Taylor Swift’s ‘We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together’ is about Jake Gyllenhaal

I already showed the preview of Taylor Swift’s new video, but she just released the whole thing last week, so here you go. This is her first single off of her newest album, Red. The single is, of course, “We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together”. I thought about doing a second-by-second analysis of the video, as I do from time to time, but honestly… this isn’t worth it. There are too many LOLs and WTFs and OMGs. Swifty has become The Perpetual Thirteen-Year-Old. Even her movements, her air quotes, her “music video acting” is all too cutesy and… like, fake-precocious. We’re supposed to think, “Isn’t she so cute? Isn’t she just the most accessible little thing?” But I’m reading this as bunny-boiling crazy.

But there’s a dude in the video – an actor who looks slightly embarrassed to be there, maybe because he looks like a normal 20-something dude trying to convince a 13-year-old to go out with him as he stands in her stuffed-animal-covered bedroom (when she’s not dancing with members of the Plushie community, no judgement), with Dateline Predator cameras waiting outside. The dude looks a bit like Adam Levine, kind of. Which brings me to the question some have been asking: who is this song about? Most people thought it was about Jake Gyllenhaal. Us Weekly says we’re right:

Taylor Swift is never, ever, ever getting back together with . . . Jake Gyllenhaal. Sources tell Hot Stuff the singer’s latest hit is influenced by her 2010 fling with the actor, 31.

“It’s definitely about Jake,” an insider says. In “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” she sings about an ex who comes back to say, “Baby, I miss you and I swear I’m gonna change.”

(Gyllenhaal flew to Nashville three weeks after their split to attempt a reunion.)

Swift has been dropping hints too: The song’s video features an actor who resembles Gyllenhaal, and in a promo clip for the September 6 MTV Video Music Awards, she jokes about the hit with host Kevin Hart, who pastes his own face on a photo of the then-couple.

Despite her past dramas, Swift, 22, is pushing forward with new love Conor Kennedy, 18. She’s even lining up promotion for her CD Red (out October 22) with the Deerfield Academy senior’s schedule. Adds the insider, “She’s working around his school holidays!”

[From Us Weekly]

When you’re 22 years old, male or female, you need to never, ever utter the line, “I’m working around their high school holidays!” Because OH MY GOD SWIFTY STOP.

As for the Jake thing – go back and watch the video again with the knowledge that it’s definitely about Jake. That fact makes it even funnier, hand to God.

Photos courtesy of Us Weekly, WENN.

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  1. marie says:

    of course it is… she was cute years ago, and now she’s just creepy, GROW UP already..

    oh, and is she taking off teacher work days too?

  2. Tifygodess24 says:

    Her songs make me want to kick innocent bystanders, her music sucks ….. Seriously though how does this girl still have the innocent / virginal image when her bed sheets seems to have a revolving door policy? I don’t get it.

    • Jayna says:

      Because she has an aw shucks kind of persona, comes across younger than her age, zero sex appeal, doesn’t hit bars, so people forget she’s banging a lot of guys.

    • Jill says:

      Yes, to everything you wrote.

      Also, if a guy wrote a song like this (or actually 13 songs like this as she has) some would be all over him for not being discreet, respecting privacy, etc… And yet, b/c she has a vagina its okay for her to do it? Its kind of a dick move (even if you don’t have one) and more than a bit exploitative IMO.

      I get using your life for inspiration, but she is trying to be as transparent as possible to move records. Yes, I realize selling records is the goal. But can’t she write about anything else? She’s becoming Avril who can only appeal to people 10 years younger than herself. And, if I recall correctly, at 22 that would have mortified me.

      The opposite sex should just avoid her like the plague.

      • iseepinkelefants says:

        Ha! Lily Allen used to say that men were afraid of dating her because they didn’t want to end up in her songs.

        But then again Lily doesn’t pretend to be a 13 year old girl. At least her lyrics aren’t as juvenile (or at least have juvenile subjects, I mean ED is a real problem ya’ll).

    • Naye in VA says:

      I assume because nobody thinks she’s actually sleeping with these guys. I dont know. I cant actually picture her having sex lol. It’s creepy.

      But it may be the fact that she’s shilling “I’m just a girl looking for love.”

      • Lilalis says:

        Yes, she comes over as totally asexual. Like her relationships consist of holding hands and playing with stuffed animals.

      • Xantha says:

        I feel like that’s deliberate on her part. I mean she knows if she wants people to see her as America’s wholesome sweetheart then she’s gonna have to pretend she doesn’t know anything about sex. The whole Snow White image is just an act IMO.

        And keep in mind she dated John Mayer.

      • KellyinSeattle says:

        I agree; she comes across as a desperate tease. she’s in her own la ti da da world.

    • Chicagogurl17 says:

      Yes Tify! Agree wholeheartedly. I don’t get swift, she doesn’t seem appealing to men or women.

      • conie k says:

        I seriously don’t get her appeal including music maybe it because I’m in my 30s but I just don’t get it. I find her music borrrrrrring like I can’t get through a single song, why boys fall over her it beyond me

      • conie k says:

        I seriously don’t get her appeal including music maybe it because I’m in my 30s but I just don’t get it. I find her music borrrrrrring like I can’t get through a single song, why boys fall over her is beyond me

  3. brin says:

    Can’t wait for the Conor break-up song…it will be a three hour video:
    “My Broken Camelot”.

  4. Mimi says:

    Total bunny boiler.

  5. Mindy! says:

    I think it’s funny how she has turned all her songs into blind items lol

    • cmc says:

      Ha! Yeah, that’s pretty funny. And Jake got off pretty lightly, considering the songs she could have written.

    • Liv says:

      But not so blind, huh? Was it ever a question that this song was about Jake Gyllenhaal??!

      I’m embarrassed for her. Can she please stop with this nonsense? I need to throw up in her face.

      • Eve says:

        Ha! Said almost the same below :).

      • ol cranky says:

        does anyone recall hearing that any of her exes, let alone Gyllenhaal, actually tried to win her back? This song sounds like Swifty has turned her fantasy of being able to turn down someone she wishes wanted to win her back into a song in the hopes that he really does want her back and she’s hurting him with the song. When the ex was glad to be rid of you and doesn’t want you back, this sort of “revenge” is really just an “attaboy” for the ex.

      • H26 says:

        ol Cranky I agree, I don’t remember any stories of ANY of her ex’s desperate to get back to her. I think this song was all in her head.

    • Eve says:

      Not so blind, after all…

      If anyone is unable to “guess” the bleeding obvious, she’ll tell everything about it during an interview.

  6. pwal says:

    Meanwhile, Gyllenhaal is living his life like it’s golden and thank goodness. If I see his grown @$$ cowering over what this overly precious rag has to say, then I would really fear for the male sex.

  7. Bad Irene says:

    I want to smack her upside the head with a unicorn

    • AfroSappho says:

      Do it, and I’ll report you for unicorn abuse.

    • lilred says:

      Don’t punish the unicorn just use a stick instead.

    • Micki says:

      With some luck her next ex may stamp all over the green pasture of her unicorns…

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      No , the unicorn farts rainbows and glitter.

      I am sorry I just wasted three minutes of my life on that.

      My daughter just shut down an older boy last night and sings Adele and supertramp songs, so we can conclude FOR SURE that Swifty is only 13 in her plushie brain. Who listens to this? My kids would rather die!

      Go get that high school boy, Swifty. He might be mentally too old for you though.

  8. Lantana says:

    I heard this song for the first time on the radio yesterday and I immediately thought it was all about Jake G. I thought it was hilarious because they didn’t really go out very long. It reminded me of something I would have written when I was 14. She definitely needs to grow up.

    • LeManda says:

      Forever 14!

      I feel bad for her band that had to wear the stupid costumes. I hope they got paid a lot!!!!

      I also thought the first time I heard this that it was on the Avril level.

      • rumbleseat says:

        Hey man, at least Avril injects a bit of ‘tude into her teenage-ness. I’m down for some youthful sass.

  9. Valerie says:

    She is a grown ass woman acting like a little prepubescent girl. What a WEIRDO.

    • Roxy says:

      I seriously have a very bad, ominous feeling about her the Kennedy. This will not end well, at all. Perhaps in tragedy. Its been bugging me too, cuz I can’t shake it. Maybe it’s just her stalking thats made me think this is bad news? Jake is a man, she is a stupid kid and Conor Kennedy is probably too old for her. But she has sex, she dated John Mayer, Hello! He’s a sex maniac. She’s a fake prude.

  10. snarky says:

    I wonder if the plushies are a donnie darko reference

    • Mimi says:

      Good one.

    • bettyrose says:

      Genius! (Except Jake G was pretty young in that movie. Everything about this video is just wrong).

    • Esmom says:

      Loved that movie. Loved him back then. Now, not so much.

    • Emma says:

      Yeah, I saw a post on tumblr comparing the videos with pictures of Jake and her. I don’t have the link but the glasses she’s wearing are similar to Jake’s, she’s wearing a bracelet somewhere that Jake bought her (for 100k!!) and the scarf the guy puts on her towards the end is apparently a reference too. There was something else I think, but I can’t remember.

      On another note, I’m really getting tired of her being painted as a rolemodel because she doesn’t drink or smoke. I would rather have my kids drinking and smoking as long as they were kind and treated other people with respect: something she clearly doesn’t know the value of.

    • Contrived says:

      I was totally thinking why do I have such a familiar feeling about the dressed up animal costumes and Jakey??

      I kept thinking haven’t I seen him like this before???

      It must be Donnie!

      Also, the guy at the end the way he was dressed??? That is so his look!

      She’s balls the way she wants it known.

    • j.eyre says:

      Thank you! I was getting freaked out by the Furry House Party going on and thought it needed some attention ASAP. But Donnie Darko makes more sense. I cannot believe this twit dared sully the glory that is Donnie Darko – I say we go Sparkle Motion on her.

  11. jinni says:

    I don’t think those are supposed to be plushies; I think they’re Furries. Maybe she or Jake are into that sort of thing.

  12. Starsky says:

    how do you go from Jake Gyllenhaal to a high school boy? dont understand it.
    like instead of scheduling around the oscars you are scheduling around SAT Prep and Math club.

    i cant get over the furries in the video. its so distracting that i cant even pay attention to Taylor. Is she full on pop now? not country? cuz this sounds a LOT different then her previous releases.

    • normades says:

      How do you go from John Mayer to a high school boy???

      • Roxy says:

        She wanted to p*p his cherry? It’s just creepy. He will break it off, his family won’t be into this. Seems they already are fighting about her. It will end, sooner than later. She’s shoving in and taking over. Someone needs to take charge of the kid and straighten him out, NOW! This will never go. He has college after an entire year of high school, is she kidding me? Thats just weird. He has at least 5 years of school left! Step off Tay-Tay.

      • Aotearovian says:

        @Roxy: LOL, sorry, not the point at all I know, but I love that you wrote ‘p*p’. What a great thread, I never expected to enjoy anything involving Taylor Swift this much.

  13. Sirena says:

    Is she still supposed to be a country singer? If so when did country suddenly turn into pop because I missed that announcement.

    • Mindy! says:

      I was thinking the same thing

      *oh and off topic, Im new here! Well sorta I’ve read the blogs but never commented, love this site. Hello to everyone!

    • rumbleseat says:

      I’d like to see the expression on the faces of all the idiots who are really country and defended her as such. I saw several on a country site who were already pissed off the day she released this single on Youtube. You would have thought they would be smart enough to see what a boatload of crap a rich Yankee country singer is, but I guess not.

  14. Toot says:

    Jake and Taylor weren’t even together that long. Man she is annoying.

    • Roxy says:

      It just proves how obsessive she is about relationships. She’s insane when she’s dating a guy. She’s still obsessing about Jake? Like what? 3 years later? Briefly dated, not serious. Wow, get over it.

  15. Anna says:

    That guy is really hot in the video.

  16. megs283 says:

    Eh. While she grates on my nerves (and has since 2007), I do understand why my 15 year old cousin is a mega-fan. And I can appreciate that she’s at least dressed in her videos. So, that’s a plus…

    But yeah, if we view her from an adult lens…pathetic!

    • stefanie says:

      my 5 year old stepdaughter loves Taylor too..and I really can’t stand any of her music, BUT..when I hear her repeating Rihanna’s lyrics I want to die. So I will deal with this crap as long as I have to.

      • Lee196 says:

        Yep, my six-year-old worships her. That seems to have become her demographic — the under-ten set.

  17. bettyrose says:

    What did I just watch?? Okay, I’m not familiar with her work, but just based on her being relevant enough to be gossiped about (and date Jake G who I may have once had some respect for), I assumed she was a musician of some talent and value to the industry – even if at the bubblegum level. That was like watching a video that a pampered 13 year old girl made as a birthday present from her overindulgent parents.

    Except that they have her in some kind of urban apartment – like a real adult – and then she dances with adults in furry costumes. It’s so wrong from beginning to end. Too many mixed messages there. I’d keep my kid away from this one.

  18. TexTRex says:

    I’m new to this site, but I had to throw in my two cents on this mess:

    TMZ asked Patrick Kennedy, outside of the DNC Convention, how he feels about Taylor/Connor and Taylor becoming part of the Kennedy family. He responded by saying, “She’s already part of the family”.

    Wth? I think these weirdos all deserve each other!

    • reddmasters says:

      The Kennedys, for the most part, embrace Taylor Swift because she is keeping the Kennedy name in the news. All the relevant Kennedys are dead and gone. Taylor Swift has hit the jackpot with a Kennedy romance, the men have such a strong history of being cheaters, she will never lack for songwriting material!

    • Roxy says:

      How do you spell Kennedy? “Tragically Dysfunctional”…kinda says it all.

  19. I.want.shoes says:

    Swifty needs prescription meds and a therapist.

  20. Lee says:

    Exploitative much? She and Katy Perry go to the school of “you don’t DARE talk about me – but just hold on while I blab to the entire world about YOU!”

    Honestly, these two should be pariahs in the dating world.

  21. NerdMomma says:

    Her audience is young girls in the 10-14 range, right? So it seems fine that she’s trying to appeal to them. The song is terrible and she really can’t sing, but I don’t see any of this bunny boiling terror…just a gal who knows her demographic.

    Now, dating the 18 year old in high school is a whole other story…she needs to leave that boy alone!

  22. menlisa says:

    Please. Make. It. Stop.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      Yessss the music is worse than Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera doing a Christmas Album.

  23. Skins says:

    God, I wish some dude would write a song about her. John Mayer, I implore you, write a song about this psycho stalker and you will never be a douchebag again!

    • Victoria says:

      +500!!! Make her go away

      Btw I was highly disturbed by the Donnie Darko references with this horrid song

    • Erinn says:

      Bahah, I’d support a fund to get all of her exes in some form of musical group. I’m thinking in the style of Flight of the Conchords, choir of ex girlfriends.


      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        One of my favorite shows. I applaud your taste.

        We’re all muthauckas and we’re ucking with shi…

      • Erinn says:

        Ahaha, I’m happy someone else knows it! It’s definitely in my top 3 favorites of all time.

        Make sure you know before you go
        The dance floor bro-hoe ratio

      • mia girl says:

        Flight of the Conchords = sublime!

        “It’s business time. Oh oh yeeaaaaa”

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        I seeing you shaking that boom boom, see you looking at my boom boom. On my itunes constantly.

        Jermaine was in Dinner for Schmuks, brilliantly!

        Erinn, was that from The Most Beautiful girl in the room, the whole wide room. Brilliant.
        I urge everyone to check this show out!!!

      • Dinah says:

        Skedaddle with the cow-prod! Love FOTC.
        Foux du Fafa! Oh, and Friends!

      • Erinn says:

        Actually, the one where Jemaine dates the Australian I think.
        Friends is one of my favorites. Plus I like Jim Gaffigan, so that always helps.

        I watched ‘How to be a gentleman’ just so I could get my Murray fix haha.

        I am kicking myself for not buying the “Not Australian” t-shirt I saw online a few years ago.

  24. Nessa says:

    I love how her lyrics are making it seem like she was the one that came out of the relationship as the mature one…

  25. Talie says:

    Even though she’s annoying, I bet she would be semi-funny to hang with because of how willing she is to talk sh*t about everyone she feels has wronged her. I’d endure it just for the gossip.

  26. Lem says:

    Didn’t Avril already do that stupid song?
    I kind of hate you now for linking that.

    • Erinn says:

      I originally thought it was an Avril song. I think the guy she worked with on the song worked with Katy Perry and Avril. So that probably explains it.

  27. Erinn says:

    The worst part of that horrible song is where she’s just talking. OH, and everytime I hear the “And you, would hide away and find your peace of mind
    With some indie record that’s /much/ cooler than mine” part I want to punch her in the stupid face.

    Since when did it become a requirement that if you’re dating a musician you can’t like any other music? Especially if you’re a grown ass man, and your girlfriend caters to the tween crowd.

    And I will ALWAYS choose Indie records over Shifty Swifty.

    • Roxy says:

      Please explain how you know the words to that song?! Don’t you hate that you do? LOL

      • Erinn says:

        Oh God, I wish I didn’t. I’m stuck listening to the stupid radio at work… it’s on. A LOT. It was actually playing while I was reading this post. D:

  28. keats says:

    Blah. This girl is such a jackass.

  29. AprilLadyBird83 says:

    I think she faux-dates all these guys but in reality she’s either a huge lesbian or there is some gorgeous enormous black man/ bodyguard that’s keeping her warm at night. Something that could tarnish her squeaky clean country image.

  30. normades says:

    WTF…??? thankfully I watched that with the sound off (and still couldn’t get through it).

    Her over exaggerated expessions are really annoying. No wonder she didn’t get cast in “les mis”.

  31. NM6804 says:

    There was a poster on another site who said it was Gyllenhaal because of:

    His scarf (which she wore on a date), the glasses (he posted a picture of him with those glasses), the pluchies (Donnie Darko) and of course, the resemblance of Gyllenhaal. All clear signs that Jakey G. was the victim of Swift’s wrath. She doesn’t even make her fans guess, boring.

    Personally, I prefer a song that is less obvious. That has multiple angles to analyse it. Do people actually think she is a smart songwriter?

    At this point, I kind of feel sorry for the guys she dates instead of feeling sorry for her. She is batpoop! The way she acts in the videoclip, creepy. Thank god Gyllenhaal didn’t have a bunny :).

    She’s so young and every guy is the love of her life, even after they dated for only a few months. That’s fine, a lot of girls are very intense, I don’t fault her for that. Just don’t make juvenile, vindictive songs about it and drag it out months after it happened. Get over it girl! It’s a bit much when it happens every time and it shows her ugly side. It gets old pretty fast.

    I also wonder if she wants to be remembered as the girl who was famous for intense short-term dating with douchebags who held a serious grudge afterwards because her unrealistic expectations and fantasies didn’t add up with reality.

    • Roxy says:

      Which she always seems to turn a profit from! Nobody will ever want to seriously date her. John Mayer actually acknowledged her writing a song about him. I wouldn’t give her the publicity. But he’s just as bad. But they need to stop giving her so much material. I hope no Kennedy has spilled any secrets to her. It will surely be in that break up song! Cuz it will happen. No doubt. He reminds me of JFK Jr, a real playboy. This kid won’t be ready for marriage for about 15 years! She’s stupid. If she gets prego on purpose, then he’s an idiot too! Cuz then they will be stuck with her, forevvvver!!

  32. Green_Eyes says:

    Is she wearing her H.S. Boyfriend’s H.S. letterman jacket or is that photos from the video??? Just kinda creepy.

    Yes if it was a 23 yr old guy & 18 yr old girl I would still feel the same way. As my 18 yr old niece just made my point when her 23 yr old boyfriend broke up w/ her, though I think in Swifty’s case Conner just may be the more mature one.

    • Dani says:

      I WAS ABOUT TO SAY – isn’t that a high school football team jacket? because I know my high school had identical ones and that’s just like….weird. And gross.

    • HulaHoop says:

      I was thinking the same thing. She’s creepy and fake.

  33. Sucky Writing says:

    IF Jake is gay, it is because of her!

  34. Jay Elle says:

    That was a horrible song, a ridiculously stupid music video… and wtf? I thought she was a country singer? She’s a HORRIBLE music video actor. This is just a piece of shit and I will never get those few minutes back.

    Grow up, Swift, for Christ sake.

  35. Jay Elle says:

    and WHAT IS WITH THE NERDY HIPSTER GLASSES?? WHYYYY are so many young celebs wearing them!? they’re SO EFFING UGLY!

  36. all_in_all_good says:

    people, people…when are we all going to stop pretending that Jake is NOT gay?? I am sooooo sick of all the hook-ups that are trying to be associated with him when clearly the guy is not straight…it’s a public secret over there…just saying

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      More importantly, why do you or anyone else GAF about his sexuality? I never understand the “Just come out already! Nobody cares!”
      If you didn’t care, then you wouldn’t be imploring him to declare his sexuality. Leave the dude alone. If he says he’s not gay, then take his word for it. If you don’t believe him then let him come out on his own terms.

      We shouldn’t be forcing gay folks to publicly declare their sexual preference no more than we should be forcing straight folks to declare their sexual preference.

      • LucyOriginal says:

        Well said!!!

      • all_in_all_good says:

        I never mentioned coming out or anything similar to that…I am simply stating that is has become an annoying habit in Hollywood to fix people up that are either gay or in need of a bf because they are sleeping with someone who is pushing them…so I really don’t see where you got all of that from. It is a sad fact that if you want to be a movie star you can’t come out, but at least don’t push something that is not real…just let it be…

    • NM6804 says:

      I don’t get the deal with saying Gyllenhaal is gay. It’s becoming a meme for pete’s sake.

      And how are you sick of his hook-ups when most of his relationships were low-key? He was never out to prove his sexuality with Dunst or Witherspoon and for the rest: the guy can have his flings too. Doesn’t mean they are beards. Even if he would be having guy friends on the side, he ain’t predator Travolta so whatever.

      • all_in_all_good says:

        clearly we were not following the same gossips since at one point he was “dating” most of Hollywood + the Swift catastrophe

  37. Xantha says:

    So I’m the only one who thinks that this song is not only not about Jake but it’s not about any guy in particular? They only “dated” for three months, how is that long enough to create that much drama?

    Yeah I think she’s lying and I doubt Jake will respond.

  38. ladybert62 says:

    I just watched that video – I could not listen to it since I am at work.

    HOW JUVENILE!!! She comes across as thoroughly annoying – and remember I could not even hear her voice – just her attitude and facial expressions.

    Even 13 seems to old for her – I grade her at about the age of 9.

  39. LucyOriginal says:

    “to beard or not to beard”

    How someone even wants to be romantically involved with her knowing she will write a (horrible) song about it.

  40. K-MAC says:

    Shoot, I kinda like it and think it is cute and age appropriate.

    • hatuh says:

      Me too. My kids are 10 and 12 and it’s our favorite song to sing in the car.

    • rumbleseat says:

      Age appropriate for who, her or her child fans?

      • pinchofsalt says:

        For slightly older ‘children’ who identify with ‘We’re Never Ever (Ever) Getting Back Together’. Not saying it is a terrific song, but not bad when one is having a Bridget Jones moment 😉 and is looking for an alternative to ‘All by Myself!’

  41. sunshine says:

    I don’t mind her because it’s nice to see someone who at least appears sweet and innocent, instead of yet another trashy skank thrusting their T and A in our faces and singing all sorts of vile, vulgar nastiness. She seems pretty harmless and I’d rather my kid see someone like her than someone like Rihanna. Why do people have so much vitriol towards her? Sure, she’s probably a big phony and liar but they all are! At least she isn’t making it seem cool to be trashy and classless.

  42. nooooooo... says:

    I bet if Jake really did try to get back with her, he saw this and thought “dodged a bullet there!”

  43. barb says:

    I thought Jake was confirmed gay.

  44. Violet says:

    Ha ha, this is definitely NOT an autobiographical song. In all seriousness, has Taylor ever broken up with anyone?

    My take is that these guys, including Jake, all run for the hills when they realize she’s a clingy, immature nutcase, which is why Taylor is now focusing on a high school boy she can easily manipulate.

  45. Anon says:

    Taylor is the passive-aggressive BULLY.

  46. My Darling Pinkett says:

    Ugh, famewhore. Does anyone actually believe they were together and in love? I doubt it. And I doubt even more that he ever wanted her back. 😛 How long did that showmance last, two months? Psh.

  47. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Judging from these comments and on other sites – maybe this means the end of swifty and her dreck “music” Way too much money and fame and ensconced in a sparkling fairy dust celebutard cocoon with little real talent and zero musical growth – are tweeners really that tone deaf? WOuld that more young people have the musical tastes of your kids original tif.
    What i don’t understand is if you CAN’T sing live, you’re not a singer. PERIOD. Why is she referred to as a singer. A breathy wispy talk/singer maybe, but not a singer. She shouldn’t get a pass, except that she’s making millions for a lot of interests. Even more reason to despise her, her faux persona be damned.

  48. babythastarsshinebrite says:

    Her height is about the only thing I like about Taylor Swift

  49. Listerino says:

    She tries so very very hard… I kind of find myself feeling sorry for her.

    I really don’t know why she feels the need to continue to act 14. It was cute in the beginning when she actually was a kid.. now it’s just strange and pathetic.

    PS.Why does anyone date her in the first place knowing she’s so nutso?

  50. Daisy says:

    I’m no youngster but I like the song! It’s cute, animated and fun….so there.

    • CFC says:

      I know right? I think the song’s catchy and fun, and I actually sort of liked the video.

      I know she can come off as a clingy, immature person, but I still prefer her to the likes of Katy Perry, Rihanna and other manufactured pop “artists”.

  51. holly hobby says:

    In the immortal words of Ross Gellar, “Fine!” TSwift should just suck it. I won’t be surprised she will be Leann 2 in the coming years.

    Grow up. Sometimes you don’t end up with the first guy you date!

  52. islandwalker says:

    Wow- she is really bad, those lyrics are horrible. I’ve never listened to her before.

  53. DEB says:

    Ugh, or gah, take your pick. She nauseates me 😛

  54. Samantha says:

    Didn’t she date him for only two months? I mean was it really that serious? Despite being rich and famous, she comes off as very desperate. She seems like someone who comes on and off way too strong. It’s like she thinks she’s going to marry every guy she dates. Geez.

  55. Kosmos says:

    The Jake thing is so over with, why is this song coming out now? I think she should just stop singing songs about guys who didn’t want her, which only makes her look bitter and jilted. We all know people try each other out to see if things have a chance. There are people who use others, but I don’t know if Jake is one of those. If you can’t handle the dating game, just don’t play. Not everyone is going to fall in love with you, Taylor!!

  56. Dinah says:

    Even though I still like to think of the ‘Prince of Persia” biscuit-tingler version of Jake ( don’t judge, I took my boys to see it!), wild speculation has produced the following three assumptions:

    1. He’s as emotionally immature as she
    2. Maybe he has a Furrie fetish, and was worried she’d dish ( maybe she did!).
    3. He’s hetero ( Yay! Commence biscuit tingling!)

  57. aquarius64 says:

    Conor will not be Swifty’s date tonight at the VMA’s. Reason: his school wouldn’t let him out for a couple of days so he could attend. Ah, the downside of dating someone that needs a permission slip.

    Seriously, I hope someone or Kevin Hart clowns her dating history on the VMA’s tonight. She needs to be publicly put on blast for her fake cutesy-pie image; it’s long overdue.

  58. Mouse says:

    I take it that’s Connor’s letterman’s jacket she’s wearing for the paps? Eeeeew, creepy. If it was anyone else I’d be saying “Aaaaw” instead, but with this girl it’s like a predator marking territory.

  59. aquarius64 says:

    Because she has a history of embarassing her exes in song and for profit. The guys don’t complain openly because it’s not smart career wise to do so. But one day she’s going to meet a guy who’s not going to care and expose her for the manipulative so and so that she is. Swift can be in the same boat as Kristen Stewart is now because of one bash song too many. Swift can be brought down too.

  60. Bronson says:

    I’m trying to understand what I just watched and how I can get my 3 minutes back…

    • LucyOriginal says:

      I got home and finally saw this video. I feel the same way. I wonder who directed this rubbish.

  61. skuddles says:

    Wait until the Kennedy kid dumps her… guarantee she’ll go all Jackie O in her next vid. Then she’ll run off with a rich Greek shipping heir 😀

  62. Luffy says:

    Why would jake gyllenhaal want her back? Isn’t she the one who was dumped.

  63. JessSaysNo says:

    So happy Jake ran… She is nuts and ALSO what a bitchy rude ass song.

  64. A says:

    Swifty, swifty, swifty. First of all, the girl needs to take a break from writing love songs. Write a song about family, friendship, anything but fucking love. Secondly, the girl needs to stop bearding…My guess is, she really is clueless when it comes to men because she mostly beards…Hence, she buys whatever BS John Mayer fed her and then went after a high school boy. The never, ever schitck is just so juvenile…It sounds like something a 13 year old would say.

  65. TXCinderella says:

    Maturity wise, Conor Kennedy is perfect for Swifty.

    • rumbleseat says:

      Hey man, let’s not insult this overgrown 11th grader before we know anything about him. 🙂

  66. Thandrale says:

    That girl scares me. Something behind those eyes just says Lorain Bobbett wanna be.

    She really needs to get off this breakup revenge song kick. It’s getting a bit psychotic.

  67. Cathy says:

    I liked the wallpaper in the room was like a knitted sweater!

  68. kay says:

    As a song on the radio, I liked it. It’s cute.

    But knowing who it’s about- it’s pathetic. I do not for one moment believe he said he loved her.

    She’s a sad girl 🙁

  69. Me Too says:

    What does this say about Jake? Have to say while I’m still a fan of his, it has kind of colored my view of him. I mean really…Taylor Swift…3 years ago? Uck!

  70. Carolyn says:

    I can’t get over the fact that Taylor dated John Mayer. We all know what he’s into.

    Oh and I doubt Jake is pining after her, gazing sadly at a framed photo of her on his bedside table. She’s so silly, immature and just…weird.

  71. Lindy says:

    I heard this on the radio yesterday without knowing it was Swifty. And one of the lines is something like “My friends talked and your friends talked and my friends talked and your friends talked” and I was like, WTF, are middle schoolers writing pop songs now? Gross.

  72. abc says:

    I do not think it is about Jake, I do however think it is about the Maroon 4 band guy, the entire video depicts his band( google Maroon 4 halloween), the guy in the video wears a watch like Adam and she has said in the past that his song was “cooler than hers”.

  73. abc says:

    Strongly doubt it is about Jake, I do think it is about the Maroon 4 band guy, the entire video depicts his band
    (google Maroon 4 halloween), the guy in the video wears a watch like Adam and she has said in the past that his song was “cooler than hers”.

  74. Oi says:

    Her reality must be really twisted. She acts like she stopped maturing as a teenager (possibly because of fame?) but doesn’t realize it and thinks that women really act like this. There used to be the crowd that defended it because of her audience, because of her image, whatever. They would all usually point out that she has a multimillion empire, she’s a good role model, etc etc. I think we’ve gone beyond defending her now.

    And the name calling and passive aggressive lyrics are getting old. They aren’t about artfully letting a an audience know and attempt to relate to their struggles through song, that were inspired by someone specific. They are name calling and publicly belittling to the person, who is generally famous. She uses her music for shock value and hits, and it seems to me that’s all she uses it for. I hope she’s over in the next few years to be honest.

    And since I always say this, I’ll say it again: she is still a child. She does NOT represent the early 20’s age group (which I belong to). /rant thank you for your time.

  75. Evie says:

    This song reminded me this:
    Taylor Swift confronted Jake Gyllenhaal at the Vanity Fair Oscar party

  76. lori says:

    Jake G seriously needs to think about punching Gwenyth P in the Goop for setting him up with this little nutjob.
    His list of ex’s is kinda horrifying. Kirsten Dunst(bitch), Reese Witherspoon(cutthroat bitch) and now Taylor Swift ( vindicitve bitch). Gawd I hope he is gay.

  77. LucyOriginal says:

    How many boyfriends did this girl officially have? Or every guy who says hi or she makes up she considers her boyfriend? or she truly gets around?how old s he was when she dated Jake? I think he is my age (32.


    ps: did someone bother to count how many songs she has written about her exes?
    Will she eventually make a break-up tribute album to celebrate 10 years of career?

  78. Bilge n'Bile says:

    This girl is embarrassing herself. She’s 22 going on 13 and she’s delusional. Living in a fantasy world.
    First, it was a few dates, not a relationship. Second, Taylor herself made it public that he broke up with her over the telephone. Just like Joe Jonas, Joe called her a stalker, BTW.

    Third, Jake took a beautiful brunette to the Oscar party where Taylor jumped on him, and tried to cause a scene.

    No way, Jake did not beg her to get back together. She always says that about all her “exes.” She needs to get therapy. She can afford it.

  79. Marissa says:

    Dear God, is she ever going to grow up?

  80. lame actresses together says:

    wtf?! She thinks she is Peter Pan in neverland and will never grow up, she is ridiculous and pathetic.
    She is so fake on this “I’m so naive and innocent” is creepy and her group of “friends” are just idiots like her.
    Like dianna agron, that girl can’t act to save her life, but watching this crazy video they are a perfect match because her “acting ” is awful. And they thought about this freak to play eponine in Les Miz.
    please don’t let her do movies.

  81. TG says:

    You guys can call Taylor as many names as you want, but she’s laughing all the way to the bank.
    Frankly, I like the song. It may not be the best lyrics, but sometimes you just want a song that you can be goofy with.

    I think that’s who Taylor is. She’s goofy. She has fun and doesn’t care what people think about her. She’s happy with who she is. I’d rather listen to her music than some of this trashy stuff some singers put out.

  82. Izzy says:

    O.M.G. I just watched the VMAs. Swifty was the closing act, in navy blue shorts and a red-and-white striped top. Like she was ready to board a chopper up to Hyannis Port right after the show. Now I’m just creeped out by her.

    EDIT: Just watched the video. WHAT is up with that cable-knit sweater wallpaper? WTF?!

  83. Remi ledger says:

    Ok as a friend of jakes and mind you jake would be pissed at me for 1) reading this drivel and 2) commenting…let me just say he thought Taylor was a kook..yes kookie. He was set up with her by the machine. The machine are sycophants that manage Hollyweird set them up for photo ops. Dud Jake does not drink starbucks. This girl is desperate. I am a Skakel and over my dead body is that ill-bred hillbilly getting into our family. Jakes family are well-bred people. Again get this squinty-eyed fruit loop set up with rob kardashian. No jake G. No conor K. Go away you weirdo you fail on the social register you hillbilly.

  84. Brat says:

    This is disrespectful to people who actually have talent.

  85. 2 things a 22 year old woman should never have to hear about or “work around” are school hols and the prom.

  86. Will MicNaughtee says:

    I think there’s a line in there about how the guy listens to “cooler indie records” than the ones she listens to.
    Maybe he wanted to see where it went, cause she seems sweet and is crazy hot.. But Jake was way out of her league, poor thing.

  87. Jill says:

    Her next song is I’ve Got Miles On Me.

  88. Jill says:

    Yeah whatever that was she put on was horrible. If I want to see someone who can’t sing, dance around in everyday clothing and singing some silly elementary song I would go to the local karaoke bar, have a beer and listen to them let it rip. They obviously put very very little thought into that performance.

  89. Murielle says:

    The song & video are horrid and embarrassing, but I cannot feel sorry for Jake on this one. He signed up for it.

    From their first photo-op “date” people were saying “No Jake! she’s gonna write a song about you!” Of course she was. He signed off on that two years ago. This was PLANNED.

    Their “dating” coincided with the release of her last album and his premiere of Love and Other Drugs (same week). PROMOTION

    She needs a steady diet of contracted famous boyfriends for her music because that’s her only angle. And look – it’s still working. This song is totally sucky and yet totally popular.

    What’s in it for Jake? It helps kill the legend of Toothy Tile.

    PR people follow playbooks. Can’t believe how many of you eat it up!

  90. Daisy says:

    She expects us to believe Jake wanted her back? Pfff!

  91. Claire says:

    As a songwriter, I have to defend her by saying that sometimes the only way to get a good song is through exaggeration of feelings and facts. A song about a two month relationship that fizzled out would be pretty boring. Assuming someone is “obsessive” or “clingy” because of the songs they write is pretty uncalled for. Can’t we agree that none of us know this girl in real life and therefore have no right to judge her personally?