“Britney’s boob-baring birthday dress” morning links

Britney Spears was almost popping out of her dress at her birthday party [Yeeeah]
– Inside Britney’s birthday party (link has automatic video) [The Insider]
– Upcoming cover of Star: Britney’s deadly diet [PopBytes]
Julianne Hough says she wants to marry her boyfriend [Popeater]
Rachel Getting Married with Anne Hathaway leads the nominations in the Independent Spirit Awards [Moviefone]
Kanye West says Beyonce is better than Tina Turner [Black Voices]
– Gifts for the celebrity obsessed [Cafemom]
Dean McDermott’s divorce is final, and the TV lawyer represented himself too [Radar Online]
Leonardo DiCaprio says he’s been partying ever since Obama was elected [Bild]
Robert Pattison hooked up with Joe Jonas’ girlfriend, Camila Belle. [Celebedge]
Toni Collette out with her husband and baby [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
– Miss France parties with her sash on [Bastardly]
– “Real Housewife” NeNe Leakes evicted! [The YBF]
Adrien Brody liked making out with Beyonce in their film Cadillac Records [The Blemish]
Kristen Stewart to play Joan Jett in a new biopic [Popcrunch]
– This is probably not true, but Tom Cruise is rumored to be holding a special double commitment ceremony with the Beckhams and his tired bride [Agent Bedhead]
Roman Polanski wants the statutory rape charge from 30 years ago dropped so he can return to the US [Defamer]
Evan Rachel Wood dyed her hair red [Evil Beet]
Miranda Kerr And The Victoria’s Secret Angels Looking Red Hot [Popoholic]
– Is Sarah Palin still wearing her RNC designer duds? [Deceiver]
Miss Cleo wants a reality show [Rhymes with Snitch]

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5 Responses to ““Britney’s boob-baring birthday dress” morning links”

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  1. Ron says:

    That black get up looks like one from Madonna’s current tour.

  2. MaiGirl says:

    Someone needs to help this woman. That is not sexy. She looks unbalanced.

    She is unbalanced. 🙁

  3. Anna says:

    She looks so much cuter and healthier with a few more pounds (and no, she wasn’t fat then!).

  4. CiCi says:

    I prefer her at this weight. She’s still extremely curvy and “meaty” enough looking. At least now she doesn’t look bloated.

  5. Grandizer says:

    The pics don’t prove to me she lost weight, under her breasts looks the same size in both pics.
    her waist and above look smaller, but that could just be Spanxs… Or a tight girdle.

    No matter, I don’t care what she weighs, as long as she is healthy for her offspring.