Leonardo DiCaprio thinks Orlando Bloom is lame

Leonardo DiCaprio is said to have no respect for the way Orland Bloom is handling his career. DiCaprio supposedly sneers at Bloom’s attempt to capitalize on his heartthrob status by taking roles as hot studs in all his latest films.

DiCaprio stepped away from his image as a screen idol after Titanic and stuck to more meaty roles that earned him a Golden Globe and two Oscar nominations.

Bloom is content to stick to what works and is earning big box office revenue which may be making DiCaprio kind of jealous:

Although Orlando has struck gold with the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, insiders say he hasn’t won any respect from Leo. “[After Titanic] Leo turned his back on trying to be marketed as eye candy, and he doesn’t hold a lot of love for actorswho go that route,” a friend of Leo tells Star. Leo, who’s currently starring in the politically loaded thriller Blood Diamond,, “thinks that if someone like Orlando landed his… role, [producers] would have had him unclothed and rolling around in bed in about five seconds,” the friend laughs. “Because Orlando’s movies have made triple what Leo’s movies have made, Leo can’t figure out why Orlando won’t stand up for himself and demad more serious movies.” Adds the friend: “Leo wants to leave a bigger mark on the world than just some guy whose picture hangs on a 13-year-old girl’s wall.”

[Star magazine print edition, January 1, 2007]

Orlando doesn’t demand serious movies because he’s making a mint capilatilizing on his sex appeal. It sounds like Leonardo is pissed that he’s no longer seen as a young hottie like Orlando. He may have chosen a career of serious films, but he probably misses girls drooling over him like they once did.

Star scan [via]

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  1. phyllis says:

    Comeon, Leo won’t be jealous of Orlando Bloom. Leo can act better, and plus he LOOKS better than Orlando, who just pisses me off. He looks so gay.

  2. Randi says:

    Lol. Big words from a guy who got his big break on a bad TV sitcom. Better to sit on your fat ass like he did after Titanic. I’ve never gotten Decaprio’s appeal. Bloom tried to expand in Elizabethtown. Didn’t work out so he’s regrouping. He or more likely his agent is just being smart.

  3. Mr. T says:

    I really doubt Leonardo said anything as such. It’s media hype.

  4. AC says:

    i think his tone is being misinterpreted. He probably doesn’t respect or agree with his choices of movie roles… not that he HATEs him… and spends time thinking about it. Leo was a heartthrob sure but he grew out of it. and he was also a heart throb while playing meaty roles….like romeo in romeo and juliet. im not a HUGE leo fan but … he’s done good work.

  5. FF says:

    This is such a weird article. I mean, if they pair in question were best buds or had related friends I might care – but they’ve got to be the two actors in the world I could care less about – and yes, that’s after Affleck (who only gets ahead of those two because he was nearly Mr Lopez).

    Seriously, who cares? Call a deathmatch and hopefully they can take each other out simultaneously. Two birds with one stone. Everybody wins.

  6. Rose says:

    This is media crap making up stories!~! Why on earth would Leo be jealous of Orlando Bloom? Leo been offered many scripts, he can chose what he wants..he can go the same path as Orlando if he wants, but choses not to..Leo is a very private person, and Orlando and Leo get along quite well.

  7. holland says:

    im with leo on this one.

  8. Shannon says:

    Leo may not be happy with box office sales,but I in no way can think that he’s jealous of Orlando.Orlando may be younger than Leo but he’s definately not hotter.I’d take Leo anyday over Orlando.

  9. luigi says:

    I think Orlando is sticking with his heart-throb roles because then people won’t notice that he can’t act.

  10. Whatever says:

    I’d still “f” both of ’em.

  11. Apres Ski says:

    All Leo has to do is get cast in one of those roles that would normally go to Orlando & he’ll be rolling in hot & cold girls in a heartbeat!

    I think Leo thinks Orlando should be looking out after his future. So when his overblown ego gets to big & starts to sag, he’ll have some skills still hanging around . . . that aren’t down below his knees!!


  12. Rachael says:

    Leonardo diCapria has proved that he can act, Orlando has to prove it yet. But i don´t believe that Leo hates him, that´s bullshit he has a great career

  13. Amityvillain says:

    I just love how “Leo wants to leave a bigger mark on the world than just some guy whose picture hangs on a 13-year-old girl’s wall.”
    And what mark would that be? Besides a nice stain?
    Get real…he’s an actor. Entertainers are here to make entertainment, not marks on the world. If he wants to make a mark, besides a nice little stain, I suggest he quit acting, give away his money so he can live like 95% of the rest of the population and understand what it’s like to live in this day and age, and go into politics.

  14. cypress says:

    Leo was lucky to catch a young man handsome lead in one movie. Out of that one role .. he has matured to look almost as ugly and deformed, with a sour expression as Sean Penn, so he should shut up and continue to search for monster/creepy/ugly characters to play. Case closed.

  15. Randi says:

    An Intelligent Woman | 12.27.06 – 7:41 pm | #

    Well yes, you are correct. 🙂

  16. Madison says:

    I’m going to agree with Amityvillain on this.

  17. Sardonicon says:

    Orlando isn’t taking meatier roles because he can’t act! Good God, the guy has no talent. I think Leo’s making a decent living for himself. If he’s jealous of Orlando’s bankroll he should go jump off a cliff. Maybe Leo needs a reality check.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Last thing i read about Orlando was he was single and Dicaprio is always with a new girl, bloom is in it for the teenage dick i guess

  19. char says:

    leo had been ‘frozen’ once before he’s recent movie. i cant think of anyone whom i know who likes him. i think he’s just plain jealous. he’s not that deep for you people to infer any other reasons.

  20. Mary Ellen says:

    ok I totally agree with Leo. Why would a person want to just be seen as a piece of meat. Orlando should take roles that make him look more like a serious actor. There is no way Leo is “pissed” because he is no longer seen as a heart throb. Leo wanted to give up acting all together after Titanic because people only saw him as a hot young guy. As an actor myself,I agree with what Leo is saying and if i was in Orlando’s shoes a would take more serious roles.

  21. sam says:

    well leo shouldnt have any fear, bc i for sure still drool over him. even when hes doing the more serious roles. but i think this is bullshit. leo wouldnt say something like that, it came out of no where.

  22. anonymous says:

    Well, I like both Orlando Bloom and Leonardo DiCaprio (especially when he was younger), but I so do NOT agree with him! The only Leo movie I’ve ever seen was part of the Titanic, while I’ve seen all 3 POTC in which Orlando was one of the main characters. The media does invent things often, but there must be some truth in this, I think. I understand (just a little) why guys (Leo, Johnny Depp, etc) don’t really want to go for the heartthrob hunk thing. Too material for some of them or something. So final thing: I totally disagree with Leonardo. The movies Orlando has made are way better than Leo’s (except for Titanic, which was awesome). The Departed? Blood Diamond? Strictly 16+ or unleast 14+. Not a HUGE fan of Leo’s anymore, but I love his pics from when he was younger & him in Titanic. I loved Orlando’s pics when he was younger & totally love him now. They’re both in their 30’s, but lets admit it, Orly looks better. (Trying hard not to say way. 😉 I’m done now. xD


  23. anonymous says:

    erpp the 😉 was an accident, it’s supposed to say (Trying hard not to say “looks way better”)


  24. anonymous says:

    Quote: Hate’em both… they can go out and get real jobs like the rest of us.

    You’re kidding, right? If you’re not, I feel sorry. You really need a reality check, though it just sounds like you’re jealous. And what’s your job? How many people have actually heard of you? It’s much harder to become an actor than to get a job at Tim Hortons. 🙂 Plus, you spelled anonymous wrong. Sheesh.

    (WARNING: Just my opinion, all of this. Don’t go all bitchy, please.)



    ORLANDO ORLANDO ORLANDO!!!!! So what if Orlando doesn’t go serious. Let’s leo Titanic yeah one good movie which i think sucked ass. Orlando Lord of the Rings playing Legolas, which was a serious charater and Pirates of the Caribbean and yes Will is the more serious one in that movie as while. Leo needs get over the fact that he is getting old and FAT and stop worrying about Orlando’s career look at his own became, that Blood diamond movie had a movie expert saying leo couldn’t keep up the acsent. Orlando is so sexy so what that’s not really his falt and just because girls like him get over it. ANd for the people who says Orlando can’t act: Johnny Depp has said that he can, and of course all the LORD OF THE RINGS said he can Eric Bana saids he can and more say he is a very hard working actor. So Leo just needs to south (deep south) if u get that. ORLANDO ORLANDO ORLANDO ORLANDO ORLANDO!!!!! ORLANDO BLOOM #1 🙂

    Then again it could be media hyp

  26. Indian Girl says:

    Orlando is Da Bomb!!!!!He can be my piece of meat any day.

  27. fatma says:

    about the whole yhing about leonardo saying that Bloom is lame is a mediocroty.i love leonardo very much and i am also a huge fan of Orlando Bloom. if it is true than i am in leo’s side.people! he is tying to save our enviroment and us from global warming. GO LEO!!!!!!!