Is LeAnn Rimes seeking mental health treatment because of cyberbullying?

Well, as I’m sure you know by now, there seems to be a movement by Team LeAnn to really push her firmly into the “victim” role now that she’s checked into a treatment facility for her “anxiety and stress” issues. Two sites got tips on “the reason” behind LeAnn’s breakdown. Her rep told Celebuzz, “She is simply there to learn and develop coping mechanisms.” And then a “source close to the situation” (either the same rep or LeAnn herself) told Celebuzz the REAL reason why – “months of unrelenting abuse on the internet and Twitter.” The source says, “It hasn’t stopped and they are clearly offensive. It has been a campaign of abuse.” Shockingly, Celebuzz was drawn to that blog LunaticLeAnnRimes, the one that published the recording of LeAnn’s phone call to Kimberly Smiley. Ah, now I see! It all makes sense. Incidentally Celebuzz managed to do a sympathetic LeAnn story just a day after getting an exclusive interview with LeAnn (in which she talks a lot about how healthy, content and “not depressed at all” she is). But my favorite thing is this… Radar also got in touch with Kimberly Smiley, and this story is… amazing.

Before LeAnn Rimes entered treatment — reportedly for “anxiety and stress” — the country singer exhibited bizarre and erratic behavior, including phoning and cursing a woman who stopped following her on Twitter!

While Rimes engaged in a very public Twitter war earlier this month after one follower accused her of cheating with Eddie Cibrian, she had a far more bizarre meltdown right before that, going on a profanity-laced tirade against a teacher who stopped being a fan of the star. Radar has the exclusive details of how LeAnn found and confronted Kimberly Smiley, the woman who stopped following the star on Twitter!

Smiley was stunned when she answered the phone earlier this year and the voice on the other end said: “Hey b**ch this is LeAnn you have 5 minutes to say whatever you want to me!”. Yes, it was the real LeAnn and according to Smiley the star filled their conversation with extensive profanity.

In fact, Smiley said that she has “never heard a person cuss so much. I even asked her to watch it, saying, ‘Your language — so trashy!’ I was also surprised that she thought I’d just change my mind about her and want to come hang with her,” Smiley said. “I don’t like her, not because of the affair (although I don’t agree with it), but because of her taunting of Brandi and using those boys in her sick game.”

Rimes’ obsession with Twitter is what led her to Smiley, who followed the star in 2010 when she was still reeling from the “home-wrecker” label some media outlets had tagged her with after she hooked up with a married Brandi Glanville’s husband Eddie Cibrian. Rimes was publicly feuding with Brandi.

Smiley became a strong supporter of Brandi’s on Twitter and LeAnn blocked her. Smiley claims she was harassed by many of the singer’s fervent fans and charges that she learned through other Twitter users that Rimes had set up a phony account (handle: @wewenlove) account “to harass Brandi.”

That backstory set the stage for March 26 of this year when Rimes went to lunch with some of her Twitter fans, who also happened to know Smiley. One of those fans, a woman named Ericka, unexpectedly called Smiley.

“Ericka said, ‘Hi,’ and then handed the phone to LeAnn,” Smiley said, noting she was taken aback when Rimes introduced herself, saying “Hey b***h, this is LeAnn, you have five minutes to say whatever you want to me.

“LeAnn called me because she believed that telling me her side, would change my mind,” Smiley says, adding “she said she thought that I could relate to her situation of being a non-biological parent.” (Cibrian has two sons with Glanville.)

Smiley said that Rimes even “invited her to come hang” out so she could get to know “the real” her. They also “spoke about her obsession with Twitter and Rimes claims it’s not a problem.” Rimes behavior was bizarre and Smiley charges that she has “concocted these elaborate stories” trying to “justify the affair” with her now-husband Cibrian, implying Glanville’s “erratic” drinking essentially drove him into her arms.

Another keynote of Rimes’ agenda, Smiley said, is “to convince the world of her importance” in the lives of Cibrian’s sons, Jake and Mason. In addition to the drama with Glanville, Rimes told her Twitter pal Ericka that her ex-husband Dean Sheremet was “extremely abusive and controlling,” Smiley said, claiming Rimes said Sheremet “would call her fat and tell her that her singing sucks.

“She also tells her fans that he’s a homosexual and that he can’t come out until both sets of his grandparents die, which I find to be so cruel,” Smiley said. (Dean, following his divorce from LeAnn, married photographer Sarah Silver in August 2011.)

Smiley said she finds it odd that Rimes “is very worried about the group of people I talk to on Twitter. She really wants us to like her and see that she’s not as bad as we think. It’s very strange, if you ask me,” Smiley said. “I mean I’m just a mom, wife, & teacher from a rural town in Northern California: Why would she care?”

[From Radar]

Does anyone really have a problem believing Smiley’s entire story? I don’t. This sounds like Classic LeAnn to me. After all, LeAnn’s lawyer had to confirm that yes, LeAnn called this woman, and yes, the recording is of LeAnn. Of course, Team LeAnn is all, “Bullied! Edited! She never said that! Not in that context!” Listen to the recording and decide for yourself.

As for the continuing conversation about whether LeAnn’s mental health is something that we should even be speculating about… sigh. I’ve thought the woman was crazy for so long. Like, flat-out insane, delusional, narcissistic, obsessive and neurotic. I believe she stalked Brandi Glanville (and continues to have an inappropriate relationship with all things Brandi), and I believe that “anxiety and stress” don’t even make the “Top Ten Reasons Why LeAnn Should Seek Professional Help”. But I’m not a doctor, what do I know? Hopefully, this treatment center will be able to provide some answers. Unless it’s all a stunt which allows LeAnn to nurse her persecution complex. In which case, no, it won’t help at all. So… at the end of the day, I think all of this can and should be up for discussion (LeAnn has always invited us to discuss her crap, so whatever), BUT… I do think people should stop trolling her. I’ve been saying that for a while. Stop trolling LeAnn, but it’s okay to talk about her in general.

Photos courtesy of LeAnn Rimes’s Twitter.

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  1. kay says:

    She gets what she gives then cries about it.

    No sympathy.

    edited to add: I think people should stop trolling Kstew before they stop with this twit.

    • beclove says:

      Agree. This is a grown woman- not some middle school kid. People shouldn’t troll her- agree with that too- but Leann is the one with a public persona to maintain and records to sell. She should’ve paid someone to keep her off Twitter.

      Also- if someone slept with my man and messed with my kid I would be vindictive as effing hell too. Just for the record.

    • gg says:

      To steal a phrase from somebody here, “get a weh-burger and some french cries”. Whoever said that, is a genius.

      • Roma says:

        @gg: I find your comments to be articulate and informed. Can you not see that the anti-LeAnn is getting into excessive levels? Even if she’s batshit crazy I can’t watch people celebrate another’s mental illness and fall.

        I think you have a “voice”. Please think of how you use it.

      • gg says:

        Okay, you’re right, I was being flip. But this is not me being flippant: in answer to the headline of this article, it’s she who is doing the bullying, and this is the usual result – embarrassing things happen when you do that. One day, people are going to call you on your shit. So some tougher bullies are now bullying her. Expected result. She’s been way, way, over the top for a very long time. So the repercussions are a long time coming, and amplified, and maybe she’ll stop now because she sees what’s happened because of the addiction to the constant ego posting she does on her twitter account, and goading that other woman. Somebody’s just gotta grow up. It’s time.

        So here is the whole taco – if she didn’t do all the daily twitter bikini stuff, and talk about her husband’s ex and all the fakery, she’d have a happy life with no bullies and none of this would be happening.

        And you are absolutely right. It’s not a bit funny.

    • Tansey says:

      I totally agree. She can start crap but when people give it back to her she can’t take it. Cry me a river, LeAnn. You made your bed, now lay in it. And while you’re getting in that bed of drama, I’ll play the world’s smallest violin for you.

    • erika says:

      tis called the Golden Rule..

      “Treat others as you would want to be treated”

      Dr. Me would like to add a big whopping dose of Depression onto that, if not at top of the list. Depression just isn’t tears and sadness, it’s rage and anger, obsessing angrily at ‘something’ in your life that you think is the cause of all your sorrows.

      I would say Depression is the biggest motivating force, in cases of anger it’s so hard to detect becase we associate depression=sad.

      wow…lesson learned, stay away from the married men!!

      • gg says:

        erika you’ve again said it way better than I can.

        I sincerely hope she calms down and dials it back to an appropriate level.

  2. Birdie says:

    I am so happy Radar picked it up, I was kinda waiting for a site like that to publish SOMETHING on her crazy ways and mention that call!

  3. Rita says:

    The other day someone wondered in a comment, “What will LeAnn do for attention now that her birthday month is over and we’re all sick of her bikini antics”?

    Now we know.

    (Must be a big story for a thread this late in the day or did we run out of room for comments on the previous thread. Bradgelina is going to be pissed with this amount of coverage)

    • Chatcat says:

      Ha Rita, so right you are.

      Seriously though, this is all signs of a mentally ill person. Not sure if it is even a treatable mental illness (medicinal and therapy), but it sounds more likely it is Histrionic Personality Disorder =
      Constantly seeking attention
      Excessively emotional
      Extreme sensitivity to others’ approval
      Unstable mood
      Excessive concern with physical appearance
      Or Narcissism, which are both very hard to treat, if at all, but I guess 30 days away is better then not trying at all.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Everything you`ve listed is fairly legit,although i can sympathize a bit.

        I fought an eating disorder and ptsd years ago and was treated for and with people seeking others approval. I`m no Leanne fan, but she might have a disorder so severe that she needs help and all her “fans” are unknowingly or knowingly enabling her.
        it’s a gossip site, but I can’t judge a person with mental strugles made even worse by people close to her.

        Too close to home.

      • Genevieve says:

        @ Chat…I think she is Histrionic, but she fits all the parameters for a diagnosis of Borderline Personality, as well. I’ve met several of them; my former best friend was one.

        A friend of mine who’s a shrink said he won’t even touch people like LeAnn, because Borderline Personality types can’t be cured.

        She is SO deeply disturbed. Really hope Eddie has a close eye on his boys when she’s around…but somehow, I doubt it. 🙁 She needs extensive, lockdown type therapy, IMO.

      • erika says:

        oohh, ‘histrionic’ i’ve heard of that before, I think that’s spot on, mix it w/ depression, bad cocktail

    • Bluebear says:

      “Months of unrelenting abuse of Twitter…It hasn’t stopped and they are clearly offensive. It has been a campaign of abuse.” How dumb do they really think the public is? Delete your flucking twitter account if your emotional stability is affected! For God’s sake, clearly this is the usual. Drugs, booze, or sex addiction.

  4. JOmama says:

    I don’t condone any harassement towards people celebrity or regular joes, but sometimes these people really do bring this drama on themselves and this here folks is classic crazy-train-blame-everyone-else-itis.

    • only1shmoo says:

      ITAWY, and while LeAnn’s behaviour (i.e. shameless narcissism, manipulation, and delusion)practically beckons criticism, I think that trolling her still satisfies a need she has to stay relevant, even though the attention is negative. While her critics may want to call her on her bull sh*t (and there’s a lot of it), this is counterproductive b/c it will only reinforce LeAnn’s sense of being victimized. Narcissists don’t see the error of their ways, and they’re somehow always justified in their behviour, no matter how immoral or bizarre it is to the rest of us.

  5. Brown says:

    That phone convo with Smiley exposed the crazy that LR has been trying to mask for a while behind the victim complex. She let the cat out of the bag, and now the only way to do some damage control is to say “cyber bullying made me do it!!” Yes, she was just so cyber-bullied, that she was pushed to her breaking point and she had no choice but to react that way. I mean, what was she supposed to do? The world can only ask so much of one woman, you know??

    Meanwhile, Eddie is jumping for joy at the thought of 30 days and nights that his dong is free to wander…….

    • ol cranky says:

      and now her lawyers have run to TMZ to say they’re going to sue Smiley and appear to be trying to make LR seem like she’s been victimized and that’s what she’s having problems coping with

      BTW – did you guys see that the judge in Kelly Rutherford’s custody battle not only is allowing the children to live in France with their dad and Rutherford has to travel to France for her 50% custody but he indicated that the reason he did so was her obvious attempts to alienate the children from their father?

      • Jaxx says:

        If she’s punished for trying to alienate her children from their father, then will Halle get the same treatment for trying that with Gabriel? And make her stay in the states? I wonder.

    • Ming Lee says:

      if cyber bullying was the case, you’d think celebs like kim kardashian would have already checked into rehab 10 times over, cause god knows the amount of backlash she received online after the wedding/divorce fiasco and the continued comments with her rushing into things with kanye.

      just another “leann truth”

  6. idk says:

    I know a lot of kids deal with cyber bullying, and I’m sure it does cause them to have emotional issues…but it can be stopped by NOT logging on to the net. I know a child may not know better, but Le Ann is an ADULT…she must know that all she has to do is not log on right?

    • Erinn says:

      But at the same time they shouldn’t have to sacrifice the ability to use the internet the way they want because of a few people treating them like crap.

      Now, they can unfriend people, but people can still post mean things about them.

      • Mela says:

        Twitter is optional. If you dont like the people on twitter, delete it. I have a mantra about people in life who chronically upset you or bug you (like Leann’s so called cyber bullies she complains about)… You either do something about it, like delete your twitter for example, or you need to accept the situation and quit complaining about it. All she does is complain and cry wolf. She needs to take some responsibility for her life instead of playing the victim! She is a grown woman!

      • idk says:

        They can’t post mean things if you block them or make your profile private.

      • Erinn says:

        I mean more as far as kids being cyber bullied on fb. I get you can just delete a twitter account, but if a kid hates you, they can still post mean things ABOUT you, whether to you, or in just a tweet, or fb status.

        I have no sympathy for Leann, just the kids that actually deal with cyber bullying.

      • Idk says:

        In my initial comment, I mentioned that kids do not know better, but LeAnn is an adult, an adult with lots of money who can spend her time doing better things. I agree, for kids, cyberbullying is a horrible thing, and most kids don’t know how to deal with it.

    • DrM says:

      I agree, she needs to log off Twitter. Have a private Facebook account, don’t have a publicly open Twitter. If you are going to put your whole life in the public sphere, go on and on and on about your affair, your marriage, your holidays, eating habits, clothing, etc etc people are going to comment, and some people are going to disagree with the choices you make. Most people don’t then call up people they don’t know who disagree to remonstrate with them. Very odd behavior. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for her. She has brought the stress and anxiety on herself.

  7. kesha says:

    Sorry but Leann claiming cyberbully?! Bitch get the F**K OFF OF TWITTER!! Simple. Or, OR grow a thicker skin! Celebs get cussed out all the time on twitter and the internet, don’t see them checking into rehab!!! WTF.

    Sorry but their are people, kids being bullied on and offline, innocently, at worse driven to suicide or harm. Attention seeking f**kward, please go play “Find hubbys wandering d**k”.
    Rant over…

  8. Macey says:

    Im really glad you at least posted the entire article and not the edited cut that LR had HP change to her benefit.

    I think it was Rita (??) in the other thread that claimed LR was just setting the stage for a future lawsuit against Smiley and I think she hit the nail on the head after reading LR’s version on The Boot. she is def. laying down tracks and yet again proving what a conniving, manipulative bitch she really is.

    • Isabel says:

      I don’t think she can even sue Smiley. The phonecall was public (on speaker on both sides), she was the one who called, not Smiley. She can’t cry about invasion of privacy or harrasment. So what does she do? Try to gain sympathy by entering rehab. Not because she is wrong, no, because she is bullied. Maybe instead of that she should try to figure out why people dislike her, but no, she is too proud for that, she can’t do wrong -,-

      • from what I understand, , the call was on speaker on both sides and Kim’s not even the person who recorded the call. It was recorded by her daughter who had no difficulty hearing the entire conversation as would anyone else who had been in the room. A lot of celebs deal with mean-ness and vitriol from the public, none worse than someone like Angelina Jolie (as an example because she has some really fervent antis). You don’t see her getting their numbers and cursing at them over the phone. You don’t see her waging twitter wars against people who don’t like her. You don’t see her blaming them for her actions. No, because people like Angelina Jolie are adults and behave like adults. LeAnn is stuck in teenageland and really does need to get some help and some perspective. But if she’s using this “time out” as a means to continue her own cyberbullying, then it’s not going to help her.

      • ol cranky says:

        they’ve supposedly already filed suit and are asking for Smiley to be prosecuted criminally for violating CA’s wiretapping laws.

      • Attorney husband said they would have a hard time getting anything out of that suit since LeAnn initiated the call, she, effectively did the same thing by having the phone on speaker, and she was the one being aggressive during the phone call. Even in California, with it’s dual party taping notification law, the use of a cell phone and a speaker makes the case a little harder to prosecute. He also asked a question: what state was Kim in during this call? Was she in California or a different state?

      • Zooyork says:

        Thanks (and thanks to your husband) for sharing that info paranormalgirl. I’m glad to hear that they will have a hard time prosecuting smiley.

  9. Isabel says:

    My opinion on this subject:

    Poor Leann, once again playing the victimcard. She probably saw online people highly dislike her (even more after the leaked call) and decided to play poor little rich girl in order to make Smiley the bad person. Bitch please. Mission failed, most people side with Smiley and this makes her look even more delusional.

  10. Theskinny says:

    The funny thing is LEANN BLOCKED KIM! Leann trolls Kim by getting people to give her screen shots of Kim’s twitter. (Scary right?). Kim’s twitter has been private since 2010. She called her five mos ago. How does she know what is on Kim’s twitter if SHE is not the one trolling. Hilarious.

  11. Ho hum says:

    I think Eddie left her is what happened shes probably in a mental hospital …anyway “you reap what you sow Leann”

  12. Rita says:

    Dear LeAnn,

    If you want to know how to handle stress from bullies, taunting, stalking, trolling, and a few other annoyances of life, might I suggest buying Brandi Glanville’s book.

    (She’s done it with class and without the resources you have)

  13. Caroline says:

    She has brought ALL of this onto herself. She was the one who stalked a person with a private Twitter account, not because of what the woman said to her, but about her to other people. She called this woman while in the company of people she met on Twitter who she personally rewarded for insulting and harassing Brandi Glanville and now can’t handle the backlash and the fact that the public are seeing her for the lying, conniving person she is. LeAnn can dish it out but she can’t take it. No sympathy from me at all. Only for the two kids who have to be exposed to this narcissistic mess of a woman. She can cry “bullied” and victim all she wants, it will fall on deaf ears and fail like every other PR stunt she pulls does.

  14. Blocked says:

    Exactly! She is the queen of cyber bullying when we call her out on it & her incessant lies she runs crying that she is the victim! Then stop spewing stupidity Leann! I troll her TL because I support moms who have a Leann n their lives & the best recourse is to stand up for your right as a real mom & call them out on lies! If a person like LR is allowed to go on lying, stalking, harassing & abusing then the problem is never resolved & innocent children are affected. I can troll her TL & with the help of a friend on the inside call her out just about everytime she lies! I am blocked so she doesn’t see anything she chooses not to! The only people seeing it is the general public who choose to read my tweets! So how exactly is she being cyber bullied if everyone who doesn’t fall into her fantasy world gets blocked hence she never sees the anti Leann tweets! Hmmmm I wonder?? LOL

    • Annie says:

      Oh yes, this. While I think some of the comments about Leann on this forum and others were nasty and went too far, Leann herself invited them. SHE is a horrible cyber bully both towards Brandi and some non-famous people too. Also the judgements on her body she invites by running around in nothing but a g-string 24/7.

  15. kesha says:

    Conviniently her last tweet is about NO H8 pics. B***h we smell the bullshit. I am so offended I want to START trolling her. Girl does’nt know what bully is. Being called a home wrecker, being told Eddie’s cheating, Leann it’s called statement of FACTS, truth hurts, #DEAL

  16. Amy says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Leanne but was this Twitter person who unfollowed her constantly criticizing Leanne on her own Twitter? It wasn’t right for Leanne to call this woman like she did, but was this woman constantly saying things like Team Brandi and Leanne sucks? If that’s the case, this woman is just as stupid as Leanne for taunting her on Twitter (if that’s what happened).

    • But how was LeAnn taunted on twitter when her “taunter” had a private Twitter feed and LeAnn had blocked her anyway? Kim was fully in her rights to state that she found LeAnn offensive. LeAnn also has the right to find Kim offensive. She has the right to tweet about it. But to basically stalk, harass, and call Kim because she doesn’t happen to like LeAnn? That’s just twisted and more than a little odd.

    • Sisi says:

      we make comments on celebrities at Celebitchy, she does it on a twitterfeed. What’s the difference?

      Celebrities are basically more sheltered from her private comments than our public ones.

  17. Annie B says:

    Leann’s “mental illness” is one of many and likely a couple personalty disorders. These are impossible to “treat” withouth the person acknowledging and wanting to modify their behavior and thought processes, to learn to “fit in” with general society more. You can’t take a pill for Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder. You have to accept you have things that are not “normal” in your thought processed and actively control your behavior, forcing yourself to behave in an “acceptable”, expected by society way.

    Leann set this all up, timed her “mental issues” to happen after her full month long vacay, right when she is supposed to be heading back to “work” mode. I imagine even her private website began sucking up too much of her time/effort and she wants assistants to take that over, the effort of running it far outweigh the benefits for her.

    She is not going for treatment, she is getting attention and trying to spin the harassing phone call she made to a random Tweeter who dislikes her, where she shit talked Brandi any chance she got. I guessed a story would pop up about her being bullied and people are so mean to her that it is effecting her emotions, I didn’t think this soon. All of the haha!! and who cares? comments about her going to “treatment” forced this damage control route to start.

    Kaiser, dig into your past emails from “sources” for one named DiannSteph. You will see the “source” for Celebuzz’s farce of a “story”.

  18. kesha says:

    Leann has what 300k followers on Twitter yet she can’t stop paying attention to the 30 peoples (number she gave) tweets she CAN’T see because she blocked them?! B***h is trolling her Goddamn self because she is obviously CHOOSING to look at the criticisms!

    • Carpe Diem says:

      ^ this. She is trolling herself.

      Or, somebody explain to me (seriously) how LR is getting trolled?

  19. Talie says:

    She doesn’t have to be on Twitter…or get Google Alerts about herself. For godsakes…

  20. Tifygodess24 says:

    I wish the duck tape in the NoH8 picture wasnt just over her mouth , it should also be over her fingers so she couldn’t text either! No words, no tweets = joy.

  21. Mela says:

    Leann IS a cyber bully herself. She brought this backlash on herself and until she accepts responsibility for the consequences of her behavior and her role in her own “stress and anixiety” then she will never be happy.

  22. Vesper says:

    The fact that there is even a blog called ‘LunaticLeAnnRimes’ says it all. So does the fact that LeAnn wanting to seek help is interpreted as someone who is trying to portray herself as a victim.

    Long before she met Eddie, LeAnn’s marriage was rumoured to be open, and there were numerous claims that her ex-husband was gay. It was an open marriage, and she made the mistake of falling in love. The breakup of Eddie’s marriage should be on Eddie. Yet, while Eddie gets the ocassional bash, LeAnn takes the brunt of it.

    Claims that LeAnn is stalking Brandi or trying to look like Brandi just don’t make any logical sense. She already has the guy. It only makes sense when u consider how narcissist and bitter Brandi is. I’m sure with all the booze she consumes, she does see things that way, but than again she has also said that the other housewives are jealous of her. I’m sure it’s a recurring theme in her friendships. LeAnn on the other hand, who has been in the spotlight since the age of 12, has never had any negative tabloid press about mental health issues, stalking, eating disorders, or negative interactions with people.

    As far as looking like Brandi, she doesn’t, she looks like herself, except thinner, older, and more sophisticated. Her weight has always yo-yoed. Her ex-husband, Dean, was quoted not all that long ago, saying he feels somewhat responsible for the fact that LeAnn seems to be overexercising, because he was the one who got her into it.

    If all of u haters spent half the time that u spend bashing LeAnn and instead work on ur own self growth and relationships, u would all be much further ahead. Focussing so much energy on the negative, especially for an extended period of time, on someone u don’t even know, doesn’t help anyone.

    • then it doesn’t help when you bash and insult Brandi like you just did in this very post.

    • emmieapricot says:

      Vesper says “Focussing so much energy on the negative, especially for an extended period of time, on someone u don’t even know, doesn’t help anyone.” — You just did that exact thing in your post! There was a lot of negative, mean-spirited comments about Brandi and Dean. So don’t go telling us how to act when you can’t even follow your own advice.

      Also — There wouldn’t be a blog about her lunacy if she didn’t behave like a lunatic. She’s the performer, we’re just the observers and commenters. We don’t make this stuff up – LeAnn does that herself.

      And — LeAnn’s behavior makes it extremely believable that she has an unhealthy obsession with Brandi. Again, LeAnn is the performer here, nobody is making this stuff up. It’s very well documented. And you’re wrong regarding negative press. I have read numerous articles that were negative about LeAnn.

      LeAnn loves having people like you explain how she is such a VICTIM, when in reality she is a BULLY who can’t put up with the consequences of her own hypocritical actions.

    • karley says:

      You are crazy. That is all.
      If she can’t handle people calling out her passive aggressive taunts, rewarding brandi bullying by her fans with concert passes and flights, and low class general behavior then she needs to retire from Hollywood and delete her Twitter bc u need thick skin to make it in this world.

    • Isabel says:

      Eventhough I don’t agree with most of your post, I do agree Leann got most of the heat for the affair. Eddie never stepped in and defended her. He was ‘brave’ enough to cheat, but never really stood by her side when everyone bashed Leann.
      Of course this could also be because Leann is simply more famous (not a lot of ppl know Eddie) but still, Eddie never stepped up and took some blame himself.

      • XYZ says:

        +1 Eddie is such an incredibly cowardly pathetic chicken %#@+ and it’s so obvious he doesn’t give a crap about her; if he did he would have defended her, made her stop acting out against Brandi, and convinced her to get psych help sooner.

      • ol cranky says:

        I think the reason Leann got most of the heat for the affair is because Leann kept putting it and just about every aspect of her life (and way too much about her step sons’ lives) out there in public with her constant “look at me” twitter posting

    • Vesper says:

      Posted on Dean’s (LeAnn’s ex-husband) twitter account on August 23:

      Topic: Writing In the Digital Age: Beware of Bullying (3rd article down)

      Congrats BBs u made an impression.

      • Shitler says:

        So Vesper calling up a total stranger & greeting them with “hey b*tch” is totally acceptable & sophisticated behaviour? Good to know

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        Posted on Dean’s twitter account April 4. 2010.
        Dean Sheremet Dean SheremetVerified ‏@Deansheremet

        @wewenlove you should feel proud of that…. Considering you were still married this time last year….

        Looks like “someone” else also made an impression on Dean!

    • Jennifer12 says:

      1. Don’t persist with the negative? Yet you continue to bash Brandi, who has asked people to stop referring to LR and EC on her timeline, etc, and let her live her own life. Brandi leaves them alone, but YOU keep pointing to her and insulting her.

      2. Leann stalks people. It’s her MO. She has copied poses and clothing and there’s photographs that back it up.

      3. You’re like that Dana Carvey routine about OJ. “Don’t look at that mountain of evidence over there! Look over here!” Affairs are routinely forgotten about in Hollywood, but Leann living her life on Twitter, oversharing about her life, trying to establish and insist on her own importance in Brandi’s sons’ lives, being aggressive and bullying toward a woman whose life she already claimed, is what turns people off. Again, tons of evidence of what she’s done and would still do if she could get away with it. People hate bullies and she never thought she’d get called out on it.

      4. How do you justify her calling someone from Twitter and bashing her stepkids’ mother?

  23. Jennifer says:

    Funny, all she had to do was close her Twitter account in order to stop the “cyberbullying” that she was creating for herself.

    I do not condone bullying of any kind, but this chick was asking for whatever she got because on more than on occasion she herself would respond to the crap people said. Just stop yourself.

  24. Rocky says:

    I rarely comment on any posts but LeAnn drives me nuts! If people on Twitter are mean to her all she needs to do is quit. No one will ever feel sorry for LeAnn – she’s rich, famous, and spends most of her time on the beach. I wish my life was that hard.

  25. DetRiotGirl says:

    Did someone hack the twitter account radar mentioned? Because it definitely looks like a parody account at the moment. The profile picture is toothy shot of a horse, and one of the more recent tweets reads “Oh my jaw hurts ow my tooth hurts My I have pretty bikinis!”.

    I mean, lol for sure. But, I highly doubt the current owner of that Twitter account is Leann. Any backstory on that, ladies?

  26. Shannon says:

    From Radar: “The 30-year-old singer has been suspicious for some time about her husband not being faithful and she has grown increasingly worried recently about his extra-marital affairs.”

    Let the LOL’s and karma begin.

  27. Relli says:

    Yeah I can understand not wanting to condone cyber-stalking her an all but she is a public figure who constantly put herself out there, its a little hard to ignore. Look I love y’all here but this isn’t the only gossip site I hit and the last few years have been super heavy on LeAnn being papped on almost every site, even the stories you don’t carry here.

    Its pretty obvious that ever since this chick scored herself a trophy husband she has been balls out in the media. IN FACT for the longest time i thought that she was the most sane of the Britney/Christina/Jessica/Mandy Moore era because there was never a lot of of press out there about her. Now its seems that she just had better handlers at the time. (Also clearly Mandy Moore is winning the teen queen grows up to be normal title)

    If my useless Journalism degree has taught me anything that is that a celebrity cannot sue for libel or slander unless it can be proved that the writer acted in malice. NOT everyone has it out for her, in fact until she started to want to prove how great a mistress/wife she is nobody cared. And if she really believes that everyone is out to get her and therefore taking extra time to “cyberbully” then she really does have problems, like pink-wig stuff happening upstairs.

    She is a public figure doing crazy things and everyone is watching & commenting. She needs to learn that she cannot control others, only herself. That’s all this about anyhow; the photos, the interviews, the twitter abuse, and stalking, its her desire to control every aspect of her life including those who surround her and how she is perceived by strangers no less. Silly girl don’t you know the more power you try to seize the less you actually have.

  28. kesha says:

    Were u expecting this kind of double backlash Leann? Is this what you would call “bullying” too? I have a “tool” for you, stop reading :- see how the “bullying” disappears when you do that?

  29. Isabel says:

    Pains me to say this, but for some reason I hate Ediot even more than Leann. When the cheatingscandal broke Leann took all the heat while Ediot sat in the background playing with his peen. Leann released all those statements, got most of the blame etc. What she did is sure wrong and I highly dislike her for it, but Ediot.. Come on man, not even standing by your girls side when you are the one who actually cheated?

    Edit: could of course also be she got most of the heat because she is the most famous one. Not a lot of ppl know Eddie, lot of people do know Leann. Same situation with Kristen Stewart and the pretty unknown director. People hate him, but aren’t as curious about his relationship with his wife as they are about Ks and RP. They are simply more famous. But still, if u have the ‘courage’ to cheat, own up to it and don’t let the other woman take all the heat in the press.

    • ol cranky says:

      a rational, mature human being would have seen Eddie’s behavior as a red flag and re-thought continuing the relationship with him

  30. mln76 says:

    I for one believe that LeeAnn is all kinds of crazy and innapropriate but there is clearly a cabal of women that watch her Twitter like its Knots Landing. Im pretty sure they all are regular posters here on Celebitchy and many seem to have a close relationship with Brandi. All im saying is that both teams have early crossed the lines into cyberbullying. LeeAnn has done it personally and Brandi through her devoted emissaries * waves to all the Celebitches who’d probably like to wring my little neck* …Oh lord please bring some real gossip .

    • ya says:

      ya for sure…. it’s become very obsessive on both sides.

      • XYZ says:

        +100 I am always astounded at how intense the emotions and views of posters on the Rimes’ threads are compared to other threads. I once in a ribbing way asked one commenter why they were so close to the story or who they knew (because their posts were so detailed): They accused me of being some body from another site who had stolen somebody’s name and was presumably following them around! In other words there are people who follow the Rimes/Cibrian/Glanville saga to the point where they start imagining things that aren’t even real.

      • ya says:

        That happened to me too….. it was very strange… I don’t know how many sites these people are following, and it’s amazing how much time they seem to be putting into harassing LR.

      • XYZ says:

        I’m glad you shared that. I felt really wierded out at the time and didn’t know how to respond.

      • claire says:

        “I don’t know how many sites these people are following, and it’s amazing how much time they seem to be putting into harassing LR.”

        Are you saying that commenting on these stories is harassing her? There’s plenty of us who read gossip sites, and comment on the articles and in forums who do not have Twitter accounts, and don’t tweet her at all. It’s just commenting and speculating on gossip.

        If she was going to sue anyone on the internet who said something negative about her, she’d have to sue thousands of people.

    • Hotpockets says:

      I concure times 1000000

      but seriously, people know every detail and timeline of this brandi/ eddie/ LR saga, it’s bizarre. There is another triangle of a list celebs where people obsess over every detail of that..ya know..the brang…I won’t even say, but people get craycray over it.

      I am not saying I don’t enjoy reading about it and become amused by the antics of these people, but do I get a gossip boner over whether or not there is solid evidence that LR is insane? No. Do I troll twitter? No. Once I leave this site, that’s that. I don’t live vicariously through these twisted, monotonous, celeb triangles.

      • mln76 says:

        Here is the difference between this and the other triangle you mentioned. Those people are stars and are pretty elusive. These three (especially LeeAnn and Brandi) are active in courting the attention from the their ‘fans’ and ‘haters’ mostly because without this drama they would be nowhere- a hasbeen and a nobody fighting over a sleazy D list TV star. I do believe that both women are well aware of what people say about them and as I said before they both seem to be personally willing to intervene and contact their trolls on the internet. Can you imagine Aniston or Jolie doing the same? I think not.
        They have cultivated this war for attention. That compounds the crazy where there would be the sounds of crickets. As a long standing commenter on CB I’ve noticed that certain commenters seem to have personal knowledge of the situation as if they have contact with Brandi and its been documented that LeeAnn is personally contacting people on the internet to fight it out with them. BOTH SIDES are wrong-LeeAnn is wrong and crazy whereas Brandi is just a opportunistic famewhore whose ship came in.

      • Hotpockets says:

        No I agree. I only brought up the other triangle just because I find it bizarre that strangers become so involved with these stories. I do find it bothersome that commenters do know so many details about both brandi and LR, like who said what, which twitter follower is on what side, who instigated what.

  31. Stubbylove says:


  32. LeeLoo says:

    Part of me can totally see the cyberbullying having an effect on her mental health. However, this isn’t like what so many kids or even adults have to deal with of going someplace they HAVE to be like school or work and getting bullied. This is twitter, she doesn’t have to be on twitter. She sure as hell doesn’t need to be on there 24/7 like she has.

    So yes, on one end people do not need to troll LeAnn and incite her any further. It’s beyond cruel and says a lot about those who continue to troll her. On the other hand LeAnn needs to get off of Twitter and not worry about what people think. She needs to quit looking at what people say about her. The fact that she cannot ignore what is being said and is trying so hard to spin it a certain way means 1)things are not as rosy as they seem and 2)she knows what she’s done and is doing is wrong. 3)LeAnn is as much of a bully as those who bully her. The reason she is a bully is she has no self worth whatsoever. It’s kind of sad. She lives in a hell of her own making, that’s enough of a punishment. The worst punishment for her is to have the world ignore her. Trolling her gives more attention than she deserves.

    • BubbaAng says:

      Yes, she definitely needs to take a break from the internet altogether. I hope she gets help with her personal, mental or addiction issues.

    • ya says:

      completely agree with this…. hopefully she can get help.

      Frankly her issues are not very different from many country stars – especially those who were child stars as well like Tanya Tucker, for instance. The big difference here is the accessibility the internet gives people to her.

  33. Isabel says:

    (I’ll shut up after this one xD I am stalking the thread).

    I think Leann has the same ‘problem’ as Chris Brown. Both did something bad (of course CB’s actions are a lot worse, but still). Both have admitted they did but never changed their ways. They have never actually sincerely acknowledged they did something bad, they just change the subject or attack others (people who critisize them, reporters asking about it etc etc). They just ignore what they did and want the public to stop talking/thinking about it.

    Leann made the mistake of not only taking someone’s man, but also being attentionwhorish in general (papshots, Twitter, weird statements, showing her body off all the time). She also was dumb enough to bash the woman she stole a man from. People HATE that. Of course they are not gonna like her.

    Same with Chris Brown: half assed apology, but still showing issues with anger management (throwing chairs, insulting ppl, ripping his shirt off when angry). Yet he claims to be a changed man, but his actions show otherwise: immature fool with no selfcontrol. He attacks people constantly (mostly verbally now), he is a bully and an attentionwhore.
    Of course people are gonna bring up the subject again and are not forgiving him.

    Both are delusional and think they can do no wrong. They never learn and keep doing the same thing until they get caught, like Leann is now (bullying while campaigning for noh8). Then they play the victimcard, but never actually take responsibility for their actions.

    • Masque says:


    • busy ramone says:

      I can’t stand Leann, but there is no comparison with Chris Brown. Yes she screwed another woman’s husband but a lot of people do that, yes she badmouthed her husband’s ex but a lot of people do that too It’s bad form but it’s certainly not aggravated assault and death threats on your girlfriend who loves you.

      Let’s not forget that Eddie has done nothing but encourage Leann’s behaviour towards the mother of his children out of bitterness that she kicked him out.

      Leann is so head-over-heels for him that if he said the word she would probably never speak publicly about Brandi again.

      I think he gets off on enabling a crazy, lovesick, immature girl (who he is only using for her money) in bullying the mother of his children who he hates for not putting up with his cheating. Leann is just delusional and mentally ill, Eddie is calculating and an opportunistic, manipulative scumbag.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Leann stalked and cyberbullied and harassed Brandi and had her fans do so as well. Even they have backed off at this point, because they got heat for inflicting pain on a woman who was the victim AND whose children now had Leann in their lives. Women rose to Brandi’s defense because we feel for her- to be dumped is horrible, but to then to be stalked and taunted by this person and then have this person in your kids’ lives and clearly wanting to take your role as parent and tweeting your kids all over the place and giving interviews about them….. It’s different from CB, but the principle is the same. You do wrong, you get caught. Actions have consequences. Leann sees herself as a victim, and no one agrees with her, except Vesper. And it drives her nuts.

  34. Raven says:

    I thought faithful readers on here will be interested to know that radar just posted a new LeAnn story-that she was worried about Eddie’s cheating before going to rehab!

  35. why? says:

    This is too funny. No wonder Leann set up another exclusive interview with Celebuzz from the treatment facility today. I’m surprised that ROL didn’t depict Leann as the victim like Leann’s BFFs at Celebuzz did.

    Celebuzz wrote 3 negative articles about Brandi based on information that Leann fed to one of her fans(the fan who claimed that she worked at Bravo, received text’s from Eddie, and who was spotted tweeting the editor of Celebuzz), so does Celebuzz honestly think they are doing Leann a favor by depicting her as the victim? How is Celebuzz going to counteract the fact that they acted as trolls when Leann and her fan used them to cyberbully Brandi? Seriously is Celebuzz ready for the fallout they will face once the media figures out their source is a person who Leann tweets to on a regular basis and who bullies Brandi?

    I’m not surprised that Leann has contacted Celebuzz about being cyberbullied. Her story is being overshadowed by the stories of other celebs. And of course she doesn’t want the media to start releasing stories about how she is in rehab because Eddie cheated on her or wants a divorce.

    Leann has the worst pr firm in the world.

    • Ho hum says:

      I agree something happened at or after the party. I think he told her it was over.

      • why? says:

        Well the more she and Celebuzz push the cyberbullying angle and the fact that she is still giving exclusive interviews from the facility has me convinced that this is all because Eddie’s affairs are about to be exposed or Eddie told Leann that he wanted out of the marriage or a separation. It’s disgusting that the media falls for her pr tactics when it’s so obvious why she is doing these things.

        I hate that the real victims of cyberbullying and people who have real issues with mental health are being thrown under the bus just so that Leann can fulfill her agenda: Hide the fact that Eddie is cheating or wants out of the marriage.

    • ol cranky says:

      hmmmm having significant enough issues handling stress that one needs to check into a mental health facility for treatment and the first thing she does after checking in is grant an interview? The first thing her attending physician should have done is made sure she did not do any press and focused on treatment while an in-patient.

  36. lucy2 says:

    Feels like her emotional growth got stunted somewhere around 6th grade.
    She put all this out there, then gets upset when people react? Stop putting it out there. Block the “mean” people, or stop using twitter. Actually live life rather than just talking about how great it is (which it obviously isn’t!).
    Any sane person could see what to do here, but she just seems to love the attention, no matter how horrible.
    Serious professional help needed.

  37. Rita says:

    I’m getting confused. Radar says that LeAnn checked herself into rehab because she caught Eddie cheating and Eddie says he can’t believe people think he cheats and that these rumors are just a speed-bump in his marriage.

    Is this the second speed-bump in his second marriage or I have slipped into some time-warp where I have to relive all this crap for the next three years? If that’s the case, I’m not worried about going to hell, I’m already there.

    • brin says:


    • why? says:

      Oh no, The Dailymail has now printed the “Did Leann go into rehab because Eddie is cheating” story from ROL!

      They also included snippets from the Leann’s exclusives to TMZ, People magazine, and the 5 exclusive interviews that she gave to Celebuzz who doesn’t have an agenda at all I tell you!

      It’s sad that Leann is using cyberbullying to hide the fact that her marriage is OVER. Does the media even have the coverage to call her out on her this lastest pr stunt?

  38. GirlyGIrl says:

    NO H8, but YES STUPID.

    She’ll do whatever it takes to get attention, this is a ploy. What stress could any adult really suffer from cyber-bs? She’s an entitled rich white lady in a world where hard workers live well below the poverty line.

    Go to hell Lee-ann and take Douchey McStubble with you

  39. why? says:

    Wow, just, wow! What is going on? I can’t believe my eyes, is ROL really posting back to back articles that are not in favor of Leann? Did she forget to pay them?

    Who wants to bet that ROL “source” for the “LeAnn Rimes Believed Eddie Cibrian Was Cheating Before Entering Treatment” story was Lizzy? I’m thinking that something happened at the birthday party that Lizzy threw for Leann on Tuesday.

    Poor Leann. What should Leann’s pr firm learn from this rehab stunt? Now let’s see which explantion for Leann’s rehab stay gets more attention: Leann was cyberbullied or Eddie is cheating( which is the real reason Leann is in rehab)

    This is from ROL:

    LeAnn Rimes Believed Eddie Cibrian Was Cheating

    Once a cheater, always a cheater?

    LeAnn Rimes seems to think so, as she believed that her husband Eddie Cibrian was cheating on her before she entered a treatment center, has exclusively learned.

    PHOTOS: The Best Of LeAnn Rimes In Her Bikini Over The Years

    The 30-year-old singer has been suspicious for some time about her husband not being faithful and she has grown increasingly worried recently about his extra-marital affairs.

    “LeAnn called a friend of hers a few weeks ago sobbing hysterically about Eddie going out,” a source close to her exclusively told

    She was home for the weekend and he didn’t stay in with her and she was crying saying that she was so worried about what he was doing when he wasn’t with her.”

    LeAnn is beyond stressed about the cracks in her relationship with Eddie and she has been really scared that he is cheating on her,” the source said.

    LeAnn officially checked into a treatment facility to cope with “anxiety and stress.”


  40. Liane says:

    And in a strange confluence of events:

    Deepest sympathies to Charlotte Dawson, and I know this is extremely serious, however … I can’t help but think … how ticked do you think LR will be that someone one-upped her in the twitter victim category?

    • Ming Lee says:

      i heard this story too. sorry to say, but both women need to get off twitter. quit looking up your name and then reading every single comment. everyone doesn’t have to love everyone.

  41. brin says:

    Cue the violins….now Us Weekly has a “source” saying Leann feels society hasn’t forgiven her and all she wants is love and respect….wtf?!
    Methinks this is her preemptive strike against the upcoming cheating stories.
    Poor wewe.

  42. why? says:

    Can someone please explain, if Leann is so stressed out then how come she keeps giving exclusive interviews to US Weekly and Celebuzz from the treatment facility? She is really milking this thing and as we can see it’s really backfiring. ROL didn’t come out and say that Leann got treatment because Eddie is cheating but they hinted at it and by putting “stress and anxiety” in quotation marks.

    She just needs to stop because now the cyberbullying stories are being overshadowed by the Eddie is cheating stories! Maybe Leann is doing this to force Eddie to stay or guilt Eddie into not leaving her.

    What type of pr firm does Leann have that they allow her to push this this far, knowing that it’s blown up in Leann’s face?

  43. the original bellaluna says:

    So, she’s in “mental health treatment” to learn how to STOP cyber-bullying OTHERS? Because that’s the condition for which she should really be seeking treatment.

    Well, that and her other “mental health” issues.

    • skuddles says:

      Exactly bella! She’s been bullying others for ages now. In fact, that’s what this is really about – she bullied 8smiley and when it backfired all to hell on her she suddenly felt the need to check into a treatment center (and makes sure everyone hears about it). Sympathy ploy – nothing more.

  44. natalina says:

    ya know how to stay away from cyber bullies—stay away from twitter.

  45. natalina says:

    she called me “miserable” and “sick” on twitter…no other “celeb” ever bothered with me….idk, maybe it’s her, not US

  46. dorothy says:

    She has severe mental health issues. I agree, cyber bulling is the least of this womans problems.

  47. natalina says:

    I support 8smileys, it would be ridiculous and cruel to say that LR is in treatment because of a commoner–LR didnt need to make the call, it wasn’t necessary. If anything she was the one harassing kim smiley with a middle school phone call

  48. why? says:

    Did you see what someone from Camp Leann just told TMZ?

    “LeAnn Rimes NOT In Rehab” TMZ

    So just like she did with Celebuzz, she told TMZ that this was about a war she was having with people on twitter. Seriously, her pr people are going to insist on playing the victim card with as much evidence that is against Leann?

    Leann is really milking the victim thing and even though it has backfired against her she continues to push and push this spin. But then again it’s a race against time. Leann has to saturate the internet with as many stories about how her rehab stay was due to cyberbullying to drown out ROL story hinting that she is actually in treatment because Eddie is cheating.

    And why oh why is Leann concerned that people think she is in rehab? She made sure that TMZ made the distinction. And if she was serious about treatment why is she keeping up on what the media is writing while she is in the facility?

    TMZ believed Leann. The same TMZ that just so happened to get the exclusive about how Eddie was suing Brandi if she allowed the kids to be on RHOBH twice?

    Even the TMZ article backfired. While TMZ is kissing Leann’s behind, the public is calling for her to delete her twitter account.

    Her pr firm is doing more harm than good. They seriously need to back off because the next step would be for the victims who have been cyberbullied by Leann and her fans to come forward with the documented evidence against Leann and her fans.

    In one day, Leann managed to ruin her entire career and rep. How is that even possible?

    • XYZ says:

      Snap- You remind me of a sportscaster doing live coverage of a game! Really on the ball here 😉 But seriously, are you writing a book on this topic or something? You seem to be doing a lot of research, and I don’t mean that in a negative or accusatory way- I used to do research for a living.

      • why? says:

        I love how these “random” posters pop up every so often asking me how do I know all of this stuff about Leann and then softening it up by saying “no offense” or “I don’t mean it in a negative way”. How many times have I seen this tactic in the last two weeks?

        Like I told those other “random” posters who popped up asking this very same question, ALL of this information is in plain sight, there is no need to do any research because Leann has done a great job at documenting her bad behavior. Leann is also a classic textbook example of HPD.

  49. TheTruthHurts says:

    It all makes sense now. The reason why her album was suddenly delayed, her membership website, and now being locked away for a month and blaming it on the twitter folk she has blocked, does not follow and can’t even see tweets from. The changes ALL started after the Eddie cheating story broke on Twitter and we know that she had Dobbie DM Divini, etc. This is all about her breaking down because Eddie is cheating and trying to blame it on strangers on Twitter. What’s up with this Dobbie and her snitchy ways? Why would she trust this girl when it’s so obvious how much she talks to people who dislike Leann on twitter and as much as I like to read about them, what a bitch for spilling her secrets.

  50. mssnarnd says:

    For the record, I am not a fan of LR.

    However, I have family members who struggle with mental health issues.

    Most of the time, it is a series of nightmares I would not wish on my worst enemy.

    I have read through this thread (and some previous threads). Granted – she has made some terrible choices in her life (just like LiLo, KStew, Brit Spears, Heath Ledger, River Phoenix, Amy Winehouse, Brittany Murphy just to name a few. . . unfortunately, the list is long); but, please, be a human being. If you don’t like her. Fine. I don’t like her either.

    But, don’t go out and bash a person who has mental health issues. All these “karma” comments – baffle me. Because if you truly believe in karma . . . you would not post those negative comments.

    I know this is a celebrity gossip site. I read it. I have followed it for a couple of years. I probably would not have spoken up about this topic (once again, not a LR fan), except for the obvious – she’s hurting . . . whether it’s EC’s indulgences, her own insecurities, other.

    Don’t hate. Life is very difficult. Once again, I am trying to keep some family members alive who . . . according to them . . . would rather not be.

    And, sometimes, there’s a cry for help in very strange behavior. It’s a U.S. holiday weekend – just be kind as you go out to enjoy it. Life is so short – be thankful for the happy moments, and make sure to connect (emotionally) with another human being (it’ll do you good!).

    • someone says:

      Well said!! Best comment I’ve seen today in reference to this Leann news. Very disheartening to see how rude and mean some people are, even on anonymous forums like this one.

    • hyena says:

      Well said

      • joanne says:

        i’m not sure how you think it is rude or mean to discuss leann’s actions on a gossip site. no one is making up lies, we are just discussing what leann has said and done.

    • ya says:

      Completely agree with this…. And the behaviour of the haters online makes me wonder if they have mental health issues too.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      Yes. Thank you for saying this. It’s not that I like her- I feel horribly for everyone who has had to deal with her honestly. But she is mentally ill. It’s not a pass but it is an explanation. I hope she finds peace and starts recovering. Because she is hurting but she is also hurting others. Her truly getting help – and I know this is most likely a PR stunt – is best for everyone. AND she is spending time in a place that can start the process.

  51. Sumodo1 says:

    30 is the new 15.

  52. heidi says:

    A very clever move if a PR ploy and nothing more. All to deflect from Ed’s cheating. C’mon Enquirer, get the full story out.
    Stace aka drp2u is a skunk. Notice how Cele buzz keeps tweeting the ‘cyberbullying’ link to place blame up on LR twitter page?

  53. kellyinseattle says:

    She tries SO HARD to be “sexy”…you can tell all she wants to do is Playboy. Does she even have a GED? I ask this but I don’t think anyone knows? A driver’s license? Something to suggest some amount of normalcy. Not that those things make you normal, but not having those can be off. She reminds me a little bit of Courtney Stodden, except she married someone near her own age.

  54. Sunnyinseattle says:

    Now it is falling apart. Rehab wad a lie. Stupid little person. Can’t bring myself to call her a woman. Person was a stretch. 🙁

  55. why? says:

    Leann did it! Leann Rimes and her rehab story have finally made into the top 10 stories on Yahoo and all it took was for Leann to give back to back exclusive interviews from the facility to TMZ and Celebuzz about how she was “cyberbullied”.

    I’m convinced that Leann’s rehab stay has everything to do with the fact that Eddie is cheating on her.

    The better question is: Why is Leann Rimes using cyberbullying to cover up for the real reason why she is in rehab?

    The sad part is that the media fell for it. So once again Leann shows just how gulliable the media truly is and how easily they can be manipulated. This was never about cyberbullying. It’s about her husband cheating or wanting out of their marriage.

    I’m wondering if Eddie asked for a divorce or trial separation on Wednesday.

  56. palermo says:

    Every single problem she has she brought on herself. Zero sympathy.

  57. bELLA says:

    COULDNT WAIT FOR THIS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  58. SleepyJane says:

    I am so glad that someone is publicly calling for the trolling to stop. I went on twitter last week and couldn’t believe the horrible attacks.

    I used to think the “Brandi Bunch” was funny. I understand why they came about, but Brandi seems good now.

    I don’t care if you say this is her “karma”

    It is not up to us when, where, or how someone will have to pay for the wrongs they’ve committed. Taunting her will only bring bad karma back to you.

  59. Hayley says:

    If she’d quit being a Twitter-whore she might find a little peace in her life. Well, maybe not…..

  60. JudyK says:

    I’m replacing what I just posted, after reading a post above about having some compassion for those with mental-health issues. I don’t care for LeAnn Rimes, but I have to agree with Poster No. 51.

  61. barb says:

    Well, she has been cyberbullied. People have been trashing her viciously, and on this board too. Even if she is doing and saying and acting like everyone says she is, then those who trash her are acting as badly as she is. And if she really is having a breakdown, you don’t kick people when they down.

    • why? says:

      Leann is not the victim. Leann kicked her ownself when she was down. All she has to do is just admit that she is in rehab because her husband is cheating, but yet she continues to spin that this is about cyberbullying.

      What Leann’s “lawsuit” comes down to is that Leann believes that she can do and say whatever she wants without ever having to deal with the consequences of her actions, that is not how the world works.

      If Leann was having a real breakdown, then there is no way that TMZ, Celebuzz, US Weekly, and People mag would be getting these back to back exclusives from her lawyer or Leann. The lawyer is giving statements to media outlets, he can’t do that without Leann’s permission. So Leann is playing the puppet master.

      This is just like the “Little Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Leann is crying wolf because she just can’t admit to herself that her marriage to Eddie is a failure. If you think the backlash is bad imagine how bad it’s going to be when the “Eddie Cibrian caught cheating on Leann” stories come out.

    • Jayna says:

      Agreed. There is snark and then there is viciously bullying someone on the internet getting down to gutter level. It makes you as bad as the person you are after in my opinion. There’s a point of no return on the internet.

      I once years ago realized I was bullying a member with some friends on a music site (that was known for witty snark and jabs) way past being funny or snarky. She was a loser (who was a lawyer, not dumb) who was practically a stalker of a famous singer, but when I stepped back and realized the gang mentality I had just engaged in and looked at myself through other’s eyes I was disgusted with myself and horrified and realized how people get behind keyboards. I was no better than the weirdo we ganged up on, all going way past pertinent points regarding her behavior or fun, snarky banter or jabs. It became vicious, terribly meanspirited, and it was nothing compared to the comments I see on here or other sites regarding LeAnn that have nothing to do with her narcissim or exhibitionism or twitter behavior regarding the boys or Brandi. It goes way below the belt and makes the posters themselves look like …..

      I find the internet really makes internet trolls of a lot of people sitting behind a keyboard, and it is easy to become one with your gang of internet friends. I didn’t like myself when I became that person. I guess others don’t take a look in the mirror.

      • barb says:

        Agreed! That gang mentality was getting completely out of hand on this board. I don’t care what she did, there’s no excuse for ripping someone up like that.

      • LeeLoo says:

        Good story. Very truthful.

        I’ve had to take a step back on this site and a few others too and watch my own actions and what I say to others and what I say in general. I’ve realized I don’t want to be too negative or insulting. It’s one thing to be snarky and critical but in the past I too have said some things that are downright cruel. I’ve said this several times. Most people say things online to draw attention to themselves. If we all seriously want to punish LeAnn the best thing we can do is ignore her completely.

    • someone says:

      Totally agree. But those who insist on trashing Leann (calling her horse like for instance) and following her every word so that they can quote it back as some proof that she is crazy or imitating/stalking Brandi or taunting Brandi will never see their behavior as bullying. Because it is OK for them to make fun of her since SHE DESERVES IT according to them. This long ago crossed the line from “trying to point out to Leann how she is hurting Brandi” and turned into “let’s make fun of Leann any way we can”. I can’t imagine one person who could be called the names Leann has and not be hurt by it. But somehow Leann is supposed to be bigger than that and not react.

      • april says:


      • why? says:

        Have you seen the names that Mateo, DB, and Leann’s fans have called Brandi and the BBs? Did you see what Leann did to Brandi when she was posting as WEWENLOVE?

        Leann is grasping at straws. She didn’t expect that people were going to start saying that this was due to Eddie cheating and so she did the best thing that she could. Screamed that it’s about cyberbullying. Imagine the names that people are going to call Leann now that they see she is jusing cyberbullying and lawsuits to hide the fact that Eddie is cheating on her.

    • XYZ says:

      So true. This whole case reminds me of a high school bullying incident on a far broader scale.

    • Eileen says:

      Um let me tell you my story which is very similar to other women who are called the “BBs”
      One day whilst on twitter I made a comment to no one directly, that Leann Rimes tweets are disrespectful to Eddie’s ex. It was just out there-no “@”.
      Well guess what happened? Within 10 minutes I was VICIOUSLY harassed on twitter from fanatics. Called every name it the book-including the “C” word -for just that ONE statement. I was seriously shocked. Then I saw how Leann “LOL” or “;)” at their banter with me which of course fueled them on. When I dared try to defend myself or fight back, my personal information was leaked on twitter, I had comics made about me and they got into my Facebook account and emailed my family that they should check on my children because I harass Leann Rimes and need a mental check.
      Then I saw how it happened to many more.
      Then came the fake accounts because once we called Leann out for directly communicating with the whackjobs-they made fake accounts to do it. It was relentless and didn’t stop. I was damned if I was going to let some crazy people scare me off twitter-which in every other aspect I enjoyed and had friendships on. So I put up with it-fought back some and then all of us banded together and decided that no one should be able to behave this wayand it go unnoticed. Poor Brandi at the time had like 40 followers and no one knew who she was. Her twitter feed was just all Leann Rimes fans brutally harassing her. Calling her names, calling her a whore, calling her plastic and saying she’s a bad mother. And then you see Leann wink at them. How do you sit back and not try to help? It was awful and made me sick to my stomach.
      SHE created this herself. She supported the harassment to people who dared make a negative comment on twitter-not even AT her just on there.
      How is this ME or Kim or anyone else cyberbullying her??

      • Jayna says:

        Come on, Eileen, don’t be a LeAnn and selectively hear what is being said. No one is saying not to stand up for Brandi or to call LeAnn out on her shenanigans or to catch her in lies or discuss any reasonable juicy gossip that isn’t pure fabrication because of hate.

        If you think so much of the behavior by the Brandis is okay, just because of who you are dealing with, so be it. I’ve seen the comments all over by the group and it goes beyond nasty and downright ugly because it’s unrelenting, all coming from women with lives I would hope. Guess what, that makes you no better than LeAnn and her crew at times. No one said they haven’t been ugly and vicious temselves at times. You’re an adult, a wife, a mother. If you and/or your buddies like calling people horseface and slut and on and on and on over and over on several sites with your group of pals ganging up salivating all day over any vicious comment by each other, go for it.

        Once this place was cleaned up of the downright nastiness by Celebitchy, I read a thread on LeAnn and it was a really good read all the way through, informative, great debates, calling her out on so much behavior, but none of the trolling at every little thing that reaks of mean girl bullies with a viciousness that is beyond ugly. Of course, that’s now just saved for the other sites. It didn’t really stop. But at least it was put to a stop on here.

      • Eileen says:

        Come on Eileeeen, Oh I swear this moment… sorry your first sentence made me laugh.
        Anyway-look, I don’t go on other sites because of all the crazy back and forth. Just Dlisted and CDAN.
        And honestly-every celebrity website with every celebrity post has people who don’t like the person. I mean I had to stop going to E! because of the crazy twihards going at it all day every day and they give each other death threats!
        The point is-no way no how is anyone deserving of being harassed for having an opinion. So when they get harassed for it and see the person controlling them laughing at it or doing nothing-all while tweeting NOH8 and flying those harassers to private concerts…yep you get mad and you call her names. I’m not saying its right, I’m saying people get hurt and bite back.

      • LeeLoo says:

        I agree 1000% with Jayna!

        What I don’t get Eileen is why you, Brandi or anyone else would stoop to LeAnn’s level just because she was encouraging people to do it to you. I mean anyone else can easily look like the better person against LeAnn by simply ignoring her and her idiot rabid followers. Personally, I would never even respond. At this point, I think Brandi has learned her lesson. I can understand and Brandi has been extremely classy about things since after they got married. I’m by far not a Brandi fan either, but it seems she has become an adult about this whole situation and is focusing on what is most important (her own career and her kids).

        Getting sucked up in the drama and doing the exact same thing that is happened (or happening to you) is of course going to be counter-productive. The whole thing has turned into a vicious cycle and quite frankly it gives LeAnn exactly what she wants to create drama and more attention along with more opportunities to play the victim.

        This whole thing with LeAnn has gotten beyond nasty at times and quite immature and ridiculous. Calling her out on her behavior is one thing, but the high school drama queen war is old. In the end everyone involved ends up looking bad and wastes needless energy on someone (LeAnn) who has proven she will do everything in her power to seek attention. Punish LeAnn by being a mature human, not getting involved in the crazy drama and ignoring her. Ignoring her and those who harass you is a worse punishment than us having to constantly talk about LeAnn Rimes and the crazy train she rode in on. No one deserves to be harassed for having an opinion but at the same time, those like Kim and yourself who fight LeAnn and her followers so hard are only going to make yourself look as bad as LeAnn. Trust me, as a neutral party, LeAnn does a good enough job of making herself look like a total ass, she doesn’t need any help.

      • Eileen says:

        Ok well it might be easy for you to ignore a bunch of fanatics calling you a C&%t, posting your private information up on a public forum and getting harassed. It wasn’t for me, and I stood up for myself and let people know I see what they are doing. That just where we’re different.
        And for the record-Brandi NEVER bullied or harassed Leann. She has stayed very far away from all of it. We never ran to her crying about them harassing us because she had enough on her plate.

      • LeeLoo says:


        I didn’t mean to sound condescending in my previous post or like I was scolding, I apologize if I did. I know this has to be maddening and frustrating for all involved. I just would hate to see someone have to become a Mean Girl in order to beat a Mean Girl. It never works and you’ll feel like crap in the end.

        Don’t get me wrong, I get that it is maddening. Especially when your personal info is leaked. That is certainly not okay. It is one thing to defend yourself especially when things go too far and another to feed into the fire you are trying to extinguish. My main beef isn’t necessarily discussing her or her antics, it’s how it brings out the nastiness in others.

        I’ve dealt with people like LeAnn before. Trust me, any attention be it positive or negative is a reward. All she wants is attention. Going out of your way to give her that is the last thing we need to do. Do whatever you can to make it stop without giving your energy directly to her. I know it’s hard to take some things lying down but sometimes you have to take a few punches to be the bigger person.

      • Eileen says:

        I 100% get what you are saying, and girl trust me when I say I know how crazy it looks from the outside looking in.
        When you get harassed and see others get harassed just for having an opinion-you see someone who should have the world at her feet-aiding fanatics to go after ppl because they don’t agree with how she behaves-its so unreal you have to dig further. You just can wrap your brain around it.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        Oh my god.

  62. why? says:

    Yeap, Eddie is cheating! The Cyberbullying is just a ploy to deflect from it. I wish the media would just get smart about this and call Leann’s bluff. As more and more media outlets write more and more articles about Eddie cheating or ask if this was the real reason why Leann went to rehab, Leann and her lawyer push the cyberbullying angle very hard.

    Leann just had her lawyer give TMZ an exclusive interview about how she is planning on suing the people who “cyberbullied” her. Seriously? If this is what they are doing to the people Leann bullies on twitter, then image how Leann uses that same lawyer to bully Brandi. Now I understand why Brandi hasn’t done anything about Leann exploiting her kids or why she allows Leann and Eddie to get away with so much. This lawyer will do anything to make Leann look like the victim by any means necessary, even when he has no case and there is a ton of evidence against Leann.

    Leann, her lawyer, Celebuzz, and TMZ are making a huge mess of this. Imagine how outraged the public is going to be when whatever media outlet that contacted Leann this week about Eddie’s affiar finally releases their article. Seriously Leann needs to just issue a statement saying that Eddie is cheating and that they decided to seek a trial separation and that this is why she is in rehab instead of playing these games with the real issues that people face with cyberbullying and mental health.

  63. Sugar says:

    ok so i posted the below comment on 08/26 pretty late in the night…

    I hope her new cd does well so she will be so busy doing what she once was known for singing & touring. Be cause if it does well & she cannot handle the responsibility of promoting it because she can’t trust her true lovE & he won’t go on tour w/her or she continues to cancelled then it w/b obvious to the mainstream how unhinged she has
    become over a guy.
    I just don’t get Eddie he must really have a game plan to clean her account or don’t hate me I can barley type it he really cares for her-ugh that was hard. He never says anything anywhere about his wife. Even if he took to his nearly non existent twitter & threw a shout out about her. Like how proud he is about her new CD. But we get nothing from him all this time they have been together. I just don’t get him.

    fastforward to today i feel kinda bad it took this guy once in a blue moon to make some kind of statement now that his wife is truly unhinged…i don’t know i feel kinda bad, should i:/

  64. Krissy says:

    Look, I have ragged on LeAnn before and basically dislike her antics. However, she IS A HUMAN seeking help. If she didn’t seek help and continued her behavior.. then thats a different story. But obviously this girl needs help. I really do hope she gets the help she needs…. I don’t think people should rejoice in the fact that she’s in a treatment center. It’s not a funny issue

  65. why? says:

    A person who is human wouldn’t use real issues like cyberbullying to cover up the fact that she seeking treatment because she can’t handle her husband’s affair or the fact that her husband wants out of the marriage. This was really low.

  66. Rita says:

    For all those with their noses pressed against the glass of LeAnn’s snow-globe hoping she will return from rehab a better woman, please remember:

    This is nothing more than a publicity grab by a person who is mentally unstable and loves every minute of it. She’s promoted this rehab crap more than George Clooney’s publicist did when hoping to win an Oscar.

    If we don’t hear something from her in a week, we’ll know she’s dead…..or Eddie is.

  67. Paloma says:

    Radar is now reporting LeAnn is afraid E. is cheating. If anyone knows, please spill the beans.

  68. Julianthe says:

    You get “coping mechanism” skills after the therapist determines the cause of your anxiety inducing problem. Obviously, she does not know the adult way to handle negative behavior. Instead of ignoring the celebrity bashing, she chooses to react and behave like a child. If you are a celebrity, you have to expect both negative and positive feedback toward your behavior. Not everyone is going to “like” you.

  69. Rita says:

    The other shoe just dropped on TMZ. LeAnn’s lawyer is planning a lawsuit.

    The suit won’t go anywhere but its LeAnn’s way of staying in the tabs and keeping tabs on Eddie.

  70. Rita says:

    ….and who is LeAnn blaming for recording her phone call? Brandi, of course. Slander I say. Lawyer-up Brandi.

    • brin says:

      Is this how she expects to get “love and respect”? She is such a liar. This lawsuit is as crazy as she is.

  71. jamie says:

    Anyone see the tmz report saying she’s going to Sue her? That explains rehab. Gotta make it look like she’s so ANGUISHED over the recording.

    • LeeLoo says:

      I saw it. I was seriously hoping she was legitimately getting help. But it seems the only thing she is doing is trying to get revenge and to sue these women. Pathetic. Good luck stating her invasion of privacy case. She won’t win it and that lawyer knows it. He just wants her money and she’s gone off the handle.

      I can’t say I feel too sorry for this Kim woman for the stress she’s been put through. In all honesty LeAnn is not worth commenting on, even on a private Twitter account. She’s a has-been child country star who has made herself unattractive both inside and outside. What more need to be said? I disagree with the fact that this site posts as many articles as they do on this silly woman. LeAnn is someone to be ignored, not trolled or mocked. I can think of better things to do with my time. At the same time, LeAnn is unhinged enough to make me want to record the phone call for personal safety reasons. I wouldn’t have put it public, that’s a bit cruel and unnecessary. LeAnn makes enough of an ass of herself with what she posts on Twitter. She doesn’t need anyone antagonizing her, she makes herself seem unattractive all on her own with her actions and words.

    • Relli says:

      Right! However mental anguish is pretty difficult to prove. I have a friend who is high up in the medical field and who is currently going through a divorce. Her ex has made it difficult for her to work due to stress from the marriage and it has affected her career. Having had some neurological issues in the past she went to some friends to have some scans of brain done in order to prove the point. Even her lawyer told her it would be difficult to hold up in court, despite medical records and witnesses…… So my question is how valid are these lawsuits and how credible is her lawyer? CA & WI both have some wonky rules when it comes to who is allowed to practice law and thereby less selective than other states. Anyone can file a complaint it doesn’t mean it’s going to trial or couldn’t be solved in mediation. It’s all very suspect.

  72. jamie says:

    Double post

  73. Harleyhoney says:

    It’s a damn shame this girl was not given the social copping skills that come w/’s very apparent she can’t handle ANY constructive or negative criticism .Her parents or paramour or who ever raised this girl extremely failed her and what you see now are the results of a overly privileged self entitled person… I am not a fan of hers in anyway.. Mental health is a serious illness
    No matter who’s suffering..

  74. Carpe Diem says:

    I had a friend who did shit like Leann — hanging out with inappropriate people, stalking, being paranoid, over-the-top if someone called her out on it. Wanting to sue everyone, I guess to shut them up.

    Then she got put in the bin and is happier now. On Haldol.

    LR didn’t USE to be “like this”, did she? I remember when she sang a song about …I don’t know, ‘how will I live without you’ or something; bitch can sing. So wth, when did she get so crazy?

  75. zobeth says:

    I’ve been watching this landslide slowly roll down the hill since last Sunday when I first heard the supposed “cyberbully recording.” Leann is clearly delusional if she thinks the media and the public will believe her side after hearing her vile comments she made about Brandi. She’s vile, evil and vindictive and seriously needs a hobby other than bikini wearing. That husband totally has the roving cheater eyes. That birthday video she “gave” to People was so sad with her man-handling Eddie to get the birthday kiss twitter photo op. The sh*t has hit the fan for her and the jig is up so “of to rehab lala land for her.” Sorry sweetie but I can guarantee Kim and Lexi Smiley will not back down. Leann will end up looking like the bigger fool so “lets roll.”

  76. skilo says:

    “Leann just had her lawyer give TMZ an exclusive interview about how she is planning on suing the people who “cyberbullied” her.”
    If she is stupid enough, with all the money she has, to sue a handful of normal everyday working class people for sharing their opinions of her then she’s only gonna make even more people hate her. Hell, the Kartrashians get talked horribly about, insulted and sometimes even threatened and they like most famous people have the sense to mostly ignore it. If you choose to live your life in the public eye and go out of your way to get paps to photo you every freakin day for attention then you need to suck it up and deal with the fact that it’s not all gonna be good attention.
    besides Leann and her twitter followers engage in this back and forth taunting and insulting it’s not a case of poor innocent Leann being bullied for just living her life she and her “friends” have not only insulted and harassed some of these women, but stalked them and posted publicly their personal information. She’s just a disgusting excuse for a human being.

  77. Isabel says:

    Well looked like she sued. Papers are online at TMZ.

    And it’s hilarious. She claims the tape was altered/cut in pieces to make her sound bad. No girl, you said those things. Not altered, I have listened to the full tape. Things she is saying in the lawsuit are hilarious and all lies.

    She claims Smiley gathered people to bash her. How does she know that if she has had Smiley blocked for months?
    She once again involves Brandi, they are Brandi’s friends according to her. And who stalked who? She has been sending people over to Brandi/Brandi-followers to bash them. Yet she claims she has noooooooooo idea why people come after her.

    Please save your screenshots people, they might be useful in this case:)

    • LeeLoo says:

      At the same time, this Kim Smiley woman needs to find something better to do with her time than trash LeAnn. I get being critical of LeAnn and I think she’s as much of a crazy bitch as the next person. However, was it necessary for this woman to go out of her way and waste time trashing this woman and making this taped phone public? No. LeAnn is as much to blame, but doesn’t Kim have more important things to discuss than trashing LeAnn? Kim could have easily been the mature person and not allowed this situation to escalate like it has by being above LeAnn’s bs and tactics. Honestly, I don’t think Kim sounds any better than LeAnn. Everyone involved needs to grow up and be adults.

      • Isabel says:

        I think the thing here is is that Leann portrays herself to be a saint, while behind closed doors (aka private messages/hidden accounts) does exactly what she claims to be against: harrasing people, gathering people to bully others (Brandi/Brandi-fans) etc etc. I think Smiley grew tired of that, I know I would.
        It’s kinda like: BAMMM you got caught! Some might call it sad, but I get why Smiley released the tape. Let’s not forget Leann’s followers (as ‘commanded’ by Leann, as proven in screenshots of tweets people made) harassed Smiley for a long time. If u finally have ‘proof’ of someone being a hypocrite, I would release it too, just for the sake of ‘oh hi, you got caught, shut up now’.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        Apparently Smiley was being terribly harrassed, her personal info being posted online etc. Along the lines of what Eileen posted above. Perhaps she released the clip to make it stop. It makes sense.

    • Cam S says:

      Hot Dang I KNEW there was a motive behind the rehab stunt! And we NOW SEE IT IS A STUNT. What about all the followers that she “LOL’s” at when they taunt Brandi? Sorry, I’m not a BB (Brandi’s ok, & I follow her, but not a fan), I just genuinely think Leann is evil.
      Gonna sue me too Leann? How you gonna sue someone YOU CALLED and actively pursued a convo with? Home schooled dumbsh*t.
      Leann: Don’t start no crap and then there wouldn’t be no crap. Attention starved lunatic. She sure can dish it out, but can’t take it. I can say I truly LOATHE THIS WOMAN

  78. hoya_chick says:

    Hey pot, meet kettle. She has the audacity to talk about cyber bullying when that’s all she has done to Brandi and total strangers she has never met? Girl, I’m going to need you to have several seats! I sometimes read other blogs (CB is my fav though) one of them is imnotobsessed and they NEVER post anything negative. I mostly go there for the pictures lol and even they are calling out Leann! I think that speaks volumes.

    If he really is cheating on her and that’s what ‘broke’ her then I don’t feel sorry for her. Karma is definitely a bitch and she is getting her comeuppance.

  79. Isabel says:

    Oh, and this website and the CDAN website are also mentioned in the documents, because that’s where Smiley promoted her website and said mean things. Boohoo. Guess she does read this xD

  80. why? says:

    The best thing that comes from TMZ and Celebuzz “Leann is suing…” coverage is that now we know why Eddie’s affairs have remained out of the press for so long. If Leann is so distraught how come she and her lawyer keep giving exclusives to TMZ and Celebuzz? What is the take home message of TMZ’s lastest report? Eddie is cheating and Leann is trying desperately to deflect from it with these false claims of cyberbullying and lawsuits.

    Now TMZ is reporting that Leann filed the lawsuit(claiming that her privacy was invaded) and that she is going to the police to seek action against the teacher and her daughter. That makes how many exclusive articles from TMZ today? For now Celebuzz has stopped posting articles, but I’m sure that Leann is going to have them write another article. Keep in mind that TMZ was also the same site who first reported that Eddie was suing Life and Style for saying that he was having an affair with SMJ and that Eddie was suing Brandi for if the kids made cameos on her show.

    How stupid is Leann’s lawyer? This man has gotten away with bullying Brandi for so long that now he thinks his tactics are going to work against people who Leann bullied? Does he honestly think that the public is going to side with Leann in this? The media and some celebs, yes. But the public, no. It’s over for Leann. He just sealed Leann’s fate!

    Considering how Mel G mistress taped their conversations, does Leann’s lawyer even have a case?

    Can you imagine all the stuff that this move from Leann and her lawyer is going to drag out into the open?

    1) WEWENLOVE and Witchy33 twitter accounts

    2) The tweets from Leann’s fans who said that Leann allowed them to read Brandi’s emails to Eddie and to listen to Brandi’s voicemails.

    3) Documented tweets from Leann encouraging her fans as they stalk and harass Brandi and the BBs.

    4)The posts that Leann’s fans have been making on various sites using the names of the BBs and Brandi.

    5) Leann retweeting comments from blogs just to taunt Brandi.

    6) A Portrait of Leann NoH8 Rimes friends, which documents how Leann encourages specific people to stalk and harass Brandi.

    7) DB threats to sue a blogger who wrote an article about how Leann was using her fans and friends to bully Brandi.

    8) Tweets from Mateo, DB, and DB partner in which they trash Brandi on twitter.

    9) Note to Leann’s lawyer: Leann called the Brandi fan after the internet was slammed with photos of her making out with Lizzy while Eddie watched. So in essence, the Brandi fan can use the argument that Leann only called her to throw Brandi under the bus because at the time of this call, Leann was being slammed for what she did on the balcony while on vacation with Brandi’s kids.

    • Isabel says:

      Thanks for the summary. I read all of this scattered all over posts on this site, I hope people saved their screenshots.

    • Jayna says:

      You really aren’t naive enough to think an actual pap caught that kissing scene with LeAnn unaware, do you? LOL The gurl set that up and had it released. Like her other delusional things, she thought it looked cool. Far from ashamed, I think she was upset it didn’t get more notice. I didn’t see much attention paid to it at all save the usual sites.

      • why? says:

        I wasn’t saying that Leann wasn’t aware of the paps when she and Lizzy were on the balcony making out for Eddie. I know that Leann set up the photo-op because immediately after this incident, Eddie resumed the staged photo-ops with Leann. Eddie gets off on humiliating Leann.

        I was just saying that I think that Leann and her lawyer are being misleading and dishonest. They are saying that the Brandi fan was attacking Leann for no reason at all. But when we put the phone call in context with Leann’s staged photo-ops we see that the phone call happened when Leann was receiving a lot of backlash from the photos of her and Lizzy making out on the balcony while on vacation with Brandi’s kids. I remember people on twitter making comments about how the boys were at the cabin with Leann and Eddie while this all took place on the balcony and wondering how Leann could say that she puts the kids first since she does things like this while they are just a few feet away. So the phone call happened because Leann was trying to save herself from the fallout of that photo-op, not because Leann was trying to reach out to the Brandi fan.

        The incident with Leann making out with Lizzy on the balcony did get a lot of coverage from the media. The only ones who didn’t post about it was Celebuzz, People mag, JJ, and x17. Leann even attempted to do damage control by using The Taste of Country and her BFF KH. Even Gather, slammed Leann’s make out session on the balcony with Lizzy.

  81. BeccaZ says:

    Here’s my question: Can’t LeAnn get her twitter account shut down? With all the crap she’s pulled, how can she even be allowed to be on it? Its acceptable to call someone who has a private twitter acct? Not to mention post personal info about them? Harass Brandi?

    This whole “rehab that isn’t really rehab” story has gotten some people to give her a break, but she is a dangerous person! She wants unfettered access to go after anyone she wants without consequences. It doesn’t matter if no one says anything nasty about her online. She’ll still go after Brandi. She’ll still find people to pick on.

    She obviously has some mental issues, but it doesn’t matter. She’s an adult. She’s long overdue to be held accountable.

    • LeeLoo says:

      +1 LeAnn does need to be held accountable for her own actions. At the same time, I think she is. She single-handedly ruined her career by her actions today. From the comments I’ve seen on TMZ, without a MASSIVE mea culpa there is no way she can make her way back. LeAnn isn’t capable of such a mea culpa so she’s done.

      • Macey says:

        You are correct!
        The backlash she is getting from this is only going to be worse. especially considering she has bombarded the tabs with her ugly ass in a bikini every day for the past yr or so, cant be too distressed. I was surprised to see Id say 98% of all comments on all the sites Ive browsed about this were all neg. the rest of the world thinks shes bat shit crazy too, nothing really to do with the affair but her actions after. I was even on sites I dont usually go to and was surprised they feel the same way most do on here so its not just celebitchy or twitter posters.
        Her claim is filled with lies, I hope she can get a good lawyer to at least counter sue for dragging her name (smileys)thru the mud based on her own delusional truth. there is a chip in site they can use to set up a fund if Smiley needs help. I dont have shit but even Id put in a few bucks just b/c I think this is insane. I really think she’s trying to get the sympathy that Karen the School bus driver got over this. I can believe she doesnt have ppl around her to tell her how bad this really makes her look, even tho not many had a high opinion of her to begin with. she is truly loony and really does believe her own version of events which arent true but twisted to make her look like the victim. At the very least I hope Smiley is contacting these sites to give her version of this since they are publicizing her name everywhere. Now at least the public has a little bit more insight to some of the intimidating her lawyer did to Brandi

      • claire says:

        Yeah. She’s not getting good press out of this. Daily Mail has hundreds of anti-LR comments, People has 1100 anti-LR comments, and the negative comments are stacking up at lots of other news/gossip sites, and even the country music sites. People are really coming out to talk about how much they dislike her, and think she needs the mental help.

        I’m sure she thought she would get lots of sympathy, but it’s completely backfiring on her – she’s getting schooled in just how much the public dislikes her.

        What a mess.

  82. SugAveryPee says:

    GO TO TMZ.COM LeAnn just filed a lawsuit against Kimberly Smiley and Lexi Smiley!!! The papers are on the site !!!!!!

  83. GG says:

    The other shoe drops….. Checks into a “treatment” facility to strengthen her lawsuit against a teacher!!!!!!! Wow, just Wow.

  84. Ming Lee says:

    this quote is so telling: She has a lot of mental anguish over how she is perceived,” a source tells Us Weekly. “[She has] this constant feeling of being punished for something. She feels like society has never forgiven her. ***She has this overwhelming need to be loved and respected.”

    this is leann’s core issue, trying to get everyone to like her and see ‘her truth’..

    • why? says:

      Leann just needs to admit that Eddie is cheating and then call it a day. The root of her problem is Eddie and his affairs and her lawyer and TMZ are not helping her by passing the blame.

      If you replace the statement with Eddie this is how it reads:

      She has a lot of mental anguish over how she is perceived BY EDDIE CIBRIAN,” a source tells Us Weekly. “[She has] this constant feeling of being punished for something BY EDDIE CIBRIAN. She feels like EDDIE CIBRIAN has never forgiven her. ***She has this overwhelming need to be loved and respected BY EDDIE CIBRIAN.”

      • LeeLoo says:

        Yah. At the very least, she needs to admit to herself that all of her problems with her public perception began with her relationship with Eddie began. This is when the public began to see her as someone truly unhinged.

        I mean think about it, she gave up A LOT to be with Eddie and she changed so much about herself. She gave up the security of her marriage, her reputation, her career, everything. The public saw her in a completely different light and many people lost respect for her. She’s having to work HARD to keep his eyes on her and she is likely still failing at that. She’s lost a lot of weight, had a ton of plastic surgery and it’s all in an effort to keep looking attractive to Eddie.

        Now while LeAnn deserves everything that has happened to her if Eddie is indeed cheating on her, everyone should at least have enough empathy to see the facts from her point of view (as deluded as it may be). She’s put herself in a toxic position (of her own making, yes). I can see where stress and anxiety come into play, at the same time, LeAnn needs to take responsibility for herself and her actions and work towards building herself a healthier lifestyle and realize where she’s gone wrong. I truly doubt that will happen but one can only hope.

      • claire says:

        LeeLoo: I don’t think her problems began with Eddie. I think they escalated, and Twitter made it more public. There is so much out there on the internet discussing how narcissistic and entitled she acted in her teens, turning a lot of fans against her even then.

        I think a lot of it boils down to being a child star, being told any criticism of you is due to jealousy, and her parents raising her to be this entitled person who can have anything she wants, at any cost.

      • why? says:


        Leann makes it very difficult for anyone to have empathy for her. Had she not been partying all month long, posing in bikinis, paying the media to write fluffpiece after fluffpiece about her party and twitpics, setting up pda twitpics and staged photo-ops, and posted the photo of herself holding Brandi’s son while a Corona sat in her chair, I think that people would have had empathy when the rehab story was first released. Since she gave Celebuzz and US Weekly exclusives about the party the same day that she claimed she was so distraught, people see through her pr stunt.

        Leann, her lawyer, TMZ, and Celebuzz have made a mess out of this entire situation. Instead of apologizing for what Leann did, they continue to depict Leann as the victim and blame the people who have been objects of her wrath.

        Leann’s problem with public perception didn’t start with Eddie. Dean did a good job at keeping Leann’s famewhoring in check and so the backlash wasn’t as bad or so public like it is now that she is with Eddie who doesn’t care much for Leann.

      • LeeLoo says:

        @Why I think you are confusing empathy with sympathy. All I am suggesting is that we look at life through LeAnn’s eyes for a brief moment.

        I have no sympathy for LeAnn. None at all. But I can for a brief moment see how her shallow, deluded, self absorbed mindset may operate. I personally think being in LeAnn’s shoes with her mindset would be a miserable place to be but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to understand why the hell she thinks it is okay to act the way she does or why she may be becoming as unhinged as she has.

        @Claire I agree but I think Eddie has intensified what is already there. I have heard similar tellings about her childhood. Her father tried to set limits and ultimately her mom and dad divorced and I’ve heard rumblings she split her parents and her mom basically was weak enough to let LeAnn do whatever she wanted and run wild whereas her dad tried to set boundaries and limits with her. I think LeAnn’s biggest problem is being told no. I think she found life with Dean boring and she went looking else where for excitement and she found Eddie. I think anyone who stands in the way of LeAnn getting what she wants becomes an instant enemy and she will do whatever she can to vilify them (see her comments on her father, Dean, Brandi, etc). Anytime someone calls her out and points out she is less than perfect results in the same reaction. People like LeAnn eventually alienate themselves from the rest of society, especially once everyone catches on to the type of person they are. LeAnn’s time is fast approaching.

      • why? says:


        Like I said, no one has any interest in wanting to learn how Leann’s shallow, deluded, self absorbed mindset operates or wanting to understand why she thinks it’s okay to act the way she does or why she has becoming unhinged because her actions turn people off. People would have had a better time understanding where she is coming from had she not famewhored and partied all month long.

        You don’t even have to walk in Leann’s shoes to know that her mindset is a miserable place or why she acts this way. We can clearly see that a part of Leann’s problem comes from people like her lawyer and the writers of TMZ/Celebuzz, who know that Leann is wrong, but insist on depicting her as the victim. People magazine, who continued to facilate the lie that Leann was happy. Leann’s friends, who won’t tell her that she is wrong. Leann’s mother, who enables this bad behavior. And media outlets like Eonline who are too afraid of Mr. Stein to tell the truth about Leann and her bad behaviors.

    • Cam S says:

      @ Ming Lee: 99% of the public HASN’T FORGIVEN HER, and I don’t think she ever asked for forgiveness from her fans(not even from the 1st wife). If she was so worried about her image, she shouldn’t have cheated on her ex husband. End of.
      Live with the consequences of your actions. You had balls enough to cheat, stalk and harass- now it’s YOUR turn Leann you POS. Sue me

      • Ming Lee says:

        the cheating/affair isn’t what gets me about all this..its her actions afterwards.

        not once has leann rimes ever come across as sincere or genuine. (to me at least)

        not sure how the rest of the public feels, but judging by the overwhelming negative comments on every leann article on the web, its not far fetched to think that the public feels the same way..

      • LeeLoo says:

        @Cam and Ming I think for many of us it wasn’t the fact she cheated it was her actions in the aftermath. If I can forgive Angelina, I could have forgiven the situation with Leann. At least Angelina had some sensitivity about the situation and her and Brad were at least discreet enough in the beginning to at least make it look like Brad just jumped off super quick and make anyone with a brain realize the timing was suspect. Also, Angelina has never put her business out on a social networking site like Twitter.

        The problem with Leann is she has put her business out for everyone to see on Twitter and has remained in denial about the damage she has caused. Not once has she apologized or shown any sort of remorse for her actions. She has shown ZERO sensitivity to the public regarding her actions in this situation. I think the moment she lost the respect of 95% of the public was when she began trashing Brandi Glanville. To compare, Angelina has never publicly said anything bad about Jen Aniston because that would be career suicide. If Leann wanted to be in the public’s good graces, all she had to do was ignore her husband’s ex-wife and avoid putting her life on display the way she has.

  85. why? says:

    Oh on, PH and another site just posted the “Did Leann go to rehab because Eddie is cheating…” story. No wonder Leann and her lawyer went to TMZ with the lawsuit story!

    Why won’t she just admit that her husband is cheating and that he wants to end their marriage instead of playing this game with the courts, mental health, and cyberbullying?

    Camp Leann is doing some major astroturfing.

  86. Ho hum says:

    I think her the twitter fan & stating on tape Brandi was a vindictive bitch etc made Eddie finally done with her. Since it was on tape she can’t lie to him and cry victim. I’m sure Eddie doesn’t get on twitter or reads blogs tweets etc. so Leann was able to lie & convince Eddie Brandi and her twitter ppl were harassing Leann not the other way around. Now she is going as far filing a lawsuit on someone she called just to again make Eddie believe her not to be the trouble maker. I do believe as of today she is having a breakdown possible because he dumped her & she scrambling like a lunatic to convince him to stay and not in her right mind. How many stories in 1 day rehab then bullying then cheating. Seriously but no one should ever feel sorry for her she’s just upset she didn’t win this time. Filing this lawsuit is going to do her in. She called the person!!

    • surfing2day says:

      I agree with a lot of posts here, but I kinda think that when the recorded phone conv. came out her and Eddie had one hell of an argument over it. Typical LR never takes responsibility, everything is always someone elses fault, so she is blamimg the call being taped causing their fight, and she wants them to pay for it.

      Leann’s reputation was ruined a long time ago, and no one is to blame for it, other then herself. I believe her filing this lawsuit is going to make her rep worse. Way da go Leanne!

  87. TG says:

    I have only been on twitter once and that was to follow a trial so I am out of the loop, except for what I read on here but how in the heck does her husband allow her to do all of this? I mean I know he is just with her for her money but doesn’t he get even a little bit embarrassed? Or does he go along with it? If so how in the world does he even get to see his kids? And how is this she-man even allowed around the kids?

  88. surfing2day says:

    Friggin’ unbelieveable!!!!! I have so much to say but words escape me right now.

  89. Cam S says:

    Ya’ll think ole Ed will finally be allowed to peruse the internet for a few days? Hope he gets a clue from all the negative comments this trick garners

  90. Shar says:

    Okay, if she REALLY wants the abuse to stop, she needs to stop posing idiotically in a bikini every week. I mean really… she leaves herself wide open for negative comments, because she is obviously trying to get the wrong kind of attention.
    She needs to start performing again, and stop parading her body and her relationship with Eddie as if these are her purpose in life.
    I empathize with her– she’s married to a womanizer, and is probably scared to death he will cheat on her. But she needs to ‘get a life,’ and only then will the crazy people stop criticizing her.

  91. Laura says:

    Her going to rehab is probably a way to convince the judge that she is the victim. She wants to convince everyone and feel sorry for her. Will she cry herself out of this?

  92. notsomuch says:

    If she wants the abuse to stop, she should stop abusing others. Seriously, she gets exactly what she gives to people and I will never feel sorry for her.

    I have empathy for the mentally ill, I have several in my own family, but to say we shouldn’t pick on her b/c she’s sick well save it for someone who believes she’s mentally ill. I am not one of them, I think she’s just a bitch. Not all bad people have disorders, some are just dark to the core and are unconscionable.

  93. Sean says:

    I am sure the anorexia,booze, and drugs had something to do with it. And the horrible parenting she grew up with.

  94. kesha says:

    Wow Why totally called it! You scare me dude?/dudette?!

  95. why? says:

    And just as expected, Leann is getting major backlash for filing the lawsuit against the teacher and her daughter. And of course, as anyone would have predicted, people are coming forward with their documented evidence of Leann and her fans bullying them and Brandi. One blogger even wrote that Leann and her fans tried to bully her when she didn’t write a nice post about Leann and that is why she isn’t buying into Leann’s rehab/bullying story.

    What was Leann’s lawyer thinking by filing this lawsuit? Did he really think that this was going to end well for him and Leann? Leann has done a great job at documenting her bad behavior, so did he not anticipate that this was all going to come back to haunt him and Leann?

  96. Ella says:

    I agree that the trolls should stop trolling. I have a seriously low opinion of LeAnn, but in the LeAnn vs Smiley thing I have to side with LeAnn. I just don’t understand why LeAnn’s heinous life choices are any of Smiley’s business. She’s been deliberately provocative, and now she’s pretending that she’s “just a mom, wife, & teacher from a rural town in Northern California” whom LeAnn called out of the blue, instead of someone with a Twitter account and a vendetta. Just UNPLUG THE DAMN TWITTER.

    • Daisy says:

      I agree.

    • Eileen says:

      I don’t know how to stress this enough. Kim’s twitter account was private and locked for over a year! She wasn’t bullying Leann!
      Leann knew Kim didn’t like her-but that’s because Leann is obsessed with reading everything single thing someone writes about her-not TO her, about her. SHe had someone get on Kim’s private account and take screenshots because a fan was talking to Kim and Leann didn’t like it and she wanted proof.
      When Leann went to lunch with that fan-she called kim out of nowhere on the phone.
      Where in any of this was Kim at fault??

      • Starsky says:

        exactly Eileen. Its like you writing tons of anti-Romney stuff on your private, friends only facebook (like complaining about his life, family, views, actions etc) and one day Mitt Romney having one of your friends take screen shots of it & then calling you out of the blue and confronting/cussing at you on what you said to a private audience. like it or not, we are all entitled to our opinions in this country. I don’t see an issue as long as Smiley didn’t @leannrimes when she would talk about her and even then im sure leann had her blocked so she wouldnt see it anyway.

      • brin says:

        Agreed, Eileen…Kim was not at fault, case dismissed!

      • Caroline says:

        I would have recorded the call too. If she is willing to cold call a stranger and swear at her, while bashing her husband’s ex like that, what else is she capable of? If the call didn’t go the way she wanted, would she hop on a plane with her Twitter gang and show up at the woman’s door? It wouldn’t surprise me. Plus, she initiated the call and had her cronies around her while it was on speaker phone. Didn’t she invade privacy by doing that or does only hers matter?

  97. Frayed_Edges says:

    Leann’s main problem is simple: If you’re in the public eye, and you take someone else’s husband, you’re going to get called out for being a homewrecker forever. If she couldn’t deal with that, she should have thought about it before she moved in on someone else’s man.

  98. Kosmos says:

    If you’re a celeb, a singer, in the spotlight for one reason or another, people will post random things about you. Your life is no longer private, especially if you blog and plaster your own pics on the internet yourself, then you are adding to the flame. If people have illegally recorded a phone conversation, why is she having that conversation with friends of Brandi’s in the first place? She should just avoid them, or get her lawyer involved, but why does this necessitate her going into rehab? Maybe to prove that this has taken a toll on her well being, and to use it to win a lawsuit? We will have to wait and find out, I guess.

  99. memphis says:

    Anxiety and stress is code for I caught Eddie cheating and my cray cray is spinning out of control!

    Whatever, Leann.

    No one believes you’re a victim, except you.

  100. teehee says:

    She needs therapy for bullying people?

    Well ok, if it makes her stop. (irony)

  101. Tania says:

    Couldn’t she just shut down her twitter account or whatever social netwoork account was bothering her?

  102. brin says:

    Newest on Radar: Eddie wanted Leann off twitter….he hates twitter (Brandi stated that a long time ago, that he hates twitter).

    • claire says:

      Not surprising! Wasn’t it last Thanksgiving or Christmas, that she tweeted something like 200 times that day?? Here’s her whole family celebrating a holiday at her house, and she’s over in the corner tweeting with strangers every 2 minutes the entire day.

      What about that DOESN’T indicate something’s wrong with her?!

  103. byenow says:

    Until she is committed somewhere 24/7, I will not believe she is getting the help she does need. She is a vindictive/manipulative actress/singer and knows how to get the press to suck up her stories. IMO just a move for sympathy! And some of the rags are falling for it. She has never been sorry for her immoral life and the life since getting EC bashing Brandi and using Brandi’s sons for PR.
    Get real!

    • brin says:

      The tabs just want a story, no one else is falling for it. She’s getting backlash as usual.

  104. emmieapricot says:

    I was just reading at TMZ that LeAnn is not in rehab – so she lied about that. The article mentions that after exactly one day at this *facility* she is already getting stronger. That is one amazing facility with beyond incredible treatment! I think if she’s anywhere, she’s at a spa getting relaxation treatments for her stress/anxiety.
    I also read her lawsuit and there are more lies within that document. I’m just wondering if bc celebitchy was mentioned in the suit if that will influence further LeAnn coverage? I hope not bc in a way, this asinine lawsuit mess that she created is more of her bullying (& playing victim). She already gets away with so much crap — someone has to hold her accountable… I don’t know why I think she should be held accountable but she has really gone overboard this time.

  105. Jayna says:

    My sister-in-law is a teacher in the public school system. She can’t believe that this woman released this tape and then goes on sites arguing and defending what happened making even more statements only because you are an employee of a school system and why get embroiled publicly with this mess regarding the tape and risk losing your job because of all this coverage. I never thought of that, that the school system would frown upon her name being out there involved in this. Maybe in her town they don’t care. I don’t know. Of course, you have your union to protect you and represent you

  106. Sarah says:

    Over sensitive people should be barred from the internet. However, I am convinced she’s doing this as a publicity stunt and is secretly thrilled people hate on her as it cements her status as a ‘victim’. Our hearts bleed for you my dear.