Does Britney have cold feet about getting married and is she putting off her wedding?

This week’s US Weekly had an interesting story in their print edition about how Britney has cold feet about marrying her longterm boyfriend, Jason Trawick. These two got engaged eight months ago and they seem to have had an on-off relationship prior to that, with reports that they were fighting a lot. Plus Jason is one of Britney’s co-conservators, she’s probably wary of marrying him and letting her husband have so much control over her life. It’s been a long time since she’s been on her own, if ever. Here’s part of US’ story, in which they reveal that Britney “won’t even set a date” for the wedding:

Eight months after accepting Jason Trawick’s proposal, [Britney] contines to delay her wedding day. Originally set to marry in Hawaii this summer, the X Factor judge “complained she was too busy,” a source tells Hot Stuff. Now Trawick, 40, is pushing for a big December bash, and Spears isn’t having any of it. “She won’t even set a date,” says a second source. “She’s dragging her feet.”

Why the change of heart? The singer, 30… “sometime’s feels Jason’s more of a mentor than a husband,” says an insider. (A Spears pal counters that the pair look forward to planning the nuptials.) Plus, a friend adds, she isn’t sure what kind of affair to throw. “She doesn’t know what a third wedding looks like.

[From US Weekly, print edition, September 3, 2012]

“Mentor” is another, kinder way to say “handler.” We’ve heard that Jason is very controlling, and we’ve heard that he’s at the X-Factor set with Britney every day. He even recorded a bizarre video in bed thanking her doing a good job. It came off as more controlling than sweet.

It’s actually smart of Britney to postpone her wedding. She saw what happened with K-Fed and with that dude she married for a day who continues to sell old stories about her to whichever outlet will pay him. It’s not a good idea for her to legally marry this guy and take all the risk that goes along with that. If he loves her and wants to be with her, he’ll respect that.

People has a story denying this report, but nowhere do they say that Britney and Jason have set a date or even a season to marry. So I’m buying US’ version. People’s story gets all defensive about why Britney wasn’t wearing her ring recently, and it sounds like they’re protesting too much. The source tells PeopleThere’s no truth to any second thoughts about their wedding. They’re fine and both look forward to working again when The X Factor gets started. They’ve had a great summer.” They’re both looking forward to working, not to getting married? They say the wedding is “still on” and “won’t happen until after Spears finishes her busy commitments for The X Factor.” I’m actually excited to see her on that show. I’ll think she’ll do better than people expect. The fact that she doesn’t want to get married kind of bodes well for her, in my opinion.

Update: Thanks to Kay for pointing out this story on Radar about how Britney is trying to get her conservatorship, specifically the part that controls her personal life, lifted. A source tells Radar “Britney wants the conservatorship to end, it’s fine with her if it stays in place as far as her business and professional life, but she wants to call the shots when it comes to her personal life.” If that’s the case no wonder she doesn’t want to get married. She probably wants to be independent for once.

Britney and Jason are shown on 7-24-12 (with Britney in the black outfit) and on 5-14-12 (in the golf cart). Britney is shown alone on 8-10-12. Credit: FameFlynet

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  1. sapphire says:

    Arrgh! Those awful boots are back! And the Cheetos!

  2. brin says:

    Take you time Brit, there’s no rush.

  3. Angie says:

    I hate doing this but I made this video to raise awareness for turner syndrome, something i have and I’d love it if you’d watch

  4. kay says:

    I was just reading on radar about her latest conservatorship review, and how it is still being extended.
    I have to wonder at what point does she begin to actually backslide and behave as they expect, because she is so controlled?
    I will never understand how a woman who is capable of performing tours, and now this X factor deal, is not capable of making her personal choices. Business is different, most need a business manager.
    I know nothing about this other than what I’ve read, but what I’ve read over the years makes me feel so sad for this woman.
    I fear she will backslide purely because her bid to control her own life is rejected over and over- I wonder if she’ll just stop trying altogether :(

    • Celebitchy says:

      I feel bad for missing that, I’ll update with it thanks!

    • Poco says:

      Poor Britney doesn’t stand a chance. She is literally being controlled by the two men I her life that “love” her. I hope one day she breaks free and lives an authentic life out of the limelight.m

    • IzzyB says:

      I’ve been thinking this for a while. When does it stop being useful and start being a prison?

      I hope Britney will get some measure of control over her life and stay on track.

    • Tiffany says:

      I believe that handlers that make money off of her would allow the conservatorship to be in place forever…HOWEVER, I do not think a judge would allow that to happen. In order for the courts to continue to allow the conservatorship to be in place, there has to be some kind of legitimate, legal reason to justify it. A conservatorship removes so many of a person’s rights, I don’t think they would keep it in place just because.

      Now take the rest of this with a HUGE grain of salt, but on BlindGossip they had a bit about a boss who is trying to encourage his employee to free herself from her handlers because he knows the crazy will bring ratings for his show (totally Simon and Britney).

  5. Ailine says:

    I’ve never heard about them fighting before. At least this guy has a job where he has to process complex tasks. He’s definitely no KFed. Her family must like him or they would have released a ton of bad press stories about him.

  6. spinner says:

    I hope she doesn’t marry him. She needs to get out of the conservator situation first…if she even can. Sad.

  7. cmc says:

    I guess she’s been hiding the pills under her tongue and spitting them out when they’re not looking, because Brit Brit has seemed less heavily medicated and more awake lately. This story is a really, really good sign. Yes, Brit. Wake up and look around!

  8. Palefire says:

    Oh Brit Brit do whatever you want. She seems trapped and miserable. I hope she find a way to be happy and carefree one day.

  9. lilred says:

    Dude has a bad case of crazy eyes.

    • choppersann says:

      Oh I totally agree! Mama always said crazy really comes thru in pictures…and this guy has got it bad! Not the first time I noticed….

  10. idk says:

    He seems a lot older than her. She shouldn’t get married until she gets her life back together fully…last thing she needs is to get married and get pregnant…she needs to get back her other kids first.

  11. Bobo says:

    She is not ageing well at all. I am rooting for her though.

  12. KellyinSeattle says:

    I think the guy is handsome but too old for her….but better than K-Fed. What ever happened to him?

  13. chaxlowkos says:

    this girl was never attractive

  14. ladybert62 says:

    I think she is doing well because of the conservatorship and the control over her life – remove the controls and she will be out of control shortly thereafer. The conservatorship works, leave it alone Brittany.

  15. Jennifer12 says:

    What’s happening with Britney is sad. She had some serious issues, but she shouldn’t spend her life under this kind of control. It’s usually for very old or infirm people. She never dealt with the pain from the Justin issue, she jumped into relationships with people she barely knew and had kids with a golddigger. She’s 30 years old now, and being medicated and directed and subdued. Let her be and see what happens. She didn’t spend her life acting insane. Lift the personal life control; that sounds reasonable.

    • Anaya says:

      I agree with you. I don’t feel that she should marry Jason. Tbh she shouldn’t remarry for many years. She should just live life on her terms, enjoy her kids, make music and date around for a while.

    • ol cranky says:

      People with serious mental health issues (and a family who is capable of handling a conservatorship and/or significant assets) also have these conservatorships. Her mental health issues would make her on par with someone who is as you refer to as “infirm”

      She should not be permitted to legally marry if she is under a personal conservatorship and, to be honest, her romantic relationship w/Trawick (which began under her conservatorship) should have ruled him out as a conservator so I hope the judge evaluating the conservatorship has made sure that Trawick has not been made a beneficiary of any sort since there is a conflict of interest.

  16. Mar says:

    She looks at least 10 yrs older then she is

  17. Krissy says:

    How can someone who has a conservership i.e. can’t make life desicions on their own, be allowed to get married? Seems like that should be illegal.

    • Tiffany says:

      I agree. I don’t see how she could legally sign a marriage license if she can’t sign her own contracts.

  18. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    She always looks so sad – and her mom is a douche – I read through the storm and was disqusted by how LS glossed through hitting and killing a kid so that even made me feel more sorry for Britney because the mom comes across like a total narcissist and that book was creepy.

    • Tiffany says:

      I read somewhere that in her mom’s book, her mom talks about how Britney was doing cocaine as a teen and was caught with it while trying to board a plane. Is that true?

  19. bea says:

    I like how he’s conscious of the possibility of an up-skirt-shot in the golf cart photos at least.

    And I’m glad that Simon decided to feature her on his show – she needed a good vehicle for a “come back” after all her troubles.

    It’s hard to say what Jason’s motives are, but they don’t really seem to have much chemistry. He always looks a little embarrassed when they’re photographed together.

  20. Amanda G says:

    Maybe working at X Factor has given her some confidence to take control of part of her life. It’s really hard to say what should be done when we don’t know what her exact illness is. I don’t get the hate for the fiancé. He seems to really care about her and her kids.

  21. Shelly says:

    Seriously, it’s been almost 5 years since her meltdown. Since then she’s done two world tours, regained access to her sons, and has signed a deal with X Factor. While I am sure that some of this can be attributed to her being looked after, at some point they need to cut her loose and let her live, even if that means she starts melting down again. I think she’s proven she can keep it together and fulfill her professional and personal obligations. They are never going to know if she can keep it together on her own unless they allow her to try. She at least deserves a chance at freedom and has earned it, IMO.

    • Sakota says:

      ON one hand she’s really messed up, but on the other, I think her family still relies on her for income and the lifestyle they are used to (via her back) and don’t want her to really end up independent and cut them off. BUT, she might for all we know be prone to self destructive tendencies and she probably has regular reports by doctors who don’t trust her perception of things.

      It could be also that Britney’s father is trying to protect her from the rush of goldiggers that will run at her, most notably her mother who was supported heavily by Britney. It’s telling that it’s Jamie Spears, not Lynne who is conservator.

  22. jwoolman says:

    I’ve never understood the KFed bashing. OK, he had no idea how to handle an increasingly mentally ill wife. Not unusual that he just distanced himself from her. The idea that he somehow drove her into insanity is ridiculous. She was just of an age when such things were triggered, and pregnancy might have accelerated the process. She was actually the one in a position of power- she was the star who picked the backup dancer out of the lineup and pursued him.

    But he did the right thing by her and those kids. He moved for full custody when he had to, but made sure those kids had time with her regularly even when the judge had ruled no visitation, as long as one of her parents was with them and she didn’t drive with them. He welcomed her parents into their lives. He never bashed her. When asked, he said he was sure they would get back to 50/50 custody as soon as she was able. He traveled to let her travel with the kids as needed. The court-determined child support for him was very reasonable, quite in line with real expenses to keep things even between the two houses. If he were female instead of male, he would have been praised for his lack of greed. Instead, he gets called a “deadbeat”. Really, she is lucky he was the father of her children. He may not be the wisest fellow in the world, but he’s been a good dad and actually also a good ex.

    • Tiffany says:

      I agree. I think people like to blame K-Fed, but really he was just your average not-so-smart guy that was thrown into a crazy situation. He didn’t sell out tawdry tales of what really happened behind the scenes, he took her kids to visit her in rehab/hospital, etc. He certainly didn’t cause her mental problems.

      • DeDe says:

        After watching him on Celebrity Fit Club…he shocked me. I was expecting this arrogant wannabe and loud mouth. He was actually really quite and respectful. I like K fed and I think he stepped up when he had to.

  23. april says:

    I think he’s a good-looking guy.

  24. erika says:

    poor girl….she’s had the claws of the papparazzi, douche kfed, some other messed up dude …Alza…?

    LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!! seriously, this girl needs some SERIOUS R&R, ALONE. with her kids. No albums, no talent shows, no controlling/fiance/husband/daddy’s, and get the Hell out of HOllywood!

    take a true mental health break (same to you HoLo…but i know that’s fruitless).

    i don’t even know why she’s doing this show, why add to her already full plate? why prop her infront of a live audience, on national tv? that formula could equal another breakdown!

  25. Jill says:

    THis Bitch is a hot fkng mess!!
    These men see her as a meal ticket is all.