Isabella Cruise wants to join Scientology Sea Org to be with her boyfriend

Isabella Cruise Connor Cruise

Here’s a photo from Connor Cruise’s Twitter page that depicts the budding DJ with his comparatively reclusive sister, Isabella. Over the past six months though, Isabella has been the subject of much romantic speculation. That is, the tabloids have been rife with the news that Isabella and fellow (2nd generation) Scientologist Eddie Frencher have been preparing to announce their engagement after Bella tweeted a photo of a diamond ring, and we’ve already heard that Tom is dying to play wedding planner (you know he’d do it) for his eldest daughter. And he’d wear his very best lifts for the occasion!

Isabella is apparently very serious with Eddie, and it all happened very fast. According to People, the couple has been dating since early this year, and you can see a photo of Eddie here. Reportedly (and this is per Isabella’s own, now-defunct Facebook account), Frencher joined the infamous Sea Org approximately a week ago, and as such, he’s signed away his life (as well as his future ones) on a billion-year contract. While it’s hard to believe that, in this age of the internet, anyone would fall for this nonsense, I guess 2nd gen CO$ kids have been so insulated from the rest of humanity that one can’t blame them for knowing nothing other than the CO$ universe. Considering that Tom left his two eldest children entirely unattended (according to ex-high-ranking Scientologist Marty Rathbun) on a daily basis with Tommy Davis (head of the Celebrity Centre), who repeatedly told them that Nicole Kidman was a sociopath, I pretty much absolve Isabella of any blame for belonging to this cult as a 2nd gen member. Let’s face it — the girl had no choice. By that point, Scientology has already decided that Nicole Kidman was a hazard to their mission, and they unceremoniously rid themselves of her presence. In other words, Mom can’t save Isabella now.

So obviously, this is quite the tricky paradox. Sure, Tom absolutely loves the Sea Org for all of its inclusive slave labor that was used to build his various homes and vehicles, but would he really be happy with his own daughter joining the ranks? Here’s the official story from the Village Voice, which tells a very Shakespearean tale of woe between Isabella and her love, Eddie Frencher:

Isabella Cruise

The Voice has learned that Tom Cruise’s daughter, Isabella, announced on a private Facebook page this week that her boyfriend Eddie Frencher signed Scientology’s billion-year “Sea Org” contract about a week ago and is now going through its “Estates Project Force” boot camp in Los Angeles. Isabella took down that Facebook page a few days later, but a friend who recently shared an apartment with Isabella and Frencher tells us that the information is correct, and Frencher has joined the Sea Org.

Former Sea Org executives tell us that Isabella would be under intense pressure to join the hardcore Scientology organization herself or be forced to give up her relationship with Frencher. Another close family friend tells us that after being cut off from Frencher for a few days, Isabella began considering seriously the prospect of signing the Sea Org’s contract and joining him in the EPF.

We asked Tom Cruise’s attorney, Bert Fields, for a comment today and are still waiting for a reply. We also sent a request for a statement to the Church of Scientology’s media office.

Isabella, 19, and her younger brother Connor, 17, were adopted by Cruise and his previous wife, Nicole Kidman. But after they split, the children spent most of their time with their father and both became members of his religion, the Church of Scientology.

In recent years, media reports had Isabella rebelling against her father and his church, but then in January, the tabloids went wild reporting that Isabella was now in a relationship with another young Scientologist, Eddie Frencher, who had also grown up in the religion and is four years her senior.

Through [a] close Cruise family friend, we learned that Isabella had announced on a private Facebook page that Eddie had joined the Sea Org and that she wished him well.

Sea Org members work up to 100-hour weeks for about $40 to $50 a week, and almost never get a day off. And when they are in the EPF, the Sea Org’s boot camp, they are cut off from friends and family. Isabella would have been entirely sealed off from Frencher.

After a few days of separation, say family friends, Isabella began to consider joining the hardcore organization herself. “Bella is very serious about following Eddie into the Sea Org,” one source told us.

I asked Amy Scobee, a former Sea Org executive, to tell me what kind of choice Isabella is facing. “She’s either going to need to join or that’s it, it’s over,” Scobee says.

A 27-year member of Scientology, Scobee was a dedicated Sea Org official who left the church in 2005 after witnessing the violent work environment at Scientology’s secretive international base east of Los Angeles, something she details in her book, Abuse at the Top.

I asked Scobee what Frencher is going through now as he works through his EPF training. “It’s five hours of study each day. And then otherwise it’s ‘deck work’ — either garbage detail or renovations or other menial work. He’ll be eating on a buffet, and it’s not the best food in the world. He will be having to hustle wherever he goes. There’s no TV. It’s going to be a shock to him,” she says.

If Isabella joins him, I asked, would the daughter of Tom Cruise also go through those kinds of hardships? “Yes! You are signing over your entire life. Every minute of your day is spent there. I didn’t take a day off in 11 years while I was in the Sea Org,” Scobee says.

“If she joins, Isabella isn’t going to last long,” Scobee predicts. “She grew up with a celebrity lifestyle and now she’s going to clean garbage cans and never get a day off?”

[From Village Voice’s Running Scared Blog]

So the question remains … would Tom actually let Isabella join the Sea Org to be near her fiancé? On one hand, it would look really bad if she requested to do so, and Tom didn’t allow it. On the other, it would also seem terrible if Isabella joined (only to be treated like all the non-celebrity Sea Org members) and then (somehow) found a way out of the Sea Org only to live to tell the juicy, salacious tale … IF they didn’t put her on lockdown on an immediate basis, but I don’t know if David Miscavige would go there with the daughter of his prize Gollum. Does anyone else harbor the inevitable fear that Isabella will actually join and be treated like a virtual princess because the rules are different for daughters of Tom Cruise? It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the CO$ tried to pull that sort of PR maneuver in an attempt to convince the general public that the Sea Org is a wonderful place for everyone’s child to spend all of eternity.

In the utmost example of related news, this story lends a lot of credence to Katie’s fear that Tom would give Suri to Sea Org, right? Scary stuff, indeed.

Isabella Cruise Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Isabella Cruise

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN, and Connor Cruise’s Twitter

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  1. NadineK says:

    not to be rude…but if u told me she’s a 35yo woman i wouldn’t even blink.

    • scorellini says:

      Rude is exactly what that comment is.

      • RocketMerry says:

        Nadine is not saying she is ugly, unattractive nor pointing out her imperfections; she is just commenting that Isabella looks unfortunately older, and that could be for a milion reasons: first of all, the enviroment she grew up in is not a healthy one.
        In general, she looks like someone who was brutally deprived of a mother who was taking care of her and teaching her how to care for herself. She also looks perpetually shocked and as if she’s just awaiting for something bad to happen to her: I blame that on those years convincing her that her own mother did not love her, probably perpetretated in an abusive way, per co$ style. Poor thing. She looks like an older woman, and I attribute most of that to living in constant fear of being mistreated by people who, in her mind, are justifyed for anything.

        Anywoo, moving on… my guess is Cruise wanted to put her aside, since Isabella was in contact with Katie a lot. In a way, Isabella kinda failed, no? She was surely instructed to report on Katie, to find out anything non-co$ that was going on…
        So my guess is Tom/Miscavige first put her and the guy together, brainwashing them into a smitten-with-each-other situation, and then strongly suggested to the guy to join Sea Org: that way Isabella would be clearly forced to chose between (relative) freedom and “love” and what twice-abandoned girl would choose freedom over her one and only love…? Girlfriend is gonna disappear and never be seen again.
        Poor, poor thing. I wish Nicole Kidman could do something for her.

      • NYC_girl says:

        I don’t think it’s rude. She’s a very cute girl, especially in the first pic. And, her legs look nice in that dress. She needs a good bra – and I don’t mean that in a snarky way.

      • Arla says:

        I think you’re right about the bra thing… it’s a common problem. Most women don’t have bras that really fit them and don’t know their actual bra size. I definitely don’t wear the “proper” size but I need a lot of support. Otherwise the above ^^^^ happens. It’s totally fixable and unfortunately symptomatic of not having a mom around to show you…

    • Jacq says:

      I don’t think it’s rude. It’s the frumpy way she is styled. I was just thinking how difficult it must be to be the daughter of some super, high profile celebrity and have such an unfortunate appearance. Bad make-up, bad skin & bad wardrobe. Poor thing.

      • Miss T says:

        The frumpy photos of her were taken a couple of years ago. She seems to be looking much better in recent photos. (as evident in the top photo.)

        Also is it just me or does it appear that Isabella got nose-job? Her nose looks much slimmer in the top photo than in the older pics.

      • scorellini says:

        Yes, but this is also someone who, until now, has not asked to be a star and is not a famewhore. She’s just a civilian who happens to not have great style.

        We don’t go around putting up pictures of civilians and pointing out their unattractiveness or lack of style. Yes, she’s connected to famous people, but that doesn’t make it okay for us to single her out for not being something that she doesn’t even claim to be. Therefore, I think it’s rude, or more accurately, mean.

        I get that this is a gossip site, but that gossip is usually restricted to celebrities or celebrity-wannabes.

      • anonimouse8319 says:

        Saw a recent photo of her in a grocery/convenience store with her boyfriend and they BOTH looked dirty and frumpy. I mean, right on if that’s the look she’s going for, but she should not be surprised if people comment on it. So over the celebrities and their children wanting to live “normal” lives…give it up. You/your parent sought an extraordinary life and now, you’re stuck with it…must suck to be rich.

      • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

        @ Miss T I think your right – also Isabella looks a lot like Ellen Page – different body type but very similar face.

      • Moi says:

        FYI: Both Connor and Isabella are Tom’s bio kids through surrogate mothers. So unfortunate or not, she is Tom’s child. They are NOT adopted per se. Personally, I think she totally resembles him, especially in the above pics. Put some weight on Tom and change him into a woman, and poof! you’ll see it.

        I feel sorry for both of these kids. They’ve been totally jerked around by their Scientology upbringing (what’s up is down and what’s down is up, etc.) I guess it remains to be seen if Tom has the balls to stand up to Miscavage. I’m thinking he handed them over a long time ago though.

    • SmokeyBlues says:

      She has a beautiful, sweet smile that is easy to focus on instead of any imperfections 🙂

      • RHONYC says:


        i think Bella’s very sweet & pretty in this pic.

        whatever pans out i hope she does what she wants to make herself happy & not ’cause some man (her dad or fiancé) wants her to.


    • Seagulls says:

      It’s the way she carries herself. Her posture reminds me very much of mothers at church (not Co$!) when I was a little girl. I do hope she’s able to bust out of her cult life.

  2. serena says:

    Let’s face it, as far as we know Nicole never tried to save her older kids.

    I’m sure that she cares but.. maybe not enough?

    • Liv says:

      I disagree. I think Nicole was heartbroken, when they took her kids away.

      Don’t underestimate Scientology. They were even more powerful when Tom divorced Nicole than they are now. If you leave Scientology, be sure you will be cut off your whole family. It didn’t happen just to Nicole, it happens all the time.

    • Sue says:

      Let’s face it, we have no idea what Nicole did. Unless you read it in a tabloid or online,we actually have no knowledge of what Nicole did. Don’t be so quick to judge.

    • Anne de Vries says:

      That’s because if the general public knew anything about it, it would only drive the children further away from their mother and deeper into scientology.

      WHAT exactly do you think Nicole Kidman should have done?

      • Dap says:

        How about…exactly what KH has done for Sury? Don’t forget Isabella was about Sury’s age at the time of their divorce.

      • Kelly says:

        @Dap – Keep in mind that Katie had a precedent to work with. She saw what happened with Nicole and her kids and knew what she was risking with Suri. Nicole couldn’t have known what was going to happen after she divorced Tom (and, actually, I think it was Tom who filed a surprise divorce in that case).

      • geekychick says:

        @Dap: According to reports (and that ex-sci who Cruise confessed to or whatever it’s called), during his marriage with Kidman, Cruise considerably cooled off with the Church-he “returned” to the fold right before the divorce. I don’t think Kidman had any idea what’s in the cards for her or her children. Remember, it all started with joined custody.

      • ya says:

        We also don’t know what will happen with KH and Suri – Tom has plenty of access to Suri now, even though KH has primary custody of her, and Suri could very well end up brainwashed when she’s older, like Connor and Isabella.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      That is such bs and you clearly have no handle at ALL on how the CULT works.
      Just as Isabella will be cut off from her boyfriend if she doesn’t sign on, her mother was cut out because she was an SP. the end.

      Please read up on this, I can’t believe you haven’t heard this all before if you read this site at all.

      Isabella looks just as frumpy as my aunt looked when she was in sea org. Always getting married and divorced to whomever the church assigned. Will they make Tommy’s daughter have enforced abortions if she becomes sea org? You betcha. Will she get married and divorced several times, yep.

      Nicole did not abandon those kids and the cult was in a much stronger position of power back then. Sigh.

      • Izzy says:

        Reading this story just makes me feel badly for Nicole Kidman. I wondered for a while why she didn’t seem to stay in touch with her kids, then read a magazine interview where she was asked about the kids and $cientology. Her terse response made me realize she probably had no choice. And now we have at least one ex-$ci member publicly acknowledging the forced alienation of those kids from her. I can’t begin to imagine how helpless she must feel hearing about her daughter’s $cilon boyfriend and possible $ea Org plans.

    • CF98 says:

      It just added credence to what I’ve always thought that Nicole had no legal ties to those kids the public saw that she was their mother but Tom was the one who had legal ties to the kids.

      And that Suri isn’t Tom’s kid but Katie’s.

  3. gee says:

    I think it’s really funny that she’s 19, living with her alleged fiance and no one thinks twice, but Miley Cyrus is doing the same and everyone freaks.

    On topic though.. poor Isabella. She should run FROM Scientology, not to it!

    • Veruca says:

      I could be wrong (it happens a lot), but it’s always seemed that most here have been happy that Isabella has found love. I don’t know that anyone’s ‘freaked’ about her living with him — they’re freaked because her father has kept her in a bubble of control.

      Miley’s been able to make her own decisions forever. Lord knows if Bella’s ever made a choice for herself.

      • gee says:

        Valid point, I just feel like going from a Scientologist dad to a Scientologist fiance is not really a step in the right direction.

      • Veruca says:

        I whole-heartedly concur, gee.

        Personally, I wish she’d move in with Katie.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Why? Is Katie running low on purse hangers?

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        I just figured living outside the compound had to be an improvement… however totally not surprised to hear the boyfy has been recruited into SeaOrg as a lever to get her back in.

        I am very curious whether she will go for it (I hope not!) and what will happen. If she does, I imagine she will be shielded from the worst realities at least at first. But, who knows? They totally cut you off, and their bases are remote and fortified. No wonder the gov doesn’t want to mess with them.

        But all of this, including the timing, is completely unsurprising if you know how the cult operates.

    • Miss T says:

      There’s been no confirmation that she’s engaged though. It’s just tabloid speculation.

  4. Jaded says:

    My disgust for Tom Cruise just keeps growing and growing. He clearly is not an involved parent if he could nonchalantly hand off his kids to that sociopath Miscavige while he relentlessly pursued his acting career, and let him poison their relationship with Nicole.

    Furthermore, his parenting of Suri seems to involve nothing more than joy rides to Disneyland, late nights and loads of junk food (in between relentlessly pursuing his acting career).

    If Isabella disappears into Sea Org, it won’t matter that she’s Tom Cruise’s daughter as his commitment to Co$ seems to far outrank his commitment to his children. If Tommy Davis and Shelly Miscavige can disappear, so can Isabella. Tom works obsessively so he doesn’t have to deal with emotional issues like this, and figures as long as she’s with Co$ she’ll be fine. It’s probably part of why the split with Katie was so surgically quick and neat, because his ego demands that he surround himself with sycophants and hero-worshippers instead of looking long and hard at the damage he’s selfishly inflicted on so-called loved ones in the name of “religion”.

    He is a total fake, a cardboard creation of Co$ and Hollywood.

    • whatthehell456 says:


    • Julie says:

      “If Tommy Davis and Shelly Miscavige can disappear, so can Isabella.” True words. I know people like to make fun of Tom Cruise but the man is seriously delusional and I think mentally unstable. The fact that he has money and fame doesn’t mean the havoc he wrecks on innocents isn’t real. He reminds me of a hurricane. Interesting to watch coming inland on the Weather Channel but you wouldn’t want it in your life.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I work in a law firm and I’ve seen delusional twits like Tom but with alot less money still destroy their children as they use them as pawns to punish a family member (mother, grandparents). And women do this too to their exes. I’m getting sick of people doing this! But maybe the healthy normal ones never come to see a lawyer. Rant over – but try to remember people to put bitterness aside and love your children by letting them love both parents post-divorce.

  5. cbfan says:

    The Co$ is so, so creepy… Yikes

  6. says:

    The Sea Org for Isabella would be like going to Club Med.

  7. AnnieGrey says:

    If David Miscavige’s niece wasn’t treated well, then Isabella won’t be, either.

    • Aussie girl says:

      What to do, what to do? What will Tom & CO$ move be on this one. Oh & nicole, I know your child is brainwashed but don’t give up!!!! I would love to think you have some grat master Katie save my kids back up plan. But I know you have moved on & part of me loses respect of you.

  8. DanaG says:

    When you are that young love tends to really blind you to reality. It won’t surprise me if she does go in and if they do treat her like everyone else she will leave. But I’m sure tommy will have some pull to get her and fiance out. It seems like they write the rules as they go along. Isabella does look so much older then she is she also hasn’t had the best of education either and that could be a hinderance what can she do?

    • jwoolman says:

      Yes, the poor education that Co$ kids get does limit their options. Makes it much harder for them to leave because they figure they can’t do anything except within the Co$ parameters. Isabella comes from enough money to easily send her to college and beyond, giving her all sorts of possibilities in life. But all she knows is Sea Org…

      • Kath says:

        Thank you! I don’t know why people don’t focus more the lack of education that young people in this cult receive… thereby ensuring that they remain brainwashed and with few options in the real world.

        I really don’t understand the US education system and how keeping kids ignorant can possibly be legal (whether through home schooling by fundamentalist Christians or any other type of indoctrination). I would’ve thought that teaching basic math, science, English, history etc. would be compulsory, but I guess not…

        If Tom Cruise truly had the best intentions for his children at heart, they would be going to college and receiving the best education that mnoney could buy. Not signing their lives over to a cult to endure a “billion years” of slave labour.

        The truly scary thing is how delusional $cientologists are when it comes to their own lack of knowledge. Both Tom Cruise and Will Smith have given interviews when they imply that they only have to read something or touch something and they are magically able to control the universe, fly planes, become a surgeon etc.

        I guess it’s a combination of cult delusion and celebrity flattery, but also playing the roles of geniuses, super soldiers, heroes etc. They both seem to have difficult distinguishing ACTING from reality.

        But then, $cilons are the only ones who “know” everything and the only ones who can “help”!

  9. Eleonor says:

    Tommy wedding-planner…I hope Xenu has mercy for that girl!

    • TrustMeOnThis says:


      That “wedding planner” page also has a shot of Katie and Bella – with Katie wearing the Marant Magic Booties of +10 Ass-Kicking (and they look brand new). Looks like winter in LA or autumn in NY. I wonder when that was taken…

  10. Agnes says:

    Poor girl. She needs a cult intervention. Which she’ll never get, so my guess is that we won’t hear much about her after she joins the Sea Org.

  11. BRE says:

    I think she will be treated like a “virtual princess” if she joins but no matter what, she would see how others around her are treated and I would like to believe that any rational person would question it. Then again, if she is has grown up seeing people treated like this then she may just think its OK.

  12. MoxyLady007 says:

    If she were a non- celebrity, joining the sea org would in no way guarantee any time spent with her bf. They keep married people apart for years. Joining to see her bf is futile and so sad.

  13. tripmom says:

    She looks really lovely in that top photo. I can’t believe it’s the same girl as in the lower photos.

  14. Turtle Dove says:

    I had the suspicion that she wanted to leave the CO$. Remember she had her own apartment, etc.

    Maybe they need to lock her down because she might have the same ideas as Katie? They did spend a lot of time together.

    More and more I think that this organization hates women. Look at the difference between Tom’s life and Katie’s, between Connor and Isabella. There’s a definite imbalance.

    • Veruca says:

      I could see this, too.

      Ugh. It’s so sad. Yes, I’m a broken record but I REALLY HATE TOM CRUISE!

      Where the hell’s Tiff?!? 😀

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Woke up kinda late.

        Did you know that old L Ron used pretty, young women as a lure to hook people into coming into the cult?
        He was a huge misogynist, as is tiny Hitler Miscavige.

        If she joins the sea org, she probably won’t even SEE her bf. if she does, she will be a normal member, she will live on one of the bases, probably the big blue prison and be treated lust like my family members were/are.

        Scientology is so predictable.

      • Bad Irene says:

        In reply to Tiff, do you know who else used pretty young women to lure people in, Mr Charlie Manson. The same Mr Manson that studied scientology during a little spell in prison before the Tate murders. The CO$ just seems to attract crazy.

    • Turtle Dove says:

      @ TheOriginalTiffany,

      I have no doubt that they do this. I mean… look at Tom, he’s their pretty, poster boy. So many religions use this tack as a way to drum up members. They’ll send out the young, attractive teens and twenties to go door to door and ‘preach the word’ – one reason that I am glad that I live in a building with security. 🙂

      Post scandals, Catholics are getting into the luring in my area, but they are using different tactics. It’s massive, technologically equipped schools and beautiful campuses. Same sh*t just with a different bait.

      I didn’t know that you had some CO$ in you family. My, my, you must have some tales to tell.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        I told all my tales! Haha. Just look at the Tom threads and the cos threads from as far back as the inside Scientology book and the divorce. It’s all there. Too weird to recount again, but I just found out my aunt got free a few weeks ago.
        She’d been trying to escape for years. Her brother and mother are still in sea org.

        My grandfather left and married a really young woman and had two kids, so I have an aunt and uncle much younger than me. Kind of like a younger cousin really.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        That is AWESOME that your aunt got out! HOORAY!

  15. Trina says:

    Isabella looks like she could be Roseanne Barr’s daughter–not because she’s overweight, it’s her face.

    Connor looks a lot like Tom, I know he’s adopted but it’s an uncanny resemblence.

    • TG says:

      I know I often think that too. In many photos Conner looks like his dad and int he top photo of Isabella she looks like Nicole. Very strange. I also think in the case of conner and his looney pops that some of the resenblance comes from the mannerisms they both have. I have a feeling Conner is just like his dad.

  16. Mel says:

    I feel for her. I wonder if Katie cut off all contact (I assume so) with kids who called her mom?

  17. e.non says:

    it’s a way for the xenu people to get a deeper hold on cruise. not that he’d ever leave … but it is insurance against that happening.

  18. sukienow says:

    i think her family is trying to distract her from joining.

    she is in england ant the moment with her dad, brother and cousins….. tom is filming a movie there

    and bella and connor have been posting pics on their instagram.

    tommy kids would not give up their rich lifestyle to clean toliet.

    and i dont think he would allow them either, it would be bad pr

  19. tru tru says:

    they planned for this!!

    using this bf to lure her in knowing that she was lonely and wanted to be loved.

    I think she looks better than she used to, I just wish she’d never “met” this guy. Let his behind go.

  20. Kimlee says:

    I call BS on the engagement the media sure knows how to jump to conclusion. because she twitted a pictuer of a ring from a magazine and said. ” I adore this ” automatically mean she getting married. Lol

    • pichounette says:

      Scientologists are not allowed to associate with persons outside their cult. To Isabella, Nicole doesn’t exist.

      ETA: Was replying to another post. Oops.

  21. Dawn says:

    I think she needs to spend some quality time with her mother. Now that she is an adult she has options and seeing Nicole is one of them. They can start slow and move on from there but she and Connor both need to reestablish that relationship in my opinion.

  22. Journey says:

    didn’t i read somewhere that it was tom who matched up isabella with her boyfriend? maybe the plan the whole time was to get the poor girl into sea org. i mean seriously, tiny tom is a control freak, and how better to control your loved ones than to ensure they’re kept under lock down with no money, and no way out. bet he wishes he had katie in lock down in sea org right now!

  23. Mia 4S says:

    Tommy I don’t know if you are just crazy or if they are truly blackmailing you but for God’s sake step up and be a father! I don’t care if she is an adult. I know my father would go to jail before he watched me enter something so insane!

  24. TG says:

    Since her job as nanny to her princess sister is over I guess she mights as well join another slave labor organization.

  25. Po says:

    I think that Tom’s issues drove him to Scientology. I think he’s weak. In all the articles I’ve read he doesn’t seem to be the one in control. He’s a 50 year old man who’s relinquished control of his life to a bunch of crazies. I think Nicole was blindsided by what happened with the divorce and kids because she had no clue that they had that type of control over him until the end. She didn’t see it coming because they didn’t have a hold over him until the end of they’re marriage. I hope that Tom looks around at the destruction that this “religion” has helped to cause in his life and gets some therapy to try to figure out how they got they’re hooks in him in the first place.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      I agree with you, Po. There is a French documentary (with subtitles, on youtube) which really supports this theory. Worth a watch.

      I have some ex-$ci friends and have been onto the cult and its tricks for years. So good to see the house of cards starting to crumble. I can hardly wait for The Master to come out!

      I think Bella’s whole relationship was something of a setup to keep her close to the $cilons when she showed signs of independence (such as wanting to live outside the compound).

      And here is the link for Part 1 of the French docu:

  26. lucy2 says:

    I feel bad for her. Her whole life has been controlled since day 1.

  27. PortlandJan says:

    The best thing this girl could do is run far away, to Nicole and/or Katie. I believe that her Scientology boyfriend was handpicked for her to act as a minder without it being obvious that such was his purpose. Isabella doesn’t need the cult OR him.

  28. Pollo says:

    She looks like the lady who wrote 50 shades of grey.

  29. Talie says:

    Of course the rules will be bent for Tom like they are with him still having contact with Suri…despite her being an SP now.

  30. Antidoll says:

    She looks cute on The first pic with connor, maybe some nose Job?

  31. juju says:

    this is one ugly ass chick !!!

    • mewmow says:

      Pretty easy to judge when you’re behind a computer isn’t it Juju? 🙁

      I feel so bad for her! She probably has no idea what it feels like to be truly loved and not judged. She could very well be a scared little girl inside that is doing whatever her Daddy wants because then he ‘loves’ her. Lighten up on her. I hope she wakes up and sees the truth. She is very young and has her entire life in front of her. I can see her being the one who breaks away and form a great relationship with her Mom. 🙂

  32. skuddles says:

    Way to go Tom Thumb. You raised your daughter to have so little sense of self-worth that she is willing to sign away her future to become a slave to your revolting “religion”. Does it even matter to you that your child is willing to give up all prospects for a happy and fulfilling life to please dear old Dad – or are you too busy shoving your head up Miscavige’s ass to even care?


  33. taxi says:

    That purple nail polish won’t last long if she has to clean garbage cans.

  34. RobN says:

    My conspiratorial side says that the COS sent this guy along to romance her just about the time there were rumblings that she was distancing herself. Now, of course, she’s back in as deep, if not deeper, than ever.

    Seems like an awfully big coincidence to me.

  35. G says:

    Funny, with all the recent stories about these two, you never hear about either of them graduating from school and going to college?

  36. Beth says:

    Instead of Sea Org, how about college?

  37. Guest777 says:

    That excuse from Nicole is BS you as a parent “Responsible One” .. choose what is the best for your kid..Not because they decided to live with Tom means that that was the best choice for them and she just allowed it!
    She gave up of them because her contract marriage with Tom finalized with their divorce so her relationship with the kids!

  38. greeneyeliz says:

    Bella and Eddie?! Really. That couldn’t be more set up…….Bwahahaha! F’n CO$!

    • CF98 says:

      Makes you wonder if Scientology was behind the Twilight phenomenon?

      • Greta says:

        Bella is strikingly beautiful with the nose job, well brushed hairdo, lipstick and sweet feeling for her brother (bio brother quite possibly).
        I have a fantasy. Tom is acting angry with Katie, but really he is planning to blow the cult. It would take massive strategy to escape on his part. Katie did it. Wouldn’t it stun the world and rescue his reputation?
        Fantasy 2: Tom wanted Bella and Connor on his remote English manor when the movie The Master comes out in a few weeks! Wouldn’t be surprised if Suri pays a visit over Labor Day. Those are her (possibly bio) brother and sister.
        Bio or not, they are family. This way he can keep them from seeing the movie and exert massive influence agt it.

  39. msw says:

    Wow. I wish someone would tell her what a mistake she is making. She should join a convent instead.

  40. teehee says:

    Honey, a relationship which probably wont last long anyway, is nto worth a billion years contract. Ok?

  41. Ravensdaughter says:

    Very sweet pic of her and Connor-I guess she won’t get to see him, either, if she joins Sea Org.