Joseph Gordon Levitt at the TIFF premiere of ‘Looper’: would you hit it?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

This story comes with a SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t yet seen The Dark Knight Rises!


Here are some photos of Joseph Gordon-Levitt at the Chicago (above) and TIFF premieres of Looper. Of course, I’m always happy to merely gaze upon some lovely photos of the dude, but there could be an actual story here too. During his TIFF interviews, JGL was asked whether he’d consider playing Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie. If you’ll remember correctly, Gordon-Levitt’s beat cop character, John Blake, stumbled upon the abandoned Batcave, which leads to the conclusion that he is the heir apparent to the Batman legacy. In Gotham, of course. Unfortunately, there will be no more Christopher Nolan Batman movies in the future, but that still leaves the possibility of JGL taking over the role in, say, another franchise, right? Physically speaking, I would have never guessed that any studio would actually consider him for the part, but here’s what Gordon-Levitt had to say about it:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Would Joseph Gordon-Levitt Be Interested In The Justice League?

Gordon-Levitt hasn’t been shy about his beliefs that the ending of Rises wasn’t meant to be a “to be continued,” but a decisive conclusion to the Dark Knight trilogy and its themes. Given that Christopher Nolan has also said that he won’t be involved in future Batman films, it’s a safe bet that further appearances of JGL in Gotham aren’t in the cards, either.

But how about that Justice League movie that Warner Bros. is currently assembling? It’s unclear at the moment how WB plans to connect their superhero team-up (rumored to hit theaters in 2015, the same year as Marvel and Joss Whedon’s Avengers sequel) to the Dark Knight trilogy, if at all. But for the sake of argument, let’s say Gordon-Levitt was approached to be a part of Justice League — would he even be interested in signing on?

“It always depends,” he told MTV News at the Toronto International Film Festival, where he was busy promoting Looper, his upcoming sci-fi thriller from Brick director Rian Johnson. “I always pick projects that I want to be involved in for the same reasons. Is the script really good? Is the filmmaker a really inspired artist that I feel connected to? That’s what I always pay attention to.”

[From MTV]

It sounds like Joseph would be into the role if there’s a more than decent director on board. Some of the names that have been floated to helm Justice League are Ben Affleck, Andy and Lana Wachowski, Brett Ratner, Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), and McG. I could see JGL going for either Affleck or Fleischer, but the Wachowskis are too hit-and-miss to appeal to JGL’s (admittedly hipster) sensibilities. As for Ratner and McG? Forget about it.

As much as I adore this guy, I also just can’t envision Joseph Gordon Levitt as Batman. He’s just a little too wiry for the cloaked vigilante, you know? I don’t doubt that he could pull off the acting portion of the role, but he’d have to bulk up substantially to play the part, and as we’ve seen recently, JGL isn’t very pretty when he bulks up. He looks more like a “Jersey Shore” reject.

Just for the hell of it, here’s a few photos of JGL attending the TIFF screenings of The Master and Cloud Atlas. Those glasses look really, really good on him, don’t they?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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42 Responses to “Joseph Gordon Levitt at the TIFF premiere of ‘Looper’: would you hit it?”

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  1. Annie says:

    He’s tiny in person. Not very Batmannish. He’s also cuter in film.

    • Magz says:

      Tiny like short? I don’t know how I could handle the realization that he is a “little dude” ha

      • Krissie says:

        He is def very tiny in person. He asked me out on a date a few years back. He was helping his friend in Brooklyn move. I thought he was Heath ledger at first but then I figured out he was the kid from third rock from the sun. He is not at all what you see on film lol cute but that’s all just cute.

      • mayamae says:

        I’ve thought he looks just like Heath Ledger since Ten Things I Hate About You. He’s adorable.

  2. Amy says:

    Nooooo. He’s too small and isn’t very threatening. DNW.

  3. yolo says:


    I heart him in every way.

  4. yael says:

    i don’t know if the ending of tdkr was insinuating he would be the next batman, so much as it was setting him up as ROBIN. you know, since that was his character’s real name, which we only found out at the end of the movie.

    and robin doesn’t have to be big and bulky.

    but i don’t know enough about comics to know if robin would be considered for the justice league.

  5. Fudge you, I'm going to Guam! says:

    Would I hit it?
    Only if he wears those horn rimmed glasses and keeps his mouth shut.

  6. Erinn says:

    Mmmmm. I love him. I don’t care if people think he’s douchey or pretentious. He’s my celeb crush.

    And I don’t care if he’s short. I’m 5’2″. My boyfriends only around 5’8″… I don’t like men that can hulk over me.

  7. Reece says:

    I think WB needs to let Batman vacation for a bit. JGL was setup for Robin not Batman.

    A Justice League movie may be pushing it IMO. Non-comics people will think it’s some play to be like the Avengers. One the reasons Avengers worked is that the characters were established over years and multiple films focused on them separately. A Batman trilogy and Superman reboot doesn’t justify a Justice League movie.
    And They STILL have yet to find a Wonder Woman. Throwing some CW chick into the costume won’t work as I’m sure they remember.

  8. nate says:

    he’s robin so he doesn’t need to bulk up.
    but yeah, i’d hit it.

  9. Andy says:

    My body is ready.

  10. Lacie says:

    “Blah blah blah would you hit it?”


  11. Chris says:

    I would hit all OVER that, yes I would. Wait, were we talking about superheros? Meh. But him? Uh huh.

  12. QQ says:

    Id Hit it like the Wrath of God

    Id Hit it til it voids the Warranty

    OMG Id Hit it til the Cows came home

  13. Evie says:


  14. HulaHoop says:

    I think he’s in his late 20′s or early 30′s but he still looks like such a kid that I would feel like Mary Kay Letourneau. So no.

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      Exactly how I feel – he seems too young (maybe the Kennedys could sideswipe Taylor to him)….and kind of reminds me of Squiggy. On the other hand, though, I bet he’ll age really well..he has that kind of face.

  15. daisyfly says:

    I’d hit it like whack-a-mole.

  16. carrie says:

    he looks better(cute) now than when he was more “heathly” some months ago and i would it him when he will sign autographs for the fans(many reports like what he avoids to take pics with fans or sign autographs even at the premieres “inception” or “TDKR”)

  17. Ari says:

    They are either setting it up for him to become Robin or Nightwing. Which is technically both. Although the only Nightwing to ever live in my mind is Dick Grayson, its not so far-fetched. I would prefer him to be Robin, though.

  18. A says:

    Yes, yes, and yes.

  19. Stacia says:

    He looks like a teen thats growing into manhood, but I WOULD!

  20. Jenna says:

    I will always and forever hit that. And, though JGL stands at 5’10, I just don’t think he has the body for it. Robin/Nightwing, sure. But Batman? Nah. Can’t we give Batman a rest for a while? Also, I’m not digging this ‘Justice League’ movie already.

  21. lori says:

    he seems douch`y.

  22. Dahlia1947 says:

    Yes I would! Those glasses look so good on him! I imagine him keeping the glasses on, until they fall off of course! Hot!

  23. gigi says:

    I think JGL was made to play a cute/hot Robin. He’s not so wee though, he does scrape the 5’9″ mark, but he looks smaller because he’s skinny and his head’s kinda big in proportion to his body. And oh yeah, I’d totally hit that.

  24. Alana Fajina says:

    ChiChi’s Christ, I would marry that man!! drooooooooooooooooooooool………

  25. Min says:

    Course I’d hit it, regardless of his height!

  26. Darth says:

    He still has to explain his baffling involvement in G.I. Joe. Was it just the hipster in him trying to be “ironic”?

  27. Mira says:

    Looper has got great reviews at TIFF. The trailer looks brilliant. When does it release?

  28. Jennifer12 says:

    He is SO freaking sexy. I thought so, embarrassingly, when he was a teenager on that alien show and I think so now. He is really, really hot.