Us Weekly: Jennifer Aniston “is SO not trying to keep up with Brad anymore”

As I said yesterday, it’s all elopements and babies and beach weddings for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux for the next month. That’s all we’ll be hearing about. Unless The Leg captures her prey, in which case JustJen shall be pushed aside! But for now, we’re all focusing on “the proposal” and of course, BABIES! Both People Magazine and Us Weekly have folded the “baby stuff” within their respective proposal cover stories, which is interesting, I guess. I covered People’s cover story yesterday, but I was waiting to read the full Us Weekly story before I wrote about it. I’m glad I waited, because Us Weekly’s story was chock full of scandalous goodies. Things I learned from Us Weekly’s story:

*Justin was “nervous” before he proposed, and “He even swore to a friend she’d say no!”

*We can now refer to JustJen as “the free-spirited couple”.

*Jennifer “cried” when Justin presented her with the ring. Justin “kept the proposal simple… he was surprised she said yes, but he is so happy.”

*JustJen went to Blue Hill in the Village AFTER the proposal (Justin did not propose AT the restaurant), and Jennifer “was celebrating her engagement. It’s one of their favorite restaurants and they have had dates there before.”

*Quote from Jennifer’s pal: “Jen’s had a really hard time with love. She hasn’t always given herself the respect she deserves. It’s wonderful she’s doing that now with Justin.”

*Jennifer is already working on wedding plans: “Destination Wedding!”

*She kind of wants to elope, and just invite a few friends – “There will be the feeling of a vacation, since that’s their favorite thing to do.”

*DANGER: “Justin wants a New York City winter wedding.” OH NOES.

*Jennifer wants high-style for her wedding too. “She’ll celebrate in high style. Justin isn’t as flashy as the men she’s been with in the past, so it won’t go too over-the-top.”

*Jennifer doesn’t want bridesmaids. Because all of her friends are whores. Just kidding!

*Justin refused an opportunity to screentest for the pilot of Friends!!! He later said, “Who wouldn’t want to be a bazillionaire? But I don’t really regret it.”

*PITY PARTY ALERT: A friend says, “Jennifer was broken after Brad cheated on her, and Justin has promised to be there for her always.”

*Justin proposed to Jennifer several weeks ago, but “she wasn’t ready… He was let down, but he persevered. They had been going back and forth, but finally she said yes.”

*Justin belongs to a motorcycle club called Die Fast. He also graduated from Bennington.

*Us Weekly’s timeline of Justin and Heidi Bivens’ relationship is a lot different than Heidi’s version. According to Us Weekly (they actually printed this): “A Theroux insider says [Jennifer and Justin] couldn’t resist the attraction and began hooking up after Wanderlust began in September 2010. By the following March, says the insider, ‘Justin completely broke up with Heidi.’ That gave Aniston the all-clear to go public, showing off matching rings and adopting his hipster uniform.” For the record, most media outlets claim Jennifer and Justin have been together for “two years” which means they began their relationship when he was with Heidi, in September 2010. Also, Heidi has made it clear that she didn’t consider the relationship over until May 2011. Just FYI.

*BABIES! Us Weekly’s sources say that “they want children” and they’ve already been trying and “there’s a real likelihood they’ll adopt.”

*And what of the suspicious timing and The Leg? “Jen is SO not trying to keep up with Brad anymore. Years ago, that was true. She was heartbroken for a long time and it went down in such an ugly way – but she couldn’t care less now.”

[From Us Weekly, print and online editions]

I told you it was a good one! I love that Us Weekly didn’t shy away from their original reporting last year about Justin and Jennifer’s alleged on-set affair in 2010, and I love that a “source” finally admits the Jennifer WAS competing with Brad and Angelina at one point. But she’s not anymore, of course. Because all of this is simply about beach weddings and babies. Of course!!

Photos courtesy of Terry Richardson/Terry’s Diary.

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  1. PHD in Gossip says:

    I hope they get called out for their incredible phoniness.

  2. Amelia says:

    These stories are faker than Kristen Stewart.
    But funny shit. I just wasted 5 minutes avoiding the screaming teens outside my building, so it’s not all bad.

  3. Overrated says:

    That’s one big square chin.

  4. hoya_chick says:

    Wait so it’s okay for a guy to cheat WITH you but not ON you? Cheating is cheating which ever way you frame it. It’s pretty clear that her and Justin started seeing each other before he broke up with Heidi but in Jen’s head that’s okay cuz you know Brad cheated on her and she is a victim and deserves happiness at Heidi’s expense. How lovely that he’s promised not to cheat on her even though that’s how their relationship started. Very hypocritical.

    • Ogechi says:

      Look for something else to say, are you not tired already? Saying one thing over and over again is becoming boring! Justin was not engaged or married to Heidi or whatever she is called, what was she doing sleeping with a man for 14 good years without getting engaged? Sex relationship is different from the real deal. Give it up already!!!

      • hoya_chick says:

        You aren’t making any sense. The lack of a marriage certificate invalidates a 14 year relationship? Really? Get a grip. What they did was wrong and it IS cheating. She based her entire career on being the poster child of a woman scorned and then turns around and does the same thing she accuses others of. Totally ‘uncool’. When he cheats on her with someone else she’ll have no one to blame but herself. Karma is a bitch. Look into it.

      • Rhea says:

        Ummm….I wouldn’t call staying in a relationship with someone for 14 years as just “sex relationship”.

      • Sunny says:

        While it sucks that he was with her for 14yrs…it’s not anniston fault, just like with Angie I’m sick of the women getting ALL of the blame!!! Women allow men to do these things and excuse their behavior all da time…smh! We may never know who cheated on who BUT we DO know that in both cases the MEN had other relationships, I’m not sayin that the women aren’t at fault as well….but in the end does it even matter?? Two wrongs don’t make a right and even if we hate them for it they are still with the people they allegedly cheated with sooo?!? these things happen in life a lot … Love is messy sometimes!! *sigh*

      • Lana says:

        Why are you always trying to blame the victim, just to EXCUSE Aniston’s actions? Why don’t YOU give it up already Ogechi? You are so DESPERATE to defend homewrecking slut Aniston’s actions, because you know she is guilty. Marriage is irrelevant, Heidi and Justin had a home together, shared assets together, a life and love together. Aniston had NO RIGHT to come in and destroy that, and on behalf of all women I can say you have NO RIGHT to defend someone destroying a woman’s life. You must know you are doing wrong because of you getting upset that people are pointing out Aniston’s sluttiness and immorality. Cheating is cheating is cheating. Married, engaged, living together, going steady etc, cheating is cheating. Aniston is a homewrecking slut with the morals of an alley cat and anyone who defends her actions lacks morals or any human decency in their upbringing. You’re obviously a homewrecker yourself to support Aniston. I hope the same thing happens to you. Get some morals, some self-respect and get a clue!

    • barb says:

      She blamed Brad and Ang for doing it to her, and then she and Justin turned around and did it to Heidi. Jen probably realizes how these things happen now, so she has probably forgiven the Brange. Before she wouldn’t have understood it quite the same. The same thing happened to me, but I let it go cause i realized that my ex found his soul mate. His lying about it really upset me, but I had to let that go as well because that’s a reflection of his character, not of mine. This goes to show that Brad and Jen were very much alike, cause they both put themselves before other people.

    • barb says:

      Of course she’s trying to keep up with the Brange…she’s been doing it for so long she can’t help herself. The timing of her engagement announcement…the exact same weekend as they were possibly getting married? The EXACT SAME….when there are 364 other days to pick? They released it to take the spotlightaway from The Brange. Remember the old adage…actions speaks louder than words, and her actions certainly do. It’a a no brainer…it doesn’t matter what she says, she’s out to show them that she’s better off without Brad and much happier with Justin than she ever was with Brad, and she will die trying to prove that.

  5. Paige says:

    Wow people just love to bash JA whenever they can. I want to say I’m not a JA fan.Second if she’s happy then good for her. Is she suppose to tone down her happiness because of Brad and Angie? Why can’t both couples be happy without people going all cray cray? Cue said crazies in 10 9 8 7…..

  6. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    Why is this woman still even remotely relevant?

    • elizabeth says:

      Exactly. She stars in rom-com after comedy flop there is and people still bow down to her and treat like she is A list gold. Theroux wants fame a little too much.

      • Camilla says:

        Theroux comes from money and a long line of celebrated literary writers (maybe that isn’t famous enough for some) as well as documentary makers. The Theroux family doesn’t need to be famous he has many famous people in his family and doesn’t need to aspire to that goal i’m sure.

    • MW says:

      She Is still relevant because she and her PR team very craftily saw an opportunity of a lifetime, and “rode the pity party pony” from the time she and BP split, till now. I still do not believe she and BP split because he “cheated”. If she hadn’t had a totally different agenda all along than BP and agreed to have a family after “Friends”, he probably would have stayed married. And I was never a fan of JA or BP till this all played out in the press. JMHO.

  7. samira25 says:

    These photoshoots always crack me up. For people who claim they are so private Jennifer and Justin do a lot to promote their relationship. LOL about not competing with Brad and Angelina. They didn’t even have to announce an engagement but chose to do it the very same weekend of the marriage rumors.

  8. evyn says:

    I like how they make it sound like Jen had been crushed by Brad & was waiting for Justin to help her love again. This chick has been humpin’ anyone who would look at her twice, not to mention trying to get Jason Sudekis & Bradley Cooper.

  9. mln76 says:

    Well she’s a huge hypocrite…If she was so devastated by her ex’s alleged cheating why do that to another woman and if you have done that to another woman don’t you forfeit the right to complain about how devastated you were eons ago???
    Oh and don’t you also take a little bit of pause when the guy your with who cheated on his ex of over a decade(and let her find out about the breakup through the tabs) promises not to do the same to you?

    All that being said whether out of famewhorery or true love Justin is along for the ride with her. God Bless those crazy kids I hope it works.

    • hoya_chick says:

      Hahaha ditto! Get outta my head. I posted the same thing above.

    • Lana says:

      +1 Her putting Heidi through that pain, to me, is PROOF POSITIVE she wasn’t cheated on. There is absolutely NO WAY she would do that to another woman if she was actually cheated on, because a woman knows that pain and wouldn’t inflict that on another woman. Its PROOF that she wasn’t cheated on. I absolutely cannot wait for Justin to cheat on her and she can finally, one and for all, understand what its like to be cheated on and understand the pain she inflicted on Heidi because she wanted a man, didn’t care who she had to hurt to get one. How can any woman, in good conscience support Aniston? What sort of immoral soul-selling pact with the devil would you have to do, to justify supporting Aniston? That anyone can defend or attempt to excuse away her actions makes a fellow woman sick. Do Aniston fans have any sense of right from wrong?

  10. Toot says:

    Her chin and nose on that cover makes her look like a man in drag.

  11. Green_Eyes says:

    She was upset and Justin had to console her when Brad proposed to Angie, wasn’t ready just a few weeks ago to say yes to any proposal, has been gone working on a movie w/ no contact as they go about their own lives…. Yet all of a sudden he is the one that helped her find love after Brad shattered her heart (as was John, Vince, and everyone else she was seeing since then). Funny she got that revelation the week the rumors were flying that Brad was getting married on his parents anniversary in France, (her own admission she “at one time” was competing w/ them). God knows they have some PR Team promoting them as a power couple everywhere and anywhere… Just sayin… Wow that weepy gene of mine must have temp dried up lol. Then again I can smell B.S a mile away. If I’m wrong, congrats to them… If not will be reading about their divorce in 1-5 yrs.

  12. Ogechi says:

    Cute Cute Cute couple. I love them!!! WOW. I adore them!

  13. Kim says:

    Dang they couldnt put a little pic of Justin on cover.Well he doesn’t matter.On GMA yesterday some lady said she hopes his ego can handle being Mr Aniston

  14. Raven Sparrow says:

    SO Justin wants a winter wedding? The more I read about him the more I think he could be Angelina’s twin!

    I guess even Jen found her very own Angelina Jolie!

  15. Trouble says:

    I firmly believe that these triangle stories are written by brange fans & Jen fans at these mags! It’s SO obvious!!! And when the story favors the side that you are on…dun dun dun…it could be true!! But if it favors the other? It’s ALL made up…because that does not sound like him/her. I mean really? It’s gossip!!! Do we really believe that Angie/brad or Jen/Justin Is tellin gossip rags their business? It’s all speculation put together by minuscule info gathered here and there that is spun to high heavens!! And trust they don’t need a publisist to push their agenda! These mags push their own agenda to sell MAGAZINES! can we stop falling for the trap? And gettin so bent out of shape…so gossip can be fun again? Pretty please? NO? Okaaaaay….. :(

  16. Liberty says:

    JT: Jeez Heidi I told you I was surprised she asked herself, and said yes! It’s freaking me out, dude! You know what would help? those marshmallow squares you used to make when I was sick and–

    JA: who are you talking to, my toddler-legged licorice stick?

    JT: look, I can make my hair look like Ocean Brad’s!

    JA: oh boo hoo! Brad! Wait, I am having a moment!

    JT: Uh ok (waits)

    JA: (sobbing) did you remember to brush the dog?

    JT: yes

    JA: I think we should buy a kid with dog hair! We both know how to take care of that.

    JT: yeah ok–

    JA: I just texted Huvie. He is going to find us one

    JT: uh, shouldn’t we be planning our New York wedding

    JA: Our Cabo wedding! My dress has a slit!

    JT: right, ok

    JA: we can elope and I can climb out of a helicopter in my slit dress with our kid. Can you write a name for our kid today after you pick up my dry cleaning?

    JT: ok, but–

    JA: Maybe it can be called Cabo!

    JT: Yeah, sure. Can I invite —

    JA: No

    JT: Ellen wants me back on.

    JA: No dancing. Just talk about Cabo. Oh Huvie just texted that you should wear something old, so you don’t look as flashy as Vince Vaughn.

    JT: right, ok

    JA: and act free-spirited. Like, more bracelets. Don’t forget to re-Zoom, and to oil.

    JT: okay

    JA: and talk, like, about your deepest hopes now

    JT: like, Die Fast?

    JA: what?

    JT: look, I hand-made a wallet out of your picture

    JA: I love liberal arts men!

  17. Imelda says:

    Loves it! Still getting waaaayy more posts than the Brand-ge.
    Gotta hand it to her – girl got good game. She’s out pr’d the masters and thats without a gaggle of kids.
    Imagine if she does have/adopt kids – interest/non-interest in her will go through the stratosphere.
    In fact those who hate her post more often and have more to say about her than her fans.
    I dont know how you cant admire this chick. Its priceless entertainment and its free.

    • TexTRex says:

      Wow! Why would you give so many sh-ts about her? She is a cute woman, but her movie plots are ALL, “Rachel Green adopts a dog”, Rachel Green gets pregnant”, Rachel Green’s BFF is a gay guy”, “Rachel Green…….”, etc.
      Nothing More.

    • Lana says:

      All the posts she gets is hate. Hardly anything to boast about. Why are you surprised at Brand Aniston’s pr machinations? She is a master media manipulator, second to none. No one is as good at conning, brainwashing and manipulating the public as Aniston. If you think thats admirable, well it says a lot about her fans. :(

  18. Mia 4S says:

    I REALLY hope these stories are just the tabloids doing their spin; if not, her publicist needs to be fired or at least suspended until he figures out that the “so over Brad!” repetition at this point just makes her look pathetic! Get married, don’t get married, have kids, don’t have kids, whatever! The whole quadrangle is just dull now!

    • pamela says:

      I so agree with you. Are we going to be hearing this crap until they get married? Them roping Brad and Angie into their nonsence is what pisses me off the most. You can tell Justin is more than happy to play the PR game.

    • LAK says:

      true or not, this is standard Jen play book. CNN did a review of it a few years ago where they pointed out that whenever jen had a promotion of any kind, the Brange was always, ALWAYS referred to in some way. These were the guaranteed things in the jen Play book. no particular order

      1. New BF
      2. Semi nude pictorial in a magazine – varied with award for hot body
      3. Allusion to Brangelina
      4. Allusion to babies.

      While she has nothing to promote this time round and of course BF isn’t new, the Brange/babies have been invoked!

  19. marie says:

    JA/JT & AJ/BP should all get married on a beach together the same day, think of the promotion, they could even take a few weeks off from fame-whoring.. The magazine sales alone would be epic..

    Here is one thing I’ve never understood though, why would JA allow (even sell herself) as weak. I get she was heartbroken for a time over her divorce but to allow even encourage magazines to go that route for so many years just seems pathetic..

  20. DenG says:

    I say Lisa Kudrow is way more talented than this repetitive slug.

  21. sophie says:

    It is common knowledge that jolie was giving brad rim jobs in his trailer on the set of mams. EVERYONE on the set knew about it.

  22. emmieapricot says:

    I think I’ve been jaded by too many crazy gossip stories — but the timing of this seems a little too obvious. A week where (everyone thought) Brad & Angelina would be on all the covers, Jen sneaks in to steal the spotlight? I think this was waaay more planned than spontaneous

  23. chaser says:

    Good work Jen. Justin is way better looking than billy goat brad.

    • Mimi says:

      and so was Vince and Paul and John and the numerous other men she dated since Brad right? you all say the same thing about every man she dates..if this relationship doesnt work out i wonder if you all will trash him

      • Saralita says:


        there is no way I believe for one second that ANYONE “honestly” thinks Just-in-it-for-the-fame is even remotely as good looking as Brad Pitt.

        but, to each their own man. bahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha

        those skinny jeans alone are the biggest turn off ever. on a 4oyr old man…bahahahahahahahaha

    • spinner says:

      @ chaser

      I agree with you. Justin is definitely a big upgrade. He’s clean — intelligent & looks happy and engaging. And did I mention he looks clean? Face it…we don’t know them personally — The tabs can insert whatever they want in the text… all we really have are the pics & I like what I see.

    • didoodah_(france) says:

      ABSOLUTELY. I can’t believe Jen would still have something to be jealous for, Brad and Angelina are so phony and strange (and not sexy a little bit these days, she, all bones and whatever-not-real all over her face, he, all puffy cheeks and hidden red eyes -behind his glasses…) Theroux is much, much better than that, but also, he couldn’t be worse even if he tried.

      ps: “Justin has promised to be there for her always”, hope Jen won’t have to regret this aha.

      • Lana says:

        What? Plastic bleache-blonde Aniston is fake. Theroux who dyes his hair ink black, waxes, dyes his skin orange and wears makeup is fake looking. Justin is very unfortunate-looking even under his 10 tonnes of orange tan. Brad couldn’t be worse than Theroux if he tried. At least Brad is ageing gracefully, not being FAKE about it with surgery, spa, facials, wax and oompa loompa dye like Theroux. Brad is FAR better than that. Aniston must still be jealous of Angelina hence why she forces Justin to dye, nip, tuck, wax and paint his skin. Trying to turn him into a second Brad. Theroux and Aniston will always be fake and a knock-off of the real McCoy, Brad and Angelina.

        PS Ask Heidi Bivens what Justin promised her, before Aniston tramped her way in and stole Justin.

    • Lana says:

      Lol, keep trying to convince yourself that. Aniston’s stolen man is ill-proportioned, balding and ugly. His face would scare children. She definitely downgraded. I don’t know one woman who would pick this ugly looking creature over Brad. Clearly Aniston is desperate….

  24. Elsyfr says:

    These photos look fabulous and Jen looks so beautiful and fresh, she can compete with younger girls with that look…Congratz for the engagement

  25. valleymiss says:

    I happen to adore JustJen together, but if Jen’s pr people are the sources behind most of these quotes, she needs to fire them immediately. They are NOT doing her any favors. Yikes.

  26. Paloma says:

    I see Jen getting married on a beach in a simple slip- like dress, many hair extensions, Chelsea and Courtney by her side. Hmmm,, Justin, New York, winter. Wonder if she will give in. Also, this article acknowledges Brad cheated. She has never admitted that publicly.

  27. kpist says:

    *Jennifer doesn’t want bridesmaids. Because all of her friends are whores. Just kidding! That totally got me!!

  28. Anon says:

    So when did Aniston give up coat-tailing Brad and Angelina again via her PR Guru (same as Justin’s PR Guru)? Right after this week-end? We shall see, odds are we shall see it again, even though Jen and Stephen have almost used up their bag of tricks.

  29. Lem says:

    Speaking of emotionally stuck …

  30. Saralita says:

    the best thing about this whole story was the


    she will always admit to things from the past to deny something from the present.

    she doesn’t want anyone thinking she is a saboteur so she denies this by admitting that she used to do it??? LOL

    cut to a 2015 or so when she admits she got engaged to Justidiot because she used to be insecure about Brad’s wedding but now she’s “so not insecure anymore after adopting her new dog.”

    • Saralita says:

      nice airbrushing work Us—where’s the giant crevasse in her forehead???

      I know it’s there, so where is it Us???

    • evyn says:

      Right. It’s like for years accussing Angelina of breaking up her perfect marriage, but then was pissy about the press calling her “poor Jen.” She then admits that there was no villian in her marriage breakup &.that everyone is happy.

      • Saralita says:


        She will tell the world that she screams at the ocean, burns her wedding dress with her hag friends, throws pity party’s, saves messages from Brad on her answering machine, sleeps in her dogs basket…

        and then wonders why she’s called “poor Jen.”

      • pamela says:

        She only admitted there was “no villian and no victim” after her “uncool” statements in Vogue caused people to make fun of her. Then she over stepped in her next interview by making some lame joke about the JPs children and she was mightily criticized for that. I remember the host from Extra at that time saying that she had no right mentioning Brad and Angie’s children. After those miss steps she recruited Handjob to do her dirty work.

        Anyone who thinks Aniston is over her divorce, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Just by the tone of the daily
        “press releases” you can tell she still has an axe to grind.

        God help her. It must be hell to be so torn up with a need for vengeance so many yeras later.

    • Lana says:


      You tell it like is Saralita.

  31. mewmow says:

    So he proposed a few weeks ago and she said, she wasn’t ready?? What could possibly change in a FEW SHORT WEEKS? I don’t buy that.

  32. spinner says:

    what happened here? my reply was moved & the little thread I replied to originally has disappeared. This is in response to #34.

  33. KellyinSeattle says:

    I don’t like that pic where she’s sucking out her lips….trying toooooo hard to be cute. Hope she and Squiggy are happy.

  34. Saralita says:

    she’s always so fidgety and unnatural. She tries to deflect off her features as much as she can.

    constantly touching her hair and playing with her clothes.

  35. G says:

    Don’t ge me wrong. These two can announce their engagement anytime they like…..

    But…given the history here and the insistence that the triangle over/never was/is fake, you’d think they’d have some better timing.

  36. kellyinseattle says:

    Jen to Courtney:…”tee hee hee…how should I wear my hair at the wedding?”…..Courtney: “I didn’t know there was more than one way”.

  37. Aurora says:

    Their “source” says Justin completely broke it off with Heidi in March of last year? Ha. There is a photo of them together on April 25th at the House of Blue Leaves opening on Broadway[dot]com.

  38. sarah says:

    I like this website, but there’s a lot of rage towards JA here. I love JA! She reminds me of my girlfriends. She seems real, has some insecurities, fun, a good friend. I couldn’t imagine having a divorce played out in public, especially when another woman is involved. That said, I like AJ/BP together. But I have a special place in my heart for JA and wish her the best!

  39. Moreaces says:

    They Both look happy,, Good for them. I hope it works out

  40. Trashaddict says:

    New reality series: “Keeping up with the Jolie-Pitts”!
    Intimate camera shots of each couple in behind-the-scenes meetings with their publicists! Strategy talks about how to time the pregnancies and adoptions!
    Debating what’s cuter -feeding pug dogs or kids with watermelon faces? Debating which charities are more seemly! Oh, this could get REAAAALLY GOOOOOD.
    And, to top it all off: “Celebrity Family Feud”! (my apologies, RIchard Dawson).

  41. Bunny says:

    Honestly, I don’t think Aniston gives a flying fig about Brad, she sure didn’t seem to when they were married. They had an amicable breakup that was probably a year in the making. The very fact that she took a sucker punch when Brad started to date Angie a couple of months later proves to me that they had plenty of grounds for their divorce without including the fact that he was already falling in love with someone else. Her and her evil publicist saw that they could gets tons of press by linking her activities to his, so that’s what they do and that’s why I have no respect for her.

  42. Lillibeth says:

    Ah, so the trio has become a quad and now is reinventing itself? At their ages I suppose they are desperate to stay relevant ( all four ) and keep that cash coming in. Brad said in a recent interview that he can never have enough money.

  43. erika says:

    GIVE THIS GIRL A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gawd Dernit! she can’t fix her GD shoelaces without getting reemed about Brangelina.

    Perhaps, just…PERHAPS she doesn’t think Brad the Pitts isn’t the S*#&#&$&! Bananas A.N.Y.M.O.R.E.!!!

    cuz get what? I NEVER ever, found anything remotely sexy in my life! Seems like an OK guy, doing well as an actor. Next….

    • JulieM says:

      Agree with you. I never thought Brad was all that. He’s turned in to a pretty good actor; he was great in Inglorious Basterds, for instance. But to look at: dirty, scruffy, frazzled. Jen definitely got his best looking, pretty boy years.

      And no: Jen will never catch a break around here.

      • Lana says:

        She has had a long 8 year break for EIGHT YEARS! What more do you want? Brad and Angelina are finally catching a break here, after 8 long years, and you even whinge about that? Its about time Aniston was called on her shit after 8 years of her and her fans manipulations. About bloody time! When are Brad and Angelina going to catch a break with ‘Team Aniston’? Huh? You’ve got a cheek. And Gwyneth had Brad when he was even better-looking. Also, since Heidi was with Justin for 14 years, SHE had Justin during his best looking, pretty boy years, AND, might I add, during his NON-BALD years.
        Why is it Jenloons are so immature they have to resort to such superficiality? Its an Aniston fan trait that really says so much about them, and about Aniston that she attracts such spiteful, juvenile and childish superficial people.

    • Lana says:

      She’s had a break, FOR EIGHT YEARS! Its ABOUT TIME she was called on her bs, shes coasted for eight years by her adoring Team Aniston.

      When the beep are Brad and Angelina going to be given a break? They can’t even turn up to a ceremony without Aniston’s fans spewing hate. Its about time Brangelina caught a break, and Aniston experienced some of what Brangelina have experienced for EIGHT LONG YEARS. Brangelina are LONG OVERDUE for a break.

  44. Nonee Friend says:


    You people are INSANE! GET A LIFE, FFS!!!!