Jennifer Aniston is “glowing” but not in a pregnant, shotgun-wedding way, okay?

Last week, we discussed an Enquirer story in which Jennifer Aniston’s mom was allegedly telling everyone that her daughter is finally knocked up, and THAT is why Jennifer and Justin Theroux were engaged (and preparing a quickie Mexican wedding). Well, E! News spoke to Jennifer’s rep, who said: “It’s all just another fabrication.” So, once again – Jennifer is not pregnant. She’s not planning a quickie Mexican wedding. Yet. Further proof that Jennifer is not knocked up: she’s still drinking champagne!

The Sunset Tower Hotel holds a special place in Jennifer Aniston’s heart. Fifteen months after the actress was first spotted dining at the West Hollywood hotspot with Justin Theroux, the Wanderlust costars returned to the hotel’s Tower Bar to celebrate their recent engagement on August 27. The couple was joined by Aniston’s longtime BFF and former Friends costar, Courteney Cox, 48.

Aniston had recently returned to L.A. during a break from filming We’re the Millers in Wilmington, North Carolina, with Jason Sudeikis, 36, and Emma Roberts, 21.

During their get-together, once-wed Aniston, 43, “looked absolutely amazing,” a source tells Us Weekly. “She was glowing.”

According to an onlooker, waitstaff brought Aniston a gratis bottle of Dom Perignon champagne “to congratulate her on her engagement.” The onlooker adds that the night “turned into a small celebration” and everyone seemed to be “in good spirits.”

Fellow patrons that evening included Tom Ford, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers.

Theroux has clearly won over Aniston’s pals. On July 30 — shortly before he proposed — the Your Highness actor dined at Elio’s restaurant in NYC with Aniston’s confidants Cox and Laura Dern. (Cox’s daughter, Coco, 8, and Dern’s children, Ellery, 10, and Jay, 7, were also present.) “Everyone seemed to be having fun,” a source told Us at their intimate dinner.

Theroux, who first met Aniston on the set of Tropic Thunder, popped the question on August 10, his 41st birthday. An Aniston insider recently told Us that the bride-to-be would love a “destination wedding, kind of like eloping with a few friends.” Though no date is set, “There will be the feeling of a vacation, since that’s their favorite thing to do.”

[From Us Weekly]

So, she’s glowing. Good for her. And I like that Jennifer seems tight with Courteney Cox again, after it seemed like they become estranged when Chelsea Handler was vying for the position of “Aniston’s BFF.” I really do wonder if Justin prefers friends like Courteney rather than spending time with Handler.

And I seriously can’t believe we still haven’t seen her ring! Damn it, Aniston. Show off your jewelry, girl.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Justjen forever… And I have a feeling will be seeing the ring shortly… Don’t disappoint me Justjen 🙂

  2. Jay Elle says:

    Isn’t that an old pic? Are they friends again? I hope so. I like them together! 🙂

  3. Rory says:

    When are people going to stop with the pregnancy rumors? If she wanted a kid she would have one by now, either by giving birth or adopting.

  4. DenG says:

    I can hardly wait to read the next gripping headline about this fascinating creature. Tee-hee.

  5. lisa2 says:

    I thought her rep said they don’t follow gossip. So why do they deny all the gossip rumors.

    anyway I guess she and Courteney are ‘friends’ but not photographed together for over 2 years.

  6. Jag says:

    She can’t show off the ring yet because the designer isn’t finished creating it, imo. Of course when she was asked, she immediately began designing the most knockout gorgeous ring that she would buy herself, and it isn’t ready yet. 🙂

  7. Kimlee says:

    Why would Justin have a problem with Jen being friends with Chelsea Handler when he BFF with Terry Richardson. Sorry but Chelsea Handler and Terry Richardson are in the same boat, they are both disgusting, vile people. Which speaks values about both Jen and Justin who are friends with them.

    • LeslieM says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Chelsea is vile. What could she possibly see in her, although after seeing JA in the Bosses movie I’m not completely surprised. No wonder she can’t keep a man.

  8. Ally says:

    Courtney’s skin and bones in that pic, there’s nothing to her. Just looking at Jen’s arms around her teeny waist, she doesn’t look healthy.

  9. KellyinSeattle says:

    What’s new about this article, no offense Kaiser…also, I thought Courtney didn’t like Justin…that was the vibe I got.
    Also, I hope they do have a shotgun type wedding and get it over, and put us all our of our misery.

  10. Mira says:

    What’s with the second picture – her make-up or the light? She looks terrible in it.

    • Janet says:

      I think it’s both. The make-up doesn’t match the skin color on her neck and the light makes it look garish. And she needs a matte lipstick because that shiny lip gloss isn’t becoming to her.

  11. Sugar says:

    as I was looking through the stories this AM & the number of comments on my fab four I thought there should be a board game & the characters need to be little short squat colorful ones like my old candyland ones of Jen, LiLo, LeAnn & KimK. The cards we draw get them forward & backward based on rumors of “babybumps”, engagements, make-ups/break-ups, fake weddings, nose jobs, Botox, inflated lips, DUIIs, BFF of the week, hair real or not, rehab/exhaustion, tweets, rep denials…on&on so as to get to the end & win your piece chosen or relagated (not fair I’m always Jen) gets the big tab covers for the week! Winner-its the PR game.