Lady Gaga poses for Terry Richardson, jokes about crackie Lindsay Lohan

These are some new photos of Lady Gaga done by photographer Terry Richardson. I don’t know why that surprises people, that Gaga and Uncle Terry are tight – he’s photographed her for years, and he even acted as “tour photographer” for about a month during the first part of Gaga’s current tour, and from the looks of these photos, he’s back on tour with her. Reason why I believe these photos are current: Gaga’s little dog, Fozzi Bear. Anyway, in the photos you can see Gaga posing with Fozzi, sucking down oxygen in between stage set-ups for her show, giving Terry the finger, declaring that “Turbans are the new Jesus” and being very Gaga-ish in general.

Meanwhile, do you remember how Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan are BFFs after they had some kind of weird (coke-soaked?) party at the Chateau Marmont earlier this summer? Well, after Lindsay tweeted those photos of “her” jewelry over the weekend, Lady Gaga tweeted back, “@lindsaylohan ummmm are those my earrings??? this is awkward…:) kiss kiss chateau bunny.” Which is funny because A) Lindsay is a Crack Monster who steals everything that isn’t nailed down, so YES, those probably are Gaga’s earrings and B) Love the reference to the Chateau Marmont, because Lindsay got kicked out the Marmont for being too crackie to pay her bills. I checked Gaga’s Twitter last night – she had deleted the tweet! Hahahaha.

Photos courtesy of Terry’s Diary.

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  1. Aud says:

    I can’t stand this photographer and the shit he thinks is art.
    Gaga looks skanky and cheap.

    • Liv says:

      Yeah, the most outrageous part is that he actually thinks he’s doing art! Seriously, he’s just doing porn.

      • Really? says:

        Yes, hard to say otherwise, given that first shot, extremely pornographic, even if she does have a second skin on. I used to tolerate her (barely) before, but this is too much. It’s not even trashtastic. It’s just trash. All of it. Even the Z-list art mockery that follows. I’m starting to really hate her and hope and pray my 13 year olds continue to hate her as well.

        She’s no better than Lohan. Lohan’s high on drugs, Gaga’s high on herself.

      • Really? says:

        …in that first pic, even the dog has to look away.

      • lucy2 says:

        LOL about the dog looking away. He’s probably thinking “what did I do to deserve this BS?”

      • TheOriginalKitten says:


    • Lm says:

      Well said!

    • yuck says:

      Yuck. GaGa is Gag-gag! I cannot stand her pretensions. The “photographer” is not creative and he consistently makes his “subjects” look cheap.

    • I say says:

      Gaga looks like an ugly man in drag in these pics.

  2. RN says:

    Ah, the standard fallback pose of the overwhelmingly untalented – holding up the middle finger.

  3. Overrated says:

    Dirty skank.

  4. Joanna says:

    gaga=lohan. they could pass for sisters.

    p.s. i was so wondering what lady gaga looked like when she was getting done doggy-style. thanks..not..

  5. Shitler says:

    Gaga’s sort of vulgar

  6. tru tru says:

    that tweet to McCracken Lohan was hilarious!!!

    I don’t really care to much for this photographer.

  7. Ha! Good on her for calling Blohan on her sticky fingers! Everyone always delete the best tweets, dammit! They’re so scared of stepping on other people’s toes… I just want someone to finally publicly call the Cracken on her crap!

  8. Tifygodess24 says:

    Gaga annoys the sh*t out of me and I hate her fake act … Monsters blah blah BUT The Cracken is so much worse so I rather enjoyed the tweet. Lol.
    Side note now I know what it looks like when Gaga is trying to push out a fart. Yuck. Put that thing away

  9. geekychick says:

    the photos are just too trashy to even look at them. Really, they make me cringe.
    Digital photography really messed with artistry in photography: nowadays everyone think that they can be a photographer, and when a person knows something about actual technique and colors (disposition and so on), all the stuff that you HAD TO LEARN in photography college, is considered an artist these days. Just like people claim Gaga is an artist because she can sing. Oh! OH! (*light bulb flashing*) Now I see why those two are friends!

  10. Kimbob says:

    Yeah, all of this (Gaga hanging w/Crackie & Richardson)….pretty low-brow IMO. I was never a Gaga fan, but really, stuff like this is definitely not elevating her status. It’s…..more like, ummm…the effect of gravity…LOL!

  11. spugzbunny says:

    I hate creepy uncle terry but I think Gaga is having fun with this. She’s blatantly taking the pish as far as I can see!

  12. lizbet says:

    Are they her earrings? Easy way to tell: are they made of meat or vinyl?

  13. MommaK18 says:

    Our world would be a lot better place with out Gaga, Cracken and Terry. Eww…

    Use to like Gaga’s music when she first came out, but her drugs and acts are ridiculous…she’s not special, in the slightest.

  14. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    “Photographer” ??? Doesn’t look like anything of better quality than what I have on my camera phone. Edit random amateur candids to black and white–voila! ART! … umm, no.

  15. geekychick says:

    oh, and has Gaga done something to her lips??

    • NM6804 says:

      Yes, I understood she even admitted to it.

      But yeah, don’t forget: Paws up, born this way woohoo *eyeroll*

    • bns says:

      Yes. She said they were temporary lip injections, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she has them done permanently. Her nose looks different, too.

    • Lm says:


      She confessed to having lip injections on her website.

  16. NM6804 says:

    What I don’t get is WHY celebs want to hang out with somebody who has been outed as a predator many times after Rie Rasmussen called his ass out publically, in his face? Jezebel did a whole exposé about his disgusting tactics! A woman like Gaga, who’s schtick is sticking up for the weirdos and the voiceless etc. should really know better. But I guess it’s the fashion industry who makes these people happen so of course celebs just tag along because that’s what they do.

    I know it’s all a front but she isn’t even trying anymore. If there’s a bandwagon, she’ll jump on it. It’s deplorable.

    • diana says:

      Everyone starts out trying to be ‘unique’ and anti-establishment. And almost certainly ends up cliched and with typical friends.
      As you rightly pointed out Gaga is no longer about the voiceless, sank to notoriety. Pity I used to like her.

    • geekychick says:

      It goes on to say just what an impression business industry (entertainment) leaves on me-I am not surprised anymore at the fact how many people are working with Richardson AFTER that Jezebel article. He really is a hideous predator.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        They’re all bonded by a predilection for cocaine. Seriously. Ever heard the term “drug buddy”?

    • DreamyK says:

      Shades of The Emperor Has No Clothes. All these celeb types are buying into this disgusting man’s “art”.

      I could have happily lived the rest of my life not seeing Gaga in the doggie style position. Next to her dog. Because that’s SO original.

      Uncle Terry is disgusting, but so are the people who allow themselves to be degraded by him. Gross.

  17. Jayna says:

    Gaga thinks she is being cool. She is playing the part of a popstar bimbo obssessed with celebrity. All of her tweets, for the most part, and photos are playing into that. Her friendship partying with Lindsay Lohan, her big Lindsay Lohan lips, her now all of a suddened posting posed photos with her boyfriend (where she was private before). It’s all one grand act by Gaga for the theme of her next album. Her fans think it’s brilliant what she is doing. I find it sometimes amusing, sometimes yawn-inducing.

    • Lm says:

      If she’s being friends with Lindsay just because of the new album she needs help.
      If she’s putting needles in her lips just because of the new album she needs help.
      If she’s changing her whole persona because of the new album she needs help.

      Sure, artists change with every album but if she’s messing with the core of herself, fucking with peoples emotions and changing her face for the sake of PR then she needs help.

  18. paola says:

    She really doesn’t know what other cards to play to get attention anymore. Gaga you’re doomed. Finally.

  19. serena says:

    LOOL, she shouldn’t have deleted it.

  20. kiki says:

    First pic first boner of the day damn!

  21. eric says:

    A truly ugly woman in every sense of the word, and that pose with scumbag Richardson says it all.
    She is overexposed rat-faced, dim-witted bean bag, who overcompensates for her lack of looks and talent with endless barrage of garbage couture which only accentuates her ugliness.

  22. lucy2 says:

    Photos and photographer are gross.
    Gaga’s face looks so weird in some of those, like a mask or something.

    Do kind of like her calling out Sticky Fingers Lohan though. Except Lindsay loves that sort of crap, now she can cry victim yet again.

  23. Diva says:

    She is so try hard.

  24. howardshome says:

    And Lindsay is the one with the problem?! This is unreal.

  25. Eve says:

    God, she’s repulsive!

  26. Eleonor says:

    It’s me or Gaga does have lips now??

  27. Zigggy says:


  28. G says:

    She’s joking folks. These are ironic.

  29. Shelly says:

    I worry about Gaga associating with Lohan. I know that Gaga is no saint herself, but she needs to run far away from that disaster.

  30. Sookie says:

    Loved the tweet. Blohan has gotten away with everything she’s ever done with no consequences. If the average girl did the same things, she’d be in prison for 5+ years and never be able to have a lisence for 10+ years and be a convicted felon. As for gaga, at least she actually has talent: whether you like her songs or not, she writes and sings them, which is legit. All Blohan does is pose for lame photos and have Roles pasted on her with nothing live and multiple chances to do takes until the director likes it

    • Christian says:

      She co-writes them. I can’t believe it took like 5 people to write a song as mind-numbingly simple as “Born This Way”.

  31. littlestar says:

    It must be exhausting being Gaga. I couldn’t imagine having to wake up every day to play a “persona”, and not just be myself.

  32. Sarah says:

    He makes literally everyone he photographs look like a skanky whore yet everyone flocks to be photographed by him. WHY?! He even looks like a pervert/pedo.

    • KLaw says:


      Sums it up brilliantly.

    • Nan209 says:

      Just a thought, but could it be because porn has gone so mainstream that looking like a slut isn’t just relegated to Halloween?

      That even adults cave to the “look like everybody else in order to look unique”?

  33. Innocent says:

    These photographs are awful.
    She didn’t delete it. You just have to select all tweets instead of the one with no replies.

  34. HillbillyintheCorner says:

    GagGAg is hooking up with all the drug connection she can….well daddy Terry is a good is Lindsay Lohan …What a ugly assed woman truly ugly……inside and out….

  35. Johnny T says:

    Hey which one is the dog?

  36. eric says:

    He is a pervert and pedo, mentally ill, he flashes models and performs sex acts on himself while photographing them, and pressures models to have orgies in his studio.
    this man is such a sleazeball for abusing young models, the modeling agencies and all major magazines know about this problem but tolerate this evil slimeball, his photos are far cry from Helmut Newton, they are not art, and most of the time poorly constructed,in photo of LIndsay holding gun to her head, her eyes look weird, terrible overhyped photographer who uses his position to sexually harrass models. Shame on all of them.

  37. bgirl says:

    I find it so interesting that in an effort to save her very nearly sunken ship of a career, that her strategy is to align herself in any way with Lindsay Lohan. Someone is NOT giving her very good advice.

  38. Nan209 says:

    Gaga is like the dime store knock off of Madonna. Who needs Madoona warmed over? I already lived through the 80′s, I don’t want a replay.

  39. hmm says:

    Learn to screen-grab honey. We need to see the receipts! (Re: Gaga’s Tweet)

  40. Steph says:

    I knew it! I bet all of that stuff is stolen, and Lindsey tweeted the pic like a serial killer showing off their trophies. The crazy b can’t help herself!