Prince Harry only showed the jewels so he would be redeployed to Afghanistan?

People Magazine and Us Weekly put Prince Harry and Royal Jewel-gate on their respective covers this week. People’s headline is “The Naughty Prince” with a smiling, happy Harry. Us Weekly’s cover is “Wild Nights With Harry” with a photo of Harry looking half-serious, but giving a mischievous side-eye. People Mag’s story seems to be the more boring, royal propaganda-y one – no accusations of cocaine, no sources contemplating the “What if?” of a possible sex tape. Instead, People’s story seems more like “the Palace trying to clean up Harry’s mess.” A Palace source tells People, “He didn’t do anything unlawful. What he did was entirely his own business.” Meanwhile, Us Weekly actually did some digging and came up with some new info. Highlights from Us Weekly’s Prince Harry story [via the print edition]:

*A royal source says, “The trip was like The Hangover. Only without the monkey.” Har har.

*On Harry’s “secret” Facebook account (under the name “Spike Wells”), Harry used to post ginger jokes. No more, though, because Harry shut it down.

*The royal source: “The Queen warned him, ‘Please don’t end up an embarrassment.’”

*Before Vegas, Harry was at Necker Island (Richard Branson’s private island) with Cressida Bonas. “The plan was just to sunbathe, swim and get drunk…” Which they did, with Harry “doling out kisses and sloppy hugs” because “Harry’s a funny drunk, but he always seems a bit vulnerable.”

*Harry has been thinking about Diana a lot lately, as we come up on the 15th anniversary of her death (on August 31). A source says, “His mum’s been playing on his mind in recent weeks.”

*During the Necker trip, Cressida and Harry “became closer” and made plans to spend more time with each other.

*After Necker, Harry went with his dude friends to Vegas. They scored a private cabana at club Surrender and Harry’s friends “recruited 15 hot girls” to come party with Harry… in his private suite at the Wynn. One of Harry’s friends suggested “strip billiards” and “Harry was eager.”

*The girl in the Royal Jewel photos is described by the insider as a girl “with blondish hair, a nice face and body. Harry only had trunks, so he got naked first.” When the girl lost her clothes, “Harry tried to cover her up with his body. In the photos, he was trying to be a gentleman!”

*According to one of the girls partying with Harry, he “had two things in his sights: vodka and women.” Another female source adds, “He was naked for a long time at the party . . . He didn’t seem to care what he did.”

*This might have been Harry’s master plan all along. A source tells Us Weekly that Harry has been making a case for redeployment to Afghanistan as soon as possible, but the palace had been worried that it was too dangerous. The source says, “By going all out, Harry knew there would be repercussions. He’s definitely going now. The royal family will want to redeem his image. This sort of move is very clever.”

First of all, did you catch how many excuses there were? He was thinking about his mom! He has a girlfriend! He was merely covering up a fair gentlewoman so her bits and pieces would not show up on the intertubes! But my favorite excuse/theory is that this was Harry’s plan all along because he wanted to go back to Afghanistan. Now, I do think that Harry was and is eager to redeploy, and I do think that the Palace wasn’t happy with that idea, and that now they are. But I just don’t think Harry is capable of making such a convoluted plan in which his ginger crack became an international story/joke.

And yes, I totally want to hang out with Drunk Harry. Drunk Harry sounds like a total charmer. Sloppy hugs and kisses and vulnerability? *sigh*

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Luise says:

    I don’t care what he does….I LOVE HARRY!!!

  2. Joanna says:

    it would be a blast to party with him!!

  3. Amelia says:

    He was being a gentleman and trying to cover the girl up?
    More like he was trying to cop a feel!
    Meh. I’m finding it hard to care about this at the moment. You see worse things on stag do’s.

    • Liv says:

      The gentleman excuse is the most funniest!

      • angelic 20 says:

        The gentlemen part or I should say him trying to covert that girl is not a palace excuse but said by one of the girls who was there , she told what happened to sun and daily mail also published that.also his deployment was already confirmed before the Vegas trip, it was announced in the starting of the year that he will be deployed to Afghanistan after olympics, so this also not am excuse as it was planned in advance.

      • LAK says:

        The facebook thing hasn’t been a secret at all, but the specific details and photos came from one of the dedicated Royals tumblr blogs.

        There is an exchange where a journalist is trying to get the blogger to confirm details about the face book account saying they will keep the source anonymous.

        Several days after the blog chat, reports appear in either Telegraph or daily mail under same journalist’s byline, together with photos from the blog.

        And now US weekly!!!!

  4. RocketMerry says:

    Sure. Why not? That’s a nice spin, the royals must be in panick mode.

  5. geekychick says:

    I don’t get the fuss about it in global media: he won’t get the throne, he won’t ever be king,so? We know he’s all about partying and honestly, if he was just a regular Joe, we’d all call him kinda shallow and douchey, non? The partying, the nazi uniform, the girls,the naked pool-playing….

    BUT, if I was a British taxpayer, I’d be furious. Furious-it’s embarrassing how much money goes for his security and expenses, and look at the results.
    OT, what about “he’s just a young lad, lads will be lads” sexism in British media? I think Lainey commented on that, and I agree with her.

    • angelic 20 says:

      He do a lot of work, more work then William who will be king and cost us tax payers more in security budget and takes more vacations.what Harry did was stupid but that’s not all he does. He hosted more events at olympics then William, had earned two charitable awards for his charity work, started two of his own charities, has visited his charities way more times then the heir William .his father and mother has embarrassed us and monarchy more then him.what he was doing was his business (and I would have said for a girl also) and in his need room but as a public figure it was his responsibility to make sure no photos should be taken and he failed at that. he have two sides, one likes to party and one works hard well at least compared to his brother the future king.just because he parities that does not mean that’s all he do, he works more then William, cost is less o in security, work with his charities beyond the photo opportunities and that cannot be taken away from him. Do you know that William only visited two charities since his wedding, as far as I am concerned Harry can do whatever he wants to in his own room given that he works on the behalf of his charities and monarchy, all he needs to do is make sure that his personnel life stay away from tabloids.

    • LAK says:

      And yet most British tax payers think it’s very funny and have shown alot of support for him.

  6. Starsky says:

    omg he was naked and partying in Vegas. let him sow his royal oats!

  7. Bobby the K says:

    Harry, hookers and blow will get you every time. This is Vegas, not Hollingshead-on-the-Liffy.

  8. Blupp says:

    being a gentleman lesson 1:
    when a woman is naked, get naked yourself and hug her from behind

  9. Lacie says:

    He is the only royal I like! Stuffy old cows the rest of em.

    I’m in the “I would party with him and bang him all night” camp, despite my general disinterest in gingers (no h8).

  10. maemay says:

    That sounds like a plan, on other boards some are saying Harry is being sacrificed??!! for William….ummm ok.

    • ANGELIC 20 says:


      you really don’t believe this ? if yes then i am sure that you probably know nothing about rf and how they work. throwing spare to wolves and protecting the heir is a strategy more older then the queen. this strategy was used on queen’s father and uncle where george (queen’s father ) was called stupid, weak,made fun of because of stammer while womanizing man whore edward was the golden boy ,same with queen and her sister ,charles and his siblings and now harry and william. beside these photos the fact is harry works more in military and for his charities then william and cost us less in his security bills and yet william is the golden boy in media. diana very famously said that she needs to look after harry as they (the rf) will take care of william . the concept of sacrificing spare for the heir is as old as the monarchy and a fact.

    • LAK says:

      @Maemay – for once we are in agreement.

  11. phaksi says:

    I don’t care what he does, I’d still hit it

  12. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    Oh I would totally hit that.
    I think everyone is starting to like him as he grows up because His vulberability is always showing through – I don’t know how it does but it does. He has a little bit of his mom in so many pictures. His partying only makes him seem more human, down to earth and more likable. He lost his mom so young and so tragically I don’t think he will ever seem like anything than one of us.

  13. the original bellaluna says:

    LAK, can you help me out with something? (You seem to have a lot of knowledge about the Royals and stuff, so I thought I’d ask your opinion.)

    I seem to recall reading or hearing about how Harry was pulled out of Afghanistan because it was deemed to dangerous, and how upset he was about that. (Which makes the whole “he did it to get back to Afghanistan” line more plausible to me.)

    • Reece says:

      LAK doesn’t seem to be here so I’ll answer what I know. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2008. It was kept secret. Some newspaper in Australia and The Drudge Report got hold of the info and his location and printed it. (total d-bag move imo) So the Army pulled him out and sent him back to Britain to not endanger the rest of his regiment because he would be a huge target. He wasn’t happy about it but understood.
      Now he’s an Apache pilot so I’d guess they can hide him better.

    • LAK says:

      What @Reece said.

      He will deploy, but exact details like dates, location etc are being kept secret for same reasons @Reece mentioned. There is alot of speculation but that is all it is.

      Also a media blackout needs to hold so alot of negotiation will be taking place behind the scenes with media outlets worldwide if it hasn’t already.

      If it goes to plan, we won’t know he is gone until his safe return.

  14. Camille (The original) says:

    He doesn’t do a thing for me. I’ll never understand what people see in him. Well, more for you gals I guess *shrugs*.

  15. Steph says:

    I’d hit it like the Wrath of God.