Kylie Minogue in black at the GQ UK Men of the Year event: much improved?

More photos from last night’s GQ UK Men of the Year event in London. I covered the dudes of the event in a separate post. I was debating back and forth with myself as to who I should make the “lead girl,” the one in the headline and the one I spent the most time discussing. While there were some notable celebrity women, no one really stood out one way or the other to me. So I’m making Kylie Minogue the headliner, just because I think she looks really, really great here. She’s 44 years old, a cancer survivor and she’s spent too much time over the past few years looking like a Botoxed wreck. This is the most “natural” I’ve seen her look in a while – and I love the simplicity of her black gown too. She wins “best dressed” for me.

More photos… don’t hate me, but I kind of love the way Jessie J looks here. I like that she dared to do a covered-up and sophisticated look. It works on her – but it also makes her look a lot older.

Lara Stone… she looks good, I think. Something’s different? Is it her hair?

Olivia Munn in Armani. Bridesmaid. Pageant queen.

Stella McCartney dresses herself in her own awful designs. And this is how she looks in her sad little onesie. Why do women let Stella design for them?

Kelly Brook is showing everyone an example of a “fashion don’t” for the large busted. Don’t do this, seriously, if you’re top-heavy.

Alison Brie looks fantastic. Great color on her.

Elisabeth Moss’s blonde is looking better. Who knew she would look so good in coral?

Lana del Rey in a minimalist wedding dress. If someone actually wore this to their wedding, I would love it. I don’t care for it on this red carpet, though.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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14 Responses to “Kylie Minogue in black at the GQ UK Men of the Year event: much improved?”

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  1. paola says:

    I can’t believe my eyes.. Stella McCartney is still sticking to those horrible shoes she ‘created’!!

    Between Kylie and her sister Dannii i’ll always pick the latter, she semms so much more fun and I really like the fact that she is in an endless feud with Sharon Osbourne! Kylie can’t even sing in my opinion, she seems a very sweet girl and being a cancer survivor is a great example for everyone but talentwise..mmh not so sure!

  2. L says:

    Elizabeth moss is best dressed for me.

    I can’t forgive Jesse J for the crap she did to the Queen song during the closing ceremonies. Awful crap. Plus since her makeover she looks like everyone else. She doesn’t have that a great voice and that was the only thing setting her apart. Now she looks like Nina Van Horn from Just Shoot Me.

    • Werty says:

      Well the actual bandmembers of Queen approved her so i dont think there should be any hard feelings against her for that. She was asked to sing with them during the freaking Olympics!! Thats a huge opportunity!
      If i got the chance to sing with them i would and i really cant sing.

      And if that damn mic problem wouldnt have happened (which she handled good) i dont think anyone would have complained.
      (sorry if my sp is wrong eng is my 2 language)

      And when it comes to her not being able to sing:

      (And yes i have a major crush on her, dont mess with my girl)

  3. Loulou says:

    I’d love Kylie to throw Gabriel Aubry a bone by saying something, anything about Olivier Martinez’s inability to commit, to start with and about his cheating, maybe? Otherwise, nice dress, nice shade of lipstick, complemented by the nail polish etc. Madonna has nothing on her as a performer.

    • Ally says:

      @Loulou – agree. Kylie really knows how to put on a show, her concerts are stunning.

      I wish SOMEONE would give Gabriel some dirt too. I doubt Kylie would bad mouth Martinez as he hung around and supported her through her cancer treatment and recovery.

  4. backwards says:

    Allison Brie is such a babe

  5. marie says:

    Kylie and Jessie J both look good. Olivia Munn always looks the same to me and I will never understand the appeal of Lana del Ray

  6. Anonny says:

    Love the double-breasted tuxedo dress. If it came in white, I’d marry in it. (I’m older; I can do that.)

    Why does Olivia Munn always look dirty? Like she can’t hide that bit of trailer park still in her, no matter how she dresses?

  7. Ludakristen says:

    Jessie J looks very pretty, I think.

  8. bondbabe says:

    Lara Stone – raccoon eyes much?! Yikes.

  9. lucy2 says:

    I like Alison and Elisabeth’s dresses a lot, but none of the others impress me much.

  10. Luffy says:

    I like Lana as a ginger. This is not a good color for her.