Sympathetic Kristen Stewart emerges with broken middle finger, Rob’s t-shirt

Kristen Stewart made her second post-scandal photo-op appearance yesterday at LAX. Okay, maybe it wasn’t a “photo op” per se. She actually had to fly from LA to Toronto, where she’s due to promote On the Road. Much like Kristen’s first post-scandal appearance a few weeks ago, Kristen made sure to wear clothing that could be linked back to her EX-boyfriend (yeah, I said it) Robert Pattinson. That’s Rob’s IRIE shirt – he was photographed wearing it last year. Does wearing Rob’s clothing make her sympathetic? I say HELL NO because she was wearing Rob’s clothing when she was Mini Coopering Rupert Sanders too, and this is just a reminded of their sweaty, filthy, Mini-Cooper-soaked infidelity.

But is she more sympathetic because it seems like she has a cast on her middle finger? Honestly, I laughed when I saw the cast. I know, I’m a bitch. You don’t have to say it. It sucks that she broke her finger and everything, and that sucks. But it’s hilarious to me that it’s her middle finger, because she LOVES flashing the bird as some kind of Hardcore Badge of Honor. Perhaps all of her power was in that finger. Perhaps she flipped the bird to the wrong person and that’s how it got broken. Meanwhile… Kristen has reportedly been super lip-bite-y about coming to TIFF:

Kristen Stewart is having “sleepless nights” as she prepares to promote her new movie at the Toronto Film Festival, is exclusively reporting. The Twilight star’s latest flick, On the Road is the first film to screen at the annual event where it premieres on Thursday night, and it comes with a great buzz.

However, K-Stew, 22, is overcome with nerves about her first red carpet appearance since her now infamous cheating scandal and hopes her personal life doesn’t overshadow how the motion picture is received by the critics.

“Kristen Stewart hasn’t been able to get a wink of sleep in the run-up to the film festival,” a source revealed.

“Even though members of the media have been strictly told that questions about her cheating scandal are off-limits, she’s been fretting over the film’s premiere. She really hopes that the critics are kind to her when it comes to the reviews and they don’t judge her on her personal life.

“On the Road is a project that’s very close to Kristen’s heart. She is a big fan of the original novel by Jack Kerouac and wants the movie to get the praise she thinks it deserves. Kristen’s worried that because it opens the festival, a lot is expected of it and just prays that it’s well received,” the source concluded.

[From Radar]

I think Kristen will probably get a better reception over all in Toronto, promoting On the Road, than she will two months from now when she’s promoting Breaking Dawn Part II. It feels like the Twihards aren’t really gunning for her during her promotion of On the Road, and I’m sure that Kristen’s publicist will limit Kristen’s exposure in Toronto too. But all hell is going to break loose in November. Wait for it.

PS… Where are her dirty Chucks? Are these the new boots of The Repentant? Do Chucks equal infidelity?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Gale says:

    Single White Female. That’s what she is, total psycho.

    • Mimi says:

      I feel bad for the pyscho. (I know, I can’t help it).

      • Janet says:

        Damned if I do.

      • Sue says:

        I am sooo sick and tired of everyone feeling Sorry for this woman. Kirsten deliberately and purposefully had an affair with a MARRIED man. No one forced her, she CHOSE to play with another woman’s husband and she was CAUGHT. Only NOW is she remorseful. This was NOT a once off hookup . Have you seen the pics? Very intimate pics. They reveal that these 2 were up close and personal before. Married Rupert had his loins stuck onto her. All the time. Their lower bodies were mashed together. This revealed their sexual nature. These Two were banging long before they were caught!

        Married Rupert is a scumbag. He now wants forgiveness from Liberty? What about from Robert?

        Liberty has been taken to task for being in the limelight. Everyone expects the wife to shy away, no actually HIDE from the world. This courageous woman didn’t . She has nothing to be ashamed of. She is free to go where ever she wants to and be seen. Why must She go into hiding? Leave her alone. She deserves better.

        Robert: hey man, YOU will get over this tough period in your life. There are plenty of faithful girls out there. Rob is young- Go play the field Rob. You deserve it!

        Oh for all you Kristen supporters: Age doesn’t define homewrecking. Being ‘ONLY’ 22 doesn’t mean that you are exempt from being a homewrecker. Kristen just got caught as she helped herself to Liberty’s husband. Did she make a mistake? Well she thought that her shenanigans were safe and she wouldn’t get caught. Very arrogant of her. Oh and her steamy car illicit activities, not only was she kissing the Married Director BUT it also showed him going down on her?? Was she getting oral sex in her car??? Kissing her all over?? AND after her make out session she dropped off her lover nearby is home??

        Kirsten is NOT innocent. She just got caught and NOW 2 Innocent people (Rob and Liberty) have to pick up the pieces. They did not deserve the pain, the humiliation, the deceit, the Betrayal. WOW!!! Let’s not even discuss the Kids in this mess.

        Feeling sorry for homewrecker Kirsten? NAH!!!

      • gg says:

        Sue are you completely devoid of feelings, or just another twihard? It must give you a nosebleed to be so high and mighty and defect-free.

        No, the pictures really didn’t show anything of the sort – him going down on her. In a flippin mini. I drive a mini and it’s absolutely not possible.

        I feel terrible for her because I feel bad for anybody who is this obviously deeply depressed. She wants to crawl into a hole and die, and is obviously not eating. I have enough humanity to observe and feel for her, at this point. I hope she’s got a therapist to talk to, because with total strangers spewing forth vitriol like this, who wouldn’t be depressed.

        Not an apologist for any of it – it was despicable, but get over it, it’s OVER NOW, and it didn’t involve you in the least. Try a little humanity, it’s attractive. What’s unattractive is your nasty post.

    • Maria_Spain says:


    • ORLY says:

      I think you give a shit, Kate.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      We could still string up that carcass in the village square as a warning to other celebs that may cross us, Kate.

      We’re not done with her yet.

      PS-I agree with you 😉

    • anne says:

      Hahahaha she used that middle finger one too many times and sprained it. Never heard of someone overusing it before, but she’s living proof.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        Personally, I think it was because homegirl punched the wall when Sparks dumped her for reals.

    • geekychick says:

      Kate and OriginalKitten +2!
      Apt comparison. I mean, girl wears make-up and glasess, so there must be some sneaky, cunning plan behind it. 😉 *
      *IMO, when I faced shitty and uncomfortable situations, I tried to make myself look good, too. Makes you feel better.:)

    • justez says:

      I agree. She messed up big time yeah, but the level of hate is not equal to what she did at all. I can’t help but feel slightly sympathetic towards her.

    • Me myself says:

      Yes. I agree with u. One more thing the more people spurned bitches unto her the more I’m turned off by the people who cast aspersions in her. Don’t judge lest u be judge. It’s only God who has the right to mete judgment. If you don’t have nice things to say about her then refrain yourself from commenting. If u disdain her then don’t support her. But just accord her respect coz after all she’s still a human being like you and me not exempted from being infallible.

    • Bobby sue says:

      I feel bad for her, as well. The regret is palpable. I wish her time to heal and the maturity that will hopefully come with it.

      • Janet says:

        Oh puh-leeeze. Palpable regret, yeah, right. She regrets she got caught. She regrets she can’t have her cake and eat it too. She regrets even her entitled ass can’t have everything the way she wants it all the time. She regrets losing a good man. But I’d bet a dollar to a donut hole she’ll do it again — only the next time she’ll make sure the guy gets a room first.

      • Allie May says:

        Bobby Sue: I was glad to see your comment, I also feel bad for her.
        As for the other comment above mine: Why the diatribe against Kristin Stewart? She is simply a celebrity that presumably none of us know- why so angry?

    • Jane says:

      she looks so much like her mother with the glasses and the wild hair. That’s what you get for flipping the bird so much…osteoarthritis in the middle finger.

    • ol cranky says:

      The level of “hate” is due to her camp trying to make her out as a victim in this situation. If they hadn’t done that, it would only be the twi-hards going apeshit crazy

    • UNF Joan Jett! says:

      +1 @ justez

      I don´t get the level of hate and mysogyny either.

    • Tiffany says:

      I agree. The mad hate for her is insane! I just don’t get it.

    • Starsh says:

      I agree. And I Do give a shit because she is just a young woman who made a mistake and all of these other-woman-hating morons are ganging up, as women do, because she’s the symbolic Other woman, the tramp. Makes me sick,and men like Charlie Sheen and ashton Kutcher get new shows!

    • gg says:

      Thank you, Kate, for having a heart. <3
      It's also what makes us human.

  2. Becky says:

    She wears glasses?! she looks so good with glasses on!

    • UNF Joan Jett! says:


    • Liv says:

      She does, but I can’t help but think she only wears glasses to come off more mature and educated now. It seems pretty calculated.

      • gg says:

        No, she’s probably wanting to hide for the rest of her life because of hateful strangers attacking her on blogs. I wear glasses when I’m flying and depressed too.

    • RocketMerry says:

      I know, she looks amazingly good with those frames! Also, I LOVE her hair. Sigh. Very pretty.

    • eb says:

      I think she’s trying to hide. The hair pulled forward to block peripheral vision, the earbuds in to block ugly calls, the big glasses on her face to hide it.

    • Annie says:

      I’ll say something nice – I normally loathe those frames, but Kirsten makes them look cool here.

  3. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    1. What’s with the giant glasses? Maybe she wears contacts but never saw her before in big specs. Is it to hide? To garner pity as a sad serious girl who just wants to spend all day studying in the library?

    2. Middle finger cast– either she sprained it from overuse or put it on as a constant reminder “I must not flip the bird…I.must not flip the bird.

    3. The fetishistic wearing of Robs clothing– what is the message here?

  4. serena says:

    I’m a bitch too because when I saw it (the cast) I laughed my ass off.
    Is that Karma? LOL

    By the way, is she an idiot wearing Rob’s stuff again and again? Like we care and that’d make her sympathetic. Please.

    • Liv says:

      Me too! Life is ironic!

    • Frodsam says:

      All her power was in her middle finger. And it’s broken, like the state of her relationship.

    • gigi says:

      Yeah, her wearing his T-shirt feels like such an obvious play for sympathy. It’ll work on her Krisbians and the Twihards, but that’s about it.

    • gg says:

      So it would be appropriate if when you break something, everybody laughs at you?

      She’s probably not trying to get a message through to you, dear. Ignore it if it’s so personally irksome.

  5. AfroSappho says:

    Crazy heffa looks good. Is she wearing nude makeup? I usually don’t think anything about her looks, but her face looks more feminine and her brows look lovely.

    • Me says:

      Agree. She looks softer in these pictures…

    • maria says:

      it was my first thought : she is wearing nude makeup; she is calculating every move and it’s not working! No sympathy from me. She always acted like she was so mature and above all so now own that bitch!!!!!

    • geekychick says:

      Agree. Can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but she looks beautiful.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Seriously? People think she’s wearing nude makeup and fake glasses to garner sympathy? Not to poke holes in the conspiracy theory but she’s always dressed like this, folks.

        Maybe she wore the glasses so whoever broke her middle finger won’t come back and punch her in the face. “You wouldn’t hit a girl with glasses on would you?”

      • ORLY says:

        I don’t think there is some big conspiracy, Kitten, but after a scandal and bad publicity for any public figure, whatever they wear and however they present themselves in public is very calculated by image consultants.
        The glasses she wore in Vancouver years ago, apparently Nikki Reed and Rob also wore the same glasses back then (there are pics out there somewhere) so I don’t know if they’re prescription or not.
        Either way, she looks ‘softer’ in those pics, so mission accomplished.

      • geekychick says:

        I agree with Kitten; it really feels to me more like putting on a brave face, than putting on a some show with carefully planned messages. Yes, I do believe much of celebrities lives is run by PR, but if they wanted to plant something, what would some good shampoo, glasess and make-up point to?
        I mean, we’re nitpicking here.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        She is totes made up. Put your finger in the pancake foundation! 😉

      • ORLY says:

        Geeky – It’s about perception. You’ve got to admit that She looks soft, approachable, tame, civilize, girl next door here.
        I don’t for a second believe that she and/or her team didn’t put much thought into what she’d wear.

        Kristen plays the game, just like everyone else.
        It is what it is.

      • Boo says:

        It’s because her mouth is finally shut. She looks a billion times better without that slack-jawed, bunny-toothed expression she’s normally sporting.

    • gigi says:

      Well, now that she has an audience to win back, suddenly it seems she is capable of taking a shower and putting on some makeup. Awwww. One of the other reasons she looks softer is because the typical sneer/”why don’t you jerks leave me alone” expression is gone. She knows what’s at stake, she’s got the right facial expression on.

  6. says:

    I’d be pretty pissed if my ex not only cheated on me so publicly, issued a public apology, AND kept on wearing my clothes out.

    Maybe I’m not totally awake yet, but I sort of like the glasses on her *ducks for cover*

    • Brown says:

      This. I am totally shocked that she’s wearing his clothes in public. To me, that seems like a huge slap in the face.

      Obviously, it’s strategy. The Twi-Hards will see it and think that they are still talking/back together, and think it is a sign of solidarity from Robsten.

      But to the rest of us, I don’t know.. I don’t think it looks good for her. It seems to me she is calculating her every move, wearing his clothes to try to garner sympathy, the broken hearted woman who can’t have the love of her life so she must wear his clothes because it’s all she has left…

      That would be fine, if she wasn’t doing it in front of cameras. It feels cheap to me, and if I were Rob, it would piss me off.

    • DreamyK says:

      Her wearing his clothes is creepy and more than a little pathetically calculated.

      Not buying it.

      She does look good in her glasses. She’s a beautiful woman.Fug shoes. Egads, look in a mirror before you wear those in public.

  7. marie says:

    hmm.. I don’t think wearing Rob’s clothes is the smartest idea if she wants to distance herself from the “scandal” .. but maybe her and Rob liked dressing like twins, or maybe she just prefers guys t-shirts-I do..

    she actually looks kind of cute here (really like the glasses, reminds me of Working Girl), but why tight roll skinny jeans-that’s kinda dumb, and those are ugly boots..

  8. zellie says:

    how do you know that’s rob’s tshirt?

    how do you know ANYTHING?

    She wore the glasses in vancouver a few years ago

    • effy says:

      all these righteous people!

    • Mia 4S says:

      Probably they know it’s Rob’s shirt because crazy Twihards on other sites were posting a photo of him wearing it. Unless they photoshopped it, I hear photoshop is really good these days. 😉

    • geekychick says:

      I really think that’s her clothes. I mean, I don’t think she’d antagonize public so much on purpose (after the last time she was pictured), and her PR team or whatever must have known about the “his clothes” hoopla. Even if people think she’s so stupid, her people are NOT that idiotic. I think.*
      Although I think her PR should have handled all of this differently.

      • Anname says:

        He was photographed in it, she knows it is associated with him, regardless of whose shirt it is.

        Also, she has the bracelet, ring, necklace on. These are all associated with Rob too. She knows the fans will see this, it’s not innocent. I have no idea why she is doing this, or if Rob cares. But it is an odd thing to do in my opinion. Is she making some sort of statement, is she just screwing with everyone, or is there no meaning at all? Who knows.

      • Silk Spectre says:

        Anname, I’m half convinced she’s spent some time reading her own and Rob’s tumblr tags lately, and their couple tag too, of course.

        Now, don’t judge me, but some of the crazies on those tags are super entertaining (most of them are just sad, though) so I’ve checked them out every now and again since the scandal broke, and there was a link to the Robsten tag on Pajiba. Now wer’re slowly approaching my point… See, right after the mini-coopering went public, so many of her fans and their “shippers” kept saying that they’ll know (just KNOW) everything is alright when they see Kristen out and about wearing the cap and the ring and the whatever again. And then she stepped out, wearing all the proof of their epic LURVE.

        Also, at some point the Robsten tag was flooded with that Gandhi quote about forgiveness, and what d’ ya know? All of a sudden KStew’s been like totally reading Gandhi, and just managed to stumble on that one quote, among the thousand and thousand of pages of written material he published? Sure, I’ll believe that.

      • geekychick says:

        Silk Spectre, I think the tabloids check those threads and Tumblr and so on-that’s how you get quotes about Gandhi, depression, his sisters would kill him if he got back…
        Tabloids played it exactly by Twihard ear, 90% of what’s presented as news about this whole thing is “sources” and Twihard’s Twitter, tumblr…that’s why it’s perpetually in the news- the obsessive fans give enough material and will click on anything.

      • gg says:

        They practically give those shirts away in NYC and Jamaica – I’ve seen them everywhere. It’s probably her shirt.

    • aquarius64 says:

      One site did do a side by side of Kristen and Rob wearing the same shirt. Even if the shirt’s not his, it still looks like a calculated move to garner sympathy and keep the boo birds away at TIFF’s red carpet.

  9. Genevieve says:


    Kaiser, I know you don’t care for K-Stew. And I understand and respect the reasons why. I think her behavior is deplorable, as well.

    But I LITERALLY thought you were joking when I opened up this thread. She really did break THAT finger….the finger of her doom and destruction, LMAO!

    Maybe she’s like Samson and Delilah…cut off her finger, instead of her hair…it could work 😉

    You KNOW I had to laugh with you…the irony!

  10. Eve says:

    PS… Where are her dirty Chucks? Are these the new boots of The Repentant? Do Chucks equal infidelity?

    Leave the dirty Chucks out of this!!! Chucks are ALWAYS innocent!!!

    How dare you (even) imply something negative about my favourite shoes.

    • Genevieve says:


      Agreed! The Chucks are ALWAYS innocent.

    • geekychick says:

      Hahahahaha!Chucks forever!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Seriously! Talk about casting aspersions without proof. In fact, I heard the Chucks weren’t even on her feet during the mini-coopering.

        I think those booties she’s wearing look rather guilty though…..

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        My chucks take umbrage as well.
        Those booties are so fug though. I hate her style.

        That is all.

      • Genevieve says:

        Hey, don’t pimp on those guilty booties yet!

        I think I could steal them and rock the HELL out of them 😉 Would be worth a shot, my shoe budget is waaaay down this year 🙁

      • gg says:

        White soles NEVER make anybody look good. Especially Kanye.

  11. Naye in VA says:

    She really is very pretty.

    But if all she’s going to do is sulk and look surly during promotions, she shouldnt bother. It’s annoying given that for yeas previous (oddly until her affair) we were forced to view sulking and surly all over the red carpet.

    She’d get more points for smiling

  12. bea says:

    middle finger irony.

    next, her eyes will be permanently rolled.

  13. D. says:

    Wow, she looks like a timid fawn.
    I guess she’s bitterly regretting that she cheated on Rob and wants him back….?
    Why else should she still wear his clothes??

  14. menlisa says:

    I don’t know why her wearing Rob’s clothes makes my blood boil. It’s downright mean at this point.

    It’s not going to make us sympathetic towards her, she wore his clothes while humping Sanders..

    Ugh and don’t get me started on the glasses. The whole outfit is a failed attempt to garner positive pr.

    • effy says:

      you sound like she knows you and is really in need of your sympathy.. haha

      • aquarius64 says:

        Effy, she needs the public’s good will because studios see an actor’s likeability as a factor for big box office and big profits for them. If the public at large doesn’t like her the studios won’t hire her.

      • kiki says:

        Tell that to Angelina Jolie. People did not turn on Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward after their scandal either. I can name a bunch more. James Cameron and Brad Pitt. They still made movies and people still poke fun at them but they don’t seem to care. While the public still grouse they are still working, rich and making movies.

      • connie says:

        @kiki you’re right, but not of those you mentioned were ALREADY widely disliked. That’s the main difference btw Kstew and jolie, newman, etc… they were acclaimed and well liked in their field.

        Kristen just seems to grate on peoples nerves

        & while I’m commenting, I find the possible wearing of his clothes very distasteful. I’ve been in break up modes where just seeing the same model of car drive by would make me ill (yes, I have a flair for the overdramatic…)

      • gg says:

        But connie, you and neither Rob nor Kristen were lovers, why do you care? Is this affecting you personally? If so, do yourself a favor and stay off KS stores. Wouldn’t want you to get “ill” for her wearing somebody else’s clothes you don’t know.

  15. Riana says:

    That’s really the only thing I can’t understand about her affair.

    Don’t like Rob anymore and wanted to get some strange. Whatever. Don’t respect another woman or a family enough not to hurt them. Fine.

    But she CLEARLY cannot handle public scrutiny and judgement. She was barely afloat when it was just her bad attitude because hell…at the end of the day no one should obsess over a teenage girl acting rude or giving the finger. But now she’s done something that really gives people a reason to scrutinize her. She’s not the sort that will casually shrug off an affair and be all smiles like Sienna Miller. This is going to haunt her for quite a while.

    Not sure where things are with Rupert but I can’t see Kristin handling the strain well, especially since things won’t stay ‘polite’ forever.

    • Jaxx says:

      I wonder how well any of us would handle “public scrutiny and judgement” when it contained threats of death and disfigurement.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        Where are you seeing that? Not here.

        When you go into movies, you set yourself up for public scruitiny. Her mom is in the biz and she grew up in h’wood. It shouldn’t be a big surprise.

    • Jaxx says:

      No, not here. I don’t think any of the Celebitchy fans are that deranged, but there are plenty of little twihards who are and they have said she deserves to die, to get acid thrown in her face, and all kind of other over the top threats. I don’t think anyone deserves that.

  16. Riana says:

    P.S. Damn if I’ll watch it but I heard a commercial for the MTV VMA’s and noticed that they mentioned Robert’s name with no mention of Kristin.

    Now, weren’t they supposed to present together?

    Does that mean Kristin dropped out?

    • Ann says:

      Conflicting schedule. “On the Road” is at TIFF tonight, she’s there to promote that.

      • Jany says:

        Like Rob would show up at the VMA’s if Ms. Minicooper would be there as well!

        Quite sure he’s quite eager to avoid her. She can wear all his shirts at once, won’t help her much.

  17. keats says:

    Nooooooooo how is she supposed to express herself?? Hopefully she can still drench her sentences with the f word.

  18. booboocita says:

    “Perhaps she flipped the bird to the wrong person and that’s how it got broken.”

    That’s EXACTLY what I thought when I saw these photos. And yes, I laughed, too. Back in his wild days, one of my cousins flipped off his dad in the middle of an argument. He still has trouble bending that finger.

    I was never much of a fan of either Stewart or Pattinson, but I never would have dreamed that this mess would make Pattinson as sympathetic and likeable as he’s become, or Stewart as unattractive. Watching Pattinson meet all his professional obligations with grace and tact, all the while refusing to trash his cheating ex, has been a treat and an eyeopener. I’ll be very interested to see how Stewart handles herself at TIFF. If it’s just another sullen, lip-bitey affair, her image will take another bashing, and right now, it’s not much of an image. It’s cruel, but right now, I’m sort of enjoying reading about this mess as a PR case study of sorts.

  19. Sue says:

    Her hair drives me crazy!! Maybe she needs a good conditioner….. The broken/sprained middle finger is funny, time for her to grow up!

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      Same here; I broke my nose walking into a wall yesterday (sober)–Mr. Magoo…I want a media story.

  20. Rice says:

    I thought she had a boob job?

  21. Micki says:

    This inspires me to send Rob some T-shirts that SHE hadn’t had on.

  22. Cam S says:

    Smart ass musta flipped the bird at the wrong ho, and they broke it for her.
    Sorry, but she is average looking at best. That goes for her acting skills as well.

  23. deb says:

    Carpal tunnel syndrome of the bird finger brought on by overuse. Can her 15 minutes please be over with? Sick to death of this unattractive no talent famewhore chick

  24. AprilLadyBird83 says:

    Funny, she doesn’t look like she’s been crying her eye’s out and gorging herself on Ben & Jerry’s.

  25. effy says:

    not a fan and not a hater, i aint gonna judge her.

    am only interested in movies. personal lives, not so much!

    • jamie says:

      Why are you on a celeb gossip blog?

      • effy says:

        Looking at pictures and reading about people judging behind their computers?
        is that not allowed here? ROTFL!
        i LOVE looking at pictures!

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        LOL. You leave a lot of comments for someone claiming to be “not a fan.”
        I smell a Twientologist!

    • Anname says:

      Great in theory, and that is what she says she wants fans to focus on. But don’t you think she is inviting speculation of her personal life when she very obviously wore so many things associated with Rob? If she wants people to be interested in her work and not her personal life, why would she do something guaranteed to get fans talking about her (ex)relationship?

      • Ann says:

        Bingo. If they are trying to work it out, that should be done in private without everyone’s eyes on them. By dropping little teasers out there, she encourages the madness to continue. She encourages fans to remain over-invested in their private lives.

      • original almond says:

        How else is she gonna stay relevant? People barely went to see her movies when she had the goodwill of all the twihards and she could do no wrong in their eyes. She’s struggling to keep some semblance of her fanbase, otherwise she’s kaput.

  26. minime says:

    I HATE hipster glasses.

  27. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    LOLOLOL! I can’t help laughing at her broken middle finger. The first thing that came to my mind was what Kaiser said. She likes giving middle finger salutes everywhere as if its some kind of honorable badazz thing. Looks like she showed her finger to the wrong person and got it broken. ROFL! Karma!

  28. Ann says:

    I’m just waiting this out, watching to see what she does next. Such an interesting case study.

    Not sure what to think of the tshirt. Don’t think it was the smartest move to wear it, even if it’s hers. We only saw Rob in it once, so who’s to say? It doesn’t look huge on her. Maybe they each had one (celebs do get gifted with swag a lot).

    btw, the boots she’s worn before. They’re Balenciaga.

    • MSL says:

      But even if she has her own tshirt she still knows Rob has been
      photographed in his and therefore she is still trying to send out a desperate message.
      It shows me that she has learned little from her experience.
      The last thing she shd be wearing are his clothes.
      It also screams immaturity.
      Bad enough she’s still wearing what I read is a ring he gave her.
      At least there is no baseball cap.

      • Ann says:

        LOL about the cap. Hope she’s had the good sense to shred or burn the cap she wore while mini coopering Sanders. If she ever wears that in public again, there will be an internet implosion.

        I agree she shouldn’t wear his stuff, or what may appear to be his stuff. If they are split, then move on and don’t toy with your fans. If they are together or trying to work it out, for God’s sake do that in private. Why would you want to draw any more attention to the situation? How can you ask the media and public to give you your privacy if you keep dropping public clues or teases?

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      Wow, those are pretty fug for Balenciaga!
      Good eye there. 😉

  29. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    I think we all would love to know what Rob thinks of her constant sporting of his wardrobe

  30. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    I think by wearing Rob’s clothes, she is trying to send him message that she still misses him and wants to get back.

  31. Sirsnarksalot says:

    She is so slovenly. Even before the scandalous affair. It’s such a contrived unwillingness to grow up and be an adult. If she’s not ready to act like a professional then maybe she should quit the biz. There are plenty of other mediocre talents to take her place and god knows she doesn’t need the money.

  32. Madhubala says:

    The wearing of the ex-boyfriend’s clothes is pathetic, I’m sorry. Do it while you’re depressed in bed or lounging at home feeling sorry for yourself, fine. But wearing it in public, knowing full well you’ll be photographed by a zillion photographers? That’s just strategy right there. She (or her team) want to keep the twihards hoping the ship will right itself because let’s face it, it is the Rob/Kristen obsession that drives this franchise. It’s manipulative and disingenuous all at the same time. So much for “poor” Kristen.

  33. Jenna says:

    I saw a comment asking if she broke her finger from flipping it too much…and I laughed, and laughed…and laughed.

    Like her boots though.

  34. Sisi says:

    Maybe Robert was wearing her clothes? Who knows. Lol.

  35. ramona says:

    I always resent wealthy people who use the cheap-ass headphones that come with the iPod. If you can afford good headphones, you should buy them and have good sound quality. I am therefore judging her as someone who doesn’t actually like music because she sure doesn’t care about how it sounds. You make millions per movie and can’t shell out a couple hundred for decent earphones? Hie thee back to your den, vermin!!

    God, I hate myself.

  36. Jordan says:

    “their sweaty, filthy, Mini-Cooper-soaked infidelity”…LOL!

  37. DenG says:

    I’m lots older than she is, and if I have sleeples nights, I look like crap. Youth is much more forgiving!

  38. tara says:

    She’s not wearing Chucks because she’s promoting Balenciaga here. So yeah, this is a total photo op and the Balenciaga boots were as planned as the Rob shirt and jewelry.

  39. Chatcat says:

    Hey KLewd

    Listen, I know you have to go out in public because you’re promoting your sexual promiscuousness, I mean the movie On the Road, in a role by the way, and I would have never believed you were so well suited for but, can you please leave “US” out of it. IT’S OVER! There is no us anymore. Don’t you get that? The minute the pictures of the muff diving Ruppy in your Mini Cooper went viral, you were stripped of us. The couple times you have been seen in public since The Incident, you flaunt our dirty laundry by wearing something that you no longer have a right to pilfer, as some type of symbol to the public of what we once were … something you carelessly discarded as if it fell out of fashion. Fidelity never goes out of fashion I tell you!

    Rob’s Closet

    P.S. You really do have the worst PR team bar none. Your middle finger is as infamous as the phrase Mini Cooper Munching is now, so the idea is to NOT offer reminders to the public of your usual offensive habits … not draw attention to them. IDIOT, the world needs fewer idiots!

  40. aquarius64 says:

    This Walk of Shame through the airport is going to be lampooned from now until BD2 premiere. Although she denied she had sex with Rupert, it’s now canon that she did. She better pray no evidence surfaces that shows she lied in that regard.

  41. carly says:

    mhhh maybe they’re okay and he has no problem with her wearing his stuff, is that so hard to believe people???

    the media doesnt know anything, just like us, for all we know they never broke up, and they’re laughing their asses off at all of us, she would not wear all those things if he wasnt okay with it, or if things were really over between them.

    btw, she looks beautiful, so dont even hate

    • ORLY says:

      awwww, Carly, so cute!


    • mia girl says:

      ” they’re are laughing their asses off at all of us”…

      carly – are you one of those fans that believes the cheating scandal was all a set-up by the four adults involved to be the centerpiece of a Sanders directed documentary about the invasive paparazzi and the blood-sport nature of pop culture gossip.

      Or a fan that believes Stewart and Pattinson were victims of some evil plot by the Sanders and Liberty to ensnare them and get exposure from this.

      Or one of the fans who wonders why there were only 55 pictures of the cheating & no video, and from that concludes that the pics must photoshopped.

      I’ve read all theses theories multiple times in comments boards, just a recently as this morning.

      Or do you think Pattinson forgave her for cheating out in the open with a married man with children? Just trying to understand your comment.

      PS I do agree with you that she looks good in these pics.

    • Jany says:

      Hahahahaha, cute indeed! I’m sure Rob is willing to be Hollywood’s sucker of the year. Robstens are so adorable – esp. now they’re a dying breed.

    • original almond says:

      You’re adorable.

  42. Jennifer says:

    It is a photo op. She makes sure to wear things that Rob has in the media because then that’s how we know that she loves to emulate him. She seriously wants to be the dude.

    It’s also a photo op because Robert Pattinson is bigger than her, and he wasn’t caught by the paps leaving LA to go to London recently. She is a fame hungry.

    Funny she broke her middle finger. She can still use the other one. She is a disgrace.

    • Ann says:

      Well, in fairness, every pap in LA and Toronto is on high alert at the airports this week due to TIFF. Few celebs will be able to sneak through unless they are flying private or not of sufficient interest to pap. You will see airport pics of many celebs over the next few days, trust. She happens to be one of their primary targets right now for obvious reasons.

      • ORLY says:

        Ann – She could have avoided Pearson (Toronto International) airport and flown into Billy Bishop’s (Toronto Island airport) it’s right downtown and practically private.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        ORLY, you are so right. I lived in Toronto during TIFF last year and was on the island twice a week. No paps there. The planes zoom right over the nude beach.

        I lived where I could look down into the square and watch the TIFF stuff from my window. bTW, the rosemont is one if not the best place we have
        Lived in on tour, so 15 apartments. I love those islands! gorgeous!

      • ORLY says:

        I wish I’d known you then, we’d have hooked up!

        LOL at the planes flying over the nude beach. People don’t believe me when I say there is a nude beach in T.O. The Rosemont is boss. Especially since it’s right in the entertainment district.

    • bns says:

      She’s definitely fame hungry, and the most annoying thing about her is how she keeps preaching about how different she is from everyone else in Hollywood, like she’s some kind of special snowflake. In the end she’s just as calculated, if not more.

      • Bells says:

        Agreed. KS usually does the airport in chucks and dark sunglasses with no makeup whatsoever. Post scandal, here she is in makeup and decked out in RP’s belongings. If she were concerned for her and Rob’s privacy, don’t you think she’d do whatever it took to discourage speculation about their status, at least as much as possible? She knew people would be discussing these photos, and she chose to wear his things anyway. It was calculated to make it seem as though he’s forgiven her (and maybe he has) but really comes off as cheap and desperate.

      • @Bells says:

        You hit the nail on the head. Either way, if they are/aren’t together, this is attention seeking

      • bns says:

        @Bells – Absolutely. She’s admitted to reading about herself online in the past, and she knows that the fans get riled up over things like this. She knows exactly what she’s doing, and her awkward, alternative girl act is so transparent.

  43. Mel says:

    She looks very pretty. I think the reason she wears Rob’s clothes is because they have not broken up yet. That seems the most obvious answer. I just don’t think she would do much of anything to garner public symPathy.

  44. Beth says:

    Her hair actually looks clean. Messy, but clean.

  45. Birdie says:

    Even worse, she is wearing the golden ring he gave her. Kristen, let it go.

  46. Mirella says:

    I feel bad for the other actors & crew who worked on OTR. I really hope the movie gets the focus at TIFF & not her cheating.

  47. RobN says:

    She has clearly mastered the “woe is me” look. I used to be really good at it, too, but it was pretty much a petulant teenager thing, I didn’t try to take it into adulthood.

    It also doesn’t work when you made your own mess.

    • T.C. says:

      Wear nerdy glasses to look more innocent.

      Big t-shirt instead of usual tight shirt tied at waist.

      Big shoes instead of usual hipperster keds.

      Wear the sympathetic guy’s clothes.

      Wear cast on hand to look hurt.

  48. The Original Mia says:

    Joining the bitch parade because I laughed too.

  49. FireNgin says:

    When I saw these pics, I couldn’t help but think how pretty she looks. Then I realized it’s because she is totally wearing a full face of “natural” makeup! I’ve never seen her in pap photos with makeup, so I think it’s a calculated move. Somehow her people think she looks less like a dirty whore with some blush?

  50. My Darling Pinkett says:

    I’m actually wondering if she did hurt her middle finger at all or if this is just a bid for sympathy. It’s just that I saw a picture of it up close, and…I don’t know, it looked perfectly normal, not broken or sprained. The splint looked unnecessary. But maybe I’m just paranoid. If she did break/sprain it, it’s quite ironic! 😛 But remember, she still has another middle finger free. She could still whip it out if the urge strikes.

  51. erica says:

    Gorgeous girl.

  52. GG says:

    No remorse whatsoever. She looks crazy wearing his stuff. She has no respect for him IMO or else she would not be wearing his stuff knowing everyone will talk about it, and she also wore it while she was cheating. Have some remorse Kristen you look pathetic.

  53. sharylmj says:

    she looks tired and sad, he looks rejuvenated and happy… Karma is a bitch. She really is a pretty girl, what a dummy 🙁

  54. Onyx XV says:

    There’s nothing sympathetic about this talentless ‘ho. Just to say something positive with my negative, I will say she’s getting better looking with age.

  55. heyhey says:

    She looks really good. I love her hair and the boots are very cool. I hope she keeps this up during TIFF.

    • Anname says:

      I am sure she will be dressed appropriately and look gorgeous in her first appearances (just like Rob was). That is half the battle right there.

      But if Rob had to go through those uncomfortable awkward first interviews, she should suffer the same – even moreso frankly, since she created the situation. And she doesn’t have his sense of humor, wit, or charm to rely on, so these interviews will be brutal I suspect. I do feel for her but on the other hand it is good for her to face up to the consequences.

      Think I’ll watch Rob at the stupid awards show tonight instead of the TIFF livestream. Even with the host’s horrible “jokes” it probably will be less awkward then the OTR redcarpet.

  56. Ali says:

    @ orly
    Ah the island airport is not private. Plenty of people are there to take pics along with the paps

    • ORLY says:

      Dude. I know the island airport is not private. I never said it was. I said it was PRACTICALLY private, meaning she will not be hounded by paps from there.
      I have used it several times.

      And for the record, they are not AT the airport taking pics, they may be at the bottom of Bathurst street terminal, but not AT the actual airport.
      As for the paps; anyone who wants to avoid being seen coming from BB airport can. There are work arounds, they don’t need to take the public ferry.

      Thanks for playing, though.

      • Ali says:

        I have used the airport several times and hang out on Bathurst all the time too and yeah there are plenty of opportunities to take shots it not that hard. Really.

      • ORLY says:

        HA HA. Suuuuure.
        Why would you “hang out on Bathurst”? There is NOTHING at the bottom there, except for a bunch of cabs. We’re taking about the same terminal, right? LOL.

        Like I said, if someone wants to be seen there, they will be. If a celeb wants to escape being seen, they don’t have to exit where the public does. They can simply take a water taxi and be let off anywhere along the Harbour Front or Lake Shore east or Lake Shore west.

        PS: I won’t play the “who knows Billy Bishop’s airport better” game. Paps can and will be anywhere. The point was that Kristen could have avoided the Pearson paps by using another airport and stealthily getting into town if she wanted. Everyone wants to be papped going to TIFF though, that’s why they’re here, to drum up publicity for their flicks.

  57. Mouse says:

    Ugh, she’s trying waaaaaaay too hard to look like the suffering repentant. I’m not buying it, she’s a lousy actress.

  58. Sophie says:

    I don’t understand the big deal with her cheating. People do it ALL THE TIME and usually there’s something wrong with the relationship for one to cheat on the other. Give her a break! She’s young. No one knows what goes on in a relationship… even any of you!

    • boredsuburbanhousewife says:

      Even if I agreed with you, which I don’t, the reason she gets no sympathy and we are all enjoying her public flogging so very much is because people do not like her or her behavior generally, irrespective of her cheating scandal. She has a very low “Q” rating– that is the “likeability quotient” of a public personality. Tom Hanks — very very high Q. Rob P — very high and climbing daily. KStew– Q factor in the toilet even before.

      Think about popular movies and books — have you never been in a movie where some snobbish, uppity character or spoiled ingrate or other unpleasant sort FINALLY gets their well deserved comeuppance? Think Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter when the centaurs carry her off. Think Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls. OFten the audience bursts into applause.

      That is exactly what is happening in this little morality play. Every day in my life and I’m sure in everyone’s you just can’t believe how many undeserving assholes not only survive, but thrive.

      But on the all too rare occasions they slip up in real life, the Schadenfreude hits the fan!

      Now shut up and pass the popcorn.

      • A says:

        Actually, she had a pretty high Q rating before the scandal, which surprised a hell of a lot of people….Google it. I think it was ScreenRant that talked about it before the Snow White film came out… I’m sure it’s down in the toilet now though.

        I have to disagree with you. Roeper (film critic) once tweeted that he was embarrassed for those who took glee in schadenfreude…I kind of feel the same way. I think people are projecting their own emotions way too much on this girl. Yes, she’s selfish, immature, and acted like a dumb ho. She’s a real person though, and not a character. Even if she is a major asshole (which she probably is, but no one knows for sure…she could be a drugged up, emotionally fucked up person also who feels terrible about doing an asshole thing), I don’t think a major asshole deserves to be publicly shamed for over a month and possibly have their career ruined over a terrible choice that lots of people unfortunately make. Her career will probably be okay as long as she sticks to films that aren’t mainstream, which is good at least.

      • nina says:

        A: Yeah, the level of projection on her is weird, since a lot of it comes from adult women. I think she’s an idiot for effing her two franchises with ONE minicoopered stone. So dumb and unprofessional and immature. But people act like she cheated on them, it’s hilarious.

      • geekychick says:

        A, you said it better than myself! Totally agree.

    • Anna says:

      It’s just that she’s not liked. She never bothered to be likable either. So now that she’s gotten her just desserts we’re enjoying it.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      So you would be ok with a partner cheating on you as long as the relationship wasn’t perfect? Really?
      There is a reason they call it “cheating.” If you just want to screw around, have an open relationship.

  59. Natalina says:

    HAHA she banged a 40 yr old…gross

  60. aquarius64 says:

    @kiki – The actors you named have real talent that a studio can use to make its movie projects profitable, despite their failings and downright cruel mess ups. Any open ties to good works help mitigate their sins too. Stewart doesn’t have that; she needs the goodwill of the public now to make sure Breaking Dawn 2 doesn’t take a hit at the box office. If it does the blame will be laid at her feet, and studios will not hire an actress who lets her personal life negatively impact a studio’s profits.

  61. Janet says:

    I don’t understand how anyone can find this girl remotely pretty. Her face is too long, she’s got a chin like an anvil, she has no expression on her face and her eyes are dead. And would somebody please lend her a comb? Her hair looks like a rat’s nest.

    • gg says:

      Too long for what exactly? I happen to love long angular faces. Used to have one myself, may go under the knife one day to get it back. She looks lovely to many of us.

  62. devoutkristen says:

    Her finger is not broken. She dislocated her second joint when her finger got caught in a luggage strap. It is not a cast. It is a splint.

  63. skuddles says:

    Maybe she fought Rob for the t-shirt and the finger lost?

    As a recent middle finger breakee (still all bent to hell) I can say it’s no fun at all to bugger up your flip-off finger…

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      So I slammed my middle finger and index finger on my right hand in the deck door last weekend and I now have a huge black spot on my middle fingernail.

      I’ve had SO much fun showing everyone my injury. “Hey boss, look what happened to my finger!”

      Hurt like a bitch but it was almost worth it to have an excuse to flip people off (“what? I hurt my finger-I’m just showing you!”).

      PS-we need to give you a new screen name-Skuddles isn’t right for you. I think it should be “willow” or something earthy…

      • skuddles says:

        Oh your poor finger ouch! But I hear you about fun with the fudged finger… for first few days I had a splint on mine and proudly waved it about for all to see 😀

        I agree, my nick totally sucks. I have NO idea why I went with that one, guess I figured at the time I wrote first comment on here that I wouldn’t become a chronic 🙂 I must ponder….

  64. A says:

    Oye. I’m surprised Kaiser didn’t mention this, because she brought it up when this dumb, hot mess of a scandal first happened…KStew and RPattz will most likely give the allusion of being on decent terms or even not completely broken up (granted, I’m more of the mindset that those two were open/PR and he’s furious that she ruined it and caused a PR nightmare instead of being heartbroken) until BD2 is over with…it will make it easier for both of them, because eventually the pity party for him will start to get old and if both appear civil the crucifying of her will wind down. It would be the pragmatic choice.

    I know a lot of people on here hate the girl, but be realistic. I doubt she would keep wearing his shit so blatantly unless there was some reason, knowing that could provoke him into refusing to participate in anything involved with her or to leak a damaging story to People magazine..Cost benefit analysis. She might get some of the twi-hards back or may be trying to show him she misses him, but it’s not worth the potential fallout. Well, she’s immature and selfish, so maybe. But someone in her life would tell her not to put his clothes on and give her a reality check. It’s more likely that people on both sides got involved, and the studio, and worked some sort of plan out. It’s a billion dollar franchise. You really think none of the people involved are pragmatic enough to realize they still have to deal with each other and the crazy -stans, that they refuse to talk to each other and resort to single white female stunts? You also realize that if the dude sells his house, there would be public records? I think he is sharp enough to realize that would cause even more of a shit storm….

    Went back and edited that last bit. The stans on both sides will freak out if I state why I don’t buy that he and KStew had some sort of epic love, or love at all.

    • carrie says:

      I agree. Don’t know if it’s for PR or not. But I think they are still together. Otherwise she would not wear his stuff from head to toe twice.

  65. Francesca says:

    Too funny! I am sure it cuts to the heart of even her trampireness to think of people smirking over the irony. Maybe she caught it in a car door…

  66. Dee Cee says:

    She’s adorable and I think we all learn sooner or later we can’t hurt the ones we really love.. without repercussions. It’s best to get caught than live a lie of omission.. or trust people in charge of our career.. like directors and producers and yes people who envy and secretly hate you… I still think she was set up.. too cocky to slap him hard and kick him where it would hurt for a loooong time. No way she was attracted to him at all.. Next guy who crosses her will be so damn sorry..

    • Janet says:

      Set up by whom?

      Not by Sanders, he’s as disgraced as she is.

      Not by her PR team, as stupid and inept as they are, they’re paid to boost her image, not see it dragged through the mud.

      So who set her up?

  67. pinchofsalt says:

    She sure is pretty.

  68. SRED says:

    Sympathetic: Of, expressing, feeling, or resulting from sympathy
    Sympathy: perception, understanding, and reaction to the distress or need of another human being.

    HOW IS SHE SYMPATHETIC??? And to whom?And why would this behavior make her so?

    What I gathered from the post is that she is ASKING for sympathy. Those are two very different things, and unless I’m hugely mistaken, a pretty ridiculous typo/never seen a dictionary fail.

  69. Jennifer12 says:

    It’s weird how she keeps wearing clothing people clearly associate with Rob Pattinson. There’s some message in it that I’m not getting, but she is clearly sending one. The boots are funny, almost like she’s seen Liberty wearing her fierce ones so now she suddenly wants some cool footwear. And that broken middle finger is titanic, hilarious irony.

  70. jwoolman says:

    Is it definitely a medical cast/splint? Or is it a fashion thing? I ask because I know I’ve seen something like that recently but can’t quite put my finger 🙂 on where. Something I saw on tv. Maybe in a cartoon or something fantasy/ cartoony. I watched the Hansel and Gretel trailer the other day, was it there?

    • gg says:

      I dunno — people have been wearing the ugliest rings/splints/brass knuckles/goth claws all over the place lately. I guess they have no need for access to their fingers. Or maybe they want to look just like their hero Ozzy.

  71. Shy says:

    Dear Kristen – are you twelve? I can’t with her. How can I feel sorry for her only because she is a woman? Sorry I didn’t read all the comments. But did you noticed how she PUT OFF that jacket for paparazzies? In full set of pictures it looks like Kristen was wearing that jacket and then she put it off so that everybody could see that she is wearing Pattinson’s T-Shirt… Why, why would she do that? Once again – are you twelve Kristen?

    People say: “Leave her alone” But she is fueling it by herself! What was the point of it? Like Pattinson would think: “Oh look. This is Kristen in my T-Shirt. Not only she cheated on me. But she publicly embarrassed me. I had to hide for weeks from public. And that was the time when I wanted to be taken serious as actor with Cosmopolis. But she turned me into joke. But now finally I came out of hiding, did interviews and kind of put that behind me. But here is Kristen wearing my T-Shirt and people talk about that embarrassing cheating again. She must truly love me if she embarrasses me so often. I have to get back with her…”

    Why the glasses Kristen? Do you think you look smarter in them?

    That is one huge coward. She was so “f**king cool” and over everybody when she was on top of Twilight fame. And then completely broke down and run away to hide when thing didn’t go her way. So many weeks past and she doesn’t know want to do. It was easy when someone wrote that stupid apology for her. But she will never have the courage to apologize in person. She shouldn’t have hide in the first place. But that is “that 15 years old male teenager who would open his mouth every five second to show how cool he is and then be completely pussy when someone confronts him”

  72. kiki says:

    If Chris Brown can beat the hell out of Rihanna and still have his records played on radio and still win Grammies then People can still go to see Kristem Stewart movies. No one demanded Ashton Kutcher be tossed from “Two and a Half Men” for cheating on Demi Moore. There is such a double standard for men and women in Hollywood it is mind boggling. And the rest of the world for that matter.

    • Shy says:

      Problem with Kristen Stewart is not that she is a woman. People just don’t like her as a person. They couldn’t stand her before cheating scandal. And they will not fall in love with her out of pity.

      I’m a woman. But sorry I will not pity Kristen out of solidarity. She is fake, full of herself stupid idiot. And also she is literally the worst actress in the world. And then they name her one of the most powerful and best payed actress. She does not deserve it. She does not deserve the credit for Snow White box-office success. People went to see it fir Charlize’s crazy cool Queen and great visuals. Kristen was the worst part of the movie. And people just tried to ignore her there. But then they put that success on her. And suddenly she is all powerful actress. She is not.

      Ordinary moviegoers don’t want her out of sequel of Snow White because of cheating. They want her out because she was the worst part of it. And they don’t want to see her in other movies
      because she can’t act and opens her mouth or bites her lips every time when she tries to show some emotion.

  73. Kat says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she has lost weight? Her legs look quite a bit slimmer!

    • gg says:

      She’s not eating. I really hope she doesn’t pull a Demi and become skeletal. It still wouldn’t make any difference to the weirdos though – they want her to puke blood and self-destruct.

  74. vineeth says:

    this bitch deserves more!!!!!!

  75. faye says:

    I really REALLY hate that 80s/early 90s fashion is back. Every time I see college kids dressed in that way I think of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air or Blossom.

    Do you think they have any idea that they are dressing the way their parents dressed? Or do they think that they’re being rebellious and cool?