Duchess Kate repeats a beige coatdress for Paralympics: pretty or boring?

Here are some new photos of Prince William and Duchess Kate at the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympics last night. Lots of royals were in attendance at the event – The Queen came down from Scotland, Prince Edward, Princess Anne, and Edward’s wife Sophie. Also seen in these photos, Will and Kate were seen seated close Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha.

As for what Kate was wearing… it’s a frock made by a Danish label called “DAY Birger et Mikkelsen”. It’s basically a brocade, single-breasted coat dress that is years and years old. It’s a significant repeat – Kate wore it publicly for the first time in 2006, to a wedding, and then she wore it again last year at Zara Phillips wedding too. Kate accessorized with her favorite nude LK Bennett heels and a Wilbur & Gussie clutch. You can read more about Kate’s look here, at What Kate Wore. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of this coatdress, especially when you consider that it’s been sitting in her closet for six years, and she’s already worn it to two weddings. I know Kate is “thrifty” now (cough, cough), but this is kind of a budget look to repeat.

In other royal news, this week’s tabloids are still trying to make this royal baby thing happen already:

It’s baby making time! With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee out of the way, William and Kate have a plan. Read on! Kate Middleton has finally settled into her role as a princess and she’s ready to produce an heir for her loving and understanding husband, Prince William. Will she and William finally have the time to make a baby?

“William and Kate are putting all their effort into having a baby,” a member of the royal couple’s social circle told Life & Style magazine. “They would love to be expecting by the end of the year.” Royal duties delayed the couple’s efforts to start a family sooner. The royal family didn’t want anything to overshadow the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee or the London Olympic games.”

Now that their obligations to wave and smile are over, for the time being, the couple have hunkered down in their Wales beach cottage — alone and out of the public eye.

“She just wants to hide away in Wales — out of the glare and the spotlight — and get on with producing the future king or queen of England,” the insider said. Here’s hoping we hear little feet pattering across the palace floors soon

[From Hollywood Life]

Well, babymaking is just going to have to wait, because Kate has pretty much let it be known that she will not gestate and make public appearances at the same time. Kate and William are headed for a week-long tour of Asia starting on September 11th, and then after that, I’m sure they’ll settle in for a nice long vacation, then maybe some baby-making, and then don’t expect to see a lot of Kate.

Will and Kate are also attending some events today at the Paralympics – you can see some nice photos of them at The Mail. Kate and Will take turns looking bored, but at one point, Kate laughs at something Will said. She’s also sitting beside Lady Louisa Windsor, daughter of Prince Edward.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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36 Responses to “Duchess Kate repeats a beige coatdress for Paralympics: pretty or boring?”

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  1. paola says:

    I really dislike her shoes every time. she has some serious problems in the shoe department. I’m no saying they’re ugly but dated, old, boring colors and sad.

  2. Genevieve says:

    Can I say….pretty boring? A combination of both.

    Thank you for this opportunity to snark, Kaiser.

    This has been a public service announcement.

  3. Jules says:

    Everything about this couple is boring. Stop trying to make it work, MSM.

  4. spinner says:

    She is a lovely young woman. William did well choosing her. She totally represents!!

    • fairy godmother says:

      Represents? What does she represent?!
      laughable at best!
      What has she really accomplished other than being a bed warmer for 10 years. Arrogance, self-absorbed, selfish, self-indulgent, never held a proper job, inappropriate behavior, a scowl or condescending smirk, fake smile…
      and that is just for starters.
      The way one dresses, excessive make-up, number of dolly-curl extensions do not count imo.

      • LeslieM says:

        Ridiculous! Her dress is lovely. Her shoes are appropriate and in good taste. It’s great that she wears her clothes more than one or twice. She’s going to be representing the royal family at event after event time after time for the rest of her life. Why can’t you be happy for someone. Also, her make up looks fine. Anyone who says it’s too much doesn’t wear enough themselves.

  5. Amelia says:

    I’m undecided about the coat. I think I don’t like it.
    I saw the opening ceremony on TV last night and could not believe how *bored* they all looked up in that box!! Our drinking game morphed from ‘a shot every time Waity touches her hair’ to ‘a shot every time they pan to the royals and they’re not smiling’. Because we’re cool, my flatmates and I had a little party because of the Paralympics. (I say party, read ‘great excuse to crack out the cocktail book we never use’). My point being, the opening ceremony is a time to smile ^^

    • fairy godmother says:

      We did not have coverage here. Very disappointing- I would love to see the athletes compete!
      Only photos and others comments I have seen.
      Since you were able to watch (even under the influence) did you notice a nasty smirk when HM was announced?
      I wonder if Waity only smiles when she is front and center. In your opinion did she appear ticked that she was seated so far away from HM’s seat plus mere mortals MP and wife were seated closer to HM.
      Thanks in advanced for any opinions!

  6. KellyinSeattle says:

    “her loving and supportive husband”, or whatever….when he screwed anything he could when they were engaged? Well, I think she looks nice. Kind of trying to look like Jackie o. but coming off more as a Stepford wife. She does a better job in her position than I would, though!

  7. JudyK says:

    She’s not a beautiful woman to me, but I think she fits her role perfectly.

    She’s what I would call an attractive, stunning woman, and she possesses poise (worth a lot).

  8. lori says:

    I think she looks “nice” and I think that’s pretty much her job and why she was chosen for it. And also why chelsea davy didn’t get to marry Harry. They want someone who is like warm oatmeal and not like a wild oat. non?

  9. RobN says:

    I guess I don’t get the horror of wearing the same outfit more than once. It’s a nice dress, she likes it, and apparently she’s worn it like three times in six years. Whether you’re royalty or not, there simply can’t be anything wrong with wearing the same outfit three times in six years.

    I also don’t think it’s entirely fair to make fun of how much money she spends on clothing and then rip her for repeating. Pick one.

  10. kay says:

    I want to like it. I should like it, but I agree, it looks budget. something about the sheen??

    I love “what Kate wore”, they are so detailed and in love with her style, it’s hilarious.

    I enjoy most of the things she wears- that yellow coat she has is gorgeous.

    I think it’s time for new hair for her. It looks so heavy and unkept to me now.

  11. benny says:

    She wears clothes that Barbara Bush would wear. All she needs are a strand of pearls.

    Seriously, she always looks “ok” but she is definitely NOT “fashionable” no matter how hard her PR team tries to push that onto the public (reminds me of Tom Cruise trying to make Katie a fashion icon and failing miserably).

    Or are all the outfits supposed to distract the people from the fact that Kate turned out to be pretty useless? Is it now her “job” to dress up and nothing more? If so, she should at least get a better stylist who truly knows fashion.

  12. Fue McCormick says:

    …Poor, boring Duchess Duck Face …

  13. sandy beach says:

    There’s no substance to this girl at all so I guess that explains the focus on her clothes. Seriously, once you take away the fancy clothes and artificial head to toe exterior – extensions, fake tan, uber padded bra, veneers etc. there’s nothing left. Sophie Wessex, the late Diana and heck, even Camilla have/had more depth.

  14. Another K says:

    The coat is rather bland and boring but she seems a nice enough girl to me. And I don’t think William would have married her unless he truly wanted to. Now give me time to duck before you start throwing stuff. :)

  15. Sachi says:

    Boring. She always looks “empty”. She doesn’t look intelligent, curious, or serious. No depth to her at all. And before anyone says, “She’s a royal. Nothing is required of her. She’s just supposed to look nice.” I don’t mean in physical appearance. I mean the vibe she gives off. Some people just give the impression of being smart and cultured and chic. Kate, in comparison, is a blank.

    She’s turned out to be one big dud, quite dull and useless and uninspiring. You can’t even say she’s wasted in her role as a royal, since she never had any accomplishments to begin with, nor has ever shown any interest in anything except William and leisure (partying, shopping, holidaying).

    The press has gotten bored with her, too. They barely write about her and when they do, it’s always a rehash of the same PR-fueled information that nobody is taking seriously except the sycophants.

    When they go on their Asia tour, nothing else will be noted about her except her hair and clothes, and maybe an inappropriate, vapid behaviour/comment or two, because it isn’t Kate when she’s not committing some faux pas one way or another.

    • fairy godmother says:

      While on tour she is supposed to give another “speech”.
      If it is anything like her first “speech” and in front of foreign dignitaries and diplomats God only knows what they will really think!

      • Sachi says:

        Let us hope she has gotten better and she has been practicing all this time, since she’s barely done anything the past few months that actually required serious thinking.

        Giving a good speech in an international stage would be a positive for her.

        I wonder if William will show his stiffness and nervousness again, though. He was almost petrified when Kate was bumbling her way in that UNICEF interview!

    • Another K says:

      If she’s quite dull and useless and uninspiring, why do you keep reading about her? I should think you wouldn’t be interested. Kind of like the Kardashians for me. Just skip over the article if she bothers you so much.

      • Sachi says:

        I don’t read about Kate on purpose just to snark on her. I don’t seek articles about her on purpose or scour the internet looking for information. Everything I know about her has been in the media for years now and are not secrets to many people living in England.

        I give my opinion about her just like everyone else does.

        And can you honestly dispute any of the points I’ve made in my original comment? Can you argue why Kate is not boring and uninspiring? Can yo give me examples of her usefulsness?

        I’m not interested in her as a person. I’m interested in her as a royal and what she’s bringing to the table. I live in England, work a full-time job, and I pay my taxes.

        Don’t you think I’m entitled to have a say on what the Windsors do? Or do you think I should just shut up and pay my taxes quietly while praising everything about Kate?

        Is it only okay to comment about Kate as long as I gush about her and praise her to the high heavens? Criticisms are not allowed? What a load of poppycock.

        If you don’t like my comment, you can follow your own advice: scroll on. Don’t tell me what I should or should not do.

  16. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    These two are looking old, and Kate looks really rough with her bad skin, fake tan, and too much make-up.

    By the time the kids come along, they will look like the kids’ grandparents. Kate already look old enough to be a grandmother.

  17. Aurelia says:

    Look, its a sign of the times when Chuck and Cam are more relevant and fashionable than William and Kate. Seriously, why is william such a sad dresser when his father is saville row all the way. Always has been.

    Agreed, kate’s face is a mask, It has the same vacant fake look in every photo. There is nothing intriguing about this chick.

    I saw a video recently when she was standing next to english aristo model saffron aldridge and as soon as the camera had flashed Kate turned away from her like she was poison. Her fake smile of a Cheshire cat dropped. Suddenly and the expression reverted back to a sour, bored look. She just forgot somebody was filming by her catching it all. Then in another vid from the same engagement she was smiling at some guy, trying to flirt and tossed her hair to the left, to the right, then to the left again. God it was embarrassing. Kate is the least sexy chick I have ever seen. Just because Harry has a laugh with you, does not mean you are a sex pot.

    As for the ghastly display at wimbeldon, sitting with her fug sister. Lip readers said they were laughing like the peasants they are about roger federers wife was “fat”. Kate forgets she was a fatty too in her first years of uni. I saw the photos. Those 2 spent hours tossing their hair, smirking for the cameras etc. You would never see anybody with any breeding/home training doing such crass things.

    As for the bloody coat. The person who said kate looks like Babs Bush minus the pearls is spot on.

    There is a line drawn in the sand. Those with true taste and style on one side who are hooked into what really is relevant and iconic. This group knows kate is nothing. And those with none of the aforementioned traits who actually think Kate is fashionable. I don’t think a budget, high street, chain store, inappropriately dressed chick is an icon. Icon maybe for mediocrity.

    … Rant over.

  18. JulieM says:

    Boring Duchess Dollycurls.

  19. Kosmos says:

    She looks appropriate and beautiful for the occasion. Her clothes are always well chosen and she’s obviously very attractive overall. People must remember that she has to dress appropriately for her role now, she probably cannot wear what celebs wear, so there is likely a certain style she has to maintain while representing the crown. Her clothing is going to be more traditional in appearance rather than hot & trendy.

  20. Kosmos says:

    I still miss Princess Diana :- ((( Loved her.

  21. LeslieM says:

    I miss her as well. What style she had! Still, remember how cruel people were about her in the beginning.

  22. arlie says:

    Wow, only 34 comments. Predictably, people are becoming bored by vapid, shallow Waity. Public interest can only be of a very limited duration when all there is to write about is Waity’s appearance. Sadly, otherwise she’s proven she’s little but a grinning, hair-flipping, camera-hungry, empty shell.

  23. t says:

    It doesn’t matter whether I like the way she dresses (beige is boring, but so are royals) – it’s her choice after all. I do agree with other posts about her relative shallowness, and her lack of genuine warmth. She set her eyes on marrying a prince, and by God, she did! now she probably realizes, as Diana did, what a bore it is, and all that’s left is to try and look good, which, ironically, is the only thing she ‘worked’ at (and how she caught William’s eye).