Chris Brown & Drake got into a fist-fight at a NYC club, Chris had to get stitches

Violence is never the answer. I do not promote violence (or I really, really try not to). But is it okay to laugh a little bit when some dumb punk-ass gets a well-deserved beatdown from a Canadian? You know you’ve pissed off a lot of people when it’s a Canadian who gives you a whoopin’. (Note to Canadians: I’m just saying that you guys have an international reputation for being nice and non-aggressive.) Anyway, so it is with Chris Brown… I was actually thinking about writing something about the reports that Chris and Rihanna seem to be circling each other yet again. But this story is so much more interesting. Apparently, Chris and Canadian rapper Drake were in the same NYC nightclub last night. Chris sent some champagne to Drake, and Drake sent it back to Chris with a note about Rihanna. Rihanna and Drake have long been circling each other too – many hoped that Ri and Drake would end up together at some point. Anyway, once Drake sent the champers back, chaos ensued. And Chris got beat up by a Canadian: just learned that rapper Drake and his entourage got into a FIGHT… with CHRIS BROWN at the popular AFTER HOURS NYC nightclub WIP.

According to MULTIPLE snitches inside, Chris and Drake have had a DIFFICULT relationship since three years ago – when Rihanna CHEATED on Chris, with Drake. Chris has HELD A GRUDGE against Drake for years.

Well last night at WIP, we’re told that Chris reportedly sent over a bottle of champagne to Drake’s table, as a sort of peace offering. We’re not sure WHAT happened next, but we’re hearing UNCONFIRMED REPORTS that Drake sent the bottle back to Chris with a message to the effect of – “I’m f*ckng the love of your life [Rihanna], deal with it.”

Whatever message Drake sent back caused Chris to immediately fly into a rage – and he CONFRONTED Drake and his entourage – which included ANOTHER Chris Brown rival, rapper Meek Mill. Meek Mill also had a relationship with Rihanna.

Well according to our snitch, Drake PUNCHED Chris in the face and before Chris could retaliate, someone (#teamnosnitch#) popped Chris in the mouth with a BOTTLE, multiple times. And as a result, Chris was LEAKING LIKE A FAUCET!!!

Security immediately swooped in and broke up the fight. Drake and ‘em immediately LEFT the club, before POLICE arrived. Chris, we’re told left under his own power – and later went to the HOSPITAL, to get his face sewn shut.

[Via Media TakeOut]

You know what this reminds me of? I used to work for a man who did domestic violence counseling, and he told me that most of the time, the men who beat women will go out of their way to avoid confronting other men. Chris Brown is all “tough” when it comes to beating the crap out of his girlfriend (or a window), but when it comes to confronting another man, Chris gets his ass handed to him. True, it sounds like Drake was the aggressor and the instigator, and that makes me think less of him. It also sounds like Chris was ganged-up on by some dudes who were just waiting for any reason to kick his ass. Which I can’t cosign, but I can chuckle.

TMZ reports that the fight definitely took place, and that both Drake and Chris’s entourages were involved. The NYPD arrived after the fight, but both Drake and Chris had left the club and no arrests were made. A few hours later, Chris tweeted “How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol… Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!.” And he tweeted a photo of his face (which had a piece missing) – but he deleted the tweets later.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Chris‘s Twitter.

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  1. Tiffany27 says:

    Yes violence is not the answer, BUT…. I’m glad wheelchair Jimmy set that little punk straight.

  2. me says:

    How did Drake instigate it? It says Chris was enraged and confronted Drake and his entourage…and that’s when Drake punched him.

    I don’t see any stitches on his face either…just a chunk of skin missing completely.

    I can’t even look at pics of Chris Brown, he is so annoying and repulsive.

    But seriously, why are men now a days so immature???

    • Maguita says:

      They weren’t raised to become men.

      I think Chris also felt comfortable attacking Drake because he had all his entourage about him. Thought no one would let anybody touch him.

      Guess his entourage failed him.

      Maybe some even facilitated the way for Drake, because they knew that little sh-t deserved a beating. I’m betting working for CB does not improve your opinion of him.

      • me says:

        you make some good points…actually I’m now hearing that Drake didn’t punch Chris, it was someone in his entourage that did. Either way, is anyone going to feel sorry for Chris? Doubt it.

      • Maguita says:

        Isn’t it unfortunate how every time a damn rapper gets into a bar fight, his entourage ends up taking the blame?

        Of course someone else punched Sh-tty Brown. But I doubt he will press charges: A lot more crap will come out if he presses charges. Things he doesn’t want people to know.

  3. nikzilla37 says:

    Well-deserved. I thought Drake was a punk ass too but for this, he earned extra points in my book.

  4. anna says:

    I want to punch the smug out of Brown’s face.

  5. Choupette says:

    Classy acts like this around, and Mel Gibson is the pariah.

  6. marie says:

    ah hahahahahahahaha.. I’m sorry, was I not supposed to laugh at this? I feel no sympathy for that douche.

    • Maguita says:

      You know marie, because of how he acted after beating his gf’s face to a bloody pulp, and his much obvious non-regret, with stories like these, I feel that I would only be happy when his beaten-up face, à la Rihanna, would appear on TMZ.

      Then, I would be satisfied.

      • Michelle says:

        I would be satisfied if i think chris actually felt remorse….or felt humbled….by anything he ever did…but he doesnt. he never gets it and he never will. think how he bitched out on twitter after like the child he is, cant even accept his loss, can only “beat” them thru twitter . I think people everywhere, even other artists, are getting sick of putting up with chris. hell, I have an urge to find him just to punch him, but Im a girl so I would have no chance.

  7. cupidityrox! says:

    #Team Drake!
    I am sorry but I’m totally loving this!
    How does it feel to be on the receiving end of fists Chris? And like the lil bitch he is he took to twitter to taunt Drake. Ha ha.. You can’t make this up! Can you tell I’m excited?

  8. lioness says:

    I like Drake. And I’ll leave it there.

  9. menlisa says:

    The fight was not between Chris and Drake.

    It was between Chris and Meek, Meek and his crew stepped up to Chris saying it was lame of him to take Meek off Chris’s album just because he and Rihanna hooked up.
    It was a civil conversation but then Chris started talking sh*t so then Meek’s crew started throwing bottles then Drake’s crew got involved to back-up Meek’s crew.

  10. iwannarock says:

    he should have hit harder.

  11. K says:

    Why is Drake dressed like hes going to a poetry slam in the first pic?

  12. me says:

    How many men has Rihanna reportedly been with? Wow jeez.

    • Neelyo says:

      That was my first thought too. For Chris’ next tour, he’s just going to go around the world getting his ass kicked by all of Rihanna’s exes.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Yeah really. Girl has (supposedly) gotten around the circuit. Not cool.

    • Johanna says:

      Some people will say that Rihanna or any other woman’s sexual history is irrelevant & you know what? They’re right!… But, I’ve thought the same thing as you not long ago after reading her twitter feed. She’s so vulgar, try hard, & yes, rumor does have it that she has a few notches on her bed post.

    • Canadian girl says:

      Yeah, I was going to comment on this too. It kinda makes Riri look slutty. I’m glad Chris got a beat down. Go Canada! I’m just sorry Chris didn’t throw the first punch, cuz then he’d to to jail.

    • Sarah says:

      You are so right. This story has her dating…wait for it…THREE men. WHA???! Surely that is too high of a number for the rest of us chaste virgins to even DREAM of! That slut!*

      *Stop slut shaming.

      • me says:

        I’m not slut shamming…I don’t call women that word. I just thought it was odd they would even mention she had been with the 3 men who got into an altercation, as if implying the fight had something to do with Rihanna…men get jealous like that I guess.

      • Sarah says:


        You may not technically use that word, but you may as well have if you heavily imply her sexual history is alarming(“Wow jeez.”) and direct the event towards her and her sexual history, not towards the people who actually did the fighting and you know, were there(“How many men has Rihanna reportedly been with?”). Heavily implying that she’s a slut is just as bad as calling her one.

        By doing that you also opened up the slut shaming down below you in the reply comments. If you didn’t slut shame, then why was everyone agreeing with you also slut shaming her?

        No matter what you want to call it, its not ok to skew a story about men beating each other up and a pathetic abuser like Brown getting beat up into something that gives people an excuse to judge another woman’s sexual history. It attaches blame and judgement on her and it distracts from the real villain of this piece, Chris Brown.

      • me says:

        Questioning how many men she’s been with is NOT equivalent to saying she’s a “slut”…that is ridiculous. You can’t hold me accountable for what other’s say or how they respond. I don’t “slut shame”. I was only going by what the article said, the way it was written was basically pointing to Rihanna and her past men, as if everyone in the altercation had slept with her or as if they were blaming the altercation on her. I asked a question and yeah to me it is odd that all the men mentioned have had a relationship with her which leads me to believe the altercation had something to do with jealousy amoung the MEN. Rihanna is a sexually free woman, she talks about her sexual escapades in interviews, even on the Ellen show, and that’s her choice to. To me…it is a “wow” factor because my upbringing is quite different…I didn’t say what she was doing was wrong or right, I just said “wow”…so no need to try and put words in my mouth. I also said “how many men has Rihanna REPORTEDLY been with?”…”reportedly” being the MAIN word…I didn’t say I believe she’s been with alot of men. Also, where am I blaming Rihanna for the altercation? This is a fight amoung young immature men who need to grow up…but yeah I do believe the fight had something to do with jealousy over Rihanna…because some men are that stupid. Thanks.

      • pk says:

        This is celebitchy, a gossip site, people can say what they wanna and give their opinions, let’s not police each other here. The story does indicate Rihanna has been with a number of the men involved in the club fight.It’s all how you look at it. I think she’s been with quite a few men, some might think dating 6 guys by the time you’re 24 is nothing and others may think it’s a big deal. It’s a cultural thing. Asking how many men a woman’s been with doesn’t mean you’re calling her a slut, come on now.

      • Sarah says:


        I wasn’t putting words in your mouth as much as, you know…quoting you. You can go ahead and say you’re not slut shaming all you want, but ask yourself this: In a story about three men fighting, one of them being a domestic abuser and all around terrible human being, why did you go to the things RIHANNA has done first? Why did you direct the events towards her and her actions, not their’s??

        “To me…it is a “wow” factor because my upbringing is quite different…”

        That right there is old school, “I’m a lady so I wont say the word but you get what I mean” slut shaming at its finest. Please don’t pretend like you aren’t judging her.

      • me says:

        Sarah, I simply asked a question…”how many guys has she reportedly been with”…and I said “wow jeez”…to me it was ODD the story even mentioned the fact that she reportedly slept with the men involved in the fight…people in this forum already commented on Chris Brown so why would I just type up a comment that was already said? I don’t like him, period. I don’t slut shame, and I’m tired of going back and fourth with you. Believe what you want, I know the person I am, and could care less what people on the internet want to fight with me about…this is ridiculous. If i wanted to call her a slut, then I would have. Old School Upbringing??? Look who’s judging now? Also, there are a lot of Chris Brown supporters out there who would love to bicker and fight with you over your comments about him…you know since you’re judging HIM and all. The whole world doesn’t have to agree with you… but either way, the amount of men a woman has slept with doesn’t matter to me…she can sleep with 100 guys if she wants…but I still have the right to say “wow” without people thinking I’m calling her a slut…so calm down.

        Also, I just went through the comments and do see a lot of OTHER people calling her skank and ho, etc, you can go attack them instead since THEY are actually calling her a slut, bye bye.

      • Sarah says:

        How many men has Rihanna reportedly been with? (I’m just asking because I really don’t judge women for how many men they’ve slept with at all. That’s why I asked. Because I don’t care.)

        Wow jeez. (Wow jeez, it is so ODD that they would put that in the article. That’s what the “wow jeez” was for, obviously. It was surely not an exaggerated response meant to suggest that something about a women’s sexual history is alarming! Nope! I’m just shocked that they put it in the article! Wow jeez to radical journalism!)

        Is that how that comment was supposed to be interpreted? LOL.

      • stinky says:

        proud sluts unite.
        non-sluts can slut-shame all they want. rihanna aint married, an’ she’s skanky.

      • jaye says:

        Yeah…questioning Rihanna’s sexual history in an article about the bad behavior of OTHER people does seem like slut shaming to me. Her sexual history should only matter to the next person contemplating sleeping with her.

      • UniqJaz says:

        Everyone has a right to say what they mean or say it without using the word slut. I hate when people go “oh your shaming this person”. Shut up and let people say what they want !!!

      • Sour worms says:

        You are so right. People are so f–king hypocritical and stupid that it is a shame. If this was a sorry about two women fighting over a dude, every comment would be ‘stupid bitch’ this or that. NOBODY would be grabbing at their rosary beads judging how many women the men have been with. It wouldn’t even come up.

      • gg says:

        Sarah, you can feel free to stop the shame shaming now …

        You’re sounding exceptionally mean right now. Don’t know if that’s your intention to be so combative or not but howbout give it a rest?

      • Sonya says:

        People get judged all the time. It’s life, and it sucks, but that’s how it is. And on a side note, guys who fk a lot of girls are not much better than girls who fk a lot of guys.

    • Prim says:

      How many groupies have these hip hop men been with? Enough to make Rihanna look like a nun.

  13. annaloo. says:

    Karma is a BITCH, Chris crybaby Brown! I hope you get more coming to you!

  14. Jezi says:

    If a man can beat on a woman then he should be able to take a beating. You dish it out but can’t take it. I think that the bottle Chris sent over was not a peace offering. He was trying to be a prick I’m sure.

  15. tmnt says:

    God, I love being Canadian.

    I don’t like Drake, but nice punch. We do play hockey up here. Most guys don’t shy away from a good scrap. Not uncommon to see bar brawls on weekends, especially Alberta and the Atlantic provinces.

  16. JessSaysNo says:

    Chris Brown is a delusional fktard. “Throwing bottles like girls?” REALLY? How about beating the shit out of a girl? How manly is that? GOT WHAT HE DESERVED!

  17. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Pathetic little boys

  18. Naye in VA says:

    ahhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahah (dies of laughter)

    seriously “throwin bottles like girls”
    Chris just mad they took one of his moves.

    He shoulda known Drake rolls deep. lol. Punk.

  19. claire says:

    I find it hard to believe that Chris Brown has the maturity to do anything such as a “peace offering”, without it being tinged with some sort of entitlement, condescension, aggression or any other word you could put there that would show his true colors behind his “peace offering.” Drake probably saw that, and told him to F off, as he deserved.

  20. Johanna says:

    I like how he has the ”balls” to post that picture & expect us to have even an ounce of sympathy for him. The picture Rihanna posted was 10 times worse… You gigantic a-hole!

  21. Akula says:

    Just thinking about someone punching Chris is SO satisfying. I have NO sympathy for him.

  22. Loulou says:

    This Canadian takes no offense at our reputation, thanks. However, I might think twice now about getting in the same elevator as with someone when he visits his mom. He honestly though gives no vibe about violence – or stardom for that matter, so much so I had no clue who he was other than a pleasant young person. I’m also 44 so Drake who? Lol

  23. tabby says:

    Wow! People really want Chris to get hurt. They are both grown men acting like they have no common sense. But people applaud Drake for throwing a bottle at Chris. Stupid

  24. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    I just wish they could have given him the beat down he gave R. Someone above mentioned she got it 10x worse. Very true. This guy deserves to be smacked around the rest of his life after that.

    P.S. Miranda Lambert is going to have a field day with this news lol

    • flan says:

      Usually find the very random (like say an r&b singer and a opera singer) celebrity ‘beefs’ funniest. JLo had quite some of those about a decade ago (like with Gwyneth Paltrow wtf?).

      In this case I’m just pro-Miranda all the way though.

  25. Skins says:

    Dudes shoudn’t be fighting over a walking STD

  26. Sisi says:

    eww you can look right up his nose… and is that a coke booger?
    I’m eating :/

  27. Dani says:

    Wait how is no one questioning how many guys Rihanna has been with???? Really Drake, Chris AND Meek?! Scum always goes for scum.

  28. lafairy says:

    Something that I can deduce from this post is wooooaww Rihanna gets around doesn’t she??? so we have in 1 fight, 3men who slept with her!!

    otherwise: I chuckled a bit because I can’t stand him but ganging up on him and even if it’s on Chris Brown is kind of really lame!

  29. TXCinderella says:

    Team Drake! Chris needs a good ass whoopin’ to knock him down a few notches!

  30. Jen says:

    OK, guys, Rihanna is 24 years old. She’s past the age of consent. Slut-shaming, calling her ‘scum’ or ‘vulgar’ or something that has been ‘passed around’, is not acceptable behaviour.

    • Kericho says:

      Well. we can’t call her ‘vulgar’ or say it’s ‘acceptable behaviour’ to have multiple lovers. But we can think it… and it’s an almost involuntary thought. One’s mind just immediately goes there…

      Unless, of course, one is into the same thing.

      • Jen says:

        Respectfully, Kericho, I don’t believe everybody’s mind ‘just goes there’. I don’t believe thinking a woman is a slut is ‘immediate’. And I don’t think defending her means you’re ‘into the same thing’, whatever that means.

        Multiple lovers does not imply immorality. It does not imply a ‘cheapness’. It means she’s 24.

    • really says:

      I agree. A 24 year old woman allegedly dating 3 men over a 1 or 2 year period is really not a big deal.

    • Johanna says:

      I didn’t elaborate as to why I called her ‘vulgar’ but if you’re going to presume that I said it because she’s slept around then I guess I should explain: the definition(s) of vulgar is, 1. Lacking sophistication or good taste; unrefined 2. Making explicit and offensive reference to sex or bodily functions

      She does both on her twitter feed which was what I said & THEN I mentioned her sexual reputation & admitted that on that last part of my assessment is irrelevant. But no doubt the word vulgar describes her to a T!

      • Katija says:

        I’m a conservative-leaning girl who rarely plays the race card… but it is very funny to me that people decided Rihanna was a ho after “S&M,” while Gaga can sing about basically having sex with Jesus Christ and everyone thinks she’s an “edgy artist.”

        Rihanna is the most unfairly treated singer in the industry. She has done nothing wrong, and people are so hard on her.

      • judyjudy says:

        I don’t know or keep track of who she sleeps with,b but based on how she presents herself s he is trashy, vulgar, and proud of it.

      • Katija says:

        And how she presents herself is different from Gaga, Katy Perry, or Britney… how?

        She gets a little edgy when the song calls for it…i.e. “S&M…” but I would love to know what makes her particularly vulgar compared to her white peers. I actually have “Take Care” playing on YouTube in the other tab… she’s wearing a sweater for Chrissake. When was the last time you saw Gaga in a sweater?

      • Johanna says:

        Wow, you people are ridiculous. Indeed, you are playing the race card, did you know you’re talking to a MEXICAN FEMALE residing in San Antonio, Tx? No, of course you didn’t because you’re so eager to jump on the race card and that makes you an ignorant. You don’t know my stand on Gaga, Perry, or whoever the hell else you want to throw into the discussion. This is a gossip site and this is pure speculation and personal opinion and I never try to make it more than that. She indeed seems to love the attention that she gets out of being risque and she seems to love being trashy and dammit good for her! It is my opinion that she is vulgar and it’s as simple as that! I’m still trying to figure out why you even brought up Gaga. Could it have anything to do with the fact that you didn’t have a decent argument & brought up one of the biggest fame whores into the discussion because you can’t articulate what you’re trying to say? She’s VULGAR and I stand by my comment. Don’t like it? TOUGH! If I could only take one thing back it would be me bringing up her sexual past at all because if I’m admitting that it’s irrelevant than what was the point of me bringing it up at all?

      • Johanna says:

        This is on her feed, very first page: Pop that pu$$y like a zit

        How is that not vulgar? If it were on a man’s twitter feed I would call him a, “PIG!”

        Notice that I’m comparing her to a man and not another female. People want to be treated equal & this & that but then we do treat them in the same aspect and then people start crying that we’re putting other women down. I don’t understand this at all. We call Wilder Valderama a man whore, Gerald Butler, & other equally sleazy men and at the same time we love to call out Kim K about being a porn star (which, I really do think she is) yet some of you get up & arms on selective celebrities? That’s not right & I’ve never been so offended than just now by being called a racist, so to speak, by another gossip loving freak on the other side of a computer.

      • gg says:

        Johanna, I totally agree with you. And I suspect many more do too, but for just wanting to stay out of the firing range of being shamed for thinking Rihanna is somewhat less than classy. So you are definitely not alone in your opinion. :)

  31. says:

    “throwing bottles like girls” > beating up girls

  32. MizzVJJ says:

    Trash fighting with trash over trash..

  33. Kericho says:

    Awesome. Go Drake? who is Meek Mill? Boy, Riri!

  34. Sophie says:

    I wish people would stop covering Chris Brown stories the guy is a loser and I would hope the less coverage he gets the sooner he will disappear. I read this story as an exception because I like Drake and it’s about time Chris got his ass handed to him.

  35. Sloane Wyatt says:

    “Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!.” REALLY, Chris? By having the gall to tweet and cry foul because U got up in the wrong grill, a MALE who can punch back, you only remind us all that you are just a shameful cowardly punk who’s only tough enough to beat up a little girl to within an inch of her life. That, CB, is irony so rich you could eat it with a spoon!

    It’s called Karma, CB. You are and will always be a little twerp, and the only sympathy I have is for Drake and the gang for breaking perfectly good bottles of bubbly and/or vodka on your despicable face.

  36. lucy2 says:

    “face sewn shut” if only! If he could keep his face shut, he might stay out of trouble for a day or two.

    I too don’t approve of violence…except in this one case. I can’t fault anyone who punches that dbag. And this “girl” would like to throw a bottle at him myself.

  37. Izzy says:

    Dear Kaiser: On behalf of Canadians, no offense taken. But remember, we play hockey. So azz-whuppin’ is kind of in our nature, you know? (Oh, and BTW: Well done Drake! Well done!)

  38. TheOriginalKitten says:

    A friend of mine has a theory that every person should be punched at least once in their lives. He says he can tell the difference between guys who have never been punched (arrogant, unpredictable douchebags with verbal diarrhea) and those that have (humbled, contrite, generally diplomatic, but still feisty if need be).
    It was SO time for Chris to get punched. This punch is probably coming too late in life for it to change him but still, it was long overdue.

  39. kay says:

    why do people keep claming that rihanna sleeps around? the only men we know for a fact that she’s dated is chris brown and matt kemp..the rest are just rumors the press probably made up.

  40. Iggles says:

    I don’t condone violence… but this time I’ll let it slide – HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!

    Team Drake :)
    So glad Chris got his ass handed to him!

  41. littleFATme says:

    Every time I see a pic of Chris Brown it’s shocking to me. He was so sweet looking as a young new artist, now – even when he is happy – he looks so angry ALL THE TIME. There is no excuse for an adult behaving badly, but when I see how angry his eyes look I wonder what it is that troubles him and I hope one day he seeks to actually deal with it for himself, not for a court case or a girl…

  42. Soleilmoonfries says:

    I am buying all of Drake’s and Meek Mill’s albums because of this story. I’ve been reading CB for years and have never posted before. This story made me smile and wonder WHAT TOOK SO LONG for Chris Brown to get his ass kicked? And now, back to my daily mediation….

  43. PrettyTarheel says:

    I’m just going to throw this out for everyone talking about Rihanna’s sexual habits in a negative way-is it relevant? Does it make her less of a person, if she’s slept with different men? She’s not married, and it doesn’t appear she is sleeping with married men. Girl can sleep with whoever she wants, whenever she wants, wherever she wants, however she wants, and no one has the right to say a d*mn thing about it.

    I get sick of the judgement passed on girls for sleeping around. The article highlighted that 3 of these men had been with Rihanna, which may or may not have been relevant to the story depending on which version is accurate with regard to the motivation for the fight. How about judging all those guys for getting with her when each one knew the other one had been with her? No? Why am I not surprised?

    • me says:

      I don’t think anyone is calling her a “ho”…or maybe I missed a few comments…but the reason anyone is bringing it up is because the story is making it out to seem like the guys were fighting because they had all slept with Rihanna, so it kind of does have something to do with the story…perhaps jealousy amoung the men? I don’t know. Duh, men are pigs, that goes without saying !

      Plus Rihanna flaunts her sexuality to no avail…she wears tops showing her nipples and breasts, she is a very “sexually free” young woman and it’s a huge part of her image, so yeah ofcourse people are going to talk about it.

      • PrettyTarheel says:

        There have been several comments along the lines of, “Damn, Rihanna gets around.” It’s kind of irrelevant if she gets around. Her getting around doesn’t play into any of this. I know several social groups where there has been cross dating-people dating each other’s exes or former flings. In any insular industry with high time demands and social implications, when you hang out with people in your industry and party with people in your industry, as well as work with people in your industry-you end up sleeping with people in your industry. As long as no one is in a long-term committed relationship and cheating, what’s the bfd?

  44. lena80 says:

    Hypocrisy at it’s best.

    This is why people think it’s okay to beat on other people because “passes” are given when other people think it’s deserved or acceptable and this is the exact mindset of ABUSERS. People are drawing their own lines in the sand and then condemn others when its crossed.

    If it wasn’t acceptable for him to beat on Rihanna then it shouldn’t be acceptable for Drake (who was surrounded by his bodyguards) to throw a bottle like a Biotch at Chris Brown. He could have seriously injured him and who are we to say he deserved it? Why couldn’t they talk out their differences like men? Why the double standard?

    And let me make this perfectly clear, I am NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM A FAN OF EITHER ONE. I simply don’t condone violence and the only pass I give is when it is in self defense.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I understand. I DO. And while the diplomatic mother in me wants to say “That is NOT THE WAY,” the former battered woman in me says “Beat his ass into a coma, he deserves it.” (Abusers are NOTORIOUS for NOT picking on someone their own size.)

      I know that’s a conundrum of the highest order, and I know it’s not the “correct” way to be. But that’s how I feel. No amount of “It’s not nice to hit – use your words” is going to change it. My apologies in advance.

      • cupidityrox! says:

        Agreed bella!
        but unlike you i make no apologies. Chris Brown deserved this! & the article did say he attacked Drake first & was surrounded by his entourage as well. Maybe you havn’t met violent aholes me the only language they understand is violence. If Drake had walked away Chris would have been on twitter calling him a p*ssy. So there!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Oh, cupid, I was involved with one for 4 years. I understand violent assholes. (You could say I have a Master’s or Doctorate in Violent Asshole Behaviour.) ;)

        They are immature, temper-tantrum-prone toddlers in big-boy bodies. They have no regard for who or what they break. They are the proverbial “bulls in china shops” and are generally f*ck deficient about anything/one other than THEIR stuff and THEIR moods.

        I just didn’t want to set any one of said assholes off on this thread, hence the “apologies in advance” thing. (May they all burn in hell.)

      • Katija says:

        Dude, agreed on the no apologies thing. Whatever Drake’s relationship with Rihanna is is irrelevant. They’re obviously friends in the least who have done a song together. Beating the shit out of a guy who pummeled a girl you’re friends with (and basically got away with it) is called being a man.

    • cupidityrox! says:

      @ Bella
      The ”never met violent a holes” part of my comment was meant for Lena80 and not you hon. You are solid gold in my book.
      And I hope the violent jerk in your past got his.. ala Chris Brown. From one former victim to another..believe me I know.. (sends hugs)

    • jaye says:

      Drake didn’t throw the bottle, but I see and agree with the point you are making.

  45. Sarah says:

    Its always hilarious when Chris get’s his a$$ handed to him, but I can’t help but be disappointed in the fact that Drake and his entourage beat him up because they both dated Rihanna, not because Chris beat the crap out of her.

  46. IrishEyes says:

    And all I can think when I see that picture of him with a piece of his face missing is, “Drake, You missed a spot.” I don’t even like Riri…

  47. T.I.P says:

    Wow I think drakes a bitch if he had to get his crew to jump Chris, and Chris’s crews a bitch for letting it happen. Drake is known for throwing the first punch, and the only punch… Same with the common ordeal. Drake punched him in chest first cause he knows its gonna get broken up. Id sock that nigga in the mouth and drop his stupid ass, fuck that pussy. Not siding with anyone.

  48. Ainsley says:

    If Chris and Drake beat the snot out of each other I wouldn’t care, but I saw a photo of a bodyguard who got hit in the scuffle and it was horrible. People need to think before getting into fights like this because others get drawn in. Also, is there only one club in LA and one in NY? Why do these people always end up at the same place?

  49. HK9 says:

    Glad someone finally hit “BeatherdownBrown”. :-)

  50. Ohhlala says:

    beatdown from a Canadian? You know you’ve pissed off a lot of people when it’s a Canadian who gives you a whoopin’. (Note to Canadians: I’m just saying that you guys have an international reputation for being nice and non-aggressive.)ya right you should think before you write, do you have an idea how many canadians read your blog

  51. Ri says:

    Leave riri out of it….besides, Drake is not one to do such, CB is a thug and an immature douche, lol

  52. Madpoe says:

    you got yo behind kicked from the crippled kid from Degrassi High (NG).

  53. the original bellaluna says:

    Nice job, Drake. Next time put him in a coma, not stitches. PLEASE.

    Nobody deserves an ass-whoopin’ like CB.

  54. Bayarealife says:

    Definitely team drake. I hate Chris brown and everything he stands for which is dancing with no discernible singing talent and extreme lady rage. Did anyone else notice the cocaine in Chris browns nose in the pic?!?

  55. Jaded says:

    Rihanna appears to have hooked up with just about every rap/hip-hop musician, producer, whatever in the northern and southern hemispheres. My estimation of her has gone down, down, down and she’s proven that when you lie down with dogs you get fleas that ruin your reputation. However, good on Drake as it shows that almost nobody but a small hard core of goons will condone a man beating up a woman. People have long memories and this will continue to haunt Chris Brown for a lonnnngggggg time.

  56. Lisa says:

    Team Nobody. They’re both egocentric fools.

  57. Ms. Candy says:

    I don’t like either of these guys but that didn’t come from punching it came from a bottle that drake threw and it injured Chris but also injured innocent people…. Other people who were injured that had nothing to do with… Get Ur facts straight you’re quoting media takeout really!!!

  58. Reece says:

    I don’t care for Drake either way. I do like hearing about CB getting his ass handed to him. Although the fact that it was about sleeping with her and not beating her lessens the sadistic joy of it.
    Still…Flying chunks don’t heal nicely. LOL

    Btw 3 guys in this mini melee banged Rihanna??? ooook

  59. Ms. Candy says:

    After he threw the bottle then he went to hide in the bathroom, both need to grow up cause they messed up people fun night for petty shyt

    • Monie says:

      Simpletons cheering for a dude who threw a bottle and ran in the bathroom to hide out from the fight. Drake did not punch/hit Chris Brown. Kaiser, all people in the know have better sense than to quote That site is for pure “train wreck” viewing only.

      I know your taste for CB’s blood is strong but sorry, no one beat him up. A flying bottle did. So cheer for Crystal or Moet..whatever it was lol.

  60. Amanda G says:

    I know this makes me a hypocrite, but Chris deserves this for being such a punk. He picked on someone his own size for once and LOST. This story will keep me smiling all day. Thank you Drake, Meek or whoever did this.

  61. Katija says:

    Drake consistently just seems like a GOOD. EFFING. GUY. He just seems incapable of the douchebaggery that most rappers always seem to be guilty of. Like, when that girl got the forehead tattoo of his name and he was asked about it, he said nothing but nice things about the girl… but then when he was asked about the tattoo artist, he basically just let the guy have it. A lot of rappers would have been like, “Yeah, good job, man.” But Drake seemed aware of the fact that what that guy did wasn’t cool.

    I’m not exactly playing his music non-stop (although I do tend to like his songs when I hear them on the radio) or rushing to buy tickets to his shows, but I think he’s just frigging awesome.

  62. gg says:

    Interesting — Chris already had a scar in that same spot if you compare the photos.

  63. bagladey says:

    I won’t speak my mind except to say that I totally disapprove of bottle-throwing and that this situation is not good because where does it go from here?

  64. ViloDeMenus says:

    There is no doubt Chris and his entourage instigated this, and Chris expected his paid for friends to take the beating or dish it out. In a karmic turn of events he got a permanent reminder of how not to act once again. When will this guy learn?

    When he’s in prison for killing someone, it will happen someday he will be responsible for someone’s death.

  65. Remonty says:

    how totaly awesom point of view i do agree there is no point in violence

  66. Jenny says:

    First, violence is not the answer.

    But…if the tabloids want a “real” triangle, instead of making one up, this is who they should be following. A real throwdown in a club is all sorts of juicy instead of all the “sources say” such and such.

    Beautiful, talented, a little bit crazy woman, and two hot tempered men. Has messy written all over it.

  67. Patricia says:

    LOVE THIS!!!

    CB has some nerve saying shame on them for hitting him and posting a pic. But he wants everyone to forget about what he did to Rhianna.

    What a twat. I wish they had beat him into a coma.

  68. Diva says:

    Kasier…MTO is the LAST place you want to get a story from (although this story is true) MTO is one of the least credible sites on the internet. When I see they are the source I don’t even waste my time reading the story.

  69. Kim says:

    Throwing bottles like girls-I wish Rhianna had hit him with a bottle!

  70. WOM says:

    Note to Canadians: I’m just saying that you guys have an international reputation for being nice and non-aggressive.

    This made me laugh.

    My kids are in a dance troupe and they are performing to a Chris Brown track. We had to buy the song on iTunes so they could rehearse. After, to restore balance to my universe, I donated money to a charity that helps the victims of domestic abuse.

  71. Me says:

    I hate Canadians, Drake and Chris Brown. And especially nonviolence.

  72. skilo says:

    I wish some one would have taken his whole head off not just a piece of his ugly face.

  73. bubbles says:

    OMG what a bunch of f… selfentitled overgrown toddlers with IQs of cockroaches after a nuclear blowout. I saw the pictures of the battlefield and a bunch of people in that club probably missed out on making a couple of night’s worth of work =$$$$ because a couple of clowns’ egos clashed. bravo! what have we learned from the whole Biggi/Tupac episode, children??? go off and play then!

  74. KardASSian Butt ~formerly known as ZenB!tch says:

    These are rappers, right? No one used a gun. We’re all cool here.


    Is there any one Rhianna hasn’t f*cked?

  75. tiska says:

    Violance is not the answer…but sadly in my deep deep mind,im sort of think chris brown deserve it, damn im ashamed…

  76. skuddles says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy! :D

  77. iloveretro says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving, cowardly woman-beating do*chebag.

  78. Beatriz says:

    One crime doesn’t justify another. Both Drake and Chris Brown are assholes.

  79. Rux says:

    Christmas came early or Hanukhaa (sp?) in Drake’s case. If only Drake would have done to Chris what Chris did to Rihanna. This is the ONLY case where I believe it should be an eye for an eye.

  80. leetruth says:

    I would be ashamed to be a Canadian since they start fights they cannot finish and then hide in bathrooms shaking. Pathetic!

  81. dizzy says:

    My god, Chris Brown’s tweets are embarrassing. Look at your life, look at your choices.

  82. erika says:


    liddle chris-eee wiss-eee got a widdle boo boo!!!!

    booboo smoopy, lemme kiss your ow-eeee ouch-eee buh bye…

    say “say bye bye ow-ee!!” now slap my ass real hard like you’re beating up woman and go to bed.

    Good boy

  83. sweetpea says:

    Oh Kaiser!
    Is it me or does it appear that Chris Brown has a piece of rock cocaine in his nose? anyone else see it?

  84. marisa says:

    Chris is a straight-up asshole, and this is truly deserved.

  85. mewmow says:

    What is the white thing in his nose in 1st pict? Kinda suspicious. Just saying…..;-)

  86. busy ramone says:

    You are such a loser. Oohh I’m so anti-violence that I can’t cosign a woman-beating POS getting his ass kicked because they might have been “looking for an excuse”.

    Go get your ass beat by a man and then see what you think about it. Don’t be so holier than thou. The courts won’t tell him he’s wrong, so we should just let him keep strutting around like he did nothing wrong? I guess so, because you even diss Miranda Lambert for pointing it out how crazy it is that the Grammys are kissing his ass only 3 years after putting his woman in the hospital and threatening her with death.

    Oh and if you think Canadians have an international reputation for being “nice and non-aggressive” you don’t have the first clue what is going on in the world right now. But I guess that’s not surprising – world issues don’t happen unless Angelina Jolie is there to get her picture taken, right?


  87. leetruth says:

    Drake is a wimp for throwing a bottle and hiding in the bathroom. Rubbish.

  88. StopItLuke says:

    Apparently it wasn’t even Drake who did the “beating up” anyway because he was hiding behind his entourage and it wasn’t technically a beat down it was bottle throwing which is pretty p***y IMO.
    Also although I’m no fan of Chris if Drake didn’t want to accept the champagne he should have just sent it back minus the “I’m f***ing the love of your life, deal with it” note which was unnecessary and disrespectful towards Rihanna too…

  89. AussieExPat says:

    How about putting up a photo of the innocent Aussie girl at the club that got her head and face cut up due to these two morons arguing over a girl.

    Put them in a boxing ring and let them go at it.

  90. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    1. If you learned everything that you think you know about Canada’s foreign policy from a Trailer Park Boys marathon, feel free to run for Prime Minister as you are truly on the ball.

    2. Rome will once again all but perish in the flames once again because etymological martyrs will block the escape routes with their self-made pyres. Maybe occupying the office of Best Feminist Ever is a divine one, but the process of getting there and asserting your lofty superiority in the realm of semantics is a far more human affair. We do such a good job of catfighting our way to toxicity in the *interest* of supporting some sisterhood that the actual guilty parties are laughing at us and getting away with everything because we make it easy for them. They don’t have very hard at getting our empire to crumble around us because we’re invested in righteousness to even notice that we’re screwing ourselves over. It’s like scoring on one’s own net and a profitless enterprise. Wake us up when it sinks in that saying that you’re better isn’t the same thing as being better.

  91. Nunulove says:

    Lol I’m so glad Chris got his butt handed to him.

  92. Laura says:

    My boyfriend got a worse gash than that jumping between me and another guy (the (now former) kitchen manager at the restaurant we both work at) who decided after a heated exchange (that started with him calling my sister a whore and me a bitch) that he wanted to beat my face in. He didn’t go to the hospital, he just took me home and worried over ME being ok. But then again, my boyfriend’s a real man, not a woman beating douche.