Duchess of Alba, 86, is on vacation with her boy-toy husband in Ibiza: amazing?

I’m not showing you these photos to body-snark on an elderly lady. I’m showing you these photos because the Duchess of Alba continues to be awesome. The Duchess of Alba, also known as Doña María del Rosario Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart y Silva, 18th Duchess of Alba de Tormes, is 86 years old. She can barely walk without holding on to someone, be it her nurse/helper, or her young boy-toy husband, a spry 61-year-old named Alfonso Díez Carabantes. Alfonso is the dude in these photos – they were on vacation in Ibiza, Spain, which is a big party and vacation spot. The Duchess and Alfonso were married last year, which caused a great deal of scandal and tabloid consternation. The Duchess’s children thought (and continue to think) that Alfonso is just some gigolo/golddigger. Well, he’s certainly proving them wrong, isn’t he?

When you’re 86 years old and richer than God, plus you have a helper and a boy-toy husband, WHY NOT WEAR A BIKINI? I mean, seriously, why not? These photos make me feel better about myself, and I mean that in a completely un-snarky way. If the Duchess can throw caution and self-criticism to the wind, why can’t I do the same? We should all live like the Duchess.

Prepare yourselves for the awesomeness. Bikini photos ahead.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. samanthalous says:

    Ok how is that amazing she is being helped with every movement

  2. teehee says:

    We’re all gonna look like that soon– I mean maybe even not as good as her! We age, I dont know what the problem is. Its sad that we have to get old and life has to end, but its not going ot help if we find ourselves ugly as a result. The aged body is not an enemy. and we are only as young as we believe… I am very inspired by the many 80-90 yr olds who are still young at heart and still know how to smile. :) I aspire to be the same way when I reach that age :)

  3. brin says:

    Looks like Leann and Eddie on one of their many vacations.

  4. Mimi says:

    Well good for her i guess!Life is too short, better enjoy it while we can. LOL @ boy toy.

  5. Shitler says:

    Good for her! I just don’t get this idea that once your old your supposed to hide yourself under some rock so as to not offend anyone’s sensibilities. She’s out there living. I hope this dude’s not a gold digger.

    • Kimbob says:

      I agree w/you on all counts. And yes….we can only hope this “young stud” (LOL) has good intentions. : )

    • Polk8dot says:

      @ ‘I hope this dude’s not a gold digger.’
      Bwahahahahaahaaaaa! Yeah, and I’m sure thay have hot, sweaty, screaming sex 5 times a day, too. After all, just holding her hand is not going to ensure the right amount of inheritance; she has needs and wants, and he is the man-whore there to fullfill them. Did you look at his face in any of the pics? There is not one that shows compasion, caring, love, dedication. In every single one, all I see is impatience and stubbornness of someone stuck in a shitty but great paying job.
      The fricking care-taker shows 100 times more compassion, patience and loyalty. Funny, because all things being equal, they are both doing almost the same job.

      She does seem to be doing better than most people her age; no bed rest, no adult diapers, full head of hair. But awesome? All her plastic surgery is starting to turn her into a halloween Franken-monster. And I appreciate that she’s lived her life for so long, that she decided to not give a crap about any conventions and scruples anymore. Good for her – go thru the rest of life not worrying what everybody thinks. But does that mean that she needs to shove hef deteriorating body in the face of all the beach goers and the papps? Oh, my bad. I just realized that had she been wearing a wrap or a beach dress, probably nobody would care to take her pics, and that would be such a wasted opportunity for for gigolo. Seriously, I look at her and all I can think of is ‘I hope she’s not freezing and won’t catch a cold; I hope she’s not going to fall down and drown; I hope she’s doing it all because she feels like it makes her happy, and not just to be photographed by the papps to promote her hubby-toy.
      I always thought that Zsa Zsa Gabor’s latest husband, the fake price von whatever, is the biggest male whore on the planet. But this dude has overtaken him by a mile!

      • Lia says:

        You know this guy is earning his money every single day……. I think she’s going to live a lot longer than he thought she would.

      • Sunny says:

        I think he looks more annoyed that the paparazzi is in her face– coupled with concern that she does not get hurt. I have a different impression of his somewhat tense expression.

        It is possible to love someone romantically, even when they’re no longer beautiful on the outside. Many of us have loved people who were never beautiful on the outside.

      • joanna says:

        she gave all her property and inheritances to her kids b/c they thought he was a gold-digger. And he’s still there. I disagree with the golddigger assessment, he looks like he’s very tender and caring with her.Plus, what does he have to gold-dig now that she’s given it all away? it’s possible he could love her for herself.

      • Mourning the Death of Music says:

        How brilliant it must be to be you with the ability to instantly judge a situation by looking at a few photographs.

        There’s so much more to a relationship than “hot, sweaty, screaming sex 5 times a day”.

        Especially in elderly couples that tend to seek out companionship more so than sexual attraction.

      • Hapee says:

        Wow, I thought just the opposite. The man looks like he really views himself as being in a real relationship with her, a loving and caring one. I’m not saying he isn’t also looking forward to inheriting a fortune; but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t also like her. From what I’ve heard, she is an extremely likeable person, so even if he started out with just ulterior motives, she’s probably grown on him. And as for how she looks, I’ve noticed that she is a very “girlie girl” in her fashion choices. She always seems to dress in very feminine apparel, loves flowers, etc. She looks like she works out actually too, as her figure looks pretty well toned, even if she has some skin sagging. I don’t think she’s had a lot of plastic surgery either, since you can have that sagging body skin treated (a great many celebrities do it, you have to do it frequently though after a certain age). Finally I think that people forget that the reason they might be inclined to assume that only people under the age of 25 are entitled to exist and present themselves on the face of the Earth is because corporations through marketing have brainwashed them to think that way (to sell products).

  6. Jacq says:

    That is more of an 86 year-old’s body than I ever wanted to see (except maybe my own, eventually). Just because you can do some things, it doesn’t mean you should… *shudder* How much bad work has she had done? Her face is painful to look at.

  7. littlemissnaughty says:

    Not gonna lie, this is not exactly aesthetically pleasing but hell, that goes for so many young people as well (I sure as heck don’t wear a bikini with my big butt) and age really can’t be helped so I say good for her for not giving a f-ck.
    I really hope I reach the not-giving-a-f-ck-stage before I’m that age. It would be so relaxing.

  8. Marianne says:

    Im not gonna snark about her being old (because hey we’ll all be that old some day)…but I can snark about her horrible plastic surgery?

  9. tru tru says:

    she doesn’t look bad for her age, almost 90.

    I do have to side eye her husband though, hope he has good intentions.

  10. Voodoochic says:

    Props to this broad. This is baddassery in the truest sense of the word.

    • Lady Satan says:

      Damn straight!

      Considering her age, she’s doing well – obviously she took care of herself in her younger years.

      Who care is the boy-toy is a gold-digger? Her children are grown & gone, let this awesome lady have whatever fun she wants!

  11. Kellie says:

    Go Duchess! She was probably a pistol in her youth.

    • ontheraw says:

      She was :-) Really good looking, awesome taste for art, fashion, everything. She’s what you can call a free spirit, an aristocratic hippie, sort of. She passed on that sense of freedom to most of her children. Most, are all pretty amazing, really interesting to spend time with. My ex, he once came to pick me up at Clifford Chance where I worked at the time, dressed with his fave jacket, an indian trumpetist band member jacket, bold red, gold buttoning all throughout, sort of like an animal circus trainer, lol, those times (that was 5 years ago). They all lead pretty normal lives, though, but it’s true that she’s one of the richest women in Europe, so great houses, palaces, etc. He will get something for sure, but she’s always been very responsible, in the sense that the bulk is going to her eldest, to keep patrimony together and secure. I got to keep this really simple, but gorgeous (again, red) cotton harem trousers that belonged to a maharaja. So cool :-)

    • ontheraw says:

      Sorry :-( I know. My original comment is downthread. I’m at work, super stressed out. My bad.

  12. TheOriginalKitten says:

    You know what thay esay: It ain’t pretty but it beats the alternative.

  13. paola says:

    You can tell this is true love, not at all about money. not at all.

  14. ontheraw says:

    She’s a pretty amazing lady, I dated one of her grandsons for more than a year, I mean, he was my boyfriend, and I’m great friends with another granddaughter. Great lady.

  15. Marta says:

    She is old lady with most titles in Europe and one of the richest.Even if her husband has bad intentions she don´t care:) how many years of hapinnes can she get? 4 or 5 – it pays off for her.

  16. jess says:

    Good for her! Her body is good for her age and I’m glad she’s still out living her life!

  17. Liberty says:

    Good for the Duchess! This actually looks kind of like a reverse Sophia Loren/Carlo Ponti thing (near the end of his days like maybe what, seven years ago?).

    I actually knew an elderly woman and younger man in a relationship like this – he was a colleague. Nice, quiet. serious, about 55. She was elderly, rich, very prominent in the city. a pistol. Like others, I thought….! well, at a charity thing I ended up talking to the guy. He really deeply cared for her; if he was faking me out, he should have gotten an award — he said they would talk for hours and hours, loved art — that she actually cared about him which was not something he’d ever experienced. He seemed sincere, and sadly said, “Why were we born at the wrong times? I don’t know, but we found each other now.” They always seemed so content and congenial when you’d see them. So eh, who knows, good for them….life is a big place.

  18. Nev says:


    interesting comments.

  19. Ella says:

    Okay I don’t know what I’m missing here. Firstly, I don’t see how Alfonso is “certainly proving them wrong.” Because he’s helping his wife stand up? How does that mean he’s not a gold-digger? Secondly, the woman is hideous. She’s done terrible things to her face with tragic results. Seriously, Google her. She looks terrible. If this was any other celebrity you would be critical of her excessive plastic surgery, and you wouldn’t be praising her for putting on a bikini and going to the beach – Leann Rimes does that every day. Elderly she may be, but that doesn’t mean the Duchess of Alba isn’t shamefully wealthy, vain, shallow and hedonistic.

    • ontheraw says:

      And you’re just jealous and sad. I mean, the whole system is f–ked up, yes. If we all change it, perfect, but as it is, she gets to have and enjoy what she has. I know the woman and she gives plenty to charity, she has really high morals, principles. She’s super generous to all.

      And yes, she was really beautiful in her youth, and, yes, vanity won there and she botched up her face at some point. Like many others. Keep your soul clean, lady. You’ll be happier and happier things will maybe start happening to you.

    • gg says:

      Alfonso is proving them wrong because in order to thwart her family going into a massive uproar at her marriage to such a younger man, she already divided up her estate and gave it to her family, and has reportedly not included him in her estate planning, and he married her anyway and is still with her.

      So I’d rather him not be called a boy toy; he’s hardly a boy, and he’s hardly a toy.

      • ontheraw says:

        Exactly, didn’t wanna keep giving details, I already gave too many. But that is exactly what she has done. And the guy is there for her, everyday, out of love or out of personal interest, but he really takes good care of her and she’s happy and in love.

  20. lw says:

    I had never paid much attention to her aside from thinking that she had obviously had a lot of plastic surgery. But after seeing her bikini pics the other day I had to do a little research. AWESOME LADY who has lived an awesome life. No body snark here. I think she’s fantastic!

  21. dholmas says:

    I hope my body looks that good at 86. All of you saying he is a gold digger she has basically set her family up for life and he gets nothing. It was a sticking point with her family if she wanted to marry him. Happy for the two of them. Yes and at that age I want to see some of you getting around without a bit of help. LOL.

  22. mst says:

    I think 61 is a bit too old to be called a ,”boytoy” but “mantoy” doesn’t sound right.

  23. Alexa says:

    She looks exceedingly better in a bikini than I do. And I really like her suit. Reminds me of one of those classic preppy brands.

  24. Sillyone says:

    I can not knock her body I was in Miami a couple of months ago and let’s just say that she is more worthy to wear a bikini than most I seen on the beach. Those women you see on tv on the beaches of Miami ummm non existent!

    • Uma says:

      OMG really? I was always shy to go there because I feel they are all these super models with amazing bodies?

      • Sillyone says:

        Uma, I thought that was how it was going to be as well it wasn’t like that at all. There were 60 and 70 year old men in banana hammocks, 250+ pound women in bikinis, I went to the beach feeling self conscious and left feeling pretty darn great about myself. There was even a women there she must have been in her 60s with a fishnet top with nothing underneath you know you aren’t suppose to stare all I did was stare at her boobies.

      • Hapee says:

        OMG I moved to Fl coast a while back and I was astonished at how pervy the men are here on the beaches. I grew up on the California coast and it wasn’t like that. Here, one often sees guys that sneak up behind women who are sunbathing with their eyes closed. The men cover themselves with towels and, well, I won’t say any more. They also will just stand there dead in their tracks and stare, or spy with binoculars etc. But it’s true, it’s the South, where people eat lots of fried food, so many people are a little hefty, even the younger ones tend to be heftier than in California. But there are of course many very fit and wonderful looking people here too. Actually it’s a nice mix of just, nice friendly people in most cases (not including the pervs). :)

  25. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Lookin good Lilo ;) this is how fine it can be when stayin off the crack.

  26. Uma says:

    Haha! She is so cute! Very brave lady..good for her! BTW, I can tell she used to have a very nice body once! Just look at her shape! Her husband is a very young 61 year old! HAHA I think he is hot

  27. Jen34 says:

    I haven’t been on a Spanish beach in about 10 years, but everyone wore a bikini no matter age or shape.

    I know she’s a plastic surgery mess, but I believe she is generally well-liked in Spain. No snark from me.

  28. Sachi says:

    She’s so awesome and she’s lived such a dynamic, awesome life.

    She seems like such a larger than life character.

  29. Khara says:

    Her latest husband formally renounced all claims to her wealth when they married in 2011. It has been split between her 6 children.
    If you check out old photos, she was a very good looking European aristocrat, and now she could be the aunt of Wildenstein!

  30. Random Devotchka says:

    I don’t know about anyone else here, but I know what I am wearing to the beach when I am 86!!!!

  31. Sabrine says:

    It’s nice that most of the comments on here are positive about this lady, especially considering we are all going to get old and have wrinkled skin. To be kind to her shows a level of maturity and thoughtfulness. Those who are not are living in an immature ageist fantasy world if they think it won’t happen to them.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      Its not a matter of being immature or ageist if some people dont get on board with the whole “OMG good for her!!!!” train of thought.
      Im all for her living her life and marrying whomever she likes. However, if I was her daughter Id be mortified that she doesnt show more modesty and dignity. Im embarrassed for her that she feels the need to not cover up and show a little class, especially for her age. I think her display is quite sad actually.
      people these days just dont have a clue as to whats appropriate and whats not appropriate anymore….even, i guess, if your titled and “have class” and are supposed to know better. Well, you know what they say about money and manners.

      • Sachi says:

        It’s funny how you say it’s not a matter of immaturity or ageism when your comment reeks so much of those two things.

        If I was her daughter I’d be so glad that my mother is still alive, let alone able to live her life as independently as she is able.

        She’s at the beach. What did you expect her to wear, a burka? The beach is not only for the tall, pretty, sexy, and young. It has nothing to do with having class or dignity.

        If she’s walking down the street in her swimsuit and offending others on purpose, then you may have a valid point.

        But she’s not. She’s just enjoying a day at the beach like many people do. Who gives anyone the right to dictate what anyone else should wear to the beach, of all places?

        So she’s bad-mannered, ill-bred, and has no class because you think she has the guts to wear a two-piece swimsuit at her age, and because she’s old that means she’s not allowed to feel good/sexy?


        I guess parents should always consider their children’s feelings. How selfish is the Duchess of Alba here? So humiliating!!!

  32. KellyinSeattle says:

    Love her! I volunteer in a retirement home some of those older people can really give younger people some lessons to live by! Go baby, go girl! Love the sunglasses….

  33. NadineK says:

    i don’t understand you guys…when you mention Madonna you always call her on the age thing…saying she’s desperate for exposing her body even though she’s in a pretty good shape but you think this lady is awesome?? how is THAT possible.

    • Annie says:

      Probably because Madonna comes off as “desperate” to be percieved as young and hip in other ways apart from exposing herself but the Duchess of Alba seems to be more of the wild, outrageous, don’t give a f*ck type.

    • Anoni Mus says:

      Good point, but I agree with the poster above. Madonna wants to look and be perceived as a 20 year old, or at least, she’s competing with the young pop stars of today, and it carries a whiff of desperation and conforming to what the public thinks is hot.

      The Duchess, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to give a f-ck about her apperance. Maybe she did, once. Hence the awful plastic surgery. But she seems beyond that now, and frankly, she looks great and happy.

      Enjoy your sunset years, Duchess!

  34. Memphis says:

    Well there.. Rock on Duchess!

    He’s a gold digging boy toy, but I doubt she cares. I’m sure her estate is very secure via her children, and she gets to have some fun till the end…win win.

  35. Annie says:

    I’m tempted to say she has a better body than Lindsay – hey, she’s all wrinkled, but at least she’s not built like a rectangle. Bet she had an awesome figure back in the day, but her face has always been inbred looking.

  36. Stacia says:

    NO NO NO! Gran’ does not need to be wearing a 2 piece.

  37. Reece says:

    Too much like my life right now.
    I like her bikini though!

  38. MyCatLoves TV says:

    You rock, Duchess! Get ready world…the Baby Boomers are getting up there and are not going quietly into that long dark night of aging. Alba is just getting y’all ready for every beach in the world in a few years. Not that I’ll be in a bikini even now…that dame still has a little waist! Good for her!!!

  39. SashaVice says:

    Wow, I can’t believe that she needs to cover up because you guys don’t find her “aesthetically pleasing”. How terrible to one day discover that you can’t wear a bathing suit to the beach because people find your body revolting. I say, good for her, she can wear whatever the hell she pleases.

  40. RobN says:

    Well, I’d rather see some old broad wearing whatever the hell she wants than some 40 lbs. overweight, muffin top, skinny jeans wearing 20 year at the mall.

  41. Eileen says:

    Pure Awesomeness. Love it-I want to be her in 50 years. Done.

  42. Hikkilove says:

    I dont care what you guys say, these pics are pretty gross. She should really cover up.

  43. Justine says:

    I feel a sudden urge to throw up.

  44. Zwella Ingrid says:

    Personally, I would welcome the chance to look that good at age 86. Not only to look that good, but to have the self confidence to wear what pleases me, instead of worrying what others think.

  45. I Choose Me says:

    I’m thirty six now and I hope I can be like this in fifty years. Vacationing, living life to the fullest and giving zero f-cks about what anyone thinks about how my old ass looks.

  46. Janet says:

    Dang! 86 and still has a waistline!

  47. Camille (The original) says:

    This is like looking into a crystal ball for the future…..

    Jennifer Aniston’s last photo op 40 years from now, a cover shot similar to the above pics, along with the headline: “40 years after Brad! Justin, who? I’m the happiest I’ve ever been! Meet my new man, he’s the One! Babies are definitely next.”


  48. Amy says:

    Oh wow wow wow. I think this is the first time this site has covered the Duquesa de Alba (I don’t call her the Duchess of Alba because I’ve lived in Spain the past 2 years). I love her! She is so awesome. She’s been married three times (the first two husbands died, no divorce) and her children are such spoiled brats and always getting into trouble. She even gave them all her inheritance before she got married to Alfonso to shut them up about him being a gold digger (he has always insisted he doesn’t want any of her money).

    I even once saw her… okay, I saw her car. I was in the south of Spain studying abroad and we visited this little town. We were watching the processions of the matadors/pretty ladies in fancy dresses drawn on carriages being led into the bullring. All of a sudden this black car came out of nowhere in the crowd and the Spaniards around us went nuts screaming “ES LA DUQUESA DE ALBA” to us Americans who had no idea who she was. Spanish people love her!

  49. janie says:

    It’s gonna be a weird day when my boobs can touch my belly button. I hope I have a shape like that when I’m her age…if I’m not dead by then. I don’t understand all the negativity in the comments.

  50. buckley says:

    Goood for her I guess, I would never in a million years regardless of my figure.

  51. skuddles says:

    I… uhhh… ummmm…. ahhhh…

    Never mind :-|

  52. juju says:

    omg please stop and cover this lady up !!! please poke my eyes out ~!!

  53. LeslieM says:

    I think she is amazing and she was so beautiful as a younger woman. He is so viral and she is so frail. Why did they marry instead of being best friends or even live in companions? She is too frail for sex although there is much more to marriage than that. I just would love to really know what this marriage is like. By marrying someone so much older he did put himself into a position of being called a gold digger. Why would he choose to do that? Any ideas?

  54. tmbg says:

    If I reach that age, I am following my almost 90 y/o grandma’s approach to clothing and covering what needs to be covered. She always looks nice and casual and camouflages the right areas.

    Not to mention she has all of her faculties and despite being legally blind, lives on her own (my parents are fortunately right up the street), can get out and water her plants, do housework and all sorts of things you’d think a lady of her age probably couldn’t do.

    Sorry to go off-topic there, but I couldn’t resist talking about her. She’s a real marvel.

  55. lflips says:

    I don’t mind the fact that she’s wearing a bikini what bugs me is the band size on that bra top is way too big for her!

  56. bettyrose says:

    @ Kaiser – thank you for sharing this. I feel like there’s just too many stories of rich young women who have NO SENSE of their own power. They could have the world and command an adoring army of men, but instead waste their time chasing the one or two men who don’t respect them. This is brilliant.

  57. ZZTop says:

    My eyes are bleeding. I saw some side boob. She looks like something from a Seuss book. Doesn’t she have an beach of her own to flop on?

  58. Lushus L. says:

    I really don’t know much about this lady but sometimes elderly people get a kind of dementia wherein they mentally go back in time. They literally think that they are young again. I saw this once in an assisted care facility. A gentleman flirted with me and his “girlfriend” got all jealous.lol. That is also why there is bed-hopping among the elderly in care places.It’s weird.

  59. Me Too says:

    Why make fun of this woman? She’s old. She’s still enjoying life. Ya the guy is probably with her because she’s rich, just like the all the girls with older guys (Alec Baldwin, George Clooney, Leo, Warren B, Jack N., and the list goes on and on and on.) Why don’t you make fun of them? Instead we get headlines like “He’s Still Got It.” I remember all the Aw, they look so good comments about Baldwin and his 28 year old. He may not be as old and not have done as much plastic surgery but give him time!

  60. Rachel says:

    I love that you covered this, and I will definitely read and comment on any future posts about the Duchess! She fascinates me.

  61. Jag says:

    I think that yes, it’s great that she’s on vacation, but she’s not “spry” at her age – yet could be. My grandmother lived alone, and at 89 years old was still push-mowing her 3 acre yard weekly, as well as getting groceries and taking care of everyone in her immediate vicinity. (Which included two of her sisters.) Her house and yard were always immaculate, and she worked full time until she was forced to retire due to her age. She died of a surprise stroke just shy of her 90th birthday.

    Moral of the story: if you expect to be in good health and stay active until your later years, you can live a good, long life. My great grandmother on that side lived to 104, and most of the women live well into their 80′s and 90′s. It’s proven that your mindset about growing older truly does make a difference in how well and active you will be in your later years.

    I do absolutely agree with you that everyone should feel great enough about themselves to wear whatever they choose. :)

  62. Anonymous says:

    Can’t get over how much she looks like Ron Perlman.

  63. princesslizabeth says:

    Aww, the Crypt Keeper is on holiday!

  64. Lizi says:

    She’s awesome. But my very beloved 98 year old grandma has a better looking figure =)

  65. Ryan says:

    She has a nicer body shape than I do. So does her assistant. :/

  66. Hotkatchina says:

    She looks like an elderly Yolandi Visser

  67. Bellebeesting says:

    For those saying she gave away all her fortune to her children so Alfonso could not be called a gold-digger…that does not appear to be completely accurate. She reportedly just gave her children and grandchildren “juicy junks” to “appease” them. They may all be gold-diggers–new husband, no exception. Cool that she’s rocking a two-piece at 86–maybe something to aspire to, maybe not–but I would still be worried about my grandma. I trust my instincts that say something is “off” here…and I don’t mean too many clothes.

  68. Sunnyinseattle says:

    She probably knows she is gonna out live him, so she’s not at all worried about him getting her money. She doesn’t look like she is going anywhere. LOL ;-)

  69. HLBB says:

    She looks better than Lindsay Lohan…