Kate Hudson wears Gucci, Versace in Venice: the best she’s looked in years?

Fine, I’ll say it – this is the best Kate Hudson has looked in YEARS. The hair is good, the makeup is good (kind of heavy, but still), her body looks amazing and her styling is interesting. Yes, Kate Hudson is winning me over in these new photos from the Venice Film Festival photo call and premiere of The Reluctant Fundamentalist. Kate wore a seemingly oversized Gucci suit in off-white for the photo call – I’m not crazy about the jacket as a suit-jacket (although I could dig it as a regular jacket over jeans, kind of like a snazzy peacoat), nor do I like the length of the pants. But overall, she was kind of working the outfit. Then for the red carpet premiere of the film, Kate wore this peachy-beige Atelier Versace gown from the Fall 2012 collection. The look is straight off the runway – and I have to say, Kate worked it better than the model on the runway. Kate also brought her man, her baby-daddy, Matt Bellamy. I hate his sunglasses.

Meanwhile, did you know that Kate Hudson is going to be all over your favorite high-school-musical show, Glee? She’s going to be in six episodes this fall, and according to Us Weekly, Kate does not care for Lea Michele’s diva ‘tude.

Filming with Lea Michele hasn’t brought Kate Hudson any Glee. Midway though her six-episode arc as a dance teacher to Michele’s character on the Fox hit, Hudson has found her costar “a total diva,” an insider tells Us Weekly.

“Kate says Lea is a nightmare. Once during a technical delay, Lea snapped her fingers and said, ‘Let’s go, I have plans!’” Between takes, Hudson hangs out with the whole cast – except Michele.

Counters Michele’s rep, “Lea has had a great time working with Kate.”

Adds the source, “Kate’s keeping her distance.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

At this point, stories about Lea Michele being a diva are a dime a dozen. Part of me thinks that people just expect her to be a diva and so when she does anything slightly self-absorbed, everyone is like, “YES, I knew it! DIVA.” The other part of me thinks Lea is a narcissistic troll doll who would hiss and spit on her own mother for the chance to become one of Harvey Weinstein’s girls. Diva!

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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49 Responses to “Kate Hudson wears Gucci, Versace in Venice: the best she’s looked in years?”

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  1. LeslieM says:


    • ugh says:

      Gross. Flap those ears Dumbo, and fly away. Her dude looks more like a woman than she. Also, how can a skinny woman have back fat?

  2. bros says:

    she dropped a ton of weight in the last couple months. she looks a little too thin to me.

  3. Alti says:

    answer: yes.

  4. That dress is stunning. It reminds me of that amazing-gorgeous gold one she wore to the Oscars one year.
    Ms Hudson is definitely not my favourite actress, but she has a slamming body and beautiful skin. And she knows how to dress for her shape.

  5. Cookie says:

    Gorgeous! Gorgeous makeup. Gorgeous hair. Gorgeous dress. Love the look.

  6. samira25 says:

    There’s some pictures of them on set the last few weeks. I doubt if Kate hated her, she would take the time to take personal photos with Michelle. Kate does look great in these photos. I hate the length of the pants.

  7. ds says:

    why is she screaming? looks good though the photos annoy me

  8. Nessa says:

    She looks amazing.

  9. Khara says:

    The red carpet appearance with her boyfriend (please loose those awful sunglasses!!!) is the best she has looked in a long time, goldstars for the dress, it looks fantastic!
    The white suit on the other hand is no good! Everything’s too long and sort of ill fitting, and suddenly her hair also looks too long and boring…is it hers or extensions?

  10. Joanna says:

    She looks great. I like that she’s one of the few actresses who leave their itty-bitties alone and don’t get implants.

    • autumndaze says:

      Too late. She got tiny implants at the end of her time with ARod. At least they are tasteful.

      • Jules says:

        It was never confirmed, and those are too small to be fake.

      • Amy says:

        If she did get implants (and I thought it looked like she did get a modestly sized set), then it looks like she’s had them removed. This looks like the chest she was rocking before the implants rumors started circulating.

        She looks gorgeous in the gown. Truly.

  11. Louise says:

    The bikini marks in the fourth pictures are ruining the look for me

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      What to do though, louise?

      I dunno, I have tan lines most of the time. I try self tanner on the white bits, but I get too dark for the tanner to match.

      Nothing I can do. I like being outside and I have olive skin. That equals mucho tan and lines.

      • Louise says:

        Put another dress where we can’t see them, maybe ? I always find these kind of lines gross and it ruins everything

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Gross? A tan line?

        Tacky if you are a bride and they are super obvious, but I can barely tell on Kate, she is so fair.

        I’ll be wearing a tank today, God forbid a tan line or bra strap peeks out! ;)

  12. Amy says:

    She looks amazing! That dress is really beautiful and I love her hair and makeup.
    Btw. isn’t Michael Fassbender going to be at the Venice Film Festival? He is a part of the Your Film Festival jury. I hope he is going to be there, I really need some new Fassy pictures…

  13. bea says:

    She knows what colors look good on her – and that dress is one of them. I think she always dresses well – even in pap pics, she’s always pulled together. She spends some $ on her hair and it looks fanfreakingtastic! Plus, as stated above, she does have a slammin’ bod and great skin.

  14. Isa says:

    Remember when everyone was satig she got breast implants? It doesn’t look like she did to me.

  15. Sue says:

    Very pretty!

  16. Barrett says:

    Looks very pretty. Hair extensions in the last photos w blazer. She doesn’t have a thick head of hair in real life. I remember in bride wars they gave her a Kim Zolnick from RHWOA weave to keep up with Anne Hathaway’s luscious locks!

  17. snappyfish says:

    she looks gorgeous.

  18. Maritza says:

    What a spectacular dress, she looks fabulous!

  19. lucy2 says:

    She does look really good. Still bugs me though, and I think she has one of the worst Hollywood resumes out there. Can’t pick a decent movie to save her life.

    Those glasses make her boyfriend look like an idiot.

  20. Nibbi says:

    she does look amazing. positively ‘statuesque’ in the first shot. the dude looks really geeky and proud to have such a babe on his arm, which makes it cute.

    she looks a lot like her mom in the shots with the jacket.

  21. Nibbi says:

    also, i wish i could take hollywood posture lessons or something. i’m struck here by her straight up-and-down as i always am with pics of angelina… i try to remember to stand up straight, but i doubt i ever manage to look like these women.

    • Jayna says:

      She’s always had amazing posture and has a lithe figure. It’s what makes her look amazing when she walks across a stage to present or accept an award.
      She probably studied dance when she was younger.

      Matt Bellamy is truly brilliant musically, straight-up. He composes music, writes lyrics and melodies, sings, keyboardist, great guitarist.

  22. Aria says:

    She never got breast implants. SHe was pregnant that it’s why her boobs looked a little bit bigger.

    Anyway, she looks really pretty. Nude colours suits her.

  23. Jayna says:

    And she knows how to achieve the perfect light tan/soft suntan glow to her skin. Jennifer Anniston please call Kate immediately to get help with your tanorexia. This is how it’s done.

  24. Shelly says:

    I’ve always loved Kate’s style. She is beautiful.

  25. bns says:

    This is the best she’s ever looked, IMO. She’s glowing and she looks so effortlessly stylish.

  26. KellyinSeattle says:

    Lovely; she reminds me so much of her mom. Love Goldie, too. Love Goldie more, Kate, not as much.

  27. Reece says:

    Gorgeous! All of it. That looks like late afternoon early evening light,I’m guessing it’ll prob be night when they come out so I don’t think the makeup is too much.

  28. april says:

    both are beautiful and look great on her.

  29. Jaxx says:

    Gorgeous. But do her ears stand straight out from her head?

    And the boob job rumors were obviously false. Nary a boob in sight.

  30. Vesper says:

    Love both outfits (although not the length of the pants). She does look stunning, but her elbows are nasty.

  31. bgirl says:

    STUNNING. I wish I looked like this!

  32. Trashaddict says:

    Gorgeous. OK. Botoxed to the hilt, the top pics she’s not moving her forehead. Same color blond as everybody. Same plastic surgery face and body.
    She’s managing to smile in some pics but her eyes don’t look happy. What went wrong here?

  33. Kosmos says:

    She looks fab in the dress, definitely beautiful and better than I’ve seen her in a while; however, the white pants were not hemmed and they are way too long and it ruins the look a bit. I’ve never understood why she had her first child right away at such a young age, then divorced her husband, then ran around a bit, then had another child with this man. Oh…and let us not forget she was with Alex Rodriguez.