LeAnn Rimes files suit for invasion of privacy against her ‘Twitter hater’

Let’s discuss all of this LeAnn Rimes stuff in one post, if that’s okay. There’s no need – in my mind – to draw it out and have a million posts devoted to this unfolding controversy. To recap, LeAnn Rimes announced yesterday morning that she was seeking treatment for anxiety and stress. Later Thursday, Team LeAnn began the steady stream of leaks to explain WHY she was so anxious and stressed – she was being cyberbullied? And then everything started pouring out to TMZ. First, TMZ published a story that came straight from LeAnn’s lawyer, in which LeAnn was “gearing up to sue the scumbags behind the illegal activity.” The illegal activity is the recording of LeAnn’s phone call to Kimberly Smiley – a call which LeAnn’s lawyer admits LeAnn initiated. TMZ and LeAnn’s lawyer claimed that LeAnn had been “victimized by a gang of cyber-bullies who have been terrorizing her on Twitter ever since she hooked up with Eddie Cibrian. Stein says LeAnn recently spoke to one of the bullies on the phone … but unbeknownst to her, the bully recorded the convo … and spread bits and pieces of the recording around the Internet.”

Then, just a few hours later, TMZ had the documents from the civil suit that LeAnn filed – you can see them here. LeAnn filed suit for invasion of privacy against Kimberly Smiley and Lexi Smiley claiming that they are “supporters of Brandi Glanville” who “illegally taped a conversation with her and then spread it across the Internet.” It’s interesting that this site, Celebitchy, is named in the suit too. The relevant portion:

“Shortly thereafter, blogs such as Celebitchy.com and CrazyDaysandnights.net began posting and linking to the portions of the Unauthorized Recording… Stories accompanying posts quoted some misleading out-of-context excerpts of the Unauthorized Recording and otherwise misdescribed what occurred in the conversation. They also painted Ms. Rimes in an extremely false and negative light, saying, for example, that Ms. Rimes is “crazy and delusional” and that Ms. Rimes called Ms. Smiley to “defend herself” rather than attempt to amicably end Kimberly Smiley’s harassment of her. Defendants and others commented on these stories about the Unauthorized Recording, adding even more false and harassing statements about Ms. Rimes.”

The suit further claims that LeAnn only called Smiley “in an attempt to stop the negative Internet activity…LeAnn says she attempted to be kind and said she wanted peace.” As for the specific shout-out to Celebitchy… I’m not sure what to say. I’ve always maintained that the trolling of LeAnn Rimes by some of you (not all, but some) makes me uncomfortable. There’s a difference between laughing at this from the sidelines and actively engaging her in an attempt to make her look worse.

Here are some other LeAnn stories, in no particular order:

*Radar reports that LeAnn might be in the midst of some kind of breakdown because she suspected that Eddie was fooling around on her. A source told Radar, “LeAnn called a friend of hers a few weeks ago sobbing hysterically about Eddie going out. She was home for the weekend and he didn’t stay in with her and she was crying saying that she was so worried about what he was doing when he wasn’t with her. LeAnn is beyond stressed about the cracks in her relationship with Eddie and she has been really scared that he is cheating on her.”

*For what it’s worth, Gossip Cop tries to deny the Radar story about Eddie’s wandering dong. Eddie’s rep said, “There is absolutely no truth to that story whatsoever.” And an unnamed source told Gossip Cop that LeAnn seriously just went to get treatment for her anxiety.

*LeAnn’s people went to TMZ to reiterate the story that she actually is seeking help for mental health issues, and she’s definitely not in a rehab facility to deal with a drug or alcohol addiction, or an eating disorder. TMZ’s sources say that LeAnn is getting help with “a severe inability to cope with anxiety and stress.” TMZ also plays the poor-LeAnn card, saying that LeAnn has been in “meltdown mode” over “a war she’s been having with a group of people who are upset about her relationship with Eddie Cibrian. The group has gone after her in a big way on Twitter, and LeAnn — rather than ignoring them — has fought back. We’re told the stress has been unbearable for her and she wanted help.”

*In this facility, LeAnn will be going home on weekends, and she’s allowed to make phone calls. She will be “going home” this weekend. I hope Eddie packs up his girls by then!

*A source tells Us Weekly that LeAnn “has a lot of mental anguish over how she is perceived… [She has] this constant feeling of being punished for something. She feels like society has never forgiven her. She has this overwhelming need to be loved and respected.” As her music career failed, “she became focused on being a celebrity. She’s incredibly hard on herself, but she doesn’t realize the decisions she has made.” So, she acts neurotic because she’s so worried that people are calling her crazy.

*Brandi Glanville has issued a statement about LeAnn entering a treatment facility. Brandi’s statement: “I totally support LeAnn’s decision to enter rehab — my top priority is my children, and at the end of the day we are a family. LeAnn is their stepmom, and they love her. I am wishing her all the best and I hope she will find what she is looking for while in rehab.” Classy.

*Radar reports that Eddie wanted LeAnn off of Twitter. He hoped that she would eventually wean herself off “over-sharing about Eddie’s kids, posting countless bikini pics, interacting with fans on the site, and even gets into fights with followers.” A source told Radar, “Eddie hates Twitter and doesn’t want LeAnn to be on there and writing so much. He would ask her to not meet people through Twitter and wanted her to get off of there. He thought she was out of control and not able to handle what she was doing.”

Vintage LeAnn, just because:

Vintage Leann photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. jamminatorr says:

    Aww she looks so much better with a few extra pounds in the vintage photos.

    • mandygirl says:

      She looks lovely in those pictures. I wish she’d gain a little weight and get healthy. I truly hope that she gets help. Stress is not good for your body.

      I know that a lot of you dislike her, but social networking (FB, Twitter) can be like a drug if you have any sort of narcissistic personality disorder. Not saying she has a PD, but I’d hate to read negative things about myself each day. How draining.

      I hope that she gets better and can focus on her family. She does need to get off of Twitter and quit posting though. She’s just feeding her haters ammunition.

      Nobody should be made to suffer for all eternity just because they made a mistake (i.e., the way she and her husband ended up together…). None of us are perfect. (I know I’m not!)

      • mel says:

        i agree 100%. Besides…why do people follow people on twitter if you don’t like them? She doesn’t bother me…I don’t follow her on Twitter so who cares what she posts on there…why do people even care?

      • gg says:

        @ mel – this behavior reminds me of a friend who is addicted to political ranting. He watches the opposition’s news shows all day long, takes notes, and then blasts everything they say all day long on Facebook, making himself madder and madder. It gives him a jolt of endorphins I think, and he can’t stop. It has taken over his life, the constant online political hate.

        Because of him, I don’t allow people to engage me in politics because I see these addicts all over, and it turns my stomach. We all have our moments, but getting stuck in something like this for extended periods is only going to deteriorate your mental state.

      • moxylady007 says:

        @gg- I think we have the same friend

      • Genevieve says:

        @ mandygirl….yeah, all that for me too, I guess.

        But my problem with this post is simply this…”The suit further claims that LeAnn only called Smiley “in an attempt to stop the negative Internet activity…LeAnn says she attempted to be kind and said she wanted peace.”

        REALLY? If that’s the case, you don’t start off the convo with, “Hey b*tch, it’s LeAnn”.

        I’m just sayin’. And I do think Kaiser was being EXTREMELY kind to LeAnn in this post, considering that Celebitchy has been mentioned in this nuisance suit, as well….even if only as a reference.

      • littlestar says:

        Wow gg, I feel bad for your friend :(. Just like Leann, it must be terrible to have something consume you, especially when it comes to some kind of internet addiction (twittering, porn, facebooking, etc). I have a poli sci degree and totally am passionate about politics, but I don’t allow myself to post anything political on my Facebook account for the exact reason your friend does it – I think that once I start, I would be posting political stuff all day and would lose the few friends I have on Facebook 😀 lol.

        Leann is addicted to Twitter. We’ve all been saying it for a while. I really do hope she gets the help she needs (I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some sort of mental disorder going on there too).

      • Ginger says:

        @gg I have a friend like that as well! He is so addicted to the political ranting that he not only posts about it but then follows his wife (my best friend) around and rants at her too. I always make sure to be up on the latest political subjects before I go to their house so I don’t look at him blankly…LOL! @Mandygirl I think you may be on to something when you mention Narcissistic personality disorder because I can’t figure out why someone would be addicted to reading negative comments about themselves and then further engaging with those people. She could just block them or deleter her account altogether and start a private one.

      • Elizabeth says:

        @ GG
        The late Edward Woodward was a British actor who played a retired spy on the TV series “The Equalizer”. A villain tried to engage him in a verbal smackdown over something political. I loved his reply : “I make it a point never to discuss politics or religion with strangers”.

      • gg says:

        @ elizabeth – Oh, I remember that line! I always think it in my mind. My boss always used to say that.

      • april says:

        I agree. She got the guy she wanted so why doesn’t she just go away and be happily married and let Brandi and everyone else do their own thing. She needs to ignore the haters. I hope she gets rid of her Twitter accounts, etc. She’s ruining her life by being angry and vindictive.

      • Steph says:

        Gg I swear you could be talking about my ex husband. He would read about politics all night and watch web things by zealots spewing such hate, then debate with people for hours. Then go to sleep around 3pm. It was insane.

      • kari says:

        I wish people would understand that she is not hated for having an affair, she’s hated for the way she taunted Brandi and encouraged people to hate Brandi after the affair, after she “won” her man.

      • Rin says:

        She engages in this behavior by oversharing. When will people accept responsibility for their own behavior. No one forced her to go on the Internet.

        If I had her money I would NEVER be on the Internet. I’d permanently live in a spa.

    • Ella says:

      Well said, everyone.

    • Esmom says:

      “@gg- I think we have the same friend”

      Omg I was just gonna post the same thing. I think it’s a common thing. I had to turn off some of the people who post political rants because it was starting to make me crazy, too.

      I have another acquaintance who I’ve come to believe is bi-polar simply because of the content and frequency of her FB posts. I think social media definitely compounds certain people’s issues.

      • gg says:

        I really hope they teach kids about this in computer science, starting in elementary school, focusing on this type of addiction, what ad hominem attacks are, the difference between fact and opinion, and how to agree to disagree. They are invaluable skills.

        All this immediately available connection with everybody on earth is breaking new ground, and it can be scary! We haven’t seen the half of it yet.

        Not to mention that discussing religion and politics will almost always piss off otherwise nice people, of all stripes.

    • erika says:

      wow, she does look lovely in those photos, all of them, she seems to radiate a truly happy, kind, peaceful state. just through a smile.

      circa NOW: come on, I’m not hip to the whole Twitter/leanne/hater debacle, only from what I read here but to sum up:

      “a 30 something woman who should KNOW BETTER got caught up in her OWN serious mental health issues- instead of acknowlegding her wrong in stealing another woman’s husband/family she goes on an all out ‘Twitter’ (God people…really? Twitter? chirp chirp!) rampage and blames the WORLD on her problems instead of taking responsibility herself!”

      good GOD…I wish I had a pack of laywers like HoLO and Leanne do, s&#@t, I could rob banks and still walk out a pretty woman

      • Snowangel says:

        Don’t agree with you here. Her big mistake was engaging with the general public via twitter. Since this media is relatively new, her agent and PR person never really laid the law down to her. The world is full of wackos that will hate/stalk famous people (and not so famous ones either). I thought all well known people had tall cement barriers around them. I also assumed that they were not running their own twitter accounts. Country music fans are a different breed, (kind, caring etc) and I think Leanne mistook the twitterites for nice people. Bet you a huge wall goes up and she becomes extremely private, hires out her twitter and web site 100%, and buys a chalet in France.

    • Jaariel says:

      Agreed. Part of the problem is LR suffers from UDS. Ugly Duck Syndrome. She’s pretty much turned herself into a swan, but she’s never had a man like Eddie before & she hasn’t grown up learning about the Eddies of the world. She’s convinced that she caught & keeps EC by her sex appeal; ergo, the intimations of his cheating are causing her tremendous anxiety. Brandi also possesses a more natural grace & her effect appears more effortless than does LR’s. She’s in over her head & is trying to win a game she doesn’t even understand.

      • Zooyork says:

        haha all good points Jaariel, and “UDS”!!!That’s awesome, I’m going to use that accronym now 🙂
        And I think LeAnn doesn’t realize the importance of personality in sex appeal. Totally agree that Brandi seems very effortlessly glamourous and UNtry-hard in comparison. I wonder if Eddie misses his old life.

  2. Talie says:

    I suspected she would read this site because she most likely gets Google Alerts about herself…I think you guys were the first big blog to post about the voicemails.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Yep, she Google Alerts herself, she checks Gossip sites regularly, she has multiple twitter accounts so she can spy locked accounts of people she suspects are talking about her (as Gia said in post #19)… she is a basket case and if she goes ahead with the lawsuit she’ll shoot herself in the foot big time. Nothing will stop the big collective laughter directed at her and her crazy actions.

      BTW, it’s hilarious that she would be freaking out over what precious little Eddie might be doing when he’s not with her: ya wanted a cheater, ya got one. Happy, Leann?

      • gg says:

        She must stay glued to her computer all day long, taking breaks only to pee and change bikinis.

      • RocketMerry says:

        Well, gg, that’s pretty much what I do too except for the bikini part 😀 Tough I’m supposed to be studying and writing essays, so I’ll justify myself like that LOL

        As for her being glued to the computer, I guess she’s probably glued to the smart phone. Easier to move around so she can be connected to her haters aaaaall daaaay loooong.

    • hazel says:

      Does anyone know where the photo is of leann taking the phone call?

    • Belly says:

      I haven’t read all the (currently) 329 comments, so apologies if this is mentioned elsewhere.
      Re: the recorded phone call, while Leann initiated the call, the other girl had the advantage of KNOWING the call was being recorded and thus would have conducted herself accordingly.
      I don’t like Leann, not a fan of her music or her personal life, but I do feel bad for her. Being criticised constantly by a large number of strangers would be incredibly wearing, especially if you give a shit, which she clearly does.

      • Zooyork says:

        Well then maybe LeAnn should conduct herself better. For one thing she should stop being passive-aggressive and lead her life better.

  3. Answer says:

    she should stop drinking tequilla..to much makes you think your sailing SS Cray Cray.

  4. Happymom says:

    I love that she’s a twitter addict, hung out with some of her “followers” and then phoned someone she doesn’t know to swear at them, and harass them: but in her mind she’s being cyber-bullied. Eye roll. She needs serious mental help.

    • Theskinny says:

      And I love how she thinks she is being cyber bullied by a woman who has had a private twitter account since 2010 and whom Leann has blocked years ago. This means Leann cannot see her tweets unless others screen shot them for her. So how is she bullied? It’s none of Leann’s business what people think of her. Kim Kardashian gets all sorts of creepy tweets, is she suing? No..she ignores them. Move on WeWe.

      • Layale says:

        You know it’s a bad day when being LeAnn Rimes is being compared to Kim Kardashian, and Kim’s being called “classier” than LeaAnn! Ouch! LOL

      • Welldun says:

        Wait tho, are we sure Kim K can read?

    • Bluebear says:

      Seriously! “I’m a celebrity! I’m important! Read my twitter! Read my gossip! You love me, you love me! Wait… you don’t like me? I’m a celebrity and I am worth millions! Watch me sue you!”

    • Ennie says:

      Can you imagine if other celebs who get hate would answer the hate and engage with the people that hates on them or just plain dislikes them?
      The best thing is to ignore the bad things, or maybe evenn to an extent ask yourself if you are doing something wrong that you can fix.
      She cheated, etc., she did wrong, and even if whatbthey did was awful, she could have been laying low for a while, and the re emerge . Hey it worked for Tom Hanks, to Julia to an extent, and other Famous couples. Just keep living your life… But she has tried to rub her supposed happiness/perfect couple image by every cheap way imaginable. Posting her own pics on twitter non stop?…
      I feel bad when I see my 48 cousin posting pics of herself to try to get reassurant comment like: how pretty, why are you sad? What happenned, etc, etc. That is a bit pathetic and it makes you addicted.at least my cousin knows her friends…. But this Leann woman…. It makes me wonder if she really has friends, real intelligent friends who can tell her the actual truth.
      She probably has alineated people from her life that do not tell her what she wants to hear.
      She is a victim… But of herself. Needs help, not a spa.

      • Ennie says:

        Sorry, I meant that she has Probably alineated people who can help her, and keeps those who tell her just what she wants to hear.

      • gg says:

        Ennie, No, I really can’t imagine any celeb calling internet gossip posters on the phone. It blows the mind.

      • Shannon says:

        This is exactly what’s so pathetic about the situation. An actual celebrity has much more important things to do with her time than compulsively check up on anyone badmouthing her. I hope LeAnn gets off the crazy train, I really do, but it’s never going to happen if she insists on painting herself as the victim and refuses to acknowledge her own part in this neurotic behavior. And SUING someone for recording a phone call YOU initiated, and where YOU made YOURSELF look like a crazy bitch? NOT HELPING.

        I also can’t help but suspect that there is some calculated angle to to this whole rehab thing. Why announce it? Why release more details? To show everyone what a victim of cyberbullying LeAnn is. To try to make everyone feel sorry for her and forget that she was the one initiating the cyberbully phone call. If this was really about her mental health, she would be quietly getting better, not suing people on the internet.

    • Little Darling says:

      This is what I mean. Where is the merit of this case? I just don’t see it. She called A STRANGER from the internet whom she claimed harassed her…ummm…isn’t that by default bullying herself? If she’s been “so bullied” by Ms. Smiley, why go out of her way to call her? If she was so threatened, why not just go to the police (bwaaah ha ha ha) or, you know, shut down Twitter all together? No one is going to her house, or the kids school (although we know where it is thanks to endless tweets) she has options to just not participate in it and live her life. On top of it, to foolishly talk smack about Brandi and name call some more, using aggressive language, cussing and the like. To me it seemed like Ms. Smiley was completely baffled and stunned she was being called…she didn’t say anything nasty in retaliation, in fact she could barely keep her thoughts straight and speak cohesively to say anything to LeAnn back that was worth merit. There was no bullying and LeAnn called her. They didn’t know each other, they didn’t have a relationship prior, in fact LeAnn had to go out of her way to obtain her number. These will be considered I believe.

      LeAnn really is a piece of work, it’s really stunning me, and I thought I couldn’t be stunned anymore by her antics, this comes along. All of her obsessiveness is going to come to the forefront, and no one is going to say, ohh LeAnn, she had her rights violated, they are going to be like…What kind of person has time for this? And then it’s going to go straight to what she said about Brandi, and I promise you there is going to be some sort of custody meeting if Brandi has any smarts, because her children should NOT be allowed near LeAnn because of the vileness she spreads. But, Brandi is proving to be the classy one here.

  5. BlackCloud says:

    awww i remember the ‘cant fight the moonlight’ days…she was so normal :-O

  6. Amelia says:

    Ladies and gentlemen aboard the S.S Cray-Cray, may we please inform you of a slight iternerary change – after our brief stint in Port Rehab, we shall no longer be continuing onto the autonomous region of CrackenCrazyLand, but will be taking a slight diversion to the Wandering Peen Principality and will arive at our final destination of the Land of Lawsuit.
    May we please request that should we encounter a Maelstrom of Madness that you grab your cracktinis and throw ’em down with gusto. Y’all.
    If this gal takes down Celebitchy she’s in for a whole lotta fallout.

    • brin says:

      Amen, sista!

    • LeslieM says:

      So funny! I hope she reads all the posts here for the last couple of days. A good exercise for her during her time in the lockup. Why does everybody hate me? Well, let me see….

    • Eileen says:

      Can you please make my Stalkertini extra dirty and in a traffic cone size glass?

      • Amelia says:

        Apologies, we only have lampshades and tin foil hats to serve the juice in, but we do have a buy-one-get-a-vitriolic-phone-call-free offer during tonight’s happy hour ^^
        2 crazy credits per ‘tini, 5 for a pitcher.

      • Eileen says:

        LMAO! Oh yes-thank you, I needed that laugh! lol I have been stressed for Kim. I feel so helpless-I’m doing everything I can to help her. But she has some strong allies coming out of the woodwork so I’m relaxing a little.
        I’ll take whatever you got girlie! 😀

      • Izzy says:

        Hooting with laughter here! I think this also calls for a round of Karmakazes, if she’s so worried now that Eddie is cheatin’ on her!

      • brin says:

        Don’t forget the Screw’drivers. Happy weweweekend! *clink*

  7. Lol says:

    This makes her look so, so much worse. Taking legal action against that Smiley person is a very stupid move IMO. Other celebs ignore their haters on social networking sites, so why can’t Leanne? It is obvious she does have some mentle health issues by the way she responds so offensively on twitter, but then, why not just close her Twitter like a normal person.
    I really don’t think this is going to help public perception of her in any way.

    • bc says:

      I really, really don’t want to defend her, but…if it really was recorded without her consent, her suit has merit. I didn’t listen to it, so I don’t know if she gave consent or not. I don’t care for her at all, but she may be right on this one thing.

      • Layale says:

        I haven’t listened either, but it’s my understanding she was on speaker phone, in a restaurant full of people. I’m not attorney, but perhaps there might be good argument that she could not expect privacy under those circumstances. Maybe.

      • Amy says:

        Some states only require the permission of one party to record a conversation, so that person would be Smiley. I don’t know what laws pertain to what states exactly, but that could potentially be the case here.

      • Blue says:

        I wonder about that too. LeAnn is in Cali and this Smiley woman is/ was in North Carolina? So what happens if there are 2 different laws?

      • Layale says:

        I’m going to guess the law in the state of the one doing the recording would be at play. But I’m not sure.

      • claire says:

        They’re both in California. However, that statute has exceptions, primarily regarding the reasonable expectation of privacy. Calling someone from a busy restaurant at the Malibu Country Mart (least private place ever!), with several people at your table joining in on the conversation, and having it on speakerphone, realllllly isn’t much of a private call. I find it hard to believe this lawsuit could amount to anything.

      • hatsumomo says:

        If thats true then the tapes that woman made of Mel Gibson’s phone calls should have been thrown out then. I remember those recordings quite clearly. It was obvious Gibson didn’t know he was being recorded but that woman( what was her name!?) was able to use the recordings to her advantage during their divorce. Either its ok to tape your calls or its not, not just depending the caliber of celebrity involved.

      • Nikki Girl says:

        I’m confused, because isn’t it an invasion of privacy for Leann to get Kimberly Smiley’s phone number (how did she do that) and call her and harass her? Although Leann has some ground to stand on in her suit, it seems like Smiley would also have a legitimate counter-suit. This is an incredibly stupid move by Leann, it is just going to expose her nasty behavior and make her look worse.

    • Chicagogurl17 says:

      As said before in another post last week re: the recording. If the smiley family needs a fund for legal fees, I for one am happy to contribute so they don’t have to pay a dime out of their pockets for this ridiculous suit.

      • Masque says:

        I’d donate to that cause.

      • Layale says:

        Me, too! If she needs it, maybe we can set-up a site or such. Not sure how all that works–never dealt with anything like it. But I’d be happy to contribute.

      • RN says:

        I’d throw money in that pot. I have confidence, however, that if this lawsuit is indeed filed, that it will be thrown out for lack of merit.

      • Ky Grrrrlllll says:

        Agree, I would also contribute to Kimberly Smiley’s legal defense fund. Interesting point earlier poster made about Mel Gibson…weren’t all his telephone rants recorded within California????

      • dee says:

        I wouldn’t give them a nickel if I won Powerball. They’re as nuts as she is. What rational person shares mother-duaghter time pursuing this kind of insane over-investment in the life and behavior of some celebrity she doesn’t even know? I recall reading some of her posts here when this whole thing first came out and in one she made the statement “I’m not a hero.” No,you are not. You are a nutjob who is missing something major in your life if this equally-as-much-of-a-nut-job celebrity occupies this much of your attention. I can’t as a rule stand anyone involved in this drama but I will say, classy statement by Brandi Glanville.

      • Zooyork says:

        I hope Kim and Lexi win this court case and are able to get $ out of it from LeAnn.

  8. Krock says:

    Bat shit crazy. Period.

  9. Samigirl says:

    I just don’t understand. Expectation of privacy? The phone call was on speaker, her friends were listening, and it was in a restaurant. Trying to stop the feuding?? By answering with “b*tch, you have 5 minutes,” and cursing throughout the whole thing?!?!

    Also, how much $$$ does she think she’s going to get in “damages?!” Her record sales speak for themselves, and she has done more to damage her reputation than Ms. Smiley.

    I see her hustle tho, how the release of the tape brought her so much anxiety, she took off her bikini and went to “rehab” to learn how to cope. Bet she tries to make that school teacher and college student fork up the $$ for that too!

    • Samantha says:

      She doesn’t expect to get any $$, is my guess. She’s trying to bully this woman into silence–and possible bankruptcy. Lawsuits are expensive to defend against, even if they have no merit, and it’s an age-old trick–the person with more money keeps suing until the other person can’t defend herself anymore. It’s something Scientologists perfected.

  10. brin says:

    Since we all know that Eddie is Leann’s entire existence, why didn’t she just get off twitter like he wanted.

    • Erinn says:

      I was surprised about that, too. Seems weird. I guess maybe twitter is a legit addiction for her… can’t kick it. And maybe Eddie didn’t say ‘Get Off’ and just said something like “You shouldn’t tweet so much”

    • DEB says:

      I thought Twitter was her whole existence. Either way, I think this is just a simple matter of the Karma Wagon being on the go. Love it. Cheating ho.

    • Little Darling says:

      Because it’s her purpose in life to not only make Eddie her world, but to make sure the ENTIRE WORLD accepts, supports and forgives her.

  11. Blue says:

    Smh. This is all so crazy. I think everyone needs to get off twitter, especially LeAnn. Also this lawsuit is so stupid and I doubt it will go anywhere, seeing as it will show how off balance LeAnn is. From the sounds it there are probably plenty of people with proof of LeAnn’s behaviour and I’m sure they would hand it over just to cause her more embarrassment. She started this whole mess, seems to actively stalk people online or have others do it for her and then when they defend themselves she cries foul. My advice don’t start something you can’t finish.

  12. Jezi says:

    How can people cyberbully Leann when she’s blocked people? She’s actively seeking out comments about her from this “group”…which I’m sure I’m one of them. She looks at our Twitter pages to see what we are saying about her. So that’s not bullying when you look for it. She’s the bully. She uses her money to go after people. She did it with her father and now she’s doing it with Kim. She wants to shut people up who have an opinion of her. Maybe if she had gotten off Twitter a long time ago, people wouldn’t comment about her. You can’t be a celebrity and then complain about not having privacy. Leann was not forced into that phone call. She called Kim, she continued to have a conversation with her and say nasty things about Brandi. That was her own doing. At any given point in time she could’ve hung up. I hope Kim gets good representation and countersues Leann. There is no conspiracy. We just don’t like you and are allowed to not like you.

    • natavalita says:

      she’s like a dictator of a small south american country

    • Kelly says:

      I started following Brandi due to my sad addiction to RHOBH.
      A couple days later I thought I would follow Leanne to see if the ‘copying’ rumours were true, and yes you guessed it I was already blocked.
      I never even got the chance to cyber bully her.
      I assume she watches who follows Brandi and pro actively blocks them.
      Miss Cray Cray needs to have a long hard look at her Cray Cray.

      • Jezi says:

        She blocked people who tweeted with me or anyone who supported Brandi. Even if they were neutral. When I cut my hair she tweeted that she liked my haircut. Which means she was watching my twitter feed. She also accidentally hit follow once when she was looking at my tweets. She watches all of us.

      • Isa says:

        That’s gotta be a lot of work. Does she have some sort of database system?!?

      • Jezi says:

        She is on Twitter all day long. She’s been known to tweet over 100 times a day.

      • Chicagogurl17 says:

        Kelly that seems like the definition of crazy. Leann has a lot to be thankful for and a lot of things that are more deserving of this much work and focused energy. Homegirl needs to prioritize.

      • Devon says:

        Isa, you can create lists of people to watch without having to follow them. Leann must check daily who’s following Brandi and then have set up a list of all of her followers and goes through it daily to see who is talking smack about her or whatnot. DeLUSIONAL.

        She blocked me because I didn’t agree with something she said. I can’t even remember what it was, it was a while ago, but I re-tweeted something and made a comment about it and she started attacking me. I should look it up and see what it was!

      • Dana M says:

        Those who have been bullied by LR should come forward and team up with The Smileys to countersue. It may be a stronger case since there is plenty of evidence of other people Leann has been cyberbullying in the past. Most of these victims have screenshots of her nasty and rude tweets that she usually deletes, etc. Plus all of the bribery she’s committed by using her twitter friends to continue to harass others.

    • Little Darling says:

      Doesnt that mean something here? She called Kim, Kim didn’t call her. So therefore wouldn’t it be Kim go needed to give permission? Isn’t it she who is the bully just by default? To go out of your way to call someone….ahhh. All I can really see is the judge laughing his face off, rolling his eyes and saying REAP WHAT YOU SOW!

  13. Starsky says:

    I agree. She was a lot prettier without the plastic surgery tweaks and the weight loss. I sincerely hope one day Leann will get herself together and be confident in herself again. Confident people dont do the things shes done & is doing.

  14. FrenchT says:

    Celebitchy, take some ownership for your part in this. The worst part of this article was the weak one sentence defense about people ” Trolling.” If you are going to post things about people and allow others to do the Same then have the courage to back it up. Just weak.

    • Kelly says:

      I am pretty sure Celebitchy didnt hold Miss Cray Cray hostage and force her to call a twitter hater.
      That was her own doing.
      Miss Cray Cray needs to take ownership of her own actions.

    • I.want.shoes says:

      I agree.

    • Audrey says:

      I’m just surprised they posted YOUR comment. 😉

      • XYZ says:

        Are comments on here being censored now?

      • Isabel says:

        Mine are constantly in moderation and don’t show up immediately. But only on Leann-threads. I don’t mind though, eventually they do show up. I’m not saying vile things, I just state my opinion on certain things and compare situations and talk about stuff I’ve heard/seen in previous Leann-threads. I do put a lot of sarcasm in my posts, that might be a problem *grin*

    • Kimble says:

      I agree. I’ve posted my thoughts on this several times – it’s effing weird that “normal” people with normal jobs and normal lives get SOOOOOO involved with what a celebrity does – picking sides etc!

      This celebrity thing should be fun, not an opportunity for grown women (and men?) to behave like middle schoolers …

      I DO think LR has a mental health problem but that would make me NOT engage with or bully her – not take delight in doing so! Oh well, horses for courses.

      Ms Smiley and her “grown up” daughter, will get to put forward their reasons for what they do if this ever gets to court, won’t they? I suspect, however, they’ll end up having to suspend their fun if they don’t want to end up broke though! My family and friends would think I had lost my effing mind if I got served by a celebrity for doing this stuff :-0!

      • Little Darling says:

        I kind of agree with you…some people seem to have a REALLY MAJOR vested interest in LeAnn, posting intricate timelines, posting extensive kind of creepy posts on ALL of the gossip websites. Don’t get me wrong, I posted the bejeezus out of the story yesterday and today, but it’s just speculation. When I go to links and see the same posts being posted here, and on Celebuzz and Crazy Days and Nights but the same users, or see those users getting into ACTIVE arguments with users…well, it really creeps me out the vested interested in strangers. I think LeAnn has many marbles loose, but this is the one site I read and the only site I comment on. That’s enough for me! (I used to read a bunch and Celebitchy has been my only go to for years and years now…it’s just the BEST one out there)

        However, this is not Celebitchy’s fault, and I am sure they do moderate the rougher comments, but it’s a site designed for speculation and opinions.

        It IS “trolling” when people go to site to site just posting the same things over and over again. Just like LeAnn is the lead Troll for doing this exact thing, but a million times worse, because she is also censoring and bullying.

        Don’t give them things to talk about and you will not have stories written about on these websites. Problem meet solution.

      • Daisy says:

        That’s exactly what “Why?” does, everywhere. She also accuses other people of being trolls, projecting all of her behaviours onto them. *eyeroll*

    • MaxxHotness says:

      I’m sorry I missed how celebitchy is responsible for any of this…. This is a gossip site, hence stories are about gossip. Calm down…. If you do stupid things ( like stalk a non-fan, berate her for having an opposing opinion, then sue her in the name of bullying) it could quite possibly end up on the Internet to be shown to the world. Cuz lets be real, this middle school twitter drama hate fest is a 100x more interesting than her stupid bikini pics…..

      • Mourning the Death of Music says:

        She needs mental help, medication, and to walk away from the internet and allow her PR team to handle her official website (if she has one – wouldn’t know because I honestly couldn’t care less).

  15. judyjudy says:

    I hope this will be a positive thing for her. If she removes herself from the twitter-world for awhile and stops obsessing, maybe she can be a regular old annoying second wife that no one has to hear about.

    • Masque says:

      Considering Ediot’s wandering dong, it’s probably more like regular ol’ pre-third wife.

  16. lizzi says:

    this whole thing is just LOL

  17. The Original Mia says:

    Crazy. All of it. If Leann was truly interested in getting help, she could have waited on the lawsuit but this narcissist just can’t stay out if the spotlight. She craves it. Probably to make up for what she’s not receiving from Eddie.

  18. Blue says:

    Also I hope they are somehow able to authenticate the recording and prove that there was no editing, just pure uncensored LeAmn. It’s funny shewas claiming to never have made the call (according to other people) now that she’s been a proven liar she wants to sue.

    P.s another piece of advice, don’t out your personal info to strangers. We tell kids that but adults are making friends on twitter and it’s coming back to bite them in the ass.

    • Macey says:

      They can, in fact a rep who specializes in that very thing, who also used to work for a huge law firm posted a comment on Celebuzz to have them subpena her. she said there was absolutely no editing in that call whatsoever. it sounded as if she’s willing to help Kim. She also stated the fact that since LR initiated the call and had her on speaker it instantly negates the claim that she thought it was a private convo.
      I posted part of her comment on here last night but the comment did not get posted. Im guessing it has to do with CB being mentioned in the lawsuit papers.

      • Isabel says:

        I got a feeling someone will try to represent Smiley for free, just for the sake of freedom of speech. Maybe even someone from a gossipsite/close to a gossipsite. It involves them too; are they gonna get sued in the future for saying mean things? Someone like Perez Hilton can be very vile sometimes, yet as far as I know he has never been sued. If Leann wins this case (I doubt it) it could open doors for others to sue Twitterers, gossipsites/anyone who posts something negative. Of course in this is a privacy matter involved, but that is pretty much BS.

  19. FrenchT says:

    Also, be prepared for Leann to appear all over day time television for being a victim of cyberbullying.

  20. dorothy says:

    The best thing for this mental mess is to let this thing die down. She’s already publicaly proven that she has numerable issues.

  21. Gia says:

    My understanding is that this Smiley person’s account was locked so the only way Rimes would know what she was tweeting would be to seek it out. She should not pursue this lawsuit. It may reveal some of her own twitter habits. If she ever had fake accounts and trolled people…she may be shooting herself in the foot.

    • Little Darling says:

      Totally agree. All this is going to do is highlight exactly how unstable LeAnn is, how destructive/obsessed she is to Brandi and the kids, and really, that she has NO LIFE. Certainly not the life she wants us all to believe that she has.

      It’s just disturbing, and I think this chick has some set of Moxie!

  22. OXA says:

    LeAnn’s lesson people can not have from you what you do not want to give. If you do not tweet it can not be used against you.
    Teacher Kimberly’s lesson when she loses her job, when you put juvenile crap out there(including the eff bombs) chances are that will come back and bite you.

    I am a Celebitchy addict and I like it.

    • brin says:

      Same here! Also a CDAN addict and Enty (a lawyer) says Leann is out of luck.

      • Isabel says:

        I love Enty:D looks like we all read the same websites xD For some strange reason I hope Enty is gonna represent Smiley. I doubt it and if he does we will never know since it will reveal his identity. He won’t post on CDAN that he is gonna represent her, but even if he does it in secret, I would love it! All my gossipsites coming full circle!

      • brin says:

        That’s right. I really like that they don’t kiss leann’s butt (guess that’s why she named them).

      • emmieapricot says:

        The lawsuit is obviously from a delusional lunatic looking for sympathy in order to twist her own wrongdoings. What I don’t understand is, how can a reputable lawyer file such a suit? Besides making LeAnn look crazier than we even thought, doesn’t it make the lawyer look bad? Or do lawyers just do whatever their rich clients pay them to do? Try to twist the law to fit their needs? Any lawyers in the house?

      • Linda A says:

        Lawyer here. There are always sleazebag lawyers who will do anything for $$$. I don’t know about the legitimacy of this lawsuit (I’m a criminal lawyer), but all of you are right: a lot of crap will come to light and LeAnn may regret filing this for a long time to come.

    • hatsumomo says:

      Why would Smiley lose her job? She’s done nothing wrong and certainly not anything that would impact her ability to do her job.

      • Daisy says:

        I would be worried, simply because this behaviour is not becoming on someone who cares for children. The school boards won’t look kindly on it, and the children will all know about it nowadays, with everyone being on twitter. Why would the children show her respect as their teacher, if she is out cat-fighting in public?

  23. januaries says:

    This has nothing to do with any expectation of privacy. Most states prohibit recording of conversations without the consent of both parties. It’s the law.

    Can you please stop covering these people? This long ago ceased to be fun and is just increasingly more pathetic.

    • Jezi says:

      That’s the problem, Leann made the call in a public restaurant on speaker phone with 2 other people listening in. There is no privacy. The law states that if the call was not private then it isn’t against the law. My mother is an attorney and she said that celebrities don’t have privacy.

      • Izzy says:

        Your mom is partially correct (I’m a lawyer too). Celebrities have a diminished expectation of privacy because of the nature of their work. However, some things are still held as private. (Medical records, for example, are protected for privacy under federal law.)

        Celebrities also have something called “right of publicity.” That is more about the control of one’s name or likeness for commercial use. Not sure if it even would apply here.

        Good luck with that lawsuit LeAnn. (*sarcasm*)

    • Zooyork says:

      Well sorry but I think its fun.

    • Linda A says:

      You don’t need the consent of both parties, you merely have to notify the person who doesn’t know, at least in Ca.

  24. Lola B says:

    Leann has opened a big can of worms. ALL of her twitter crazy is going to be exposed. This is going to be a major backfire. Leann is looking awful.
    And Leann’s most recent published twitter fight (before Smiley) was with a girl that had NOTHING to do with the BB’s. How can she claim she is only fighting with a small group of twitterers that ‘support Brandi’ when the gossip sites just did a story about another twitter fight with that Laura girl. Most BB’s have that Laura blocked. Leann is losing her shit. Karma.

    • Dana M says:

      ITA. All those crazy insane twitter posts that she deleted have all been captured by the people she bullied can be turned in as evidence. She is gonna sink her own ship. This lawsuit is gonna reflect on her poor judgement and shed light on her behavioral problems. Total backfire. Who is her PR team? This has been a goat rodeo!!! I hope the smileys counter.

    • claire says:

      I think her delusions really stood out to me the first time I saw her be over-the-top bitchy and argue excessively with a couple of random people who had tweeted her something negative. Then, within the hour, post several love and light messages to her fans about how she doesn’t care what others think about her, she’s soooo happy and blessed, never reads bad stuff about herself, doesn’t see the negative tweets about herself and doesn’t let it affect her. Seriously. An hour after she’d just argued with several people, for everyone to see, on Twitter. The girl has issues. Her stupid husband should have shut that down ages ago, if he gave a crap. The affair was the least of what damaged her already barely-there career. It was her afterwards behavior on Twitter that gave everyone an insight into her mental health.

      • Little Darling says:

        That’s it exactly. She was obviously so distraught at her choices having consequences, and that it affected her public image, that she massively overcompensated by shoving her perfect life down the public’s throat. Had she just dated him, let Brandi and her boys settle in and just be, married Eddie and lived a life like she had with Dean I think eventually she would have been fine.

  25. Tifygodess24 says:

    The whole going to “rehab” is a front so she can use it in her lawsuit by saying She was so upset about it all she had to go. BS this girl needs real help and brought it on herself plain and simple. People in life hate other people, celeb or not. You can’t make everyone like you or not talk crap, didn’t we all learn this when we were young?! You can’t play the victim role when you are actually the attacker- hello Narcassist!

  26. Van says:

    I *cannot* with grown ass adults crying over cyberbullying. Close your damn Twitter! It’s as if Kstew got a Twitter. You know the hate she would get, especially now? If you’re a public figure, you’re insecure and you know many people don’t like you because you did something awful don’t open social network accounts! Why is she engaging in fights with haters? Why is she harassing haters over the PHONE?! Do you have any friends? Close your social media accounts! But she’s obsessed with herself and rubbing on Brandi’s face that she has Eddie (for now). She needs help. The way she takes pictures posing like Brandi does, or wearing what Brandi wears, wtf?? I cannot believe that she stole her husband and is still threatned by her. Get help, get off Twitter, get your career back.

    • Isabel says:

      Even the director’s wife (can’t remember her name now) in the Kstew affair immediately closed her Twitter when the bomb dropped. She had nothing to hide, wasn’t to blame, but was smart enough to delete since she knew all her Tweets would be dissected and she would be stalked. If someone innocent is smart enough to do it, why didn’t someone as Leann (with a lot of secret accounts, weird tweets and enough proof of craycray) do it? I really don’t understand her PR team, Eddie and her friends. She is only damaging herself/career with staying on Twitter right now.

  27. Chai says:

    This is gonna blow up in her face.

  28. XYZ says:

    Is Celebitchy in legal trouble? Or was that meant as a potential threat? I’m curious if you are planning on changing anything, or asking commenters to comply with any conditions in light of this?

    • ladybert62 says:

      Hi XYZ: I was wondering this myself – glad you asked the question and hope it gets answered.

    • MerryHappy says:

      I know, this is one of the few gossip sites i enjoy. And I’m not judging, but there’s no way I’d get personally involved in this boiled over mess of twitter fight soup. I don’t want to be personally involved in anything celebrity–unless its Collin Farrel, then holler at me, boo! 😉 Sometimes i feel like the only 24 year old woman who hates social mediums like Facebook and twitter and refuses to have them. CB is my social medium, it can’t go away *sob*

    • emmieapricot says:

      I hope celebitchy isn’t planning on changing anything! LeAnn would totally be getting her way if they do. I think she is bullying them by naming them in the lawsuit. Something/someone has to put her in her place and make her accountable for her actions. I’m not saying it’s celebitchy’s job to do so, but I appreciate them for reporting on her delusions and lies and all-around crazy ways.

  29. XYZ says:

    Also, I wonder if Eddie has been reading the site. Yesterday some of us were calling him useless for not doing anything supportive and now there is this source about how concerned and proactive he’s been.

    • Jayna says:

      LOL I saw that. No, I don’t think think Eddie reads any of these sites. He could care less. He probably has to listen to LeAnn whine, and that’s punishment enough. But I do think someone in their camp reads and told him about the comments I and others made yesterday, because it is way too direct of a response on that matter.

      I don’t believe him. I believe that if it did happen, he only did it recently. Eddie blowing up and saying never discuss or post photos of my kids again on yor twitter would stop LeAnn if he really meant it. I don’t believe he did until recently probably.

    • Little Darling says:

      I was always under the impression Eddie couldn’t read.

      I kid. But he’s the type who would just walk away with these bitches want my peen juice!

  30. Mary says:

    She’s the victim again? This chick is something else. I think the cheating would’ve been forgotten, because although it’s not a moral thing to do, it happens every day and no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.
    Where the train jumped the track is after the cheating. The taunting and copying of BG has been disgusting and cruel. And when anyone even gently tried to reason with her about not using someone else’s children as some sort of weapon, she’d get overly defensive and the taunting would only get worse.
    Then she befriends strangers on twitter, as well as her song writer friend, hair stylist and tour manager to harass BG.
    This is not normal behavior from a person who is truly contrite and owning their actions. I once was a fan, followed her, chatted a couple of times. As soon as u disagreed with something, she went off on me and blocked me. She later deleted those tweets. Again, not normal. At minimum she acts like a spoiled child.
    Let’s hope she eventually grows up.

    • Snowangel says:

      I think you have hit on something. Leanne probably didn’t have a normal highschool experience because that time was at the peak of her popularity. She was a spoiled only child. The twitter thing reminds me of some really nasty teenage girls that went to my highschool. They taught be several valuable lessons about myself, and I am a stronger person for them. Leanne never grew the thick skins that we all did because all of her flunkies were telling her how fab she was. She cares way too much about what other people think. Teflon suit time, probably size zero.

  31. Birdix says:

    I realize this will be an unpopular thought, but I feel a bit sorry for her… She hasn’t murdered anyone, but there is so much venomous dislike of her. When even the wronged ex-wife can cut her some slack, can’t anyone else?

    • Layale says:

      The ex is protecting her children. And LeAnn brought the venomous hate on herself by her own actions and the things she says.

    • Samantha says:

      I feel sorry for her too–chick genuinely has mental issues that she needs help for. I’m not saying that to be bitchy or cruel. I honestly believe she needs help. But this lawsuit is not the answer. If anything, it’s her attempt to bully someone.

    • Blue says:

      Ther wronged ex wife is going to have to deal with this woman after all this is over. So it is better for her to look nice and supportive instead of the mean bitter ex who hasn’t moved on and is kicking the “victim” while she’s down. I’m sure Brandi would love for LeAnn to get help but is probably breathing a sigh of relief as well.

    • emmieapricot says:

      You’re assuming everyone dislikes her bc of the affair. I could care less about LeAnn/Brandi/Eddie triangle. I dislike LeAnn bc of the things she says, the way she promotes herself, the lies she tells — just the way she acts in general. She comes off as a very fake, narcissistic, conniving person.

      • Cam S says:

        @emmieapricot: Double this exact statement for me too. It’s not that I dislike her so much for the cheating (though it is deplorable in itself)- I just think Leann Rimes is a vile human being. I’m using the word human being loosely here folks.

    • Little Darling says:

      I think it’s less about her cheating scandal and more about her behaviours. Sure some people are hoity toity about morals and what not, but I think most of this is self made because homeslice cannot keep her mouth shut about anything.

    • Allie May says:

      I feel bad for her also, Birdix. I struggle with severe mental issues myself and I am not ashamed of it. I can understand how her interest in social media may have turned into an uncontrollable obsession. Medication and counseling can make a huge difference in a person’s life. The best action she could take to get her life back on track is to completely get off Twitter and find some useful hobbies to keep her mind active and occupied with healthier matters. I hope she sees this and takes that advice. There are so many activities that would be healthier for her than reading every mean,idiot comment that is written about her -she could spend time reading, writing, painting, meditating, learning about different religions that could possibly bring her some peace of mind….

  32. Jax says:

    This is about to get interesting. So if you don’t like what someone says about you for things you have done and put out there, which you have a way to actively ignore, but choose to engage, provoke, and incite, you can doubledown and claim bullying.

    It will be interesting to see from a legal point of view what happens if it actually goes to trial.

    Also please be careful Kaiser. I wouldn’t be surprised that if she can’t successfully prosecute or sue Smiley, she will come after the forums that allowed the “cyber bullying” to occur.

    Regardless I think is the end of what’s left of LRs career and public profile. The backlash is too great and now it’s been made public on more mainstream websites. She made it mainstream and now she’s really opened herself to public scrutiny which she can’t handle no matter what else may be going on due to her control issues.

    Good luck ladies as this may be considered by some as Leannpocolypse. She’s gonna take anyone she can down as this destroys what she built. And while she will most likely lose, I fear for those targeted and could be tareted because of the financial resources they will have to tap into to actively fight her now that she’s made it personal.

    • Izzy says:

      I’d be shocked, truly, if this went to trial. It involves personal speech over the internet, and because of the First Amendment the internet is almost completely unregulated legally in terms of content (a few notable exceptions, with good reason).

      Unless Smiley actually made threats or stalked her, there’s no case for that. I assume the lawsuit’s invasion of privacy action is due to the recording. Not entirely sure on that one, would have to research it, but not really invested enough to do so (translation: I really don’t care that much about LeAnn, I just enjoy waving “bon voyage” to the SS Cray-Cray as she detours into rehab).

  33. kay says:

    I have always found this site to be accurate with it’s posts, with backing proof or saying that it’s just speculation.

    I hope Leann get’s blasted in this lawsuit.
    The invasion of privacy, IMO, was her (or her rep) finding this woman’s phone number and then using it. She had no right to do that, to call her and swear at her. That is the invasion, the bullying. This poor woman posts like we do, and now this, because Leann Rimes cannot turn off her damn twitter.

    It’s disgusting.

    • Little Darling says:

      I agree, and when I tell people where I get my celebrity gossip from one of the main reasons I site for loving this site is the relatively unbiased writing and then references/links to everything discussed. I call it my “news” but find them to be really thorough in their reporting, unlike some of the other sites I’ve visited.

  34. Sloane Wyatt says:

    William Shakespeare said: “Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind”. Anxiety and stress over doing wrong is called your conscience trying to reach you, and I’m sure it doesn’t help LeAnn’s state of mind to worry about Eddie being Eddie.

    Good luck with getting to a more peaceful place, LeAnn.

  35. DenG says:

    If I think she and her leech husband are worthless and of limited intelligence, I believe I can say that. Just an opinion. I prefer people who have measurable IQs.

  36. ruby says:

    I’m not usually interested in Leann, and I never comment on stories about her, but this is just going so far. Rehab and a lawsuit ? Really ?

    Look I think Leann doesn’t have a clean conscience. She thinks everyone is demonizing her about the cheating, because she’s the first to realize deep down that she didn’t act right. Otherwise she would be able to brush this off as ignorant gossip. Instead she flies off the handle – truth does sting.

    And lastly, if she can’t handle getting everyone’s opinion on her – then there are absolutely steps she can take that don’t involve self pity and playing the victim. She doesn’t have to be on twitter. She doesn’t have to google herself. Some celebs find thay can’t deal with it, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m not sure I could either.
    But taking things this far over a twitter war… It feels immature and as if she rejects the blame on everyone else, when in fact of course the responsibility is shared. She cannot claim she was innocent when she engaged in these wars actively, kept posting personal information and pictures on public websites, called someone and spent five minutes uttering profanity after profanity… Her view of the situation is so warped.

    Yes, people are entitled to their opinion of you Leann. And if you don’t want to hear it, which is legit, then avoid those websites, shut your twitter account, and for heaven’s sake don’t CALL them, that’s just asking for trouble ! I guarantee you’ll be happier that way.

  37. Nan209 says:

    The sad fact is, Leann was in complete control of ending the “cyber-bullying” by simply not engaging. If there is no one in the fox hole across from your fox hole who are you going to shoot at? No one. If she had, quite simply, closed her tweet account all of this cr@p would have gone away. Calling this Smiley person just seems like romancing trouble – it is dangerous behavior (she doesn’t really KNOW these people – for all she knows they are a Hinckley, Chapman, or Bardo, ).

    I hope this is an honest attempt by her to get the help she needs because this is just not healthy behavior.

  38. Over It says:

    There is no doubt that she has many mental issues and needs help. However, she still can’t take responsibility for her actions and get the help she needs. She was called out by the phone call, and now wants to play the victim while trying to bring others down with her. She will never see that this just makes her look worse to the public. I believe the stories about her having sever anxiey over not being liked. She tries so desperately to show she has a strong marriage so people will forgive the cheating. She tries to look like a doting “bonus mom” to appeal to mothers and stepmothers. She makes friends with twitter followers who kiss her butt. She trashes Brandi so she looks good. She does all this to try to make herself look good, but she doesn’t understand that people see through the lies. When people see that everything you tweet and every story you give is fake, they respond. Leann, get some help, get rid of fake friends, and be real to yourself. And please, drop this lawsuit because all it does is make you look more pathetic. Once again, people see the BS that is this lawsuit, and it will only hurt you in the long run.

  39. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I feel a little bad for Ms Smiley, but I have to be honest…why in the hell are all these grown ass adults b*tching and snarking about each other on twitter?? People keep saying that LeAnn Rimes should “just get off twitter.” Why doesn’t that apply to anyone else? Ms Smiley is a mother and teacher–for your own sake please find a real hobby that doesn’t involve being fake friends with fake celebrities (Brandi) and getting so involved in the marriages, relationships and lives of people you don’t even know.

    • gg says:

      I think they should all go off twitter if the reason they’re on is so they can bully people like high school teenagers, or otherwise embarrass themselves. It’s gone to absurd proportions and this is the result.

      edit: For perspective, would somebody like Natalie Portman ever dream of doing any of these things? No, because she has better things to do, like focus positively on her marriage, her child and her career, keeping private.

    • Kimble says:

      I was beginning to think I was the only one that thought this!

    • lisa says:

      I’m a huge fan of leann.I can’t understand whats going on with her.She has a gorgeous,husband.I hope that she’s not feeling insecure,with his ex-wife,or not good enough,for him.Leann i’m in your corner,i wish you well,i’d like to see the old leann,back again.I also wish you and your handsome,well,i hope you get back to your old self.

      • Cam S says:

        @lisa: ^^^^^
        I don’t think we ever really knew the REAL Leann until now. She has been showing us her true colors the past few years. THIS is the real her, the “old” Leann was the fake.

        “When someone shows you who they really are, believe them”- Oprah

    • Masque says:

      Actually, Smiley’s account is set to private and LeAnn even blocked her years ago yet LeAnn managed to read Smiley’s tweets, got her phone number and invaded *her* privacy by calling her.

      Smiley didn’t stalk LeAnn, LeAnn stalked Smiley.

    • emmieapricot says:

      …But isn’t that what we do here? Bitch and snark about celebrities? (Not all the time but sometimes!) From what I understand, Smileys tweets weren’t sent directly to LeAnn — She had to actively search them out.

    • Little Darling says:

      Agree! In fact, I was actually a bit taken aback when I found out after the fact that Ms. Smiley was a grown woman. She didn’t come across like that in the phone call, I really thought she was a teenager.

      I don’t understand the whole twitter thing and having a vested interested in things that don’t touch your reality in the slightest.

      Yes, I post, but it’s still on an entertainment level. Not because I actually think about these things once I leave this website.

      I don’t know…it’s a little bizarre to me, this Brandi LeAnn thing. However, LeAnn eggs it on and Brandi seems to laugh it off.

    • belletristia says:

      I’m on board the “WTF, Grown People?” boat. Killing some time on a gossip message board is a far cry from getting yourself so involved with it that you end up getting sued. Leann has plenty of money to burn on useless law suits, but that teacher is going to end up sunk in legal fees because of this pointless prattle.

  40. Nava says:

    Is LeAnn taking pointers from Charlotte Dawson????

    • Aussie girl says:

      Thought the same thing

      • Megan says:

        Me three! I’m looking forward to Can of Worms take on the CD thing, its exploded the last few days

        And hello to my fellow Aussies 🙂

    • Angelduster says:

      This whole cyber bullying drama is mirroring what is happening to Charlotte Dawson. Charlotte was also in hospital for anxiety and stress over the ” hang yourself” remarks.
      I hope she is doing okay now. She was also on a few different tv channels the other night, I wonder if Leann will be gracing American tv screens with her version of events anytime soon.

  41. Quinn says:

    Everyone has covered the crazy…I am most amazed by her old teeth! We never see anything but giant veneers that don’t fit people’s mouths today.

    • gg says:

      Ohh, I always wondered what the deal was with the horse teeth. They really do alter her appearance, a LOT. Not so much for the better.

  42. gg says:

    I think the simple solution to people bullying you on twitter is to go off twitter and then they can’t reach you. Smart famous people that are bothered by bad reviews or nasty gossip just stay off the computer. I find that photo of her with NoH8 on her cheek is richly ironic.

  43. beclove says:

    Her smug attitude, bikini obsession and exploration of Brandi’s kids are what got her to this point. Not the cheating. IMO she doesn’t want help or even grasp that she is (likely) mentally ill. This insane lawsuit is just more proof. She is DONE and I think Eddie Cibrian is too.

  44. TG says:

    Her gold-digging husband wanted her off Twitter? Really? If my spouse posted the things she does and about my kids he would be shown the door. End of story. No this man is after her bank account and is willing to let his kids around this circus freak.

  45. Zorbitor says:

    Remember Oksana??? 🌟 Mel gave great phone! 🐸

  46. Blue says:

    I have a question, people are saying the expectation of privacy it nullified beside she made the call on speaker phone in a restaurant. Is it because the call was on speaker phone or because it was in a restaurant or both? I don’t understand how you expect to have a private convo on you cell (speaker or not) in a restaurant, where anyone sitting near you or walking by can hear you. I know it’s not the same as recording it and post it online but is a restaurant considered just as public.

    • RobN says:

      It’s a combination of the two. You can have a private conversation in a restaurant, but the combination of being in a public place along with the fact that it was on speaker and there were other people in her immediate presence means no expectation of privacy.

      Even if there were an expectation of privacy, all this Smiley person has to say is that she felt threatened and intimidated by being pursued by somebody rich and famous and recorded the conversation to protect herself. In California there is an exception to the law for threats or if you were in fear of the other person. It’s not hard to make the case here that Smiley could have been fearful of Rime’s attacks on her.

      • Isabel says:

        Exactly, with the screencaps of Twitter (I read on here somewhere someone has a nice collection) that show Leann bullied Smiley and gathered people to attack her it won’t be hard for Smiley to claim she feels threatened by Leann.

    • Izzy says:

      I haven’t read any of the filings, but I’m guessing that the invasion of privacy action relates to the recording and/or release of that recording.

      Having said that, the two posters below responding to your question make a good point about Smiley feeling threatened. Not sure how it would impact things, but I suspect this case is largely BS, at least in terms of LR having a legitimate cause of action.

      Whatever. She needs to get off Twitter. Heck, I have a Twitter account. If I post more than once a week to it, it’s been a banner week. On that and FB, I don’t post something that might come back to haunt me. Those accounts are for my personal enjoyment only.

  47. Kloops says:

    Ugh. A lawsuit! Just when I think I can’t possibly think less of her she goes and outdoes herself. Fascinating. This is a weak, weak suit and only makes her look worse. Someone needs to tell her to get a clue and grow up.

  48. Jaded says:

    Addiction comes in all forms, not just to alcohol or drugs. She clearly has an addiction to social media, i.e. Twitter. Through Twitter she’s trying to validate herself in the public’s eyes because it’s easier to deal with people behind a cyber-wall, at arm’s length. That way you can present your life as something picture-perfect even though it’s full of cracks.

    But people aren’t stupid and she’s learning that you can’t hide behind social media. You will get called out for lying or manipulating situations no matter how you present yourself as victim or innocent party.

    I feel sorry for her because she doesn’t realize she has an addiction, that whatever mental disorder she’s facing – narcissistic, borderline, hysterical, whatever – she needs to concentrate on fixing that rather than going after her perceived or imagined “attackers”.

  49. valleymiss says:

    I really like Brandi’s statement. It acknowledges Leann’s role as stepmom and that the kids love her (2 things that can’t really be questioned)…but also emphasizes that Leann needs HELP and has gone off the deep end. Very classy, IMO.

  50. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    So I’m confused…is LeAnn suing or is the woman who got the phone call from her suing? Frankly I think the woman who received the call should sue. Can you imagine if celebrities read the gossip sites and called everyone who made comments about them they didn’t like?

    Plus it sounds like LeAnn was quite rude when she called. It’s ridiculous that she is calling people who comment on Twitter. She’s a celebrity. She’s in the public eye and is involved with another celebrity who is also in the public eye. People are going to judge her and comment on what she is doing and frankly, let’s face it, they started their relationship while both married to other people. Not classy. I don’t blame just her, he’s just as wrong, but what’s happened, happened. You can’t change history. LeAnn is crazy if people commenting on her and Eddie’s cheating together on their respective spouses upsets her. Sheesh, rise above it. Why does she care so much what some woman she doesn’t even know thinks.

    It seems to me she has some mental issues to address about her massive insecurities and self esteem issues.
    Her whole marriage seems to be her trying too hard to be this fantastic sexy wife and stepmom and proving how much Eddie adores her, etc. Now I’m reading rumours that she thinks he might be cheating on her after only a year into their marriage (not that it would be any better 10 years in or any amount of years in, it’s just wrong period). She obviously isn’t very confident that he loves her for her and feels like she has to keep trying hard to keep him. Desperate much?

  51. Rita says:

    Who wouldn’t record a phone conversation from a stranger when that call was not expected and:

    1.) The first words out of the stranger’s mouth referred to you in a derogator way.

    2.)The caller has a public history of stalking and bullying.

    3.)The caller has a threatening tone.

    4.) The caller’s language is vulgar and continues to be even after requested to stop the dirty language.

    5.) The caller is using vile language to describe the mother of the caller’s step son’s.

    6.) The caller has a known history of not only encouraging, but compensating and employing, people to bully others.

    If I received a call like that I would record it and make it public because it would give the police a place to start looking if I went missing.

    This whole “rehab” thing is just a set-up for the lawsuit. There will never be rehap for LeAnn. She feeds on her evil manipulative persona.

    • brin says:

      You called this Rita (kinda scary that you know how Leann’s mind works)!

      • Rita says:

        Rehab is supposed to be embarrassing and kept quiet. When LeAnn revved up her turbo charged public manure spreader, I could hear the bullsh-t landing on my roof.

        I ask once again, Who set-up Eddie in the hotel sex romp pics and the restaurant-finger-sucking video and who delivered it all to the tabs?

      • Eileen says:

        Seriously Rita-you called it -she was doing the “treatment” to gear of for the lawsuit announcement and I didn’t believe you! I Shoud have never doubted the level of Leann’s crazy. I bow to you. 🙂

      • brin says:

        I bow to both of you. Have a safe and happy weekend!

  52. Katie Too says:

    Without Shepardizing, looks like this case interpreting the California Invasion of Privacy Act is relevant. Flanagan v. Flanagan, 27 Cal. 4th 766 (2002). The Flanagan court found that for a private cause of action to arise, the conversation must be confidential. The court examines the term ‘confidential’ holding the conversation is confidential only when a party has an objectively reasonable expectation it is not being overheard or recorded. 

    This is not legal advice and it may not even be good law anymore. Plus, any examination of confidentiality will be fact specific.

    • Rita says:

      Excellent comment but this suit is nothing more than LeAnn Rimes bullying someone. It won’t really materialize.

    • Izzy says:

      Thank you KT!! I was too lazy to look it up. Based on what you said about the Flanagan court’s holding, LR’s suit has no merit. How could there be any expectation of privacy/confidentiality if the conversation if it was on speaker phone, in front of a crowd at dinner, in a restaurant.

      Ugh. I can’t even. Frivolous litigation annoys the crap out of me.

    • Linda A says:

      Katie, Flanagan is still good law, I shepardized it. Michael Flanagan is an excellent lawyer, I’ve had him in court many times. A quick motion for summary judgment should do the trick.

  53. J says:

    She sounds like she has borderline personality disorder, full stop. I personally think she is genuinely mentally ill. I know he is not easy to sympathize with and begs for attention constantly(part of the disorder), but I do feel bad for her in some strange way. I don’t condone cheating or home wrecking, of course. She just seems like such a damaged person. Hopefully she gets some help.

    • Viv says:

      Probably true. As someone with several people suffering from BPD in my extended family, I do have to say though that I am amazed at how much worse it is when a bitchy person is affected. Makes the BPD so much more unbearable to others, and while I don’t know Leann personally, I think this may apply here. It’s sad how it makes you want to slap that person but then you have to remind yourself that the person is indeed ill.

    • Ampersand says:

      I actually think she has histrionic personality disorder. I have family with both borderline and histrionic. The histrionic seems to fit better with her, at least in my experience with people who have it. Here’s a link to it: http://psychcentral.com/disorders/sx17.htm
      It describes what she publicly shows us perfectly. If you read it, “the cake” makes a lot more sense.

  54. why? says:

    Leann thinks that she can do and say whatever she wants, no matter how ridiculous or out of line it is, without having to face the consequences of her actions. And to make sure that she is never held accountable for the bad things that she does,she uses this this lawyer to bully people into submission. At some point the media needs to stand up to Leann and her lawyer because this has gone on for too long. How can the lawyer make these statements knowing that what he is saying is untrue and that there is so much evidence against Leann? Does Leann’s lawyer know what he is doing? Or has he gotten away with rentless pursuit for so long that he thinks he can do whatever he want?

    The flaws with the lawyer’s logic:

    1) “Stories accompanying posts quoted some misleading out-of-context excerpts of the Unauthorized Recording and otherwise misdescribed what occurred in the conversation.”

    So would Leann’s lawyer care to set the record straight on what Leann actually said in the tapes or recordings? Because how did anyone misdescribe or take out context Leann’s comment about how “Brandi is vindictive as s****? We know that Leann said this because her close twitter pal, who was trashing Brandi for having to take a cab for a week(strange because weeks after this happened, Leann posted a photo of her and Lizzy “catching” a cab), goes to various sites using this same line.

    2)”They also painted Ms. Rimes in an extremely false and negative light, saying, for example, that Ms. Rimes is “crazy and delusional”

    This sounds so familiar. So basically Leann’s lawyer has been trolling this sites and various others?

    People have been saying that Leann is CRAZY and DELUSIONAL for a very long time. It didn’t begin with the recordings or the release of the recordings. People’s opinions of Leann are based on HER tweets, twitpics, staged photo-ops, and interviews. It’s Leann who depicts herself in a negative light, NOT the people who comment on her actions.

    So Leann’s lawyer has a problem. How does he prove that the talk about Leann being CRAZY and DELUSIONAL started with the tape or release of it? The tape was released when? And if he reads any site that reported on Leann’s bad behavior before the release of this tape what will he find?

    3) “Rimes called Ms. Smiley to “defend herself” rather than attempt to amicably end Kimberly Smiley’s harassment of her. ”

    When did this call take place? In March. What happened in March? Leann’s “family” vacation to Mammoth. Leann tweeted up a storm about how she was going on vacation with Eddie and Brandi’s kids and she even posted photos of the boys to her twitter account. One day Leann posted photos of herself and Eddie and then herself and Lizzy all “loved up”. And then the next thing we know the internet was ablaze with photos of Leann and Lizzy making out on a balcony while Eddie watched. There was alcohol involved. Leann and Eddie were slammed because they were drinking while on vacation with the kids and acting like this while the kids were just a few feet away from them. Monday rolls around(this is the day that the call took place), Leann has the lunch with her “fans” and she paps herself out to GSI. Meanwhile the backlash from the photos continued to build. When the backlash from the photos doesn’t stop, Leann then paps herself out to GSI again the next day at LAX with Eddie and attempts to drown out the stories about her making out with Lizzy why having Eonline write about how she is pregnant because she went through a scanner.

    So how odd that Leann would care about what that ONE fan was saying about her when ALL of the internet was slamming her and Eddie at the time that this phone call took place. How can Leann’s lawyer possibly keep insisting that KS was bullying when the evidence at the time shows that EVERYONE was responding to LEANN and EDDIE’s bad behavior. Leann’s phone call had nothing to do with KS “harassment”. It was a last minute resort by Leann to fix what happened over the weekend.

    4)”Defendants and others commented on these stories about the Unauthorized Recording, adding even more false and harassing statements about Ms. Rimes.”

    So would Leann’s lawyer care to prove to us how the statements made about the recordings was false? What harassing statements have been made about Leann? Once again Leann was releasing back to back staged photo-ops of herself before and after this tape was released. So how does this lawyer prove that the “harassment” and “false statements” came from these recordings and not in fact from Leann’s tweets, staged photo-ops, twitpics, and bikini photo-ops?

    Leann’s lawyer is making a HUGE mistake. His one argument has so many holes because if he had taken the time to do his research, he would have seen that Leann gets a lot of backlash from HER actions. It has nothing to do with her affair with Eddie. People don’t respond well to a grown adult woman who shows up a child’s birthday party in a sheer dress and no bra! Nor do they respond well to a woman who calls the paps and then gives the paps the wrong time to her stepson’s soccer game.

    • Ella says:

      ^ Is this comment from Kimberley Smiley?

      • XYZ says:

        Lol no, Why? is just the resident Sherlock Holmes on Rimes/Cibrian/Glanville timelines of events

      • why? says:


        The comment is from common sense. How was that lawyer able to file this lawsuit with that many holes in his argument? His client was being called CRAZY and DELUSIONAL before the tape was even released. When she was releasing back to back staged photo-ops and twitpics of her birthday celebration this month, she was called crazy and delusional. So is she going to sue all those people who commented on the two exclusives that People magazine wrote about her birthday?

      • Jax says:

        Smiley posts her own comments. Why? has been here for ages with her musings. There are many commenters like myself who may observe and even comment on other Celebitchy posts, but the LR posts have taken on a life of their own.

      • Masque says:

        Kim Smiley has the balls to speak for herself. She doesn’t need to hide behind fake names like LeAnn and her toadies.

    • XYZ says:

      You could be a witness for the defendants!

      • why? says:

        Like I told you in the previous thread when you pulled this very same stunt, you don’t have to be a Sherlock Holmes, it’s in plain sight. Leann did a great job at documenting her bad behavior. The media needs to step away from Celebuzz and TMZ accounts. The problem was that Leann controlled the story by having Celebuzz and TMZ crank out article after article depicting herself as the victim. And the media bought it, even though there has been countless articles about how Leann has been going after both Brandi and these people on twitter.

        Any site that posted on Leann’s birthday cake to Eddie, the WEWENLOVE twitter account, Leann’s make out session with Lizzy while Eddie watched, pda at the kid’s soccer games, and her arguing with people on twitter on her honeymoon can be a witness for the defendents!

      • XYZ says:

        Good grief! What stunt!!!?? What exactly am I doing? I noted you appear to follow this story fairly closely. I think that’s a fair observation. I wasn’t inferring you were doing anything wrong or criminal. You seem pretty sensitive for someone on a celeb gossip website. Is it really unreasonable that posters here ask each other questions?

      • why? says:


        What stunt? The stunt where on every article a “random” poster pops out of the blue writing “how do you know so much…I’m not trying to be offensive just asking a question” line.

        I’m not being sensitive, I’m making a fair observation. The last time this happened the person’s name was XOXOXO, the next time it happened the person’s name was “idea”. And now we have…

        It’s not unreasonable seeing as how on EVERY article this “random” poster pops up saying the very same thing you wrote in the previous thread and then as quickly as the person appears, he/she disappears and is never seen or heard from again. And then in the next article, the cycle repeats itself!

      • Izzy says:

        @why – I don’t think XYZ was slamming you, at least, I didn’t read it that way. Maybe she meant expert witness for the defendant, who would be Smiley in this case? At any rate, I found your analysis insightful and accurate based on what I know.

        I don’t think any of us assume you had insider info, just that you have a good handle on the timeline of events. I don’t think it’s a bad thing either! Look at how many times people have updated and posted The Cracken’s rap sheet on this site, right? As for the comment about being the NE’s source, it might have been a joke, but I do NOT think it was meant as a slam. After all, the commenter did say “don’t stop.” 🙂

      • why? says:


        I just know that I see a pattern developing!

        XYZ made a comment in the previous thread that just so happens to be very similiar to what two other posters(ie-XOXOX and idea) wrote in two other threads. When I made a comment about how Leann was taunting Brandi when she posted the photo of herself and Lizzy catching a cab(because I witnessed one of her fans posting for a week about how Brandi has to take a cab because of her DUI), the XOXO person popped up with the “How do you know…not trying to be offensive… just asking a guestion” line. When I posted about how The Dailymail is on Leann’s payroll and that she was using her friends to get Eddie jobs, the “idea” person popped up using the same line. When I posted about TMZ and their coverage of the lawsuit, out comes XYZ saying the same thing. So how odd that when I point out the flaws in the lawyer’s logic, out comes XYZ again with a new spin of the same line that was used in the previous thread!

      • XYZ says:

        *Sigh* Why? It is not what you write, it is the detail of how much you write that stands out in the thread and catches a readers attention. Part of reading and posting on a gossip website is that people might comment in response: They might leave a statement, tell a joke, say something stupid or even ask a question. That is what gossip entails- idle speculation, having fun, enjoying oneself, being entertained, back and forth banter. People generally don’t seek out these forums to freak out and go off at people, or have that happen to them. Anyone who is not here for the sake of having fun, and isn’t comfortable with another commenter responding to what they’ve written should possibly re evaluate why they are posting on a gossip website. The whole reason Celebitchy has become implicated in a ridiculous lawsuit is because commenters on these threads have become serious to the point where it isn’t fun or light-hearted entertainment.

    • Lady D says:

      Hey why? are you by any chance the NE’s source for Ediot’s cheating? You have a lot of knowledge concerning Falcor’s movements and motivations. (Don’t stop)

      • Isabel says:

        @Why? : To add: Leann knew of this tape all along. I remember posts here that stated that Leann denied the existance of the tape, even when Smiley said she had proof. She lied to Eddy/her friends/followers about it and claimed she never called Smiley. I have no idea how this all went down, but apparently it was on Twitter. A spy saw Smiley tweeting about it, Leann decided to get bitchy and then denied everything. NOw it’s all in the open and she sues. Why didn’t she do this earlier? I guess she was convinced she could stop Smiley from publishing it by bullying her. Sad.

      • why? says:


        No, I am not the source for NE cheating story. Why would you think that I was the source for NE cheating story considering that the source for the NE cheating story posted in a previous thread how she had been contacted by NE?

        Leann does a great job at documenting ALL of her bad behavior in her tweets, staged photo-ops, twitpics, and interviews so it’s not hard to know her moves or motivations. The knowledge sits in plain site. If you walk outside and everything is wet, what can you conclude? That it rained or someone left the waterhose on. If the waterhose is intact and there is no evidence that anyone else was around, then it must have rained. That’s how simple it is.

    • Relli says:

      Yeah I have to agree with why? Leann’s antics are all over the internet on various sites and are accessible by everyone. CB doesn’t even post half of the stuff out there and is also super selective of pictures when she does post Because there are literally millions of pictures out there in cyber-world. I don’t know why? but I have an insanely boring job with Internet access so I agree with everything stated Because I have been catching the patterns too!

    • Izzy says:

      @why – good analysis!

    • Johanna says:

      Why?: You are BONKERS! You are waaay too emotionally involved and attached to this story to the point that you cannot see that you are exerting the same obsessive behavior as LR that you seem to want to bring to everyone’s attention (trust me, we are all aware of the fact). Can you not see the irony in that?

      I saw your posts yesterday in the other thread and I laughed and dismissed them but today here you are again sounding extreme. Please calm down and feel free to disconnect your internet connection while you’re at it.

      • why? says:

        I can always tell that hit the nail on the head when posts like this start popping up! So I make a comment challenging the logic of Leann’s lawyer and the next thing I know out comes…

        Did you also just read my first post and skip over all my other posts in this thread too? 🙂

        Why does your post sound just like the one that the “idea” person left in a previous thread?

      • Johanna says:

        You didn’t hit anything. I reread my post & I could have been less blunt especially when I was just reiterating what others had already said so I wasn’t really even contributing to the topic. For that, I apologize.

        I’m just genuinely curious as to your identity because you seem extremely invested into all of this. Your posts are at paragraphs long and very detailed.

        The only thing I’m implying is that you care too much about these people who don’t deserve your attention and they just don’t seem like good people overall. All three of them are so narcissistic, juvenile, & dramatic.

        Edit: I have been commenting on this site for a long time and I almost NEVER comment on their stories. My IP is the only proof I need. If I’m this so called “idea” than how can XY&Z be “idea” too? So now everyone who disagrees with you is a different person other than we claim to be. You have obvious displays of paranoia & seem to think everyone is out to get you. Maybe we all sound the same to you because we all came to the conclusion that you’re nuts just like LR!

        Either way, it’s your call. I’m just saying that you would help your argument a lot more if you displayed less qualities that LR seems to have as well. That is all I have to say & I’m done!

      • Little Darling says:

        Johanna, I actually kind of feel the same way. I’ve seen all of why’s comments, and then was linked to another site (celebuzz) and think that it the same person called “gross”. I commented this exact thing to that person:

        What does BB stand for? I see it on a lot of posts…is it Brandi fans? Also, I’ve noticed you post extensively about LeAnn…is there a reason for this? I’ve seen your comments on other sites too (Celebitchy as Why? and I think on People as Sam) and I am wondering why this is so personal for you?

        I know about following, but it seems like an awful lot of time to be invested in this story, and some genuine malevolent feelings that the media is really doing a terrible injustice, as well as a bit of paranoia that every commenter is out to get and/or pick a fight.

        I just wonder why why? is so invested…is it personal? There was one post that had extensive articles listed…it struck me as a bit much.

        I’m not complaining the posts are entertaining and informative, but I think this posting kind of crossed the line a bit in aggressive nature to xyz and Johanna.

        Just my observation. Not that what why? is saying is off base…but it’s almost as if it is in fact personal for some reason.

      • why? says:

        @Little Darling

        I would like to make a correction. I orginally said that I saw three posts from you in this thread. But as I scrolled throughout the thread I see that you made 12 posts. Yeap 12 posts! So you lecture me about being invested and ask why I “care” about people who don’t deserve my attention, and then to drive your point home, you go off and make 12 posts within that same thread? And then you can’t understand why anyone would be weary of some posters who post. I love that you would lecture me and then go off and make 12 posts, that makes so much sense to me!

    • Ella says:

      It just seemed unusually detailed, with a lot of superfluous capital letters. I guess I don’t totally understand why people unconnected to the situation are engaging with this drama.

      • why? says:

        Well I did post that I was identifying the FLAWS in the lawyer’s logic, so why would it be unsual for it to contain details? A lot of superfluous capital letters? The only words that were capitalized were Eddie, Leann, GSI, huge, crazy, delusional, one, all, everyone, her, and KS. That isn’t a lot. That’s less than 15 words.

        Are you not engaging in the drama by posting?

  55. Rita says:

    This is so typical of an aggrieved narcassitic personality.

    LeAnn is suing because of something she instigated and something she said, i.e., a phone call she made that revealed her foul disposition and vindictive intent. The problem begins and ends with LeAnn Rimes.

    • Blue says:

      Mmm hmmm.
      This call was made in March, released almost 2 weeks ago but she decides to do something now. Poor thing has been “cyber bullied ” for years yet decides to wait until the day after her 30th birthday to seek help. She clearly has issues because I don’t know how she doesn’t see that she is the common denominator in all this. Even though she still manages to blame Brandi. Smh.

  56. Rita says:

    Apparently, LeAnn’s lawyer is trying to involve all the twitter girls. Obviously nothing more than an attempt to mass bully but in discovery LeAnn better be ready to turn over all her fake accounts as well as Darrel Brown’s DM, Amjean, and all the other so called private twitter people. Then we’ll see who the real bully is.

    If her private antics are completely called in public she’ll fold like a poker hand holding a pair of duces.

    • Masque says:

      Not to mention the opposing counsel could request copies of the computer history from Team LeAnn’s computers.

      THAT would be interesting, no?

  57. Me says:

    How HAPPY did Eddie look the day before she entered rehab, at their birthday dinner? They both knew she was going into rehab the next day and would be gone for a month, she looked tense clutching her purse and he had a big fat grin on his face!!

  58. KellyinSeattle says:

    Wow, she used to look a lot better. The thing I don’t get; believe me, if someone is having a breakdown they don’t have the capability of issuing legal orders; she has a crappy attorney.

  59. tru tru says:

    I’m am still tripping on her calling twitter followers…WHO does that??

    I hope in therapy they get her to stop w/this bogus lawsuit, people have opinions and SHE cannot MAKE anyone think “well” of her.

    this is the real world, everyone has opinions, she and no one else can control mine.

    most folks that have had the kinda of past love life she has had–lay low NOOOO not her, she gets twitter and starts challenging people and calling them, she has been a bully herself on twitter w/her minions.

    this is a gossip site, get over it and live your life off of the internet and twitter.

    blaming the public and the internet for your “antics” is childish.

    that suit only causes more static about her and her behavior

    she’ll be broke trying to sue all of the sites that talk about HER antics.

    freedom of speech, no one here contacted her personally–get over it.

  60. Ruyana says:

    I don’t feel sorry for LeAnn. Mental illness or not, she has brought pain to many people through her actions – sometimes just because they were in the way of what she wanted. Now she’s deliberately seeking out people to harm. Her actions are pure evil in my opinion.

  61. why? says:

    Is it me or does ROL article about how Eddie wanted Leann to get off of twitter sound like Eddie is throwing Leann under the bus? Look at the choice of wording: over-sharing, hates twitter, out of control. It’s like Eddie is laying the groundwork to justify why he either cheated on Leann or wants out of the marriage to Leann. So perhaps this is what really happened on Tuesday and lead to Leann’s rehab. Eddie told Leann that he wanted out of the marriage.

    Eddie shouldn’t get off that easy though. If Eddie didn’t like the fact that Leann was meeting people from twitter or hanging out with these people, then why was he constantly photographed with those people both by GSI and in Leann’s twitpics? Not only was he photographed with these people, he allowed his kids to be exposed to those very same people. And wasn’t one of Leann’s twitter fans bragging about how Eddie sent her a text?

    If Eddie hates twitter, then does that mean we were right about Leann tweeting from his twitter account?

    • Masque says:

      Eddie threw LeAnn under the bus before they were officially a couple. Remember him begging Brandi to forgive him and take him back?

      I firmly believe he’s with LeAnn because he can manipulate her. If he really loved her, he would have put a stop to her shenanigans from the get go.

      Eddie never cared about LeAnn, she was just an easy fuck that wouldn’t go away and a bank account he could spend.

    • Ming Lee says:

      @why – NOW eddie hates twitter? now he has a problem with the bonus boys tweets? something seems off here.

      @masque – the blind item on crazy day and nights a bit back speaks of the same thing..that eddie is only with leann because he’s using her for her money and will ultimately leave her.

  62. Clarish says:

    Yes, Leann is absolutely a victim; of her own insecurity and of hew lawyer’s possible greed.

    A good lawyer would have advised her to drop the idea of suing, but perhaps he just wants his several hundreds per hour to file paperwork, shuffle relevant papers around, and call TMZ with cleverly worded ‘inside scoop’.

    She will not win this case, but rather it is a possible LOSE-LOSE as she will be exposing her own statements to the world over and over again. The suit is self-destruction. Were I her lawyer I would have refused and sent her elsewhere rather than have my name (and invoice) attached to this.

    As for why she is so insecure about Eddie — well, didn’t he run right back to Brandi and beg for forgiveness and later return to Leanne ONLY when Brandi would not take him back? This is likely why Leanne wants so badly to have what Brandi has and to be Brandi, IMHO, because Eddie did not willingly stick with Leanne, of which she must be well aware. And perhaps Leanne thus wishes she had that same level of Eddie’s affection. As Eddie is broke-ish, Leanne might well know that were she poor he’d not be around.

    Also, Arrested Development (not saying Leanne has this as it seems her issues might be numerous and far deeper) occurs when some sort of huge change or trauma occurs, good OR bad. So people who somewhat suddenly hit it big or win the lottery and thus their lives change drastically in a short period of time can be stuck at that emotional age. A perfect example of this is Taylor Swift, stuck perpetually in ‘innocent teen girl who believes in fairy tale romance”.

    • Relli says:

      I could not agree more and said practically the same thing in a thread yesterday. Any lawyer worth thier salt isn’t going to file this complaint seriously because mental anguish & emotional distress is difficult to prove in the court of law. It was likely a scare tactic and will be settled out of court if at all. But an attorney who is looking for some easy billing hours with a sizable retainer and a client who is going to pay their bills…cha Ching!

      • claire says:

        How do you go on vacation after vacation after vacation, brag about how awesome and perfect your life is 24/7, take another month-long vacation to throw your self numerous birthday parties, yet again 24/7 putting out tweets, quotes and photos about how amazing and happy you are, then the next day say you’re mentally anguished and can’t function? I don’t see how that’s going to hold up in court.

        Though, I have to say, she looked really “off” in those Nobu photos. Eddie, on the other hand, looked ecstatic. I guess now we know why.

    • stinky says:

      good one Claire.

  63. AMY says:

    I am going to keep my opinion simple…This is what Eddie left his wife, and mother to his childern for??? I just couldn’t imagine having my dirty laundry aired out in public. Life is difficult as it is, why make it so much harder???

    • Samigirl says:

      Oh, honey, he didn’t leave his wife. He BEGGED her to keep him. She kicked his behind out and into LR’s waiting arms. His other mistress dumped his a** as well. LR was the only one who wanted him. They deserve each other, imo.

  64. Green_Eyes says:

    LeAnn doesn’t want negative feedback or comments then don’t invite them. She & her fans are guilty of bashing people on twitter that have never said a negative thing towards them. For no reason other than they have a friend that may be on their “list”. Its ridiculous. When your on a PUBLIC DOMAIN tweeting every so many minutes of the day what you are doing, your inviting comments. When you are negative towards others, you get it back. Instead of deleting & blocking , the grown up thing to do. LeAnn decides to call this woman?!? First BAD MOVE! 2nd BAD MOVE, if your trying to be civil & peaceful do not start a conversation w/
    someone by saying “Look Bitch”. Guarantee it WON’T be a Civil grown up conversation. Guess LeAnn figures she lost that round so let’s cry anxiety & stress, then sue. Yeah, that will teach that woman & my haters….

    Can we round up Leann, Lindsay & all those crazy batshit cases & vote them off this island???

  65. Paloma says:

    She is getting validation of her self through the eyes of strangers. Until she realizes that not everyone is going to like you, she will keep getting hurt. Get off twitter, LeAnn.

  66. Theresa says:

    Leann interrupted the conversation between her Twitter buddy and Kim, then passed the phone to someone else. Please explain to me how that was a private call when it involved multiple people on her end? She has sued and lost in the past. Is suing her thing? if people don’t do what she wants or expect better behavior from her she stamps her foot and sues. Playing victim is a huge mistake for her at this point. She really does seem to have NPD. She refuses to own anything and is suing the stranger she stalked and called. What a freak.

  67. Theresa says:

    There has to be some room for maneuvering on the part of the plaintiff due to how LR got her phone number. Is her number unlisted? Or that LR didn’t know her real identity until the “Twitpal” revealed it and provided the number. This on its own should provide the plaintiff with grounds for a countersuit perhaps, invasion of her own privacy, however the target would have to be the person who provided her information to LR.

    I do hope that if this case goes all the way that Smiley retains an excellent lawyer. I am not sure if this is a case of straight interpretation of the law, because I fear that Smiley is going down if so. Maybe LR just wants a public apology and ass-kissing and will then drop the suit.

    And in the end, LR is going to suffer from image backlash, as she has always. If she ever wanted sympathy and redemption, she has now completely wiped any chances of that happening. There were probably plenty of people that hadn’t heard of the recordings until now that will seek them out and hear just how screwed up she is. She has inadvertently created a s**tstorm of attention to something she didn’t want to admit to in the first place. Those that were on the fence will see her for her bullying and hypocritical ways. Silly girl, she didn’t think this through very well, did she?

    • Isabel says:

      If this is the case I wouldn’t be surprised Leann is gonna throw the person who had the number under the buss. I believe this girl gave interviews too, and she wasn’t pro-Leann it seemed. She was pretty neutral. And since she has Smiley’s number I get the feeling the know eachother pretty well. She would be a good witness for Smiley, if Leann doesn’t brainwash her.

    • claire says:

      You know what also backfired? All these fans who normally kiss her butt and tell her she’s perfect, started applauding her for “finally” getting help, when the rehab story came out, and before the spotlight shifted to the phone call. I’m sure she didn’t expect that – to see their true thoughts about her behaviors. Add to just all the bad press and comments she’s getting in general, and this is such a huge PR fail on her and her lawyer’s part.

  68. bettyrose says:

    Hard to believe that’s the same person in those pictures. Her younger self looks like such a sweet, girl next door type, which I realize is totally the image they sold of her, but it probably was true at one point, right? But she’ll never get that back.

  69. nw43 says:

    This may sound harsh but she’s REALLY unattractive. Her face, ugh… can’t plastic surgery fix that? How very unfortunate. On top of that, she sounds mentally unstable as well…really, really unfortunate.

  70. Kiyoshigirl says:

    All of this has gone too far. Fans need to back off and stay out of a marriage (past and present) that is none of their business. Brandi has called for it in the past. LeAnne has called for it, repeatedly. Mistakes have been made on both sides, but the pattern of fans insinuating themselves into these celebs private lives is all kinds of strange. Something is lacking in these fans lives if they willingly connect themselves to this drama. One need look no farther than the sad life of Lynn Hudson (IHJZ). She took on a cyber bully role and it ended up consuming her personal life, which was tragically cut short. I’m sure if she could do it all over again she would trade every hour she dedicated to that website to spend the time with her children and husband. What little notoriety she received for her attachment to reality stars ended up being worth ZERO. Word has it by the time of her death she was embroiled in multiple lawsuits and her only source of income were CPC’s from Adsense. That should be a lesson to all fans who find themselves getting over involved with the reality star phenomenon. It’s just not worth it folks. Move on and enjoy your family and friends. Life is too short.

    • why? says:

      Leann’s marriage is EVERYONE’s business because SHE makes it EVERYONE’s business. Did you see the interview she gave Celebuzz from rehab? Did you see the video she gave People magazine of her kissing Eddie?

      Brandi has called for peace, but even though Leann says she wants peace, that is not what Leann is doing. Leann is STILL encouraging her fans to go after Brandi. One of Leann’s fans posted for a week about how Brandi had to take a cab because of her DUI and then the next thing we know Leann posts a photo of her and Lizzy catching a cab. So where is this coming from? Leann. Not the fans.

      LEANN RIMES is giving her fans personal information about Brandi, Brandi’s kids, and Eddie. This won’t stop until Leann stops. And this includes the tweets and sending her fans to various places to make nasty comments about Brandi.

      What do you think what will happen when Leann comes out of rehab? She is going to go back to the staged photo-ops and twitter doing this all over again, but this time she will be even worse because now she feels invincible or that she can sue anyone who calls her out on this nonsense.

    • Snowangel says:

      About 35 years ago I watched an interview with a soap star, he was talking about the mail the studio got from viewers warning him who was plotting to kill him, and who was trying to sleep with his wife. I think it was the guy who plays Victor on YR. Those viewers were so wrapped up in the story line they forgot it was all pretend. This is the same phenomena here with Leanne, Brandi and Eddie. It is just played out slightly differently. Same neurosis in the soap viewers as the twitter people.

  71. LeeLoo says:

    What did she do to herself? It’s so sad. She was never really fat to begin with. She should never have gotten a nose job it has messed her once pretty looking face.

    I don’t agree with there being a website devoted to how LeAnn is a terrible person. IMO, both sides of this argument are guilty of being petty and immature and it doesn’t matter who started it at this point.

    No, I don’t like LeAnn. LeAnn needs to be a grown adult who can take some criticisms and negative comments from Twitter. I have to say, her Dbag husband is right, she needs to stay off Twitter. At the same time, I’m not a fan of Brandi’s for many reasons. She’s been seeking fame for awhile now and she finally got it on RHOBH. She has made a lot of questionable decisions and been just as bad as LeAnn at attempting to draw attention to herself. Eddie is a douche with a wandering dong who couldn’t handle being alone after Brandi dumped him so he married the first desperate thing available (i.e. LeAnn). Every adult in this situation sucks and the only two I feel sorry for are Jake and Mason.

  72. Masque says:

    “[She has] this constant feeling of being punished for something.”

    For being a douchebag. LeAnn, you are being punished for being a lying, manipulative, psycho douchebag.

    • Little Darling says:

      No one is punishing her except for herself. People expressing their thoughts, even the meaner ones, aren’t punishing her actively. She doesn’t know them, they don’t know her, and no one is going out trying to actively destroy her life. She’s doing a great job of this all on her own.

  73. Bedazzled says:

    Um Leann honey. You called the woman while you were on speaker phone, with two others listening in a croweded restaurant at lunch time. YOU called HER. A total stranger. And you cussed her out. You took issues with comments made on her PRIVATE twitter account that you had others show you. You had no access to her twitter and she had no access to yours. Please sue. So she can get your money. Dumbazzz.

  74. Sarah says:

    She just gets crazier and crazier. If she wants people to leave her alone, maybe she should quit tweeting about every detail of her life and stop calling the paps on herself. Simples.

  75. geekychick says:

    The moment she called a stranger because of twitter-is the moment she crossed the line to no-no land. I’m sorry, am I seriously this conservative, but how many of you people calls people you know from twitter(not irl)? and how many of you call people you haven’t MET and say “listen bi*** you have…”??!! No one, because normal people don’t do it. Normal people don’t have the need to discuss opinions of people they’ve never met (and they don’t have an impact on their life), they live their life, do they best and care about the people who really know them, friends, family,people they trust -and their morals. Seems to me that Rimes needs some of that.

    • brin says:

      Right?! Calling and cussing out a complete stranger and then filing a lawsuit for invasion of privacy! wtf?

      • surfing2day says:

        Yeah right….her publicist says they don’t expect privacy, but would respect it (going to rehab)yet they sue for invasion of privacy lol

      • stinky says:

        hey Brin – i think L.R. was desperate, and trying to cut-off-the-head-of-the-snake, so to speak. as painful as that phone call was to sit thru (i typed the whole time anyway, haha), to me it sounds like L.R. is genuinely trying to end it all SOMEHOW. She sounds like she will try anything to just get people to stfu. of course calling the person up was weird as f*ck – but she sounds genuine to me. that woman who recorded it needs her ass kicked just on g.p. And she sounds like a complete twat. AND she’s a breeder who’s teaching her own kids this kind of insane bitchery? L.R. has a new fan in me in this particular arena, even tho i have a serious hate-on for hos and homewreckers.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        There was nothing for Leann to end. She blocked the woman from her Twitter and the woman has a private account. What she wanted to do was what she always wants to do: control. She wanted this woman to feel intimidated that a real, live celebrity was calling HER and she should feel honored, see Leann’s side of it and stop being a BB. The thing is that BB grew out of a real concern for someone with (at the time) no resources, no money, and a celebrity hell bent on possessing her life. Leann gets away with what she can, and when brave women call her on it and make her stop, she sees it as a personal attack.

  76. Shelly says:

    Well, it’s quite obvious that she can’t handle her stress or anxiety, because otherwise why would she even engage with complete strangers on Twitter who attack her, let alone actually call one of them. Most famous people ignore that stuff, as it comes with the territory of being a public person. I’ve never really had a hate-on for LeAnn, but I do think she’s completely unbalanced. She obviously needs to learn some coping mechanisms to learn how to not engage the trolls and to learn how to relate to Brandi in an adult way. She and her husband are not the only people to have ever cheated. She needs to just move on and live her life and stop engaging in past drama and stop defending herself.

    • Jayna says:

      Garth Brooks and what’s her name had a long affair quietly. When he left his wife and they got together they lived quietly, and she wasn’t tweeting about her bonus kids, even though he had them half the time and some later even full time, I think. Vince Gill and Amy Grant, past the initial salacious gossip about it all, basically tried to live as quietly as possible regarding their personal life, giving interiews here and there later as time passed and definitely didn’t post photos of the other’s children all the time. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, no one even knew about the affair until he admitted it years later. But Rita never carried on about his children.

      None of these women tweeted photos of themselves and hired paps to blatantly pose in bikinis all the time to where really people were embarrassed for LeAnn because it was so blatant anymore what she was doing.

      Many, many people have affairs and move on and many have great marriages. She is destroying her own marriage. He will get sick of all the drama and LeAnn’s obssession with all this. Don’t doubt she carries on at home to him all the time about it. Men have a short fuse as far as patience with this kind of stuff.

      They don’t plan to go far in this lawsuit. It’s a scare tactic is all.

  77. Natalina says:

    She doesnt need to sue. She needs to focus on her career and grow a thicker skin.
    There is no one to blame except herself. For a 30 yr old woman to cry that she’s being cyber bullied is complete and utter nonsense. Especially when she can do something about it (delete her twitter account) People who are REALLY bullied–like students who are required to be in school and cannot control their fate is who I feeel for. Not someone who opened up a public forum and will sue if negative comments are relieved about her
    she’s making the country look bad, she’s making the legal system look bad and I hope her case is thrown out.
    get the help you need Leann and deactivate ur freaking account!!!
    She should be embarassed

  78. barb says:

    I agree, this move makes her look even worse. She can’t even take even one small iota of responsibility for her own actions in initiating the call and for what she said? I think people dislike her so much because she is constantly blaming other people and refuses to take responsibility for anything that happens to her. That’s what makes people so upset, and once she gets that her life will be so much easier. She’s a Virgo, and very often its the Virgos and the Pisces people who do the victim-martyr dance. Of course not all Virgos and Pisces do that….but when someone is doing that, its invariably a Virgo or a Pisces.

  79. Dimebox says:

    Common sense tells us that there as no expectation of privacy on that phone call. Also, Leann placed the call and could have hung up at any time if she felt hurt or bullied. The emotions I get from her are jealousy and vindictiveness. As far as cyberbullying, this case does not begin to meet the standard. A cyberbullying, aka Internet defamation, precedent was set in Texas in the case Lesher vs Coyle in April. The facts of that case would apply to Leann not Smiley. A wealthy person with impulse control attacked his perceived enemy on a Topix site under many screen names and also had his friends and employees do the same. The claims they made
    were extremely damaging personally and professionally, and the jury had no trouble finding against the defendants. Leann doesn’t have a case and will only further damage her reputation by attacking Smiley.

  80. Dee Cee says:

    You deliberately hurt me so bad you made me sick, I have a doctors note.. so I am suing you..

  81. Byte Me says:

    LeAnn dear, I do hope you’re reading this because the bottom line is that you are an insecure bully. The kind of help you need is not the Monday thru Friday kind of help at a rehab/resort. Get serious.

  82. Happy21 says:

    I almost never post on these Leann posts because I don’t really have much of an opinion except that I dislike her and think she is ugly.

    I think that the hate would be a lot less if she just was herself. If she didn’t try to be someone she isn’t, if she wasn’t a famewhore with incredibly low self esteem posting photos of herself in bikinis and shit. People do that because they want attention, not because they think they are sexy or gorgeous. They post it to get people talking. If Leann would realize that she is who she is and stop making an ass out of herself then people would stop hating on her so much. She needs to remove herself from the situation.

    And as far as her marriage goes, she did cheat on her husband with a man who was also married, you can’t expect people to love you for that sweetheart. It is known a happy marriage cannot be broken by temptation so its not like he and Brandi whatsis were likely happy but there is no excuse. People tend to dislike people who cheat on their spouses, its just the way it is.

  83. Ojulia says:

    If you’re in a public place with a group of “friends” and you make a phone call that you want *them* to overhear, then you have voluntarily given up your expectation of privacy.

    I don’t think she has a case. She needs to drop it, in any case. It’s making her look like a vindictive toddler.

    • surfing2day says:

      I agree, this lawsuit makes her look really bad. Imagine what the X factor, AI and other shows she wants to work on will think of this. She can’t handle criticism, next resume please.

  84. Memphis says:

    Please. She is not and never was a victim in any this.

    She actively engages in twitter ‘winks’ and LOL with people who say vile things about the mother of her step children, SHE stalks the BB’s LOCKED twitter accounts using fake names, SHE starts fake twitter accounts to harass and say vile things about Brandi, SHE rewards people who bully Brandi by giving them trips to meet her, SHE calls up a stranger and starts a conversation with, “Hey Bitch!” … and now she want to file suit and claim she was cyber bullied!?! UN -FRICKEN- BELIEVABLE!

    We all knows this has nothing to do with cyber bulling.. it has to do with the fact Eddie is getting his freak on with lots of random strange and it made her cray cray kick into overdrive. We all know it.

    She is in there because Eddie was/is leaving her and she’s having a meltdown because she knows we will all be shouting from the rooftops WE TOLD YOU SO! and everything she ever said about Brandi and Eddie’s relationship is coming back to bite her in the ass.

    I can’t wait for this whole mess to blow up in her face. All the proof of her cray cray and Eddie’s cheating to spill out over every magazine cover and take front and center of every headline. That will be worth seeing.

  85. brin says:

    I’m not usually a fan of Radar but they posted Kim’s response to Leann’s lawsuit so props to them.

    • heidi says:

      Radaronline is doing an excellent job exposing Leann’s lies and providing a platform for Kim Smiley to have a say on.
      Kudos to them~~at long last.

    • Caroline says:

      I noticed something rather disconcerting on the People website. I’d read through the comments earlier and there were a lot of them pointing out LeAnn’s fake Twitter accounts and the fact that she rewarded Twitter pals who abused Brandi and that people noticed this and started supporting Brandi. Basically they were countering her attempt to appear an innocent victim who came under fire through no fault of her own. Those posts have all been removed. As an experiment, I posted a similarly themed post which was on the site for about half an hour and then disappeared. Never thought I’d say this but thank goodness for Radar. People mag is obviously LeAnn’s bitch.I know it is just a fluff mag but to censor the truth like that is disgusting.

      • brin says:

        The editor on Radar site said LR’s team is working overtime for sympathy for her on certain sites.

    • surfing2day says:

      Interesting comment Caroline. I have always heard that people mag is a celebrity publicists mag, that is often used for damage control. Deleting any type of negative comment though is so one sided. I’m done with them for sure now.

      • Caroline says:

        So am I. They are so LeAnn sided it is ridiculous. Certain posters have been accused of being paranoid for saying as much but I think they were on to something,

  86. Paige says:

    You guys make me want to check my Twitter now. Last week I made a comment about her being “classy” about suing for getting busted. It makes me wonder if she is now watching my Twitter page. Which sorta creeps me out because who does that?

  87. Jaana says:

    Yup I knew it. he caught her in a lie. i am sure eddie told her to lay off twitter and she didnt. she got caught and he told her it was over.

  88. TheTruthHurts says:

    I find it interesting that part of the lawsuit states that the recording of the call caused damage to her “personal relationships.” Does that mean that the rumors that she lied to Eddie that this phonecall never took place are true? Maybe when Eddie found out about it, he flipped out? Eddie must be so embarrassed to have such an immature wife.

    • heidi says:

      Good question and definitely something to consider.

    • brin says:

      She’s still the only one to blame for lying…why doesn’t she sue herself, that makes more sense.

    • BeccaZ says:

      Seriously. At what point is Eddie going to realize that its not enough to be bought and paid for? He’s stood buy and allowed this woman to bully, mock and imitate the mother of his children and use his kids for photo ops. These two could have spent their entire lives going on vacations, out of the public eye. But nope, not enough for this one. She’s so trigger happy with the lawsuits, you’d think she’d run out of money eventually.

      Its bad enough when your husband cheats, but Eddie had to choose Ms. Crazytown? If someone cheated with my husband and then proceeded to mock and bully me, oh I’d have a huge problem with it. Brandi is a saint. I don’t care what else she does in her personal life. For this alone, she gets major props. Honestly, the way things are going, Brandi might want to lawyer-up and start thinking about getting full custody.

      Leann won’t stop. If Eddie does leave her, I doubt she’ll just let him go.

  89. Michelle says:

    Random side note, but I wonder if these Smiley women are related to Real Housewife “Hunter” Slade Smiley… ???

  90. Kloops says:

    Unfortunately, the way I see this ending is with Leann legally bullying the Smiley women into a public apology. She has the legal resources and money to do it. Then she’ll claim a victory for all cyber bully victims. It’s going to revolting, but unless the Smileys have a great lawyer who will work for free it’s inevitable.

    • Ennie says:

      She is a millionaire… This is an unequal fight. She called, she called a stranger, she puts her life out there for public consuption, hers and even the two children’s…
      She is totally improper parading herself in skimpy outfits in front of children and paps that she herself calls…
      And then she is the bullied one… That is crazy, the children deserve better.

    • why? says:


      I agree that Leann is going to bully them until they give in and apologize, Leann uses the same tactic on Brandi. In addition to legally bullying them, Leann is also using the media(Celebuzz, TMZ, People magazine) as a means to bully them into submission.

      Just about every media outlet that is posting this story, isn’t even challenging anyting that Celebuzz, People magazine, or TMZ wrote. The S have the public’s support, but what is going to be hard is changing the way Leann has manipulated the media into depicting her as the victim and them as the villians.

      Leann is really milking this, and the sad thing is that the media isn’t willing to challenge any of the lies that Celebuzz, TMZ, People mag, and Leann’s lawyers are pushing. How could the twitter bullying have started when Leann first started dating Eddie, when NO ONE knew that Leann was on twitter posting as WEWENLOVE until both Dean and Brandi called Leann out for what she was doing and saying on that account? And that was when the backlash started, not because she was dating Eddie, but because Leann was on twitter stalking Brandi and being insensitive towards Dean.

      • Theskinny says:

        Yep. You should follow this guy from Radar Online on twitter. He tweeted “David Perel ‏@IMPerel

        LeAnn’s team working overtime to get sympathic coverage from certain outlets. I know because journalists are the biggest gossips!

      • Kloops says:

        I know! It’s disgusting! Gossip sites that completely suck up to celebrities completely defeat the point and lose my attention. If you can’t be honest, what’s the point?

    • lori says:

      I agree with everything Why is saying. All of this is a PUBLICITY STUNT by a former child star spoiled brat multimillionaire famewhore who can’t stand it that the public and her husband have moved on.
      It’s a high-priced temper tantrum from a psycho Nelly Olson (love that nickname for her!).
      Also, for all of the people who tell her to “grow up,” she can’t, and she never will.
      I have a stalker like this in my life (female, spoiled wealthy entitled brat) and after consulting many different therapists, attorneys and a psychiatrist, I got that answer. Someone like Leann is most likely a very ill woman with one or several personality disorders, stemming from childhood and now entrenched in her adult personality. She has narcissistic personality disorder and possibly borderline personality disorder as well as ocd, eating disorder, and substance abuse. Someone with this personality is forever an adolescent. They are forever a victim and a drama queen. Their whole lives are about creating drama to get their egos fulfilled. For Leann, it’s the only way she can get inspired to make music or perform. That’s why it is so important to publicize her bullying. Just like Miscavige and Scientology, Leann and her pr team will spend lots of time and money using the press to bully anyone who tries to tell the truth. The only way to fight them is to stand up to them and tell the truth.

  91. TheTruthHurts says:

    I want to add that I find it TERRIBLY ironic that LeAnn is rumored to have played Brandi Glanville’s private voicemails she left for Eddie to her Twitter followers to hear, but she sues when a phonecall of hers gets recorded and played for everyone.

    • claire says:

      The twitter people involved in this mess REALLY should start publicizing that, if they have screenshots of LR’s fans admitting that.

      I’m thinking that if she really is in rehab for twitter addiction, (related to her narcissism)then, part of her therapy would be to own up to her own bullying she and her fans/employees were doing, call it a draw, and drop the lawsuit. Maybe that’s how all of this will play out.

    • why? says:

      It’s not a rumor. One of her fans publicly stated that Leann allowed her to listen to Brandi’s voicemail to Eddie. The person was tryng to convince everyone that Brandi was the villain. The person posted it on some forum. This is what I find so odd, several of Leann’s fan’s have publicly tweeted or posted that she allows them to listen to Brandi’s voicemails to Eddie and read Brandi’s emails to Eddie, yet Celebuzz, ROL, TMZ, and People magazine don’t pick it up. And Leann’s lawyer claim that Leann is the one who was betrayed.

      • Eileen says:

        If I get named in this lawsuit-which is likely-I hereby hire Rita & Why? as my council with Brin as my drinking buddy throughout the trial. Stalkertinis for everyone!

      • Rita says:


        Well, there it is. I KNEW you liked brin better than me!! I’m going to sue with @Why? as co-counsel.

      • brin says:

        I made enough Stalkertinis for all of us! Radar is really doing a good job reporting on this. Leann needs to drop this lawsuit, it’s making her look really bad.

      • Eileen says:

        But RITA! I would INSIST you cross-examine Leann sh!tfaced drunk. How fun would that be!!??

  92. Mimi says:

    Talk about being a bully? If this is legit looks like Leann and her friends CONSTANTLY bully Brandy. How can Eddie be ok with her doing this to his kids mother????


    • DEB says:

      That is seriously scary. Really. That’s disgusting that Edie allows it to happen, if he’s aware. If he is, then they deserve each other and brandi is better off without him.

  93. Clydia says:

    So she enters rehab to learn to cope with stress and anxiety and files a lawsuit? Please. She probably went in for treatment–making a lot of noise along the way–so she can claim damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress in her lawsuit. It’s her proof and measure of damages.

    Personally, I think it’s harassment on LR’s part. I hope the defendants file a counterclaim.

  94. why? says:

    Can you imagine the staged photo-op Leann has planned for this weekend? Will Leann play up the victim campaign by walking around looking sad as Eddie “protects” her or will she be smirking because in her mind she “won”?

    What I learn from this incident is that Leann will go through any lengths to get her way. And that as long as People mag, Celebuzz, TMZ, and Mr Stein enable her bad behavior, Leann will never get better.

  95. Cam S says:

    I hate bullies and I dislike INTIMIDATION. That is all this is. Leann Rimes wants to play but doesn’t want to pay. She is a cake eater that takes NO responsibility for her actions.

    This trick reaps EVERYTHING she has sewn. This is a stunt queen move if I ever saw one. She is a smug cheater and liar. NO sympathies on my part- sometimes you make mistakes that follow you to the grave. You deal w/it and move the heck on.
    She is in a state of arrested development. Grow up Leann. You stalk, and cyber bully your fair share.

    To quote South Park when they took on Scientology in Season 9 Episode 12 “GO AHEAD sue me then, SEE IF I CARE”.

    Leann Rimes is nothing but a school yard bully. Careful honey, cause there is always a bigger bully out there and you’ll meet yours one day.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      She’s kind of like those kids that got videotaped bullying that monitor on the bus. Except those middle schoolers owned up to what they did and are paying the price as well. Actions have consequences, which is something Leann is learning at the age of THIRTY. She got away with a lot of crap for many years, and now is finding that no one is backing down from her and there are mountains of evidence to support what Brandi and her supporters have been saying for years. I can’t feel sorry for someone who has abused and bullied an innocent woman whose life she stole and whose sons she endlessly attempts to take away and expose to people who bully their mother. Karma’s a bigger bitch than you, huh, Leann.

  96. Carolyn says:

    This Twitter obsession some people have is ridiculous. Someone who cyber bullies others can’t cry foul if someone does it back to them.

    I have no clue who Eddie is/was in a previous life. Or who Brandi is. These 3 have no PR profile in Aus. No-one cares about them. If Leanne is such high maintenance now, methinks he won’t stick around for long.

    Agree with you all pointing out the timing of “rehab” with her “lawsuit”. PR stunt.

  97. emmieapricot says:

    nothing w/LeAnn should surprise me but I just read this quote from Smiley (Radar story):
    “I was not expecting her phone call and I didn’t even answer the phone the first time she tried to call. Then she texted me to answer the phone. I was worried but I did.
    LeAnn texted the woman and told her to pick up??? Who does that to a complete stranger? That’s creepy!

  98. Juliette says:

    This is one of my favorite takes on this whole thing (besides my #1 – CB!!)This is from Lainey Gossip and it’s awesome:

    “Well, sh-t, I didn’t realise. Especially since I’m so intimately familiar with you in a bikini wrapped around your husband, and every other detail of your life that you so happily blast out on Twitter several times a day. Fortunately (but really unfortunately) for her then, I don’t actually care. On the caring metre, it’s the same for LeAnn Rimes the way it is for Jennifer Love Hewitt. Maybe even less. Because while trying to attract attention by dressing up as Audrey Hepburn and stalking Tiffany & Co is pathetic, it’s nowhere near as low as exploiting a trip to rehab for the same purpose.”

    Truer words were never spoken. Can’t belive that some sights are choosing to ignore the things she’s done to bring this on. Losers.

  99. Samigirl says:

    XYZ and Johanna, just leave Why? alone. While she does have incredibly knowledge of the situation at hand, directly talking to her or about her will result in accusatory and abusive replies. I’m 100% certain I’ll get one, but I’ll pointedly ignore it like I do the others.

    • Ming Lee says:

      i love @why. enough said.

    • claire says:

      C’mon y’all! Don’t stir the pot!

      Don’t turn this place into Just Jared. Please. I beg you.

      • Ming Lee says:

        tone is the hardest thing to convey over the internet. i should have added a smiley face as my comment was not meant to stir any kind of pot. i too would cry if CB comments turned into the crap that is on just jared.

    • why? says:


      As everyone can clearly see the only who is being abusive and accusatory is you, I’m surprised that after the evidence that I presented to you the last time you pulled this stunt, that you came back today playing the victim card. Why don’t you just be honest with everyone and tell them what this is really about? Samigirl thinks I’m being “abusive” because I didn’t agree with her on Leann sharing food from her mouth with Brandi’s kids.

      As for being accusatory, well I gave her at least 4 examples backing up why I was valid. This is the post that I made on Aug 20 to Samigirl the last time she attempted to play the victim:

      Funny how everytime I give the reasons for why Lizzy and Eddie are sleeping together, incidents like what we are seeing from you occur.

      No matter how you spin the “crazy, rude, or paranoid” card, you won’t erase the fact that:

      a) There was an XOXO who posted on x17 who was an avid fan of Leann’s.

      b) After XOXO posted here at 2am, posts appeared on 3 other sites in the names of other posters.

      c) People have said that they have come here to read only to see their names being used to make comments.

      d) Someone used a name that I used on another site to make posts on this site in one of the Leann threads, and after I reported those comments, I learned that not only was the person using my name, but that person was also using another name within that very same thread. So whether you like it or not, I am not being paranoid or crazy, there is a Leann fan who is pretending to be a Brandi fan, supporter, or BB and who uses names that belong to others that he/she is taking from other sites. I guess it’s a form of intimidation or maybe a way for him to gain trust. Who knows why anyone would have the audacity to misrepresent another poster by using their name to make posts. Now that is rude and what you should be up in arms about.

      I’m surprised that even in the face of solid proof you are still trying to argue that up is down and down is up. And that you are now throwing a tantrum because I dared to provide evidence that supported that I had every reason to suspect that person of being a Leann fan. But continue on your “Woe is me” campaign.

      Please be honest with everyone, in the two times that I posted to you, how did that come about? You sought me out. So please stop making it look like I out of the blue just attacked you.

      • Samigirl says:

        OHHHH MY GOD. All I see when you post is blah blah blah. I didn’t even read your whole post becaue I don’t care about your theories. Here are the facts:
        I don’t tweet, nor own a twitter account.
        I don’t care for Leann Rimes.
        I’m vocal in my support for Brandi on her posts.
        You’re ridiculous. The fact that you bookmark/screenshot stuff to remember from specific date back that up. I don’t care about the facts that you have to present pertaining to Leann Rimes and her life. I care about how you treat other people on this (and God knows whatever other blogs you post on) if they have a simple difference of opinion.

        I don’t even READ your posts, save when you’re attacking other people. It’s funny, you say I’m attacking and being accusatory, but you’ve done the same in this thread to XYZ, Johanna, you’ve done it to Roma in the past. Someone having a difference in opinion with you does NOT equate them being LeAnn, Lizzy, Ediot, etc. I’m from Louisiana, and nowhere near close to this situation. A girl just asked you a question and all of a sudden, she’s one of Leann’s supporters. I say it’s not strange for a step parent to share food with a step child (as my husband is my son’s step father) and all of a sudden, there is a conspiracy theory. Nobody is being “woe is me” as you put it, nor am I throwing a tantrum. When people are literally writing CB asking her to ban you and complaining about your behavior (and I can name a number of people who have), then please tell me who the real problem maker is. I don’t not get along with anyone else here. GET OVER YOURSELF, crazy person!

      • why? says:


        Thou doth protest too much.

        Look at what you just posted, no wonder you “get along” with eveyone on this site. People are afraid of you because you rewrite history to depict yourself as the victim and resort to name calling.

        Your problem is that I am not shy about questioning why the post of “random” poster A sounds just like the post of “random” poster B. Obviously commenting under multiple names on this site is a problem, hence why that comment is in the policy statement and bolded.

        I remember one time I reported a comment for spam because the Leann fan was attacking someone in the thread and then later that day I saw a person who is a BB, tweeting to this site saying that she couldn’t post here because it was saying that her posts were spam. So you see it’s things like this that stand out. It’s not being crazy or paranoid. It’s being realistic. If reporting me and sending in the complaints makes you feel better, then by all means go for it!

        But the problem with your logic about how the problem is me is:

        a) After XOXO posted here at 2am, posts appeared on 3 other sites in the names of other posters. After POPE posted here, a post appeared on another site in the name of another poster.

        b) People have said that they have come here to read only to see their names being used to make comments.

        c) Someone used a name that I used on another site to make posts on this site in one of the Leann threads, and after I reported those comments, I learned that not only was the person using my name, but that person was also using another name within that very same thread. So whether you like it or not, I am not being paranoid or crazy, there is a Leann fan who is pretending to be a Brandi fan, supporter, or BB and who uses names that belong to others that he/she is taking from other sites. I guess it’s a form of intimidation or maybe a way for him to gain trust. Who knows why anyone would have the audacity to misrepresent another poster by using their name to make posts. Now that is rude and what you should be up in arms about.

        d) When a Leann fan is reported for attacking people, a BB shows up on twitter saying that she can’t post on this site in that same day.

    • Johanna says:

      Reads Why?’s replies… *slams head on desk multiple times*

      I just can’t…

      On a lighter note, have a great Labor day weekend everyone.

    • Lita says:

      @Samigirl – I sorta disagree with your general take on this LR mess, but whew do I agree on the ‘Why?’ mess! I first read a LR post just around NY, then read a bunch because the comments on them were just so bizarre, recentlyish read some more – with ‘Why?’ it’s always been the same shtick. Like: ‘I posted X and then the next day LR posted a photo of (insert tenuous connection here) and then I show up to comment and Y and Z posters follow me in at 6:53pm but on the 23rd at 2:15pm on (random other blog) posters with COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NAMES said something vaguely similar! They’re paid LR-fan-bots! And then Ediot did this thing (not really) related to my comment on CB! They read me and it drives their actions! I AM THE CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE !!!! ZOMG!!!111!!’

      Then Why incessantly comments against the ‘alleged’ multi-nick-posting-paid-LR-fan-bot people. Coincidentally given the subject matter, I object as I find it bully-behaviour, unbecoming, unpleasant, sad, counterproductive, etc. Also nuts. I feel really sorry for the people jumped on and targeted. It’s not what I like about CB – I like it when it’s more fun-oriented (although these posts have had a certain train-wreck appeal).

      Anyhow I just wanted to post that I agree with you and support your comment. Bullies = bad; fun escapism = good.

      I read you say a while back that you were almost due – congratulations and I hope it all went beautifully (especially the resultant bubs!).

      • Samigirl says:

        You said it, sister. One hundred percent, I have zero to add to your comment,haha. Re:my preggo eggo, Thank you so much. It was scary towards the end, health issues forced an induction, but my sweet little girl is beautiful, happy, and healthy. Between my almost 5 yo little guy and my big 4 mo old, I’m a busy bee! Too busy to do half of what I’m accused of doing 😉

      • Kids0036 says:

        This is the 1st time I have EVER commented on a LR story; and I am me/myself and I – no pseudo identities here. The LR threads are the craziest. Period. JA/BP/AJ got nothing on this bunch. Lita you are my hero for nicely pointing out how insane people get here. LeAnn is a total ass/twit and the fact that she gets everyone’s dander up makes no sense. She’s a has been with a d-list husband. Enough!

      • Lita says:

        @Samigirl – well at least if you ever get less busy with your midgets you can rest assured that you have a viable and documented future out there in the big wide world as a paid, professional Leann Rimes commenter. Got to look good on your resume, and Why can be your referee! But glad the eggo came out sunny side up – besties to your expanded fam. And to be on-topic to our minor-arc here – good on you for standing up to the local bullies. When I read it, it gives me an itchy case of the sads. Though I usually don’t internet-engage the freaky peeps I wanted to give you some public love.

        @Kids 0036 – CB is a super cool place to visit and it’s good to meet and greet! But don’t let anyone convince you that the AJ/BP threads are the real wrong side of the CB tracks .. those threads are like a cool inner-city district with mostly regular people slumming and the occassional true whacko, but the real crack-den festers away down in the depths of LR/BG post-town, just waiting for a police task force and street corner missionary. Except they tend to be cannibals round this way, so be careful if you choose to speak.

        *looks around*

        Did you hear something?

        I’m going somewhere safer. A nice Tom Cruise avenue, or even a Tori Spelling bus shelter, will do. Take care :o)

    • Shannon says:

      OMG @Why if you’re going to quote Shakespeare, get it right. It’s “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Pet peeve of mine. It pisses off the real literary people. Just lay off the Old English.

      • Whiskykerry says:

        First time poster, long time giddy reader … of all the comment threads on LR/BG/EC et al., the *one* thing that finally, really, really, made me want to comment was the Shakespeare misquote.

        Don’t drag whoever the Bard eventually turns out to be into this sorry mess, and if you do, at least, give him/her/they??!, the courtesy of correctly quoting the actual line, not the lazy, hazy, Cole’s notes version.

  100. ExFan2000 says:

    The “lawsuit” makes her look soooo bad. She looks like a spoiled brat (again). Look Nelly Olson- Accept the fact that people don’ t like you & we don’t have to. I used to be a big fan but your actions over the past couple of years make me embarrassed to ever admit that out loud. I’m not just talking about the home wrecking. That was a crappy thing to do but it is all the mean, stupid stuff you’ve done since then that makes people not like you. The Epic Fail Twitter Project you got going on, photos & tweets of kids that aren’t yours, copying Brandi, nasty Freudian Birthday Cake, etc. This is why the public so strongly dislikes you. You are not used to regular people who won’t give you your way but you might as well get used to it. Most of us had to learn that lesson in preschool. Get off Twitter, get a real life outside the public eye for a couple of years, & leave those kids alone. The one thing you have going for you is your pretty singing voice. You should sing songs written by someone else that have nothing about affairs, borrowing things that aren’t yours, or making fun of ex-wives. I doubt a comeback is possible but you have to break this drama addiction to find out. I hope the treatment facility gives you some honest tough love & helps you change your ways. You can’t make people like you, but you don’t have to give them 1,000 reasons not to either. Give it a try.

    • Cam S says:

      @ ExFan2000:
      Your “Nelly Olson” comment was PRICELESS. That is exactly who Leann aspires to be (but Nelly softened in the end when she fell in love)

    • claire says:

      Nelly Olson. hahahahaha. That is the funniest freaking thing I’ve read all day.

    • Samigirl says:

      Ahh! You killed it with Nelly Olson!

  101. Ginger says:

    I suffer from anxiety so I hope that she finds some sort of coping skills in rehab. It can’t be good to constantly engage negative people who you don’t really know on the Internet. As for mentioning Celebitchy in the lawsuit it sounds petty and like the lawyers are really reaching here. Everything written on gossip blogs is pure speculation for the most part and you certainly can’t blame people for commenting. I don’t understand what the point of the lawsuit really is in this case.

  102. brin says:

    Radar now has a post about the lawsuit being bad for Leann’s image and she should drop it.

    • memphis says:

      I think she will drop it when she sees the public isn’t buying it.

      The only reason she actually brought suit was to get everyone focused on the ‘bullying’ part so we would ignore the ‘ I outright lied about this tape exsisting and trashed talked my bonus kids mother on tape’ part.

      Plus what better way to take the focus off Eddie’s wandering peen.

      But since the backlash isn’t going in their favor, hopefully they see that and drop it.

      • brin says:

        She just makes things worse for herself, I just feel for the Smileys, they aren’t at fault.

  103. Cinderella says:

    She may be on her way to losing Eddie, her record label, and a frivolous lawsuit. Three for three.

  104. Macey says:

    I wonder what type of impact this will have on her upcoming “tour”. I saw someone posted that she has some State Fair gig in Sept and the tickets are only $5.00. Cant get much lower than that and that was priced before this broke out.

    I just hope the ppl I see commenting about Smiley deserving to get sued (LR’s camp or those that are only reading her side)look into the whole truth of the matter and not just what LR and her lawyer are reporting. she has this twisted so much on certain sites its obvious she has them in her pocket. I have also notice neg. comments being deleted on certain sites too. It seems the ones telling the real story are also being deleted. I hope all that and more gets exposed if this does go to court. she is manipulating the press in her favor based on lies, I really think Smiley has a counter suit action here.
    I also think LR’s main intention (aside from attention)is to get the recording pulled. I noticed at the bottom of the paper they have a line about blocking further distribution.

  105. jwoolman says:

    The first time I got a spooky harassing phone call from a stranger, I set up my phone so I could instantly start recording any call in future. And that was back when it was harder to do…Laws about notifying people they are being recorded are not intended to keep people from protecting themselves by collecting evidence when attacked out of the blue. Rimes was an abusive trespasser. It was very appropriate for the call to be recorded. No different than running a security camera.

  106. mln89 says:

    i really can’t believe her crazy ditz thinks this lawsuit is going to rehabilitate her public image. maybe the starvation is getting to her brain and she’s having delusional thoughts about how this lawsuit will help her. all its goinng to do is expose her craziness and make her look like she is using her wealth to silence an average woman who dislikes her and supports brandi. she is such an a!shole.

  107. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    This is my hope for Leann and in this order:

    1) Stops drinking (and any drugs that we don’t know about)
    2) Stops using social media completely.
    3) Finds a *good* therapist (not always easy to find)
    4) Gets new habits to replace the old like doing yoga, journaling, and invest time in worthy interests
    5) Break up with Eddie! Leave him! It’s clearly making her crazy and it’s an unhealthy relationship. She’s young – she’ll meet someone.
    6) Travel outside the US (not to a beach) for a few months at least.
    7) Decide if music is what she wants to do for the future – if not, pick something else and be happy!

  108. marie says:

    let me tell you that this is just the beginning of the maddness she will create… you bet I have my popcorn ready 😀

  109. Jennifer12 says:

    These two idiots left a paper trail of craziness and viciousness. Evidence is all over the internet, Twitter, etc. Leann has been exposed and I’m guessing there’s more to come. Maybe the silver lining will be that she backs off Brandi’s kids?

    • Jennifer says:

      So true. I ALMOST feel sorry for her but I don’t trust her one bit. Just remembering that tape that was leaked when she was a teen-ager when she said she would make people feel sorry for her by crying. Master manipulator and fake person.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Definitely. She has a pattern she doesn’t deviate from. She has become less and less successful at manipulating and it’s driving her crazy.

  110. Coladdict says:

    Leanne is insane, no husband, no friends, no looks, no kids… Karmas a b****

  111. palermo says:

    I don’t know about you all, but if I answered the phone and somebody, anybody, started out by saying “ok bitch”, I would hang up before they got another word out. This is the craziest stuff I have read in a long time.

  112. Nadine says:

    In my mind I read first “LeAnn Rimes files for divorce” instead your headline. I guess live is not fair.

  113. lori says:

    I too will contribute to a fund set up for the Smiley’s defense. If someone does set it up can you please post on this site where we can go to contribute. I am also hoping that Brandi will pay attention to all of the details of what is happening with Leann and this case and have her lawyers do everything possible to keep the boys safe. Leann’s home is not a safe or sane environment for small children to be in. Her swf-ing of their mom, her cyber bullying of their mom, her constant semi nude, sexual posing with the boys for the paparazzi, the pedophile birthday cake for Eddie, the references to liking pedophilia (how much an adult male Eddie had a crush on her when she was a girl, the Father’s Day photos and references to oral sex as child’s play), her constant Twitter leaking of details and photos about the boys’ school, sports, activities, family parties, conversations, private thoughts etc. It’s all a sick exploitation of children and it should be stopped legally ASAP. I hope that the any ethical attorney involved with this situation will do the right thing and protect the children. Where is Child Protective Services?

  114. Germaine says:

    This story is so interesting, in the perspective of both law and celebrity anthropology (if such science exists).

    I think that Leann’s lawyer took the case for prestige. Even if it doesn’t go to coart, it’s still the first of its kind. It will put the term “cyberbullying” on the juridical map. Maybe it will open a new “market” for famehungry C and D list celebrities who use social media to stay relevant.They will point their fingers at the same social media as birthground for whatever victim agenda they want to advertize and cry “I’m also cyberbullied!” at the same time as litigating.

    That leads me to my little theory: this case won’t go to court, Leann will lose face regarding the public, but I’m sure the story will still get momentum, with some help of People Magazine et al. Famehungry celebs trying to get their name out there will show their support, Leann will say “See, there are more cyberbullied famous victims just like me” and in her mind she will think she has done a great service to the humankind.

    • TG says:

      Since celebs love to talk about how they were bullied while growing up they can now talk about being bullied by their fans. LOL

  115. lori says:

    Also, this is all a marketing ploy for her new album.
    Leann has a controversial album because she wrote the songs celebrating her stalking and breakup of a home and then celebrating her marriage to her prize cheater deadbeat dad. She has been very public in her flaunting of the destruction of Brandi’s family.
    Leann and the record label know this will be a tough sell, so this is their marketing gimmick. She has to go into full victim mod, deflect people’s attention away from the bad things she is doing and get publicity for being a victim who will fight back (hence the Spitfire theme.) Well Curb Records, she’s finally pulled you into the gutter with her.

  116. jilly says:

    I think we can safely say that LeAnn is the poster child for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. If I were her, I would be more bothered by my new husband’s complete indifference than by the opinion of a woman I have never met who spoke about me in a private twitter account. Just saying. Eddie could clearly give a rat’s ass about his new wife. His “statement” of support over her “courage” couldn’t read more false than if the Narcissist wrote it for herself and asked him to sign it in exchange for $1,000. LOL!

  117. Snowpea says:

    You know, I’ve been reading all the comments and have chosen to not weigh in as yet.

    But there appears to be a wave of support for LeAnn that is making me feel a little uneasy.

    There are people saying things like they feel like she has been unfairly bullied, that people have lashed out at her and that she is the victim of harassment. Well, I’ll be damned. I CANNOT agree with this.

    My mother is identical to Leann Rimes. My mother has Borderline Personality Disorder. I am not here to diagnose Leann but I will say they are very very similar.

    BPD sufferers are very scary people to be around. They cause anguish and fear in the people around them. They are manipulative, cunning, malicious, violent and unpredictable.

    My mother has persecuted, been violent to, harmed, maimed and abused all four of her children for years and years and every time it gets too much and we withdraw for our own sanity and survival she tries to commit suicide, self harm or tells everyone that will listen what awful children we are.

    She IS NEVER at fault. She is never held accountable. She is never responsible for herself. If she is backed into a corner, she will manipulate the situation so that it looks like someone else is fault, no matter how ludicrous or absurd or nonsensical. Sound familiar?

    And yet she has never sought therapy. It is much, much easier for her to spend her whole life blaming everyone else instead of looking into the mirror and acknowledging that she does indeed, need psychiatric help, pronto.

    LeAnn DOES NOT NEED OR DESERVE your sympathy. She has spent her whole life mastering the sympathy game. LeAnn needs a psychiatrist who is willing to sit down with her and gently guide her through the tangled mess that is her personality and psyche and hopefully find some resolution and peace.

    Enough with the sympathy! LeAnn is a very scary, dangerous person with a severe personality disorder who has belatedly discovered that the game is up.

    • TG says:

      Well done @Snowpea and many others on here too. It is always interesting when commenters have similar situations to share. If you read what this she-man’s step-mother said about her years ago it only confirms all that you have said about her. I agree this she-man and her gold-digging husband deserve all the scorn they are getting. It is 100% obvious that this so-called treatment facility stuff was planned and fake.

    • Sugar says:

      @Snowpea I really commend you for your strength to hopefully live your life on your terms & not your moms. I work around these type of disorders & the manipulation is beyond comprehension sometimes. I also have a friend who’s sister has hijacked her family.
      Eddie has no idea what he got himself into & I’m sure he is beginning to see the cracks in the facade if not already. I continue to think even as insensitive as he seems to come across he has been on eggshells & he may have become a prisoner in her world with as an example of self harm to herself if he shows any sign of bolting. Many will say he got delt what he deserved but that is a tough hand to play everyday even with money. Because money does not buy happiness.

      They have no biological children which would make it easier for him to know if it’s time to hold em or fold em. time & I think soon will tell.

      • brin says:

        Agree with you all and I feel for anyone who has to deal with someone like LR. They never give up and they are toxic to the people around them.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Well said, Snowpea. I know someone much like your mom and I wish you and your siblings some peace and your mom some help. I have always said Leann is about control and manipulation and when she meets resistance from someone who has become familiar with her games, she tries it another way. She was not bullied or harassed; she was found out. Big difference. And the screenshots, taped calls, etc, back up the truth as opposed to what Leann wants everyone to see. This will not end well without professional help, and not the kind that sees you as a victim of stress and lets you leave on weekends.

    • lori says:

      Thank you for speaking up Snowpea! You are right in your description of BPD it is a very frightening dangerous illness, and very hard to treat. I have family member with it and they have wrecked havoc in the lives of many of the rest of the family. The therapist I talked to said that BPD patients are hardest to work with (delusional) and they make the insurance rates skyrocket, because they sue frequently. I am glad people are talking about Leann having a personality disorder. I think she does have BPD and that she has been catered to by her family and her hangers on and especially the press, and that has made her sicker and more dangerous.
      One of the most telling clues to Leann’s BPD is how she projects her own emotions or her own actions onto others around her. Hence, in the phone call with Kim S. she calls Brandi “vindictive as f*cking sh*t!” That tells you that Leann is vindictive. She complains that she is being bullied by Kim S., yet, Leann is the bully, who phoned an unsuspecting person to swear at and berate, using her celebrity status and money to gather a group to witness and cheer her on. You also see her complain, in the press that Brandi and her followers can’t “get over it and move on.” But she shows daily by her own actions and comments that she is the one who can’t get over it. This is a trait of BPD people, they hurt others and then claim the very same hurt was done to themselves by their victims.
      The BPD person in my family is very dangerous and several times aimed a gun at me calling it a “joke.”
      That’s why I too get frustrated by people who give Leann a pass on her evil dangerous behavior. Her shooting range twitpics were threats meant to intimidate Brandi, done the day after the press put out stories about Brandi’s thoughts on seeing Leann with her kids for the first time. Eddie’s b-day cake and the Father’s day pictures were also bullying of Brandi and the boys: “I can do whatever I want with your kids.” These deliberate actions are not just Leann’s odd sense of humor. It is all pieces of her distorted view of the world and shows her sick mind. I don’t believe she should be around those children unsupervised.

      • brin says:

        This is why it’s so alarming, there are two children involved in this situation. Brandi should have full custody of the boys imo.

    • Theskinny says:

      Snowpea, I know exactly of what you speak. My mother was diagnosed with it as well. She was the same… abusive, violent, manipulative and threatened suicide when her excuses ran thin. Much of this was aimed at me since I was HER only child. When I finally moved two states over to protect my own family, she took her own life. It’s unbelievable, and she should ABSOLUTELY not be around children if this is what she has.

      • Snowpea says:

        @Theskinny. Believe me when I say I know exactly what you are talking about. I feel for you so much it hurts.

        My mum is still alive, in her early sixties, still causing hell and misery and pain and anguish. She is sadistic and self centred to the point of hilariousness. I now have two kids and we see her maybe twice a year and then, it is only for a brief period.

        Because I can hide behind the anonymity of my MacBook I will say I fantasise about my mother doing what your mother did. Because she is unspeakably evil and has caused untold pain and anguish.

        If that makes me wicked then so be it : (

        I wish you all the best xxx

      • Theskinny says:

        @Snowpea, thanks girl. The grief was in FINALLY realizing that you will never ever have the mother you longed for. She never really got better like you hoped and you will never have that mom your friends had. That was hard for me. The other part was relief that mine and my extended families torture was at an end. We will no longer have anyone to pit us against one another for sport. Or be psychologically tortured. That is something.

  118. Kosmos says:

    Since LeAnn felt she was being targeted, she should have immediately quit tweeting and closed her Twitter account, at least temporarily. She seems to encourage more activity by posting bikini clad pics of herself and by making too much of her personal life public. She could have been more low-key. Since these are Eddie’s kids, too, there is no way LeAnn can avoid being involved, which infuriates Brandi. But Brandi has to obey the law and get used to the situation. However, if LeAnn is an unfit person around the boys, then something must be done. By the way, is Eddie working, bringing in money for the family, or is LeAnn supporting the family entirely?

  119. Krock says:

    Taking bets on how quick she’ll be back on twitter. Any one else in? 😉 I say tomorrow. lol

  120. nomorerimes says:

    I will truly believe she is getting help she desperately needs when she is committed to inhouse therapy with no “weekends” off. If you total up her weekends and holiday off, it only figures to about 20 day. Unless they meant 30 days period of therapy. Who knows with that gang?? I still feel it is all a pr stunt trying for all the sympathy she doesn’t deserve! And wouldn’t the therapy “helpers” tell her to stay off twitter while out of the facility?? NOTHING makes sense her but when you consider what a lying manipulator she is…..

  121. pinchofsalt says:

    She looks so pretty in the old pics. Hope she pulls herself together and away from this man. (Not that she doesn’t have to own up to her mistakes, that goes without saying.)

  122. Kosmos says:

    At any rate, this shows LAann in a negative light, so it won’t be good PR for her or her album. It makes her look incapable of managing herself. Many people have taken up with married partners and survived, although it doesn’t look good, they get through and life goes on. This is just as much Eddie’s problem for cheating while he was married, so why all the blame to LAnn? Is it true, she is paying his child support? Gag, that’s bad….he should be embarrassed he is not working or contributing to the household.

  123. loveVT says:

    I just can’t with this B**** suing a mother of 4 for 25000 because her wittle feelings were hurt. So that in her mind justifies financially draining parents of 4 innocent children? Unbelievable

  124. brin says:

    This just got even crazier (no surprise): LR’s legal team served the legal papers to the wrong person…and they had the media there (of course).(Radar)