Tom Cruise calls VF’s wife audition story “lies,” Paul Haggis confirms it’s true

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is still cruising for da ladies, and here’s another rather hilarious photo of Tom posing next to a lovely young girl on the Croatian Island of Hvar like he’s been doing for days in an effort to convince the world that he is still hip, young, and funky. Oh and suck it, Katie. Or something like that. At this point, Cruise has departed from the island (how sad), but while he was there, he stayed on this superyacht, Lady S, which was undoubtedly crawling with Scientologists hoping to interview these ladies and see what they really think of Tom Cruise. Just like the whole mess that went down (and was confirmed by Vanity Fair for its October issue) before Katie Holmes was recruited as his third wife. Nice little boat, right?

Tom Cruise

Naturally, Tom is said to be very angry over this Vanity Fair story, which detailed the horrific experience of Nazanin Boniad, who functioned as The Chosen One for a few months before Tom realized he wanted a famous wife. That was the official excuse given to Nazanin anyway, but her story was that she accidentally offended a mumbling David Miscavage in front of Tom, who then stopped talking to her even though they were living under the same roof. After Nazanin was given the boot, she made the mistake of confiding in a fellow Scientologist, who reported her (because that’s what they do), and Naz spent the next few years atoning for her “crimes” by doing hard labor and undergoing endless auditing sessions. Well, Tom is angry that this story leaked, and his rep has issued a statement: “Lies in a different font are still lies – designed to sell magazines.

So Tom’s denying the entire notion of a wife audition process, which is no surprise. Tom Cruise doesn’t need an arranged marriage! He’s a ladies man, don’t you know? Whatever. It’s already been confirmed that Tom has a longtime policy of willingly accepting CO$ slave labor services, so it’s no stretch to believe that he’d accept a slave wife from the CO$ as well.

Now here’s a followup to the Vanity Fair story, and it comes from director Paul Haggis, who became the most high profile person to leave the CO$ a few years ago (and he wrote a delightfully scathing letter that focused upon the cult’s public opposition to Prop 8). Haggis not only knew Nazanin for a number of years through Scientology but they’ve worked together too. Most recently, Nazanin had a small role in 2010’s The Next Three Days — which Haggis wrote, produced, and directed — and I imagine they’ve bonded quite heavily over leaving the CO$ as well. In an email to Showbiz411, Haggis confirms Naz’s story and says, “I’m appalled that any church would treat its parishioners this way.” He also has a lot more to say too, of course:

Paul Haggis Nazanin Boniadi

“I’ve known Nazanin for about three years. I met her through a mutual friend when I was doing my own personal research into the allegations against Scientology, before I wrote my letter of resignation. Naz was embarrassed by her unwitting involvement in this incident and never wanted it to come out, so I kept silent. However I was deeply disturbed by how the highest ranking members of a church could so easily justify using one of their members; how they so callously punished her and then so effectively silenced her when it was done. It wasn’t just the threats; they actually made her feel ashamed, when all she had been was human and trusting.

After I wrote my resignation letter, a dozen or more “friends”and officials of the church repeatedly descended on me to demand that I destroy the letter and resign quietly. I told them that wasn’t an option for me. I also told them that I had more sources of information about the troubling nature of the organization then I was at liberty to divulge. This was one.

I’ve met quite a number of people who have been treated shamefully but are afraid to speak out. This story will draw attention because of our fascination with celebrity. Most of the others are just ordinary people whose stories, if told, would not appear in a magazine. They live in fear of retribution, legal, financial or personal, even some famous ones. They fear an incredibly wealthy organization that boasts that it seeks truth, empowers people, brings families together, encourages independent thought and free speech, and champions human rights. I would like to say that I don’t know how its members, many of them good and intelligent people, can remain so purposely blind when they are faced with evidence like this every day, but then I am no one to talk. I was happily blind for many years, so I know the shame that Naz feels.

In Naz’s case, she has no right to feel ashamed. She is not only a terrific actress at the beginning of a very promising career, she is a dedicated human rights activist and a truly lovely and caring person. The last thing she wanted or needed is this kind of publicity, but here it is, and I am sure she will deal with it with the same grace and dignity she exudes in her daily life. I’m appalled that any church would treat its parishioners this way, but Naz has never cast herself as a victim. She is strong and resilient and I am very proud to call her a friend.”

[From Showbiz411]

Haggis also added that Nazanin resigned from the CO$ as of a few years ago in large part because she tried to “handle this injustice internally, to no avail.” Of course the cult did nothing to help her. In their eyes, she was the one who did wrong for severely displeasing their golden Gollum goose.

By the way, we’ve known for several years that Tom lets the CO$ do all of his dirty work (literally, even the people who clean his toilets are Scientologists), but he can’t even manage to break up with a girlfriend on his own? Like, he has to have his “church” dump her. What a petulant little monster boy. I bet this is pretty much what happened to Penelope Cruz after she and Tom “dated” for two years (immediately after he and Nicole Kidman split). You know there’s got to be one hell of a story there, but Penny won’t be talking. Like Naz, Penelope undoubtedly was required to sign confidentiality agreements. The difference though, is this Penelope’s now an Oscar winner and fully entrenched in the Hollywood machine — unlike Naz, who probably figured she had nothing to lose by sharing her story with Vanity Fair. Also, Penelope may have dabbled in the CO$ while she was dating Tom (in fact, they went as a couple in 2003 to lobby Vice President Chief of Staff Scooter Libby for the cult), but she was never a hardcore member. Once Cruise was done with Cruz, she was done with the CO$, whereas Naz was a longtime member who now wants to see the cult’s undoing. Good for her. And she really dodged a bullet by not marrying Tom.

Nazanin Boniadi

Nazanin Boniadi

Paul Haggis

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. Eve says:

    Gotta love Paul Haggis after all the things he’s been (openly) saying about his former cult.

    It takes a lot of courage. These people are scary and extremely vindictive.

    • Rice says:

      Okay so don’t knock me for this but I only know about Scientology because of the infamous stories involving celebrities. But so far, it sounds kind of like a cross between The Stepford Wives and Invasion of the Body Snatchers (including all of the remakes). BTW, is it any coincidence that Nicole Kidman stared in The Invasion?

      • Eve says:

        You only read infamous stories about Scientology simply because that shit itself is, well, infamous.

        I can’t think of a single positive thing to say about that cult.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        LOL She was also in The Stepford Wives

      • JennaR says:

        Now I’m wondering if Nicole’s movie choices are her way of sending a message…

    • Lucy says:

      Agreed! Tom cruise is a creepy creepy little man involved in a creepy evil cult. Also the more his PR people deny these stories the more it makes people believe it’s all true, no other celebrity goes out denying every story published about them in the tabloids.

  2. PortlandJan says:

    Tom Cruise: “Who’re you going to believe, me or your own lyin’ eyes?”

  3. Lem says:

    Ok. Fine. But what explains his love of ill fitting knock off fisherman’s sweaters??

  4. Lem says:

    I’d love the number of his ‘not plastic surgeon’ because his ‘non plastic surgery face’ is amazing

  5. MrAJolieston says:

    It’s not even funny anymore. It’s tragic and sad. There is a lot of freaks out there and they are famous, wealthy, and powerful because of us – the audience. We should choose better in the future.

  6. ladybert62 says:

    I am surprised that the COS does not hire hitmen to eliminate these pesky people who keep trying to spout the truth about the COS!!! (Perhaps they have and we just dont know it yet!)

  7. Mia 4S says:

    Go Haggis! What makes these pictures even funnier is that while the tabloids try to go the “surrounded by the ladies!, “looking for love!” route…all these pictures just look like fans who walked up looking for a photo! Seriously if I saw these shots with a married actor I wouldn’t think twice, there is nothing there!

    • Andrea says:

      I think the only reason they haven’t done anything to Haggis is because he’s so high profile.

  8. Lem says:

    Why – why – WHY does this man and his team think he needs a wife? None of his 3 wives did anything positive for his image. Nic sort of did there for a few years. ‘Date’ casually if you must, be a good dad, make some stupid action movies.
    Leave the beards to the pro’s. You obviously suck at it

    • CC says:

      Tiny Tom is Da Ladies’ Man….DUH!

      But yea, why does he even bother anymore. He has all the money he’ll ever need. So his “image” means very little. And his movies are always the same now. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

    • erika says:


      wife #4 – now SHE has to feel special. not even a bronze winner in his life.

      All of this is soooo sad! Tom is sad, what about the irony? ‘super star’ ‘hunk’ movie magnet’ ‘action hero’ ‘multi millionairre’ ‘handsome’…but carve it all down and that man is truly sad.

      -he can’t even speak to a woman sleeping in his BED ‘goodbye’ it’s over
      -he can’t stand to be by himself, alone, why Tom? because when you’re alone w/ your thoughts it scares you?


      • crazydaisy says:

        Erika, I believe you just hit the nail on the head. As they say. Very sad, and dangerous for anyone who gets involved with him.

  9. Julie says:

    Kudos for Haggis backing her up or she’d pretty much be alone on this. I’m just waiting to see how much mud sticks. VF is mainstream and Hollywood oriented but if his next movie sells it will be all for nothing. I think most people think Scientology is just a weird rich persons religion and all wealthy movie actors are abnormal. Until the Matt Lauer interview that’s what I thought. Most don’t realize what CO$ really is.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Agreed! Good for him for staying true to his friend and good for her for having such a good friend!
      I never saw her nor knew her name before, but I’m actually now interested in seeing her in some acting films and shows.

      Also @Kaiser “she really dodged a bullet by not marrying Tom”: you ain’t kidding.

  10. Jaxx says:

    I guess women are just interchangeable to Tom. Whoever is most accomodating gets plugged into the role.

  11. Bad Irene says:

    Kinda off topic but does anyone know if its true that p.cruz’s dad had contacted a group in Germany that gets people out of cults, heard this rumour he was in contact with them because he was so worried when cruz/cruise dated?

    • DEB says:

      Yes, that is true, according to his unauthorized biography, which I just finished reading. He was very frightened for his daughter after doing some research. Penelope, like Kidman and Holmes, is a devout Catholic. What astounds me is that Cruise is calling the VF article lies, when in fact he himself is a very accomplished liar, according to this biography. It was fascinating !! And very unflattering !!

      • Bad Irene says:

        thanks Deb, sounds like a book to add to my must read list

      • DEB says:

        Totally worth the read. Other lies include his crediting C0$ for “curing” him of dyslexia, an affliction which no one noticed, including ex-girlfriends who did homework with him and many teachers, lol. He is so full of it. DO read the book!!

      • gg says:

        They train them to simply say everything is “lies”. I’ve heard the same thing for literally years from these robots. That way they don’t have to explain a thing. They are given the direction: Attack – never defend. Straight outta their handbook.

        @Deb – also there is the curing of gayness thing they claim they can do, and that modern medicine is junk science.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      off topic, but Germany did a really good movie concerning Scientology:

  12. bella says:

    I’m confused with the latest story coming out of VF.
    I could swear that I read about this before…I believe years ago.
    And, then again when Katie left TC.
    Anyone else remember this?
    Still…it’s sickening, this is. All of it. When is there going to be government intervention to stop the crimes this cult is accused of committing?
    And, how are so many seemingly intelligent, successful stars lured into such a CRAZY group?

    • Julie says:

      Bella, this was all out there before. I had read it as well but I never knew the name of the woman who was involved. I think that may be the difference along with the fact that it’s VF.

      • bella says:

        Thanks, Julie. I do remember that it was an “Iranian actress” mentioned in previous stories, but I do believe her name was mentioned because I find the name extremely familiar. I’ll do some research to find out where I read it…I’m thinking it was on Lainey’s site.

  13. Roma says:

    I bet Tom is heartbroken. All this time he has been believing he “removed Naz from his house using his mind” and now he knows the truth – CO$ did it for him.

    • Julie says:

      I swear I’m not trying to be funny or sarcastic with this question but…does anybody know what special powers he’s supposed to have? Even as I type this I’m cracking myself up. When I was growing up I wanted to be Samantha from Bewitched.

      • Eve says:

        He’s at OT (Operating Thetan) level 8, if I’m not wrong. So he’s supposed to have telekinetic and telepathic powers by now.

        I’m not even kidding.

      • Roma says:

        Eve is right; can move objects with his mind, influence people and animals and – I think – has the ability to bounce through time.

      • CindyBman says:

        NO. WAY. OMG. I never heard that before! It’s like something out of “Men Who Stare at Goats”!!! Holy moly. Delusional — but I guess if you are already buying into the idea (CO$) and you have everybody telling you that you have these powers — you’ll truly think you have it. Cray-zeee. I’m going to go stare at my dogs now and see if I can get one of them to grab a beer out of the fridge! 🙂

      • Bad Irene says:

        Cindy getting the dog to get the beer is the easy part, but try stopping him from drinking it. Thats where the all important CO$ mind training comes in useful.

      • CindyBman says:

        Bad Irene, dammit. Now my dog will be drunk and I’ll *never* be able to control him.

    • Roma says:

      @CindyBman: I got my dog a backpack & she carries beer for me! I consider it a win.

      • CindyBman says:

        That is awesome. My dog is a chihuahua. He could probably carry some of those mini bottles of liquor… just no mixers.

      • PortlandJan says:

        I’m gonna stare at my cat and try to hoodoo him into mixing me a screwdriver.

    • LeeLoo says:

      If Tommy has the ability to bounce through time then David Miscavige better force him to bounce back and prevent his past self from marrying Katie.

      • Julie says:

        This is where the wheels come off for me. If you think you can do these things, then something (like Katie) happens and your “powers” are obviously false, how can you keep believing? I suppose he’s told he needs to remove some other SP from his world that must be dragging him down and write another check.

      • gg says:

        He’s the only person who has ever paid enough to reach this level because nobody else is stupid or wealthy enough to get there. And … whoops! He can’t do all that stuff after all — time to rewrite their little handbook again.

        Only he’s too brainwashed and codependent on the cult to do all his shitwork for him to come out and call them on their BS with the OT level crap. Plus, I just think he’s stupid. 😉

  14. Reece says:

    She and Cruz look alike. So Katie was the one that passed, in their eyes, at the time? Look at her now. Woops! lol
    Seriously scary, creepy, insane aren’t descriptive enough for Co$. Total respect for Haggis and Nazanin for getting the hell out of there and telling their stories.

  15. OrangeOprah says:

    Tom can deny all he wants, but this is old news. I remember in the early Katie, couch jumping days this same story was going around. It was rumored that he had a list of young starlets and some turned him down etc…..

  16. Junegorilla says:

    The picture of Tom with the single lady? What chemistry. They look like they are about to skip off hand in hand to buy a caulking gun and some sensible shoes for the Indigo Girls concert

    • gg says:

      omg – rotfl! 😆

      I have two male friends who agreed to play with the IG’s on a tour just so they could hit on girls and get some strange. Surprise, no straight girlies were anywhere. We laughed at them.

    • crazydaisy says:

      That’s what I thought! And is it just me, or is Tom sporting some blonde highlights?

      • gg says:

        Looks like blonde highlights to me too. Ladies, I don’t think he’s gotten any surgery lately – highlights are the oldest trick in the book to looking younger.

  17. Bread and Circuses says:

    Wow, she is SO pretty! Her eyebrows alone could launch a thousand ships. 🙂

  18. Renata says:

    I’m a little bothered by this story. I wouldn’t want to be in a position of defending Tom and C of $, who would? BUT, it does seem odd to me that this is coming out now, so many years after the fact, and right before the release of a major movie about Scientology (The Master).

    This story allegedly involves incidents from years ago. I just don’t get how we “suddenly” learn of this now or why it just became important to ‘get this out there’. Something seems odd about that.

    I also don’t particularly care for a sort of “piling on” effect with Cruise and Scientology. I don’t like C of $ one single bit, but I don’t deny Tom’s right to practice it or for anyone to be involved in it, if that’s what they want for their life. Dredging up stuff from years ago (if it really even happened this way) starts to feel like a general mudfest against the guy. Maybe its deserved, but that doesn’t mean we have to go there, either. I guess the holiday weekend has left me in a ‘live and let live’ mode 🙂

    • Lee says:

      This is EXACTLY what has to happen. A critical mass of revelations to bring them down once and for all. It’s not a “mudfest”. Thanks Celebitchy for playing an important part.

      • Renata says:

        If I really thought for a second that it would ‘take them down’, I would agree with you wholeheartedly. I don’t believe that for a moment though. There won’t be any ‘outlawing’ them, and they have enough money to weather just about any storm.

        Also, let’s not forget; the people involved with this do so (at least at first) by their own choice. I’d rather live in a place that allows people bad choices than a place where people don’t have the freedom to choose. I do understand and appreciate your thinking though. Let’s face it. C of $ is one of the toughest issues you can possibly face in a country where there is freedom to practice the religion of your choice. It’s a reprehensible group that performs a function we want everyone to have the liberty to engage in. Issues don’t get any more difficult than that!

      • gg says:

        Here’s the problem though: It’s not about their beliefs, it’s about them scamming incredible amounts of money and ruining people to do it, and harassing and murdering detractors.

        I don’t think anybody cares if they want to believe the comicbook story about Xenu. But they want the crime to stop.

        Anyway, a church that charges thousands to learn about it? And harasses people who quit, at their homes, destroys their livelihoods — How is that cool for a tax-exempt religion to do? It’s all greed and graft, nothing but.

      • polk8dot says:

        1. ‘I’d rather live in a place that allows people bad choices than a place where people don’t have the freedom to choose.’
        * Well, see the problem is that CO$ allows NO CHOICE at all. The moment you are sucked in, they take over your finances, your life, your family relations, your health, your work/slavery.
        2. ‘C of $ is one of the toughest issues you can possibly face in a country where there is freedom to practice the religion of your choice’
        * I beg to differ. You are trying to make something out of nothing yourself here. CO$ is one of the easiest issues in regards to religious choice, simply by virtue of being not a true religion but a CULT! Religions do not force people to give themselves over into indentured servitude for a Billion years! Religions do not demand money in exchange for knowledge, for learing the basic tenets and pursuing self-enlightenment. Religions do not punish you with solitary confinement, physical torture and emotional blackmail. Religions do not demand you denounce all your friends and family who do not share their views, do not declare people in your life as ‘suppressives’ and require you to break any ties with them. Religions do not stalk, spy on, blackmail, or terrorize the ‘fallen-away flock’.
        NO, religions do not do any of that. CO$ does, because CO$ is not a religion, it is a CUlT, a criminal enterprise that masquerades as a faith-based organisation purely for financial/tax shelter purposes.
        3. ‘Issues don’t get any more difficult than that!’
        * Again, rubbish. There are truly difficult issues that face all of us, whether we are religious or not, belong to a church or not, whatever that church might be. Putting food on the table; being able to keep the job or get a job; having enough money to buy health insurance; giving your kids education, clothing and shoes; heat in winter and clean drinking water in summer. THESE are the HARDEST issues that face all of us.
        Only CO$ would so blatantly, so delusionally declare that ‘issues do not get any more difficult’ than themselves.
        That’s why I believe that you are just another CO$ lackey, another CO$ troll who pretends to try to stir an intellectual discussion of ‘issues’, while in point of fact your only aim is to simply divert attention from the single issue at hand – that one of its members, actually its public face, is a smug, abusive, heartless, dumb user of people, with no pure human emotions and willfull disregard for human suffering, dedication and self-discovery.

        CO$ is a travesty, and the more we talk about it the more people will learn. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Is that why you are so worried that we actually spread that knowledge? Is that why you call it ‘piling on Tom’? I want you know that your methods are completely transparent to most of us, and it is easy to see right thru your lofty phrases and psuedo-educational narrative.

      • renata says:

        @polk8dot —

        Gee. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with the level of silliness and paranoia you spew in your post. Accusing me of being on this forum as a plant for the Church of Scientology??? WHAT !!?$#@! Have you completely lost it??? You can find many, many posts of mine here and I think these are the only ones ever having anything specifically to do with C of $. If your point of view is that someone who doesn’t agree with you must therefore be a Scientologist, then that’s just too dumb to even merit a conversation. Sure sounds like what you seem to be saying.

        Obviously you’re a bit unhinged when it comes to this issue, which only underscores precisely what I was saying — that it’s a very difficult and controversial issue to deal with. Mind you, I understand you calling C of $ a cult, but the fact is many countries, and many people, recognize them as a legitimate religion. In the U.S., they’ve been given the same tax status as a religion, but it’s kind of up-in-the-air as to whether the government actually considers them to be a religion or not. Since we supposedly separate church and state in the U.S., it’s unlikely the government can even really take an official position. Regardless, once you’re dealing with something that some people consider a religion it does become a thorny issue, one with strong beliefs on all sides.

        I’m not going to tell you that you have no right to consider them a cult, but I’m also not going to tell someone that believes in them as a religion that they have no right to think that, either. That’s my way of looking at freedom while yours seems to be that we have the freedom to agree with you or be insulted. The logical extension of that is to light up some of those WWII ovens and gas people that believe in a religion that others don’t like. Thankfully, we don’t do that — we allow people to believe in what they feel like believing. I’m all for that, even when it involves beliefs that I have some difficulty with (I did refer to C of $ above as being “reprehensible” — you were too busy accusing me of being one of them to notice).

        You say that people have zero choice when it comes to C of $, but that’s just not true — people have a choice as to whether or not they walk through the door in the first place. I’ve never liked the recent sainthood of Katie Holmes for just that reason — it strains all credibility to think she didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Seriously, is there anyone in this day and age that can really say that they are unaware that C of $ is a controversial organization with some really strange practices??

        Finally, as for my ‘piling on Tom’ comment I’ve heard nothing that changes my mind on that. He’s a talented guy with some very odd beliefs who’s wife recently walked out on him. I feel badly for anyone who’s marriage falls apart. Regardless of what they believe in. You got a problem with that?

      • hairball says:

        @renata: I don’t know if you are from the CO$ or truly don’t realize, but the more one looks into this cult, it is chilling.

        It is not just a matter of what Tom Cruise believes – it’s what this cult does to people to punish them, keep them in line, torture, kidnapping, isolating them from family, murder, blackmail.

        Yes, people can willingly walk into the ‘church’ but they are not allowed to willingly walk out – ever.

        I cannot understand how anyone with a brain cell would have anything to do with this psychotic CULT.

      • gg says:

        Calling polk8dot’s post silliness and paranoia is incredibly obtuse – she makes very valid points quite a few of us are very concerned about, and the c of $ just can’t be underestimated, as proven by their current power, which is a travesty. This is a deadly crime-ridden organization which has so far managed to bully even the US government to keep their bogus tax-free status. It’s going to be a tough fight because co$ always fights dirty. I don’t even think you understood her post.

      • j-bird says:

        Actually I think it’s renata that’s right. You’re not reading his/her posts. It seems some of you only want to see C of $ condemned, and anything less than that must mean you are a supporter of them or even one of them yourself. That’s just being a goofball. Unless you’re just here to be a troll.

        Renata sounds like an ACLU type — someone who is willing to defend very unsympathetic types if it means that democratic rights are preserved. I’m all for that. If you take a minute to actually READ his/her posts you’ll see that’s what its all about. That’s if y’all can read!

        And polk8dot is getting needlessly insulting, something we shouldn’t be doing here. Renata says several times he/she doesn’t think very much of scientology. In spite of that, polk8dot accuses renata of being a scientologist! Totally trolling!!! If you can’t say how you think and feel without having to insult anyone that disagrees, then you’re just being worthless.

    • RobN says:

      The difference is that there are now actual names attached to the story instead of a bunch of vague rumors. It gives it credibility.

      COS is not a regular religion where members come and leave when they feel like it. Lutherans aren’t shunned by other Lutherans for deciding to be Methodists instead. They don’t lose contact with their children, they aren’t punished financially, they aren’t blackmailed by having their dirty laundry held out for public viewing, and they don’t punish people for disagreeing. There is no such thing as too much piling on when it comes to Scientology. It is a cult where people literally disappear for questioning the leadership, not a religion.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      Abuse and manipulation is not what anyone “wants” for their life.

    • duncecap says:

      It bothers me whenever ppl say “why did this story take so long to come out?”

      That’s what happens when shame is inflicted on a person. The victim will often take years to speak about something openly, if at all. It doesn’t matter if it’s bullying, subtle mental abuse or sexual assualt, shame acts more or less the same way with people.

      Kudos to Haggis for backing up this lady. Most people would be like “Not my problem, let the girl burn.” But now I worry both of them are gonna be followed by black scientology vans

  19. Lee says:

    We all heard the auditioning starlets story, but nothing nailed down with official quotes. Lots of whispers. But this fleshes it all out, with details of horrific retribution visited on an innocent young woman. Paul Haggis is a respected Hollywood figure; his confirmation of this human rights abuse (by Cruise and the cult) is very important. Where are the police/government investigations? It’s about time they were officially brought down.

    • Aotearovian says:

      Scarlett Johansson has spoken publicly about being invited to audition for an MI movie, then suddenly finding herself being taken on a tour of the Celebrity Center in LA and knowing something was up.

      The other actresses on the shortlist included Jessica Alba and Kate Bosworth – this was confirmed by Marty Rathbun, I believe, after he blew.

      This story in VF is the first time the Nazanin Boniadi story has been told in detail, though. A lot of the rumors are now being confirmed by the former top Scientologists who have blown since 2005 – they were all there for the Kidman-Cruise marriage, divorce and aftermath and know everything that went down, and have no interest in protecting anyone still in at a high level.

  20. Frankly says:

    What I want to know is where are they finding all these 3-feet-tall women to pose with Tom Cruise?

  21. LeeLoo says:

    The fact that a credible journalist has finally pegged down names makes it more believable. Tom can deny all he wants but Scientology has been a can of worms that’s been waiting to be opened and Katie’s filing opened that can. The fact of the matter is even with all the money and slave labor in the world will not stop the media (and hopefully government) scrutiny of what is going on in the Co$.

  22. SRT says:

    I am beginning to think Cruise and Miscavige belong in jail.

  23. dooliloo says:

    HAHAHAHAHAAAA! omg Tom you’re such a screwed up dude! Man I don’t feel sorry for you one bit!

  24. G says:

    Kudos to Haggis for coming forward.

  25. Persnickety says:

    This story is creepy, but I don’t think there’s anything illegal for authorities to investigate? (the defense would say Naz could have escaped the hard labor, as her later quitting the “church” proved.) However, the rumored Co$ prison camps need to be investigated and if true, should bring an end to this despicable organization. I mostly fume that they receive tax exemptions! I would think other religious organizations would like to see Co$ brought down ASAP because it could make citizenry question why ANY religious institution is tax exempt.

    • gg says:

      From your mouth to God’s ears. I’m with you on that, hon. It’s incredible that this is still happening. It’s so incredible that articles like this are the only way people are going to believe the craziness that goes on behind the doors of the co$. Spread it around.

    • Izzy says:

      I said it before, and I’ll say it again: they “moved her” from TC’s prison… er, I mean house… across the country to Clearwater, FL. I doubt very much it was her choice to go; she thought she was TC’s girl Friday. If she was moved without consent, you could make a case for interstate kidnapping and unlawful confinement.

      I’m not trivializing what this woman went through, but that’s nothing compared to the other information that’s come out about Co$.

  26. Chatcat says:

    I am amazed at how self deprecating these women have been…yes all of them who have tied themselves to Tiny Tommy the Tyrant. It is a sad day when a woman will “audition” herself for the role of a spouse/girlfriend/lover. People think the cult and little man are disgusting, but these women who would sell their soul help perpetuate and keep the cult going.

    The title “Dumb Bitch” that Nicole handed to Penelope, then to Katie who will now hand it over to the new moronic imbecile who will subject herself to the itsy bitsy narcississy troll. (Note: I purposefully left out Nan because she was cult pre-Tomatrized…so she was already a f*cking dumb bitch.)

    • Eve says:

      Regarding Penelope Cruz…I believe their “romance” was strictly business.

      She wanted to raise her profile internationally (especially among American audiences), he wanted to raise his in Spain/other European countries where he wasn’t very popular at that point.

      She got what she wanted, and left before she could get sucked into the cult.

      So let’s just say the “Dumb Bitch” title skipped one girlfriend and went from Kidman straight to Holmes :).

      • Lauren says:

        I believe Paul H. implicitly. His films are brilliant,and he has a stellar reputation. Katie and her family must have known what-whom she was marrying..look how he treated Nicole a piece of trash! Of all the women in the universe–Tommy married Katie. Uggh. They are both fake. Poor Suri-she has to survive all the fallout from this nightmare.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      Uh, wow… that’s super harsh. (And I say that as someone who is usually a fan of your comments).
      I seriously, seriously doubt that anyone who got involved with him had any idea what she was really up against.

    • Chatcat says:

      Trust me on this…I know it was a bit harsh, but I mean there is a next potential victim out there! How can they not care about that? I know by getting out you are just trying to survive yourself, but damn it I want one of these women to be so pissed off at themselves that they spare no feelings in telling the world and therefore, save the next woman.

      • Aotearovian says:

        Take your point, but I would like to sound a note of defense for Kidman (mitigated by the fact that she did choose crazy Cruise in the first place) – Cruise was in fact out of the COS for the majority of his marriage to Kidman.

        He drifted away from it after a very gung-ho period when Mimi Rogers first drew him in, but from the late 80s to the late 90s, he was largely uninvolved, much to Miscavige’s consternation.

        At Miscavige’s behest, Rathbun and others conspired to get him back in, and he started auditing again in 1998 – which sounded the death knell for his marriage to Kidman, as he was convinced by others that she was an SP, and if she wouldn’t commit to Scientology he had to find a new wife who would. And that was that.

        So when push came to shove, Nicole wasn’t such a Dumb Bitch after all – though I don’t believe she ever expected him to dump her in favor of COS, or knew what it would mean for her relationship with her eldest children.

        (All this info is in Janet Reitman’s excellent book Inside Scientology.)

        Also, in defense of Katie Holmes, the title of the VF story (What Katie Didn’t Know) is entirely apropos. That girl went in with eyes wide shut; that’s the reason Cruise chose her.

  27. TG says:

    Come on tommygirl you can do better than that. Lies? I prefer disgruntled apostates.

    Being punished and dumped for perceived offenses to Miss Cabbige is just further proof that they both have little man syndrome. And I still can’t get over him calling Katie Kate. That just irks me since it is so obvious his way of controlling her.

    I would love it if both Katie and Nicole would give an interview together. That would certainly put the nail on his career coffin and expose all those celebrity Co$ loons as the fools that they are.

    • gg says:

      I can’t see Nicole and Katie ever doing an interview together. They value their necks. But if they did, it would be the most wonderful thing in the world. Alas, just a fantasy at this point – they know how dangerous it is and they have their children to protect. They know for a fact that the co$ will come after them full bore, and under cover, like the slimy way they do all their manipulating.

  28. Chatcat says:

    Now Eve, can we agree not to skip Penelope based on “guilty by association”? I mean, she did partake in Tommy’s farce of life as a heterosexual, so I think she is deserving of at least a sash, if not the crown. Non? 🙂

    • Eve says:

      I agree with you that she (willingly) played the beard part — which diminishes my respect for her a little bit.

      But if the only thing she wanted was to become more popular in the US (and let’s face it, she achieved that), I don’t think she was being dumb — she was being pragmatic. Cold blooded, too — because that man gives me the chills, I could never ever ever stomach being his beard.

      Given that she apparently escaped the little man’s claws unscathed, I’d say she’s the one former girlfriend of Tom Cruise who has actually profited from a relationship with him — the “church” hasn’t deemed her a Supressive Person yet (like it happened with Kidman) and the obsessive hobbit doesn’t seem to have a grudge against her (can you imagine how much he hates Holmes now?).

      • Chatcat says:

        Well, I agree Penelope was savvy, but I refuse to disqualify her totally because she had inserted herself in the procession… maybe just as whiskers and not full out beard, but none the less a contestant in the cult’s “chosen one’s” personal life fallacy.

  29. Gal says:

    She is beautiful. And lucky that she was not the next wife.

  30. TG says:

    What I don’t get is if he needs a beard just like many politicians, athletes and other actors do why not find somebody who agrees to the plan up front. I mean it seems Kelly Preston and Travolta have an understanding and I think Hugh Jackman and his wife have an understanding. There is no deceipt betweent the partners. Wouldn’t that work better than all this fakery? Pretending to be so intense and in love and jumping on couches and proposals on top of the eiffel tower. Just find somebody who agrees to be your wife for show and then you won’t have all these problems with depressed wives walking around NYC looking like crap or girlfriends accidentally offending your boyfriend (miss cabbage).

    • gg says:

      Because brainwashing works so well for them, that they think they can brainwash a female who willingly goes off with Mr. Scary and doesn’t have to lie when she says she agrees with him 100%.

  31. Eve says:

    Hey, guys! I totally detected a Sciento-troll on a Pajiba thread:

    Her/his comment:

    “Seriously, do you and your readers just automatically think that everything on the Interwebs you read is true? C’mon guys, use your brains. This story is total bullshit. Both cruise’s PR person and his church have issued statements saying so. Here’s how stories like this work: Vanity Fair’s newsstand sales are down 20% this year + paid source for sensationalized story = controversial story & increased newsstand, subscription and advertising sales. This is happening everywhere, hence the time magazine breast feeding cover, purposely designed to evoke controversy and sell magazines. Be careful guys, we are all being manipulated by media these days who care little about the truth, and a lot about saving themselves from financial ruin as everyone switches to the web/digital.”


    • gg says:

      All day long, they copy and paste, copy and paste. :: yawn :: Keeps em busy doing something besides scrubbing the Sea org’s toilets with toothbrushes.

    • Julie says:

      I take everything I read with a grain of salt. Not to start a firestorm but look where weapons of mass destruction got us. However, where there is smoke there is usually fire and the pure amount of BS surrounding CO$ has reached levels that cannot be ignored. Even if you remove TC from the mix Scientology is still bad news and as a US taxpayer I’m really shit of the tax exempt status.
      On the lighter side..where are the trolls on this? They were all over the VF site when this came out. Have they given up on this site? I think the really dumb ones that couldn’t spell or communicate in any way were removed from trolling service.

      • TG says:

        I never believed the weapons of mass destruction BS. And that was just based on intuition and not any political reading. That is why I am forever saddened that Colin Powell allowed himself to be a puppet in that farce.

      • Izzy says:

        Julie, I think most Co$ trolls know better than to post around these parts. I hope they know better. We CB’ers are pretty savvy, and always call the trolls out when we see them here.

    • Izzy says:

      That poster called it the “Interweb”. I think that says it all – Co$ troll. Your detector is working just fine, Eve!

      • Eve says:

        LOL! And I didn’t even know “interwebs” was a Sciento-term!!! But I was certain when I spotted this:

        “Both cruise’s PR person and his church have issued statements saying so.”

        That’s too delusional, even for a fan who’d be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

        The conspirancy theory (VF trying to sell more copies) just added extra validation.

      • Izzy says:

        I don’t know for sure, but it’s my understanding that Interwebs was a term used by a lot of $cilons who just didn’t know the proper terminology. Their grasp of the Internet has not always been the greatest. Flaming and spamming, yes, but the overarching concept of it, not so much. Don’t forget, a lot of $cilons are restricted from Internet access (something that has been well documented and mentioned in numerous stories linked from this and other sites).

  32. julbug says:

    With regard to the list of suspicious COS members deaths, aren’t some of them eerily reminiscencent of Jeff Travoltas death? Wow

  33. CAM says:

    Didn’t Tom’s first wife say that she and Tom lived in the same house but didn’t share a bed, or something like that?

    It’s one of the top reasons why i definitely believed the VF story when i first heard about it. The fact that this woman lived with Tom or in Tom’s house but never actually spent time together while they “were going out.”

    The sad thing is, even though he doesn’t deserve one, he probably will find some other future unlucky woman to marry him. I feel bad for her already.

    • CooCooCatchoo says:

      Yep – Mimi Rogers said that Tom wouldn’t sleep with her because he wanted to keep his “instrument” pure. She likened him to a monk, and said that she wasn’t about to live like a nun. Hahaha!

  34. JRenee says:

    Why is she in shorts and a tank top and he’s in cords and a sweater?

  35. ViloDeMenus says:

    Tiny Dwarf midget man feels he has to have a wife to confirm to the world he’s a manly hetrosexual. The only partner he’s really interested in is going to have a package. These wives are and girlfriends are about providing a hetro cover. I don’t even know why he and Travolta bother anymore, it just makes them look like sad, middle aged, closeted actors who believe their careers and paydays are over if the truth is out there so they prefer to hide and ruin the lives of the women who are with them.

    Thank God Haggis has been so honest about what goes on in this crazy cult, it should not have religious tax status, because let’s face it what other legit religion has a prison camp where you can be kept, doing hard labor for real or perceived sins? That’s simply not a church and I don’t care about Scooter Libby and the pay offs the “church” routinely pays out for this status that has made Miscaviage a near Billionaire with the luxury of holding people against their will at a church prison. How is this even happening in this country!

  36. gator11 says:

    She’s a beautiful girl. And kudos to Haggis for saying it like it is. He’s a film genius and I’m surprised he was ever involved in CO$.

  37. insomniac says:

    Whew. Paul Haggis isn’t really my type, but I think I have a small crush on him now after reading that latest letter. *fans self*

  38. Kosmos says:

    Of course, little Tom is angry about the VF story lol…but I seriously believe it’s all true and Haggis would have no reason to make up something like that. The cult is probably built on fear, and hidden away from the public are probably many horrifying stories of what they do to people who don’t cooperate with their sick little strategies. Cruise will deny and support anything they do, so we really don’t need his input. We already know that he pro-cult 100%. Now, if we could get Nicole or others who have real knowledge of what goes on in the cult, they wouldn’t be able to deny that many witnesses.

  39. erika says:

    God….Tom, you can’t ‘handle the truth’

    Can we stop playing ‘who stole the cookie from the…cookie jar?’

    “WHO ME?”

    “COULDN’T BE! LIES! I’ll SUE you! Lies I tell you. All lies!”

    Every single God D***m time CO$ comes back with their blanket statement ‘Not true. We’ll Sue.’ and that’s it! Torture? Not true. cruel labor? not true. Money scamming? not true.

    Where does it get all of us? Fact is CO$, you know damn well it’s true! We’ve got witnesses, testimony, corraboration, but all they have to do is hide behind that ghastly 1920s horror hotel Scientology bldg in LA and issue a statement ‘not true’

    i guess we’re all liars! if you’re not CO$, you’re a liar.

    • TG says:

      @Erika – You made me laugh and I mentioned above another favorite line of defense of the Co$ is to say it is just a disgruntled apostate. And that top photo looks more like tommygirls next boyfriend. The girl is actually pretty but in a very boyish way.

    • CooCooCatchoo says:

      Lolol! Love it! And, yeah – I have always thought the COS building in H’wood looked like the Haunted Mansion and/or the Tower of Terror, too! Great call.

  40. Ennie says:

    The pr Team of Tom Cruise probably knew about this beforehand, hence the trip overseas combining with a long leaking of pics with young nice looking “fans” probably cast to appear in photos with him… Fresh, short girls fawnin over him… What els does he need to look more manly? To make look that he doesn’t need these ridiculous complots to get him a date?
    Sad thing is that he really would not need these schemes, he is rich, succesful and still kind of young, a former heartrob. The craziness from his cult, the exagerated need that the brainwashed woman for him has to totally conform to certain rules and be perfect kills it.
    Of course there is always someone who will go along this charade. What a sad life, even those older guys paying girls like Tara Reid at least are honest and they also know that their mutual “love” is not real.

  41. Tulip says:

    Very interesting thread! All I can say is that cults know exactly how to suck people in (even very intelligent people) and don’t beat yourself up over it, just leave the cult.

  42. skuddles says:

    Reading about Naz’s experiences with Cruise just made him a whole lot uglier to me. What a pompous, delusional little creep!

  43. Jay says:

    Ironically, these stories make it harder for me to believe he’s gay in any meaningful way either. I’m starting to believe the guy is not capable of normal human relationships of any persuasion.

  44. Imelda says:

    Just a few points I would like to make about this.
    1) I dont know about you guys in the states where Scientology seems to really have a foothold but in Europe we can write to our local politicians and/or directly to Government to put pressure and force them to put issues on their political agenda that they would otherwise ignore.
    Thats not to say they ever do anything about it….until enough people start to complain. I just wonder why its never been a tax issue, a human rights issue or a criminal issue.
    Their crimes seem to encompass several Govt. Departments.
    The public needs to start writing NOW to demand the elimination of this cult.
    There are so many disturbing elements to this that remind me of the Nazi’s.

    2) The amount of money they extract from people, where does it actually GO?
    It makes me sick to think of the millions maybe billions they’ve extorted just to keep for themselves and give nada to charity when they are supposed to be a religion.
    What common purpose do they actually serve….do they ever actually help others?
    It just seems (well is) a business but most businesses have a budget for charity and yet they dont seem to contribute IN ANY WAY to society – its just an empty farce.
    Lastly I LOVE reading you guys and your dissertions on this and other issues and the low BS policy adhered to especially in relation to Scientology.
    Its people like you guys who may bring it down eventually.

    • gg says:

      Imelda – Re their “helping” other people. They start very expensive, cloaked, $cientology related businesses like Narconon, which uses no standards of medical treatment like official drug treatment centers, and people die from want of medical treatment, and more money goes into the co$ for building giant luxury buildings for David Misgavige. Co$ eschews medicine and calls psychology a pseudo science based on phony claims – pretty rich when you consider the origins of co$. So that is their version of helping.

  45. single lady says:

    Women are still lining up to marry rich ass Tom Cruise, every new actress getting off a bus or plane coming to Hollywood is hoping to cross his path and perhaps date him or be chosen as his wife. Crazy or not Tom Cruise is fine, rich as hell and a catch for a up and coming actress, please don’t fool yourselves that he is persona no grata. Women would STILL marry Tom Cruise. I darn should would if I had the chance. What Tom should do is “allegedly” follow Simon Cowell or George CLooney’s path and simply date the women for a few years after making them sign confidentiality agreements, then when ready to break, the parting gift has already been negotiated, a house, a lump sum a possible tv gig as a entertainment news host.

  46. ontheraw says:

    I have this little theory on TC and why he is like he is. Been researching his case with CO$ for years. He’s acknowledged in various interviews when he was starting to make it big that he comes from an unhappy family: all girls and an abusive absent father who treated him worse than crap when he was around. When things were getting real offhand there, he was sent to a Catholic boarding school (for shelter from the big bad) and he became enamored with the priests and the discipline (equalling safety for him, again admitted on TV by himself). He even wanted to enter seminary and become a priest (admitted too, he did enter for a while). All this trying to find security, stability and his lack of interest in sex (admitted by Mimi Rogers who called him asexual) all speak volumes of abuse that is larger and grosser than just beatings, etc. (if you know what I mean). NK, fell in love, worked for the time he was away from CO$. CO$ tried to win him back, could not because of NK and therefore, their divorce and her being declared an SP by the CO$. Of course, the divorce came after months of auditing at Gold Base. This and all the wife auditions is admitted and confirmed on TV by all the defecting higher ups of the CO$ (interviews and specials recorded many years ago). So now, security and stability is placed on CO$ and Miscavige who treats him like the GOD he believes he is because he is so insecure (does not want to remember that past, does not even acknowledge it for himself now, like it never existed, all delusional now) and is covering up with major narcissim and sociopathic traits (mimicking Miscavige who fits the bill for both abnormalitities to the extreme, he needs to mimik, he cannot be himself, he has suppressed his real self now). BTW, Penelope Cruz has never been a devout Catholic, she just dabbles in whatever she’s put before her, she was Catholic while a girl in Spain, went on to date Nacho Cano (very famous Spanish singer) and became a Buddhist, dabbled on CO$ with Cruise. If you want to see those vids, they’re up on youtube. I have posted them like 5 or 6 times now, emailed them to CB. This little story explains why he is how he is and how it all came to be. From a pure psychological perspective, it all fits. When talking about the seminary and all (that was just when Risky Business made him “big”), he is seen fidgety, nervous, scared as hell to talk about this little part of his life, he hadn’t made up his persona yet, and you only need to hear him talk about this and watch his BL to see what really went on there. Food for thought, if you’re not reading Jung.

  47. the climb says:

    Nicole wanted a “career in Hollywood” so she made the deal with the devil to get her where she wanted to go. Tom Cruise gave to her a career in Hollywood with that marriage, Nicole was a nobody,living in Australia, with a few bit parts and one film role, when Tom picked her for the movie Days of Thunder,with him , Nicole was never even liked in Hollywood until Tom dumped her and she garnered sympathy from the masses, until then, Nicole was thought to be a cold fish and a total climber.
    Nicole loved being married to Tom Cruise, if you look at some old issues of magazines you will see hints of why he unloaded her. She was no innocent in that divorce is all I’m saying.

    ALSO Mimi Rogers said Tom sometimes wanted to live like a Monk, she didn’t say he was asexual.

    • ontheraw says:

      She was quoted as calling him as being asexual, I clearly remember that a long while ago. Agree with you on the NK thing at the beginning, Penelope was like that too, but I really think that either TC loved NK or he was fully dependent on her or maybe wanting to control her every step of the way. She was unknown in the US, plenty famous in Australia. Penelope was a star in Spain, Italy and, somehow, in France, wanted to break the American market and did her thing. She’s rather ambitious and calculating, although very friendly and generous when it comes to her friends and family. Have friends in common, also have friends who know NK.

  48. the climb says:

    “It’s been reported that his first wife, the actress Mimi Rogers, in an interview she gave to Playboy, said that living with Cruise was like living with a monk, and from that point on, rumours began to circulate about his sexuality. Rogers later retracted her statement – and anyone involved in a divorce understands that unkind and untruthful things are said in anger. ”

    I’ve met Nicole too at an event with several of the Kennedy’s in NYC. She was married to Tom at that time, she was very nice that’s true, but you could smell the ambition reaking from her being as soon as you got near her. This was definately a lady who was going to make her way by hook or by crook.

    • Deeana says:

      Back to the Vanity Fair article, the Iranian actress Naz did not participate in the writing of the article. The writer got the info from her friends. Because she had signed a non-disclosure agreement at the time she left the Co$.

      I’ve researched Co$ extensively over the years due to the son of a frend joining. He left after only about a year. Could no longer afford it – hah!
      I think he is a Buddist now.

      This Miscavige character (the leader of Co$)seems to have finally gone off the rails. What with him physically beating people and ordering them held prisoners while they are being “rehabilitated”, some finally became outraged enough to break away from the brainwashing enough to leave.

      At this point, enough higher-ups have left and told their stories – which all seem to pretty much match up – that the true story of what goes on in the Co$ is now out to the public.

      One of the things I’ve best enjoyed in reading the various stories of those who “blew” (Co$speak for “left the church”)is to read how much the Internet played a part in opening their eyes to their own “church”.