Tom Hardy is furry, smokey for Blag Mag: incredibly sexy or not so much?

Let’s not pretend I’m covering this for purely scientific reasons or anything. This is just a post devoted to looking at new, beautiful, fur-covered photos of Tom Hardy. It’s just a bonus that Tom is seen here with Noomi Rapace, one of my favorite girls. Tom and Noomi interviewed each other for the “20th anniversary issue” of Blag Magazine. Incidentally, I didn’t know what “blag” meant – it’s a slang word popular in the UK, from what I can see, meaning “to convince by rhetoric; to gain acceptance or approval through persuasive banter or conversation; trickery; keenly persuasive” according to the Urban Dictionary. Basically, a blagger would be someone who was good at bullsh-tting. So, it’s kind of a clever name for a magazine I guess.

Anyway, Tom is promoting Lawless, but there’s only one released quote from the interview thus far. Tom says:

“I want to dispel that it’s all about celebrity-ism, I’m f–king bored of people looking at whose shoes are interesting and what hat is interesting. Storytelling is very important to people, it comforts them, unites us, cheers us up, we can affect change with these arts. We need to be entertained to connect…”

[Via Blag Magazine]

Interesting. Is it wrong of me to not really care what Tom has to say about “issues” and “art” and such? I don’t have a problem with him speaking, but if he speaks, he needs to be talking dirty and/or telling me that he loves me. Other than that, I can just make do with staring at his beautiful face and trying to imagine his beard tickling my thighs. As for the photo shoot… it’s kind of beautiful and weird and I love the whole “smoking in the bubbles” thing. I’m super-jealous of Noomi. I hope they got along – how could they not?

Here’s a short, behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot. It’s worth watching just to hear Tom say “my sh-t eating grin”.

Photos courtesy of Blag.

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49 Responses to “Tom Hardy is furry, smokey for Blag Mag: incredibly sexy or not so much?”

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  1. cmc says:

    Incredibly sexy! I would date that guy. I don’t know about paying to watch that guy on the big screen, but cuddling up to that glorious furry beard? Yes.

  2. GiGi says:

    I have the same problem with Tom that I have with Carmen Electra or Chris Pine. I know them, but I don’t feel like I could pick them out of a line up. I can never match the face with the name for some reason. Maybe it’s the beard here, but he looks kind of nondescript to me.

  3. Cookie says:

    Oh god, I would do naughty things to that man. He can have his way with me any time haha.

  4. sara says:

    These are stupid pictures. I also can’t look at his teeth.

  5. CarrieUK says:

    I’d get in that bath with both of them!

  6. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    I wouldn’t have looked twice at a Tom Hardy post until I caught Wuthering Heights last week. Sighs and ugly cries! Lovely!

    And what a giggle that temple/eyebrow-shaving photo is.

  7. Vee says:

    Pics are different, fun.

    He does nothing for me though he was fantastic in Wurthering Heights.

  8. Nanz says:

    Love this photo shoot!

  9. LeslieM says:

    Cutie, cute, cute. He could trim that beard a little but what a smile and those twinklly eyes!

  10. LeeLoo says:

    A beard makes anyone look sexy. Add a British or Irish accent and you have a glorious level of sexy.

  11. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    Just rewatched Tinker Tailor last week & Hardy is just such a beautiful young man with the most gorgeous lips–WHY cover it up with that Crazy Mountain Man Unabomber beard???? Hate it.

    BTW Tinker Tailor is a real cornucopia of fab eye candy and acting talent for girls of all ages to enjoy –Hardy AND Cumby, not to mention Colin Firth and King God Gary Oldman.

    And Ciaran Hind and John Hurt — they are what every young actor should aspire to be.

  12. ella says:

    I HATE that beard and I hate the fact that I would’ve given my right hand for these photos had he posed in a bath tub without said beard. I hate you Tom. No, I love you. But I still hate you. But please marry me.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      YES. This schizophrenic post most closely reflects how I feel about Tom.
      GET RID OF THE BEARD (!) or keep it if you absolutely MUST, but please just DO me already.

  13. Lila says:

    I was feeling him in Inception. The furry, homeless look isn’t doing it for me.

  14. lilred says:

    Just saw him in Lawless,where he sports a bit of scruff I like that much better than the full on beard.

  15. Jenna says:

    Oh Tom…Tom, Tom, Tom. The things you do to me. You beautiful, bitch, you!!! I’d like to tap that frontways, sideways, backways, and diagonally all night and day. Please and thank you.

  16. Stacie says:

    I totally agree I don’t mind Tom speaking but only if it’s sexy dirty hot to me.Even though sometimes he seems a little stand offish , no matter. I still Love him . 🙂

  17. lily says:

    Eh Tom Hardy with beard isn’t doing for me. I like him more in Inception, suave and sexy!!!

  18. Iggles says:

    I like men with beards (I was trying to get my bf to grow one, but he had to shave it for work). However Tom has a fug beard! It looks unkempt and reminds me of a bird’s nest!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I like beards too but not like this. I like 5 o’clock shadow or trimmed beard not this Grizzly Adams sh*t.

  19. mel says:

    I hate beards so I’m not feeling it…but he does look like a lot of fun! I wouldn’t know him if he walked up and said hi…I’m kind of oblivious towards him.

  20. Stephanie says:

    I would hit it like a house on fire.

  21. Stephanie says:

    He can keep the beard if it’s the only thing he’s wearing!! Lol

  22. mila says:

    They both look so cute.

  23. natalina says:

    Hot not with the fur tho and its not fair guys can make wrinkly faces and still be hot

  24. bns says:

    Finally, 2 interesting actors that aren’t overexposed.

    Tom, if you’re reading this, you look so much hotter without the beard.

  25. Moi says:

    Oy Tom Hardy is quickly becoming my favorite. Not only is he sexy as hell, he is a fantastic actor. Also, that voice and accent…..Yummmm

  26. Dannie says:

    Two of my fave actors!! Cool pictures!

  27. HulaHoop says:

    Can’t get past the teeth and the hipster beard so no thanks.

  28. ds says:

    First saw him as Heathcliff… he was sooo good. And hot

  29. Saw “Lawless” yesterday and my Hardy crush got even bigger. HE IS JUST SO FREAKING SEXY.

    And a really great performance by him as well, he’s such a good actor.

  30. Deven says:


  31. Rose says:

    Noomi & Tom are so natural together…they seem like they’re old friends. Have they acted together? Because I’d love to see that.

    I also like that this photo shoot is casual and cool. We see so many photo shoots that are all glammed up with bad styling and lighting.

    I realize it now…they’re both awesome rogue badasses

  32. Issa says:

    Think he looks like a young Castro in those shots 🙂 Fun photo shot. I want to see them in a movie together!

  33. ramie says:

    Who and who?? He looks like a skeevy lumberjack & she looks frumpy. Time to disinfect the bathtub.

  34. stinky says:

    all i see is a bum w/ sardine juice in his beard, trying to kiss me. im sorry.

  35. Chimchimsmom says:

    He gets me all twitterpated because he has lovely eyes and looks like he has a great sense of humor. Beards are so fug though… it’s like kissing a hairbrush.

  36. Mouse says:

    He’s adorable! I’m not usually a fan of face fur, but he makes it look dang sexay.

  37. Lara says:

    The coolest couple ever!I am watching Lawless this weekend. The cast looks great, and Tom Hardy…man, I have no comments. He is one gorgeous human being! God Bless him! Noomi is awesome, love her.

  38. Marta says:

    He is BEST & HOT in the ViRIGIN QUEEN as Bobby (Sir Robert Dudley) and I will not forget him ever:

  39. Ella says:

    I’m not buying the unruly hipster beard trend. Also, I’m pretty tired of celebrities like Hardy, Shia LeBeouf, Daniel Craig and Jeremy Renner publicly slagging off the industry that pays them in expletive-ridden interviews to prove that they’re big tough men who are not like everybody else in Hollywood. I mean, we get it – none of them would EVER condescend to do a movie like ‘This Means War,’ ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon,’ Cowboys and Aliens,’ or the highly anticipated ‘Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.’ I’m just sick of the macho posturing. They’re all solid actors, but pretending they’re above Hollywood while posing for GQ and accepting massive paychecks for play-acting is hypocritical.

  40. lulu says:

    sexy sexy, I mean come on! he is always sexy even with the fug beard