Jackson Rathbone with his 2 month-old baby & pink-haired girlfriend: adorable & sweet?

Jackson Rathbone, 27, is one of the most low-key Twilight castmembers. He plays Jasper Hale, the boyfriend to Ashley Greene’s character, Alice Cullen, and is quite unlike Ashley when it comes to courting the press. He does his own thing, he’s content to go to fan conventions and play with his band, 100 Monkeys, and we haven’t heard a whiff of scandal about the guy. Maybe he just stays under the radar, I have no idea. I honestly thought he was married, but I just checked and he’s not yet engaged to Sheila Hafsadi, who was 24 earlier this year. (She might be 25 now, it’s hard to verify.)

Anyway Jackson and Shiela had their first child together, a boy named Monroe Jackson Rathbone VI, on July 5th. Little Monroe is a number five because Jackson’s full name is Monroe Jackson Rathbone, he just goes by Jackson. (Probably to tell him apart from his dad at a young age. My brother goes by his middle name for that reason too.)

I did a little half-assed research and found that Jackson was maybe married before (he’s only 27!), to a woman named Charlotte Underwood, and has another son from that marriage/relationship. I’m just going by some unsourced quotes on Wiki Answers, though. I’m having a hard time finding any interviews or other official sources to back that up. That’s how this guy rolls I guess, so it’s nice to see these super cute paparazzi photos of him holding his adorable tiny baby. I could go on. He could improve this photoset with a nice short-sleeve shirt, but bulging biceps are not his style. I love how punk his girlfriend is with her shock pink hair and tattoos. They look so loved up and sweet together. I remember that time in my son’s life, it was truly magical. Aw, now I want these two to get married! And I want to see photos of their rock and roll wedding. You get the sense they would throw an awesome party.

Photo credit: LRR/FameFlynet Pictures

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  1. fabgrrl says:

    Cute, but I am a bit uncomfortable with the way he is not supporting that baby’s head!

  2. Samigirl says:

    Very sweet, love seeing men with babies. I do wish he was holding the little one a smidge more securely though.

    • Kiki says:

      I’m no mom myself, but I don’t think he should be exposing that sweet baby to the sun like that. He’s a cutie though!

      • Samigirl says:

        I guess it really depends on if momma is nursing or not. Vitamin D does not get passed very well through breast milk, so pediatricians like for you to either a) give your children vitamin D drops or b) take them out in the sun for a few minutes every day. We always chose sun, as it’s more natural. However, I would try my dangdest to make sure the sun didn’t get in babies eyes, especially while they are trying to sleep.

  3. birdie says:

    Mhm, I thought there were rumors out there that he is gay and she is his beard. I get a weird feeling when I see him, but what do I know. Cute baby and sweet name-tradition.

    • Liv says:

      There were gay rumours about EVERY Twilight actor, weren’t there? I don’t know though.

      Anyways, he’s so hot! And he was married before, what the fuck?! 😉

  4. Dorothy#1 says:

    Love this!!!

  5. booboocita says:

    Okay, here’s some Twi-hardy silliness: my young cousin has Breaking Dawn, Pt 1 on whatever the Blu-ray equivalent of speed dial is, so every time I visit my aunt and uncle, BD1 is in the background. The last time I was there, I watched with my cousin for a while. During the wedding, there’s a moment where Jackson is dancing with Ashley Greene, and he flips her. Just before he flips her, he gives her the funniest, goofiest little smile, as if to say, “Here comes the flip! You ready?” I made my cousin replay that scene a couple of times, just to see that look. (And now she thinks I’m crushing on Jackson. Of course, according to her, no-one can crush on anyone but Pattinson, and getting her het up over Jackson — “No way!” — was too fun. Hee hee!)

  6. Vee says:

    Cute family!

  7. Katie says:

    Yeah yeah cute family and all thst but can w address the Twinkie tattoo?!

    • Mirella says:

      I didn’t even notice that at first! I’d love to know they story behind that.

      I think Jackson is hot & seems like a good guy. I wish them all the best.

    • Minty says:

      Seriously. What’s her next tatt, Ronald McDonald?

      Tattoos can truly be works of art, but I’ve seen so many crappy ones (often collected on the same body) that it just looks like graffiti. Quality always trumps quantity, and that pearl of wisdom can be applied here. In Sheila’s case, all those tatts plus the earlobe stretching plus the pink hair seem too try-hard. Maybe she was going for edgy, except it’s become another visual punk cliché.

      Strange, but Jackson gave me gay vibes. Perhaps he could be bi? Okay, that’s enough bitchy for now. Best wishes to the new parents and their cuddly bundle of joy.

  8. KellyinSeattle says:

    Very cute, and Monroe is a nice name. I do think she could wear some shorts that covered her thighs better, and the first thing I thought is how insecurely he was holding the baby/in the sun. But otherwise, cute. P.S. he looks just like my brother; any takers? Kidding, he’s married.

  9. Lady Lupton says:

    So sweet, I love seeing a man and his baby.

    • Chickie Baby says:

      Yep–there’s nothing sexier than a man holding a baby–especially his own!

      And that is one cute little chunka-monka that he’s holding.

  10. roxy750 says:

    Girlfriend has a twinkies tattoo on her thigh? Perhaps it’s a glare.

  11. Roma says:

    She used to look really stunning and was a burlesque dancer. Stretched earlobes always give me the heebies.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Roma, if you could see my brother and SIL, you would just DIE. It’s a tatted, gigantic-earlobe-stretched mess! I do love the heck out of them, though.

  12. Lenorr says:

    Jackson is NOT gay…and he has never been married and this is his only child…I don’t see them getting married either…let’s hope not..

    • DreamyK says:

      Ted Casablanca and his Blind Vices are to blame for the gay rumors IMO. His girlfriend is really attractive. I’m curious about the tat on her leg.

      They both seem to like the rockabilly hipster look.

  13. Lindy says:

    Awww, I hate all thing Twilight but dude is pretty attractive, and his girlfriend is kind of rocking the tatted-up pink hair look. And the baby is adorable!

  14. jelynn says:

    “…a boy named Monroe Jackson Rathbone VI, on July 5th. Little Monroe is a number five because Jackson’s full name is Monroe Jackson Rathbone”

    VI = sixth

  15. Debbie says:

    FYI, 100 Monkeys is no longer. Jackson stated he will be looking to working behind the scenes in the future.

    • Barbara says:

      That friendship ended badly (100 Monkeys),sadly. I think he said he was going back to Texas to do so…so eat up these pictures while you can. He’ll be gone soon…