LeAnn Rimes allegedly called a Twitter hater, called Brandi “vindictive”

I say this all the time, but I guess I have to reiterate it once again: I think LeAnn Rimes has mental health issues, I believe LeAnn is crazy and delusional and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if her Single White Female-ing of Brandi Glanville went a lot further than we know. Now, all of that being said, some of the people who hate on LeAnn Rimes are just as crazy. Of course, if you just leave LeAnn alone, she’ll still be crazy and she’ll still do and say delusional things. But the reaction should be to simply laugh and/or say, “Wow, I hope she gets some help.” The reaction should not be, “Let me Twitter-stalk LeAnn and make it my life’s mission to expose her cray-cray.” Her cray does not need to be “exposed”. The jig is up. All of us know that she’s cray.

So there’s this blog called “The Curious Case of LeAnn Rimes” also known as “lunaticleannrimes”. We got a tip that this blog had a juicy story about LeAnn – and if it’s true, it is pretty juicy. Apparently, LeAnn had lunch with some of her “fans” in Malibu… some time this month (I don’t know when exactly, the date on the blogpost is from yesterday) – you can see some photos from the lunch here. While at lunch with her “fans”, LeAnn allegedly called a stranger. The stranger (a woman) was someone who had tweeted some negative stuff about LeAnn, so LeAnn decided to call this woman up and defend herself. There are some heavily edited recordings of the alleged phone call – you can hear them here. I can’t figure out if I’ve properly embedded the recordings at all, so if the following recordings don’t work, you’ll just have to go to the site to hear them.

Check this out on Chirbit

Check this out on Chirbit

Check this out on Chirbit

In the recordings, Alleged LeAnn tells the “hater” to “trust” her, she could have fought back against “vindictive” Brandi, says that Brandi is “vindictive as f—king sh-t” and calls the hater “incredibly f—king rude” as she denies that she just called Brandi “vindictive”. It’s all pretty… crazy. If that is LeAnn. Which still hasn’t been verified.

By the way, LeAnn tweeted this bikini photo of herself and Bill Medley on Friday. Does anyone else think her bolt-ons look… less bolt-on-y? Did she get them fixed?

Older photos of LeAnn:

Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Krissy says:

    Does anyone know which twitter person she called?? Leann is seriously losing it. Who (in their right mind) calls someone they do not know from a social media website to bash their stepsons mother??? LEANN: Brandi is their mother…not you. You NEVER will be. She comes first and personally, I’d be alot more than “vindictive” to your bony ugly ass if you homewrecked to me

    • Jezi says:

      She called Kim who is 8Smileys on Twitter. It is Leann and she had called Kim asking her to come hang out and get to know her. Kim has always been pretty vocal about her disdain for Leann. Leann actually tried to deny this call even took place. She’s nuts!

      • brin says:

        Love you girls! You called out her lying azz!! Bet her party was a real blast…lol!

      • Jennifer12 says:

        This may sound crazy (but luckily Leann beats any comparison) but are you sure she wanted to hang out with Kim? Or was that what she said and was looking to gang up on her, even verbally, with her girl gang? Or something more insidious? You BBs are the best; without you, Leann’s crazy bully train would’ve really done a number on Brandi. Instead, she is being exposed, bit by crazy bit.

      • Leigh says:

        Ha. I can vouch for crazy Leann… I’m blocked on twitter by her.. and not only was I not a follower, but I didn’t even say anything bad about her! Was reading a story on here one day about her, and have peeked at her twitter a few times randomly – tried to follow her on twitter..aaannndd… blocked.. lol…So weird..

      • Dinah says:


        Two things:
        1. Please tell me what a BB is-Brandi Buddy?

        2. http://psychcentral.com/lib/2007/symptoms-of-borderline-personality-disorder/
        Check it out, seems as though it may fit Leanne well.

    • RocketMerry says:

      So agree, Krissy. She keeps saying that Brandi is menacing and threatening and aggressive to her… for all she is doing (stealing a husband, parading around with him as a prop to shove happy-pics down everyone’s throat, FRIGGING TRYING TO STEAL KID’S AFFECTION TOWARDS THEIR MOTHER!! And so on) I would have done so much more and worse than Brandi. But in the very least, I would have taken her ass in court for any possible chance, like to keep her away from the children, for instance. It’s clear Brandi is being calmer and more reasonable than most women would be.

      Leann is clearly ruined in the head.

    • Linda says:

      Think about it, one day Mason and Jake will listen to this recording and hate her.

      LeAnn, blood is thicker than water.

      • Samigirl says:

        That’s what I was thinking. Why say these things knowing the truth will come out?? My husband has jokingly called me “the worst,” (an inside joke) around my son, and he TRIPPED. You just don’t say bad things about a child’s mother. The kids will be offended by that!

  2. Eileen says:

    The only editing is turning up Leann’s replies. The full file will be posted today or tomorrow-its very long. Leann rambles for at least 20 minutes. And the convo went on longer than the recording started-she first called her and said “Hey Bitch! Meet me for a drink!”
    8smileys will explain-she is the one Leann called.
    This happened in March-we have given her 4 months to admit she did-but she has lied to Eddie, Brandi and everyone else saying she didn’t do it. After 4 months -we just said F-it and posted it. I can’t stand liars-she lies constantly.
    WHO calls some stranger from Twitter and bashed her stepsons mother??? She is mentally insane and needs to be away from those boys -stat.

    • brin says:

      Thank you, Eileen for making this public!
      And Kaiser for posting.

    • Lily says:

      I agree, those boys will be effected by her mental instability if they are not removed from her care. Eddie and Brandi need to work something else out for the sake of those boys. Eddie you better step up if you care anything about your sons and do whatever is necessary to stop her craziness. She has ruined her music career, and you will be lucky to get anymore jobs just by association with her.

    • Amelia says:

      Eileen that’s incredibly interesting!

    • Macey says:

      How did she get her phone number?

      she is really just scary at this point.

    • thetruthhurts says:

      She denied it to Eddie? Details please! I always thought they were in on it together ‘tit for tat.’ He could use this as a reason to walk out the door. This, and his new alleged girlfriend of course.

      • cmc says:

        His “new alleged girlfriend”?! Queeeee??? Details, please.

        I can’t help it- I’m not interested in the Brandi/Leann/Eddie triangle of insanity, but I love how much inside info celebitchy commenters have!

    • Jennifer12 says:

      You guys are AWESOME. You’re like frontline soldiers. Wonder how much longer it will be before Leann’s entire craziness is exposed for what it is. Without the BBs, this insane bully would’ve almost crushed an innocent mother…. all because she had the nerve to be married to the person Leann wanted. And birth children Leann wanted to purchase.

      • brin says:

        Agreed, I can’t believe all the crap Leann has gotten away with…this is the stuff of horror films. Thanks to the BBs she is finally being shown as the nasty creature she is.

    • Kimbob says:

      Yes, @Eileen, thanks for your & Kaiser’s efforts for obtaining this & posting it here. I’ve always read most of the posts here about LeAnn, Eddie, & Brandy, & yes I suspected LeAnn was all kinds of CRAZY, but now we all have tangible proof of exactly HOW NUTSO she really is!

      It’s really amazing the lengths this nut case (LeAnn) goes to to try & make herself look like a saint/an “innocent.” Now I really know it’s all a big-time RUSE. I mean, SERIOUSLY….what person in their RIGHT MIND would pick up a phone & call & invite a HATER, who is a COMPLETE STRANGER, having never known this person, to have drinks, & take all the time (20 mins. @ least) to try & defend herself?!

      Seriously, a SANE, peace-loving, DRAMA-FREE person does not do these things. I’m convinced now that LeAnn absolutely loves drama, stirring the pot, & she seems to get a real kick out of “putting herself & her stupid drama out there.”

      No, no one in their right mind does these kinds of things….she’s SO GUILTY. I don’t know whether to dislike her more than I already do….or to feel sorry for her…I’m serious….I’m kind of conflicted.

      Two things for sure….1)this woman NEEDS PROFESSIONAL INTERVENTION & 2)someone needs to intervene & get those 2 boys away from her clawy grasp before even more mental/emotional damage is done to them!

  3. MrsBPitt says:

    I can’t even look at this woman anymore! She just oozes crazy out of every pore…I hate to admit this, cause I feel like a terrible person, but as a celeb gossip addict, I am anxiously waiting for the inevitable melt-down…I believe it will be epic! Its gonna make Brittany Spears head shaving look normal!

    • deehunny says:

      totally. it’s gonna be epic. Brit went cray but shaved her head b/c KFed threatened to hair test her for drugs and expose the findings to the court (they were undergoing their divorce then).

      Leanne is just insane.

  4. Rita says:

    Yes, the foul mouth belongs to LeAnn. Not only did LeAnn know she was being recorded, pictures were also taken during the conversation.

    This is the LeAnn of the NOH8 campaign and this is the crap that Brandi has been putting up with for years. The recording of LeAnn talking to a stranger she met on twitter was made just months ago. This is why LeAnn should never be given the benefit of the doubt.

    In her voice you can hear the vulgar venality spewing forth like the projectile vomit of that chick in the Exorcist.

    This is “America’s Sweetheart”? Imagine Shirley Temple saying of the captain of the Good Ship Lollipop “He’s vindictive as f-cking sh-t”, or Judy Garland saying to the good witch of the north in the Wizard of Oz “You’re vindictive as f-cking sh-t”, or Chris Brown holding Rihanna by the throat and saying “You’re vindictive as f-cking sh-t”….okay Chris Brown was never considered America’s Sweetheart but you see that American Sweethearts have certainly changed over time.

    • Peachy says:

      Remember in GWTW, when Scarlett says “Rhett, you are vindictive as f-cking sh-t!” and Rhett says “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn..”.
      That was awesome.

    • Dirtnap says:

      I think she gargles with toilet water straight from the bowl. The girl yelled, “Now, let’s have some cake, bitches!” at her own wedding. Klassy with a “k,” that LeAnn.

  5. sillyone says:

    Batshit crazy.

  6. Steph says:

    Good for Leanne for taking up for herself. She has taken this stalking abuse for years now. Has anyone stopped to think maybe Brandi really is vindictive? She seems cray on Bravo

    • Jezi says:

      Oh yes Brandi is the vindictive one. You know why? Because she wouldn’t lay down dead while a woman viciously stalked her husband, try to take her friends and then totally insert herself into those boys lives and take over. So good for Brandi for standing up to a mentally ill woman.

      • karley says:

        So would u call a random person on Twitter to convince them to join ur side? Brandi
        got her family destroyed & screwed by the divorce & her children are forced to be around a nutcase who exposes them to random internet crazy fans of hers. If she was ever vindictive she earned it. These days tho brandi doesn’t even acknowledge leann so it goes back to why is leann meeting ppl off the internet

      • Dawn says:

        Exactly right Jezi. If this was back in March, I thought Leann was everyone was past this crap. Apparently she is not. She is the one that put herself in the middle of Brandi’s life. So she will have to deal with the consequences. She has no right to complain about anything. She clearly believes that she has no boundaries in this matter at all.

      • Linda says:

        I totally agree that Leann is completely out of touch with how her actions and words are making her look BUT I don’t think she’s mentally ill for wanting to defend herself to someone who has made it her life’s mission (Smiley and friends) to ruin Leanns life. The bigger question is what are YOU all accomplishing by calling her out. You prove her to be a liar, SO WHAT? You are only making yourselves look crazy because you have literally dedicated YEARS of your lives to stalking Leann. Leann and Brandi are fine now and all your years of twitter bashing have accomplished NOTHING but make you BB’s look crazier than Leann. I am not a Leann fan, I don’t agree with what she is doing and I agree she is self absorbed and arrogant but those of you who spend day after day talking about her and hide behind your obssession by saying that you are just speaking your mind, you crazier than her. Brandi has moved on, take a page from her book and ask yourself what have you really accomplished with all this????????????

      • Jezi says:

        Who said it was our life’s mission Linda? Were we the ones who called Leann? NO! Leann did that herself. Why would she call someone who doesn’t like her? This woman has done background checks on us. This woman has gone out of her way to try and “win” us over. For what? We only respond to what she puts out there. It’s her actions that create this not ours. So before you go and defend someone, you should really understand what is going on. We aren’t the ones who go out and search for the women Eddie is cheating with, in fact people come to us with their stories. There are many people who don’t like Leann, not just us.

      • Linda says:


        I am NOT defending anyone! I know who you are and I am well aware of how many years you all have put into this. YOU are the ones constantly defending the fact that you spend day after day for years now bashing someone. I actually tweet regularly with someone who can’t stand Leann but we have a great relationship because she is capable of talking about other things and I just laugh off her LR comments. You have been photographed with BG yet you and Smiley want to call out LR for hanging with fans…Perception is reality and excuse me for having the perception that you’re on a mission when you spend the majority of your time trying to bring someone down while really really enjoyingit and all the while Brandi has moved on and is better off without that idiot ex of hers. Just admit you fill your time with this crap and you enjoy hurting Leann….what does that make you?? I know now you’ll call me a troll or a crazy fan when in reality I am not. I am just home sick today and bored myself and can’t believe the levels you all have stopped to.

      • Katie says:

        Oh Dear Jezi

        WE GET IT, WE GET IT, Leann is evil, mental, crazy, delusional, stalker, homewrecker,

        WHAT DOES IT SAY ABOUT YOU that you are obssessed with proving this to everyone, You may not be evil but YOU are pathetic at how much energy you put into this. From what I hear you better be careful not to neglect a certain someone…pay attention to your own CHEATER, I guess he’s no better than Eddie or Leann but you married him anyway

      • Eileen says:

        This is where it always turns sad. The trolls come out and start attacking people personally on the site. Leann acts inappropriately and its all our faults. I honestly don’t know how you can with good conscious throw persons feelings and peoples children on the table because Leann calls a person who doens’t like her and acts insane. BOOHOO-there isn’t a celeb on the planet who everyone LOVES. Read KimK’s timeline if you want to see death threats and nastiness. Does Kim acknowledge it? Hell no. All Leann does is claim a victim or fight with people who won’t agree withe everything she does. And WE have no life?
        Oh and PS-at least we put ourselves out there on the table as us-personal issues and all. Then you nasty trolls scoop it up & use it to hurt. Shame.

      • Jessica says:

        Katie and Linda, Its obvious you don’t spend nearly as much time viewing Jezi’s Twitter TL as you claim to or else you wouldn’t say something so stupid and false that she spends her days bashing Leann. Since you have such an interest in the ladies who ‘make this their life’s mission’ why don’t you actually pay attention so you can see this is a group of women that are FRIENDS because of their shared life interests, not because of Leann. Maybe you should ask Leann for advice on internet stalking because you are clearly dropping the ball on what you THINK you know about Jezi.

    • Christy says:

      Oh Steph that is not standing up for herself, that is trying to bully a person on twitter to coming around to “her truth”. Nice try though.

    • Rita says:

      Hello troll, Billy Goat Gruff here. Get out from under my bridge.

      While LeAnn spews forth her “let’s move on”, “bury the hatchet”, and “taking the high road” crap in public, this is what’s going on behind the scenes.

      LeAnn stalks complete strangers while Brandi goes on with her life. Imagine the lies LeAnn is telling her supporters.

      LeAnn says she’s educating Brandi’s children that “tit for tat is wrong”. This coming from a woman whose tats don’t even look like tits. I’ve noticed the oldest boy doesn’t want anything to do with LeAnn in photos anymore because he knows her game now.

      Several people think this story has been over done but while Brandi has every right to be “vindictive as f-cking sh-t” she has only said of LeAnn that she is “over bearing” and of Eddie that “he is a douche”.

      LeAnn’s detractors on the other hand have every right to say what they want. We speak for ourselves, not Brandi!!!

    • Minu says:

      how is calling brandi ” vindictive shit ” standing up for herself ? Never heard brandi bad mouthing her .

    • thetruthhurts says:

      Um, what show are you watching because Brandi did not look “cray” on Bravo. She came across as a really sweet woman who the other ladies picked on for no reason instead of trying to get to know her. That is why the public embraced her and she was invited back for another season, unlike Dana. Standing up for yourself is what SHE did to those women who were playing mean girl on her, not what you are saying LeAnn did by talking trash about the mother of her stepsons, a HUGE no-no in the world of Step Moms. Also, LeAnn should not be teaching the boys ANYTHING. That should be left to their mother, their father and their schools. All LeAnn needs to do is continue to take out her checkbook.

      Now move along…

    • Jessica says:

      Leann is the one who has been stalked? Are you serious? Clearly you haven’t seen the piles of evidence to support that Leann has stalked Brandi from day one. She stalked Ed, too, until she arranged for the paps to catch them together AGAIN, Brandi saw it and she kicked his ass out. Make NO mistake Ed did NOT leave Brandi for Leann. Leann has admitted (Chelsea Lately show) that she tips the paps off to where she is, this is NOT a secret at all. When Brandi kicked him out, Ed had nowhere else to go so why not give into his sugar mama? To suggest Brandi ever stalked this girl is laughable. Brandi isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and say what you will about her, SHE WAS WRONGED HERE. NOT LEANN. If anyone had a right to be vindictive it was Brandi. But she wasn’t. She has shown surprising restraint considering. How can you Twitter stalk someone who puts their entire life on display like Leann does? Leann pretty much can’t take a shit without putting it on Twitter. She invites the world into her business on a daily basis. We are talking about a woman who is spending the ENTIRE month of August celebrating herself. Name one other celebrity that actually tries to convince ‘haters’ that she’s not wrong? NO ONE.

      • cashmere bouquet says:

        Actually Kim K met one of her haters on her show and spent some time with her. Pretty funny, huh?

      • LOL says:

        Kim K met one of her haters on a TV show named H8′er and got PAID for it. Of course. There’s a difference.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      You can’t be serious. Leann took what she wanted, when she wanted it and didn’t stop there. She’s threatened, harassed and stalked Brandi and attempted to push her out of her own sons’ lives. What you are seeing is called karma. Leann thought she could get rid of a “nobody” and instead that woman has her own show, and thousands of fans who refuse to let a bully run the show. There is so much evidence of what Leann does and has done that there is no turning back. And she and Eddie deserve it.

    • Kaytee says:

      If someone was trying to steal your image, your kids, your life – you might be vindictive too. Leann is freaking crazy. I hope Brandi files something to keep her kids away from this jealous, crazy woman.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Steph, problem with that theory is that Bravo is showing edited footage of an “unscripted” TV show.

      THIS is actually happening, in REAL time, in REAL life. No editing or ratings involved.

    • 8smileys says:

      @Linda This is actually pretty funny. I have met so many fabulous people in Twitter & contrary to what you said we discuss so many topics, LR is a very small part of our discussions. We often go long periods without mentioning her, because Brandi doesn’t like seeing it on her timeline & we have many things to tweet about. I’ll be tweeting about you @ 8 tune in! ;)

      @katie You are very cruel & heartless person. How dare you say something so mean to Jezi?! I hope that you never have to experience the betrayal that so many women have suffered due to cheating. I’ll never understand a person who could use something so personal & throw it in another’s face. The nerve!!!

      • Katie says:

        Are YOU kidding me right now? You can’t be serious??? I am one person with no followers, and I throw a nasty jab at Jezi and you tell me how terrible I am. So it’s okay for you all to attack and say disgusting things to Leann for two years on a daily basis. WOW, you cant be that clueless as to how hypocritical you are. You can dish it out but you cant take it. How does it feel? You freak over one comment by one person yet you hide behind a protected account on twitter so you can trash Leann freely. You may be a good person but you have truly lost sight here….You just said to me You truly cant understand how someone could throw something so personal in someones face…REALLY?? REALLY???? YOU and jazz and jezi and fran can do it all day everyday though, right? cuz you’re better than that right???? I only said it to prove a point, thanks for proving it. What you are doing is heartless but because you don’t like Leann and she is public with her mistakes, then that makes it ok for you to trash her right???? Keep rationalizing it but there are intelligent thoughtful normal people out here that do not care for Leann either but view what you’re doing as even sicker. You blame her behavior on mental problems, whats your excuse????

      • 8smileys says:

        @Katie The fact that you just manically typed out a huge amount of words with multiple punctuation marks, doesn’t prove anything! Using Jezi proved nothing, except that you are just as mean, if not meaner than you “claim” we are. Yes, I call out LR’s obnoxious behavior, but I don’t throw in her face things that she, herself, can’t control. That was just cruel.

  7. dorothy says:

    LeAnn, get off the phone, get some help and put some clothes on.

  8. Fran says:

    I hate myself for liking her jeans in that last picture.

  9. valleymiss says:

    Leann shouldn’t be out at lunch, she should be tweeting and buying bikinis. Leann doesn’t tweet enough! LEANN NEEDS MORE BIKINIS!

    Her craziness is funny and sad, all at once. I can’t believe the way she’s destroyed her career over Eddie.

    • Bobby sue says:

      Also, shouldn’t she be singing, or working on her career or her “brand”?? She’s going to be divorced, washed-up and broke by the time she’s 39.

  10. Sal says:

    The GREAT IRONY, is that its LEANN that is the vindictive one; taunting Brandi, getting amejean to attack her, creating the witchy account (to keep her main account clean) that was proven to come from her phone to call Brandi names, having Darrell harass her etc. Disregarding Brandi’s wishes etc. Talking about the boys on Twitter and publishing their photos when Brandi specifically asked her repeatedly not to – THAT is done out of pure vindictiveness, no other reason. Brandi could really go her if she wanted to, but she doesn’t have a vindictive bone in her body, she doesn’t care about revenge, only her children. Rimes is a spiteful and vindictive bitch who does thinks deliberately to spite Brandi. LR is the very LAST person on earth or at least in this mess, to ever have the right to use the word vindictive. LR is Vindictive to a V.

  11. valleymiss says:

    Btw, Leann turns 30 at the end of this month. I expect some epic tweets and bikini vacation photos. One has to wonder – since Eddie and Leann really can’t get work, what is it that they’re constantly on vacation FROM?

    • Dawn says:

      She is 30, and acting like a high school kid. Really very strange!

    • Becky says:

      The most accurate net worth estimates come from divorces,so does anyone here know how much she was worth at the time of her divorce? Ive been wondering just how much she’s worth…

  12. Suze says:

    Eddie is a complete piece of crap for letting her talk about his ex like that. Whatever bitterness he has for Brandi for not putting up with his cheating, he owes it to his children to protect them from LeAnn’s obvious mental health issues. She is a dangerous liar and completely poisonous and I would hate to think about the things that she says to those kids about their Mother. She is even starting to look evil to me now. I know that there are some people who may be obsessed with her in an unhealthy way, but she just puts so much out there that she is just asking for it. I hope that this revealing of her nastiness and poor judgment costs her big time. BYW, who the hell would be friends with a person like this? Other then the fact that she would probably pay for lunch, I can’t see any other redeeming qualities.

  13. KellyinSeattle says:

    What in the WORLD is she thinking, wearing that “bikini”…linergie. My lord, she really looks like she tries SO HARD to look sexy. And she looks so clingy to Eddie!

    • Cam S says:

      @ KellyinSeattle:
      Omg right? WHY is she taking a photo with that man while wearing yet another BIKINI? Her stomach area scares me, and she looks like a post-op transvestite (no offense to post op transvestites). Are they on the beach, cuz it doesn’t look like it. Leann is a try hard, and any fans she has left must be the biggest pieces of sh*t to walk the earth if they buy into her bullcrap.

      Her constant need of approval and adoration is why she is on twitter, and meets random admirers. It is pathetic and sick. If she wants people to like her, she sure is going about it the wrong way!
      Oh yeah, and she has a bad case of monkey face :)

  14. Birdix says:

    wow, there’s a lot of ill will toward LR.

    • Jezi says:

      And rightfully deserved. She has been awful to Brandi and she isn’t exactly a kind person.

    • Lady D says:

      Falcor has worked very, very hard over the past 3 years creating the environment she now lives in. She has shown countless times just how vindictive, sadistic, backhanded, sneaky, and cruel she is. She is a horrible person and nobody deserves ill will more.

  15. Lucy2 says:

    Given her mental state, that helmet should be worn 24/7.

    In her own twisted way, she must really love all of this attention, negative as it may be. Any sane person would do their best to ignore it, but she is actively courting drama.

  16. Marianne says:

    why are there so many photos of her in a bikini while everyone else in the pic have clothes on?

  17. Over It says:

    It’s easy to say you are teaching not to be tit for tat when you start everything, but once anyone calls her out they are wrong or vindictive. She is a hypocrite, obviously very deeply disturbed, and will hopefully hit bottom enough to get help soon. Too bad her mother doesn’t care enough about her to truly get her help. Maybe if she does shave her head or whatever is next, someone can step in and get her the help she needs. It’s getting sad to watch. Say what you want about Brandi, but she has handled this situation with grace and restraint. I think she is trying to keep the boys safe by not causing problems with Leann, and knows Leann will cause her own downfall.

    • thetruthhurts says:

      That sounds like a good assessment. Brandi is not a goody-too-shoes and she never claims to be (unlike LeAnn). She admits she has flaws and don’t we all. I’d rather have a fun crazy friend who throws out the F word a little too often than a holier than now friend like LeAnn, who pretends to do good and make peace with all, but has evil intentions in the back of her mind, hidden. Brandi is a strong woman and I can’t wait for that book to come out. I wish it would be released before Christmas.

  18. Prinny says:

    Why are people surprised by this. Leann has been this way long before Eddie. Look at the things she said about Carrie Underwood because she won female vocalist of the year a few years back.

    • moxylady007 says:

      What did she say?

    • Dawn says:

      I don’t think many are really surprised as much as surprised she got real good at her own game.

      I had been not commenting on here or twitter lately about her and her crazy mess because I wanted her relevance to go away and maybe the boys and Brandi can get some relief. It looks like no matter what she is going to keep at it until she has lost everything. I was a fan for a long time, but quit being when this mess first came out. I know there was never this much crazy mess out of her before she got involved with Eddie Cibrian. Really sad that so many people are hurt and affected by their continuing actions. Eddie is so quiet about everything, if she would shut up about the mess it would finally go away!

    • claire says:

      So true. Her atrocious personality has hindered her career for years and is well documented back into her teen years. Twitter just made it more obvious, more public, and reached a lot more people.

      Long story short: She wrote a really rude, condescending blog post about how Carrie Underwood didn’t deserve an award she had won, because she hadn’t paid her dues.

  19. Starsky says:

    i checked her twitter, its her 30th birthday today? wow you guys are cold lol releasing it on her birthday. karma presents delivered!

    • Lily says:

      No, today is not her birthday. Her birthday is August 28th I believe. She is celebrating her birthday all month according to her. Party party party ya know. Any excuse to party and wear more bikinis. I mean who celebrates a birthday for a whole month besides maybe Jesus? Give us an f’ing break.

    • claire says:

      It’s really not her birthday though. Her birthday she said is at end of the month but she is celebrating it all month. Something about not having had a month off since she was 13. The weeks and weeks of vacations she and Eddie have been taking these last 3 years don’t really count because she has had to work 1 or 2 days a month, in the months where she doesn’t cancel due to “dental” surgery.

  20. Birdie says:

    Wow, what a mess. I feel bad for Brandi and the boys. Hey Leann, F U, get help.

  21. Dawn says:

    What I find concerning about this is that Leann’s persona that she tries to put out is totally opposite of what she is like on these recordings. She is very foul mouthed, hateful talking, and judgmental. She is trying to portray that she is christian, lovable, helps so many people, but her mouth and her actions tells of a very different person. So we know no one knows what goes on behind close doors. I really feel concerned for the boys in this case because of her hiding (which it lying as well) her really hateful side.

  22. Relli says:

    Wow, just wow. There are now words.

  23. Sarah says:

    Call ME crazy, but I’d love to go to lunch with. LeAnn. Front row tickets to Crazytown.
    She has no self awareness, no insight into her own true nature. In her mind, she is entitled to whatever she wants, and she can rewrite her history with lies. It wouldn’t surprise me if she believes the stuff she
    embellishes about her life.
    I tend to think of Brandi as trashy, but as a divorced mom I feel for her. I can’t imagine a breakup going down like that and having to live with the sort of fuckery LeAnn puts them all through.
    I’ve heard many rumors that Eddie treats his new vows with the same respect as the old ones. LeAnn will get what she deserves from this mess, no doubt.
    Karma’s a bitch and she will come a knocking.

  24. claire says:

    Leann’s motto in life is: I want what I want however I want it, no matter who gets hurt. I have a right to be happy at cost to anyone else. If you disagree with my asshole ways, you are judgmental and sad, abusive, etc.

    Her worldview is again reiterated by her saying tit-for-tat is not ok. It really is her saying: take it, don’t give it back.

    I commend Brandi and anyone else for standing up against her. She may be able to sing, but that doesn’t give her special rights to go through life being a jerk. It doesn’t mean she can publicly stalk and harass people, or that it’s ok for her to egg on her friends and employees to do the same. She’s acted like the biggest jerk I’ve ever seen this last 3 years. I do agree with CB: there are some people that hate Leann that go way too far on Twitter. But, for those of you that have been directly targeted by Leann for being fans, or friends of Brandi, (wasn’t Leann’s friend AM harassing 8Smileys directly for awhile??), then, by all means…stand up for yourself as well. There’s no reason for anyone to have to lie down and take Leann’s psychotic crap.

    • Prinny says:

      Didn’t you know? She’s special. A miracle child. Her parents told her so, she was born to change the world. *rme*

    • dee says:

      I’m sure Brandi Glanville has friends; maybe many, many of them. Does she have “fans” though? Of what would a person be a fan? She’s famous because her husband cheated on her and for nothing else.

      • claire says:

        Don’t be a troll. I’m sure you know she’s a cast member on a TV show.

        She seems to have many friends. A ton of them she’s known for a decade or two. Says a lot about a person when they have friends, especially long-term ones. Strange how Leann doesn’t…

  25. Ojulia says:

    This was just the distraction I needed from my own life right now.

    I love you guys.

  26. Paloma says:

    Wow, wonder if the blind item on CDAN is true about Eddie cheating on LeAnn? He did it once; therefore it would be easier this time around to do it again.

  27. DANDILION says:

    She’s stupid, vindictive, willful and imagines she is superior in taste and thought.. demanding, manipulating people she encounters and wants to back her to take what she says and does as right and fair.., so that they fear the anger and want her to become happy again, generous and kind so they back down.. bow to her opinions as she has money., some fame.. certainly more than they shall ever possess? She chooses any friend after a trial for loyalty.. and makes sure they are in some kind of debt to her as she is paying their way, can provide privileges.. hate to be a servant in her house.

  28. thetruthhurts says:

    Correction. Everyone does not know LeAnn is cray cray. A couple gossip blogs such as yours report on it, but the mainstream media HAS NOT. And they should. Unfortunately this phone call is in bits and the girl she is talking to misquoted her back. Kind of stupid, but she did say Brandi was vindictive *allegedly* Unfortunately, we wont know the full context of this story until the ENTIRE UNEDITED phonecall is posted. It better be today before LeAnn can call her lawyers Monday morning & stops it’s release before Radar & TMZ get a hold of it. They love to play recordings. Remember Mel Gibson?

    • Jezi says:

      If you listen to one of the clips you can hear Leann say Brandi was “Vindictive as fucking shit and loves to go tit for tat and she’s going to teach those boys not to do that”. There is no mistaking that.

    • 8smileys says:

      @thetruthhurts Yes, you are correct I misquoted Leann & later in the tape I apologize to LR & say, “I must’ve misheard you!”! I was caught off guard by her phone call to me & I was really just trying to explain to her that, MY, opinions of her were not based on tabloid articles, but rather on what I’ve seen her do/tweet on Twitter. I had never paid attention to the affair or the aftermath, until the summer of 2010 when I followed her for a few months on Twitter. I saw the passive aggressive tweets & taunting, way before I even knew her Brandi was. I had never read an article or posted on a blog site, I simply saw through her BS!

      Yes, I misquoted her, but at the time, I believed that’s what she said. Unlike LR, I can admit when I’m wrong. Oh, and the tape isn’t edited, just a few clips were played. There’s 20 minutes of the conversation recorded! I wish I had recorded the entire convo, but my daughter started recording about 15-20 minutes in. From the beginning she cussed like a trucker & I even asked her to watch her language. I wasn’t cussing, & I find it unnecessary to cuss like she did. In fact, most of what she said was unnecessary, but that’s LR in all of her shining glory!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        8smileys – You ROCK! :D Thank you for piping in here at CB! (Ditto for Jezi, eileen, and others who enlighten us as to the WHOLE true nature of this shrew.)

      • Memphis says:

        I think I would have hung up thinking it was some kind of joke. I mean, how many celebrities (and yes I’m using that word in it’s loooosest possible definition when applied to Leann) call a twitter fan to argue about what that fan believes! That is insane!

        I’m glad you stayed on the line! And I’m glad she will be exposed for being the liar she is.

      • 8smileys says:

        @theoriginalbellaluna Thanks! :)

        @Memphis I was absolutely in shock. My 19yo daughter was with me & I put it on speaker. We were giggling & my daughter was texting her friend saying, “My mom just told Leann Rimes she’s trashy!” (sadly before we started recoding. I had said it referring to her language!) her friend responded, “Who?”! ;) The entire thing is insane & LR will never understand how completely inappropriate it was!

      • Jennifer12 says:

        You’re an amazing, brave person. The sad irony here is that you’ve done more to stop a vicious bully than Leann sticking out her chest for No H8. Please be careful, though- she is NOT right in the head. If she contacts you, record it or video it and if she wants to meet, don’t go alone. I’m serious; she is seriously unwell and venomous.

      • Pinky says:

        Unless you informed her that you and your daughter were recording her, if either you or LeAnn were in California at the time of the taping, you can and likely will be prosecuted. My guess is LeAnn will see to it. You need to get a lawyer.

      • Sal says:

        You did great 8smileys! I cannot believe she had the guts to bald-face lie and say she had no idea what Amejean tweeted. She FOLLOWED/FOLLOWS him, for goodness sake! So of course she is going to see his posts on her timeline, of course she knew! And the whole ;) icons she gave in reply to many of his anti-Brandi tweets? Did she honestly forget she did them? Her faux ‘oh I’m going to talk to him when I get off’ ACT, wow, can she truly ACT! Does she expect anyone to buy that, when she herself followed and read all his tweets on her timeline? Don’t tell me her and Amejean weren’t in cahoots together. I believe LR was in on it with Amejean from the start. And like I said elsewhere, if anyone has been vindictive, right from the start, its LR. Brandi has been far too passive and been too quiet and put up with far too much. Brandi has shown admirable strenth, class and restraint against LR’s vindictive psychotic bs. LR is the very personification of vindictive. And evil and hateful and cruel.

      • Amelia says:

        8smileys, great job! Well done for exposing Leann as the cray-cray nut job she really is.

      • Ming Lee says:

        @8smileys — way to go!! there is no way leann can deny her own voice saying such horrible, ridiculous things.
        i swear she told you to ‘shut up’ and then realized and changed it when you asked her to repeat herself, so then she says, ‘i shut up.’ but maybe thats just me.

      • Blackbird says:

        Hi 8smileys, this whole thing is amazing and thank goodness you recorded it. My family and I have to deal with someone exactly like LR on a daily basis, and just like LR, she does and says things and then totally denies them, or twists the story around. It’s awful. Plus, she also tries to make out that she’s some kind of saint who doesn’t swear or raise her voice, when in fact our last phone call ended with her telling me to “F*** you!” (just because I wasn’t buying what she was saying, basically), and she swore several times throughout. So similar in behaviour to LR. I’ve learned that you just can’t reason with these people.

        Anyway, well done to you…and I’m really curious – how did LR get your phone number?!

      • Linda says:

        Good for you for not cussing however your daughter cusses like a sailor on twitter and some of your besties are downright vile. I think you are probably a really decent person but you and yours are way too quick to judge others who dont agree with what your’e doing and most of you seem to absolutely refuse to acknowledge that someone like me is merely speaking out against the constant hate and this does not mean we are defending Leann. I do not defend Leann. She has NO self awareness at all. Your Lexi should learn from you.

      • 8smileys says:

        CB ate my comment! :/

        @Jennifer12 Thanks :)

        @Pinky Thanks! I’ve got it covered! :)

        @Amelia Thanks! :)

        @Sal Right? We all know that she knew exactly what Ame was doing. She flew him out the week before she called me. Unbelievable!

        @Blackbird I can’t imagine! OY! She got my number from Dobbie, who was at lunch with her when she called.

        @MingLee I totally thought the same thing, that’s why I was like “WHAT?”! I guess I’ll never know! :)

        @Linda You haven’t a clue about my daughter! We couldn’t ask for a more perfect child! Have a great night!

      • Eileen says:

        Wow “Linda” for not being a Leann fan and not really caring much about any of this, you certainly have a hard-on for 8Smiley! Sorry to inform you she is happily married and doesn’t swing that way.
        How do we know you’re an LR fanatic? Its the same M.O. every.damn. time. At least form a new game plan! You start out as not Leann fans, BUT…., then every post slowly and slowly exposes the vitriol and crazy LR has been feeding you, or you just get jollies that she takes time out of her busy bikini trying on schedule to tweet you something. Seriously-if you hate people calling her out on her bad behavior-ask her stop stop acting this way! Done and done.

  29. Pollo says:

    Brandi and her are both trash, so why is everyone defending brandi? sure maybe she’s lying, but they are both TRASH so who cares what they do to each other?

  30. valleymiss says:

    I just tried to check out Leann’s twitter to see her reaction to these phone convo clips being posted…and apparently her twitter is now set to “private.”

    • LOL says:

      LOL- You are blocked. Join the club. Log out of your twitter then go to her page, you will see the tweets. Any idea what you might have done to piss her off?

    • Monica says:

      its not private i can still see it, maybe you are blocked?

    • Jezi says:

      She’s not private. Do you have a Twitter account? If you do then she probably blocked you and that’s why you can’t see her tweets.

      • Monica says:

        im a lurker and have been following this drama on the sidelines for awhile, jezi i think eileen should release the full audio asap because it being chopped up may seem a tad suspicious to some and if yall really want the media like TMZ etc to take up the story they probably need full convo, just a suggestion, also are eddie’s affairs coming out in tabs this week, i know it sounds cruel but i been waiting on this for years

      • heather says:

        @monica @jezi I am a lurker too I don’t have twitter or usually comment on these articles but I have been following this story for a while and I agree with Monica. Please get the full audio out as soon as you can don’t let her discredit that evidence.

      • valleymiss says:

        I don’t have a twitter and have never logged on to a twitter account. I usually just google the celeb’s name+twitter, and then click on the link. That’s how I read Gaga’s, etc. I’ve read Leann’s before, but this time it wouldn’t let me. Maybe I’ll try again?

      • valleymiss says:

        Hmm, I guess my phone and/or twitter was being funky earlier, cuz now I can read Leann’s twitter just fine.

      • KellyinSeattle says:

        She blocked me…

  31. I.want.shoes says:

    Girl is crazy. And has way too much free time on her hands.

    But Ediot seriously needs to grow a pair a step up. Brandi is still the kids’ mom should never tolerate anyone to harass/insult how kids’ mother.

  32. Hotpockets says:

    Ok, I could barely listen to those recordings because the girl questioning Leanne, her voice is so annoying that it made my ears bleed.

    Both of them sound insane and are in dire need of some productive hobbies. The end.

    I’m curious, did anyone see that lifetime movie that started this whole thing, the one with Eddie and Leanne, where they first fell for each other? Thanks a lot lifetime!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:


    • Eileen says:

      This girl had no clue Leann was going to call her -call her f’ing rude and bash Brandi, who she doens’t know personally-bashing her for her voice is pretty harsh in my opinion.

      • Hotpockets says:

        eh, she chose to put this up to exploit the situation and herself, and she does have a really annoying voice, just like Leanne is delusional.

        It’s one thing to have maybe enagaged in this conversation, but it’s another to put it out there for everyone to hear. We all know Leanne Rimes has some mental issues, so how is this shocking and the woman in the phone call with Leanne is just as pathetic.

      • Rita says:


        LeAnn had stalked the person on the phone for a long time trying to determine her identity. When “LeAnn called her”, LeAnn understood the conversation was being recorded, probably as a way of protecting herself against LeAnn’s threats.

        LeAnn is in a public place making a call surrounded by her people who are listening in. LeAnn denied this ever happened and it was the only way to make her fess-up.

    • 8smileys says:

      @hotpockets My voice may be annoying, but I’m far from crazy. I didn’t call her, nor did I lower myself to her trashy level, so I can hold my head high & know that “my annoying” voice wasn’t used as a weapon to hurt anyone! SMOOCHES! ;)

      • Rita says:

        I think you have a lovely cyber voice, very Celine-esque.

      • brin says:

        Kim you and your daughter are my heroes.
        Team Smiley all the way!!!
        This has been a long time coming and I’m so happy to see it and hear it!!!

      • 8smileys says:

        @Rita Thanks! My voice annoys me too, so I don’t mind ppl commenting on it! It is what is! :)

        @Brin You’re sweet! I’m just glad that people can hear the way LR truly feels about B., the hatred in her voice is palpable! She’s one sick cookie!

      • brin says:

        Kim, she really is but you are one cool chick the way you stood your ground with her, I bow to you!

  33. dee says:

    Has there ever been a celebrity/psuedo celebrity love triangle among a less appealing threesome? I want to smack them all upside the head and make them retire from the internet. Leann obviously is clinically insane, Brandi is making a career out of being cheated on and Eddie is dumber than a rock.

    • Lady D says:

      I believe you can thank Falcor for Brandi’s career. If she had kept her mouth shut, I wouldn’t even know about Brandi.

    • karley says:

      Actually leann is a former award winning singer , Eddie is a former tv actor & Brandi s a former model and current reality tv star on bravo ( and she said it best on rhobh when she told camille she had the dlist version of what camille went thru.)

  34. Grace says:

    Eddie needs to start worrying about his and his kids’ safety now. If Leann even thinks for five seconds that Eddie is going to leave her for another woman-it’s bunny boiling time.
    This isn’t funny anymore. Leann is bonkers. I think those kids are in danger and Eddie is definitely part of a romantic murder/suicide plot in Leanns head.
    Brandi needs to pay more attention for her kids sake. I don’t think Leann wouldn’t hesitate to harm Brandi at all.

  35. michiem says:

    i’m a wedding photographer and recently took a online workshop with a famed celebrity wedding photographer. the slideshow he decided to show to intro into his teaching was a Leann + Eddie’s. My jaw dropped! I wishwishwish you could have seen them. It was nuts. There were maybe like 10 ppl there, she had the crazy horse laugh all the time, Eddie faux cried at seeing her come down the aisle, the kids walked back with them down the aisle, and she gave them gifts and it was all captured. I saw their wedding from start to finish. it was very tasteful/pretty – but definitely an undertone of crazy that you just can’t deny. All i could think about was CB’s would love to see this!!

    • Blackbird says:

      Ooooh, this is interesting! I wish I could have seen it.

    • Blackbird says:

      @Ming Lee

      Thanks for the link! I’ve just had a quick look (will look at more of the photos when I have more time later today) but they are, quite honestly, scary. The manic laughter would be quite sweet or funny if it was genuine and happened once or twice, but she’s there with her mouth wide open braying like a donkey on acid too many times for me to count. Something about the whole thing just says ‘fake’ to me…including Eddie crying almost constantly. Although I’d probably be crying if I was marrying LeAnn Rimes, so who am I to judge…

      • michiem says:

        oh crap – i didn’t know he had the whole thing online open without privacy password. but then again this is LEANN we are talking about, here I thought I was privy to something private.

        That damn spanish song is ridiculous too.

    • dovesgate says:

      Gorgeous wedding. Very nice details.

  36. Jennifer12 says:

    I always think of when Denise Richards was vilified for leaving Charlie Sheen and speaking about the abuse she suffered, but was later found to have dealt with Charlie’s lunacy as best she could. Brandi was insulted and vilified and called bitter and told to move on already in the press; Leann has caused her own downfall with her craziness, lies and bullying, and the BBs have helped to show what she truly is. But I don’t think most people or press know it- she really does have to be exposed. Ilana Angel was the first time people began to see what she is and what she surrounds herself with. There’s a reason Brandi can’t “let things go”; her stalker won’t allow it. And that needs to be told until people listen and Leann can’t get away with it anymore.

  37. Lexi says:

    My mom (@8smileys) is the one she called. I was sitting RIGHT there. Leann started by saying “hey b**** you have five f***ing minutes to say whatever you want” ummmmm trashy much?!?! She seriously should get a life not call her haters!!

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Lexi, that is sick. She sounds like she is threatening your mother and I am not kidding. She stalked her until she got her and then called her and threatened her. Your mom needs to make sure she isn’t in danger from this psychopath.

    • Blackbird says:

      This kind of language / attitude would be disturbing from anyone, but when you consider that LR is someone in the public eye, it’s just astonishing that she would speak like that. Trashy, no class, rude, appalling. I’m so sorry that you and your mom had to listen and deal with someone like this.

  38. Aussie girl says:

    Girls I have seen this before. Eddie is a cheater & lier making Leanne as crazy as bat shit. She’ll Strave her self, spend all her $ on him, wear skimpy clothes for him & defend that loser while putting down the women she stole him from. So sad should be ovaries before brovaries but that’s not the way us sometimes overly insecure & lacking in self esteem women are. In saying that I know all y’all girls here are far from that :-) . Was just saying though we’ve all seen this shit with a friend before.

  39. kesha says:

    It would be best for 8smiley to send the full recording, snippet and blog to tmz, perez and every major blog site asap, Leann will be rallying her lawyers immediately for a cease and desist to have those taken down and 8smiley silenced.

    • Lexi says:

      Several emails with copies of the recording have been sent out! ;) the FULL recording will be released on http://lunaticleannrimes.blogspot.com/ hopefully VERY soon!!!

    • Eileen says:

      Keep your pants on ladies!! People are finishing it as I type!!!
      Leann’s voice is hard to hear-so they are just turning up the volume during her convos.

      • Rita says:

        Hi Eileen,

        I guess since she befriended a friend of your child to track you to send the C&D letter, LR is learning the meaning of “what goes around, comes around”.

        If possible, it would be nice to post the text of the full audio just incase the audio is hard to hear.

        Love ya gal!!!!

      • Eileen says:

        There’s an issue getting on YouTube-apparently its TOO LONG. Now they have to split it up and post it as two links. Doubt it will happen today.
        Another site will post it in full length-just won’t be up on YouTube yet.

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        Eileen, Soundcloud.com . You can upload big audio files there and it creates a link for you for people to go to. Has the person who posted it tried that out? I’d do as many outlets as possible.

  40. Jezi says:

    8Smileys didnt post the recordings so she is not responsible for what happens and legally Leann has no leg to stand on. The full recording will be posted soon according to Eileen.

    • Dawn says:

      Well it would be stupid for Leann to say that 8smileys done anything wrong when Leann some how tracked down this person’s number and make the call. Leann is the one that is fault here. Anyone that would look someone up on twitter that they do not no personally and call them should be recorded and reported. That is not normal. Now if Leann wanted something done about anything she should use the lawyers and twitter to rectify it. She is causing all this craziness on herself and her so called family.

  41. Oi says:

    Isn’t it time for some kind of authority to step in now? She is way out of line, and I think the phone call is bordering on criminal harassment. And whomever runs twitter should ban her. I know that won’t work forever, but she has to be in several violations of their conduct policies (I’m assuming they have them, I don’t use it) and anyone other than a celeb would be off by now. And now she’s used it to do this to someone she doesn’t even know? She isn’t going to stop herself and obviously no one around her is, but I think someone needs to try at least. I don’t care how supposedly crazy the other person is; Leann rook this off the internet and into the real world. Something needs to be done here.

    • NeNe says:

      I agree with you. It is now time for the authorities to step in. She is completely insane. It’s time for the straitjacket. I also believe that it is time for Brandi to contact her lawyers to make sure that Leann stays away from her children. I believe it is dangerous for them to be in Leann’s company. I can only imagine all of the horrible disgusting things she must be saying to them about their mother.

  42. SweetLou65mums says:

    Chickens coming home to roost. Should be used to it by now but this story continues to shock. Speaking of shock, I saw latest photo of Eddie Cibrian and Leann Rimes kissing on her Twitter page. He now looks like her father, he’s aged so much. When he does work, he must need a ton of makeup and hair coloring/hair fillers. He looks awful. Sickly, given his actual age. He’s not a “great” actor, but before he became involved in this mess, he was always working and had the means to provide for his family. He is now a disgrace to his family. And that must mean nothing to him because he continues to go on and on. How can Eriq La Salle and the Hallmark network associate with him? And how can the so called NoH8 campaign associate with her? These two make Lohan look sane.

    • Blackbird says:

      I agree with everything you’ve said, particularly about Eddie – what has happened to that man?! He’s aged about ten years in 1.5 years since being married to her.

      I think the batshit crazy bats are coming home to roost though rather than the chickens… ;)

      • SweetLou65mums says:

        Truly! You know, last night, out of curiosity, I decided to go over to the “on demand” channel and watch the Rizzoli & Isles finale (the one where Eddie’s character reappears and is revealed to be a serial killer). I had not seen Eddie Cibrian act since The Playboy Club. What a change in his physical appearance. Even with the makeup and hair enhancements, he looks so much older in what is a short span of time. What’s more, his voice sounds as worn out as he looks. At one time, not too long ago, this man would beat out any competitor in the looks department. Not now. The biggest asset he had as an actor is gone. He really looks like he’s in his 50s. Having watched close friends destroy themselves with way too much alcohol, I am wondering if too much drinking/possible alcoholism (or early stages of it) is the culprit in the demise of Eddie’s appearance. An actor depends on the way he looks/sounds. Even if he/she is not good looking, the “specialness” of those looks/voices are what makes successful members of the profession stand out. Eddie has wasted so much in his life since hooking up with LeAnn Rimes. But he should have taken care of his bread and butter. He really seems lost. If he has any true friends, they should try to reach him. Same for LeAnn, although her issues seems to be real mental illness.

  43. someone says:

    I’m not sure why calling someone “vindictive” is so awful. Is it any worse than calling someone “overbearing” — which if I recall correctly Brandi publicly called Leann in an interview. I didn’t listen to the phone recording but given that “vindictive” is all that is quoted I doubt there is anything worse on the tape or it would be the headline.

    • claire says:

      I don’t think anything about it is too shocking as of yet, either. But, I find it another example of how Leann Rimes tries to put an image forth to the public, that doesn’t match who she really is. Online, she’s bashing Brandi for 3 years, then, to repair her image for album, since the last one bombed, and she’s pretty disliked by the public, she’s now preaching all of her ‘move on people’ BS, while, in the background, she’s tracking down people on twitter who don’t like her, calling them at home, talking crap, again, as she’s done on Twitter, alluding that she’s the victim, and she’s such a nice person, because she has ‘goods’ on Brandi and doesn’t release it. More passive aggressive nonsense.

      Seriously?? She needs to get a life. Brandi has gotten one. She’s out living it, while Leann spends 24/7 on Twitter seeking validation, because she’s ridiculously pathetic.I think her behavior shows just how far her star has fallen.

      That’s what I’m taking from it. :)

    • kesha says:

      I think what’s worst than “vindictive as shit” is that Leann is a celebrity, calling a complete stranger from the internet to talk about her personal life and criticise her stepkids mother…that is wrong and crazy. I think that is the big deal here, nevermind “vindictive”

      • Kaytee says:

        Kesha! Yes! Totally agree! So bothered by her need to incorporate twitter followers/ twitter enemies in a private family matter.

      • someone says:

        Both sides are cray cray. Don’t you find it strange that Brandi befriend Eileen and Jezi via twitter and now talks to them in real life? And that is sane?

      • Eileen says:

        Um I will go ahead and correct you on this since you are speaking about me. Brandi did NOT befriend me.
        I heard about all this from this site & watched it all, became horrified at what I was seeing and decided to help Brandi. She was being attacked online all day and night from Leann’s fan & Leann sat back and lol’d & winked at them while they did it.
        And HELLO-you ask this on a post where this celeb Leann Rimes, meets a twitter fan for lunch after buying her Christmas presents, and they call some stranger on twitter who doens’t like Leann to bash her stepsons mother? You don’t find that STRANGE? Wow. ok. Carry on.

      • someone says:

        Actually Eileen, I think it is crazy for any “public” personna to talk on the phone with or meet in person anyone they become acquainted with on twitter (or Celebitchy for that matter). So yes I think both Leann and Brandi have cray cray issues seeing that they reach out to people they meet on the internet and take it a step further than posting on forums such as these and start communicating with them IRL.

      • Eileen says:

        Someone: I can’t speak directly for Jezi-but I know she reached out to Brandi wayyyy before Brandi was a presence on twitter or anyone knew her name.
        Jez-was going through an equally rough marital/relationship ordeal and felt compelled to tell her her story. It blossomed from there.
        I will admit, I have met some of the most amazing women on twitter that I will have as life-long friends. I don’t see anything wrong with that. But I DO see wrong in wrangling up a twitter army to go after her boyfriend’s ex, then let them hang with the woman’s children after they finished with a hard days harassment of their mom. That’s just me though.

      • Jezi says:

        Thank you girl! Yes Someone, when Brandi and I first started talking on Twitter, she had about only a couple hundred followers. Maybe even less then that. No one even knew who she was. We bonded over our similar situations. It had nothing to do with Leann. In fact, Brandi didn’t even know how to use Twitter very much when we started talking. I had already developed a strong friendship with her prior to her even being a thought on RHOBH. We hang out when she comes to NYC. We talk on the phone but I have yet to go to Cali. She doesn’t reward me for what I do. I don’t get monetary gain from it and she doesn’t give me attention just because I did something for her. Our friendship doesn’t work like that. I don’t beg her to talk to me on Twitter. If I have something to say to her I can text or call her. And we certainly don’t talk every day. I don’t NEED to be her friend. We enjoy hanging out and talking, it’s not a thing where I need to be her friend because she is who she is. I don’t get off on her new found “celebrity”. I’m thrilled for her success. She needed it and I do support her and am completely loyal to her just like she is to me. So there you have it.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      What is both awful and inappropriate is calling someone you don’t know with the motivation of intimidating and harassing her. Saying things like, “B–, you have five f—- seconds to say what you need to say” is threatening and insane. Brandi is no angel, but she’s upfront and she is the one whose life was blown apart and then stalked because she wouldn’t just lay down and die and let Leann have the boys. Normal people don’t meet up with friends off Twitter and use them as a girl gang to call someone none of them know. Forgetting the whole sordid triangle, any person without celebrity who did this would be considered a stalker and less than mentally whole.

  44. Madisyn says:

    Dose this TRICK ALWAYS have a CRACKtail in hand?

  45. erika says:

    wait a MINUTE y’all!!! WAIT!

    i have to be honest here…how/why is leanne a ‘celebrity’? honest to God…until i got on CB all i knew of leanne rimes was that she was like…some girl in the early 1990s that sang country really good, had an album and that’s it…

    really…like, what has she done lately? what career? don’t you have to ‘do’ something to have a celebrity career???

    not until CB did I get on this! but i have to say…ME likee! me likee A LOT!

    - how the HELL do you get a phone # of Twitter?
    -how is she not BANNED from Twitter? someone should address Twitter w/ this audio thing- THAT would send her to CRAZYVille!!!

    and…WHO is Eddie C.? again…c’mon, you all know me (as CB poster…) I don’t live in a hole, but WHO are these people in terms of ‘Celebrity’?

    don’t you at least have to have done something significant (like, been ONE contestant on American Idol…or…a player in a reality show like..Bad Girls Club) to be deemed a ‘Celebrity’?

    My toenail clippings are more ‘Celebrity’ than leanne rimes!!!!!

  46. beclove says:

    Evil. It is palpable when reading anything this trick says or even in pictures of her. F’ing EVIL. I used to hope she would go get some damn help but this pisses me off so much can no longer give a single shit what happens to her.

  47. skuddles says:

    Wow she’s seriously losing it isn’t she?? The cheating rumors must be derailing her big time.

    Last night for fun I clicked on the Celebrities tab above and ended up looking at the very early LR posts. What an evolution she’s undergone since Eddie came along and dickmatized her. She used to wear semi-nice outfits, little flat sandals, cover ups over bathing suits, etc – she had some modesty and dignity back when she was married to Dean. She was even a bit cuter in those days thanks to being at a healthier weight (and no icky bolt ons), and no forced, manic horsey smile like we’re always seeing now. Plus she seemed so much less toxic of a human being. But once Eddie came onto the scene, all bets were off. She clearly SWF’d Brandi and was prepared to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to to get her man. And dig her talons into the two little boys. It’s been all downhill since for the very defensive MeAnn and her “only God can judge me y’all” schtick. What keeps me coming back to her craziness is the question of where will this end (meaning marriage to the skeevy Eddie)?? More precisely – how will it end? Because you just know it ain’t gonna be pretty.

    • Blackbird says:

      This^^^ x100

    • Isabel says:

      I got bored and did the same thing.. Her body.. the look in her eyes.. Is a time of a couple of months she has transformed into something completely different. Her facial skin looks so tight now, she has a joker-mouth. Before she looked better (not really pretty, but cuter)

  48. erika says:

    ***** get LEANNE KICKED off TWITTER!!***

    here’s how…
    go to twitter.com- https://support.twitter.com/groups/33-report-abuse-or-policy-violations

    this link is where you report policy violations…such as:

    Abusive Behavior
    If you have landed on this page, chances are you have had a negative experience on Twitter.
    We appreciate that it can be frustrating when online interactions become difficult.
    Abusive behavior encompasses many different situations–for example, having an argument with someone else on Twitter or discovering that someone you’re following is Tweeting things you find very offensive.

    We hope the resources on this page will help you successfully navigate the conflicts you may experience on Twitter, and that the tips below offer helpful solutions.

    When it has gone too far:
    While it is tempting to respond back to messages in anger, focusing on calm discussion or refusing to argue is a better response. However, there are some situations where more action may be necessary. The rest of the tips in this section offer some suggestions for where to go to get help.

    Reach out to the people you trust

    When dealing with negative or hurtful interactions, it can help to turn to family and friends for support and advice. Often times, talking it out with your relatives or a close friend may help you figure out how you want to handle the situation or let you express your feelings so you can move on. However, we also recognize that options may be limited. If you don’t have someone to talk to about what is happening online, there are many online resources that can help:

    Stop Bullying | @stopbullyinggov
    National Crime Prevention Center on Cyberbullying
    Cyberbullying Research Center
    Connect Safely | @connectsafely
    Report a violation

    Get to know the Twitter Rules and Policies.

    After reviewing our policies, if you believe an offending account is violating our rules, file a report.

    Twitter only removes profiles that are in violation of the Twitter Rules and Terms of Service. Please remember as Twitter is a communications platform rather than a content provider, we do not mediate disputes between users.

    Contact local law enforcement or legal representation

    Twitter will investigate every report received, but if something has gone beyond the point of a personal conflict and has turned into credible threats, whether it be online or offline, you should contact your local authorities as they are in the best position to assess the threat and intervene or assist as necessary.

    If contacted by law enforcement directly, we can work with them and provide the necessary information for their investigation of your issue. You can point local law enforcement to our Guidelines for Law Enforcement.

    Likewise, if you feel your online dispute is legal in nature, please seek advice from a lawyer. Twitter cannot offer any legal advice, nor can we provide other users’ information except as required by valid legal process.”

    omg…for someone who doesn’t even care about leanne, nor is on twitter.com, i’m becoming psycho myself!!!

    get her kicked off twitter!!!

  49. Memphis says:

    Leann has some real balls to call someone else ‘vindictive as F*ing sh*t!’ She is the definition of vindictive! As well as crazy, psychologically unstable and just plain mean.

    Only the people that can’t see through her are the ones attached to wallet. And to be honest they see it to, they just don’t care as long as they’re getting $$$

  50. why? says:

    Calling Brandi “vindictive as ****” and saying that she won’t teach the boys to be like that is shocking because 2-3 days before having this particular conversation, Leann was photographed making out with Lizzy while Eddie watched and while Brandi’s kids were just a few feet away. She and Eddie were slammed for this incident(they were getting drunk while his kids were present) and 2-3 days later she has no remorse at all for what she did and rather than admit that it was bad decision because children were present during the incident, she goes after Brandi. If this is what she does in the presence of a complete stranger, then image what she does and says to those boys about their mother when the cameras are not around.

    While everyone knows that Leann is crazy, a lot of media outlets and organizations continue to reward her when she does horrible things to Brandi and her kids and abuses charity for the sole purpose of promoting herself and marriage to Eddie. CBS, GR, Rob Thomas, Sharon O, The Talk, NBC Universal, Enews/Eonline, ROL, x17, JJ, GG, NoH8, Got Milk, VH1, People mag, CMT, GAC, DM, and HGTV.

    All of this will be met with more staged photo-ops of her making out with Eddie on a beach in a bikini. And she will go out of her way to make sure that the paps get photos of her “mothering” Brandi’s kids because the adults have not been holding her accoutable for her actions.

    Leann posted another photo of her and Eddie kissing, because everyone knows that if Eddie is kissing Leann, then there is no way that he is sleepign with Lizzy. The kissing photo looks so contrived. Eddie looks drunk. Look at Leann’s face in the photo. She is all into it like she is kissing her prince charming and Eddie looks like he could be kissing a tree. So what tabliod is going to “mysteriously” get the photos from Leann’s birthday celebration, Lizzy had a birthday this week and you know Leann, she just had to have one too!

  51. lori says:

    From the way she speaks in these recordings, it is very clear, that Leann is trying to alienate the Cibrian boys from their mother. Particularly when she says she is trying to teach the boys about not being vindictive, and uses Brandi as an example of someone who is. (Even though it is a lie and a total projection of her own behavior onto Brandi.)
    This is parental alienation.
    It is commonly used by step parents and divorced parents to turn the kids against the other parent. It is done for revenge and control and often done by mentally unstable people who can’t resolve conflicts in a healthy way.
    It involves lies and manipulation of vulnerable children. Standard behavior for Leann. It is very harmful to the children because it undermines their relationship with their parents and their own self confidence. There is legal recourse if someone is doing this to a child.
    Again, I must point out how harmful Leann is to these children. Her behavior is constantly abusive and hurtful to their emotional and psychological and sexual well being. I believe Leann Rimes is a child predator and should not have unsupervised custody of these children.

    • Theskinny says:


    • Lady D says:

      Agree Lori. It’s time, and way past time Brandi started to rock the boat for her children’s safety and sanity. And, where the F is the boy’s father in all this? Does he truly not care at all about his and Brandi’s children?

  52. Rita says:

    This is something of a side note to this thread but I’m going to try and explain how the American Haters of LeAnn Rimes Organization works (AHLRO).

    In the last 3 years, LeAnn’s computer experts and cyber detectives have officially documented and certified 358,273 haters who are organized like al quaeda….no that’s too harsh. They’re more like pods of dolphins that swim the ocean of internet information about LeAnn. When LeAnn blocks one of her followers, that follower gets pissed and forms a new pod with other people who have been blocked.

    Then there are the “outliers” like Rita and @brin who, like Elmo, stay in the little fish bowl that is Celebitchy (sometimes its an unfair fish bowl).

    Then there are the rogue haters and of these one must be very afraid. Like lone Killer Whales they are not to be trifled with. An example might be @Why?, who is a lovely girl but I sure don’t want her one my ass.

    The oceans of LeAnn Rimes’ World would be much calmer, if she’d stop chumming the water.

  53. Andy says:

    One day, Lifetime will make a movie about this crazy b****.

    • skuddles says:

      Too bad Ed the Talking Horse is no longer with us… he’d be a total shoe in for the LeAnn character! :D

    • Theskinny says:

      And didn’t all of this (current) madness with her, START with a lifetime movie? lmao That would IRONIC!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Yes, Northern Lights. I’ve avoided it like I would John Mayer or Charlie Sheen.

    • Rita says:

      It’s incredible to me that LeAnn claims not to know what the Brandi bashers say on twitter when LeAnn encourages them all just after they bash Brandi.

      BTW- I feel very slighted that LeAnn didn’t close the converstion with:

      “…and one final thing. Tell the Rita bitch on Celebitchy that if she doesn’t Shut The F-ck Up, I’m going flush Elmo and gut her like a blue fin tuna…now f-ck off, all of you”…or something like that.

      • sapphire says:

        Rita, she wouldn’t dar, although considering all she apparently eats for the paps is sushi at Nobu. You, my friend, are CB’s own Great White.

    • Isabel says:

      Thanks Eileen! This is awesome. This biatch is craycray..

    • Gabby says:

      You should closed-caption Leann! That way it’ll be extra-easy for the tabloids to quote it (as well as help us understand her) ;)

  54. why? says:

    Leann’s damage control: Release more and more articles about how she will be peforming for VH1 Save The Music!

    Most celebs get involved in charity because they care, Leann gets involved in charity to clean up her image and of course validate her marriage to Eddie.

  55. lori says:

    @8Smileys, I’m so proud of you and your daughter for your courage. I hope you are interviewed by some major media people. I also hope that, if you are, you can keep calm and not get caught up trying to explain your side of the story too much. Just calmly let the criticism (if there is any) roll off you. The truth speaks for itself, loud and clear in these recordings. Leann Rimes sounds crazy, you sound like a reliable witness to it. Bravo. In a way, you had to experience the bullying that Brandi and her boys have put up with for years now.

    • 8smileys says:

      @lori Thank you! I’m definitely not trying to be a hero in this situation, I’m not planning on going on a press tour! LOL! LR’s words do speak for themselves & I, honestly, don’t need to explain or say anything. She’s a very hard person to talk to, & is definitely not open to hearing anybody who doesn’t worship her. I do hope that some of the mags, that ignore her crappy behavio,r will finally pick up her nasty comments.

  56. someone says:

    Would someone refresh my memory – did or did not Jezi and Eileen meet Brandi via twitter and now talk to her and meet with her in real life?

    • Rita says:

      I don’t know about Eileen but Jezi has met Brandi when she was in NYC. I’ll also note that Jezi is not a vulgar person nor did Brandi fly her out to LA to meet with her.

      • Jezi says:

        Thank you Rita. I only call Leann out on her behavior. I don’t talk about her physical appearance, I just react to the lies she spews and her taunting of Brandi.

    • Masque says:

      Yes but Brandi didn’t call a non-fan and try to rip them to shreds.

  57. Memphis says:

    Wow! Just listened to part 1&2.

    Trying to talk rationally to Leann is pointless! I have had an easier time having a conversation with a three year old. All she wants to do is prove she is right and innocent. She fails to do both!

    She is convinced she is a victim and can’t even see that she is being hateful as she says half of what she says! And trying to convince Kim that she had no idea of the hateful remarks her paid for fans and Anthony make..BULLSH*T! Does she really think people believe her?!


    • brin says:

      I agree. Lying comes so naturally to her…she gives me the creeps.
      Eddie should pour water on her to see if she starts melting.

    • 8smileys says:

      @Memphis We just listened to it again, to refresh our memories, & yes, she’s impossible to talk to. I tried to explain why I felt the way I do. I didn’t want to come across like I was speaking for Brandi or anyone else. I am still in shock how much she said about Brandi to me, as if there’s some kind of top secret reason why Ed cheated! Ed cheated because he’s a douche, plain & simple. He has & will continue to cheat on LR as well. It’s amazing to me that the other woman would even have the nerve to presume she knows for a fact what happened in her lover’s marriage! Because Ed is such a believable, straight up guy, right? ;)

      • Dawn says:

        Yeah right Brandi is so bad he had to go cheat to get himself away, put not the kids.. bullcrap

      • Linda says:

        I am not a Leann fan at all, never have been. I am just a nice mom who came on twitter several months ago and could not believe some of the disgusting things I was reading by most of your friends about Leann. You were all upset the other day when Leann called Calimommy evil and I dont blame you. Leann had a perception of Cali due to things she had read. Many of your friends have done the same to me. I have been called a troll, a crazy fan and even told I was Leann. All I have ever done is given my opinion about certain subjects and I have expressed my dislike over how really nasty some of the tweets are about Leann. I have never been trying to defend Leann. My point is you’re all upset lately because people are judging you and calling you “haters” and you say you’re just sticking up for what you think is right. The problem is many of you are just as guilty for attacking and calling me and others names when we are sticking up for what we think is right. There is guilt to go around for everyone here, myself included. All I ask is please stop being so freaking quick to judge and assume anyone who speaks out about this continuous flow of hate. We are not all Leann fans or we are not morally corrupt just because we think it is ridiculous to have kept this Leann hate train going on for so long.

  58. Monica says:

    can someone please tell if eddie’s cheating is going to make the cover of a tab this week, getting the popcorn ready

  59. Rita says:


    I can only imagine your frustration in being caught off guard in this phone call.

    “Why didn’t I ask her about stalking Eddie at the basketball game, assaulting Brandi with her car at the kid’s school, or promoting her new album as taunting Brandi, and a million other things.”

    You did good, honey!!!

    • 8smileys says:

      Thanks Rita! Yes, as soon as I hung up the phone, I was like I wish I’d have said xyz! Oh well, I did the best I could! I think that her true colors came through, & I couldn’t ask for more than that.

      On another note, I can’t believe I waited so long to jump on here! You guys are super fun & funny! :)

  60. claire says:

    WHOA. She’s seriously trying to say that she did not know what that Amejean dude was constantly saying and tweeting to Brandi Glanville?! She was a partner to it! She was rewarding him! She followed him on Twitter, and his cronies, and laughed along with it! She’s a psycho.

    • Lexi says:

      Yes ! She only had unfollowed him a month before the call!! We have a screen shot during that time she had unfollowed him saying ” oh I was just reading your timeline and laughing!” she is such a fraud!!

      • claire says:

        She’s an idiot. Many many people saw the back and forth that was going on between her, him, that Ginger woman. They were nonstop saying vile and nasty things about Brandi, spreading sick rumors, and…if I’m not mistaken, making insinuations that they were getting some of their info straight from Leann herself. She was constantly replying to them during their nastiness. FOR 2-3 YEARS. What bulls**t to now say, Oh, I wasn’t following him, I didn’t know. She takes NO responsibility for any of her behavior. And shuts out any reasoning. No wonder she grew up from an entitled snotty teen to a totally vile, narcissistic, delusional a$$hole of an adult woman.

        Oh well…sorry 8Smileys had to waste 20 minutes of her life talking to this woman. I hate when people out and out lie like that. That’s not maturity. That’s not a moral high ground. It’s just being an immature loser. Her and Eddie are just trash. Blech.

      • Dawn says:

        Not only that there are pictures of them together, I am pretty sure they were talking about that crap. She is so so stupid. Not just with twitter, but now with a single phone call has destroyed her and his career or whatever else is left of it. And any relationship she will develop with the boys, cause they will someday see this and it will cause hate towards here. because memories will come and they will realize that what type of person she really is.

    • Linda says:

      Yep, when he would tweet vile things regarding Brandi, LeAnn LOL’d every single tweet he made. They are both BULLIES!!!

      • claire says:

        Yeah, I don’t know how she thinks lying about that will be believed, when thousands of her followers likely saw all that encouraging and egging on to him and the rest of her fans that were doing it. Many people saw that the more a twitter follower trashed Brandi, the closer Leann brought them into her little circle.

        So with all the lies she tells, why should anyone believe what she alludes to with Brandi? She has no credibility.

    • lori says:

      This is why it is so important to keep getting screen shots, and documenting with hard evidence, like Kim did, all of Leann’s lies. The lies she puts out on twitter and other media. She lies constantly and lies to cover up her previous lies. But if people can keep putting evidence out there of the lying, she will be revealed for the delusional stalker she is. This kind of evidence can help Brandi and the boys at some point, if they need to revisit custody issues in court or get a restraining order. I could see them needing this evidence if Eddie leaves Leann for another woman, and Leann takes her anger out on Brandi and the boys. The evidence will be necessary also later on to prove to the boys that Leann lied to them and used them to hurt their mom.

      • Kim says:

        Wow, you are a bit dramatic, aren’t you?? Brandi will need all this “evidence” and it’s important that you and your kind keep getting this “evidence”. Holy crap, lady, get a real life, cause you sound pathetic and melodramatic. How about paying more attention to your OWN life and not worry about these strangers. SMH

  61. Mary says:

    Hey Leann, when those boys hear that telephone recording and the hatred coming out of you and blaming their mom over and over for doing things she did not commit, man, are they ever going to despise you. Clearly, you forgot that blood is thicker than water!!

    • lori says:

      I think Leann is counting on buying the boys’ affection.and spoiling them and trying to poison them against their mom. Then lying to cover it all up. So far this behavior has worked with their dad.

  62. Veronica says:

    Really? Really! Who in there right mind calls a complete stranger to bitch them out? Especially a “celebrity” who prob has fans and haters alike? To select just one? If you are so worried about what ONE measly little hater has to say about you maybe you really shouldn’t be in the industry because the industry is not made for tender little people who care about one persons opinion.

  63. Mouse says:

    This lady is deeply disturbed, I feel annoyed by her and bad for her. She needs to be in DAILY THERAPY.

  64. Mimi says:

    WOW. I just read through all the comments and I cannot believe how deeply clinically disturbed LR is. As the victim of a 4 year long stalker nightmare myself, my heart goes out to BG & her kiddos. This shiz has gotta stop!

  65. insomniac says:

    Good lord. “Crazier than Tila Tequila” is not a good look on anyone.

    • Megan says:

      Great minds and all that insomniac :) I posted on the last thread about LR how she reminded me of Tila. For a real dose of the crazee’s you have to check out TT’s twitter, she’s now an alien sent to save us from the illuminati with several past lives including an Egyptian princess amongst other tweaked out ramblings…sad thing is now I’m addicted again to her craziness!!

  66. birdy says:

    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian‏@leannrimes
    Watching your language is just the first step. Join @SoapandGlory in their efforts to help @StompOutBullying! #proudmouth”
    18 Aug 12

  67. valleymiss says:

    I can’t get Part 1 to play, only Part 2. Did Part 1 get pulled down?

    Leann sounds so incredibly toxic. What a psycho. In other news, if being an online “hater” is a way to get a celebrity to call me on the phone, then:

    Bruce Willis, I hate your guts!
    Justin Timberlake, you’re a jackass!
    Harrison Ford (circa 1981), you are pathetic!
    Russell Brand, you sicken me!

    (Hey, it’s worth a shot! LOL!)

  68. Prinny says:

    The way LR talks reminds me so much of how Octo Mom talks and sounds in interviews. Just the ways she rambles on and doesn’t really make any sense. She’s such phony!

    • Linda says:

      YES, Octomom!! I knew she reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t pinpoint it. Thanks Prinny.

      • Prinny says:

        Np! Also, I read somewhere that CA requires by law that both parties must be aware/consent to any phone conversations that are being recorded. I don’t know if 8smileys is in CA but if she is, maybe she should look into the laws. I would hate to see her get in trouble for this.

  69. Tedda says:

    WTF. She called some random hater to try to convince her she is innocent and Brandi is not. What. She needs to get a job.

  70. Tedda says:

    HA! she thinks she is a “celebrity.” Um……..no lele. You are something that amuses us online and many of us await your breakdown b/c it will be laughable.

  71. Tedda says:

    I think if Leanne did not have a twitter she would not be in the “news” ever. She is desperately trying to stay “famous” but sadly she has lost many fans (including me) due to this. Great voice but totally nuts. Wouldn’t even borrow one of her cds from the public library!

  72. anonimouse8319 says:

    Why doesn’t Brandi make a move to protect her children..if EVERYTHING that you guys talk about nonstop is true, she should have enough to at least call the custody/visitation into question…she’s the mother and yet…she seems to like the status quo…I know, you’ll have millions of reasons why she can’t/shouldn’t…but…she’s the mother…and you guys seem to present a lot of evidence…if everything you present is true…

    • valleymiss says:

      What is Brandi supposed to say? “She dresses like me, eeek please help me, family courts!”? There’s no law against being a lying narcissist who taunts your husband’s ex. Brandi is trying to keep things peaceful and take the high road. (However, it’s probably only a matter of time until Leann does something SO off the wall that Brandi can actually pursue action from the court system.)

      • anonimouse8319 says:

        Um…as I read this dressing like Brandi is NOT the main complaint and IF it is, you guys need a hobby…there are many mental health diagnosis directed toward Leann Rimes and she is called a threat to the boys…so, why isn’t Brandi taking all of these pieces of evidence and doing all that she can to protect her children/herself? Your response speaks volumes; other than 3 people who are working very hard to stay trapped in a pool of crap that they EACH have made their existences, they love this crap. It keeps them in the news and talked about; if only by a group of women who seem to be more concerned about them than they are. Wow with all of the accusations being thrown around through these comments and dressing like Brandi is the basis of mental illness? I thought she was being stalked and harassed and bashed in front of the boys and…and…and…

    • Linda says:

      EXCELLENT POINT Anonimouse8319.

      They have to convince themselves that Leann is a danger so they can rationalize their own crazy stalking behavior. Leann is annoying to them and them alone. Brandi has moved on. They need to make her sound over the top crazy to justify their own craziness. Leann is many of the things they accuse her of but they just take it way too far……after all, what else would they do or have to talk about???

  73. Jesusa says:

    Woah… She needs to chill. Does she even have PR people? If so, she needs to rehire a new team!!!

  74. dianas says:

    If Leann had never used Twitter or never called the paps once she married Eddie Cibrian and became stepmother to his sons, would Brandi Glanville be the fairly well known t.v. personality she is today? I don’t think so. Yet Leann continues to give out the behavior that continues to build Brandi’s career.
    Brandi Glanville, a former runway model who hadn’t walked a runway in years and who was busy raising young children and devoting her time to her family and the success of her husband’s career, gets a second chance at fame with a t.v. show, a book and a clothing line? Only in America for sure, but also with a big assist from the blundering Leann Rimes who managed to help Brandi every step of the way in spite of Leann’s intent to harm her.
    Leann’s intentions were always to harm Brandi … but she helped her big time. Are the angels looking out for B and her kids? I think so. Leann, you’re not only nuts, you’re dumber than dirt. And Brandi, you have the show, the book and the dress line. Want to hit a grand slam? Marry Darin Harvey! You won’t find a better man and he knows how special you really are.

    • loveVT says:

      ^^THIS! Agree 100% B and Darin would be soo perfect he seems like a catch for sure and would treat her sooo much better than edouche

    • Eileen says:

      YES!! I know right?? Isn’t karma GRAND?? lol

    • claire says:

      And I think Brandi gets some credit for, while not being ‘perfect’(who is??), having an endearing personality. If she hadn’t had that, there’s no way she would have become a hit on her show, gotten the book/clothing deals, etc.

    • valleymiss says:

      It IS ironic, isn’t it? Brandi’s stock is rising while Leann is steadily losing fans. And yeah, it probably wouldn’t be this way if Leann had kept her mouth shut, stayed off Twitter, and hadn’t thrown her affair and stepmotherhood in everyone’s face. She and Eddie might actually have careers now! Leann really can’t do anything right. Lol

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Yes, Brandi, marry Darin! Seriously, you can tell he adores you and that he loves your boys. Marry him for real!!

  75. Cam S says:

    So I take it with all the nonstop, month long birthday celebrations- that the “Bonus Mom’ is over her “chronic pain”?
    What a miracle!

  76. skuddles says:

    Wait, how the heck did LeAnn get 8Smiley’s phone #?? Also, in pics of her making this call (on lunaticleannrhimes) you can clearly see a cocktail glass sitting in front of Rhimes (salted rim, lime – ceaser or margarita from looks of it). So she’s making harassing phone calls while boozing it up in the company of a few not so bright sycophants… clearly she’s losing her tiny little mind.

    • 8smileys says:

      @skuddles I had given the girl sitting next to her in the picture my number one night, as we were DMing & it was much easier to text! Dobbie was really trying to get LR to improve her image & distance herself from those who bashed Brandi, yes Dobbie was one of those people, but she apologized to all of us & requested that Jezi relay the message to Brandi. She is loyal to LR, but she also sees how bad all of the crap on Twitter has hurt LR. I never in a million years expected her to call me or for LR to call me.

      • Justme says:

        So, you are saying this Dobbie person is innocent in all this? If she is a “friend” of Leann’s, why was she talking to Brandi’s Bunch? Aren’t friends suppose to support one another & not go over to the other side-for any reason? Sounds like a set up to me!

      • Katie says:


        Truth is that you give Leann a hard time about stuff she says and has done to BG on twitter….YOU and your friends are doing the exact same thing to Leann EVERYDAY for years

        Face it, you are no better than Leann in this respect. You are judging her, you are harassing and inciting others. I don’t know who you are or what you’re really like in life but that recording and your comments and your followers comments on Twitter make you look like really nasty people. Leann cheated and now spends her time trying to prove to everyone via twitter that she really is happy….I guess if trying to prove that LR is a horrible person makes you happy then that is your business, just please realize the hypocrisy in this when you’re calling her out for being mean to Brandi. Leann is definitely cluess in seeing she has brought much of this on herself but all I see now is Leann trying to defend herself and just making it worse. I don’t care for LR but you and your friends behavior towards her actually makes me see her side of things and makes me view your actions very negatively

      • Theskinny says:

        Well Katie, since no one here has a song to push or a concert to sell we really couldn’t give a crap how you see us. Lol. How arrogant of you to suppose we do!

    • valleymiss says:

      As I understand from some of the posts on this thread, Leann found out during lunch (or maybe she knew ahead of time?) That one of her “Ladies Who Lunch” sycophants had Smiley’s phone #.

      Can you imagine sitting there at the table in the restaurant while Leann sat on the phone with 1 of her “haters” for 20 minutes? Hearing Leann’s side of the convo and thinking, “This is a normal and sane woman and I’m thrilled she invited me to a lunch she’s paying for”? LOL!

      • 8smileys says:

        @valleymiss That’s how recording the call wasn’t illegal. She had the phone on speaker, you can hear Perry answering a question, so she had no reason, nor did I, to presume the conversation was private. In fact, it was not private, both Ericka & Perry heard the conversation & I had it on speaker & my 19yo daughter heard it (you can hear her laughing on the recording)! For all I know they recorded it as well.

      • brin says:

        Smart cookie, @8smileys!

  77. Pandora says:

    ohhh now I get it ! Shes confused the word tits for teeth, all that tooth surgery tweetering was actually about her getting a retread and a free balance for the bolt-ons!!

  78. Blocked says:

    Actually hearing the voice that spews this utter nonsense daily via twitter is so rewarding & even more empowering to continue to carry on the fight against a narcissistic histrionic pathological liar such as Leann rimes! For those of you who call us haters U should really reevaluate the party u place that name upon! We are the ones u will wish for as your advocate be it for the good of mankind! Otherwise carry on in urs and Leann times delusional world! Ready for round 3? I sure am!

  79. Blocked says:

    Actually hearing the voice that spews this utter nonsense daily via twitter is so rewarding & even more empowering 2 continue 2 carry on the fight against a narcissistic histrionic pathological liar such as Leann rimes! 4 those of you who call us haters U should really reevaluate the party u place that name upon! We are the ones u will wish 4 as your advocate b it 4 the good of mankind! Otherwise carry on n ur & Leann times delusional world! Ready 4 round 3? I sure am!

    • Linda says:

      Leann is definitely narcissistic, however you are delusional if you think you’re going to convince me that you are staying on this party train to help mankind as you say. Just admit, you found a group of people to “hang” with on twitter when you’re bored. I don’t care for Leann or her antics yet somehow I have no desire to spend majority of my time on twitter talking about her every move….Have fun but know that there is more to life than discussing Leann Rimes faults and those of us who wish to talk about other things are not the crazy ones

  80. dawnashella says:

    She is ugly and she is nasty and no matter how skinny she is there isnt much she can do about that hidious face!

  81. KellyinSeattle says:

    I didn’t know she had any fans left.

  82. why? says:

    In the photo of her and Eddie kissing, Leann tagged it as “THIS is a HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY!!!!??”. If Leann’s birthday is on 28th of August and she posted the photo of her and Eddie kissing on 19th of August, then she is STILL 29(NOT 30). Oh wait, I forgot. Leann is single white femaling again. Since this week was Lizzy’s birthday, then by single white female logic, then it’s also Leann’s birthday. You can always tell who Eddie is sleeping with or lusting after by who Leann is single white femaling at the moment.

    Does Leann see how silly it looks saying that it was a happy 30th birthday when she didn’t even turn 30 yet? Why is she making a big deal about her birthday anyways when we all know that she is going to have a big party next week? Single white female logic again.

    So when her birthday actually does roll around, will Leann be 31 since she turned 30 on the 19th?

    Hey was Leann invited to the Do Something Awards? She did raise awareness for NoH8 by “sexing it up” with Eddie and of course she paraded a sick child around Disneyland. So while her peers are being honored at the Do Something Awards, Leann is reduced to setting up “It’s my 30th birthday…but it really isn’t my 30th birthday” staged photo-ops in a bikini on a beach making out with her drunk husband and exploiting his kids in the process.

    What has happened to Eddie’s face and hair? He has crow’s feet and it looks like he is losing his hair. A sign of stress. But if Eddie is SO happy in his marriage to Leann why is Eddie aging so prematurely? Eddie is 39 right? Eddie just looks so much older than what he claims to be.

  83. Deryn says:

    I listened to about 10 minutes of the full call (posted on the blog link above) — it was all I could take of both of them.

    I was expecting LeAnn to come off as Britney-wackadoo crazy, and was surprised that she didn’t. Now I’m thinking she has narcissistic personality disorder, which is some serious stuff. A list of symptoms are here, if you’re interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_personality_disorder#Symptoms . They fit her to a T (as do the causes, listed just below that). Samples:

    · Reacting to criticism with anger, shame, or humiliation
    · Taking advantage of others to reach their own goals
    · Requiring constant attention and positive reinforcement from others
    · Becoming jealous easily
    · Lacking empathy and disregarding the feelings of others

    Et cetera, et cetera …

  84. Ming Lee says:

    and BOOM goes the dynamite. these audio clips are priceless and show the true essence of leann and her intentions.
    karma :) muahaahahaha

    way to hold your ground 8smileys. and thanks eileen for posting it. major props to the both of you, big time.

    part 1 of youtube doesn’t work though:(

  85. NeNe says:

    She is clearly unstable. Eddie’s children should not be allowed anywhere near her. If I were Brandi, I would contact her lawyers immediately. Someone has crazy as Leann, in my eyes, is a danger to the children. They are my first concern.

  86. Macey says:

    LR’s twitter has been unusually quiet since this came out. only post was an auto-horoscope thing…hmmmm

  87. Jennifer says:

    It’s lovely seeing an evil individual get what they deserve. What a delusional twit-she’s most definitely not on the same level as Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood who are both examples of class and good people.

  88. Natalina says:

    How did Leann get 8smiley’s #?

  89. heidi says:

    Eddie has an infestation of moths. Looks well in his 50′s.

  90. Susie Q says:

    I posted above in reply to Eileen too..the video has been taken down on youtube..in my area anyway.

    This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content.

  91. Kosmos says:

    Leann, Brandi is NEVER going to like you, so quit trying….I don’t blame Brandi either. I don’t care for either Leann or Brandi, both have issues, and who wants icky Eddie Cibran anyway? He seems like a total douche, being supported by Leann. I only feel sorry for Brandi having to share her children with Leann, she must hate that. I’m totally sick of Leann and her tweets and posing in her bikini pics. Geez, stop it!!

  92. Deb says:

    HEY SMILEY Whether Leann is right or wrong, what you all are doing is inciting hate and defaming someone. Your recording has people calling her insane…..I hope she sues you even if she can’t win, I hope she sues you if for no other reason than to cause you a little bit of the aggravation you have caused her. YOU ARE judgemental. Leann is guilty of a lot but you are just as guilty of not letting this go. You can barely speak a complete sentence which actually explains a lot about the kind of people that are keeping this hate going….

    • Starsky says:

      lol defaming somone? Leann “defamed” Brandi in that legally recorded conversation by calling her “fcking vindictive as sht”

      she also does not let anything go, hence the “i have shut up. I could say so much but I don’t” by Leann in that conversation.

      And hoping Leann wastes her (dwindling) bank account in a lawsuit she can’t win is not something you should encourage.

      Face it, Smiley recorded a conversation with a rude, hateful C list celebrity that contacted Her (smiley) out of the blue and then later denied it ever took place. I would stutter a bit too if kim kardashian (who i loathe more than Leann) randomly called me to be rude and mean yet try to convince me to be her fan.

    • claire says:

      I don’t think “insane” is a new label being placed on Leann. LOL.

    • 8smileys says:

      @Deb Now I’m crying. You have totally hurt my feelings, here I thought I was going to make my living standing in front of class every day teaching. That’s going to be hard to do now that you’ve pointed out my inability to form a sentence! Hmmm, what to do, what to do!!!

      LMAO!!! Thanks for the laughs Deb! ;)

      • Deb says:

        Hey Smileys,

        Wow, you put me in my place. I said you can’t complete a sentence and your big comeback is that you’re a teacher….AND????? so I guess you can get away with talking like that in front of kids because they don’t know any better. Your Lexi is a shining example of your influence!!

      • Ming Lee says:

        @deb- you don’t want to keep the hate going, but yet you end your comment making a snarky remark about 8smiley’s daughter?

      • 8smileys says:

        @Deb My students would definitely notice if I couldn’t put a sentence together! Yes, I was being sarcastic! Try it sometime, it’s fun. ;)

        Yes, I know I stuttered & at times lost my train of thought, because she interrupted me every time I tried to speak. I did the best I could under the circumstances. Anything else you’d like to try & hit me with?

        As far as my daughter goes, you haven’t a clue! Everyone knows that Lexi is a loving, caring, compassionate 19yo. She’s in college full time & manages to volunteer each week in her sibling’s classrooms. She loves being there, & in a few years she’ll be a fabulous teacher. Nothing you can say can undermine how fabulous she is. How sad it is, that you would even resort to that.

    • Ming Lee says:

      if leann is so concerned with defamation, how come she isn’t suing each and every tabloids for all for the lies they are printing? isn’t that what she said on the call?? that everything the magazines print is a lie.

      • Deb says:

        Ming, my snarky comment in no way compares to the viciousness that her and her friends express every single day. They can dish it out but can’t seem to take it! Smile and friends are getting all defensive and responding to everyone who disagrees or says something snarky in these comments yet they can’t understand why Leann responds and gets defensive when she is constantly attacked? I think Leann needs to just get off twitter and go live her life but that probably won’t happen so this will go on and on and on

      • Ming Lee says:

        so now its a tit for tat kinda thing..who did it worse?

        sounds familiar.

    • Theskinny says:

      Annnnd she gives a crap about your opinion why? ROFLMAO. Next! Keep it moving Deb.

      • Linda says:


        How cute that you keep trying to be “flip” and cute with your little remarks but you keep responding to me. You are the only one who has anything to defend. You have done far more than just call LR out on her behavior. Funny that you don’t like me calling you out on yours hmmmmmm, interesting and we say Leann has no self awareness

  93. Paige says:

    You guys are awesome! Wow LeAnn is crazier than a fish with titties.

  94. why? says:

    Leann released another article about how she is singing for VH1 Save The Music, so in her mind everything is fixed and now it’s okay to release the back to back bikini/beach and birthday party staged photo-ops she set up over the weekend with Eddie, Lizzy, and Brandi’s kids!

  95. Linda says:

    Smiley’s, I have better things to do than to be on twitter at 8, I will be taking an evening walk with my family. The fact that you responded proves that you don’t like people having incorrect perceptions of you or you wouldn’t be trying to defend yourself. Rationalize all you want but the fact is you have created and you participate in a community of people that truly enjoy hurting another human being which is what you accuse Leann of so again I say, a lot of you are no better than her. You can try to convince yourself that I’m a Leann fan freak or a crazy person but the truth is I am a mom, a wife and I have a great life just like Calimommy said she has when she was falsely accused by Leann. It goes both ways. My fear is that the point I am trying to make will just fly right over your head.

    • 8smileys says:

      @Linda How cute that you responded immediately, but I’m the one defending myself? I have no problem saying I call LR out on her BS, but I also have met a great group of ladies that I enjoy tweeting with about a number of topics. I have nothing to prove! Enjoy your walk! ;p

      • Linda says:


        How cute that you keep trying to be “flip” and cute with your little remarks but you keep responding to me. You are the only one who has anything to defend. You have done far more than just call LR out on her behavior. Funny that you don’t like me calling you out on yours hmmmmmm, interesting and we say Leann has no self awareness

    • Nicka says:

      Linda, sweetie, you slay me! You insist that you have better things to do than sit on the computer discussing LR’s blatant psychosis, yet you keep coming back for more here. You’re obviously spending way more time than you’d care to admit trolling this comment section. It’s rather hilarious. And sad, actually. Poor dear! lol! :)

  96. lori says:

    For all the paid Leann trolls on here, whining about us discussing a public figure, who goes out of her way to shove her crotch, her sleazy posing and the lives of her stepkids into the tabloids on a daily basis, bug off!
    If you bothered to inform yourselves by reading some of the Leann threads here since the cheating scandal, you would understand how ignorant you sound. Are you friends with this evil hillbilly, Leann Rimes? This woman wanted out of her marriage. So she stalked a married man, hired him for a job on a film, slept with him the first time she met him, befriended the wife and arranged double dates between her lover and their spouses. When Eddie wouldn’t leave his wife and kids, and denied the affair, Leann paid the tabloids and paps to publicly follow them and post pictures of the affair so she could humiliate their spouses and out the affair.
    All while she faked illnesses to cancel concerts, and sneak home and stalk Eddie (also calling the paps to catch their “casual” run-ins.) When Eddie tried to work things out and stay with his family, Leann moved into their neighborhood and started staliking Brandi and the children. She almost ran over Brandi with her car while stalking her and tried to pretend it was innocent. She copied Brandi’s clothing, purses, shoes and jewelry, exactly, stalking her twitter account and tabloid photos, then showed up wearing the exact same outfits within days of Brandi wearing them. She tweeted about the same subjects, went to the same places, and posed in the exact same poses for photos on twitter. She went to Brandi’s plastic surgeon and got the same breast augmentation surgery. When Brandi kicked Eddie out, as another mistress Scheana Marie Jancan, came forward, Leann took him in. Then Leann started showing up at every family event with her employees who bullied Brandi. Events including the kid’s school and soccer games where she tried to intervene and act as a parent. All of this time she paid and gave presents to a group of her employees and “fans” who publish bullying cartoons, posts and websites about Brandi, depicting her death and making the most despicable sexual slurs against her. All of this swf-ing behavior continues to this day but now includes Leann constantly parading around with her private parts exposed and thrust in the boys’ faces for “family” photos, while she arranges for weekly paparazzi photo shoots of herself and Eddie and the boys, using the boys for tabloid fodder. She constantly tweets about the boys’ school, sports events and social lives, with names and places, leaving them with no privacy, and making sexual innuendos about children and posing in sexually suggestive ways with them for the tabloids. Leann continues all of this stalking and bullying behavior to this day, in person and online with the additional threat of legal action against several individuals who have spoken against her. I could go on and on but there are many more people here who know more details and are better informed than I. It is a tragic consequence for two little boys and their mom that they happened to be in the way of a vicious, narcissistic, former child star who threw a tantrum when her career started slowing down and decided she wanted to play house with a married man. Leann used all her fame, power and money to tear a family apart and stalk and abuse a woman and her children. That is evil and so are you for defending her.

    • loveVT says:

      ^^WOW Agree 100%
      hands down that was the best summary of the entire situation I have heard!!! I hope people who are more involved than I (no twitter for me) relay this post because it explains this f****d up story perfectly for those who don’t know/understand what actually went down.

    • Katie says:


      You are truly arrogant. Telling me I typed “manically” Telling LR on the tape recording she how she feels about BG. If you have nothing to prove and if you aren’t as mean as you are perceived, then why keep responding. You say you’re not mean, yet you secretly tape someone you deem mentally unstable (more arrogance) It is quite possible you and your gang are contributing to her mental problems that YOU claim she has. I have been reading you and your bully friends timelines for a year, and saying you’re all mean is a huge understatement. YOU may be fooling some but you’re not fooling me even if your account is protected now….I remember and you’re all nothing more than a bunch of cyber bullies

      • loveVT says:

        Lori please forgive me for the copy and paste but Katie over here is trying to deflect attention away from what you wrote by writing a random message to 8smileys who has not made a comment on your post.

        lori says:
        August 20, 2012 at 8:20 pm

        For all the paid Leann trolls on here, whining about us discussing a public figure, who goes out of her way to shove her crotch, her sleazy posing and the lives of her stepkids into the tabloids on a daily basis, bug off!
        If you bothered to inform yourselves by reading some of the Leann threads here since the cheating scandal, you would understand how ignorant you sound. Are you friends with this evil hillbilly, Leann Rimes? This woman wanted out of her marriage. So she stalked a married man, hired him for a job on a film, slept with him the first time she met him, befriended the wife and arranged double dates between her lover and their spouses. When Eddie wouldn’t leave his wife and kids, and denied the affair, Leann paid the tabloids and paps to publicly follow them and post pictures of the affair so she could humiliate their spouses and out the affair.
        All while she faked illnesses to cancel concerts, and sneak home and stalk Eddie (also calling the paps to catch their “casual” run-ins.) When Eddie tried to work things out and stay with his family, Leann moved into their neighborhood and started staliking Brandi and the children. She almost ran over Brandi with her car while stalking her and tried to pretend it was innocent. She copied Brandi’s clothing, purses, shoes and jewelry, exactly, stalking her twitter account and tabloid photos, then showed up wearing the exact same outfits within days of Brandi wearing them. She tweeted about the same subjects, went to the same places, and posed in the exact same poses for photos on twitter. She went to Brandi’s plastic surgeon and got the same breast augmentation surgery. When Brandi kicked Eddie out, as another mistress Scheana Marie Jancan, came forward, Leann took him in. Then Leann started showing up at every family event with her employees who bullied Brandi. Events including the kid’s school and soccer games where she tried to intervene and act as a parent. All of this time she paid and gave presents to a group of her employees and “fans” who publish bullying cartoons, posts and websites about Brandi, depicting her death and making the most despicable sexual slurs against her. All of this swf-ing behavior continues to this day but now includes Leann constantly parading around with her private parts exposed and thrust in the boys’ faces for “family” photos, while she arranges for weekly paparazzi photo shoots of herself and Eddie and the boys, using the boys for tabloid fodder. She constantly tweets about the boys’ school, sports events and social lives, with names and places, leaving them with no privacy, and making sexual innuendos about children and posing in sexually suggestive ways with them for the tabloids. Leann continues all of this stalking and bullying behavior to this day, in person and online with the additional threat of legal action against several individuals who have spoken against her. I could go on and on but there are many more people here who know more details and are better informed than I. It is a tragic consequence for two little boys and their mom that they happened to be in the way of a vicious, narcissistic, former child star who threw a tantrum when her career started slowing down and decided she wanted to play house with a married man. Leann used all her fame, power and money to tear a family apart and stalk and abuse a woman and her children. That is evil and so are you for defending her.

      • Linda says:


        #1 You clicked on the wrong post to comment to. The post was written by lori, not 8smileys.

        and #2 Telephone conversation was not taped secretly, LeAnn knew it was being taped and then denied several times the conversation ever took place.

        FYI: I can see right through LeAnn, thank God for the gift of discernment.

        P.S. This is NOT the same Linda from the posts above. I regularly comment on the LeAnn Rimes articles and I am team Brandi all the way.

    • sarah says:

      fully agree. no one puts herself out there like a bat sh-t crazy d-ckmatized homewrecker like falcor rimes. so katie/linda/deb (all likely to be on lemanns payroll) your efforts are futile. we all hate leann. and honestly, deep inside… i imagine she hates herself just as much.

    • Eileen says:

      Lori: Yes. Yes and yes. Oh, and yes. Every single thing you wrote has happened…and the reason why women everywhere are so disgusted and truly scared of what will happen next.

    • Nicka says:

      *gives standing ovation* +1000 You’ve provided the most accurate synopsis I’ve ever heard! LR is absolutely evil and it’s chilling how she is able to do such vile things with no conscience. Horror movies have nothing on that bitch! Frankly, Brandi has more patience than I ever would. I would absolutely go ape sh*t and probably wind up popping one of Leann’s wonky tits!

    • brin says:

      Well done, Lori!!!

  97. Rita says:

    To LR’s supporters: Let it go and it will be gone shortly.

    To The BB’s, et al: Settle back with a nice glass of wine, a good man, and snuggle up tight with the warm feeling of accomplishment…..and of course, a rewarding smirk on your face.

    Sleep well>

  98. claire says:

    I’ve never understood the mentality of being outraged and taunting moral superiority to people who call others out on their crap, yet completely shrugging off the vile behavior that started it all.

    I guess I’ve never been fanatic enough about a celebrity to act so silly. My moral compass pretty much stays on track.

  99. doobiedooobiedoooo says:

    I’ve figured out where Leann has been these past couple days! Instead of Twitter, she’s been obsessed with Celebitchy and making up more posters that support her crazy ass.

  100. Mimi says:

    i wonder what deb/katie/linda will do when Eddie’s alleged cheating on LeAnn in eventually revealed

  101. Aloishusdoesthadishus says:

    That girl is crazy. Does she not have a PR team? If so, they need to be fired!

    • SweetLou65mums says:

      Could her pr team/legal team be here? The ones identified as the “trolls” who are posting on this blog? Hopefully (for them) getting paid by the word. That should deplete LR’s piggy bank … and that might make Eddie so angry he’ll have to go out again this weekend. He’ll need some company to help him “vent.” No problemo!

  102. why? says:

    So basically there are people misrepresenting other posters by using their names to make posts? Which is funny because I mentioned that this was occurring days ago in the previous thread!

    Oh no, you how Leann works. Someone posts that she has been MIA on twitter and because she just has to prove us all wrong, the next thing you know she goes on a twitter rampage and tops it off with a staged photo-op. So when Leann starts tweeting again today or tomorrow what excuse will she use for being MIA? Broken phone? How many times has she used that line? Eddie took her phone because he took her somewhere “special”?

    I just hope that Leann’s pr team is giving her the right advice. Lay low, close the twitter account, stop encouraging her fans to harass and stalk Brandi, stop feeding negative stories about Brandi to ROL/DM/PH, stop the staged photo-ops, divorce Eddie or stop manipulating the public into believing that he is being faithful, don’t release the album, and stop using Brandi’s kids and charity to promote herself and her marriage.

  103. Vesper says:

    So LeAnn in reaction to a rude tweet contacted the tweeter and got into an argument?

    1) How did LeAnn get the tweeter’s phone number?
    2) If this is actually LeAnn’s voice, she didn’t call Brandi a “vindictive fucking b—-” as the high school voice suggested. She called her “vindictive”.
    3) Brandi is vindictive. Compare her behaviour and attitude to Camille.
    4) Why does this tweeter care so much to actually have a conversation with LeAnn? Was this a guise for an interview? Why does the voice sound like a young teenager? Who the hell starts their sentence with, “But, but, but”…

    So Celebitchy just so happened to get “a tip that this blog had a juicy story about LeAnn”. Of course. Another BB at work.

    Stupid ridiculous story.

    • brin says:

      You’re late to the party, read the comments.

      • Sugar says:

        @Brin i just returned from a 4day off the grid trip and Holy Don Julio what a great story to come back to!!! took me all evening last night to read the comments & wow then this morning the party is still going lovE it.
        dang now i gotta get back to work *pouts*

      • brin says:

        @Sugar…welcome back to crazytown, gf!!

    • why? says:

      You are mixing two different stories.

      Leann and one of her fans who was notorious for trashing Brandi, contacted the Brandi fan in March, this was the same week that Leann was being slammed for making out with Lizzy while Eddie watched while on a family vacation with Brandi’s kids. Maybe Leann thought that she could redeem herself by throwing Brandi under the bus.

      Leann got the phone number from one of her fans who was a friend of the Brandi fan.

      But Leann did say that Brandi was vindictive as s___, and that isn’t any better than calling her a b_____. What this also tells me is that Leann is sending her fans to make these nasty comments about Brandi on these sites because one of Leann’s closet fans who posts on a particular site is always saying this same line.

      Seriously, didn’t Camille say that Kate’s miscarriage was karma, that sex with Kelsey was horrible, and implied that Kelsey was gay because he dressed up like a woman for his broadway play? So Camille wasn’t being vindictive, but Brandi is?

      Why do Leann and her fans act like Leann is the victim in all of this? Did Brandi sleep with Leann’s husband? Does Brandi tweet nonstop about Leann’s dogs(since Leann doesn’t have kids yet)? Does Brandi set staged photo-ops where she makes out with another man on the sidelines of whatever event Leann is having for her dogs(since Leann doesn’t have kids yet)? Is Brandi being overbearing and disrespecting another mother? No. Leann actively pursued Brandi’s husband. Why is Leann upset? Because Eddie still has feelings for Brandi? It’s like Leann is upset because Brandi didn’t disappear once she entered the picture. If Leann’s behavior hadn’t been and continues to be so atrocious and aggressive towards Brandi, people would have forgotten about the affair a long time ago. Leann keeps it going. Leann needs to just stay out of the public’s eye as much as possible until 2014.

      Since Leann had her fan call the Brandi fan, it should be why does Leann care so much about what the Brandi fan thinks to have a conversation with her? Seriously, you are the 3rd person(linda and deb did the same thing) who has attempted to redeem Leann by attacking the person who is talking in the tape. Why? Do you think that this makes the recording less valid?

      Seriously, Leann and her fans send “tips” to ROL, DM, and PH about Brandi, so what is your point? You have Brandi saying that she and Leann get along, meanwhile Leann is stabbing Brandi in the back the entire time by sending her fans to particular sites to write nasty things about Brandi, posting photos of herself and Lizzy “catching” a cab to mock Brandi’s DUI because prior to posting the photo Leann sent one of her fans to a particular site for a week to make fun of the fact that Brandi takes a cab, and feeding stories about Brandi and Brandi’s tweets to particular media outlets. I wonder what negative story ROL has in store for Brandi this week because Leann has a concert on Saturday and The Talk is re-airing Leann’s first co-hosting episode on Friday.

      If it was a ridiculous story, Leann wouldn’t be trying to drown it out by saturating the internet with stories about how she is performing for VH1 or sending her fans to attack the people involved.

  104. DonJulioBlues says:

    Leann tore up her pre-nup
    Put it all in Belinda’s name
    Belinda ran off with Le’s banker
    And Eddie hasn’t been the same

    Gonna take another shot
    Another shot of Don Julio
    Needs to feel the fire running down his throat
    Cause he’s got no other place to go!

    Leann calls up her haters
    When Eddie lets her have the phone
    Needs to scold those vindictive bitches
    (Nothin’ else to do when you’re home alone!)

    Let’s join her with another shot
    Another shot of Don Julio
    Needs to feel the fire running down her throat
    Cause she’s got no other place to go!

  105. brin says:

    Leann tweeted her thanks to Don Julio for her birthday tequila (and also Ed’s lifetime supply).

    • why? says:

      Because without the Don Julio, Leann’s “Eddie isn’t cheating with Lizzy because he makes out with me and can’t keep his hands off of me” staged photo-op wouldn’t be possible! It’s sad that she has to get Eddie drunk just to make him touch her. Can you image the vomit inducing pda photo-ops/twitpics Leann is about to release? How are Leann and Eddie any different from Courtney Stodden & Doug? Both couples engage in the most ridiculous “Look at me” behavior.

      Leann is still tweeting about “her birthday” even though it’s not her birthday? I forgot, Leann is operating on single white female logic. It was Lizzy’s birthday, so by SWF logic it was also her birthday too. You can tell who Eddie is sleeping with or pining for by who Leann is single white femaling.

      So Leann wants everyone to believe that she and Eddie had such a great time on her 30th birthday, which isn’t really her 30 birthday, that she didn’t have time to tweet? Right, this is the same woman who was tweeting on her honeymoon. She didn’t tweet because she was doing damage control. Now that she has saturated the media with enough stories about how she is going to exploit yet another charity organization, I mean perform for VH1, out come the tweets and staged photo-ops.

      Leann is so predictable, she read how everyone was talking about how she wasn’t tweeting and she just had to make a tweet! And it just had to be a tweet about her birthday and how her husband has to stay drunk just to be near her!

  106. why? says:

    Wow, Leann tweeted a photo of herself wearing a white biniki and a scarf. What has inspired Leann’s sudden interest in wearing head scarves? Lizzy. And the white bikini doesn’t have anything to do with Brandi’s fashion blog, right? Leann makes it so obvious that her husband lusts after other woman.

    When Leann posts photos of Eddie and her making out during the party, just refer back to the photo of her standing in front of the alcohol in a bikini! Her husband has to be drunk just to touch her. Poor Leann.

    Leann thinks that the fallout from the recording has died down. Image her surprise when it all comes back to the surface when she releases her staged photo-ops and pda twitpics!

    So which one of Leann’s mouthpieces will be the first to post about Leann’s birthday party? GG or DM? Or did she do an exclusive with People mag about it?

    Remember the wings that Leann put on Brandi’s son? It’s in the background of the photo of Leann standing in front of the alcohol. What a great message to send to a mother using her child!

  107. TheRealVesper says:

    LeAnn is the mistress of euphemisms.
    “Borrowed” is just another word for “I deliberately committed adultery.”
    “Bonus Mom” a curious phrase for “stalking side piece who manipulated a cheating father of two into a loveless marriage,” (the real reason why Eddie cannot face the day without drinking).
    “Don Julio” is as close as they can get to “l’elisir d’amore.”
    “The only one that matters” (one of many tattoos positioned to be worn with an endless stream of bikinis), is a silent public warning that screams “I’ll cut off more than your allowance if the public ever finds out you’ve been cheating on me.”
    The scary part is that sooner or later, karma gives back what you gave out.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      That was well said and funny. :) In this case, though, karma isn’t scary- it’s well deserved and a long time coming.

  108. why? says:

    This is what Leann tweeted: “Gotta get off of here soon. I have blogs to write, a website to finish today and kiddos to get ready for their first day of school….”

    Seriously was it really necessary for her tweet about the kid’s first day of school? Oh wait, she is doing damage control. Leann first and the kids she steps on just to get where she needs to go. It’s sad that her damage control consists of using two little boys.So after being slammed for the recording, she gets back on twitter and gloats because she(and not Brandi) gets the kids on their first day back to school? And after Brandi tweeted that she and Leann get along? I sincerely hope that Leann didn’t set up a staged photo-op with GSI or Fame/Flynet of her and Eddie taking the kids to school. How can anyone keep trust her with any child knowing that she is going to turn it into a circus. Let the kids have their first day of school.

    Blogs? Leann, Leann, Leann. Does she seriously think that this is a good idea? Oh wait, Leann is doing a “good deed” by performing for VH1, so that makes it all okay.

    And she tweeted that she was elated. Which is her way of saying that she wasn’t at all upset over the release of the recordings, despite the fact that she just had to take the time to add in that remark!

    After tweeting about getting the kids ready for school, she posts a photo of herself standing in front of the alcohol. Those poor kids. Someone needs to protect them before Leann does some serious damage to them. There are ways to be civil without allowing Leann to exploit the kids the way she does.

    • SweetLou65mums says:

      Of course she’s elated. In her twisted mind, what could fuel the mega sales of an album called “Spitfire” more than a recorded conversation proving just how much of a “spitfire” she really is? She thinks this is good publicity and she believes she can capitalize on it.

      Consumers do have power and Mr. & Mrs. C need consumers to keep their incomes growing. Maybe it’s time for a nationwide boycott of the Hallmark Network by their “family” audience, refusing to watch the channel any more while Hallmark is still providing employment to Eddie Cibrian. Sorry Eriq LaSalle/Hallmark, but you picked the wrong drunken sleazeball to portray a father figure in a family movie slated to be released in 2013 on Father’s Day.

      • why? says:

        Which explains why for the second time in a row, Leann’s album has been POSTPONED! Leann is counting on Rob Thomas to keep the album, single, and her rep/image afloat. Notice how she starts off tweeting Rob today too like that has made the news about the recordings go away. I wonder if Rob Thomas’ people told Leann to lay low for a while. See even Rob Thomas is worried that Leann’s rep and actions are reflecting poorly on him!

        Leann is “BFFs” with Eriq LaSelle(and we only know because she tweeted it), so Eddie wasn’t really picked for that role in the Hallmark movie. Leann called in a favor and that is how Eddie ended up in the role. I heard that Josie was supposed to be on Rizzoli and Isles too. So Maybe Eddie saw Josie D and made Leann get him those jobs where he could be near her. Poor Leann. Since Eddie has been with Leann the ONLY job that wasn’t a favor that Leann called in was his role in the Tyler Perry movie? Eddie must feel so proud! He used to get jobs on his looks, now he only gets jobs because Leann knows someone. Don Julio and Lizzy to the rescue!

        And why isn’t Eddie getting HIS kids ready for school? It’s not enough to just be photographed playing with his kids, if he really cared about his kids he would do things like this instead of putting it all off on Leann, who acts more like Eddie’s mother or babysitter. Maybe Eddie is too drunk or in his bedroom with Lizzy.

      • idea says:

        I’m sorry “Why” but your post here shows you know nothing about the Television business. LeAnn is not getting Eddie cast in sh*t. Maybe she had a hand in picking him for her Lifetime co-star, but I doubt that too. She has NO influence in the television world, if she did, she would be starring in NASHVILLE. I enjoy your posts, but you always take it too far to the point of crazy. Keep it to one comment per post and state facts correctly. You will have more of an impact this way. Now you just sound like a deranged person who twists facts to make them fit your story. I used to read your comments but now will skip over every one but yourfirst. It’s time to grab the reigns. Neigh.

      • why? says:


        Sorry dear, but your post shows how much you know nothing about the Television business. Leann is most definately getting Eddie cast in shows like CSI, Chase, Rizzoli and Isles, Hallmark movies, The Playboy Club, and etc… What’s the common factor? NBC Universal. And who did Leann work with a long time ago who has ties to NBC and CBS? HINT: Who produced Coyote Ugly? What? The same person who produced CSI and Chase? So your comment about how I sound deranged and twist facts doesn’t hold water. BTW, Leann got Eddie the job on CSI so that he would continue the affair with her, so do you still want to insist that Leann isn’t getting Eddie jobs?

        The orginal actor for The Playboy Club was fired just so that Eddie could have the part. And wasn’t Leann at Eddie’s “audition” for The Playboy Club? We only know this because Leann set up a staged photo-op that day and had several fluffpieces written about how she was there. Why would she need to be at the audition with Eddie if she doesn’t have a hand in it?

        Remember when the hosts were on The Talk were gushing over Eddie being on Rizzoli and Isles? Well I figured that sooner or later it was because Leann had set that up as well and was going to make an appearance on the show. And sure enough who shows up on The Talk a week or so later. Leann. So what that tells us is that Leann is definately getting Eddie jobs in addition to paying for the hype as well. BTW, Leann is friends with Sharon who she met on AGT, which is aired on what channel? NBC.

        Just because Leann isn’t starring in Nashville, it doesn’t mean that she isn’t playing a hand in getting Eddie cast in these shows. Does JB have ties in Nashville? Well there you go! If JB had ties in Nashville, then Leann would be there right?

        Wow, a “randomn” poster shows up posting about how someone is taking it way too far, about how people are twisting facts, and sounding deranged? Why does this sound so familiar? Because it’s the same thing that Linda, Katie, and Deb wrote yesterday. Why must someone insist on playing these games?

        Boo hoo, “idea” skips over my comments, even though she took the time and energy to write TWO posts to me just to try to convince me that Leann isn’t calling in favors to get Eddie jobs and DM isn’t on Leann’s payroll. Who does things like this? Now who would be so invested enough to try to set the record straight even though they don’t read my posts?

        What do you know about the truth since you seem to be 100% sure that I am twisting things or stating things incorrectly?

        Why do people like “idea” take the time and energy to tell posters that they are not reading their comments? If you are not reading my comments, then you just don’t read it. The fact that you are tellng me that you don’t read my comments, makes it obvious that you do.

    • TheRealVesper says:

      “why?” –A question for you: who is Josie D, please?

  109. why? says:

    Why is Leann Rimes so predictable?

    She didn’t release any staged pda bikini, beach, pda photo-ops just yet, but she did pay The Dailymail to release a story about her month long birthday bash. So she thinks that bombarding the internet with stories about how she did a “good deed” by singing for VH1 makes it okay to resume the fluffpieces from her paid mouthpieces and tweets/blogs/twitpics?

    DM did the story using the photos that Leann posted to her twitter page. Funny how DM picked up on Leann’s “Not quite 30 yet birthday party” twitpics, but completely missed out on the tape of Leann degrading Brandi and the proof that despite preaching “move on” Leann is telling her fans what to post about Brandi when they visit these sites.

    • idea says:

      Why, I don’t think LeAnn is paying the Daily Mail for the story, they just do not know better and probably watch her Twitter. Maybe someone should direct Daily Mail to the recordings since no major media outlet has picked up on it yet. Since you are so passionate about this, I nominate you! :)

      • why? says:

        The DM is on Leann’s payroll. DM, GG, and x17 are all running the very same fluffpiece concerning Leann’s “birthday party”. Did you read the Fox News article about Leann being in cahoots with the paps? As the Fox article pointed out, in order for DM and Leann’s other mouthpieces to run the “2nd honeymoon in Cabo” story with the very same spin(renewing her vows even though the photos show nothing of the sort), those media outlets would needed to get that information directly from Leann and the pap agency that took the photos. So DM isn’t just going to Leann’s twitter account and writing articles, Leann is going to them and paying them to do it. If DM was just going to Leann’s twitter page and writing articles based on what she posts, then they would have written about how Leann was arguing with people for a week on twitter, right? So why are they being selective in what they post about Leann? They are being told what to post by Leann herself.

        Another indication that DM is on Leann’s payroll is how they always try to convince everyone that Leann and Eddie have this great love. Only a media outlet on Leann’s payroll would do that. Eddie is drunk all the time and he looks like he would rather be somewhere else. Did DM even post the photos of Lizzy giving Eddie a show on the dock?

        Plus notice how DM has no problem writing negative stories about Brandi, so how come DM never ever writes a completely negative story about Leann? Sure they include some negative comments, but it’s always followed by enough positive comments that it drowns out the negative comments.

        Leann even took a passive aggressive dig at Lizzy using DM. The DM had just posted an article about how Leann was out shopping with Lizzy and have posted numerous photos of Lizzy vacationing with Leann and Eddie in Aspen and Hawaii, so why would they confuse her for Leann’s mother? Because that is the way Leann told them to caption the photo. People were talking about how Lizzy and Eddie were sleeping together and Leann just had to get back at her for it.

        Someone did contact DM concerning the recordings. Why didn’t you contact DM again instead of being so passionate about trying to convince me that DM isn’t on Leann’s payroll?

      • Ming Lee says:

        @gwen- the DM oh so conveniently never publishes my comments. ever. i’m guessing it is because i always comment against their leannslifeisperfectandsoisshe articles. the comment is deleted/never shows up. always.

  110. why? says:

    You can tell which media outlets are on Leann’s payroll. Both DM and x17 opted to write fluffpieces about the bikini photo that Leann posted today from her “30th birthday” party instead of addressing the recordings of Leann promoting her fans to hate on Brandi. That is another good thing that comes from these tapes. It confirms which media outlets are being paid by Leann Rimes.

    And as usual since the purpose was to convince everyone that Eddie isn’t cheating sleeping with Lizzy, both x17 and DM made sure to point out that Leann got some “loving” from Eddie. If they are going to lie for Leann, shouldn’t they at least make it believeable? Eddie is cringing in the photo of him kissing Leann and he is drunk and yet both DM and x17 are spinning it into a love story.

    This is one of the reasons why people find these two so disgusting because they go through great lengths to manipulate the media and public.

  111. why? says:


    “I used to read your comments but now will skip over every one but your first.”

    That’s odd because the TWO posts you just read and then responded to aren’t the FIRST posts that I made in this thread. So either you are trying to save face or you are just upset because I hit the nail on the head. DM is on Leann’s payroll and Leann is using her “friendships” to get Eddie jobs.

    Word of advice, if you have to take the time and energy to tell me that you are not reading my posts or that you are “just” reading my first post, then chances are you are reading ALL of my posts! What I said definately had an impact since after “skipping” EVERY post except the first one, you managed to respond to not one but two posts that appear later on in this thread! Notice what posts you responded to. Why did those two posts strike a nerve?

    • Ming Lee says:

      idea’s posts sound rather familiar. the snarky tone and launguage style. i can just hear leanns 8smileys phone call voice saying : ‘leann is not getting eddie cast in sh*t.’

  112. why? says:

    Leann’s bikini birthday fluffpiece from DM is getting slammed on twitter, no wonder there was this attempt to try to convince me that Leann played no part in the article that DM wrote about her!

  113. why? says:

    This is Leanns latest tweet: “All my fans…. Get ready for the “Spitfire Social Club” SSC if you’re nasty – super excited for the new website! More news to come later!”

    And then Leann and her fans can’t understand why people won’t stop talking about Leann’s affair, people still call Leann a homewrecker, or why Leann gets so much more backlash than Eddie.

    And on another note, Leann is doing some major damage control. She is now using Brandi’s kids to clean up the fallout from the recordings. Which is odd because not a lot of media outlets picked it up, so Curb and Rob Thomas must not have been happy to hear about the release of this conversation because the damage control that is being done is out of portion to how many media outlets actually covered it. Why is so much being done to clean this up?

  114. why? says:

    Why is Leann giving recommendations to Brandi’s son’s school for KH as if she is his mother? Leann tries way too hard to erase Brandi as the children’s mother. If she and Brandi were getting along, then she would respect Brandi and wouldn’t be on a public forum tweeting about giving KH recommendations so that Brandi’s son and KH son can stay together, tweeting about the kid’s first day of school and patting herself on the back for making it a success so that her mouthpieces eventually write a fluffpiece about it because the media didn’t jump on the blurb she had DM/ROL/x17/GG put in yesterday’s fluffpiece, and posting about how she was shopping for clothes for them today(I smell a staged photo-op in the works).

    There are ways to be civil, but where did the idea that being civil means allowing Leann to exploit two innocent kids come from? And of course Leann’s “devotion” to Brandi’s kids comes on the same day that she just so happens to be advertising for a live chat on Thursday for her album! What a great bonus mom!

  115. why? says:

    Now US Weekly has posted the same “bikini birthday” fluffpiece that Leann paid x17, DM, ROL, and GG to write yesterday. Yeap, the same US Weekly that just so happened to “expose” Leann and Eddie’s affair even though they had no clue that Eddie was sleeping with SMJ too and the same US Weekly that just so happened to get the details of what went on during Leann and Eddie’s wedding reception at every time interval! So this was a paid fluffpiece too. At least all of Leann’s mouthpieces are being consistent and sticking to the format Leann told them to follow.

    Poor Leann. Reduced to validating herself using a picture of her standing in front of alcohol as she single white females Lizzy! Eddie must have a had a good time during that party with Lizzy! And she made sure that US Weekly made it very clear that she is Eddie’s wife, not Lizzy(because someone on another site said that Eddie and Lizzy appear more like husband and wife and Leann seems like she is the 3rd wheel).

    So Leann is going to turn this into a mega, mega, mega media blitz? So how long before she pays People mag to write the same fluffpiece?

  116. Isabel says:

    Yesterday I checked out Leann’s Twitter and she commented on the taped conversation; something along the lines of ‘some people take it too far and have no life’. It is gone now. I should have made a screenshot -.- It was a response to a fan who asked her about it.

    Normally I am just hating on Kate Bosworth, another fameho with Twitterdiarrhea, but this post is much more fun. Those delusional famous people are hilarious and badshit crazy!

  117. Only Sane 12 says:

    Wow! Sounds like this BB group need a life! And it doesnt matter if LR called the stuttering, interrupting busybody teacher who thinks her foulmouthed 19 yo is a saint….who claims LR knew she was being recorded….u can b prosecuted. Of course, your daughter is going to go along with your story& Im sure LRs fans will agree with her. U all are obsessed. L&B both r looney & so r u all! Anyway, DUMB MOVE!

  118. reagan says:

    Interesting. I read Leann went to rehab, found this site with some lunatic busybody fan talking to Leann Rimes. Read over these comments and come to the conclusion that Leann should go to rehab because you all are the cray cray’s for meddling in Leann’s personal life and she should learn some techniques for dealing with you all. Holy cow its not the first time a man left his wife for another woman. Leave them alone and mind your own affairs!

  119. piratemama67 says:

    my daughter had a step ‘mother’ almost exactly like this. 20 years later the other woman is now married to him (hahaha watch what you wish for!!) with more kids. They have no contact with our daughter. Forcing her to call her mom and me ‘other mom’ was upsetting but I kept quiet and the step ‘mother’ killed the relationship. I didn’t need to do anything.

    They continue to bash me and blame me for all the drama in their lives. No one likes them in our small town and they seriously think I’m at the base of it. They even tried to get the police to force me to never reveal that they had an affair…. um I can’t change history. It’s not slander if it’s true and in the public domain.

    Some people are just stupid and mean. I’m no saint but by keeping my mouth shut they made it SO MUCH worse. I now have a healthy daughter who regards my husband as her ‘daddy’ because he never forced it and just loved her. duh. Stupid is as stupid does.

  120. someone says:

    Same as Reagan. Know very little about this and have zero interest in Leann Rimes. Just strikes me as useless and always on a beach grinning away with a drink in her hand. Saw a reference to this whole drama on dlisted when Michael K made a reference to nasty comments or something on her Twitter feed. Went over to check cos lol drama but nothing. Lurked Cdan, google, and a couple other places and then got here. Just spent a few hours going through this thread. So yeah, you can accuse me of being a lele or whatever you call it but, rationally, consider this story is now spreading out so you’re going to get more outside views.

    Thing is, as an outsider, I have to say I agree with reagen. There is some serious hate here that goes way beyond opinion. I don’t think a lot of you quite appreciate how out of control you are. The one poster… why?.. ok, no, sorry but that’s some seriously obsessive paranoia. You alone have made a whole stream of posts that are really well scripted, don’t get me wrong, but are very clearly disturbing. I guess you probably won’t read this but it’s really obvious you keep an unhealthy amount of interest in her Twitter posts (I know she’s not there now), any articles about her, and then you have all these conspiracies about who has what influence, who she’s paying off. I don’t know if you know but the Daily Mail for all it’s sort of shit is a serious newspaper in Britain and the press are not allowed to be ‘bought off’. If you have proof of that, I guarantee that will be the most explosive story of all. So yeah, if you have that proof, go to the UK authorities.

    Upshot is, there is too much on here that is stated as fact. She’s deliberately done this or that, her husband is cheating on her, she’s definitely harased, stalked, exploited children… whatever. Even implying she’s sexually inappropriate with the kids – that alone is such a serious thing to even suggest. It all begs the questions that if she is so dangerous or so unstable then a) why are the authorities not doing anything or why aren’t you telling them and b) if she’s so crazy then why bait her further?

    Sorry but as a complete outsider all I can say is I think a lot of you have lost complete perspective. The fact that you are so quick to attack anyone who doesn’t fall into line with the she’s evil/insane line are immediately acccused of being her minions/fans/her. This is not rational. The minute things start being presented as conspiracy is a sure sign something’s really wrong. Seems to me there’s a core group that’s got embedded with one another over what’s probably a couple of years now and you’ve allowed your impaired judgements and collective paranoia to seriously affect one another.

    The thing with the internet is it can seriously increase paranoia and suspicion because all you have is text but it’s really subtle so you go along with it thinking it’s a joke almost and you’ve got it under control when you’re really letting it slip away from you bit by bit. I think she should get off the internet but some of you definitely do. You don’t come off well in this at all and I guess it’s a matter of time before you see it. I hope this court case goes well for those concerned. Those of you who have made allegations or said things like they’re fact, well, you can probably consider yourself really lucky if a lot of this is forgotten. Just, you know, take it easy and take quite a few steps back. There are very few people who are not embroiled in this like you are who will agree with what you’ve done here. Not at all.

    Also, shout out to Linda if she ever gets to see this. You came off looking really good in this. Very courageous all things considered. Nothing beats good old-fashioned honesty and decency.