! He feels horrible he did that to Rihanna? More like he feels horrible that she talked about it because he wants everyone to forget what he did. After all, that was a WHOLE three years ago you know…. guy is a completely different person now. Uh huh. As Bedhead points out, his reign of bullsh*t continues to this very day – the only thing he’s learned from this is that you can viciously assault a woman and not only do you not go to jail, you are rewarded with a Grammy two short years later. Sickening.

  44. Loulou says:

    He’s a Neanderthal. Together they’re the poster kids of everything that’s wrong with the hip hop culture of demeaning women and the nonexistent female solidarity. She needs counseling from Tina Turner. He needs to go live under a rock.

  45. Mooshi says:

    The first picture with him grabbing his junk is gross.

    He looks like he’s trying to hit a high vocal note and he’s afraid he’s going to pee on himself.

  46. terrib says:

    for a real kick check out andy levy on youtube and his assessment of chris brown

  47. Francesca says:

    Add it to the list of what he doesn’t get. The guy is an abuser. Who grabs his crotch in front of people. He is the one who needs ‘extensive therapy’.

  48. void says:

    After seeing her interview, I feel really sympathetic toward her. She has a soft-heart it seems, and couldn’t reconcile her tender feelings for him with the idea that he’s a violent abuser, she felt sympathy for him way too fast. The proper reaction would have been anger, hatred, and then cool sympathy at the end of the process…sympathy at a distance. I have never been hit but if someone I was madly in love with did hit me, I’m sure I’d struggle at first like that. I’m always too understanding. I wouldn’t stand for it but I know I’d feel protective too, if it happened while I still thought he hung the moon. It’s tough. Unfortunately she doesn’t think enough of herself to at least by now know she needs to keep away for real. People say “she deserves what she gets if she goes back to him” but that’s cruel, she’s mixed up and has low self-esteem, that doesn’t mean she deserves to get beaten bloody and/or killed, no matter what.

  49. samira25 says:

    I know I will get attacked but why do people have so much rage against Chris Brown but not against other celebrities? Many have raped, killed, abused others yet it seems people only have rage against Chris. I’m not saying people shouldn’t be mad. I think his attitude and behaviour is still horrible but I don’t get why someone like Charlie Sheen gets dozens of free passes. He’s been abusing women and himself for decades but nobody thinks his career should be over.

    • void says:

      I think it’s because people formed an attachment to Rihanna, even if they don’t like her, though plenty love her so it’s even worse for Chris, it’s like they “know” her and hearing the details, seeing the photo…it made it feel more “personal” to the public.

    • angie says:

      I think it’s a few things. That we saw the damage, firstly, that it was someone we feel we know, in a way, that she seems to be unable to feel indignant on her own behalf, for some reason; she just can’t or won’t, that he is so wildly defended by people who refuse to admit he did anything wrong, that he refuses to really admit he did anything wrong, his real hostility and anger and complete refusal to go away; he is FORCING himself to remain in the business more than ever and it’s almost like a slap in the face to anyone who wants to see him at the very least disappear for a time and ‘get his shit straight’, and stop trying to make us all believe that nothing matters, ever, at all, but his music, which he apparently thinks is genius. It’s mostly the audacity of him. His ego, his unapologetic in your face idgaf demeanor… And he clearly thinks he’s been treated unfairly from the start and pities himself above all else. There are so, so many factors. It isnt merely one thing.

      • void says:

        Good point about how she seems incapable of feeling indignant for herself. It makes me sad. I think she’s a naive little dreamy Pisces type, and I think because she’s so visible and she gives off that air people, even people who hate her for whatever reason, feel protective of her. Seeing her pretty blue-green eyes filled with tears during that interview with Oprah, saying things that sounded so hopelessly baffled and incapable, I just wanted to hug her. And Chris is SO infuriating, there is nothing likable about him, he has no cult of personality, so that’s a big reason he’s so hated as opposed to others who have done similar things. His violence actually defines him, whereas other more charismatic stars can use sleight of hand to distract and make people want to forget. I actually liked Chris’s music, for what it was at least, from 3 years ago and before. I’m glad it’s actually gotten crappier since then so I’m never conflicted about liking one of his singles now. His past songs that I like are kind of grandfathered-in. But you’re right, his arrogance is staggering, he’s so strident in his expectation that people should or would forget. We won’t, douche. And honestly the more Rihanna continues to mess with him the more I hate him, because I see that classic manipulated victim who can’t seem to stay away from her abuser. If I were his PR team, I’d have had him stay totally single, visibly participate in anger management and domestic abuser intervention classes, at least FEIGN humility and always look disgusted with himself for a couple years. He’d be required to be brutally honest and open about the situation, candidly, even on Twitter, as though he had a toxin in him he was trying to purge. Then when he wanted to take on a project again, he’d first have to make some kind of public declaration in an interview or an essay or something where he admits that he doesn’t know if he’ll ever be able to say something like that won’t happen again, because that’s the nature of the “disease” of abusiveness, but that he’s devoted his life to doing whatever it takes to cleanse himself of that demon because he’s so incredibly ashamed. He’d still not be permitted to party or womanize or ever look like he’s having too good of a time for YEARS. I’d make him at least appear like he was changed, traumatized by his own behavior and now much more serious as a person. His music would have to reflect that too. I know it’s extreme but I think it’s called for in his unique situation, beating up one of America’s Sweethearts [she wasn't so "edgy" before all this].
        Most importantly he’d have to respectfully stay away from Rihanna, and say nothing but kind, effusive, remorseful things about her.

  50. angie says:

    Yeahhhh… ‘Bitch, pls’, is really all that can be said.

  51. HK9 says:

    Beatherdownbrown is only going to learn his lesson the day he hits someone just a little too hard, gets sent down for murder, to live with people who are 10x more evil than him. He’s just too uncivilized to do it the easy way. Karma’s a bitch…watch and learn.

  52. HK9 says:

    Beatherdownbrown is only going to learn his lesson the day he hits someone just a little too hard, gets sent down for murder, to live with people who are 10x more evil than him. He’s just too devoid of human compassion or restraint to do it any other way.

  53. Rux says:

    Chris Brown is like the burglar that got caught, he feels horrible he got caught not about what he actually did. One day, his reckoning will come.

  54. JRenee says:

    She needs some guidance and self esteem. He is a bomb waiting to explode.

  55. JRenee says:

    She needs some guidance and self esteem. He is a bomb waiting to explode.

  56. flan says:

    So sick of this whiny man-child and his no-brain fans.

  57. Ella says:

    Why do we always think men who beat women need “help?” They need punishment.

  58. erika says:

    Lets All Do the Potty Dance!
    Left foot out!
    Right foot out!
    Step, Step, grab your D***K
    step and Kick!
    Do the ……
    Potty Dance!

  59. erika says:

    ummm…maybe Chris could make his way to recovery a bit farther down the road if RiRi would stop drunk=humping him every other 20 minutes???

    mixed messages much….???

  60. Kidd says:

    Why are people so mad? of course ppl are going to ask them questions, interviewers wanna know. at least she not sounding like a victim, i have a lot more respect for her now because shes not making him out to be such a monster. hes young he should of never did it but ppl shouldnt be holding on to something so old and never happened to them. L.I.G (let it go) life moves on. they seem like they’ve learned from there mistakes.

  61. idk says:

    I can’t stand looking at him anymore…but I also am getting tired of Rihanna’s act as well. I’m sure Chris thinks after 3 years no one remembers the incident and no one should bring it up again…just like how Kim Kardashians wants people to forget about her “tape” with ray-j…it’s not gonna happen.

    Oprah is desperate for ratings.

  62. thegorilla says:

    oh no, it’s so unfair that he has to deal with the consequences of his actions… boohoo i also don’t think it helps that he’s only half-heartedly taken responsibility and has not stopped whining since it happened about how unfair he’s been treated etc

  63. Leona says:

    I just think a lot of you are comfortable hypocrits.
    If Axl Rose beat her up would anyone of you give a damn? No!
    Rose beat nearly all if not every girlfrien or wife he’s ever had and those werent just 2-3 bitch slaps and a bite but he beat them like an animal,and I dont see a single one of you complaining. So apparently the bigger the Legend you are you can get away literally with murder ( caugh, OJ Simpson,caugh )

    The only issue with the two of them is that Chris Brown was and is a lesser celeb, who attacked someone who was very big. That’s the only reason everyone ( like its their bussiness anyway ) ”cant forgive him”

    BTW ,I’ve never seen anyone of you so sympathetic towards Tina Turner, and now theres a woman who needed the worlds full sympathy.

  64. Laura says:

    He needs to take a page from Ozzy Osbourne’s book.
    Ozzy beat Sharon and tried to strangle her, which was a terrible thing and something I will personally never forget, even though I love him and his music.
    That was in 1989. Nowadays, if you ask him about it in an interview, he won’t say ‘That was more than 20 years ago, let’s forget it.’ He will discuss how he did it, and how wrong he was, and how sorry he is. He doesn’t try to puss out and use his alcoholism as an excuse. He continues to wear a hair coat for it, as it should be.
    Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen…no remorse. Sickening.

  65. anonymous51 says:

    I think Oprah had her own motives in doing that interview and it wasn’t about helping Rihanna air her feelings. It was money and ratings oriented. However, I think in order to heal, you must seek counseling privately and do some soul searching, which Rihanna has failed to do. If she still feels bad about the beating incident, she should get some therapy and work it out privately. How long is this going to be aired out on TV and how long will Chris Brown have to eat dirt for her to begin to heal. Chris served his time and to keep it going, just serves to keep bad feelings towards him going. Three years later, he is still unable to move on because it seems Rihanna can’t let go. She harrassed his former girl friend and threatens other women that attempts to get with him. And she recorded that song “Birthday Cake” with him. What was that all about. No wonder Chris Brown is baffled. So am I. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, Rihanna. Get therapy to get over him and let Chris Brown live his life. Chris word of advise, Leave Rihanna alone.