Jennifer Aniston still isn’t showing off her fancy new engagement ring

These are the first photos we’ve had of Jennifer Aniston since her engagement to Justin Theroux was announced. There were some last week that we didn’t have access to (go here to see) – Jennifer walking around the North Carolina set of We’re the Millers in her robe, without her engagement ring. These pics are also from North Carolina, and as you can see, the angle is all wrong to check out Jennifer’s left hand. Pop Sugar has some pics from another angle (go here to see), and all you can see on her left ring finger is a yellow gold band that could possibly be a prop wedding band from her film. Or it could be her engagement ring with the diamond turned around.

Basically, what I’m saying is that it’s been a week and we still don’t really know what Jennifer’s engagement ring looks like. Neither People Mag nor Us Weekly carried any details about the ring, although Life & Style did claim that it was a nice-sized (around 8 carats) emerald-cut diamond. I actually don’t have a working theory about when and how “the ring” will be debuted. On a red carpet? In a Terry Richardson photo shoot? In a magazine? In a “candid” outing? I really don’t know how Jennifer is going to do it. Your guess is as good as mine. I do hope we see it soon – I love talking about jewelry. I hope her ring is pretty.

People Magazine excerpted a little bit more from their JustJen cover story this week, but it’s nothing that we didn’t already hear last week. Jennifer is reportedly “happier than ever” and friends claim Jen and Justin might elope – basically, everything we already heard.

Also – Fame/Flynet is running these photos as a potential “bump watch” for Jennifer – thus, the blurry, cropped photo of her midsection. See, that actually makes me feel bad for her. Let the woman have a food baby, you know? We don’t have to call bump watch on every lady that’s had a bowl of pasta for dinner. PS… I loathe those wedges.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. EnuffSaid says:

    It probably looks like angelina’s!!!

  2. Cathy says:

    I have to disagree with you Kaiser, I like the shoes. I personally wouldn’t wear them, I don’t do shoes with any type of heels, but I still think they’re pretty.

  3. RovingLass says:

    She isn’t showing it because she hasn’t bought one yet. :)

  4. Turtle Dove says:

    It looks like the ring is turned around to me too.

    Jen is really holding out on us. lol. I like Jen a lot, but even I can see that she’s going to milk this.

    “Let the woman have a food baby, you know? We don’t have to call bump watch on every lady that’s had a bowl of pasta for dinner.”

    I was taking a big bite of pasta as I read this…. for breakfast. Perhaps I’ll terrify the BF with bump watch when he wakes up? ;)

    I do get tired of the bump watch declarations though. Number one, I hate the term “bump” it needs to be retired. Number two, women’s stomachs fluctuate constantly (unless you’re Gisele, Miranda or Douzen).

    Ugh. I hate the wedges too. They’re too cumbersome looking.

    • Saralita says:

      Pasta! Chinnifer and pasta have not come in contact since 1997.

      She went to Mexico with Mayer and Coco’s parents and she ate white fish for Christmas dinner!

      I guess Turkey was even to many calories for her, so pasta is definitely a no go.

      • Turtle Dove says:

        You seem really…passionate about that. Are you going to be okay?

        (TD whispers to self so Saralita doesn’t hear, “She seems kinds bitter about the food consumption… ‘sizist’, ‘weightist’ issues?”)

      • diana says:

        I agree. I’m a huge brange fan btw. But its unfair to claim that Jen eats nothing. Man, I love gossip when its snarky and fun. But if people get personally involved, starts sounding like politics.

      • Saralita says:

        And you seem way too passionate about me. ;)

        Whispers to self??? WTF??? What are you 5?

        I’m sorry but homie don’t play that. stick to the suject or go cry somewhere else—this is a gossip site.

        Don’t get bent outta shape over my thoughts on Chinnifer Mniston.

        She doesn’t eat carbs, she had white fish for christmas dinner—she’s overly obsessed with her weight—deal with it.

        And yet with all that effort she’s still looking bloated and her cheeks look like she’s had her wisdom teeth removed.

        It’s funny cuz she’s vain.
        ps @diana—sorry I don’t see how I’m personally involved, but I do see you seeming to have a personal interest in me instead of your idol??? LOL there, there it’s just gossip.

  5. PHD in Gossip says:

    Am I the only one that figured out this stunt? Jennifer ran to get engaged (summoned Justin to her movie set) the day after rumors started flying that brad and Angelina were getting married imminently and that she split up with Justin.
    presto- she is engaged – getting the cover of people magazine.
    Well played Jen, but it’s just a stunt.
    Hence, no ring.
    Would you expect anything else from her than to desperately try to steal Brad and Angie’s thunder?

    • T.C. says:

      You ain’t the only one. I think the same, I saw right through this stunt.

    • Mac says:

      Brad & Ange have a tendency to string things along when it comes to getting married. Probably has nothing whatsoever to do with PR since they’ve risen above all that.

      At this rate Jenn and Justin will marry prior to Brad & Ange.

      • spinner says:

        hee hee…your sarcasm does not escape me.

        I think Jen & Justin will actually marry very soon. This is an actual engagement — a proposal of marriage — not a promise ring.

      • Monica says:

        lol its only the jen hens and Jolie haters who keep harping on this “promise ring” in fact i believe it started from femalefirst so i wouldnt be suprised if rabid JP-hater spinner is a proud member of that vile site, i bet you Jolie and Pitt will last WAY longer than Aniston and Justin, she cant keep a man to save her life and the first guy she was engaged to dumped her because she was too high maintenance, Brad dumped her, Vince dumped her, John Mayer dumped her twice

      • spinner says:

        @ Monica

        Not sure about Female First but I do know that Brad said it was a promise for the future ring…hence, a promise ring.

    • Nicolette says:

      I agree. It’s laughable really. Each weekend there are rumors of Brad and Angie’s wedding, yet nothing. If there is no wedding watch this “engagement” disappear.

      • lisa2 says:

        So Brad and Angie are responsible for the media losing it’s mind about them getting married. They have not been seen in weeks. So the uproar is not on their shoulders.

        But they are being blamed for it.. That is what is wrong and off the wall to me

      • Saralita says:

        @lisa2: EXACTLY. How is being low key their fault, not every celeb holds a press conference on their personal life. That’s a kardashian/Mansiton thing.


        Don’t hold your breath. Most reports are saying they are already legally married.

        unlike, this totally staged engagement with…

        No ring:she hasn’t had time to buy it yet.

        fake sounding story: “..received the est present.” GAG! What kind of cheese is that?

        Only being together for over a yr: yet needing to engaged right away, in their 40s, and right on the heels of Brads engagement and wedding rumors at fever pitch.

        Sorry guys, hate to break it to y’all but just because they didn’t pull a fame wh0re-y thing like maniston and send out a press release on the Sunday for optimum outlet coverage—-that doesn’t mean it’s not going down.

        some people just have class and some have Just-in-it-for-the-fame.

      • Nicolette says:

        Hold on a minute people. I guess I worded it wrong. I’m not “blaming” Brad & Angie for anything. What I’m saying is Jen just seems to want to time something to steal their thunder.

    • Saralita says:

      No I wouldn’t expect anything less from her.

      She did the same thing when she promoted her perfume 3 summers ago right when Angie had re surfaced to for something (maybe a movie, can’t remember.)

      Suddenly, Maniston is hawking her man-repellant spray in London.

      ever hear about her repellant anymore???

      nope it served it’s purposes(giving her an excuse to be in the press while Angie was.)

      • Sunny says:

        Sooo, let me see if I follow this logic: brad and angie are not in control of the media stating rumors about them and their wedding, they have not been spotted out for months so its not there fault BUT aniston is supposed to live her life according to gossip magazines….not do anything anytime there is a rumor about her ex husband? Even change someone’s bday if god forbid there is a brange rumor at the same time? Have I got it??? Cuz it’s confusing…..if there is something in gossip mags it’s her pr and publicity stunts? Really? Why do brangelina fans HATE her again? I know it’s not jus brage fans, but I’m tryin to understand their hate….cuz I jus read the comments and it’s all she is not on their level, she is a waste of space etc. so if brad and Angie are happy and together with their family, why give a shit what aniston does? It doesn’t take anything from them or affect their relationship, so why the anger and hate? Sheesh!!

      • Kayla says:

        Sunny, if you’d followed this you’d know that Brangelina supporter’s hate is *in response to* the hate from the Aniston fans for 8 years towards Angelina. I really don’t get how people don’t understand why Aniston is hated.

      • spinner says:

        @ Sunny

        so if brad and Angie are happy and together with their family, why give a shit what aniston does? It doesn’t take anything from them or affect their relationship, so why the anger and hate?

        hmmmm…that’s a good question. I have a feeling we will be finding out & maybe soon.

      • Kayla says:

        spinner since Aniston fans started the hate, lets turn this around how it should be: so if Jennifer is happy with her career her life and relationships, why give a shit what Brangelina does? It doesn’t take anything from Aniston or affect her life or relationships, so why the anger and hate?

        Maybe you could answer that one for us all. Somehow I doubt you can or will though.

      • Sunny says:


        Oh ok…. But with the situation being what it was, her losing her husband to Angie it is understandable for their to be some anger… I’m not justifying any side, BUT it seems as if aniston was expected to not speak, be seen or heard from ever again!, the situation was sketchy whether there was cheating etc. we don’t really know, same with Jen. But all seem to agree that the men were in relationships and it was unfair to dump and move on….. Bangelina fans should be the happiest in this IMO cuz they are STILL TOGETHER…. Idk, jus wondering, thanks

      • Saralita says:

        @sunny 1st comment

        there are plenty a reason to loathe Mansiton.

        For me it has always been about her. I’ve always thought she was a superficial twit since she stated icing her nipples on friends…

        I only bring up Brad and Angie in reference to how she is constantly trying to compete with them.

        I personally, think they are a great pair and have a beautiful family like them as actors/people but in no way is this why I absolutely detest Chinnifer.

        I don’t love B/A and therefore hate her.

        I just loathe her solely because she is talentless, vain, homely yet with hair in her face gets this weird pass, ices her nipples, and needs to constantly upstage Brad and Angie—which is admitted by her own camp now with the “anymore” quote.

        (again bringing them up only in reference to conduct. If she started competing with john Myer now my posts would be in reference to him. But all signs point to the Brange.AS she keeps this triangle going to get PR.)

        about the engagement on the bday—commmon, that bday was to give a better excuse for why out of nowhere during this short interim of Brads engagement, suddenly they need to get engaged as well???

        if this was not to upstage then she could have just waited, the world didn’t need to know, if she is so private.

        you don’t announce on a Sunday when you get engaged on a Friday unless you are waiting for something perhaps

  6. lisa2 says:

    Well if she shows the ring the paps will stop following. They are trying to get the “ring shot”.

    She should just flash it an get it over with. I recall her saying how she hated being followed ;)

    oh well.

    but I think her outfit looks dated.

  7. Sabrine says:

    The baby bump speculation is beyond ridiculous. There isn’t going to be any biological baby, not sure about any surrogacy plans etc. but it’s doubtful. The tabs and everyone else need to stop with that already. She’s 43 for heavens’ sake!

    As for the ring, I’m sure we will all see it eventually.

  8. Anna says:

    The wedges are awful. The hair is awful. The dour face is awful. The outfit, as always, is grunge-awful. There is no ring. This is not a real engagement. Something is tres fishy here.

  9. sillyone says:

    I thought the top photo and cover photo was of Leann Rimes.

  10. Anon says:

    Doesn’t matter, too many people have figured out Jen and her PR Guru’s game for years now.
    Jen’s Hail Mary to stay relevant.

  11. Rita says:

    My sources tell me that the ring will make its debut when it’s damn good and ready ( Its still teething).

  12. lisa2 says:

    I’m sure the more the press talks about not seeing the ring, she or her reps will hear about it and we will see it.

    just wait.

    They are engaged. so it is expected that people will be curios about a ring when you announce your engagement. It’s not like seeing the ring first then getting the announcement later. I mean I work with lots of women. and usually they don’t make the engagement announcement. They wear their ring to work and then everyone knows.

  13. …or maybe she’s simply engaged and happy and hasn’t been photographed wearing the ring because she’s been on set.

  14. MrsBPitt says:

    Jen will use the ring as another great opportunity for pr…so I believe there will be a huge spread in people or some othere big magazine. Pictures of the ring…pictures of her and Justin gazing at each other with adoring eyes…pics of the two of them with their dogs…pics of them making goofy faces, because they are just a couple of kids in love!!! YIKES! Also, her stomach does not have any kind of bumb…here we go with the Jen’s having a baby craze again…

    • Saralita says:

      @MRSBPITT, read my thoughts, this is how you maximize coverage, just when this news cycle is done she will bring out the ring, rinse, repeat.

      she’s so f*cking pathetic.

      (I disagree to the comments that’s she damned if she does. not true, she could have got it all out at once. She is creating more of a frenzy/demand to see it.)

      • Mark truth says:

        I think most of celebrity doing it,even brangie who pioneering the selling of babies picture and flashing of the ring after leg gate. It’s their job to get as much or as possible,why bother hate? If you ignore it,they dissapear. The tabs and media keep bringing up jen news because there are demand for it. It’s logical things,it’s demand who create supply.
        For people who like and hate her,it’s create demand of her news or pictures.
        Like robsten.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      My thought was she is going to try and sell pictures of the ring, just like celebs sell pictures of their kids these days.
      And why not? If I could make some $$$ selling pictures of a ring, I would do it too!

    • manly says:

      bwahahha….gazing its other.fugging its other too.

  15. crtb says:

    Thsi poor woman can’t win for losing!
    If she showed her ring there would be complaints and critism. If she doesn’t, same reaction. She’ll show it when she feels like it!

    Still don’t understand why all the hate if she decides to have a baby. Both men and women change their minds daily about if they want children or not! Circumstances change and you change. How you felt 10, 5, 2 or 1 year ago has nothing to do with what you feel today.

    Why always different rules for her? If George Clooney annouced tomorrow that he was getting married and having kids, there would be nothing but warm congradulations for him and his wife. There would be no negative rants because he change his mind about a life plan. As free thinkiing adults, we are allowed to change our minds about major life changing events. Get over it!

    • Veruca says:

      Sorry, but I totally disagree. If George Clooney announced his engagement tomorrow, the majority of people on this site would be making pools on whether or not they actually get married, or how long before the divorce.

      The minority would offer congratulations.

    • wisegirl says:

      no can’t agree with your logic here.

      She could win—certainly with her fans and (however begrudgingly) with her detractors.

      Even tho she apparently HAD to get in on the Brangie weddingwatch publicity wave, she could now just be Jen ‘living her life’ Aniston and let the ring casually be snapped.

      ‘Cause that’s what happens when you are ‘living your life’…

      There is no way in hell that this couple is not aware that they are at the front of the line re: celeb news.

      If they sincerely wanted to not be the object of so much scrutiny, they could behave in a zillion ways different than they are right this minute–which is the classic feeding the beast.

      Not saying Brad and Ange may not play this game (what actor doesn’t need publicity to shill those flicks??)

      BUT big difference—they really don’t have to otherwise–they are as BIG as it gets right this minute.

      Jen and Justin are not, neither separately nor together.

      They gotta work to get a nostril breathing in that rarified air and have to keep peddling to keep their ever dwindling access pass viable!

      Hence the silliness of watching these 2 40 plus year olds being coy about a marriage.

      I wonder if they feel as idiotic as they appear.

    • Saralita says:

      Because George Clooney didn’t cry in Vanity Fair air his dirty laundry about his relationship with his Ex and then turn around 7rs later and pop up engaged(after a really short courtship.)AT THE EXACT MOMENT THE WORLD THOUGHT HIS EX WAS ABOUT TO BE MARRIED.(And in the short window of 4 months after the ex got engaged.)

      I mean how hard is this to get?

      • Mark truth says:

        So this woman didn’t have right to tell her experience after such a public spotlight on her marriage and divorce. But it’s ok for her ex who cheated on his wife ( please dont bother to deny, I also called justin cheater,btw a man only leave their current partner when they know do sure the other give better service) who recently told parade interview about his boring marriage.
        Another double standard ,I love being a man.
        Oh..I think Jen had to disappear and never ever making any news for her to not being suspect of stealing brangie thunder. Which I am afraid to told you,it’s not gonna happen.
        Hollywood is a big place with plenty players. They all can share the spotlight just fine.

  16. epiphany says:

    I have nothing against this woman, and I’m pretty much “meh” on Brangelina, but I still think the timing of this engagement business is a bit suspicious, in the wake of the Pitt/Jolie wedding speculation, and John Mayer’s budding romance with Katy Perry. How come her own father had to check the internet for details of his daughter’s engagement? Aniston’s relationship with her father isn’t estranged, as it is with her mom – Huvane makes a public annoucement before she privately informs family? This woman isn’t in the tabloids week after week because she hates it. Her PR team must be master manipulators, and I think this is just another segment in her quest for attention.

    • Mira says:

      @epiphany – Agree. I don’t care about JA or JP. I rarely comment on their posts. I have however defended Aniston a few times only because I don’t like one-sided discussions or most importantly bullying those who have an opinion that is different from the majority and calling them trolls. Having said that, I have to admit that I find the timing of the engagement announcement super sketchy. It’s a doozy!

    • wisegirl says:

      Epiphany—your poster name is one of my very favorite words.
      Also, great character in the movie Angel Heart; Lisa Bonet played her and she was stunning in that role!

      But I digress! :-) I am a Brad and Angie appreciator and you being not and still making your astute observations strikes me as validating (if I may be so bold as to take it that way :-)

      Jennifer has been enjoying her new love relationship and good for her BUT for gosh sakes, can’t she just let Brad have his time right now?

      Must she ALWAYS be churning out her PR machine whenever her ex and his lady have their moment in the spotlight?

      Brad and Angelina have made it this far under the most intense scrutiny and well, the odds were not in their favor.

      Forget about us fans, who truly want them to be good and happy—they got engaged after 6 kids and 8 years of the roller coaster ride they must be living.

      It is a great time for them and wonderful for us fans to vicariously enjoy!

      Not the time for Jen to be her usual ubiquitous presence.

      She is supposedly inlove and happy/
      Then give Brad his due—he’s endured more than his share of that defunct marriage. Sheesh.

      • Mark truth says:

        Your name seem kinda irony.
        So what you said because brad got engage first and rumor to be married every other week still on,until they actually married Jen should be disappear from the earth? you said that brad endure terrible fate on his marriage to Jen, which is funny,cause no one put a gun to him to propose and stay married to Jen . But you seem fine on putting all the blame to the wife who filed to divorce her husband because the husband already fallen to his co star.
        Why woman seem so harsh on other woman? It seem as a man we have the best life by looking at this celeb life,the man is always get it easy.
        Damn I like my gender.

  17. kira says:

    “This poor woman.” How funny. I can’t believe people still feel sorry for her.
    This “poor woman” is the one who released photos of herself kissing her new “boyfriend” for the presses the same week his cheated-on and lied to girlfriend is moving out. Poor, poor lady. Life is hard for a cheating, lying fame addict who will do anything to stay relevant. Wah….

  18. samira25 says:

    Considering the only shots are on set, it’s not surprising there are not images of the ring. I do believe that Jennifer will do a photoshoot with People Mag or another cheesy shoot with Terry Richardson. I doubt it will be some random pap shot. I don’t think either of them has a movie coming out soon.

  19. mln76 says:

    Got to give credit to her-the legs look amazing. I think a simple pap walk and a wave would suffice to diffuse the attention but why would she want to do that ;)

  20. Valerie says:

    Amen, she and everyone else is allowed to have a food bump every now and then.

  21. Mac says:

    “Always leave them wanting more”

    Why satiate the public’s appetite for details when you can simply spoon-feed them scraps and maximize the impact of the ring’s eventual unveiling?

  22. KellyinSeattle says:

    Good to see; looks like she’s put on five lbs or so. Unless it’s for her movie, good for her. But, she travels like the president with her motorcade and all her bodyguards!

  23. the.princess.leia says:

    Hopefully Jen & Angie will show off their matching engagement rings on The Today Show when they announce the JustBrangelinafer double wedding of the infinity.

  24. Barbara says:

    I can’t see her actually having one of those “messy” babies.

  25. Enn says:

    I went to a barbecue yesterday and wore gray Bermudas, black wedges, and a tank top. Guess I looked like an idiot, since everyone seems to think Jen’s outfit sucks.

  26. DogMom says:

    Does anyone know the details on her purse? She’s been carrying it for months and I don’t recall anything specific about it.

    I love it.

    Wedges are awful. But I would be shocked if she actually shops for her own clothes/accessories. I’m sure there is someone to do that for her.

      • wisegirl says:

        Oh gosh, don’t get me started on this.
        I detest ‘product placement’ in movies, understand that it helps with the budget but it is OUT OF CONTROL!

        Twitter and all the other ways celeb help shill merchandise is one thing (and it irks!) but Jennifer Aniston with her RELENTLESS BID TO SHILL THIS PARTICULAR PURSE was a revelation!

        Its a cold-cool weather purse and yet she kept it up throughout the year. Nuts.
        It was so obvious–it was out of place with her outfits… Nuts.

        But this is the gal that walks around with her SMARTWATER bottle LABEL FACING PAPS at any given moment, has a lover leaving her in the morning light (Paul Sculfor) with his bottle label facing up…….

        this is what you gotta do, folks—when your movies don’t keep you in the A-list party lists……..

  27. Janet says:

    What in the world is happening to her hair? It looks like a pile of hay. It’s all dried out and wispy. Too much bleach and blow-drying has taken one hell of a toll on it.

    She needs to cut off her split ends, stop bleaching it, and leave it alone for at least a year to get it back in shape.

  28. diana says:

    I’m so bored with all this engagement hoopla.
    Elope already.
    I don’t get why she is not showing her ring.
    Does she think that the media will compare the ring with Angie’s? But it’ll happen anyway when she starts wearing it openly.
    Is she saving it for a big reveal? But neither she nor Justin has any project coming out. Unless that stupid smartwater thing.
    May be she doesn’t wear the ring on set. Then why try to hide her hand under a towel, and amp the curiosity?
    I miss me some honest Angie.

    • valleymiss says:

      Angie’s art deco ring was ugly (sorry, just not my taste at all…it looks like costume jewelry), so Jen doesn’t have to worry about an unfavorable comparison).

      Anyway, as long as Jen and Angie both love their rings, that’s what matter. We can all comment cattily on them like I just did (lol), but they’re the women who are wearing ‘em.

  29. skuddles says:

    Well no doubt they’re planning some big pictorial/story to showcase the ring and the engagement. This is a stellar opportunity for them to drum up some positive PR and get people interested in them again, so I think they’re going to milk it and milk it hard – but it will be on Jen’s terms only.

  30. Barbara says:

    I think she is “settling”…..she reached the conclusion that this may be her last chance to be married again. A lot of women “settle”.

  31. Liberty says:

    JA: Where’s my damn ring, Huvie? You sent that waiter’s drawing of Banjo’s ring to Cartier, didn’t you? Well, sorry, yeah it’s a rough sketch. but they’re professionals, hurry up! And where’s that kid? We need headlines! What are you even doing for me — What? Really? — OMG! OMG! I’m calling Juicyfruit right now! Juicy! Are you sitting down!!

    JT: Yes, I’m having my brows done –

    JA: Babe, listen to what The Huver just got the Daily Mail to agree to post: “Some Squander Fortunes to Marry in France, but Jen Engaged to A Real Frenchman!”

    JT: —— Love Hewitt? — JLo?

    JA: No, my little lager-colored thigh captain! ME! You’re French!

    JT: I’m from DC. My cousins are British. I went to school in Vermont?

    JA: Huvs had his assistants looking it up! Your people are from the south of France!

    JT: What people?

    JA: Your, like, past people, from back in the history times! Pay attention! Your name, Theroux, means “by the hole” – so, your people, waiting, in France, by the Hole!

    JT: — the hole?

    JA: Hole, well, drain, whatever! It’s practically Lord of the Rings! You’re just like some genius dwarf from Middle-Earth, except, the totally cool French kind! OMG! I loved that movie. I was offered the Cate Blanchett part, but, I like my hair straight.

    JT: uh –

    JA: OMG! I’ve been pounded by like a Chanel bag! Banjo had to buy their way in! but I will have a real French wedding, with a real French person, in Cabo. Oh my god! I’m texting Huvie to cancel Cartier, and get us a real French ring! One with curly French things all over it like Mary Antoinette has!

    JT: Marie — she was — but —

    JA: What do you mean, but? I thought you’d be HAPPY for me. You know I’ve always wanted a French wedding for a year now! Everyone knows how Banjo totally spied and stole my idea. But this is so much better– we’re going to be one of those real intellectual French couples where one writes, like at Cannes! Thank god we smoke!

    JT: Uh, my dad’s family was half Italian, which is why my analyst says I like a strong mother figure. And they’re from Canada. Anyway, Angie’s mom was actually a French model so–

    JA: SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! MY GOD! Models are below actors! They’re the paper in the bottom of Hollywood’s cage! God! Let me handle this. Ok, Huv wants you in Paris asap to get a royal-type ring this week, then he’ll get you on that ancestor ghost tv show where they found out Goop’s grandma was also a bitch.

    JT: Did you know “goop” is the word for “idiot” in books by P.G. Wodehouse?

    JA: Good idea–learn to say more French words by French writers! I’ll hire you a language coach. You can write French vows about me. OMG! I bet I can finally get a Besson movie now.

    JT: I was going to go biking up to Maine with —

    JA: You have work to do. Huvie asks, Was your real name Jacques, but you changed it?

    JT: It’s always been Justin. After Saint Justin, the Martyr —

    JA: Oh never mind, I’ll think of something. OMG let’s get a French kid to go with the French ring! It will like shopping, and know all about good leather and wine! OMG! Go get my deposit back from Cartier ~~this is the best day super EVER. WHO is happy when I am happy?

    JT: Uh, I am.

  32. pamela says:

    IMO she is pissed that the timing of the “engagement” was questioned so she is going to “punish” us by not showing the ring. LOL.

    And for the people wondering why she is always compared to Angie, didn’t one of her friends just admit in one of the numerous press releases to the media, that in the past she was. competing with the JP’s, but now she has stopped? Yeah right.

  33. pwal says:

    Aniston’s ring= The debut of Suri Cruise?

  34. GrandPoobah says:

    Or perhaps she’s only been papped coming from or going to set and therefore wouldn’t have her ring on?

    Just a thought.

  35. shay kay says:

    Brangeloonies I had more faith in your patience than this! You’ve waited patiently for the Jolie-Pitt wedding for 7 years and can’t wait a couple of weeks to see Jen’s ring? Come on now just pretend that it’s Angie’s ring you’re waiting to see and you’ll have 101 reasons why she hadn’t flashed it yet. When Jen and Justin do marry, and I believe they will and shortly, will you still be so invested in Jen? Or do Brad and Angie have to marry for you to let go of the Jen angle? Or are you gonna follow Jen Aniston, the boring, superficial, non actress that you’re totally not interest in until she dies? Just wondering. I can tell you now I’m totally following the Jolie Pitts if only to see if they ever settle down in one place but I don’t mind admitting it either.

  36. bgirl says:

    I hope that’s a prop ring or some other ring b/c yellow gold isn’t really a good choice. Hope it’s platinum.

  37. Deezee says:

    Aniston could never upstage Pitt-Jolie no matter how hard she tries because globally she isn’t as bonafide and Justin is virtually unknown. None of her movies even made waves except maybe Marley & Me and even that is because of the dog. In Southeast Asia where I’m now posted, you’d see Jolie on TV & magazine covers so much more, even her old Tomb Raider photographs are still circulating. In short, Justin and her lack star power and glamour compared to the other pairing.

    • Mark truth says:

      I think I agree part of your saying,Angie and brad is way bigger than jusjen.
      That’s why, I don’t know why Brangie fans even bother to get angry just because Jen happen to be engage on her bf birthday weekend that coincidence with the rumor of brangie wedding which never happen.
      Jen is mostly famous in overseas from her tv series Friends, which still being rerun by some tv channels.
      She has decent major movie overseas recently with Just go with it and HOrrible Bosses. She has plenty of failure,but it’s normal,not every things will be a hit,even Tom,brangie,Matt have hit and miss,
      I think only Channing Tatum who has back to back hit.

  38. Deez says:

    Aniston could never upstage Pitt-Jolie no matter how hard she tries because globally she isn’t as bonafide and Justin is virtually unknown. None of her movies even made waves except maybe Marley & Me and even that is because of the dog. In Southeast Asia where I’m now posted, you’d see Jolie on TV & magazine covers so much more, even her old Tomb Raider photographs are still circulating. In short, Justin and her lack star power and glamour compared to the other pairing.

  39. Meecey says:

    Did anyone notice the hair?? Get a brush Jen! Looks like crap.
    Ring? Who cares.

  40. RobN says:

    Is common sense so dead that we can’t see that she isn’t going to wear some big freaking engagement ring to a movie set just so that she can take it off to film all day?

  41. Amanda says:

    Um. Am I the only one who noticed that’s not her ring hand????

  42. didoodah_(france) says:

    She’s tired + she has breast. She’s pregnant?