LeAnn Rimes’s lawyer issues statement about LeAnn’s phone call to her ‘hater’

Last weekend, we got a tip about LeAnn Rimes, and I dutifully reported on it. It seems that several months ago (back in March), LeAnn called up a “hater” who dared to be vocal with her anti-LeAnn feelings. LeAnn called the “hater” – a woman named Kimberly Smiley – and LeAnn proceeded to vent for more than 20 minutes about how misunderstood she is, how Brandi Glanville is “vindictive” etc etc. I was able to embed some of the edited recordings in my previous post, but I can’t figure out to embed the entire recording, so you’ll just have to GO HERE to hear the whole thing. It was recorded by Kimberly Smiley, apparently without LeAnn’s knowledge, and the whole thing is coming to a head now. Smiley was interviewed by HuffPo, and LeAnn is taking this whole thing so seriously that her lawyer even issued a statement about it:

Kimberly Smiley says she was amazed when she answered her phone on March 26 and was greeted by LeAnn Rimes. Smiley says Rimes was at lunch with two of her acquaintances from Twitter, who provided the singer with her phone number.

“In the summer of 2010, I started following Leann on Twitter, because she supported Jimmy Wayne [a country artist who was walking across the U.S. to raise awareness for foster youth],” Smiley tells me. “I immediately noticed how much she tweeted certain people and I found it strange. I was blocked by LeAnn immediately after I started speaking to Brandi [Glanville] fans on Twitter.”

Smiley says she has since been harassed by Rimes’ Twitter fans and even had her place of employment and child’s school address posted on the social media site. But Smiley isn’t the only victim of this kind of Twitter bullying. Friends of Rimes told me that she too has felt harassed on Twitter many times. Just last week, LeAnn engaged a Twitter follower who had been attacking her via the social networking site.

“[LeAnn] really wants us to like her and see that she’s not as bad as we think,” says Smiley. “It’s very strange, if you ask me. I mean I’m just a mom, wife and teacher from a rural town in Northern California. Why would she care?”

Smiley says when Rimes called her on the phone, the singer invited her to spend time with her so she could get to know the “real LeAnn.” But still Smiley was “surprised that she thought I’d just change my mind about her and want to come hang with her.”

“Kimberly Smiley has been tweeting mean and derogatory things about LeAnn for years,” Rimes’ attorney Larry Stein told me. “A mutual friend suggested LeAnn talk to Miss Smiley in an attempt to reduce the negativity. In an attempt to conciliate, LeAnn spoke to Miss Smiley. Instead of accepting LeAnn’s kind gesture, Miss Smiley apparently, without consent, taped portions of the conversation, changed the conversation through editing and created snippets out of context to distribute to the media.”

“It is a violation of the California penal code to tape a telephone conversation without the other party’s consent. LeAnn is totally disappointed in Ms. Smiley’s treachery and has turned the entire matter over to her attorney,” adds Stein.

[From HuffPo]

First of all… “treachery”? What is this, King Lear? Second of all, I thought there was a chance that the shorter recordings could have been edited, but I listened to a few minutes of the full recording, and it sounded pretty legit to me – there were no lags, no abrupt edits, everything sounded like it was happening all at once, you know? And even if LeAnn’s words were taken out of context within the conversation, SHE IS STILL TALKING SH-T ABOUT BRANDI. She’s still directly bad-mouthing her husband’s ex-wife to someone that she has never met. She is still a delusional piece of work. She is still crazy enough to call up a “hater” and bitch her out. This is all just… crazy. I barely have the words.

Photos via LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. Rita says:

    What is so funny about this is that @8Smiley’s twitter account is always locked and has never tweeted LeAnn directly so LeAnn could not have known what Smiley was tweeting without LeAnn’s agitators giving her the “private” information.

    The phone conversation was made in a public place with several people listening. Thus, no expectation of privacy.

    As for recording it, people record celebs all the time in public places without them knowing it.

    • Aussie girl says:

      Snap!!! ^

    • Lexi says:

      And MY mom is NOT the one who recorded it!! Leann you wanna take me to court? Tell me how THAT will look in the tabloids “Leann takes 19 year old college student to court!” nobody had a reason to think the convo was private! You can hear me giggling and whispering in the background! Oh and Leann’s fans whispering in the background as well!

      • brin says:

        She can’t afford to make herself look any worse (and crazier) than she does, Lexi!

      • Ojulia says:

        Lexi, I think you and your mom have more REAL fans that LeAnn!!

      • heidi says:

        I would donate generously to a defense fund ~~ if ever you should need one, Lexi.

      • Deanna says:

        Wasn’t she in a restaurant on speaker phone? In what universe is that a private call. She was letting everyone around her hear what your Mom was saying. Having her lawyer make a statement makes her look even more pathetic than I already thought she was.

      • Lexi says:

        @Brin- that is very true!! But she’s so crazy who knows!

        @Ojulia- hahahahaha! We didn’t have to pay for them either. ;P

        @deanna I know! She needs to get a life! I wish she would have made a statement. I think that would have been funny to hear!

      • Sue says:

        Thank goodness for cb to give us all the news on Leanne. I listened to the tape & it doesnt seem edited to me at all. Your mom is my hero. I don’t really go on twitter but who is tia and annie? Your mom said there names about brandi not flying them to meet her and leanne got all agro.

      • 8smileys says:

        @Sue Tia & Annie are 2 Brandi supporters who are much more vocal, than others. I used them as an example of supporters who are not in any way compensated for making their disdain for Leann known. Unlike, LR’s fans who trash Brandi & are given trips, gifts, & money to do so. The two she was at lunch with had been extremely mean to Brandi in the past, & I wanted her to know, that we know she rewards them for being vile to Brandi.

      • Green_Eyes says:

        Lexi you ROCK!

      • christy myndzak says:

        where do i hear this tape?? ive looked everywhere

    • 8smileys says:

      @Rita I can’t believe her, high priced, attorney would stand behind such preposterous claims. He made a rookie mistake of taking his client’s word for fact & based his statement on her lies. The fact is, as you stated, I’ve been private for over 8 months, she’s had me blocked since Dec. 2010 (So she couldn’t possibly know what I tweet, right? 😉 ), calling my tweets “mean & derogatory” is inaccurate, & I haven’t been tweeting her or about her for years. I’m actually highly offended & find his statements to be incredibly rude & defamatory in nature.

      On the bright side if she did try to take me to court I have hundreds of screenshots depicting her fans, & even her, tweeting me “mean & derogatory” things. A complete contradiction to what her attorney has stated to have happened. So, I am sure a judge would see why I would have found it necessary to record the “conference” call. Afterall, her minion BrandiLiarville is already threatening to send the recordings to my employer, so if I had no proof of how I responded, they may have tried to send their own version of what happened to my employer. I was feeling extremely vulnerable & who knows what the great Leann Rimes could do to me. I mean, even Darrell Brown has threatened to go to our school board. “Your Honor I was afraid for my family & my job!” 😉 LOL!!

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      Sorry, off topic, but can someone PRETTY PLEASE tell me how she came off on “The View”? Or the “Talk”, or whatever it was…I missed it last week…..

  2. Brittney says:

    Oh wowwwww, I take a few days off from reading celebrity gossip (okay, so it’s just this site) and suddenly there’s audible PROOF of this trainwreck.

    I could just kiss this Ms. Smiley gal…

    • Rita says:

      The recording has LeAnn clearly saying

      “Brandi, is vindictive as f-cking sh-t”.

      • Paloma says:

        I guess LeAnn assumed Brandi would gladly hand over Eddie to her and be fine with LeAnn worming her way into her kids’ lives, and to top it off, become her friend.

      • Ojulia says:

        Never mentioning, of course, that Brandi (were she actually vindictive)would have a good reason for it! Never once does she take any responsibility for hurting Dean or Brandi.

        I think she has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Seriously, LeAnn (because we know you’re reading these comments), Google NPD and GET SOME HELP.

    • 8smileys says:

      @Brittany Muah! 😉

  3. Hope says:

    Lele is the one that is vindictive..Brandi has been more than patient with this narcissistic vile piece of human waste.

    • Jenny says:

      Woah. Why are you so angry? Do you know these women personally? I mean, disagreeing with what they are doing is one thing, but your words are scornful and those of a miserable person. She is still a human being

  4. Theskinny says:

    The tape was not edited, and Leann had her speaker phone on and you can hear the people around her in the call. How does her lawyer figure this is a “private” call. I’ll tell you ONE thing…if her lawyer decides to pursue this in any way, it will only hurt LEANN. The people who did not know what a raving nutter she was before..will NOW. Who does this??

  5. Scooby says:

    Leann is such a liar. She acknowledged herself she knew from the start to the end of the conversation that she was being recorded, and if you listen, the tape clearly was not edited. If Leann is game, the recorded could be analysed, and if/when found to be an original and untampered with, Leann can apologize. The attorney’s statement contradicts every single thing Leann has said, so either Leann lied to the attorney, or the attorney released a statement without conferring with Leann. One of the other.

    • Genevieve says:

      ^^ DITTO ^^

      When I first saw this post, my response was to giggle and say, “YAYYY! What fun it is to start the day with another few shots of open-mouthed LeAnn, or the ever popular bikini-LeAnn”…then I started reading.


      This girl is not only her own worst enemy, I am now convinced that she is certifiably batsh*t. WHAT celebrity does anything as reckless ( particularly from a personal security point of view) as obtaining personal information about either fans or haters on a social networking site? Then, to take it as far as to actually contact and “do lunch” with said strangers AND talk sh*t about their husband’s ex-wife?

      There is some SERIOUS psychological pathology at play here. This woman needs some *strenuous* intervention. In what world would a normal person a) ever care that much about negativity aimed at them by complete strangers on a website, and b) publicly talk smack about the former wife of the man and mother of step children whom they supposedly- COUGH- love?

      If I were Eddie Cibrian I’d either be lining up a psychiatric assist or contacting a divorce lawyer or both. Eddie, is a meal ticket really worth all THIS? Seriously.

      This is just sad 🙁

      • Theskinny says:

        Don’t forget she met up with random twitter strangers she had never met with Brandi’s boys in tow. (Dobbie, Amjean) WHO. DOES. THAT??

      • barb says:

        Actually, there are lots of people roaming the streets who really, really care what people think of them. I think its a mark of emotional immaturity, but lets face it, tons of people care about that stuff. It’s when you get a bit older that you start to let other people have their negative opinions and not worry about them so much. It takes maturity to stop ‘taking everything personally.’ So, I think Leanne has lots of company in that regard. However, to actually call a hater up and to go to such great lengths to make someone like them, that’s another whole ball game. She’s on a vendetta…her against Brandi, and she doesn’t see how she’s only hurting herself, let alone the kids. Plus, lets face it, she’s married to a known cheater. That’s gotta wear on a girl’s self esteem too. It all boils down to self esteem, and Leanne has a very, very low one. Why else would she tweet pics of herself in a bikini all the time if not to prove to others, and herself, that she is worthy of being loved and admired. In fact, most celebrities are like this…its why they go into the biz in the first place. Desperate need for attention. Lainey is quite upfront about this, and she has met quite a few celebs. She says they’re all batshit crazy…..all desperate for attention. Why else would you throw yourself in front of a camera, and actually WANT to be famous and lose their privacy?

  6. Cathy says:

    The lady needs a psychiatrist. She’s a whack job.

    • Theskinny says:

      Exactly, I hope the first photo is titled “Leann and Ed laughing in the face of God” in the ole family photo album. Because that is EXACTLY what they are both doing.

  7. Theskinny says:

    I wonder if this will ever make it as a topic of discussion over at the new Sociopathic Social Club (Her websites online forum). ROFLMAO “Hey Leann, why are you calling randoms and bashing the mother of the “boys” you so profess to love and trashing her to them?” Ask THAT in the live chat on Tuesday someone PLEASE! LOL (And ask her why she keeps posting where those boys will be and the name of their school on twitter while your at it. Non famous people know better. She is a FREAK).

  8. Rita says:

    I see Curb Records forced LeAnn to open a PayPer View website called The Spitfire Social Club (SSC) to see if anyone is actually following her career. LeAnn will now be buying several thousand memberships to her own website to reassure Curb.

    Members who pay $13.00 can see all LeAnn’s bikini pics and read all her blessing tweets (won’t that be special?).

    I do like the cover art for the site though. It’s a picture of LeAnn holding onto the steel frame beneath a bridge (like a troll ready to jump) and screaming down to @8Smiley:

    “….You’re vidictive as f-cking sh-t”.

    • 8smileys says:

      @Rita I love to think she’s screaming at me. She’s also spending money on me, in the way of attorney fees. Money, in which it’s rumored, she doesn’t have. If I could be a fly on the wall watching her mental breakdown. “Eddie, How could you do this to me? I thought I was the only one that matters! Look at my foot….dammit LOOK AT MY FOOT! Does this mean nothing?’. That’s how I imagine it going down! 😉

      • SolitaryAngel says:

        OMG LMAO “Look at my foot” is my new favorite!! I intend to inject it into as many conversations as possible.
        You win at internets today.
        I’m rooting for ya, and will also happily contribute to a defense fund if necessary. We all love you & Lexi here.

      • littlestar says:

        8smileys, you are one tough brave cookie! I’m very impressed that you had the balls to release this tape. Where have you heard rumours that Leanne doesn’t have money? Has she (or Ediot) blown through her money already? I was always curious how someone who hasn’t actually made money off their career in years can afford to go on vacation every week…

      • 8smileys says:

        @solitaryangel Thanks! I can’t wait until she’s having to get all f those tats removed. 😉

        @littlestar Thanks! 🙂 Well I have heard from many sources that she’s struggling. It’s pretty clear that if you spend more than you make, eventually it runs out, ya know? She owns no property, she leases everything, & she recently sold her TN house, at a loss, to a bankruptcy real estate agency.

  9. Lola B says:

    Leann is a vile piece is shit! If I were B I would punch her in the face. B has amazing self control to ignore this whore.
    And 8smiley has been private forever. How would Leann know if Kim was being a ‘hater’. Pathetic celebrities think they can over share their entire lives, (and in Wewe’s case the lives of those little boys), use tabloids/paps for $ and to remain ‘relevant’ but then cry ‘haters’ when their bull shit behavior is called out. You can’t have it both ways.
    Good for you Mrs Smiley for exposing just a SMALL SLIVER of Leann’s actual evil and obsessive behavior towards the mother of those boys. If this has Wewe’s panties up in a bunch she better hold on because the show is just getting started.
    And Leann, I know you are reading this…TICK TOCK. Your delusional bubble is about to burst. Shhhhh, do you hear that? That’s the sound of the air leaking out of your wonky tits, I mean out of your self inflated ego. You are going to fall and fall hard. The world is learning about your vile behavior just like you have found out about your hubby’s cheating ways. Kind of hard to claim LovE when Ed is putting his pee pee in anything with a crotch willing to play ‘let’s hide from Leann’. Buckle up bitch, you are going for a ride!!!!!!

  10. Blue says:

    This is so good. I’m glad she’s getting caught in her lies.

  11. The Original Mia says:

    This summer has been an early Christmas present for gossip blogs. I love it!

    I defended Leann before the cheating pics came out because I thought she was a nice person. Everything that has come out in the last 4 years had shown me an entitled, delusional twit, who needs to seek psychiatric help for her issues. I wish Brandi & her boys all the best. Hopefully, Leann & Eddie will break up & she’ll be out of their lives.

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      She’d stalk them to death before letting them out of her life

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      Will someone please tell me how her appearance on “The Talk” went last week? I missed it.

      • claire says:

        I think that was a repeat, wasn’t it? I don’t know – didn’t watch it, but the other two I saw, she got the usual reaction: chilly audience that doesn’t laugh or clap at her, and not much inclusion from the hosts.

  12. Leaf says:

    ‘First of all… “treachery”? What is this, King Lear?’

    Best comment ever.

    • Eileen says:

      This attorney has a marvelous way with words. In the Cease & Desist letter I got from him on behalf of Mrs. Rimes for tweeting her ONE TIME, he calls me “despicable.” We jokingly call him the Looney Toones Lawyer “Desttttttttthpicalbe!”

      • Starsky says:

        omg you got a cease and desist? at least you should feel honored she spent a couple hundred dollars to get back at you lol

      • Kimbob says:

        OMGawd! You received a C&D letter from this atty? Seriously?!

        What this guy is….is a paid w#%*e, & that’s all. Believe me-you, this dude is in it just for LeAnn’s $$$ and that’s all.

        I’m pretty sure he could give a rat’s a$$ about LeAnn’s twitter dramas….he just sounds like an atty that really doesn’t have much going on professionally, so LeAnn throws him some $$$ & he becomes a pitbull for her, & thus sends you a crappy C&D letter full of awful & descriptive adjectives, hoping one of them will actually stick on the wall.

        Wow….this world is going to hell in a handbasket. Seriously, after ONE TWEET?! OMG.

      • lori says:

        Eileen, if this happened to me I would send copies of this letter to everyone in the media, especially the tabloids!! I would include links to 8Smiley’s tapes and any other info about legal bullying of private individuals done by Leann’s attorneys. I would also give a timeline and details about Leann’s personal and paid “fans” staking and bullying of the whole Glanville/Cibrian family. I would list as many incidents and links to media stories as possible, to document Leann’s psychopathic stalking and bullying of many people. She will continue this harassment forever until people stand up to her bullying and she is publicly and legally forced to stop.

      • Sal says:

        If I got a C and D from LeAnn, it would be used in the bathroom for toiletry hygiene function (think loo paper) and the now used letter would be posted back to her.

      • Elizabeth says:

        It’s a weak defence, I know, but we should feel sorry for her lawyer. The man has to deal with her, all the time wondering if this is why he went to law school and worked so hard. I think he has bills to pay and we should sympathize. Like many lawyers I know, he appears to be a high-end wage slave.

        Am I going to get a cease and desist letter now?

        Sarcasm will stop now. 🙂

      • Eileen says:

        It happened last summer-I sent her ONE tweet that I knew she was a fake account harassing me, Brandi & others. A week later I got the C&D in the mail.
        Its in my junk drawer. Maybe I will send it over the Nat’l Enquirer to include in their HUGE write up they are doing and will hopefully post! BTW-ladies if you want to see the NE publish this story along with the cheating story and WRITE to them. They may think no one cares to read about it. And while no one gives a flying flip about Leann, everyone DOES care that she is in two very precious boys lives 50% of the time.
        This girl thinks that she will never have to answer for her behavior in anything. Her money will get her out of everything. Maybe it will-but not when she is playing soundtracks to two little boys of her borrowing their daddy from their mommy and not wanting to give him back. That is all kinds of jacked up.

      • Leaf says:

        Oh Eileen, the Daffy Duck reference cause me to spray my tea on my computer from laughing. But I would like to express my condolences to the fact that you actually received a C&D from this woman. That’s crazy.

  13. Deanna says:

    Doesn’t LeAnn have anyone in her life who holds her accountable for her behavior? A friend or family member who isn’t on the payroll and isn’t on the take and who cares about her enough to sit her down and tell her that she is making herself look like a liar and like she is mentally unhinged. She seems to think that she can lie and deflect and that anyone who doesn’t fall for it is a “hater”. The call was made in a busy restaurant, on speaker phone, while she was surrounded by Twitter followers she hangs around with. Wasn’t the “treachery” calling a complete stranger and letting everyone around you listen to you harass them and insult your husband’s ex and the Mother of his children, all while using vile language? It makes me wonder about the level of intelligence of the few fans who blindly believe everything she says, even though the evidence is there that she isn’t an honest person, nor a decent one.

    • heidi says:

      Personality disorders are nearly impossible to treat. Anyone close to her daring to broach that subject would be immediately discarded and replaced with another sycophant.

      • Mimi says:

        Yeah she is going to have to really crash hard to get some help, and even then I would think she’s going to need a lot of therapy & meds to even attempt some semblance of normalcy. The whole thing is just sad; mostly for the kids but also for the willing (and insane) participants.

      • Blackbird says:

        This is so true, Heidi.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        I think it’s impossible to deny that an unchecked and untreated personality disorder is what’s at play here. I am guessing border line personality disorder or some such.

        I feel for the people with the disorder but the vast majority of people with said disorder I have encountered arrange their whole lives in accordance with their disorder, to get what they need from people.

        When I thought she was just weird and obnoxious it was better. Knowing she has a disorder makes this whole thing scary, sad and sinister.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        Also I am not trying to hurt anyone who deals with borderline personality disorder. My very best to you and hope for you in your struggles. It’s not an easy road.

      • Deanna says:

        I figured as much. Anyone who dared to question her would probably get disloyal stamped on them pretty quickly and since she seems to have so few friends other than the one she leeched off of Brandi and her small band of Twitter supporters, all for whom she pays, no one is going to risk stirring up her ire. The thing about LeAnn that I find frightening is that she actually looks off. Like if you look into her eyes, she literally looks disturbed to the point of looking almost evil. It kind of creeps me out.

      • Kimbob says:

        @heidi & @MoxyLady007, I truly suspect that is what LeAnn has, for real.

        I’ll preface by saying no, I’m not a Dr. & I didn’t sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night…but I am an RN, & have worked at a psychiatric institution & have had more than my share of dealing Borderline Personality Disorder.

        And YES, Heidi….you are exactly correct….thus far hardly nothing it seems has helped modify BPD. What is really awful is that people w/BPD seriously LOVE to surround themselves w/people, & they absolutely love to pick one person to be a “victim,” (other than, & in addition themselves), & another person to be “the bad guy.” People w/BPD love to stir the pot, get a real s%@#t-stew going, then sit back & watch it all. Truly, it is, and they are AWFUL!

        Whenever I encounter someone that I EVEN SUSPECT may have BPD, I stay the hell away from them….it’s just truly not worth it.

        @MoxyLady007….yes, stay strong w/whatever you’re dealing with that obviously involves a BPD person. I can truly empathize w/you. I have to deal w/it unfortunately @ least once or twice a week, despite my best efforts. My grandmother, of all people, has it. She lives w/my mother. My grandmother is 91, & STILL to this day creates & fires up a NASTY s%*t-stew each & every week….one in which I have to intervene & help my mother….it is awful, nasty, despicable…I could go on & on. BPD is an awful disorder I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

        Stay strong.

      • moxylady007 says:

        I was hand picked, trained and hired for an amazing job by someone with borderline personality disorder. Her disorder had taken over so much that it was almost all that she was. I was the saint until I got home from work and took a nap one evening. I missed one of her ten million phone calls and she felt rejected. I was the enemy after that instead of the saintly friend. And she made my life hell. I had a three day long panic attack as a result of her. And for the longest time could not hear her name without feeling queasy. Its amazing the shit people can rain down on you, esp a boss.

        People with BPD can turn on a dime, they re-write everything to fit their version of the truth and she had no boundaries. I would drive home from working – at her house, next to her- and find 6-10 emails waiting for me. If I didnt answer every single one, she got incredibly upset.

        She loved to start drama, live in drama, and basically everything was all about her every second of every day.

        I almost had a nervous breakdown and the day she finally “let me go” was one of the most freeing ever.

        Borderline personality disorder is no joke. If this is what LeAnn has then I feel even worse than I did already for what Brandi has to deal with. And those poor poor boys. Its beyond toxic.

  14. Jennifer says:

    Whatever. Hearing the recording verified what a fake, crazy, and delusional thing that Leann Rimes is. She just keeps adding nails to her coffin, doesn’t she?!

  15. francine says:

    I really believe this woman, Leann Rimes, is soooo full of herself and has serious issues she should take to a counselor or a therapist! Ever since the affair, she has been in a constant battle with everyone that doesn’t agree with her! She has serious behavioral problems where she constantly needs to flaunt herself via twitter and needs to feel accepted by other people! My advice;Serious therapy and Pronto!

    • moptop says:

      Agreed. Something is really wrong, and it seems to be accelerating. The end is near; crash and burn coming.

  16. Ojulia says:

    What kind of attorney says, “totally disappointed” in an official statement? Is that “lawyer” twelve years old?

    • heidi says:

      HP names her lawyer, Larry Stein. Is that THE Stanton “Larry” Stein, the famous media, celeb attorney of LA?

    • brin says:

      Bwahahahaha….she can’t afford an actual lawyer.

    • Sickinbed says:

      What is really funny, is the Teen Mom’s and Jersey Shore reality folks have two to three times as many fans on their twitter accounts and they are famous for NOTHING. This bottom feeder HAD a pretty decent voice, and now really all she’s known for is excessive crazy tweeting and a cheating husband that is making her so insecure about herself, that in
      the past three years has molded her in to the exact replica of his exwife. I guess that is what LovE does to you.

      • Macey says:

        Not only but but at least 70-80% of the followers she does have are paid for bots. she endorses a site that sells followers. think you can buy 1000’s of them for a few bucks. she’s already been called out on that before too. I dont doubt for a minute that she’ll buy bogus fans to her website too. I can just see her having imaginary convos with herself on there.

  17. Zooyork says:

    I remember first hearing about Leann when she first hit the scene. I remember my mom commenting about how amazingly mature this girl’s voice and delivery was.
    The next time I heard of her, was several years later when mom mentioned that she felt so sorry for Leann Rimes because her boyfriend (it must have been Andrew Keegan) cruelly dumped her on a live tv show.
    I remember feeling so sorry for her too.. I was thinking… the poor thing… and she’s so ugly… I feel so bad for her, and I’m so thankful I wasn’t born looking that way…
    The next time I heard about Leann was probably about 3 years ago or so, when Michael K at dlisted posted a disgusting picture of her in a skanky Ms. Santa suit trying to look sexy. I remember being sooooo confused and disturbed. First of all, she was super skinny all of a sudden. But I was so confused, like… but she’s ugly!? and does she not know it? But she must know it, how could she not? Why is she wearing a slutty outfit, why is she trying to be sexy all of a sudden, and why on god’s green earth did she disseminate this photo?!?
    Well, now that we all now what Leann’s personality is like, sociopathic, I have complete empathy for the boyfriend who dumped her on TV. I’m 100% sure she deserved it.

  18. Quinn says:

    This woman has such SEVERE personality pathology…I cannot imagine how toxic she is for those kids. I would spend my last dime trying to ensure the courts changed Eddie’s visitation rights to exclude LeAnn.

  19. brin says:

    Leann Rimes, forever the outraged victim. She is one psychotic biotch.

  20. MrsBPitt says:

    LeAnne Rimes is a nutjob, basketcase, crackhead, ding-a-ling, fruitcake, headcase, wackadoodle, husband-stealing, stalker psycho-bitch! Did I leave anything out?

  21. Hoop jumper says:

    “totally disappointed in Ms. Smiley’s treachery…”

    Where did this guy go to school, Regina George Law?

  22. char says:

    1st she denied making the call and then says it should have been private and now she says it was edited. she needs some serious intervention Doesn’t she have anyone in her INNER circle who could get her to therapy, know Ed just doesn’t care.Hope Smiley takes Leman to court and gets whats left of the delusional twits money. Now, that would be justice

  23. MrsBPitt says:

    The best part of knowing how crazy LeAnn is, is knowing the payback Eddie is getting for leaving his family. Can you imagine living with this creature? What must it be like for Eddie to spend every waking and sleeping minute with this looney tune…and he deserves every cray cray thing she is putting him through…I feel so bad for his boys though…

    • Lady D says:

      I really don’t think Ediot loves his boys or cares for them at all. One day they will ask him why he let the psycho one do this to their mother. If he loves his boys at all, why oh why is he not protecting them? Does he truly just use them to hurt their mother? WTF is wrong with that man? Hope he’s saving some of Falcor’s money for the boy’s therapy. What a loser. Never heard of 2 assholes that deserve each other more.

  24. lucy2 says:

    I do think recording the phone call might be a possible problem, but given the circumstances, her attorney should have just turned it over to the police if that’s true. Making a statement like this only reinforces the crazy.

    • Macey says:

      I remember Camille’s BF’s ex recorded their call and it got around the web but i dont recall any what happened after it.
      Im sure Camille handled it with more class but who knows. This type of thing happens all the time and its usually so they have proof against the person harassing them. LR could pursue this but she would also be setting herself up to have more of her psychotic antics on display. Im sure a lot of ppl would come out of the woodwork b/c this isnt the 1st time she had her lawyer involved with her twitter ppl.

  25. Macey says:

    I dont blame Smiley for recording the call at all, considering LR started the convo with “okay bitch you have 5 minutes to tell me what your problem is with me” or something like that. I just went to look and HP changed the story and omitted that part. I know when I read it yesterday it said LR addresses Smiley as Bitch when she first answered. LR is a proven pathological liar. She already tried to deny the call ever happened. when dealing with someone as psychotic as LR, you have to record just to have proof otherwise she’ll lie (like she did) and say it didnt happen. her own “truth” that she writes about is nothing more than her delusional mind’s version of events which are anything but the truth, its how she justifies being an evil, vindictive psycho-nut.
    She is the only “celeb” that has her atty. send C&D letters to twitter users and engages in these types of things. never before has anyone done that.
    She’s also the only celeb that charges her “fans” to be on her site. I saw yesterday a twitter follower posted something about that and she tried to tell her to check out other artists sites. Not sure why she said that considering no other artist does that.
    This girl is beyond crazy. I do hope nothing happens to Smiley b/c of this but i can see it being blown out of proportion just b/c LR likes to play the victim card. fortunately I know most of those women have proof of LR’s harassing and encouraging her fans to harass others that disagree with her.

    • Lexi says:

      You are correct it started with “Hey b**** you have 5 f***ing minutes to say whatever you want to me!” also she had told my mom to come hang to learn what Leann REALLY was like.

      • Macey says:

        I really have to wonder why HP edited that part out after it was on there for a cpl days. did anyone involved in this ask them? I know LR was behind it b/c she didnt want ppl to see it but too late, it was there for at least a 2 days. ID really have to question them and ask how much she paid them to remove that part. That alone proves once again how she manipulative she is and how she distorts what really happens to her favor.

      • 8smileys says:

        @Macey it had to be Leann or her attorney, because I requested that they remove my full name & they ignored me. Rob told me in an email that he never reveals his source & that he’s been doing this for a long time. Well, I guess that wasn’t true, because my full name is right there for everyone to see. I don’t mind admitting that it was me, but I’d have preferred that my neighbors & coworkers didn’t know (hopefully they won’t read it)! I don’t want to have to explain why Leann called me. It’s not something that’s actually flattering to be linked to. I’d prefer to be known for charity or advocate work! :/

    • claire says:

      There’s other musicians that have paid fan clubs. But the difference is that you can see their photos, videos, blogs, news, etc., without paying. The paid part is for the forum and chat. The only thing that people can see on Leann’s site, without paying, is an RSS feed of news articles about her, that can be seen anywhere, 3-4 pics with quotes, the list of her albums and her tour schedule. That’s not really smart if you’re trying to get new fans to replace all of the ones you’ve lost. I honestly do not understand who advises her, if anyone. This is all career-sabotage at its finest.

  26. TG says:

    This crazy woman is just another long line of extremely narcissistic celebs. People like that never think they are wrong. They will never self-analyze their thoughts and actions. LeMan, Scary Barry and Tom Thumb all come to mind. They are always right and the victim of others. Is this a new disease we all need to be wary of?

    Also where is rita when we need her? This woman on the other end didn’t call this she-man on her st*t properly. Though I do admire her for not backing down and fawning over a celeb even if it is a Z Lister.

    • Cam S says:

      Yeah, I can’t stand when people tweet Leann to disagree with something she said, then she tweets them back and they basically do a 360 and fawn all over her. Smh, it’s not like she is even a real celebrity at this point! She is infamous NOT FAMOUS.

  27. NP says:

    and by commenting on these sites, everyone involved gets EXACTLY what they were hoping for. Sad world this has become.

  28. lizbet says:

    My question is, what kind of raging narcissism does it require for someone to take the whole world so personally?

    Everything that happens, even if a stranger does it, matters as though it were her best friend’s betrayal. On that note… She thinks it’s treachery that a woman who didn’t like her…still…doesn’t… like her? I just can’t with this one.

  29. Ella says:

    I CANNOT STAND Leann Rimes, but I don’t get why Smiley didn’t just switch her computer off years ago.

    • 8smileys says:

      @Ella Why don’t you switch yours off? Somehow you are allowed an opinion & computer access, but I shouldn’t have the same right?

    • Zooyork says:

      What a bizarre and ridiculous and stupid comment Ella.

  30. Rita says:

    To the “Smiley” clan and the BB’s.

    Nothing will legally befall @Smiley concerning the recording but if it does or if she’s harrassed about it, here’s what we do.

    We all join LeAnn’s pay per view site and in the comment section we never say anything negitive about LeAnn but very positive things about Brandi, Brandi’s children, and the like.

    When LeAnn blocks us, we demand a refund and when she refuses, we all (one by one) take her to small claims court for fraud and violating the terms of membership. That should keep her busy. Maybe Judge Judy will hear the case. National TV!!!

    Maybe a class action suit…okay, I know I have too much time on my hands but it’s Sunday and I want to help my fellow man…or woman.

    btw-God bless Neil Armstrong

  31. Drealities says:

    First Leann swore the phone call NEVER happened. Now that it’s been proven, she swears it’s been edited. This lying whore made the call on speakerphone while in the middle of a restaurant, but she wants to have her lawyer “handle” Kim for recording it? Give me a freaking break. Further, the recording didn’t start at the beginning of the call so who’s to say she didn’t tell LR, “I’m going to record from this point?” Leann should worry more about her Twitter stardom and less about spreading her lies that no one believes.

  32. mzthiirtyeight says:

    Okay, I obviously think there is something very wrong with Leanne, but after listening to the reording, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is also something wrong with the lady she called.

    • Theskinny says:

      Really? The lady she called was going about her business when Leann insinuated herself into her life. She asked her valid questions. I think that she is a normal wife and mother who happened to get the chance to ask questions others have never dared to ask her. You can see how well that went. She starts out defending it, then says “You have no idea of what went on” and ends with “I’m sorry I’m just human”.

      • joanne says:

        why would you think there is anything wrong with the woman leann called? yes, she was understandably flustered and was constantly interrupted. her point was leann was negative towards brandi on numerous occasions. she did not innitate the contact.

    • Jessica says:

      What makes you think there’s something wrong with Kim? She didn’t ask to talk to Leann, Leann called HER thru a mutual acquaintance. Kim didn’t know about it ahead of time. And Kim really didn’t get to say much. Leann did most of the talking. So where do you get the idea something is wrong with Kim?

  33. Veronica says:

    It must be pretty awful to hit celebrity and be told you are so talented and you’ll go so far when you are so young. Then you see your stardom rise and then it plateaus and withers away and adulthood is not the way you had imagined it as a teenager. Pretty soon you’re clutching at straws and trying to cling on by a thread and prove your importance, that you’re not a hasbeen. Money runs out, gold digging husband cheats, plastic surgery didn’t help, fans turning their backs, enough to drive anyone crazy! Oh, wait… :0/

  34. NM6804 says:

    I don’t care for Rimes, music nor gossip wise, but thanks to CB commenters and the site CB just linked to, I get a clear picture of what kind of a woman she is in just a few posts. Horrible.

    I love “the Curious Case of L.R.” btw and will promote it to anybody who tries to defend this delusional hack. It’s an easy to follow and funny blog!

    And to have “Smiley” as a surname is just too damn badass! Hell yeah :-).

    • Eileen says:

      LOL hey thanks! It took me all of 30 minutes to put together since so many people have records of her insanity. I thought-how powerful would it be to put it all together?
      Its scary when you really look at it all piled together.
      All us BBs ever wanted was for Leann to know that people are watching and seeing her behavior and calling it out. We did it for Brandi who at the time had no voice and was getting pummeled with harassment by Leann’s fans and we did it for those kids who we felt like were in an toxic environment. Now-Leann is being watched by many more people.
      I am definitely ready to back away, hang my BB hat and let Leann’s karma catch up with her. 🙂

    • 8smileys says:

      Thank you! 🙂

  35. Masque says:

    “A mutual friend suggested LeAnn talk to Miss Smiley in an attempt to reduce the negativity. In an attempt to conciliate, LeAnn spoke to Miss Smiley.”

    If LeAnn wanted to reduce the negativity and conciliate, why did she verbally attack Smiley and rant about Brandi?

    Get your story straight, LeAnn!

    • brin says:

      #pathological liars problems.

    • valleymiss says:

      Duh, everyone knows the best way to get a stranger from the internet to like you is to call them up, unsolicited, and lead with, “Ok bitch, you have 5 minutes to tell me what your problem is with me.”

      I hear that line is how every session of peace talks in the Middle East starts. It’s a proven conciliatory method, people! Lol

      • TG says:

        @valleymiss – I have been actually rolling on the floor laughing at your statement about how to conduct peace talks. This is too funny and childish I can’t remember talking to anyone in that manner ever.

      • valleymiss says:


        TG, you mean you don’t remember back in the 90s when Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat shook the hand of the Israeli leader at the peace talks? Then Arafat said to him, “Ok bitch, you have 5 minutes to tell me what your problem is.”


    • Cam S says:

      Leann brought the negativity on HERSELF through her actions. Some actions and the repercussions follow us to our grave people. Most ADULTS understand this and try to right wrongs.

      But this trick thought SHE WAS ABOVE any repercussions with her taunting, stalking and smug ways. Now almost every word I read about her is negative. This is what she gets and this is what she DESERVES! She has BPD and can’t handle the negativity, plus she truly doesn’t see why everyone dislikes her. She is not self aware and without shame. This is a GROWN WOMAN, she will have to live with the fact that not everyone likes her and if she is TRULY happy then just move on with her life.

      Leann Rimes is a joke. Nothing more than a sad, pathetic joke. What other celebrity has twitter pages devoted to “stop the hate”? THAT’S HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN”T STAND HER. She needs to sleep in the bed SHE MADE! Rant over

  36. Peachy says:

    I hear they are carting sand into a padded room at Bellevue so LeAnn feels more comfortable.

  37. Dee Cee says:

    Crafty plotting, underhand machinations of some scandal and then denials to claim her innocence which gain attentions and interest in her plight by our applause is not her forte.. stalking, wearing bikini’s, drinking and accusing others of jealousy with the weirdness from her friends finking.. is the fearless leader goal tho’.. who’s for her and watching her back..?

  38. valleymiss says:

    The fact that Leann called a stranger from the internet is hilariously sad and crazy to me. I’ve definitely had moments when I’ve been arguing a point with someone online, where I’ve thought, “If I could just talk to them ‘live,’ they’d understand where I’m coming from.” But the difference between me and anyone else who feels this way is that after about 1.2 seconds of considering that, I drop the idea because hello, WHO CARES what a stranger on the internet thinks?

    Leann doesn’t have that ability to let things go, and respect the boundaries of human behavior. She probably has MANY “Larry David Moments” throughout the day. (For those not familiar, on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry is always trying to mess with the boundaries of basic human proprieties, until situations suit *his* needs best. Lol)

  39. geekychick says:

    Seriously? She was CALLING a twitter “hater” on the phone and asking her to MEET her? That’s enough for me: Rimes has time and time again proven that she crossed the line between mentally stable and unstable.

  40. Starsky says:

    So if I don’t like leann rimes, she’s going to call me and bitch me out until I do?

    haha bring it crazy lady. I’m no small town school teacher, I can lay the verbal smackdown on this passive aggressive former country star.

    • Dana M says:

      LOL!! I’ll record it.

    • 8smileys says:

      I’m a highly educated adult who was trying to get a point across without cussing or putting the “verbal smackdown” on her. I’m not some small town hick incapable of carrying-on a conversation. If you actually listen to the call you can hear that I was asking her to explain her crazy “truth” to me. Because I didn’t come at her she said things that she probably wouldn’t have otherwise. We were able to hear her true feelings about Brandi &, for me, that is way better than calling her names…but hey what do I know I’m just a small town teacher!

      • RedRobin says:

        There’s a difference between calling someone names and struggling to form a coherent thought during the entirety of a phone conversation. I can’t stand Leann, and think that this whole situation was very fortuitous. However I can’t help but be disappointed that the call was received by a “highly educated” adult who speaks with a baby voice and can’t seem to get one single point across in twenty minutes.

      • claire says:

        I would be flustered too if some nutjob celebrity called me at home and started cussing at me. It’s just not something you expect, because it’s not sane.

      • Dana M says:

        To clarify, I was LOLing at the possibility of someone b!tching her out which would be so fantastic I’d love to record it myself. Much respect to you as an educator and all teachers out there who work hard to educate our kids! I heard the recording, I know you did your best given the situation. LR has obvious mental health issues. Who calls strangers to fight with them?

      • 8smileys says:

        @RedRobin I formed enough coherent sentences to get her to say things that we’ve all believed to be true, but now we can actually hear; it is chilling.

        I’m sorry that my “baby” voice bothers you so much. I will contact a voice coach, or perhaps my doctor, immediately to see what can be done. I’ll let them know that the “famous” RedRobin sent me! 😉

      • 8smileys says:

        @Claire Yes, I was flustered & I really wanted to get her to admit what it is that she claims Brandi did, so I had to try & remain calm. I honestly would’ve preferred to tell her to F off, but she hears/sees that every day, from others, so I thought I’d try something different. 😉

        @DanaM Thank you! Yes, I did the best I could. It’s amazing how many people want to try & discount what I did or how I did it, yet they’ve never been in the situation.

        Thank you for the respect towards teachers. I love what I do. 🙂 I teach emotionally disturbed high school students, so I’m trained to deal with people who have mental disabilities. I’ve never dealt with such an empowered person with, what I believe to be, Borderline Personality Disorder. LR’s sense of entitlement & her ability to twist things to make her look like a victim, are definitely her stengths; sadly, they are also her weaknesses. She will destroy herself with or without, her so-called “haters”.

  41. M says:

    call me vindictive but if you have an affair w/ MY husband & proceed to call yourself a “bonus mom” to MY kids, your kinda lucky that she’s just talking $*it, I would’ve kicked her scrawny a$$ a loooong time ago! Wait til Dean gets tired of her and moves on to next, she’ll get hers…

  42. claire says:

    Leann and her top twitter fan/friends are just nasty vile bullies. The one who was the most vicious towards Brandi, with Leann’s encouragement, actually had the nerve to post a comment on that Huff Post article, painting himself and Leann as victims. (HP deleted it for violating community guidelines) Such f’ing delusion! People joined Twitter just to call them out on how disgusting they were being in trying to smear Brandi, to try to justify Leann’s affair scandal. Her fans just freaking baffle me with how much they twist things to stick up for this creature.

    Not a fan of the Drunken Stepfather site, but I found this post hilarious. I definitely see this being an explanation for some of her more die-hards, who defend absolutely everything their ‘angel’ does, preaching religion and no judging to all her haters, no matter how evil she’s acting:

    My favorite thing about LeeAnn Rimes is that she represents all that is wrong with America. From pretending to be a Christian, all wholesome and sh**, for her fans and for serious money….a pretty un-Christian thing, to homewrecking, whoring out, getting implants, a very un-Christian thing….only to be forgiven by her Christian fans, who think she just went off course and justify it accordingly….allowing her to continue to make stupid money….all while being a f’ing stripper….who posts bikini pics to twitter….Her scam is Awesome……

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      I find it ironic that in the first pic, Eddie is holding a Bible…

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      I saw Amejean’s orginal comment on HPo. Why on earth would he post that personal information about his family life, his sexuality on TWITTER for all to read anyway? Is nothing sacred anymore? That to me is weird. Privacy people!

  43. hmm says:

    How does Kimberly Smiley = Lexi??

    • valleymiss says:

      Lexi is Kim Smiley’s daughter. I think “8smiley” is Kim’s posting name on CB.

    • Lady D says:

      Superhero and her progeny-in-training.

      • Kimble says:

        I must have missed that part in the parenting handbook … Now my son is going to have absolutely no interest in celebrities or wars on Twitter! What have I done to him??

        I think LR is crazy but she is definitely not the only one …

      • 8smileys says:

        Chill out @KimbleB ! Lexie is almost 20 years old & she’s made up her own mind about Leann. In fact she continued following her long after I did. Don’t make it sound like she’s a child who I’m teaching to be nasty! You know nothing about me or my family, so spare me your parenting critique!

    • Lexi says:

      She is my momma. And I’m PROUD of it!! 😉

  44. Caroline says:

    So let me get this straight. LeAnn Rimes, who plays the victim at every turn and accuses anyone who doesn’t like her or her behavior of being a stalker and bully, tracked down a private citizen with a locked Twitter account, called her out of the blue, referred to her as bitch and proceeded to slander and defame her husband’s ex. She also wanted said private citizen to come and meet with her and a group of her sycophants to see “what she was really like”, all while photographing herself making the call. Then she denied that this ever took place and is now threatening the person that she basically stalked and put on the spot with legal action? How does that work? I guess when you are an entitled, narcissistic mess, who thinks that the world revolves around you and owes you their affection, it’s the go to move. Knowing her, she probably would have had her Twitter gang attack the woman if she had been naive enough to show up to meet her. She truly is a mental case of epic proportions and her acting out seems to be escalating. Personally, I think she should be considered dangerous and a sociopath. She has shown that she has zero moral compass and a propensity for lying to get what she wants. She is one scary piece of work.

    • 8smileys says:

      @Caroline That’s exactly how it happened. Oh, & her little twitter buds have tweeted since this that they are going to send the tape to my employer. I’m not too concerned with that, since I said nothing that could be viewed as unprofessional, but they are always threatening or bashing one of us. That was why during the call I pointed out that she had just flown out one of her meanest fans the week before. Any fan that bashes Brandi or us gets an automatic reward from her. It’s a very sick game for her.

      • joanne says:

        kim, leann is letting her twitter friends threaten you like that and posts pictures of herself with the nohate campaign? you really should contact them. she has no shame or self awareness. p.s. it sounds like you and lexi have a relationship that leann will never have with brandi’s children and will never understand. stay strong.

      • 8smileys says:

        @joanne People have tweeted the NOH8 campaign about her behavior. I truly believe that the truth will all be revealed, in time. I’m sure Lizzy is taking notes & will write a tell-all about her days being LR’s BFF.

        Thank you so much for the lovely comment. Lexi is a wonderful daughter. We really have a great relationship. She’s the sweetest, kindest person I know. We really lucked out with her! HA!

      • Caroline says:

        Gee, was the “mean fan” perchance a certain graphic designer who spews disgusting, vulgarities under his own and fake names on Twitter and blogs and then accuses homophobia of anyone who dares put him in his place. If she is really fraternizing with and rewarding that sort of person, she is far more disturbed than I thought. Imagine what the boys will think of “her truth” when they are older and they find out that she rewarded people who cruelly attacked and defamed their real Mother. I doubt they’ll be seeing her as much of a bonus to their lives then. What she did and is doing to you, just drives home the point that her name should be in Webster’s as the new definition of Inappropriate and that her participation in the noh8 campaign cements her as a “do as I say, not as I do” hypocrite. She has such a malignant personality. The thing is, the jig is up for her. Everyone with functioning brain cells and the ability to use rational thought, see her for what she is. Once the media gets on board, she is in for quite a comeuppance. Her meltdown should be epic.

    • Ming Lee says:

      @caroline — you summed it up so perfectly. when you spell it out like that, any person can clearly see that something is not right with this woman and that her thought process is totally off base.
      what i don’t understand is how rob the guy at Huffpost got the story twisted? he removes the b*tch line on leann’s end but yet keeps smileys entire name? doesn’t seem right to me..

      • Isabel says:

        It’s not only the NOH8 campaign, she also constantly retweets stuff about bullying.. Oh so ironic. Maybe she should redo Ironic by Alanis Morrissette xD

  45. SQAW says:

    LEANNE you need to get a life.
    she makes her life a mess with her actions.
    Do something good with the time you have on earth.other than piss people off.
    you show you have too much time on your hands .Who gives a shit who likes you?
    not many people do.you remind me of Casey Anthony.a killer of your own career.
    get off Twitter,grow a garden like normal people do.you steal someones husband and expect people to like you ?
    By the way ,sold many CD’s lately ?
    Oh NO…Mental Ding Bat Shit Crazy….

  46. TheTruthHurts says:

    Here I thought LeAnn used her “Block” button on Twitter? She claims she never see’s the mean tweets, so how could this woman be bothering her for years? I would like to ask her attourney that question. LeAnn claims one thing and then does another. Fact sure sounds like she asked for it and was totally out of line calling this woman no matter what she had tweeted about her. It is inappropriate to dial up someone you do not know regarding a “tweet.” I don’t care who you are. And, she talked trash about Brandi Glanville TO A STRANGER which is unbelievable. Can someone clarify, I have read comment rumors that LeAnn allegedly did something else to this woman and her family regarding their privacy? Is that true? If so, she had every right to record a phonecall from her to protect herself.

    LeAnn is pathetic and needs to turn all the attention she focus’s on Twitter to her husband and keeping his wiener at home.

    • 8smileys says:

      It’s a super long & convoluted story, but in a nutshell, yes Leann encouraged & possibly paid for her fan to tweet very personal information about me & my family. The same fan who she flew out to LA the week prior to her calling me. He crossed many lines & when I asked one of the more neutral fans to ask her to make him stop, she laughed & said I was getting what I deserved. This guy even took my family’s picture & photoshopped himself into it & used it as his avatar for a day. That’s one of the milder things he’s done. Leann is so invested in this crazy twitter war that she will resort to doing anything. When it appeared that this Twitter war was not helping her, she had one of her fans reach out to me, to try & stop the so-called “hate” towards her. I still talk to that fan & I tell her how crazy Leann is every chance I get. I think she knows it too, but sadly she’s obsessed with celebs; no matter how crappy they are as humans.

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        She said you were getting what you deserve?! I’m sorry, that is horrible. More people should really know this about her. Maybe one day, it will all come out and if the rumors about Eddie are true, she will be the one getting what SHE deserves. 🙂

      • brin says:


      • brin says:

        Kim, while I think it’s awful that you have to re-hash all of this, it’s great that you are able to tell people what happened because we all know Leann is a liar.

  47. Andy says:

    Leann is the Courtney Love of country music.

    • valleymiss says:

      Let’s see: constant victim, can’t stay off the computer/Twitter, spends $ like it’s goin’ outta style with no future revenue stream, is inappropriate around children/bonus children, drastic weight loss, stalks men she likes, seems to hate any woman who doesn’t love her, piqued career-wise in the 90s, bad bolt-ones/questionable overall plastic surgery…

      I think you’re onto something here. 😉

    • valleymiss says:

      Let’s see: constant victim, can’t stay off the computer/Twitter, spends $ like it’s goin’ outta style with no future revenue stream, is inappropriate around children/bonus children, drastic weight loss, extreme narcissism, stalks men she likes, seems to hate any woman who doesn’t love her, peaked career-wise in the 90s and is now coasting on the fumes of infamy, bad bolt-ons/questionable overall plastic surgery…

      I think you’re onto something here. 😉

  48. heidi says:

    Who is feeding 8smileys private tweets to Leann???

    • Lexi says:

      We have NO idea! The only thing we do know is that person has an iPhone and screenshots them!!

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        What about Dobbie? It looks like she talks to a bunch of the BB’s. Why do they trust her? Be careful!

      • 8smileys says:

        @thetruthhurts I would’ve thought that as well, but Dobbie was actually chewed out by LR & shown the screenshots of my tweets to try & prove to Dobbie that I talk badly about both LR & Dob. In actuality the screenshots were all regarding the phone call, with the exception of one, where I commented on something LR had done or tweeted (I don’t remember). The screenshots were taken with an iPhone on a Verizon phone. Dobs has an Android & AT&T. She was very upset that her loyalty to LR was being called into question by LR. I blocked 15 ppl that day, but I’m sure there’s somebody else taking screenshots.

      • Ming Lee says:

        @lexi- karma will take care of that person.

      • claire says:

        Lexi and 8Smileys: I don’t understand how Dobbie is staying in Leann’s good graces, when she’s being Twitter buddies with you. If I were you, or Leann, I would have some serious trust issues with her. Especially, with people thinking Leann acts like she has BPD, it seems really unusual that Leann’s keeping her around.

      • Lexi says:

        We don’t trust her 😉 I think the only reason LR keeps her around is because she knows too much!!

  49. lori says:

    This whole thing is so sad for Jake and Mason. Not just the loss of their intact family and childhood home, the constant shuttling back and forth from place to place, the adjustment of living with a manic sociopath and her gang of bullies who torment the boys’ mom. There is also the horrible loss of privacy everyday, having all of their schools, sports, play time, activities, parties, friends, conversations and bodily functions documented and commented on by Leann for the entertainment of her “fans.” And the constant paparazzi in their faces, along with Leann’s semi naked sexual posing with the boys for their photos. Then the photos are published in twitter and in the tabloids and online sites, every week for Leann’s ego gratification. There is the future knowledge they will have as adults that all along the way of their loss of childhood and innocence not one adult stepped in to help them. No one dared to try to stop this delusional bully and in fact, their own father helped and encouraged their abuse. Sad.

    • anonimouse8319 says:

      I think I’ve seen brandi post just as semi naked pictures as leann and I KNOW I’ve seen her tweet about ball games being the next day or that afternoon or birthday parties…I think it’s been a mutual thing…

      • valleymiss says:

        They’re BRANDI’s kids. If Leann had kids, do you think she’d be ok with her kids’ stepmom broadcasting their whereabouts and taking pics of them to post to Twitter, IF she specifically requested that Stepmom not do so? It’s just a basic sign of respect. If Mama doesn’t want you posting pics of the kids to Twitter, don’t do it. Show respect. But Leann HAS to do it as a powerplay. She uses those kids as pawns. Daily. She’s not doing it to show off the kids or her happy life with serial cheater Eddie. She’s doing it to constantly remind Brandi, “I can do what I want and you can’t stop me.”

      • susie says:

        They are BRANDI’s kids so she can post what she wants about them. It is a respect issue!

      • why? says:

        When Brandi tweets about HER kids or posts photos of HER kids, it doesn’t turn into a mega media blitz that results in her kids faces being plastered all over the internet and blogs. How many times have we seen those kids with their mother? How often does she posts photos of the boys? When Leann tweets about the boys or posts photos of the boys to her twitter account, what happens? And Leann is so attention starved that she makes sure that just about EVERY media outlet covers the story.

        Plus Eddie made a big deal in court documents stating that he didn’t want his kids to be exposed to ANY TYPE of public exposure and he threatened to sue Brandi twice if the boys made cameos on RHOBH(the first time it was because he didn’t want millions of people to see his kids faces and the second time it was because his son was supposedly being teased and bullied by his classmates), so why shouldn’t Eddie and Leann abide by the standards that Eddie established?

      • lori says:

        Brandi doesn’t thrust her boobs and her crotch in a small child’s face for a paparazzi photo, in order to get attention and make money off it. See the Father’s Day photos of Leann doing this, anyone else would’ve had CPS called on them, and would have to answer for child sexual harassment. Leann is a pig.

  50. Memphis says:

    So first she denies to Eddie and the rest of the world that the phone call, which she started with ‘Hey bit@h’, ever took place..now that there is proof she changes her story and claims it’s edited…yeah, right.

    I’m glad shes getting called out for her actions. I doubt it will teach her a damn thing, but atleast EVERYONE can see how unstable she is.

    And how the hell did she (per her ‘lawyer’) have an expectation of privacy on a phone call that took place in a public setting on SPEAKERPHONE!? Really..does she even have a lawyer? My guess is it’s just amijean.

  51. anonimouse8319 says:

    When I question why Brandi doesn’t go to the court with all of the damaging proof she has about leann’s personality disorders and the dangerous stuff she does while the boys are her, her friends answer me that there is no proof…so I have to assume that most off you are just surmising because if any of you ARE REALLY friends with Brandi and you have proof, you should be ashamed of yourselves for spending so much time on line and not helping her…someone asked if I understood how difficult it is to prove a parent unfit (or step parent, I guess) in California and while I’ve never divorced or had a custody case in California, I know that if even half of what is written about leann by those of you that seemingly spend hours and hour on line talking about her, Brandi would be able to present SOMETHING to the courts…anything, just to pick the interest…

    • claire says:

      Surely you must be aware of the difference between inappropriate and illegal?

    • 8smileys says:

      Actually, we have gathered tons of evidence (screenshots, photos, releasing of school name etc.) & one of the BBs put it all in a timeline for her attorney. I believe that I heard, that her attorney told her that it would be nearly impossible to prove that she’s unfit. We all care very much for Brandi & those boys. While I’ve never met Brandi or spoken with her, I’ve seen the craziness she has had to endure. I feel for her & I worry about her boys.

    • why? says:

      The problem is double standards. If this was a man instead of Leann, there is no way that Brandi’s lawyer(s) would be telling Brandi that it would be impossible to prove that Leann is unfit. The courts took action against Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson. Leann and Eddie have Brandi’s kids around questionable people(who are very open about their hate for Brandi) just like Charlie Sheen did. Leann’s “Brandi is vindictive as ****” recording is equivalent to both Charlie and Mel’s explosive outbursts. Can you image what Leann said about Brandi after the call was over?

      Leann joked on Extra that she thought it was okay for a grown man to have a “crush” on a 13yo child. Which was very out of line and insensitve considering the stories of Jaycee D, Elizabeth S, and Sarah M(a teen girl whose entire family was killed by the grown man who had a “crush” on her). If a man had made that comment about having a crush on a 13 yo girl, the media and courts would have been all over it and took action to make sure that kids had limited contact with that person or supervised visits.

  52. skuddles says:

    LeAnn, all the crazy in the world is not going to change the fact that you’re married to a cheater and you’ve lost all your fans (along with most of your self-respect).

  53. Krock says:

    I don’t even have the strength left to comment on her absurd behavior. All I can contribute at this moment is *SMH*

  54. heidi says:

    We’re witnessing the same Leann her “bonus mom” knew her to be when she was 18 years old


    • TG says:

      Wow. I just read the link about how spoiled this She-man is and this is amazing because her “bonus mom” (LOL) said she was spoiled and had taped evidence to prove it. I am sure at the time it would have been easy to be on the She-man’s side but this just shows this She-Man is spoiled and has no sense of self-awareness. I think others are right not only is she a narcissist I think she a sociopath. Everything is about her. I am interested in reading more about what causes adults to behave in this manner. I see Lohan resemblances in that both of them were robbed of their childhoods and probably their parents had stars in their eyes. I mean we know the Lohans definitely. I think if kids miss some fundamental things about childhood they end up messed up.

      • claire says:

        I think a lot of people credit Eddie for turning her into this monster, and while she’s definitely acting crazy from this relationship, being an entitled narcissistic jerk isn’t new for her. The country music world has been saying this about her since the early 90s. Twitter just made it known to a broader audience. Seriously, if you’re bored sometime(like I was at the time. lol), look up her name in country music google groups in the 90s – you know, around the time she thought she was America’s Sweetheart? (LMAO!) It’s bizarre. You’re reading same things people say about her today, but, written in 1995 or 1998. It’s what makes her inflated sense of self nonsense so cringe-worthy to read. Mid-1990s, her career had already peaked, then tanked, and people hated her.

  55. Susie says:

    I am still so shocked that no one seems to care enough about Leann in her inner circle to intervene and tell her she needs some serious PR. Who eats lunch with Twitter followers who bash your BONUS SONS mother???? She claims she never knew what Amejean wrote about Brandi but there are snap shots of her LOLing his posts about her. Carrie Underwood has almost 700 followers on Twitter in 6 months and Leann has 300,000 in 2 years. She should pay more attention to how a classy girl like Carrie behaves. At some point she is going to have to think “Maybe it is my behavior that is causing all this hate?” She is too narcisstic to realize it though.

  56. dorothy says:

    She got herself in this mess. What an idiot.

  57. Camille (The original) says:

    I’m not a fan of LR/EC or his ex, but Leann is a complete and utter nutjob. Yikes. Get help!

  58. KellyinSeattle says:

    I cannot bear to see that top picture one more time. What on God’s green earth can be THAT funny when you have no sense of humour, as she obviously has neither that nor any type of self-effacing humour..

  59. Paige says:

    Wow!!! So lying about something you said then when proof shows up you lawyer up. That’s what in the streets now. LR is crazy and needs some professional help. I always thought she was a nice person. Till those US weekly photos showed up and showed her to be a husband banging hoe. Then I found this site and started reading about her crazy. SMH poor boys they have a front seat to this crazy more than they should.

  60. Tanya says:

    here’s a thought…just don’t write about your life anywhere, Leanne..no Twitter, no Facebook, just live your life quietly and don’t broadcast anything. Fair? maybe not to someone who loves attention…but if don’t want to be criticized don’t tell the entire world what you’re up to. ridiculous narcissism….

  61. Ms Anne says:

    Who gave LR her phone number? I’m kinda new to all this craziness, trying to play catch up.

    • valleymiss says:

      As I understand it, Leann was at lunch with some of her friends (aka ppl on Twitter who kiss her butt) and one of the friends mentioned she had Kim Smiley’s number. What I’m not exactly clear on is why/how Leann’s Twitter friends and Leann’s Twitter “haters” have each other’s phone numbers.

      Anyway, Leann got the # and called, and the rest is just more Best Celeb Gossip Summer Ever fodder. Lol Seriously. TomKat splitting, Ann Curry leaving “Today,” Johnny Depp’s midlife crisis, the Robsten split aka The Twilight Crisis…it’s been a whirlwind. Of course Leann is D List compared to these gossip heavy hitters, but it’s still fun!

      • Ms Anne says:

        Ah ok… Wow.
        I knew girls in middle school who acted like her. Huge clique of fake friends to have more people on your side is a play right out of the book, usually it was mean girl with something the other girls envied or wanted to be like. so funny she still plays those games.
        And she sure does throw around “love you” a lot to her followers. Of course how would I know this since she blocked me lol

  62. Nan209 says:

    Starve the narcissist! No audience = no relevance.

  63. Liberty says:

    L: So the theme is Birthday-Bonus-Bikini with me in 30 bikinis in 30 hours for three days so Oodles help me go unpack the box of the good ones that’s out in the garage and figure out which –

    Oodles: I have to go out for a bit—.

    L: Oh! You’re going to get my present! You need money? I’ll go too – I just need to find me a cleaner thong and a hat —

    Oodles: NO! I mean, no, I have to go right now, the boys —

    L: oh my jesus-puppies!! That’s what I want! GIVE ME THEM! GIVE ME THEM it will be my best birthday gift ever! I am going to start thinking of name for them — wait, what? Oodles, be quiet! The Love Angel is talking to me again! She says I’m your best wife so I should wear something as special as me—

    Oodles: – can you say that again, but louder?–

    L: The Love Angel says: wear gold! Oodles, go see if I left my gold bikinis in the boys’ soccer bag? – she says not to worry my Truth will come to everyone in raisins and people just have to swallow them like I do and they will stop being mean and pretending lies about me just to sell to get a lots and lots of money from what they pretend I say.

    Oodles: Louder! Talk clearly. You’re a singer! Ok I have a meeting – a big deal so it may be two days –

    L: You’re gettin’ us a tv show? I love you! Did you tell them my idea for The UnBachelor where way better girls get to date guys who wish they were single so the way better girl could make them happy and how is that bad and I’m the host and I sing? Go, GET ME IT! One of my new songs can be the theme song, like Why Can’t You Go To Canada B*tch and Leave Your Men Behind? Go get it! Wait — Why are you leaving? Am I fat? I am only eating rum, raisins and those health pills I found on the beach! Where’s my rum? I know, that lady was in here and drank some. Is she under the couch? I hear her. Is she thinner than me? I need to tell her things so people will know me and not just from what I say and do. Where’s my phone? I can’t see in here in my new birthday sunglasses you gave me, Oodles, and they’re weird on one side, I hate them!

    Oodles: No ! Leave them on, baby, all the time, they make you look superstar hot! Or if you take them off, wear your new big birthday necklace I got you, it makes you look super skinny! More skinny than anyone!

    L: oooh okay! But it’s heavy — I can’t see — Oh! LooLoo fell down — come back, I want Mister LooLoo in my camel before you gol! I’ll give you a Sam’s card if you say her name while —

    Oodles: — gotta run,– you stay and try on bikinis – keep those sunglasses and necklace on and keep talking just like I’m here! —but louder! it’ll be more fun than twitter! And I’ll buy you bigger presents soon! You’ll see!

    L: I love my perfect life of lovegames! Look I wrote WIFE on my thigh in salsa and glue so the salsa will stay forever! For you! Because we’re fire hot get it? Okay tweet me, I’ll be checking every five minutes so do NOT forget or I will be really really mad like, I don’t know how bad, okay? I love you! This is my best week ever! Come on Love Angel, let’s sing!

  64. Dory says:

    In the first pic, why is she wearing such an inappropriate dress in a church if she is Christian ?

    • Theskinny says:

      Probably for the same reason Ed (who has been cheating on her steadily since before they were married and continues to this day) is carrying a bible. Fake.

  65. Aubra says:

    Just when I thought no one could be more annoying and immature than Taylor Swift

  66. Macey says:

    LR’s deflection from her psychosis has begun with Radar doing a fluff piece on her singing for some fund raiser. funny no mention of her lawyers going after twitter users or her crazy stalking. just talking about her trading in her bikini for a dress to work. How pathetic, its obvious she pays them since they only mention her bikinis.

  67. jilly says:

    LeAnn and Eddie should sign on to do a reality show STAT! We will all tune in to watch the Cray-Cray. This woman is not only a mess but it’s clear that she’s been one for a long time. BPD anyone?

  68. why? says:

    Oh look, ROL(I’m sure that x17, GG, x17, and DM will son follow ROL lead) wrote a fluffpiece about Leann and her bikinis doing a “good deed” for Salk. Once again, how does a fundraiser/charity event get turned into yet another article about Leann and her bikinis? Is this what Leann is reduced to now? This is why no one takes Leann’s charitable deeds seriously. So now it just comes off as if Leann just did this fundraiser to clean up her image and of course cover up for the fallout that is occuring as a result of this recording and her “Eddie isn’t cheating because…” website.

    So the concert must not have sold out(but I’m sure that Camp Leann will tell us differently because they are trying to save face), hence why Camp Leann is leading with stories about Leann and her bikini filled birthday celebration.

    Leann slept with another woman’s husband, justified her affair with Brandi’s husband by claiming that Brandi deserved it because she was crazy and a b**** and that Brandi’s marriage was broken before she got there, flaunted the affair with Brandi’s husband nonstop, allowed her a fans to listen to Brandi’s voicemails to Eddie and read Brandi’s emails to Eddie, and then encouraged her fans and staffmembers to stalk and harass Brandi is disappointed by a “fan’s” treachery? Seriously? If she wants to talk about treachery and disappointment, then how did Leann look another woman in the eye knowing the entire time that she was sleeping with that woman’s husband and actively pursuing that woman’s husband so that he would leave the marriage? How can Leann even scream treachery when she allowed and continues to allow her fans to listen to Brandi’s voicemails or read Brandi’s emails to Eddie? Isn’t that treachery? Or about how Leann uses ROL, DM , and PH to wage a war against Brandi while publicly releasing fluffpieces about how she is at peace with Brandi? Leann is forever playing the victim. Where was Leann’s disappointment when she was on that balcony making out with Lizzy while Eddie watched just days before she made the call to the Brandi fan?

    The problem with Leann is that she has been allowed to get away with way too many things for too long. Leann has no reason to take responsiblity for her actions when NoH8, Got Milk, CBS, The Talk, Sharon, GR, Rob Thomas, Eonline/Enews, ROL, x17, JJ, GG, DM, and People mag continue to support her when she does wrong. Or when Eddie, his parents, and Brandi continue to look the other way when she is being totally out of line with those boys. Leann will forever play the victim because the people around her won’t put their foot down.

  69. why? says:

    Poor Leann. She is still 9/10 in Taste of Country’s Sexiest Country Star of 2012. Where oh where are those fans? And do you know why Leann was included in this poll in the first place…because for some odd reason The Taste of Country finds it “sexy” when Leann parades around in her bikinis. Wow. So in that case they could have just replaced Leann with Courtney Stodden who has become notorious for showing up in public places in bikinis just to get attention. Funny that they don’t even talk about Leann’s “talent” anymore. Just that all Leann does these days is prance around in bikinis.

  70. Good Lord. As a psychologist, Leann’s pathology astounds and frightens me. I would both love and hate to have her as a patient. Love because it would be a fascinating case study of a brand new personality disorder and hate because she would be exasperating and exhausting.

  71. Carpe Diem says:

    Leann Rimes, making $cientology look good. Heh.

    Okay seriously, she has some severe mental issues. I have a personal edict against joking about the unstable. It’s like, Britney was fair game until the hair came off.

    I half expect Leann to pull a knife and stab some non-fan one day. Maybe that husband dude of hers can get a 5150 hold and get her some damned help. Oh, and a BONUS: he can manage her money while she’s in lockdown. But please, Mr. Leann, lock her away; it’s your duty!

  72. claire says:

    She’s a nutjob, yes.
    But I don’t understand why anyone would think she “did this fundraiser to clean up her image and of course cover up for the fallout that is occuring as a result of this recording and her “Eddie isn’t cheating because…” website.”

    It’s not like she can go, “oh, there’s fallout, I’ll look around and see if there’s a fundraiser to do this weekend. Oh, look. Salk Institute needs someone. They sell out this event every year, for 17 years. A week before the event, I just bet they haven’t asked anyone to be the headliner yet. I’ll volunteer to distract people!” Doesn’t work that way.

    At this point in her ongoing publicity shenanigans, I think it is news that she puts on clothes. I think it’s funny that media points it out!

    • why? says:

      Well people would think that Leann did this fundraiser to clean up her image and of course to cover up for the fallout that is occuring as a result of this recording and her “Eddie isn’t cheating because…” website because there are over 20 different examples of Leann doing just that in the past and just recently. When the recordings were first exposed what did Leann do? We saw an increase in the articles about how she was doing a charity concert for VH1 and the more people talked about the recordings the more and more of those articles appeared. When Leann and whoever put her on twitter timeout felt that those articles had cleaned up her image, she came out of hiding, tweeting up a storm and paying her mouthpieces to release fluffpieces about her twitpics like nothing ever happened.

      When the story about Leann cutting Brandi off in traffic and stalking the kids at their schools broke, Leann attempted to fix it by “donating” a playground. She released tons of articles about it and even had herself photographed holding one of the children she “helped”. When the WEWENLOVE account was exposed, Leann attempted to fix it by doing PSAs for Psoriasis. So we do know that Leann agrees to do charity just so that she can make herself look good or to clean up her image. Interesting how the re-launch of her site was scheduled just days before this Salk concert! Charity in conjunction with a project she knew that people would detest is done to deflect! So you don’t think it’s odd how this “Eddie isn’t cheating because…” website just so happened to be set up the same week that Leann did this charity event?

      At the time that she agreed to do the Salk concert, Leann might not have known that she would be facing fallout for the recordings, but since ROL took the time and energy to write a fluffpiece about how she traded in her bikinis for a white dress just after Huff Post released the article about the recordings, we know that Leann is trying to use this event to drown out the fallout from the recordings. This isn’t going away like Leann liked. So it’s going to be bikini photos/twitpics and stories about Leann doing good deeds for now.

      It does work that way, why do you think that when Kim K had huge fallout after ending her marriage after 73 days that she was immediately photographed “volunteering” on Thanksgiving at a shelter? Was that too just news? Nope. It was a celeb trying to clean up her image via charity.

    • Annie B says:

      Leann arranged to do the charity after she was bragging (months ago) about how her 30th is a HUGE deal, she is going to take the full month off cause she hasn’t taken a birthday month off since she was 14. So she is doing a charity event at the end of the month, days before her birthday. Can you imagine how charitable and AMAZING she is? She did a charity show (which has in the past been sold out EVERY year) days before her birthday?

      So if indeed it DIDN’T sell out a week before the event, that speaks VOLUMES about their choice of “entertainment” for the evening. Interesting, after this show she broke her month vacation to do, her next gig is mid-Sept. Nice schedule if you can get it, I guess. :-/

  73. why? says:

    The Dailymail and GG just released their fluffpieces about Leann doing a “good deed” for Salk.Interesting how ROL, DM, and GG opted to post about Leann’s Salk concert instead of the Huff Post article.

    But then again Leann is attempting to clean up her image and drown out the fallout from the recordings and the failure of her “Eddie isn’t cheating because…” website, so we shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that these articles are not actually about the Salk concert considering how the articles mainly focus on of how Leann wore a dress instead of a bikini, has been celebrating her 30th birthday, and of course how Leann has been posting “sexy” bikini photos to her new website.

    • Theskinny says:

      I dunno, I think it’s less about her saying “Eddie isn’t cheating” but more of her saying “I’m doing charity so therefore I can’t be batshit crazy staying with this guy who IS cheating.” She just wants to cover up her cray. She KNOWS he’s cheating. She just thinks that if he stays then she wins. Not a chick with a whole lot of self esteem. And look at her dad. She probably thinks this is what men DO and she who has the guy’s last name wins.

  74. why? says:

    Why does Leann make it so obvious that she operates on single white female logic? She can’t have a relationship with Eddie unless she incorporates some aspect she picked up from one of the women he has been sleeping with or lusting over.

    Leann shows up in public with Brandi’s kids wearing a “Femme Fatale” shirt because SMJ appeared on a show called Femme Fatales in May. The day before SMJ is scheduled to make her appearance on RHOBH, Leann gets a foot tattoo in which she copies what SMJ said about her affair with Eddie in 2009 to AH. Leann tweets John Mayer lyrics because guess who dated John M? Leann bragged about how she dined at Lisa’s restaurant because guess who worked there?

    Leann now has a sudden interest in head scarves simply because Lizzy has a thing for head scarves. Since Leann has been with Eddie, she has made everyday of August about her because August is the same month that Lizzy also has a birthday.

    Her love for horses intensified the more Eddie filmed with Josie Davis because Josie D just so happens to advocate for horses who are abused.

    Leann pays her mouthpieces to place a huge emphasis on the little white dresses she wore on “her” birthday and for Salk and the white bikini she wore during her party because Brandi didn’t write about those two items in her fashion blog, right? Brandi was a guest on The Talk and so Leann has to one up her by co-hosting on The Talk twice. Brandi gets compliments on her legs so once again Leann has to one up it by paying her mouthpieces to write about how her legs look “toned” and “sexy” in the tiny shorts, skirt, or dress she wore.

    Leann starts hanging out and tweeting Kim K and now she has a interest in gaining weight and working out so that her behind looks like Kim’s.

    If her marriage to Eddie is as solid as she claims, why does she have to become all these other women just to keep Eddie happy?

    I’m convinced that Eddie, Mateo, and Lizzy are in a contest to see who can get Leann to go out in public wearing the most ridiculous things and makeup. Mateo did her makeup for the show and she tweeted that she looked like a doll. What doll? From the movie Dolls that was released in 1987?

  75. Shelley says:

    The Icing on the Insanity Cake for me was….The Cake. I just – there are no words for the hideousness and inappropriateness (the couple with weird lumps in bed, the kids, stc) of that.

    Question: what exactly was, and now is, her relationship with her Mom and Dad? From the ‘Enquirer’ article, I see that her Dad re-married many years ago. Is and/or her Mom still in her life? On her payroll? Are there siblings?

  76. Shelley says:

    The Icing on the Insanity Cake for me was….The Cake. I just – there are no words for the hideousness and inappropriateness (the couple with weird lumps in bed, the kids, stc) of that.

    Question: what exactly was, and now is, her relationship with her Mom and Dad? From the ‘Enquirer’ article, I see that her Dad re-married many years ago. Is he and/or her Mom still in her life? On her payroll? Are there siblings?

  77. Shelley says:

    The Icing on the Insanity Cake for me was The Cake. There are no words for the hideousness and inappropriateness (the couple with weird lumps in bed, the kids, stc) of that.

    Question: what exactly was, and now is, her relationship with her Mom and Dad? From the ‘Enquirer’ article, I see that her Dad re-married many years ago. Is he and/or her Mom still in her life? On her payroll? Are there siblings?

  78. Diana says:

    Sorry, but I feel like everyone involved in this situation cares just a little too much.

  79. Raynor says:

    The whole situation sounds really bizarre, like why LeAnn would be calling a hater, but whatever.

    I know the general LeAnn sentiment around here is more or less negative, but, I have to say, LeAnn came off better than the woman who recorded it. LeAnn seemed fairly even-headed about it and was more or less just defending herself, and apparently had called with good intentions to begin with. The woman recording the call could barely string a sentence together and kept interrupting her. She just came of sounding childish and whiney.

    • Macey says:

      How can you consider starting off a conversation with “Okay bitch, you have 5 minutes to say what you want to me” coming off with good intentions? I wouldnt take kindly to that myself. The reason you may have missed that part is b/c LR conveniently had HP change the story 2 days after it was posted and had them remove that part. She was anything but cordial and keep in mind, LR called this person, she did not contact her.

    • Friend of Dorothy says:

      I’m sorry, my feelings about LeAnn R and her mess of a personal life are pretty ambivalent, but how anyone could listen to that and have the take that she came off better than the stranger she cold called and referred to as “Bitch” is beyond me. LeAnn has a filthy mouth and sounds like a middle school bully crank calling another student to intimidate her. She wouldn’t let the other woman get a word in edge wise as she rambled on. The person receiving the call was not interrupting. She wasn’t being allowed to say anything. LeAnn R just kept talking over her. What other celebs would be immature enough to call someone who doesn’t like them, while with pals they made on twitter, on a speaker? That call just gives credence to LeAnn’s detractors when they say she is nutso. Cold calling someone like that isn’t defending yourself. It more like intimidation and bullying through ambushing. BTW, who cares what the woman’s voice sounds like. At least she isn’t swearing and rambling like LeAnn.Did you side with the bullies in school too since they had a point and the fat kid deserved it? Seriously.

      • joanne says:

        i don’t think kim sounded childish or whiny, she did sound overwhelmed by a nutcase who pretended to want a conversation but would not listen to any response. no, leann did not come off well or reasonable,she was constantly attacking and lying about her involvement. i wonder what recording you heard.

  80. natalina says:

    idk why LR bothers with the general public…

  81. heidi says:

    I see Stace(drp2u) is back in action. I don’t believe she has ever been out of commission, just not operating out in the open. She works for Celebuzz? Anyone know for sure?

  82. why? says:

    Leann must have been reading here yesterday because come Monday morning they are on damage control duty.

    What I find interesting, if this was about charity work why is Leann’s name in the title of the article?

    “Salk Institute Gala Stars Country Singer LeAnn Rimes”

    And check out how they opened up the first paragraph of the article, not talking about the insitute and what they are researching(they ersecerd that for the VERY last line of the article) but by saying that by hiring Leann the event was sold out and at full capacity. This is interesting because I thought someone said that there were still seats left for the event.But then again the entire article is nothing more than a “MEMEMEME LOOK AT ME…I DID SOMETHING GOOD” article. Listing guests who were in attendance and talking about the steak they had for dinner! That’s how charity is done? Focusing on the givers and what they ate rather than the people who are in need and where the funds will go?

    Someone also said that Leann performed at a party for one of the guests(their names came in 2nd or 3rd on the list of guests who attended the event) the night before!

    I’m sure the photos from both of those events will be posted to her “Eddie isn’t cheating because…” website because how can she draw attention to the needs of others without putting her name and face first?

    • Dirtnap says:

      I would LovE to know why LeAnn still uses “Rimes” professionally. Is she worried we won’t know who she is if she sings as “LeAnn Cibrian” (ugh)? Or is she actually more worried that she’ll have to change it from Cibrian back to Rimes, possibly soon?

  83. why? says:

    CMT News did an article about how Leann is “HUMAN”. So when Leann sets up back to back photo-ops of herself in a bikini as she makes out with Eddie on a beach, tweets about Brandi’s kids and invites the paps to their soccer games or schools, posts twitpics of Brandi’s kids to either promote her album or her birthday party, and fights with people on twitter did you know that Leann was just “sharing” humanity? If Leann wants people to view her as “Human”, then perhaps she should start doing those things that make people “Human”. For instance, stop using charity to clean up her image or to promote her marriage to Eddie, stop tweeting about Brandi’s kids and parading them before GSI/Fame/Flynet(did you know that they do a lot of work for US Weekly)/ PacificCoast, stop encouraging her fans to trash Brandi, close the twitter account and the “Eddie isn’t cheating because…” website, and of course stop trying to manipulate people into thinking that Eddie is being faithful to her.

    The thing about mistakes, is that people LEARN from them. She can’t keep using the line that she made a mistake when she continues to do the same bad behavior over and over. Bullying people with her lawyers or paying people to side with her isn’t a triumph, especially since each and every week she finds herself in the position where she has to depict herself as the victim when things don’t go her way.

    Reality Tea released an article about Leann and the recordings today. It’s really good. Check it out!

    “LeAnn Rimes Called Out For Stalking & Harassing Brandi Glanville Fans On Twitter! LeAnn Insists She’s A Victim Of “Treachery”!

  84. Isabel says:

    Oh Leann.. From dancing on a bar in a music video and lending her voice to the main-character (Coyote Ugly) to dancing on bars in real life and lending her voice to someone’s live recordings.
    Boyoboy. Bitch is Crayyyyy ZY!

  85. why? says:

    I was just saying that Leann has recruited everyone except for People magazine to write a fluffpiece about her birthday. And sure enough what happens the day AFTER Leann does her “good deed” for Salk? People magazine posts a video of Eddie “giving” Leann a kiss for her 30th birthday complete with all the details of what Leann, I mean Eddie “bought” Leann for her birthday and her “Die 20s Die” theme. And this is the humanity that Leann is “sharing”? This is being human?

    Funny how she had to take the video footage from her “Eddie isn’t cheating because…” website and give it to People mag because her “fans” just weren’t flocking to her website like she had hoped!

    Do you know what is so funny about People mags article? Eddie was trying to walk away, but Leann stopped him,jumped on him, and kissed him. She tries way too hard to convince people that Eddie isn’t cheating.

    Leann bought herself a bracelet that says “LOVE” because there is absolutely nothing going on between Eddie and Lizzy.

    So once again Leann uses charity to clean up her image and promote her marriage!

    • Ming Lee says:

      i thought leann’s new skanky club was supposed to be THEE place to find all the latest and greatest leann info? so People magazine must have a VIP membership status to get such an exclusive video.

      • why? says:

        I think that Leann GAVE People magazine the video and the photos. People magazine doesn’t print anything without first getting the approval from the celeb, so if People magazine is posting this it’s because Leann gave them the okay. Plus the info that they put in the captions for the photos in the photogallery of the party is something that they could have only known had they talked directly to Leann.

        Leann admitted on Chelsea Lately that she sets up stuff like this to control what is being said about her and since People magazine also did Leann and Eddie’s engagement photos and then the photospread for their wedding there is no doubt that Leann went to People magazine for this occasion too.

        Imagine her surprise when this too backfires.

        And she making sure that every media outlet has written about her bikinis.

  86. wow says:

    I am so amazed by the fact that some of you, grown women, who seem to spend your days talking about LR on twitter (same shit, different day), have the time to do the same here. Wow. Has Brandi asked you to go to war for her? Most of you act like she is your personal friend, when in fact, she is not, I believe she has made that pretty clear on her twitter. She obviously has moved on and is doing great, I suggest you guys do the same and start living your own lives.
    I leave you with this thought: grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

    • Dawn says:

      And you know all this because your on here all the time to track it. Look in the mirror you are doing the same thing, no judging now per Leann!

    • why? says:

      So basically Leann is upset because people are not responding to People magazine’s fluffpiece about her birthday like she had hoped.

      That’s the problem for Leann. Leann is constantly trying to change the things she cannot change, doesn’t have the courage to change the things she knows she needs to change nor the wisdom to know the difference. What exactly was she trying to accomplish by giving People mag the video from her birthday and then an exclusive interview about what Eddie got her?

      Why blame the people who comment on Leann’s pr stunts, when Leann can easily make this all go away by laying low and stop giving media outlets like People magazine videos from “her” birthday party?

      Brandi has moved on, but it’s obvious that Leann hasn’t because as we can see Leann is still sending her fans to various other sites to do her dirty work and to trash Brandi.

  87. erika says:

    Hey now….I totally feel for Leanne, I went through the same ordeal…IN 7th GRADE!!!

    My God! I’m reading this while flashbacking to the petty little spats my GF’s and I would get into in JR. HIGH! then we’d kiss and makeup the next morning!

    This is soooo insanely juvenielle I just..OMG. And I’m talking to U Mizz Rimes, GROW UP!

    If you cant use Twitter like an adult (or preteen you shouldht be on it!!!

  88. Sugar says:

    I hope her new cd does well so she will be so busy doing what she once was known for singing & touring. Be cause if it does well & she cannot handle the responsibility of promoting it because she can’t trust her true lovE & he won’t go on tour w/her or she continues to cancelled then it w/b obvious to the mainstream how unhinged she has
    become over a guy.
    I just don’t get Eddie he must really have a game plan to clean her account or don’t hate me I can barley type it he really cares for her-ugh that was hard. He never says anything anywhere about his wife. Even if he took to his nearly non existent twitter & threw a shout out about her. Like how proud he is about her new CD. But we get nothing from him all this time they have been together. I just don’t get him.

  89. why? says:

    Just when you think that Leann’s famewhoring can’t possibly get any worse…This is what People mag wrote at the end of the fluffpiece that they posted on Monday about Leann’s birthday party last week, “For exclusive photos and more details on the décor, cake and more from of Rimes’s birthday bash, come back to People.com for the birthday gallery Tuesday”.

    Poor Leann. We must have hurt her feelings by saying that she is hardly ever in magazines anymore. Because Leann “doesn’t” have anything to prove to us what does she do? She calls up People mag and has them do back to back articles on her birthday. So on Monday they post the video of her attacking Eddie, the gifts she bought herself, and of her blowing out the candles and then on Tuesday they are going to release an exclusive interview about her birthday bash complete with a full photospread and photoshoot which we all know will feature Brandi’s kids and tons of photos of her and Eddie engaging in pda? So is People mag going to feature the party from last week, the party she is about to have tomorrow, or both?

    And then Camp Leann just can’t understand why the backlash against Leann continues to grow or why people won’t move on. What exactly does Leann think is going to be the public’s response when People mag goes through with this fluffpiece for a 2nd day in a row? Leann can’t be upset by the backlash People mag’s article will generate, she admitted on Cheslea L that she sets up photo-ops like this to control what is being said about her.

    So what exactly was Leann trying to accomplish by paying People mag to have this fullblown birthday bash for her? To convince us that Eddie isn’t cheating? To deflect from the fallout from the recordings?

    • Ming Lee says:

      @why – i don’t believe in psychics.. but daaaaamn you really are spot on with predicting leann’s next PR move.

      i cannot believe People magazine has their nose so far up leann’s butt. and exclusive photos?? hahaha “leann rimes” and “exclusive photos”.. sorry but i just can’t help myself laughing.

      i know someone called it that this would happen: that leann wouldn’t be able to remain private for very long, that she would miss the tabloids and the attenton .. did she even last a week?

      • why? says:

        I’m not psychic, Leann is just SO predictable and does such a great job at documenting her bad behavior. The information is all there in plain sight. Plus Leann is also a classic textbook example of HPD, so it makes it easy to predict what she will do.

        It was Claire who said that Leann wasn’t going to be able to last long private and that she would miss the tabloids and attention.

  90. Crikey LeAnn, WALK AWAY. Do yourself a favour.

  91. speck says:

    It’s obvious that Leann is a narcissist. Leann wanted Brandi’s husband and she wants her kids. She want those kids to “be hers”.

    Enough said.