Elisabeth Hasselbeck tells Deepak Chopra to ‘go light incense’

Elisabeth Hasselbeck talked herself into some pretty big trouble on “The View” yesterday. While talking about the Mumbai massacre, she made an offensive reference to Deepak Chopra. Chopra is a popular Indian medical doctor who’s focused much of his writing on spirituality. He was recently interviewed by CNN and said the terrorists in Mumbai were trying to get Washington’s attention. Hasselbeck’s response was to tell him to “Go light a bowl of incense.”

Though Elisabeth Hasselbeck has offended many during her tenure on The View, she’s never quite had what could be called, in the show parlance, a “Ching Chong” moment. So named for Rosie O’Donnell’s Asian language impression in which she shrieked, “Ching Chong Ching Chong!” and stopped just shy of declaring, “That was me, Rosie, playing an Oriental!” the gaffe is the type that incurs the wrath of an entire race, and Hasselbeck may have had her own in this morning’s episode.

While attempting to reference Deepak Chopra’s recent remarks on the Mumbai massacre (he implied the terrorists had an eye on America), a frustrated Hasselbeck first called him “Glitter Glasses Whatshisface,” and then, dismissing his comments as beneath her recognition, muttered, “Go light a bowl of incense.” Why stop there, Elisabeth? Tell those minorities how you really feel using the most stereotype-laden kiss-offs you can muster! If your stylist tries to dress you in another pirate shirt? “Oh, go take your AIDS pills!” Joy Behar got you down? Just say, “Whatsa matta, you-a? Something land in your spaghetti? Oh, what-a spicy meatball!” It’s fun, easy, and guaranteed to get the letters pouring in!

[From Defamer]

I’d never defend Elizabeth Hasselbeck, but I can’t help but wonder if she was stereotyping an entire culture with the incense comment or if she was rudely and ignorantly referring to Chopra’s liberal spiritual beliefs. I interpreted it more as a crack about New Age spirituality more than a cultural slam. I could be completely wrong, and either way it’s clear Elizabeth’s comments were incredibly ignorant, inflammatory, and meant to reduce Chopra – if not an entire culture – to simple stereotypes. She doesn’t strike me as the type to apologize, but it seems like a ridiculous, insensitive, personal slam like that sure deserves one.

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  1. Antony says:

    My Little Pony has grown fangs 😈

  2. xiaoecho says:

    I feel like telling him the same thing sometimes – no, a lot

    cosmic muffins get on my nerves

    …not defending HER though

  3. Meow says:

    Maybe she’s as sick as I am of America being blamed for every horrible event that happens in the world.

  4. RReedy says:

    I believe she was dismissing Choprah’s theory, not him personally. These terrorists wish to kill. Period. American. British. Indian. It doesn’t matter. They are stealth killers and it doesn’t matter WHO is president in the U.S. They wish our demise as a nation. These pests needs extermination.

  5. Rose says:

    But she’s absolutely spot on, that man is an idiot.

    And now I feel really dirty.

  6. KateNonymous says:

    Is it just me and Mr. Nonymous, or does Deepak Chopra completely ruin the actually quite good “I’m a PC” spots?

    No matter what Hasselbeck meant, she came up with a dumb, rude way of expressing it. But in general Chopak does make me roll my eyes because he comes off as so full of himself.

  7. drm says:

    Well at least Deepak Chopra is only lighting incense and not spouting ignorant, rightwing CRAP on television day after day. I’m not a Chopra fan but Hasselwhack makes me ill….

    And what IS she wearing in the top photo…it looks like a giant Pepto-Bismol nightmare… 😕

  8. Holly says:

    Say what you want about Chopra, but at least he never made me think that stupid people should be driven off a cliff like a cluster of bewildered lemmings.

  9. ER says:

    Does anyone else want to smack Joy Behar upside the head? That woman makes me want to claw my eyes out!

  10. SeVen says:

    Shes a twat, plain and simple. If its not Straight, White, american man she hates it and will degrade it. See what i did there? i bashed someone for their beliefs. Hold on, im going to do it again. Why dont you go find Sarah Palin , Burn some witches, hang some gays then eat your caviar and cristal.

  11. CC says:

    why this woman still has air time is beyond me.

  12. Baholicious says:

    I hope when she gets to her Hell, it involves lots and lots of curry 😈

  13. geronimo says:

    @baho – but that would be heaven. 😛

    Maybe just stuck permanently in purgatory in an isolation unit.

  14. Tess says:

    But for Chopra to put forward the idea that we should understand that the absolute barbarism against innocent people is just a method of getting Washington’s attention…

    well, that’s pretty stunning…

  15. ri23 says:

    Yawn. Old boring Hasselcrack. It’s obvious she’ll say anything to get attention.

  16. Sickitten says:

    Elizabeth, stop with the blond hair and brown eyes bit.

  17. Ron says:

    The View is spiralling into the Dimwitted Twat Hour. God that woman is vile!

  18. Kaiser says:

    She’s always been an ignorant, f-cked up c-nt. This is only the latest stupidity.

    RReedy- The Mumbai terrorists *were* targeting American, British, Israeli and Austalian citizens specifically. Chopra has pointed out that Mumbai is a diverse, multicultural city that houses and employs many westerners. What the f-ck is controversial about Chopra’s comments that got Moron McRacist’s panties in a twitch? Oh, right. Nothing. She’s just *that* stupid.

  19. Baholicious says:

    Ha ha, Geronimo, our heaven absolutely…but I suspect her Hell 😉

  20. AnnHinga says:

    Thanks to ignorant fools'(like Hasselbeck)insensitive comments,
    potential terrorists all over the world are spawning. She’s not intelligent enough to present a view.

  21. Trillion says:

    Meow, Rose, and anyone genuinely interested in learning more about what generated her comment, please read this. It’s not long: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/michelle-haimoff/my-uncensored-interview-w_b_147960.html
    You may not like what he’s got to say, but he is certainly not an idiot. Idiots don’t usually become neuro-endocrinologists. He is kind-hearted and soft-spoken. He has a wealth of knowledge about religion and American and Indian culture and I think we need to hear from him. Notice E.H. has nothing to say about the actual content of his opinion, but resorts to a snide, childish comment. I have never heard her to say anything deep or interesting nor have I heard her contribute anything valuable or thought provoking to our national discourse. Is she another one of those right wingers claiming to be a Christian? It’s strange, because when you look at Chopra’s approach, it’s similar to what you see in the New Testament. E. H., not so much. It’s a topsy turvy world, isn’t it?

  22. Feebee says:

    I didn’t see Deepak Chopra on the View but regardless of what he said, EH’s comment was another stupid, insensitive and unnecessary remark from a woman who doesn’t seem to have her social filter turned all the way on. I have heard the theory about getting Washington’s attention. By trying to identify westerners they were trying to get the world’s (read: WORLD, global, not WORLD, USA) attention but I believe it was otherwise a Indian/Pakistani issue. The consequences may however be grave for the US if Pakistan becomes embroiled on their eastern border and diverts resources from their western one. So whatever the motive they may have screwed the US regardless.

  23. meme says:

    why is this show still on the air? who watches these cackling beyotches 😡

  24. NotBlonde says:

    I don’t know a lot about Deepak Chopra but I was watching The View yesterday and totally got a “WTF? Did she just say that?” expression on my face. That was very insensitive and childish.

  25. Hmm says:

    I also read the article on HuffPo and what he said was in no way blaming the US for the attacks in Mumbai. It isn’t surprising that Hasselbeck is once again speaking about things that she doesn’t understand and the incense reference was demeaning and she should apologize. She is just so bitter about the Republican defeat that she is seething with anger over everything.

  26. Cinderella says:

    I don’t think she was stereotyping the entire culture either, just attacking him.

    She is still a twat, nonetheless.

  27. surfergirl says:

    deepak chopra is a blowhard. even larry king cut him off the other day. i think elisabeth’s reference to incense was more about his persona as a guruish spiritual touchy feely dude, and not about him as a member of any particular race.

  28. Annie says:

    I think we should respect cultural differences though.

    You may find it “new agey bs” but no one’s asking you to practice it. He is a very intelligent man and I think he should be commended for thinking about alternate routes to betterment.

    Some people find meditation relaxing. Some people find cussing out a car that cut them off relaxing.

    Whatever your cup of tea, I don’t think you should harshly judge someone in such an ignorant way. Especially if his views aren’t harming someone.

  29. Boobear says:

    The idiots that pile on Liz- when she is the counterpoint to the most ignorant women on TV, Joy and Rosie, need a clue. If you believe Joy has a grip on the state of the world- no wonder Obama was elected.

  30. Trillion says:

    ummm,,,, Boobear have you seen what E.H.’s “heroes” have done to our country?? That’s why Obama was elected. I hope he can do something positive. He’s being handed the biggest p.o.s. any incoming president has ever had to deal with.

  31. tooey says:

    I can’t stand AssCrack but Deepak Chopra is so full of crap it’s hilarious! I saw him once on Bill Maher and couldn’t believe someone could use so many freakin’ words to say absolutely nothing. And the fact that celebrities flock to him for “spiritual advice” is just priceless.

  32. Kelly says:

    I hope her kids become everything she hates.

  33. JaundiceMachine says:

    I’m trembling. I’m literally trembling with anger.

    I’ve spent some time (4 months) backpacking around India, and Hasselbeck’s blindly ignorant and hateful demeanor is how many Indians perceive Americans. Very few Americans (tourists or otherwise) bother to make the trip out to India, so it’s often forgotten or overlooked that we are a diverse and opinionated country. It’s truly bizare to see caricatures and projections of ourselves in highlight news reels and WWE.

    What happened in Colaba is a very, very serious matter. The region was targeted due to it’s access to the port, and the high volume of Westerns.

    (Anyone who has ever spent any time in Mumbai has been in the Colaba district; it’s the perfect place to organize and acclimate before one starts their Indian Adventure. I must have walked past Leopold’s Cafe about ten times a day for the two weeks we were in Mumbai – the streets are so crowded and congested that you have to rely on landmarks to navigate back to your hotel. )

    But it also impacts millions of Indians who rely on tourism to feed their families. Not to mention the psyche of the people. The entire nation is reeling from this attack – not unlike 9/11. And Hasselbeck has the nerve to tell a survivor to “light a bowl of incense”!?!

    You know Hasselbeck is the type of bitch would only go to Mumbai only on protest. She’d insist on staying at the Taj ($350 per night!) and wouldn’t leave her room except to go to high-profile Bollywood clubs ($10 a drink) and four star restaurants. (Cuz, ya know, there are dirty people living in the streets! Who might try and touch her!) And even though she’d be surrounded by a diverse cultural heritage and historical monuments, all she’d do is bitch the smell.

    Sorry if I’m ranting incoherently – I’m LIVID!!! 👿 :

  34. Annie says:

    Is he full of crap because you disagree with him?

    Or for something more valid than that?

    Because if you’re going to claim someone is “full of crap,” I hope you have legitimate reasons why.

  35. DD says:

    why does this b–tch even have a platform to voice her opinions?

  36. Shay says:

    I don’t see what the problem was with his comment. It was his opinion whether it be wrong or right. Not bad enough to elicit some of the over the top comments I’ve seen. As far as her I don’t expect much so I’m not shocked.

  37. whatevs says:

    Good lord. She needs to chill the fuck out. Or they need to stop pushing her buttons and getting her all riled up for ratings. I don’t watch the show, but it seems like every time there is any kind of clip online she’s amping out at everyone. She so reminds me of the Canadian Prime Minister guy in the South Park movie, “Can I finish?! Can I finish?!…Okay I’m finished”

  38. Judy says:

    EH is a child playing dress up. I feel sorry for her children because their mother has no brain. For some reason she seems to think that her opinions count for something? She ran her mouth about Barrack and what a loser he was and poof it got him elected lol She needs to go back to school and then stay home with her kids..she does not belong on TV for any reason at all unless it is a burger king ad like Paris made .

  39. aleach says:

    i really wish i could just slap this bitch!
    even if she doesnt agree with what some of you call “new age bs”, its important to him and a lot of people. she should have the maturity to repsect people’s beliefs, even if she disagrees. but we all know how she handles these kinds of things so we shouldnt be surprised by her ignorance anymore, huh?
    shes a brat and just cries out for attention.

  40. vdantev says:

    Hasselbitch makes me all stabby. 👿

  41. Jinxy says:

    Why is someone who was on Survivor even on TV anymore. She’s racist, in the 5% of right wing reactionaries, dear lord. I think attacking a spiritual leader with some sort of racial slur is, I hope the end of the road for this Anne Coulter wanna be.

    The next time someone calls the media left wing, please remember she’s getting a huge amount of money for being a very frightening,and ignorant person. She’s a liability. I don’t know one person who watches the View anymore and She and Sherry are the reason why.

  42. Bina says:

    I’m Pakistani but I went to college in the US and this reminds me of the time I was speaking critically of the first Gulf War, a friend sputtered, “Well, why don’t you just go back to your country?” It was only afterwards that my other friends told me she was a right-wing Republican.

  43. RaraAvis says:

    Why does anyone watch this crap? Would she even be on the tube if she didn’t match the Hollywood stereotype for looks? Switch the channel, people. It’s just like voting.

  44. Trashaddict says:

    Thank you, I take great pleasure in the fact that I DON”T watch her or the rest of the gabbers on The View. Happy, happy, happy. Except about bad things happening in Mumbai. Hate is a very tiresome and destructive thing.

  45. tina says:

    I can’t stand this betch! All she does is push people’s buttons, especially those who aren’t white, right-wing republicans. For having such a high vocabulary and being so articulate, she sure doesn’t show any intelligence when she speaks her mind.

  46. Greta says:

    I haven’t seen the View, but who hasn’t read about it? Empty-headed? Is that the right word for it?

    As for Elizabeth H., I sympathize with her on this one. He may be a very good M.D.,who knows? But as a philosopher, um, I’ll take John Locke, thank you very much.

  47. hairball says:

    JaundiceMac, thanks for sharing that.

  48. Annie says:

    Read what Chopra actually said on CNN here:


    Then it becomes obvious how insensitive and ignorant her comments are.

  49. funkybella says:

    Acutally Deepack Chopra was right on about the root cause of Terrorist and there aim to get the Americans attention. Elizabeth is stupid!! She needs to think before she opens her stupid f**king mouth! If anybody even read his artical, it is super intelligent and pretty accurage.. TRUST. HE WAS BORN IN Asian..shouldn’t he have some idea about what is going on over there?? or maybe not?? come on people.. this man is super educated and has travelled the world. People just don’t want to admit he might be right. Like Barbara W said we (USA) have been terrorist to many countries in the past. Remember we paid Bin Ladin to help us in the past.. we paid Suddam when it benifited the USA.. Did anyone not watch Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine??

    We have NUCLEAR WEAPONS.. why is the USA the only ones allowed to have them?? THE USA does not rule the world!

    Elizabeth’s comments were ignorant and racist ( even if she din’t realize it) and I bet she will get tons of hate mail and also that she will be suspended or have to apologize. DR. Deepak Chopra is one of the most recognized spiritual leaders in the world.

    Oh yeah and Larry King cut him off because he was scared of what his advertisers would do to him..please gimme a break. I used to stick up for Elizabeth when Rosie was giving her a hard time ( even though I never agree with her ) and now I can’t even watch the show.

    She is the blond Sarah Palin.. UGH

  50. funkybella says:

    Oops I was super mad and didn’t have time to Spellcheck. please forgive my thousands of typo’s…LOLOL but you get the picture.

  51. Twigs says:

    I cannot believe she would say that. She is just the most UNINTELLIGENT person I have ever come across. So politically incorrect and just not aware of other cultures and beliefs.

  52. munch says:

    As hateful as this woman is, she will continue to be employed on television and in print because she generates an enormous amount of anger among the general public. As RaraAvis said, it’s just like voting – if you don’t watch, don’t react, don’t give a f*ck, she will no longer have a platform as no-one employs a has-been who doesn’t create a stir. While we give her the oxygen of public outrage she will be given the means to outrage us.

    If we ignore her, and Paris Motel6, and Anorexia Beckham, maybe they’ll go away.

  53. Whitey Fisk says:

    Trillion said: “Notice E.H. has nothing to say about the actual content of his opinion, but resorts to a snide, childish comment.” Nice point.

    I can’t bear to watch the show, but it appears she’s big on the stereotypes – which is funny, because she’s a walking caricature.

  54. Lauri says:

    “Idiots don’t usually become neuro-endocrinologists”

    Not usually, but it is entirely possible. After working with hundreds of doctors over the years (I work for a teaching hospital), I can promise you that there are PLENTY of idiots in the field. Endocrinology and Neurology are actually both considered to be easier specialties. A med student who can’t get a residency in Internal Medicine will often settle for a neuro residency because that’s the best they can do (better than family medicine, surely, but only just). As for Endocrinology, of the 10 subspecialities of Internal Medicine, it is considered one of the easiest, and therefore the lower performers gravitate toward it. The high performers always go for cardiology, gastroenterology and sometimes pulmonary medicine.

    Don’t be impressed by a fancy title. It often doesn’t mean as much as you think it does.

  55. kate says:

    the terorrists who did this horrible thing were looking at people’s passports in the taj. they were taking americans and british as hostages, so i’d say those two nationalities were indeed being singled out, even though many indians were also killed. hasselbeck is just ignorant, and her incense remark was thoughtless. she should apologize like an adult and move on.

  56. rebelrouser says:

    The republican party is in trouble because they can no longer defend their views. From their core they are group-thinkers, racist, selfish and hatemongers. EH is a cartoon character of the right winger. It amazes me that she and Sarah Palin are so popular! I really think when trying to be “fair & balanced” it’s difficult to find an intelligent person to represent the right, unless you get the mean people like Rush and Coulter. I challenge The View to replace EH with someone worthy of our attention. Like maybe Peggy Noonan? And as for Elisabeth, she probably has a future in the GOP or Fox News.

  57. MacWilly says:

    Elisabeth DID apologize for her statement today on the View with a very noncommital; “Sorry if I offended…”

    The sad part is that it had to be pointed out to her that her comments were inappropriate and devisive on a few levels.

    I find it sad as Chopra, much like Joseph Campbell, tend to give a respect to most valid spiritual entities that speak of peace. It is when extremism in any religion may become ugly. The “Us Vs. Them” syndrome is angry and dangerous and very devisive. That is why Elisabeth’s thinly veiled prejudism seems so ignorant.

    BTW, Deepak is very nice. I’ve spoken to him a few times. Funny though, we never talked religion… :mrgreen:

  58. Tina says:

    Let’s all chip in and buy Joy Behar a machete to keep next to her on the show. 😈

  59. Lee Bradley says:

    When Deepak Chopra messed up Mike Myers career by inspiring The Love Guru that was it for him with me. Now the world will never get to see Austin Powers4!

  60. diana stewart says:

    EH should not be allowed to speak but since she is, I guess we will have to deal with her stupidity if we want to watch the rest of the panelists on The View. WHY she is still on is beyond me. She doesn’t provide balance at all, she just sticks out looking stupid almost daily. Always has that stupid look on her face waiting to pounce! Yesterday she must have had a lot of lotion to rub into her hands since she was constantly wiping her hands together.
    I think the others on the show look like they are tired of her and now just let her get her whiny comment out. Get her off and the show will improve. I am sure The View can find an intelligent conservative to replace EH. Poor Whoopi is now cutting her off to get the show away from her nonsense and on to what the show used to be about. I hate to tell you EH but the show is not about you no matter how hard you try to shove your narrow vision into any conversation. WHAT THE HELL…. is EH doing on tv? Is the show doing it for ratings? I hope not.
    That show should be above doing things like that for ratings.

  61. Joel says:

    I hope MORE people like Elizabeth will speak up instead of trying to please every liberal-minded quack. People need to learn to get over themselves. Go smoke a bowl of incense. And, oh yeah, I’m a registered democrat who LOVES Sarah Palin. 😈

  62. Serendipity says:

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s idol is Sarah Palin. Need I say anymore? Just ignore her and even better would be to avoid watching The View.

  63. Julia says:

    I could count on one hand the number of times I have seen even a snippet of The View in the past year. However, calling Elizabeth Hasselbeck a “bitch who needs to keep her opinions to herself” is absolutely ridiculous. Why not tell Joy, Whoopie, Barbara, Rosie and anyone else whose opinion you happen to agree with the same thing? The show IS, after all, called The VIEW, so just because someone doesn’t agree with YOUR view doesn’t mean their view should not be expressed. Personally I am beyond sick of the self-righteous Hollywood Elite being considered the authority on ANYthing political, but people are still entitled to their opinions, whether you choose to agree with them or not. I do not happen to agree with the majority of what the Democratic Party stands for, however I am not whining about Obama being elected or about the loud-mouthed Celebrity Dem supporters I endured on every talk show I saw them on for the duration of the election. Obama will be my president and I will keep an open mind and hope for the best for this country. I am weary of hearing how “offended” people are by the things that have made this great country what it is – a democracy where everyone has free speech, whether you have the maturity to listen to all points of view or not.

  64. Aspen says:

    Quote: “From their core they are group-thinkers, racist, selfish and hatemongers.”

    Really? Well, I can defend my core values rationally and without any veins on my neck popping out…and without raising my voice.

    I can do it without cursing, and I can do it without calling the person I’m in disagreement with any names or making any personal attacks.

    Can you?

    I doubt that seriously.

    Generalizing about half your countrymen with such abusive language says more about your intolerance than it does about ours.

  65. Codzilla says:

    Aspen: You’re absolutely right. I’m a registered Independent who voted for Obama, but I often find myself shaking my head in disbelief at how nasty some Democrats, the so called “open minded” ones, act toward anyone who doesn’t share their world view. It just proves that there is plenty of intolerance on BOTH sides of the fence, and those who claim to be enlightened can be as blind and mean-spirited as the people they hate.

  66. looloo says:

    After reading the above comments I think if we all spoke with just a small degree of forgiveness in our hearts the world’s maddening barbarism would be inversely lessened by that much. It is my belief that although there are many divisions among us humans, we are, all of us, part of a greater collective and our words can have a farther and wider reaching effect than we can imagine.

  67. Linda says:

    The view has always been representative of the views of women at different stages of their lives. That air-head is not a good example of her age group. We should feel sorry for her because when and if she matures she will watch the old shows and be appalled at how she acted..I don’t watch the view anymore because Elisabeth ruins it for me. I don’t know how Rosie put up with her as long as she did!! Grow up or shut up Elisabeth!

  68. Brent says:

    She(E.H.) preaches intolerance as if a little intolerance is ok.
    She can never resort to simple I don’t know she has an opinion about everything and knows next to nothing. She is ignorant and does not think of the impact of what she says has on so many minorities.
    I have tried to tell myself that I don’t HATE her but God forgive me; She is dangerous regardless of the packaging. Yes, I believe she was culturally dismissive and again revealed her TRUE character.

  69. JandJ says:

    Hasselbeck, a beautiful Christian lady, simply dislikes Chopra’s new age occult garbage & his anti-American ways, like myself. Hypocrite Chopra endlessly bashes, with intolerant hatred, true Christianity & literal believers of the Bible. It’s all over the Web. Chopra is a dangerous occultist (strictly in the Bible–Deut 18), a snake oil salesman, & a destroyer of the Judeo-Christian culture of the West)

  70. qb says:

    elizabeth should go read a bible , does she haves enough time to talk and tea bag bush , mccain and paling? opps did I just made fun of her beliefs , too bad people don’t need a license to talk . She is so ignorant , I feel bad for all the smart republicans that unfortunately get represented by ignorants like her , Palin and Bush

  71. Hi presently there, I found your weblog via Google and your post looks very interesting for me personally.

  72. I shouldn’t think Chopra batted an eyelid at this flippant remark. Hardly offensive to one so spiritually advanced……..or not!

  73. Bev says:

    I just hope i’ll be in a different spot than EH when I die. If I wound up in her so-called “Heaven” and was stuck to the likes of her for eternity…I believe that place would be called “Hell”. She’s just a little brat that needs to grow up…maybe for now just give her a lollipop to keep her obnoxious mouth busy

  74. Deshawn Hersh says:

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