“Kelly Brook poured her curves into a shiny, tight pleather dress” links

Kelly Brook looks really awesome here. That is all. [Yeeeah]
Emma Stone’s skinny jeans are really, really skinny. Skinny. [Popoholic]
Gwen Stefani covers the October issue of Elle UK. [Amy Grindhouse]
Gabby Douglas has been talking a lot about how her first gym was horrible. [Wonderwall]
Here’s Snooki after giving birth. [INFDaily]
Mariah Carey posts more photos of Dem Babies. [Dramarama]
Ooo, Holly Madison’s baby daddy might be going to jail! [CDAN]
Seth MacFarlane will be the season premiere host of SNL. [PopBytes]
A CNN camerawoman was assaulted at the RNC convention? [Gawker]
Jersey Shore has been canceled. Thank God. [Seriously OMG WTF]
Joe Giudice’s trial has been postponed. *sigh of relief* [Reality Tea]
Heather Graham has a great bikini body. [CityRag]
Jimmy Kimmel does not care for Jay Leno. [Limelife]
Attention, Virgos! Beyonce is one of us. [Life & Style]
Michael Keaton will play RoboCop. WTF? [Hollywood Rag]
The surprise speaker introducing Mitt Romney tonight at the RNC convention will not be Ronald Reagan (obvs, but check out the photo). It’s not Nancy Reagan either. Tired of guessing? It’s Clint Eastwood. SPOILER. [Bitten & Bound]

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31 Responses to ““Kelly Brook poured her curves into a shiny, tight pleather dress” links”

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  1. DetRiotGirl says:

    The bunching of the fabric on that dress is kind of unfortunate looking. But, good lord, she is beautiful!

  2. Alexis says:

    This might appeal to men but it looks unusually try-hard for her.

  3. Eve says:

    According to the article, Keaton will be playing the boss of Omnicorp Raymond Sellars.

  4. Bronwyn says:

    Girlfriend needs some spanx to avoid the belly button through the tight dress look.
    she is a pretty lady, no need to look like a sausage.

    • Really? says:

      Why all the hooplah over this chick? She gives me Lea Michelle vibes. So she’s got big natural boobs, so does Sophie Vergara, so what? She looks absolutely top heavy in that first shot, and her butt is not that spectacular. Everyone is ooing and awwing over her awesomeness, but if she makes it to 50, those assets will become a liability, (grandmother had big tits, and like noses, they get bigger with age and eventually end up at your belly button) and then what will she have to show for it? Nothing against her, she seems sweet, but come on, i’ve seen much, much better (Sophie for example) and do not at all get why she’s plastered all over the DM on a daily basis.

  5. Tiffany27 says:

    Don’t like the dress but her body is BONKERS!!!

    • Chatcat says:

      Both her and her man are incredibly beautiful people with amazing bodies. I would love to be jealous, but I can’t because no amount of diet, exercise or surgery could give me what she naturally has. And her man, well his hotness is also due to genetics and athletics and gym time.

  6. Bee says:

    Jersey Shore canceled. Now to get rid of those Kartrashians…

  7. Amelia says:

    For the love of God, the phrase ‘poured her curves’ needs to be struck from the English language. It’s taking over the British papers.

  8. stinky says:

    gorgeous! :) and she always has such a warm & friendly smile (which i think is kinda rare) ….. please tell me she’s not a witch in real life

  9. RocketMerry says:

    Beyoncè being a Virgo… that I did not expect! Although… super-controlling and very hard-working, freaked out by physical pain (hence baby-carrier)… yeah, I guess I could see it :)

  10. cmc says:

    That Gabby Douglas story deserves its own post. The type of bullying she dealt with is just horrible! Poor girl. I’m glad she’s able to show her haters her shiny gold medal. F them.

    • taylor says:

      ITA! That is a horrible story and it does deserve its own post. Even if it was a joke (which I don’t think it was), why would you tell a 13 or 14 yo to get a nose job?
      (Sidenote: She has the best smile!)

  11. Stubbylove says:

    I might be in the minority here but if Eastwood introduces Romney, that’s a pathetic move on the GOP’s part. Not b’cuz I don’t have love for Dirty Harry but come on, it’s the GOP USA Presidential candidate, not the friggin’ Academy Awards. “Come on, PLEASE vote for our guy b’cuz well…Clint Eastwood supports him so you should too!” Stupid.

    • someone says:

      welcome to the terrible world of politics…both sides are guilty (hate to admit it as much as i love obama). they are more celebrities than political figures and it’s depressing..

  12. Camille (The original) says:

    Kelly Brook is a very pretty woman, but that dress is horrid.

  13. Happy21 says:

    I’m just gonna say it, how can we say that Kelly Brook looks great or awesome in a dress that is a size or two too small for her? If this was KimK we’d be jumping all over it saying how she cheapens everything and poured her size 10 ass into a size 4 dress?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Kim hater along with most of us and I have no idea who this woman even is, but I’m seeing a double standard here.

    Just a thought…

    • Minty says:

      I agree that the dress is too tight on Kelly. The fabric also looks cheap.

      I suppose she’s getting a double standard pass because she seems to have a nice personality (“warm and friendly smile” as stinky said), whereas Kim is consistently shallow, phony, and guilty of mean-girling. A sweet, likeable quality goes a long way. You’re forgiven more easily if you aren’t a stone cold bitch.

      Kelly is an English glamour model and sometime TV presenter. She designs her own line of lingerie. I like her curvy figure, very 1950s Marilyn. As far as I’m aware, she doesn’t have boob or butt implants and she’s not a Botox user like Kim. And I must add, her boyfriend, Thom Evans, has a fine ass body. Lucky girl.

      • Happy21 says:

        Oh she for sure has it goin’ on in the bod department.

        Thanks for letting me know who she is :)

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I don’t know this woman from Adam, but I’m inclined to agree. In a better dress with some give in a bigger size her outfit would do justice to her prettiness but who hasn’t ever had a faux pas?

  14. kellyinseattle says:

    I think she’s beautiful but I think the dress is a bit tacky (would Jackie wear it? :) )

  15. hmm says:

    This chick’s body is UNREAL! She really won the lottery when it comes to parents/genes/metabolism etc. A perfect hourglass shape.

    • jc126 says:

      Kelly Brook suffered great tragedy last year, losing a child late in a pregnancy. So horrendous.

      About the links: SO GLAD Jersey Shore is going away. Good riddance.

      I didn’t get a chance to watch the RNC tonight, since I was at work, but love how the Republicans moan about “Hollywood elite liberals” blah blah, and then trot out a Hollywood elite who votes R.

  16. Sean says:

    Kelly Brook makes my brain not work. All blood flow leave it.

  17. Issa says:

    Her body is jaw dropping. Criticize the dress? What dress? You’re born to have a body like that, no exercise or diet will give you a body like hers. Instant jealousy.

  18. Minxx says:

    Kelly Brook has an amazing body though this dress is too tight on her (not to mention a bit cheap looking). She reminds me of young Liz Taylor-perfect hourglass shape, lovely face. This is, how a woman should look.. IMHO. All those Tracy Anderson types (lollipop head, bulimia jaw, implants, starved body) look ridiculous next to her.

  19. Bek says:

    Dem babies are so cute!

  20. Ramona Q says:

    I can see her underwear line around her waist. A size bigger dress would’ve looked so so so much better.